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Introducing EA SPORTS Active exclusively for the Wii. Designed in collaboration with fitness experts, EA SPORTS Active gives you fun, easy to learn exercises and activities that create a western fitness circuit you can do with family and friends, all from the convenience of your living room. It's like having your very own personal trainer in the comfort of your home, offering the promise of a better you, in just 20 minutes a day. EA SPORTS Active tracks your movements on screen to give you real time feedback on your workout. Track both upper and lower body movements and experience Wii controls in a whole new way with our specially designed leg straps. There will be two provided in each box so you can work out alongside a friend or family member. Embark on the 30 Day Challenge and use the structure as a road map to reach your goals. Your trainer will be the focal point of the experience and create a new 20 minute workout for you every day, providing clear instruction, motivation and positive encouragement. EA SPORTS Active features a wide variety of activities that target upper body, lower body, as well as cardio. Each daily workout will feel different then the last and increase in intensity as you work up a sweat towards your goals. Circuits can be customized to your interest and fitness level. Choose your duration, intensity level & set your own goals for calories burned and workout score Get more out of your EA SPORTS Active workout using a Wii Balance Board with added functionality and physical benefits for many of exercises

Developed in collaboration with fitness expert Bob Greene, best known as Oprah's personal trainer, EA SPORTS Active provides a fun, inexpensive and easy to maintain regimen designed to encourage physical fitness and healthy living. A combination of a wide variety of interactive activities and exercises, linked together into an ever-changing circuit training routine targeting the muscles of the upper and lower body, as well as providing cardio for a healthy heart, it is the perfect exercise option for every member of a modern household.

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Personal trainer in 'EA SPORTS Active'
Easy to follow personal trainer.
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Two women strength training with the resistance band in 'EA SPORTS Active'
Strength training via resistance.
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Two kids using the Nunchuck leg strap to do cardio exercises in 'EA SPORTS Active'
Use leg strap for cardio.
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Designed around the standard Wii Remote/Nunchuck tethered controller configuration, EA SPORTS Active's interactive fitness program is more focused on physical activities than previous 'fitness' titles for the Wii, but still challenges you to have fun while developing a more healthy lifestyle. Separated into the three sections of workout, nutrition, lifestyle, and other activity, the user's experience begins with a pep talk from Bob Greene which quickly transitions into the beginnings of action as players set up profiles, choose a virtual personal trainer and enter baseline data like age, weight, gender, fitness goals, etc. Although the nutrition, lifestyle, and other activity sections add a holistic element facilitated by a mix of surveys and data input, building fitness through physical activity is the driving force behind EA SPORTS Active and as such the meat of the content resides in the workout section. Here players will find dozens of themed strength training and cardio workouts which can be customized as you choose and linked into circuit traning routines. These routines are introduced and monitored by your personal trainer, and allow for ongoing player motivation via real-time feedback on your workout form, an approximation of calories burned and the ability to adjust levels of exercise intensity.

Although activity in EA SPORTS Active flows exclusively through the combination of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers, it also utilizes a few additional accessories to maximize the functionality of this configuration. The first of these included with the game is the controller leg strap. By attaching this to their upper thigh and then slipping the Nunchuck controller into it, players can utilize the Nunchuck controller's motion sensing capabilities while it is connected to the Wii Remote to monitor their leg movements. This allows for cardio exercises like jogging and cardio boxing and strength training activities like squats. Also included with the game is a resistance band designed to increase the intensity of a variety of exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder presses and lifts. In addition, although not included, the Wii Balance board is compatible with many EA SPORTS Active workouts, but only as an optional added controller configuration.

Key Game Features:

  • Active Fitness Made Fun & Easy - 20 minute circuits feature a variety of familiar activities that target upper body, lower body as well as cardio. Start off with a light jog, followed by bicep curls and get your heart beating with some cardio boxing.
  • Benefit of a Virtual Personal Trainer - Your trainer will be the focal point of the experience guiding you towards your own version of personal achievement. Feedback will be given throughout your workout, keeping you on track to reach your fitness goals.
  • The 30 Day Challenge - Take the 30 Day Challenge and experience tailor made 20 minute workouts to your level of fitness. Circuits will change as you progress each day, and EA SPORTS Active will track calories, intensity and progress throughout your journey.
  • New Way to Play - Slip the Nunchuk into the specially designed leg strap and hold the Wii Remote in your hand to track your movements from both your upper and lower body. A resistance band is also included to increase the intensity of exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder presses.
  • Workout Your Way - Circuits can be customized to your interest and fitness level. Choose your duration, intensity level & set your own goals for calories burned and workout score.
  • Workout with a Friend - Burn calories with a friend as you both workout through routines together in a co-operative mode.
  • Track Your Progress - Expand your Fitness IQ and keep track of your workouts inside and outside of EA Sports Active with the in-game Journal.
  • Wii Balance Board Compatibility - Get more out of your EA SPORTS Active workout using a Wii Balance Board with added functionality for many of exercises.
Co-op Multiplayer Mode
Along with its single player experience, EA SPORTS Active also features a deep and entertaining two-player cooperative gameplay mode. Designed to tap into the time tested motivational factor of having a workout buddy beside you as crunch through reps and up your personal best, regardless of a player's current fitness levels or future fitness goals, this mode is sure to enhance the level of fun of players at all levels.

Working triceps in 'EA SPORTS Active'
Working the triceps.
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Co-op gameplay in 'EA SPORTS Active'
Co-op gaming with friends.
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Woman boxing in 'EA SPORTS Active'
Feel the burn of cardio boxing.
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  • Game includes a deep co-operative multiplayer game mode.
  • Engage in fitness made easy through 20 minute circuits feature a variety of familiar activities that target upper body, lower body as well as cardio.
  • Follow the guidance, motivation and training tip of your very own virtual personal trainer.
  • 30 day challenge' of tailor made 20 minute workouts, that change as you progress each day, and track calories, intensity and progress throughout your journey.
  • Gameplay/workout options are extended with the included Nunchuck strap and resistance band accessories, and compatibility with the Wii Balance Board (not included).

Customer Reviews:

  • Expensive, but worth it
    First, let's address the cost - yes, it's expensive, but $60 would get you at most two months at a gym, so in the long run it's worth it.

    The leg strap - yeah, it tends to fall down if you don't super tighten it down, but I've not had any circulation problems because of it. I'm not super fit and don't have skinny legs.

    The resistance band - it could be stronger, but if you are looking for a stronger one - there are plenty on the market. This is a good intro resistance band for people who aren't used to strength training.

    Vs. the Wii Fit... another reviewer said Wii Fit was better hands down... I call it. If you polled the users out there the majority would agree Active is better. With the Wii Fit you spend more time navigating the menus between exercises then you do working out. It is just not possible to get more of a workout with Wii Fit than Active in the same amount of time.

    The game has not locked up on me - I've worked out 6-7 times with it already and no lock ups. It's fast and smooth for me.

    What I love: you get a nice workout at home and it KNOWS if you're doing it or not - so you can't cheat! You can't even go too fast or it won't count it. It's a good workout for my fitness level. I like that it tells me how many calories I burn. I like the variety of exercises - especially the boxing and the dancing - they make it feel fun. I like that I can skip an exercise - my knees give me problems sometimes so I can't always do the squats.

    What I don't love: I wish you got performance based incentives - like after you brun 500 calories you get more music or a new backdrop. Instead you get a trophy. Sure - it tracks your progress, but I like rewards. I wish you could go back and see your past workouts in a chart - like how many calories you burned, etc. It does not track your weight (at least not that I have found), but it does let you track your health habits - seems kind of pointless to me.

    Overall - I like this game, I'm glad I bought it. I have a very young son and I don't get a lot of time to work out. With Active I can work out in less than 30 minutes and really break a sweat. I highly recommend this game for anybody with a Wii....more info
  • AWESOME!!! LOVE IT !!!!
    Finally, I got what I have been looking for in a workout video game!
    This is sooo much better than any previous Wii exercise games. I love that it is truly interactive,it incorporates FUN sport drills, and has a more realistic feel and not so cartoonish.

    I can only hope they will bulid on this and make more games,Active part 2,3,4, ect....more info
  • Wii Active translates WE ACTIVE
    I love this!! It hurt the first few days of exercising but now it leaves me feeling invigorated and eager to keep pressing forward and somedays doing additional workouts. There's a custom plan...design your own workout, skip things that are still challenging depending on whether you can do it...at least try it. But has meal planning and I'm loving the 30 day challenge. The personal trainer keeps you motivated. Instructs you on proper and improper movements...hand control of remotes is very key here...focus on replicating exact placement of remotes or it will tell you you're not doing it correctly. Can't wait to see the result come the end of 30 days!!...more info
  • Better than Fitness Coach
    I am not the type of person that goes to the gym nor am I very coordinated for aerobic & step classes. This program walks you through every exercise so that you are doing it properly and they have all been easy to learn. Fitness Coach expected you to know how to do all the exercises and I ended up pinching a nerve in my neck by not doing them right. With Active, I have worked up a pretty good sweat & feel it in my muscles the next day. I have not had any problem with the leg strap slipping nor have I missed any of the directions on when to move the nunchuck or when to use the resistance band or balance board. I also found that you can make the resistance band any length that you want so if you are short (like me) you can adjust it so that you get the right resistance. Only thing I would change would be to speed up some of the reps but that may come once I hit the harder levels. I would also like to be able to preview the music so I know what I want to pick. Over all I really like it. Wii Fit is more "fun" as the exercises are more like games but Active is a better workout....more info
  • A good workout
    I would definitely say this game works you out. I am an avid runner and am fairly active, so I was skeptical to say the least. But this game definitely gave me a workout and got me sweating. It offers tons of different exercise to keep your interest... I'm hoping they come out with some additional ones in the future. ...more info
  • Hello Summer Dresses!
    As one reviewer already pointed out, there are quite a few well written, detailed posts, so I'll make mine a little more succint. Once the warm weather broke, I started trying on some of my favorite spring and summer dresses from last year only to find that they shrank! Okay, Okay, I actually put on a few pounds. Well, being the stubborn, vain person that I am, I decided that (as much as I love clothes shopping), I was going to shed the extra poundage rather than buy a whole new wardrobe. I purchased the EA Sports Active at my local Sam's for around $50(sorry Amazon)4 days ago. I started with the 30 day challenge, so I worked out Friday, Saturday, rested Sunday, and worked out again today. I swear I notice a diffence in my body already, and one of my favorite summer dresses that didn't fit Thursday, fit (almost) perfectly by Sunday. It really is a fun system. I have lots of DVDs and the problem with those is they get bored because you know exactly what you're going to get, so boredom sets in really quickly. I've worked out 3 time with EA and I'm already noticing new exercises and modifications. Plus the change the order and break up the reps. It really makes working out fun for me. My kids love it too, particularly the in line skating and boxing targets. ...more info
  • Better than the Wii Fit!
    From the first day I tried this product, I was sold. Even after only a twenty-minute workout, I was sweating in my living room! I'm in pretty good shape because my job requires me to pass fitness tests, but I'm a lazy couch potato at heart. Now, I have no excuse to lounge about because this game is right next to the TV remote, reminding me to get up and active.

    I love the variety of exercises, and how even if you do multiple repetitions of an exercise, they'll place another exercise in between to mix it up. (I'm on the 30-Day program.) I am the kind of person who loves aerobics/dance classes because of the variety; I often get bored on a treadmill or just lifting weights, losing motivation. The avatar on-screen makes it more interactive to me, and I don't feel like I'm exercising, just playing a game... but feeling the burn!

    Now I'm walking around and can actually FEEL in my legs and arms the results of the workout. And for twenty minutes of my day, that's something! Definitely worth the investment; it what the Wii Fit should have been from the start....more info
  • Very Good Workout!
    Just got mine today and I like it! Wii Fit got to be boring after a while and I did not feel it was getting me in shape fast enough and it lacked variety. I can see where this will make a big difference! For one thing, the music is a lot better than Wii Fit (which reminds me of elevator muzak). I started out at an easy pace and it was challenging. They give you demonstrations on how to do the exercises properly, although you still have to figure some of them out for yourself. It also tells you how many calories you are burning, which is great! It proceeds at a good pace and changes routines oftn enough to keep you interested. I like it a lot! Since I am working my way up from couch potato, I think this will work!...more info
  • Great Workout!
    What a great workout (game). I had so much fun with the cardio boxing and dancing that I forgot I was actually working out! I started with the 30 day challenge and like the way each exercise is intergrated and then they return to it again. I think that the band is weak, but had others so I just swapped it out. I would love to see a second Active with some other great sports involved...yoga would be fabulous. I will also invest in a wireless numchuck, a must to really get the most out of this workout. Keep it coming Nintendo!...more info
  • No weight
    The ONLY drawback for me is that it does not weigh you like Wii Fit....why???? It would have been so easy to incorporate into the otherwise great game.Otherwise I just have to switch back and forth with the games. Make sure and watch the right way to position the controlers too....more info
  • Great!
    I've been working out with this for the last two weeks and love it. This game is what the wii fit should have been. It's like having a personal trainer in your home and the interval training is a good workout of cardio and strength exercises. Right now I'm 9 months pregnant so I'm doing the 30 day workout in easy mode, but it's great and I look forward to working out on the hard mode after I have my baby to get my body back! There are two things, though. I bought a heavier resistance exercise band because the one that comes with the game is a very light resistance and even though I can't do stomach exercises now while I'm pregnant, I wish this game had stomach exercises for after I have the baby. I guess I can pop in my wii fit game after working out to get in some stomach training. Overall though, this is a good workout, it motivates me to exercise regularly and I would recommend it! ...more info
  • Fun! But Wii Fitness Coach is a Much Better Workout!
    I waited to purchase this until I read some reviews. Many of the activities are fun to play in co-op mode, but I definitely feel "Wii Fitness Coach" is a much better choice for working out. I'm happy I have both games--but if I could only have one, and since my first choice is getting a good workout--I would go with "Fitness Coach."...more info
  • Purchasing replacement resistance band
    I broke the resistance band that came with the wii active, so I purchased another band. The bands that came with wii active had flat canvas handles, the bands I purchased have round handles. I'm having difficulty holding the wii remote and nunchuck, along with the new bands. Is anyone else found bands that work with the wii remotes?...more info
  • A workout I wouldnt mind getting off of the couch for.
    I felt self-conscience at the gym, I was tired of people ogling at me, finding the time to take the ride, and facing cold/rainy weather just to go do something that felt close to torture, so I just didn't go. Fitness DVDs got boring after a while and so did walking with a friend. I kind of gave up. The Wii active changed things for me. I did the exercise at 11pm on a whim in my pajamas and some sneakers, so keeping up appearances was no longer an issue, neither was finding the time. But what was even better was, it kept my attention b/c its' interactive and provides variety, it shows you how to do an exercise and gives you feedback and motivation during your performance. There are a variety of exercises to do (tennis, boxing, dancing, inline skating and then they have straight forward exercise like bicep curls and lunges ect.) and you can track your improvements and even keep a fitness journal. I've been exercising almost daily (they make you take "rest" days) on low-impact and I have been feeling it in my legs, the lunges, squats and inline skating are probably the culprits. I feel like I'm going something good for myself, and getting healthy without having to worrying about the small stuff.
    I just wish it had a yoga portion or stretching exercises.
    ...more info
  • On the Fence
    So, I was really excited to get this game. I got it on the release date and have been very religious about checking in with it every day. There a few complaints - the main one being it doesn't seem to track accurately during the running/walking/squatting portion. It keeps telling me I'm too slow when I'm running like a maniac. Very frustrating. The leg strap also tears quite easily at the seams if you don't have skinny person thighs like the girl in the picture. On the other hand, it does seem to work out my different muscles groups with the stretchy band and also the lunges. I like the boxing part, but there's not enough of it and if that's what you're into the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout is the best. If you do the 30-Day Challenge your average workout is about 20 minutes - doesn't seem long enough to me - and it has you rest a day every 2 days. That seems like counter-advice to all the advice you get from doctors "try to do at least 30 minutes a day". All in all I'm glad I have it and will continue to use it....more info
  • I never thought I'd say this, but...
    this game makes working out FUN! I'm into the second week of my 30 day challenge, and am noticing results, already. My husband is noticing the results, too! I like to work out, but I get bored easily. I don't think I'll get bored with Active.

    I tried the 30 day challenge workout, but I prefer to create custom workouts. For my preference, the 30 day challenge workout offered too many exercises I don't like to do. With the custom workout option, I can work out as long as I want, doing exactly what I want, at the intensity I want. Perfect. I have created short and long workouts with sports drills and calisthenics, focusing on upper body, lower body, and cardio, depending on my mood. Due to some orthopedic injuries, there are some activities I cannot do comfortably two days in a row, so the custom workouts are a work-out saver!

    I think the lifestyle questions and additional activities log are a very good idea. If you use the journal (you won't get a perfect score if you don't), you can log things like how much you slept, how stressed-out you feel, how much water (or sugary soda!) you drank, etc. Also, the game gives you credit for doing yardwork, household chores, and other activities during the non-Wii portion of your day. The journal is pretty simplistic, but it makes you think about how rest, stress-level, water, motivation, & activity level are important to your overall fitness.

    Why four stars? The cons:

    ---The controls are a bit glitchy, making completing some exercises difficult. It's pretty frustrating to have the nunchuk secured in the holster while using good form, and still be told that you're not doing the exercise correctly. I've had to quit a few exercises because the Wii wasn't sensing my movements.

    ---The thigh band for the holster is of ample length to fit almost anyone's leg, but the holster pocket seems too tight for the nunchuk. I'm afraid that my nunchuk will eventually be damaged by placing (cramming) it into the pocket.

    ---A few---JUST A FEW---of the sports drills are lame (basketball, you know I'm talking to you).

    This is the first workout software I've bought, and I'm extremely pleased with it, overall. I hope this review helps you decide if Wii Active is right for you....more info
  • The most comprehensive Wii exercise game yet
    This "game" is the most comprehensive and effective Wii exercise game on the market today. You will have no shortage of activities to keep your mind and body occupied while getting a great workout. Even the shortest and lightest preset workout will get you sweating and feeling like you really accomplished something. There are screens and screens of exercises, giving you exceedingly more options than any other Wii workout software out there. Wearing the nunchuck on your leg allows for the system to monitor the depth of your squats, as well as other leg movements. If you are looking for one Wii exercise product to buy, make it this one! ...more info
  • Great workout!!
    I love my Wii fit but hate how you can't put together an intense workout to really get your heart pumping and I have been looking for something that does it - I have found the answer! EA active kicks my butt!! I use it with my Wii balance board (but you don't have to have it - you only use if for a few exercises). I am doing the 30 day challenge on medium right now and have woken up with sore muscles since starting and haven't stopped sweating yet. And, I can already feel and see a difference! This is much cheaper then a gym membership and easier to fit into my schedule since I don't have to travel to the gym. This is a must buy!!!!!!...more info
  • I feel the burn
    Finally got to open up Active last night. I am so glad I did. Believe the hype this is a great workout tool. It is extremely easy to use and allows you to go immediately into an intense workout. I created a profile and clicked into the 30 Day challenge - calendar, work out plan. I chose a medium intense version of Day 1 workout which nicely switched from kickboxing, running/walking, squats, and great resistance work including tricep curls and shoulder lifts. Let me say, I always thought resistance training was a joke but when I woke up this morning my shoulders were burning. What I appreciated the most beyond the quality of exercises was the attention to detail. Each activity has a video detailing how to do it, you receive a constant update on calories burned. I broke a really good sweat in about 5 mins. and after a while I almost felt like I was at the gym. After the workout I tried some of the more sports related exercises - they were also a lot of fun. Definitely a great game and probably more my speed than the Wii Fit (also a great system too but these activities are more intense). Great job EA....more info
  • Better than Wii Fit!
    If you are on the fence about spending $90 for Wii Fit or going with this one, go with this one! So much more to it, much better graphics, and for those who care about it: the feedback is far more positive. I don't need a video game scolding me for not using it for 3 days. Wii Fit starts with endless screens about working out, fitness, and other things that you just might have figured out for yourself. I just want to work out, I don't need to be coddled on my way to it. This game asks what you want to do and then does it. Sure, more coddling as you are told how great you are doing, but it's not as intrusive. If you are an adult looking for a workout video, I would choose this one.

    I had a few glitches where the game locked up (no other game has) on some exercises and I couldn't get out of it without starting over. That didn't help, same lockup. So I had to skip those.

    Great calorie burn info and time left in your workout info. Watch the instructional videos or skip them. Design your own workout. This is the way to go....more info
  • Great workout but poorly designed leg strap
    My 2 kids ages 9 and 10 have been playing this nonstop with me for a week. It's a very good workout and really fun. But I think they purposely designed this game to wear out your tools. The nunchuk is always moving back and forth to the leg strap and hand... and gets knocked around during volleyball bumps. After one week our leg strap has shredded. No one is very large or heavy- it just gets stretched too often with all the in and out. I think they should have designed the workouts so that all the leg exercises are together, instead of alternating them with upper body, or included a slimmer tool that will fit easier into the strap and be more sensitive to movement than the standard nunchuck. The resistance band exercises are awkward sometimes. The Wii doesn't always pick up your movements, expecially if the remote and nunchuck are not positioned perfectly. It's frustrating. But I love the game and hope I can get the leg strap replaced....more info
  • Sooooooo disappointed!!!
    I was looking to up the intensity from My Fitness Coach, and this doesn't do it for me. The resistance band is lame: I want to be able to use hand weights. It's awkward to hold the resistance band handles and the Wii remote and nunchuk, especially when your hands are sweaty. And ... there are NO abdominal exercises on this!! Come on!!!

    I dislike the leg band--it either slides down or cuts off my circulation. The sensors miss a lot of my movements and the game just stops, which is really frustrating when I'm trying to get through my workout and get to the rest of my day.

    This is okay for some active fun, and I like to be able to choose which exercises I do, but for a daily workout I find it lacks some key elements, especially intensity and working a variety of areas--lower, upper, core, flexibility. I like My Fitness Coach, but it is buggy and very limited. This isn't much better and it costs twice as much.

    If you're just starting out exercising, though, this would be a fun way to get into the groove. The boxing, dancing, and baseball are my favorites for fun and the squats, lunges, and side lunges are tops for workout intensity.

    I think I need to give up on the Wii for working out for now, and get some DVDs. Too bad. This had potential....more info
  • EA Active
    Gets you into your workout. I just wish it gave you 10 minute rests when it knows you should need them. Other than that, its motivational and fun!...more info
  • Muscles ache - but I had a great time!
    I received this game a week ago but hadn't opened it until last night. I started the 30-day challenge and thought that I would breeze through the low intensity workout. My legs and back are sore today (in a good way). I substituted the band for small 2 lbs hand weights.

    I have the Wii Fit and My Fitness Coach. I like this workout best....more info
  • ea sport active
    I really love it so much it made me alot alot of sweating it was soo goooooooooood wii!!!!!!!...more info
  • EA Sports Active Delivers!
    This is what I was hoping Jillian Michael's Wii game and the Gold's Gym Cardio would be. I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it. I should have known it would be good based on the EA Outdoor Life.

    You don't need a balance board to get a great workout--although if you do have one, you can do a few more exercises. Basically, there's a thigh strap that you put the numchuk in... and you hold the wii remote in your right hand. That's how it senses your movement. It can be a little fickle... as it never did record my squats...and that drove me crazy. Still, it works 99% of the time. Just pay attention to the positioning that they want.. such as down beginning the upright row...and then level.

    It comes with a workout band which is pretty weak. I just took out one of my bodylastics tubes and used that instead. You hold the band along with the wii remote and numchuk so it's not like there's any sensors in the Band itself.

    I loved how I could create my own personal workout. I love the 30 day challenge that comes with it.

    I agree that I would have loved to see some step as well...but other than that, it's wonderful....more info
  • I love to strap on and play with EA Sport Active
    I got EA Sports Active the day it came out, but wanted to used it for a while before writing my review.
    I have played this game almost everyday since I got it. I have encouraged several people to make the purchase.
    I also have Wii Fit and Gold's Gym Cardio Workout so I do have games to compare it to.
    The EA Sports workout is a definite workout. When I play I break a sweat every time. I can see noticeable toning.

    The things that I like:
    30 Day Challenge is a a month worth of preset workouts with that switch up every day to keep things interesting. Also the workouts switch up to focus more on different body parts allowing time to rest properly.

    There are other preset workouts that can be changes to vary degrees of difficulty. You have a stonger lower body you can pick hard, but need work on the upperbody choose easy.

    In addition you can make your own workouts. Pick from the 25 different exercises and choose the degree of difficulty of each.

    I love that once you choose the workout there is a quick flow between the exercises. This is much better than popping in and out of the menus like the Wii Fit and Gold's Cardio workout only allows limited trainer picked workouts.

    The exercises are broken down into 3 main body sections of upper, lower and cardio. The cardio consists of mostly track with running, high kneee and kickbacks. The kickbacks are killer. For all the cardio you put the nunchuck into the leg strap that is included with the game.

    For the lower body there are lunges and squats and some sports games like inline skating.

    For many of the upper body you use the included toning band. There are curls, alternating curls, presses and combinations.

    Also included are things like boxing mainly cardio, with an upperbody workout as well.

    Then there are several sports like drills, like baseball (batting, catching, throwing), volleyball, basketball etc.
    With many of the sports drills can be enhanced with the Wii board (which is not necessary). For instance in basketball you lunge off the board to the right or left before throwing the ball to the target.

    So I love this game and think it is a great workout with a lot of variety. Why didn't I give it a 5 star rating?

    It takes a bit of getting use to the leg strap. You need to be sure to where is securely and occasionally when running it will slip down. If you don't have the nunchuck in properly and securely it may not register or it will pop out. Again this hasn't happened often, but I think the leg strap could have been designed better, maybe a snap top so that it will not pop up.

    You need to be careful with your form on the lunges and jump lunges. These are very challenging and if not done correctly your can hurt your knees. It is very important to look at the way the trainer holds the remote and nunchuck. Your hand movements and placement are very important. If you don't get them right it will register as not going down low enough and you will go down too far or push your knee ahead of your toes.

    I think that this is a more hard core workout than the Wii Fit. The Wii fit is still great, it focuses more on Yoga and core and includes cardio (but boring cardio in my opinion) EA Sports Active focuses more on cardio and strength training. There are no specific core activities although your core is engaged in many of the exercises.
    I still use my Gold Cardio Workout which is primarily boxing. Since that is the focus of the game, it does in my opinion outshine the boxing in the EA Sports Active. The target concept of the two of them is almost identical.

    In closing. I love my EA Sports Active and recommend it. It provides a great variety of exercises and a well rounded workout. I will use it in rotation with my other two games.

    ...more info
  • Leg Strap and Resistance Band Alternatives (and a Reward System!)
    I own My Fitness Coach, and Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. I bought EA Active on May 19th (first day available), and I do prefer Active (although Gold's Gym is definitely fun).

    The leg strap is a pain to use so I have been putting my wireless nunchuk (from Nyko) into the right front pocket of my sweat pants (joystick down and to the right). At first, I experienced the problem of the nunchuk falling over (to the right) due to the joggling, but then I just put a folded small sock to the right of the nunchuk and it then started staying in place. No problem. Almost all my movements are detected by the system and I suspect the percentage will improve as I adjust to the system. It's also much easier to transition between exercises this way than by trying to get the nunchuk in and out of that tight legstrap.

    The resistance band is useless. So, in order to provide resistance to my upper body movements, I use a pair of weighted gloves from Everlast (available thru Amazon and other websites). They weigh a pound each and provide plenty of resistance. The weight is distributed across the back of the hand, while the palms are bare (so your hands don't get so hot) and allow for easy handling of the controllers. (To achieve greater resistance, one can find heavier gloves and/or add wrist weights to the mix.) There is an extra added positive effect in that you will probably keep the gloves on throughout the workout as opposed to using the resistance band which you will set aside when done with exercises that call for it.

    I like the fact that the Active system focuses on calories burned rather than weight lost. There are so many cultural connotations associated with `weight loss' ("Oh, it's hard to lose weight." "Most people fail." And so on.) But with the Active system, the focus is on the accumulated calories burned (just like a video game where you earn points for this and that). I'm just gonna keep it simple and try to make that counter (of calories burned) go up and up. I'm even thinking of a reward system for myself. ("When I reach 10,000 calories burned, I'll buy this or that for myself." "When I reach 100,000 calories burned, I'll take a week off from work and take that vacation I've been planning." And so on.)

    As you may be able to tell from the tone of this review, I am excited about exercising for the first time in a long time. I highly recommend this system!
    ...more info
  • Amazingly Fun and Whoa! What a GREAT Workout!!!
    I will keep this short & sweet... normally I am a very active runner and gym member, we recently bought a Wii to try the workout programs at home. My expectations were pretty high and yet they were met! I love this workout game! I selected the 30 minute EASY workout and surprisingly was sweating pretty good by the end of the 30 minutes. I recommend this game to anyone that is short on time to get in a workout or has a little one at home they are looking after and cannot really leave home to workout. Everyone should have one, so, so FUN!!!...more info
  • Love Wii Active
    In my opinion, Wii Active is much more effective than Wii Fit. I love that the trainers and avatars are grown ups and not little Weeble looking things. I really enjoy the circuit training aspect which goes from aerobic exercise to strength training to balance exercises. I'm currently doing the 30 day challenge and after only a couple of workouts I can really feel a difference in my body. There is great motivation built in both through a rolling calories burned counter as you work out and coaching from your personal trainer.
    You can also customize workouts based on any activities you particularly like or calories you want to burn or body parts you want to work on.
    Each exercise is thoroughly demonstrated and described before your first try and the trainer will correct you if you are not doing something the right way. You can choose your intensity level of easy, medium or high.
    A couple of minor things that I would like to note are:
    the resistance band is rather flimsy and you have to tie it to the straps yourself which left me wondering how sturdy it is. I may go and buy a different band rather than use the one included,
    the leg strap leaves velcro exposed on the inside of your thigh so it's a bit scratchy when doing running, walking, etc.
    finally, I would love for them to have included BMI and weight measurement along with a graph like Wii Fit has - that really helped my motivation.
    I am definitely in the beginner phase of working out and need to lose about 40 pounds. For me, this is a great workout and it's a lot of fun. For people who are already hard core into exercise, this may not be your thing. It does have a high intensity level but I haven't even looked at that yet.
    Overall, if I had to choose between this and Wii Fit, I would choose this one. ...more info
  • this is the workout I've been waiting for to use with my Wii
    So far I love this workout!! It is a lot of fun and you can really feel the benefits right off the bat. I haven't done the 30 day challenge since I leave for vacation in a week but so far I've done the 20 minute workouts and 30 minute work outs on easy and they've kick my butt! I can see the more you advance the harder it will get.
    Some say the leg strap doesn't stay on well and I too had some difficulty at first but I found that if I wear shorts and place the band on my leg directly, only lace it through one of the slots (it looks like you could lace it through two slots but that made it loser) and place it fairly high up but not so high that I can't bend my leg forward with the remote it the pocket. Once you get it down it's easy peasy.

    Also yes, holding the controllers take some getting used to, as does any exercise equipment but once you get the hang of it it's not as hard. You also learn how to hold the resistance bands to make it more comfortable and to fold them on the floor and stand on it to make the resistance harder. You also have to place the controller properly into the pocket of the the leg band for it to properly register your movments, it took a few tries to get it right.
    I've really enjoyed incorporating this into my wii fit routine which is still fun but I never felt gave me a good overall workout. The EA Active has left me legs and gluts sore and today my arms and shoulders are tender. No pain no gain! I'm loving it and can't wait to see what kind of expansion packs and add ons they come up with.

    Only thing I haven't figured out is how to incorporate the balance board into the workout routine. I turned it on in settings but so far I haven't used it. Maybe it's in the 30 day challenge. I also suck at tennis but I already knew that much.

    ...more info
  • A great addition to the collection!
    I currently own all of the major Wii work out games (sans Jillian Michaels) and this is my favorite. I hate My Fitness Coach, am neutral about Wii Fit and love Golds Gym. That being said, I think EA Sports Active is my favorite of them all. I think that it provides a better all around workout than Gold's Gym and in general provides a good workout. I am an ex-ahtlete, with knee and foot problems. I miss running outside and playing sports, but I experience a ton of pain and am forced to compromise my workouts because of it. I like EA sports because you can select the exercises you wish to participate in (or avoid- for me some of the lunges) and it is not too high impact. Also, I am a big cheater when it comes to exercise and often go too fast, which results in my workout not being as good or intense as it should be. While many people complain about the game essentially waiting for you to get in the right position, I enjoy it, as it ensures I am not cheating and going to fast.

    I have 2 major complains about this game. First and foremost, the leg strap REALLY irritates my skin (which is super sensitive). Because it is so hot here, I don't want to wear tights or pants and don't own any longer shorts. That could help my skin, but even right now I have a little bit of a rash from the leg strap. Secondly, it is kind of bulky holding the resistance strap (sometimes I use my own tube, which is even worse) and nunchuck/remote. On top of that, you need to make sure you are holding everything correctly. Its not that big of an issue, but still.

    I would definitely recommend this game. I build up a sweat and get a good workout. I still make sure that I do some other form of exercise too, but this is a great addition to my wii collection!
    ...more info
  • Close to perfect - excellent workout!
    I've had this now for 10 days (since it was released) and I love it.


    (1) GREAT workout. It is an *astronomically* better workout than Wii Fit (which is still a great choice if you are sedentary and trying to change that, or for kids' fitness), and much better than My Fitness Coach (which I have been using regularly for months) and Gold's (I haven't used that much though because I dislike the interface - it's ugly). I have been doing the "hard" level since I got this and it kicks my BUTT. I worked out with a friend who was a bit skeptical of using a "game" to work out, and she was astonished by how much she sweat, how her heart rate rose and how sore she was the next day.

    (2) FUN. It is way more fun to do one or two of these workouts than going around and around on elliptical then lift weights for the same amount of time. This mixes everything up in a great way - when you are JUST starting to think "How much is left?" it's over. None of that mind-numbing, soul-crushing count-the-seconds stuff I can experience during an elliptical or stationary bike session.

    (3) Terrific customisability. The ability to create custom workouts of your own, AND the ability to deselect some exercises from the pre-set workouts, make sure I will never get bored. Compared to My Fitness Coach, in which you have only preset workouts (and she keeps saying she'll make it harder next time but then she doesn't), this is great.

    (4) Pausable. Meaning that you can pause it simply by holding down the - on the remote in your hand, to show a video. And the you can answer the door, the phone, whatever. Then you can restart that exercise (start it over) if you want by holding down the + and choosing to restart. The reason I put this as a prominent PRO is that it is NOT true of My Fitness Coach - the only way to pause MFC is to find the remote (you don't hold it during the workout like you do in Active, so you have to scramble to retrieve it), click its power button to wake it up (remote is usually asleep/off bcs it has not been used in the workout), aim the remote to click the small "tutorial" button on the screen, etc...the whole thing is such a pain that it makes me not as relaxed during MFC as I am during an Active workout. Knowing that one doorbell ring won't rupture the whole workout rhythm really lets me relax and give the workout my all.


    (1) The resistance band. Please. It's balloon plastic, no resistance at all. Had to buy a better one. Not a biggie, but should not have to replace a part right out of the box. (Why not have two resistance bands in the game? light and medium, make the game work for pretty much everyone? Yes, yes, cost - but like 30 cents of plastic is going to torpedo EA's bottom line).

    (2) No core/ab exercises - but there is core work inherent in some of the sports drills activities, so maybe this is not *really* necessary. I don't know how they would make core exercises work with extremity sensors, but hey! I didn't invent Sports Active either - surely the smart folks who did could come up with something that works your core while sensing arms/legs.

    (3) Why does the 30-day suggest a rest day after 2 workout days (it still lets you work out if you want), but then the rest of the interface (like the "journal") will urge you to "why not work out today!" It's kind of weird, like multiple personality or something. I'm just sayin.

    (4) I can't figure out why so often it has you use the same muscles in several exercises in a row - for example jump lunges (ow) then side to side jumps (oww) then inline skating (are you kidding me? my quads are not functioning anymore) all in a row. Wouldn't it make more sense to let your legs recover a tiny bit between those so that you get maximum benefit?

    (5) The balance board incorporation is problematic - even when it says it is a "Wii Balance Board Day" on the 30-day challenge I still get no Balance Board exercises. I do have it set to use the board. Have to troubleshoot this - I did put a balance board exercise in a custom workout and the balance board does make things a teeny bit more challenging, plus I haven't gotten to try kickboxing yet and I want to!

    (6) This is such a small thing - but in the basketball shooting (kind of a dumb exercise) you have to twist to the left to grab a ball, then shoot. Why in the world would they NOT have you alternate? Twist to left, grab, shoot, twist to right, grab, shoot? It would be a nice way to use some core muscles on both sides of the body.


    Maybe others have already said these things, but here is some stuff I have figured out to make the game work well for me:

    (1) Lunges, squats, etc - get the nunchuck all the way in the holster. It does fit well. It has to be in there properly for the lunges, etc to work. And putting the leg thing very high on the thigh works best so it doesn't slide down.

    (2) Inline skating - I was jumping with tons of energy, but my avatar didn't do the same - she wasn't jumping at all and I was being scolded for my terrible effort, which was pretty frustrating. Until I learned that what works is to TIME your jumps properly. If you always jump just as you get to the green arrow, you will always do a trick and make EA Active guy happy. Yay.

    (3) Running - I was having a little bit of trouble with the game sensing my pace - I would be going along and it would suddenly say "Too Slow" and start hassling me to go faster, even though I hadn't changed anything. I would go very fast but it would still say Too Slow. But then I found that it wants you to raise your knees a bit more than you would when actually running; then it can sense your pace properly. I have not had a problem with this since I figured this out.

    Overall, despite the picky stuff I put under CONS above, this is a fantastic buy and well worth every penny. I recommend this highly to anyone who wants a real, and very time-efficient, workout. There is simply nothing else that comes close to this - it blows everything else out of the water. I really hope they put out expansion packs, I will be first in line to buy them. But even if not, the variety and customisability will keep this from being boring.

    Have fun, everyone!

    P.S. Irrelevant nonsense - Has anyone else noticed that the male trainer has a Canadian accent? I haven't listened to the female trainer, so maybe she does too. :)
    ...more info
  • Love, love, love this!!!
    I absolutely love EA Sports Active. I actually saw it on Ellen and bought it from Amazon within 5 minutes because it looked so great. I like that it is high intensity. I am a marathon runner, and I feel like Wii Fit is more of an intro to working out, whereas EA Sports Active gets you going and breaking a sweat. I am excited to use this to complement my runs and make me improve as a runner. I think they did a great job putting this together and would recommend it to anything! Its still hard to believe that a video game can make you so sore... :)...more info
  • EA Sports Active
    I wouldn't consider this game fun...it's a workout. Owning this game, Gold's Gym Cardio Fitness and the Wii Fit game, this is definitely better than the others. It really get the blood pumping and the sweat to dripping. The workouts (preset) are designed to work your entire body (I have the pain in my knees and the sweat stained shirts to prove it). I like the variety this game offers. If you want more of a challenge you can create your own workouts or throw on some hand/ankle weights. However, I do wish there were more Ab workouts but that is what I have the Wii Fit game for. For all of those that have commented on the resistance strap being too long umm hello if you watched the screen you would see him adjusting the band by folding the band over itself (is that the first time you've ever used one?). Also if you tighten the leg strap up around the top part of your thigh and begin to sweat the band should stop slipping....more info
  • EA Active Sports is Amazing@
    This game/workout is truly amazing! I've been tracking my results at my website [...], and so far I am on day eight and I don't plan on quitting!...more info
  • Great for new exercisers or as a supplement to a workout
    My hubby bought me this game because he knows how much I like to workout and thought that this would be a great supplement to my workout regimine.

    I am currently training for a triathlon and I run 5 days a week(around 20-30 miles) bike 30 miles and swim 1 mile. I also weight train 3 times a week. I would stand to wager that I am in decent, but not fantastic shape.

    I use this game on the hardest setting and have from day one. The upper body weight lifting exercises are a joke. The resistance band provides nearly zero resistance so I'd recommend skipping these workouts or investing in a heavier band, unless you are a fitness newbie. However, some of the cardio exercises are pretty good. The rollerblading game is basically like doing a holding squat combined with jump squats. There are also jump squats, jump lunges and running drills which get my heart rate up and get me sweaty. I would never use this as a solo workout device but I do play everyday for about 30 mintues to burn around 150 calories.

    i think you get out of this game what you put into it. There are definitely ways to cheat and not get as good of a workout, but why bother doing it then?

    This is definitely NOT a substitute for hitting the gym or going for a run, but it is a fun way to sneak in a little extra calorie burn while having some fun.

    However, someone who is a complete beginner would definetely benefit from this program. ...more info
  • Active Fitness Trainer
    I purchased Active Fitness Trainer the day it was released, and I must say I am disappointed. The resistance band that comes with it is a joke. There is NO resistance, and mine broke the third time I used it. I purchased a 6-foot Theraband with heavy resistance and added the hand straps from the game to those. I've also added 2-lb wrist weights. Some reviewers commented on the leg strap slipping, but mine has stayed in place just fine. At first, I found the game didn't always sense my movement and would sometimes seem to lock up (especially on bicep curls and shoulder presses), but I believe this was more of an issue with me learning how to position the remote and nunchuk rather than a fault with the game itself. I have a Wii balance board but chose not to use it. Between the nunchuk, Wii remote, resistance band, wrist weights, and leg strap I didn't feel the need to add more equipment.

    Now for the exercises . . . I am about halfway through the 30-day challenge. There are 3 levels from which to choose; ranging from easy to hard. I chose the hardest level. I find the arm exercises do not provide enough of a burn even with the new band and wrist weights, and the trainer moves too slow. The leg exercises include variations of squats, lunges, and running. I am enjoying these, and as I progress through the workouts I find they are becoming more challenging. As far as the sports go I'm enjoying volleyball and inline skating, but basketball is extremely boring. Do be aware that exercises for abs and chest do not exist on this program. There are also no specific exercises that target hamstrings and calves.

    Most exercise routines last between 25 and 40 minutes, and I do typically get my heart rate up and break out in a sweat. There is a calorie counter that estimates calories you are burning throughout the routine (based on age, height, and weight that you enter in your fitness profile). My calorie burn usually ranges from about 120-160.

    I used the journal for the first few days, but then quit. You basically enter extra exercise you did the day before, the amount of water you drank, and the number of vegetable servings you ate. I quickly found it to be a waste of time. There was a lot missed potential with this!

    Overall, this game could have been a lot better than the product that was released. I do believe that a person who is new to exercising could get a good workout, but for those who are already pretty fit I'd stick with the gym or a good workout DVD....more info
  • Workouts Really Work
    I started using this game yesterday and I must say that it is a big difference compared to just doing the routines in the Wii Fit. I am not a very athletic person and I am overweight and bought the Wii Fit so that it could help me lose weight. I must admit that it has helped. So far I have lost about 10lbs. I started with a basic 20 minute workout with the EA Active and it has kicked my rear. My abs, glutes, legs and core are sore. I have lost about 500 calories already and plan on doing it. I weigh about 230lbs and plan on getting below the 200 mark this year. I am hoping with the EA Active workout routines that it will help me.

    Little issue with some of the routines. I have been trying to do some of the workouts and I just put brand new batteries in the Wii Remote but it seems when I am on the running track that it doesnt respond like I am doing. I didnt find the band as enough resistance so I went ahead and used another set that I had. The leg strap can rub your legs wrong if you are not wearing long enough shorts. Other than that I think it is great....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    This game is awesome! What I like most about it is that you actually have to run for your game to work. I have the Jillian game and I love that one too, but if you move your arms it thinks you are running. With this one since you have to put the nunchuk in your leg strap and then run. I have a 5 month old and can't afford a gym membership so this works great in my living room while she is asleep. My husband did it last night and he worked up a sweat. Good luck to anyone who buys this...:)
    ...more info
  • Great Workout and Worth the $$$
    I was a little hesitant to order active but now I am glad I did. There are a multitude of workouts so you will not get bored. There are different levels from easy to hard. The personal trainer is funny and encouraging. At one point, I did want her to stop saying you need to go faster. I was worn out.

    The nunchuk was a little difficult at first. I have thick legs so the leg band was a little tight far up on the leg and would fall down when I wore it lower. I finally put the nunchuk in my front pocket on my pants and worked like a charm. I just got a wireless nunchuk so hopeful this will work even better. I kept getting tired up in the cord.

    I would recommend probably getting a stronger resistance band. The instructional videos are great. I will definitely use this more in my work out program. This is worth the money!!!
    ...more info
  • Purchasing replacement resistance band
    I broke the resistance band that came with the wii active, so I purchased another band. The bands that came with wii active had flat canvas handles, the bands I purchased have round handles. I'm having difficulty holding the wii remote and nunchuck, along with the new bands. Is anyone else found bands that work with the wii remotes?...more info
  • Awesome workout!
    I have used this game for the past 2 days, and it is truly an awesome workout! I haven't sweat like this in a long time! It pushes you to keep going, and then congratulates you at the end. I am so happy I bought this game. I recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • the active is worth it
    i got the active looking for something for my kids to do to help them lose weight..and i am hooked..sore but hooked i have just gotten done the first week of doing 2 a days on it for the 30 day work out and my son is going nuts over it..he is about to enter 8th grade in august and has already said he wants to be the muscle guy when school starts..you will hurt after doing it but keep going that wares off lol...we all do it with the golds gym and are ready to move after wards..buy this "game"..it is well worth it..hint if you have the board use it...more info
  • Great game, lame bands
    EA sports active combined with Wii fit is amazing. Wii fit will track your weight and weight goals while EA helps you achieve it. I was aching after 2 days of EA and I find myself wanting more!

    My complaint is the weak/cheap resistance bands. The began tearing after 4 days of working out (3 people using it). I had to readjust the straps one at a time as the bands tore. Frustrated I went out and bought my own resistance bands. I just wish EA had put in a way to use the resistance bands without the wii controllers so we can use the resistance bands we want. I guess if you buy the cheao resistance band by the roll its good but I would rather have a resistance band that will last.

    Overall I give the game a 10 but the resistance bands a 4. ...more info
  • Is this a Beta?
    Overall, EA Sports Active feels a lot like a pre-release of a game that will become an excellent game just as soon as the people who purchase the game find all the bugs for them. In other words, the first wave of buyers are their Beta testers.

    Numerous people have posted their frustrations over the problem with the intermittent failures of the game to properly track the movements of their arms and legs. I have had the same issue, the game stalls and goes into an annoying waiting mode prompting you to complete the exercise, not because you haven't but because it is not reading your movements properly. Normally you can get out of this mode by widely swinging whatever body part it has failed to read. It's annoying to have to do this, and so far this is the only Wii sports game I've played that has this glitch.

    The resistance band have almost no resistance, and the idea of holding the Wii controls in each hand along with the resistance band is just plain bad design. However, I suspect that they ended up like this as the lesser of two evils. You can't do the exercises without holding the two Wii remotes in your hands, however if you used the right resistance while holding the remotes you have a safety issue. I noticed that Everlast released a set of two pound weights that hold the Wii remotes inside of their handles which allow for the correct resistance without the safety risks. If Everlast ends up releasing an entire range of hand weights for the Wii console, then the EA Sports Active resistance band could be replaced with those weights. Problem solved, but then again, if EA Sports Active had thought this all through when they designed this software, it would have been a non-issue, solved before the release of the software.

    This is why I feel this product is more of a Beta then a full release. The designers and managers behind this game had to have known at some point that the resistant bands were not a good design, and they should have come up with a solution before releasing this to the world.

    If everything worked right, and the resistance band was not an issue I would give EA Sports Active five stars. As it stands, I only give it a three. I have also decided that I will rent any Wii sports games before I buy. Wii sports games seem to always get high reviews, in spite of some real problems with the quality of the software.

    On a side note there's a workout you do with the band for your shoulders where the training actually says "At no time should you allow the shoulder to come out of the socket." I can't tell if it's suppose to be a joke or not, but either way, it's pretty funny.

    ...more info
  • Great Workout!!
    When I was looking into getting this I first looked at all the One Star ratings to see the bad about the product. There weren't many so I went ahead and got it. Those Ones are so wrong! The guy that compplained about the heartbeat logo? That last about 2-3 seconds. Wow NOT that big of a deal! Anyway, I used to work out daily then had some injuries and took some time off. This was my way of getting into the groove. I'm not a complete wuss and I am familiar with all the exercises. The first time I tried it it KICKED my butt! I was sweating and was sore the next day. Yes I had a few problems with the trainer stopping and waiting for me, but I realized it was the way I was holding the remotes and once I got that down there was no problem. The trainer uses lots of motivation and tells you what the exercise is doing ("This is great for your back") I'm actually excited to keep playing it more and to try everything! I'm SO glad I got it! We traded in 3 old wii games for it at Game Stop! Only cost me $2! I love it and am SO glad I bought it...more info
  • Great for new exercisers or as a supplement to a workout
    My hubby bought me this game because he knows how much I like to workout and thought that this would be a great supplement to my workout regimine.

    I am currently training for a triathlon and I run 5 days a week(around 20-30 miles) bike 30 miles and swim 1 mile. I also weight train 3 times a week. I would stand to wager that I am in decent, but not fantastic shape.

    I use this game on the hardest setting and have from day one. The upper body weight lifting exercises are a joke. The resistance band provides nearly zero resistance so I'd recommend skipping these workouts or investing in a heavier band, unless you are a fitness newbie. However, some of the cardio exercises are pretty good. The rollerblading game is basically like doing a holding squat combined with jump squats. There are also jump squats, jump lunges and running drills which get my heart rate up and get me sweaty. I would never use this as a solo workout device but I do play everyday for about 30 mintues to burn around 150 calories.

    i think you get out of this game what you put into it. There are definitely ways to cheat and not get as good of a workout, but why bother doing it then?

    This is definitely NOT a substitute for hitting the gym or going for a run, but it is a fun way to sneak in a little extra calorie burn while having some fun.

    However, someone who is a complete beginner would definetely benefit from this program. ...more info
  • Well done!
    I have had this a week. I bought it for my wife and she hasn't had time to use it but she will starting next week. I have started the 30 day challenge and am three workouts in. I am in average shape and am reasonably active and fitness conscious. I have used several types of machines including the cross bow - great machine, the bow flex - again great machine and circuits at Bally fitness years ago before I had kids. Those are all expensive, large and/or time consuming products. They work great but at $59.99 this is a steal. That being said, I have nothing bad to say about this product. It works and works well. I can't get out to workout like I used to and with a simple elastic band, provides a great range of exercises that will give a good burn and will provide results. Like anything else, it will do nothing for you if it gathers dust. Nor will it work if Ice cream and Potato chips are the major staples of your diet. For those who like to work out at a gym but can't carve out the time, this offers excellent guidance and proper form techniques that you would expect from a personal trainer. It really stresses proper form (verbally and with multi-view short videos of real people doing the exercises) and does a great job of positive feedback while going through the routine. 1 week into it, I am just the right amount of sore in all the right places and am looking forward to completing the challenge. I will update when and if required but it's easy for me to say don't just think about it. Buy it and use it as intended and you will be get a workout. Add a proper diet and nutrition and you will lose weight and get in shape.......more info
  • On the Fence
    So, I was really excited to get this game. I got it on the release date and have been very religious about checking in with it every day. There a few complaints - the main one being it doesn't seem to track accurately during the running/walking/squatting portion. It keeps telling me I'm too slow when I'm running like a maniac. Very frustrating. The leg strap also tears quite easily at the seams if you don't have skinny person thighs like the girl in the picture. On the other hand, it does seem to work out my different muscles groups with the stretchy band and also the lunges. I like the boxing part, but there's not enough of it and if that's what you're into the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout is the best. If you do the 30-Day Challenge your average workout is about 20 minutes - doesn't seem long enough to me - and it has you rest a day every 2 days. That seems like counter-advice to all the advice you get from doctors "try to do at least 30 minutes a day". All in all I'm glad I have it and will continue to use it....more info
  • This Blows Wii Fit Out of the Water.
    I bought Wii Fit, and when I opened it and played it, I thought, "Well this is fun" but it wasn't serious, nor anything I TOOK serious, and eventually, it began collecting dust.

    I recently started a diet/fitness program. I'm already a member of the YMCA, and would do about 20 minutes on the Elliptical, and a few reps on some of the machines. I never felt out of sorts the next day.

    I got Wii Active for when I was unable to get to the gym. I had read the reviews, and they impressed me.

    I got it home on Sunday night after working for 12 hours, with full intentions of working out that night. Instead, I cracked a beer and posted on facebook.

    The next day, I decided to try the 30 Day Challenge. The day after that, I felt like I had been run over by a truck. More muscles than I knew I had had been worked. The first day started with running/walking/cardio boxing. Again, remember, I was used to doing the elliptical and a few machines 3x a week. When I woke up on Day Two. OMG. I was in pain. REALLY GOOD, heavy muscle straining pain. Except I didn't feel strained during the workout.

    I am only on Day 3 of the challenge, but I'm already confident enough to say that this will work you out like you can't believe, if you do the exercises properly.

    I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Thoughts after Several Uses
    I wanted to update an early review (didn't know how) b/c I've now used it a few times. As I expected, I like the game and I'm using it (go me!) but it is getting too easy for me even though I'm out of shape now and put it on the hardest intensity. The 30 day challenge is good to get you going and makes you do exercises like squats/lunges that you would probably not do -- but it is not enough cardio, it's way too short and the repetitions take too long. So I did a regular challenge day, and then immediately followed with a custom workout (I kept jogging in place so as not to lower heart rate while clicking through menus - do this every time you switch exercises or you are coming to a standstill way too much). I set 35 mins. of running, mixed running (with kick ups and knee ups), running again, boxing (especially punching bag), some fast dance (mostly as a rest), boxing, knee ups and ended with volleyball for fun. Now that was cardio that got me seriously sweating.

    Notes-- WEAR SHOES. My dr. warned me she's seeing lots of foot problems (esp. kids) b/c of using any active Wii game without shoes.

    Also, leg strap stays on me if I wear workout pants only (no shorts) and strap cord through each slot.

    Warm up and cool down yourself - game doesn't do it.

    My toddler likes to play the sports with me - we just set up a "custom workout" with tennis, targets, volleyball etc. and then play them all through together.

    All in all - definitely got this lazy runner off her butt at last....more info


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