´╗┐ Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference
Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference

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A "textbook with passion", Hardwiring Excellence offers a road map and practical how-to guide for creating and sustaining a culture of service and operational excellence. In this book, author Quint Studer, CEO of Studer Group, draws on his personal experience as a former hospital executive who led two organizations to the top 1% in patient satisfaction and his experience coaching hundreds of healthcare organizations since. Studer, a nationally acclaimed educator, coach, and thought leader in healthcare today, is a master storyteller, mixing "chicken soup style" stories with personal insight, simple tools, and in-depth recommendations on how good organizations can become great ones. Based on Studer Groupí»s Nine Principles SM, Quint Studer shows how to retain more employees; ensure better customer service; build strong leadership, align organizational values, goals, and results; increase communication; reward and recognize individual success while also requiring accountability; and move operational performance for better financials, market share, and growth. At the core of the journey, he says, is a sense of purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference. When organizations learn how to harness this passion in their employees, they create a success spiral with ever increasing momentum. In fact, Richard L. Clarke, FHFMA, President and CEO of Healthcare Financial Management Association says, "Quint Studerí»s Nine Principles of service and operational excellence provide the missing link between people power and strong financials. Ití»s about courageous leadership."

Customer Reviews:

  • Turning Passion into Performance
    This book has something for everyone - those just starting to create their culture of excellence AND those who are already quite good and looking for the "tweaks" to be even better. Personal stories make it easy-to-read and show how hardwiring a few specific actions can turn passion into performance....more info
  • Hardwiring Excellence
    Quint captures the passion of our work in healthcare very effectively. HE is a easy to follow step by step read on how to transform an organization into a high performing "culture." The use of story telling keeps you engaged and the principles/tactics are excellent.
    The book helps to recommit to purpose and worthwhile work. Thank you Quint!
    ...more info
  • A "How-To" for Excellence
    Quint has an amazing way of always connecting, always reducing the complexity and showing the way to simplicity in the pursuit of excellence.
    His advice and coaching tips are real-world and real-time and shouldn't be thought of as exclusive to healthcare. It would be difficult to make it to the end without identifying one or two leadership-enhancing behaviors....ready to be put to use tomorrow.
    Having attended his speaking engagements, I can share that "Hardwiring Excellence" is like an extended conversation with Quint....more info
  • Especially useful for healthcare upper management
    Quint's book was recommended by a fellow manager and I have been very pleased with his ideas. Although geared to upper management (some of his ideas work best with an organization-wide implementation) there are several things I plan to implement right away. It is difficult to find management titles so well tailored to the healthcare community; this one fits the bill nicely. ...more info
  • This Book Saves Lives
    Hardwiring Excellence does more than give great tools for healthcare leadership and management it helps save lives. The tools that are shared inspire healthcare workers and leaders to strive to be the best they can be. By extension the information contained in this book helps them to be more efficient which in turn enables those of us who make healthcare our career to focus on our patients. When we are able to do that we are able to focus on safety and ensuring good communication. This saves lives. When I first read this book I was a nursing manager. I came to work the next morning inspired and fired-up to make a difference for my staff and patients. My copy is dog-eared from being read so many times. This is truly a must have book for all in healthcare. Quint Studer "gets it". If you ever have the pleasure of seeing him speak you will never forget the experience....more info
  • good book on how attitude impacts on your work
    I am amazed at how attitude and how we view things can make such a huge impact at work. I have not gone through the entire book yet, but if you are in an administrative position and not doing well or wanting tips on how to do better and how to communicate with your subordinates, this is the book to get!...more info
  • Also Not Just for Hospitals!
    I have been a Lean Production Systems Practitioner for over twenty years and have had the privilege of learning from some of the original teachers of Lean in the United States. I have been influenced by Deming, Juran, Goldratt, Peters, Covey, Kotter, Drucker, Greenleaf, Senge and many other authors on leadership and management of change and continuous improvement and organizational learning. I first read Quint Studer's book as I began a project to implement lean systems in several hospitals. "Hardwiring Excellence" will always rank as one of my favorite books on leadership. I especially enjoyed Studer's personal story and recognition of himself as "the problem" and his transformation as an effective leader and organizational catalyst....more info
  • Quint gets it
    Learn from one of the best in Quint Studer.

    He ain't your ordinary hospital consultant. In fact, he probably wouldn't call himself a consultant at all; he's a "Fire Starter" and a "Coach." From a high school GPA of 1.3 to Special Ed teacher to hospital President to Founder of the Studer Group, this man has a genuine passion to make a difference in healthcare and on society. In his first COO role at Holy Cross Hospital, he took his hospital's patient sat scores from 5% to 94% in one year. At his first Administrator position in Baptist Hospital, he decreased employee turnover from 30% to 12% and also founded the Baptist Leadership Institute. It's hard to argue with results like that, and Quint tells us exactly how to do it in our hospitals.

    In my view, this book is well-balanced between motivation and practical to-do's. In fact, I think the magic of this book is how well Quint covers both issues: the heart (the emotions/psychology, human nature) and the mind (hard-nosed focus on hard-core results). I think most hospital leaders could pick up this book and actually put some or all of the principles into practice, even in difficult working environments. And that is exactly Quint's intent....more info
  • Hardwiring Excellence
    This a must have foundation book for any hospital adminstrator. It has help move our organization to another level in accountability....more info
  • The definitive textbook on excellence
    Quint Studer has been making a difference in healthcare for years. His nine principles have been proven successful many times over in organizations large and small throughout the nation. Hardwiring Excellence is a primer of how the nine principles can help an organization achieve excellence. It is a step by step guide that provides an entertaining combination of wonderful stories and practical information that works. You will read and re-read this book many times over, and it will take you on a journey to achieve excellence that you never thought possible....more info
  • How to create excellence
    I worked in one of the hospitals mentioned in Quint's book. His pillar principles work. They don't have to apply to just healthcare. Any service industry can benefit tremendously from the Studer philosophy!...more info
  • This is a must read
    Putting the prescriptive elements of this book into practice will create results for any organization. This book not only tells you why but tells you how....more info
  • Changing Healthcare
    While applicable to most environments, Hardwiring Excellence gives specific tips for healthcare providers on creating a culture of operational excellence. If each reader implements three recommendations from the book, they will improve their chances of retaining their excellent employees....more info
  • Remember why you do what you do
    This book is excellent. Studor presents great concepts that work anywhere. He uses illustrative and emotional stories throughout the book that remind us, even those who don't deal with patients daily, what a difference in people's lives we make at a hospital.

    I know people who have attended his conference and that only magnified their praise of these concepts. Not having been myself to see him, I found plenty to implement to improve our patient care from the book.

    Those of us who have read "Hardwiring Excellence" buy it to share with others here. ...more info
  • Hardwiring Excellence
    The book is a common sense approach to operational excellence which health care workers of all levels will appreciate. It crosses all disciplines, education levels and training....more info
  • Must read for customer service businesses.
    This is one of those books that can enlighten as well as develope those who are in the business of serving customers. It has been written for the healthcare field but many of the principles laid out in this book can be applied to many types of business....more info
  • Hardwiring Excellence
    The book provides a common sense approach to instilling behaviors which promote positive outcomes in healthcare. As you read through each chapter the author builds the on the content provided from the previous chapter. It certainly demonstrates how you can be instrumental in having a "domino effect" just by being consistent and positive in relationships. ...more info
  • Great tactics
    This book is easy to read and full of strategic ideas that are applicable to any organization. I have even used some of the "Must Haves" in my family and found they improved performance! A great guide to creating a better culture and improving results. ...more info
  • Life Changing! If you are a burned out healthcare leader...
    You simply must read this book. This clearly demonstrates how to take complex situations and make them easy to understand by connecting to purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference. I now remember why I got into healthcare in the FIRST place. I am a better leader because of these Principles....more info
  • Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Di
    This is a brilliant practical guide on how to build the structures within an organization to exceed the expectations of the customer and employees. Easy, enjoyable reading that will spark a desire to hardwire a culture of service excellence. A must have handbook for all leaders....more info
  • Hardwiring Excellence
    Hardwiring Excellence has fantastic stories which are easy to relate to and reflect on. This really makes it very easy to remember the prescriptive to do's that the stories represent thereby fostering real change in the readers. Change for the betterment of healthcare and their lives in general....more info
  • Great purchase!
    Very readable, easy to implement, difference making stratigies to improve health care delivery methods....more info


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