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  • I picked it up at the grocery store rental and was changed
    While picking up a video for my kid at the grocery store I grabbed this one for me. It sounded interesting. Since I've lived in Australia in the past I figured it worth the view if for no other reason. I never heard of the awards, the actors - but did see some of the directors other works without remembering the titles or even if "Gillian" was a female or male - who cares!

    Not knowing anything about it I was really thrilled from the beginning where Lucina is floating in some lovely brown water to the end where she is again floating with someone to love. Yes the characters are stupid and do stupid things - but yes don't we all. Beautiful photography, acting and all that but what sticks is the brown water and the real enjoyment of just floating in it....more info

  • Longing for a DVD
    This movie is near the very top of my list of movies for which I CRAVE to be released on DVD but, at least for the time being, it seems to have fallen through the cracks having had its theatrical release just before the DVD format began to take off and not having been a massive hit to have made it a big priority for the studio to get out in the new format.

    If you haven't seen this movie go ahead and find a copy of the VHS for watching it in this format is better than not at all. The acting is flawless (this was Cate Blancheet's first starring role) to cinematography superb, the costumes on target, and the story, the musical score gorgeous, and the plot though not a break neck action flick, very involving.

    But above all I plead with anyone in a position to help in this matter to please see to it that this movie gets the DVD treatment it deserves, and SOON!...more info

  • Much more than just a simple love story
    I must admit that the only reason I picked this book up was the film. I saw "Oscar and Lucinda" and even before my eyes were dry, I was in my car driving to the nearest bookstore. Imagine my delight when I discovered the book to be even enjoyable. From the first few paragraphs, the characters become important to the reader, both on intelluctual and emotional levels. You experience Oscar's alienation from his father, his struggle to find his true path, his guiless approach to life, his sweet smile. And speaking as a woman, Lucinda's fight to be recognized as a individual still rings true today. While the prose is very visual, everything our characters see, feel and hear is explained in painstaking detail, dialogue does not play second fiddle. Through his words, we are privy to their thoughts, as if we are eaves dropping on private conversations, never meant to be shared. Mr. Carey gives his people real dreams, real ideas, real souls. And it is the clarity of his prose, the purity of his characters that surround you as you read. Oscar and Lucinda did, and do, exist. Mr. Carey weaves these two in an out, picking out poinient moments in their lives, allowing us to travel down that slippery slope of obsessive/complusive gambling with them, until he brings them together on the boat to Australia and their first fateful cardgame.

    Despite the book's rather depressing conclusion, this is what romance novels should be. Not to say that "Oscar and Lucinda" can by catagorized as a simple romance. It is much more. I guess you could say that this book is a religious treatise, a travelogue, a history lesson, a psychological study, and most definately, a love story all contained within the same pages. If you have begun to doubt that the human spirit can triumph, that true love can be obtained, read "Oscar and Lucinda" and all your doubts will be laid to rest. END...more info

  • I Hate This Movie
    Look, if you really want to see an amazing piece of Fiennes work from this period of his career, go English Patient, yes I know it's clich¨¦ and maybe you've already scene it but it's so damned good. See it again.
    ...more info
  • Striving after Wind
    When I think about my favorite movies, I realize the one thing they have in common is that they work on several levels. OSCAR AND LUCINDA is, at the very least, one of my favorite movies of the '90s. On its outer level, it is a very intimate, bittersweet love story. But, dig just a little deeper and you find in every aspect of the movie (the plot, the cinematography, even the music) an illustration of what life really is. Brief, painful, with a few, sometimes very brief and unfulfilled joys. When I watch this movie, I get a very similar feeling as when I read the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. "And I set my mind to know wisdom and to know madness and folly; I realized that this also is striving after wind. Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain." [Ecc. 1:17,18] To me, that is the essence of this movie.

    This same underlying theme is throughout Peter Carey's book, which Laura Jones did an excellent job rewriting for the screenplay. I suppose some fans of the novel may be upset that the very ending was changed for the movie, and even though it does give a different twist, I think it works both ways. Another masterful book-to-film undertaken by L. Jones was AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE, definitely recommended if you enjoyed this movie.

    The R rating for this movie is a shame, since there's really only one scene warranting that rating. Take that out, and you have, at the very most, a PG movie. Just get ahold of this movie, sit back and enjoy the scenery, story, acting, and music. Or, just watch a little closer, and enjoy it on a different level. Either way, it'll work....more info

  • Loses Steam
    This film starts out so promising - interesting characters, slightly hynotic opening, unconventional story line. And then, after the first hour, it all falls apart. I slowly cared little for the main characters, which makes the end of the film seem entirely unplausible and somewhat ridiculous. Two fine leads, but the writing and the drama eventually go nowhere....more info
  • A gem in the world of video mania!
    During the last snowstorm, I rented this little gem after having read the fine print on the back of the box! The storyline intrigued me, so I brought it home and stretched out on the bed with my wife, who also enjoys the different and the eccentric when it comes to video. We were pleasantly surprised!

    Briefly, we thoroughly enjoyed it; the performances of Finnes and Blanchettre are worth the rental fee alone! Beautifully photographed, the movie captivated us with its quick humor and moving undercurrent of restrained love! I recommend it highly to those who look for small titles and big performances!...more info

  • Stimulating and Satisfying
    While it's true what other reviewers said about it being "slow moving at times" and "not for everyone", if you like a good story - happy and tragic - and beautiful (and sensous) cinematography, costuming, sets and an excellent soundtrack - this may be for you!
    The product description says their lives are forever changed by their meeting - but this is far too simple and not true. The story of the changes in each of their lives (before they even meet) already has you gripped in fascination by the time they finally meet together. Throughout, the story takes many turns.
    Even though it is not completely a happy ending, it is ultimately sweet and satisfying.
    I don't see any special features listed on the DVD (I own an old videotape). I would love to hear what the makers of the movie have to say about the making of this film....more info
    I really love the powerful performances by Blanchet and Fieness.The plot was different and intriging .The cinematography an all the others elements of this movie ,make of this a charming , wonderful film.GREAT!!!!!!...more info
  • Oscar is not Australian and poignant is spelled a la France
    This is a brilliant film, which shines like the eyes of Cate Blanchette and the smile of Ralph Fiennes. I love it the best when they are living together, their midnight kiss, his learning about the glass making. There is so much rich cinematography that only Gillian Armstrong ("The Piano" could have filmed it. Rent it now, and buy it when the price comes down....more info
  • Brilliant!
    I saw this film in a theater with about ten other people on a rainy weekday afternoon and cannot begin to say how much I enjoyed it. Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett were perfectly cast in a film that I could not get out of my head for literally weeks after I saw it. I'm not even sure why I liked it so much and was too blown away to logically analyze it, but for me, "Oscar and Lucinda" was just a work of art that really made me love going to the movies again. Recommended for all Ralph Fiennes fanatics and for anyone else that just really needs to be uplifted. Simply brilliant....more info
  • A love story about 2 Australian misfits in the 20th century.
    This movie based on the book by Peter Carrey is lush in details and commands special attention to Gillian Armstrong's brilliant directing. The movie is about two misfits who find love in each other....more info
  • The only boy who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacher man
    I watched this again recently having last seen in on VHS some years ago. What was an excellent film then is even better now, particularly the sound which is a revelation where the tinking glass is concerned.

    The technique of using a narrator does not always work but is it is most apt, and in particular at the end. One leaves after watching this film much as one does after a gourmet meal...extremely satisfied with what you have consumed but not wishing to eat another morsel and yet this continues over time so that you do not feel the need to return.

    I was transfixed throughout by the "action" within the film. There is certainly much to think about or to delve into afterwards to get the entire picture. The story seems to be without any obvious flaws and the casting is superb with the main players clearly complemetary to each other and the cinematography is superb.

    One thing that I had not paid too much attention to during my first viewing was the appalling and barbaric treatment of the indigenous population. Clearly the scene of the massacre is a solitary tale of man's inhumanity to man but the subsequent scene of the abuse of the aboriginal woman in the inn is a more subtle but nevertheless graphic reminder of the way in which settlers have behaved throughout the world. This point carries with it greater poignancy given the recent apology without compensation by the new Australian Prime Minister to the indigenous people for past abuses such as described above.

    All in all a feat for the eyes despite the sad and tragic ending clearly reminiscent of the conclusion of Breaking the Waves....more info
  • I could watch it over and over
    This is one of the lovliest movies I have ever seen. Part of the pleasure comes from the gorgeous actors (Cate Slanchett is a stunning brunette in this movie), costumes and scenery; the other part from the narrator's soothing voice, which takes the onus off the watcher and lays out details that a less gentle movie would make the watcher work for by inference. Perhaps others may dislike the narration (akin to the children's movie "Babe" in its fairytale cadence); I found that it brilliantly fleshed out the characters of Oscar and Lucinda so that by the time they meet, you know they are perfect for each other. If you are familiar with Ralph Fiennes hunky "English Patient" character, you should be prepared that Oscar is quite whimpy in comparison; but I though it spoke to the actor's range that he was willing to play effeminate, physically weak and slightly creepy Oscar. I was fascinated at the exploration of the addictive peronality and compulsive gambling. ...more info
  • Faithful to Peter Carrey's Book
    This video adaption of a Booker Prize winning novel, is very faithful to Peter Carrey's book. Kate Blanchette is luminous as Lucinda. Ralph Fiennes has transformed himself into yet another character - only, this time, he says it's the character most like himself, which makes it very intriguing. The commaraderie and romance between Lucinda and Oscar is gleeful. It's my favourite Fiennes film to date....more info
  • Outrageous and Likeable
    A movie about glass and gambling is rather different but Armstrong makes it likeable. Oscar is a gambling fanatic who meets his match Lucinda who is rich and owns a glass company and loves to gamble, while on a boat. There they become friends. Oscar decides to help Lucinda after noticing that she may like a preacher in a area that is very poor. Oscar decides to make a glass church and have it transported to the area. Ralph Fiennes who portrays Oscar is a brilliant actor and he gives all to this role. Lucinda portrayed by Cate Blanchett is wonderful and to put the two together you have one of the most amazing movies ever!...more info
    I really love the powerful performances by Blanchet and Fieness.The plot was different and intriging .The cinematography an all the others elements of this movie ,make of this a charming , wonderful film.GREAT!!!!!!...more info
  • Poetry in Motion
    Possibly one of the most beautiful films ever made. Oscar and Lucinda is quite faithful to the original book, and successfully captures the evocative picture of two independant thinkers in a Victorian environment. This is, at times, a surreal and dreamlike telling of the story, and at others grittily descriptive. I live in the area depicted, and I feel that this film has really captured the atmosphere of our history and the countryside. The interaction between Fiennes and Blanchett is so powerful, yet often understated. I will never forget seeing this in the cinema - it made such an impact on all levels. A truly satisfying movie. Visually beautiful, creatively - a triumph for all involved, and best of all, on a human level, truly touching....more info
  • Six Rivers to Cross.
    What started as a religious tale rapidly disintegrated into sin of commission. Filmed in the English countryside where the weather is infinitely damp and dreary. Oscar Hopkins grows up into a tainted Anglican priest who met his fate on a floating church. The rivers there are so narrow a healthy boy could jump from one bank to another.

    Grown and in higher education, he became involved in gambling as an off-shoot of his wild influencial friends who enjoyed corrupting him, like Justin. He became a pathological gambler. Some of the tale was hard to understand as those Australians talk funnier than the British. Cate Blanchett, an American, portrayed the grown Lucinda as an innocent manueverer who met Oscar on the boat and confessed to him as a priest, about her fascination to play dice and cards. He understood her fascination as he too bet on the horses, like Mark. Her love, another priest, does not believe in the virgin birth, nor do I. It takes a man not a spirit. He married someone else.

    Lucinda's orange cat matched her hair color -- and Oscar's. Fate and gambling brought them together in an uncouth and wild gambling hall. Oscar was as mannerly and cautious as Mark. "She is my guest, Mrs. Journey." He even laughs like Mark. "You may leave the way you came." She follows after him and unashamedly pursues him with no let=up, even as he prays in church. "I gambled for a purpose -- there was no sin. We have a history." She is heartless but playful, good for him as they laugh together.

    He is fascinated and envisions a church made of glass. "I shall be here until the end; I have much to do." He is an extraordinary chap. Back-biting by unscrupulous managers left him with Mark's tossled hair. The floating church was a glory to behold. And it ended up as a submerged tomb....more info
  • Excellent
    Highly absorbing adaptation of Peter Carey's Booker Prize winning novel about two eccentric "misfits."

    Highlighted by excellent performances from Ralph Finnes and Cate Blanchett in the title roles, gorgeous cinematogprahy, and a compelling score, the film pares down some of the novel's more long winded passages without short changing the viewer its odder (a compliment) components. While best viewed on the big screen, this is a must seen in any format....more info

  • Beautiful, Quirky, Exquisite
    Since I loved Peter Carey's book, I looked forward to seeing the movie. Almost every detail of this film is spot-on perfect and true to the book. Tiny details--for example, Lucinda's babydoll at the beginning (you may not even notice it), Oscar's nervous hand motions, etc.--are all better understood if you read the book too, and you will enjoy the movie that much more. The casting could not have been more inspired. It is an unusual film--not for everybody--but give it a try. If you like Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett, definitely give this film a look....more info
  • Please DVD
    This is a beautiful movie, but please have no misconceptions about what you're getting into. It is not a traditional love story. It does not have a happy ending. You are taken on an incredible journey, and grow to love these innocent people, who burn with passion-- then you see terrible, undeserved things happen to them.

    But it is still a wonderful achievement in the arts of filmmaking and film acting. It is a story about the human costs of founding a nation, among many other thought-provoking things. It was shamefully overlooked in 1998, and I do not understand why it has not been released on DVD. I appeal to Fox Searchlight, please DVD this soon. ...more info
  • One of my fav's
    I rent movies all the time and enjoy period films such as Oscar and Lucinda. I rented this movie solely based on the '2 thumbs up' on the cover, which I often do. I enjoyed this movie so much, that I immedidately rewound the tape and watched it another time. I have only done this twice. The protagonists romance and common addiction is intertwined into a much larger story of fate. Cate Blanchett, as I read in an earlier review, is absolutely stunning in this film as she is in Elizabeth. If you fell for her in Elizabeth, you will certainly love Oscar and Lucinda. By the way, the other movie was Picnic at Hanging Rock. I'll have to admit to an ecstasy hangover as the reasoning for being interested in watching this one twice. This movie needs to be made available on DVD ASAP....more info
  • Pure Artistry from Fiennes, Blanchard and Armstrong
    Unfortunately, in order to see this movie at all, I had to buy it. I really cannot say why it was not more acclaimed. The characters are multi-dimensional and rich. The parallel storylines are curious and engrossing. The loneliness of these "square pegs" is certainly portrayed eloquently. The acting is superb. The movie is complete in every way. Do yourself a favor, watch it twice and buy it....more info
    This movie is one of the best movies i have ever seen. Fienns and Blannett are wonderful in it! If you like movies about love and, money and lies you must see it!...more info
  • Pathetic waste of film
    Don't ever watch this film unless you want to see how a bad director can ruin good actors' performances. Both Feinnes and Blanchett are pathetic and affectatious. The script is poor, the scenes are loose and do not connect. There's no real emotional impact even in the most tragic moments of the plot. I found myself lauphing rather than moved. Attempts at moralizing make the film even more ridiculous. A total failure if not for the beautiful Australian scenery....more info
  • A Rare Gem of a Movie
    I spent over a year looking for this movie and when I finally found it I wasn't disappointed. This interesting romance between two gamblers thrown together after a card game is enchanting. Every minute adds another shimmering thread to the movie's tapestry. The two lead actors were absolutely marvelous. Ralph Fiennes plays the role of the shy,modest, and moral Oscar surprisingly well and Cate Blanchett is absolutely luminous as the going against society type. If you love period, slightly odd movies of the romantic nature than buy this movie, you won't regret it....more info
  • I never knew a glass church could look so good.....
    ....and be such a vehicle for a film. I came to this film wanting to hate it, I had heard arty hype and I prepared myself for sleep when the titles began. However, I must admit I was bowled over. Fiennes and Blanchett's performances and the fission between them made the story, which frankly is quite silly, believeable and compulsive. Support from Ciaran Hindes and Victorian stereotypes made this a very memorable film. Some wonderful set piece scenes (the glass church floating up the river) made the quieter parts as enjoyable as the "action". A wonderful wallow in fantasy, supported by great players....more info
  • Stunning film !
    Artistic , majestic and suggestive movie with a solid script .

    The inner tribulations of a priest gifted of special powers to guess the cards . That will be a smart device to make some money and try to help a community for building a very original church ; made of glass .

    The long arm of the fate will make its appearing in the last movement of the story.

    Exquisite performances of Cate Blanchet and Ralph Fiennes.
    ...more info
  • Stunningly beautiful, excellently acted
    Oscar and Lucinda is one of those films I find myself needing to watch now and again. It is a touching story of two unlikely companions becoming the best of friends. Cate Blanchett and Ralph Feinnes are amazing in this film - with characters that draw you in to the story and keep you there until the end. The cinematography is beautiful, the costumes and scenery are amazing, the story is touching (have tissues on hand), and the acting is great. I cannot recommend this movie enough, and I lament the fact that it had not been released to DVD!...more info


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