Reversing Diabetes Cookbook: More Than 200 Delicious, Healthy Recipes

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In REVERSING DIABETES, Dr. Julian Whitaker offers a comprehensive lifestyle program that has helped more than 10,000 diabetic patients at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. The good news is that many diabetics can control their condition--naturally and effectively--with diet and exercise. Along with helping you reduce or even eliminate dependency, it can help you lose excess wight and lower your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and risk of heart attack. Readers will find:

  • An updated, flexible meal plan--includes new information on which types of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you should be eating
  • More than 100 new kitchen-tested recipes--with full nutritional breakdowns
  • The latest findings on the dangers of insulin resistance--and how to correct it
  • Up-to-the-minute information on the pros and cons of insulin and oral diabetic drugs
  • New shopping lists and details on salt and sugar substitutes
  • Nutritional supplement suggestions that may reduce the need for drugs and help prevent eye problems and other diabetic complications

Customer Reviews:

  • Experience Is Better Than Theory
    I bought and read this book in 1994 having been diagnosed with Type II diabetes at the end of 1993. I was already seeing a physician who did his best to treat disease through diet and supplementation. Following HIS dietary guidelines (he was not aware of this book to my knowledge), which were similar in essence, I was able to achieve results similar to those who have given good reviews to this book. I did NOT have to follow the recipes given in this book. Sure, it can be a struggle to change our typical diet to one which follows the guidelines given in "Reversing Diabetes", but you can't argue with experience. It is easy to give Dr. Whitaker's "program" for treating Diabetes a bad review based on what the standard approach is because it IS different. But unless you have tried it to the best of your ability and failed, then I think, that criticism is shallow as opposed to critiques based on the experience of those who have not only read it but TRIED to follow. Based on my own experience, Type II Diabetics will get benefits to the degree they can follow the guidelines of high carbohydrate, high fiber, low fat. One must also realize that processed carbohydrates are NOT the same as complex carbohydrates, which should also be eaten as close to their natural state as possible (not necessarily raw but the more this way the better).

    In the end, it is a matter of choice as to whether you want to follow the standard approach or to at least try an alternative. I began with insulin injections and I don't consider the standard approach any less unpleasant than making a change in the way I define the role of food in my life....more info

  • Excellent resource for the layperson
    Frustrated by directives of an Endocrinologist, that is tight control on injections, I knew there had to be more. In searching for answers it seemed I was to do as told and not rock the boat. After reading Dr. Whittaker's book, I felt more in control. What I liked best was he explained issues, what to look for and how to monitor results. If you are dealing with diabetes you need to read this book. It is proactive and written with the non medical person in mind. Prevention is the key....more info
  • Changed my life
    This book has, quite literally, changed my life. For the first time, I am able to make sense out of WHAT foods I should avoid and WHY. ... Additionally, Whitaker offers a broad-based approach to health, not just diabetes (although, Ilearned how several conditions were linked/associated with diabetes). ......more info
  • Reversing Diabetes (book)
    Excellent. Even though I chose a used book, it was in very good shape, and was promptly delivered. On the other hand this book is being a treasure to me. Very useful.
    Thank you....more info
  • It truly does work.
    I was diagnosed with diabetes and was prescribed Glucophage starting at 500mg, then it went to 1000mg by the time I read the book the doctor wanted me to take 2000mg. Well, I read the book and let me tell you, my glucose level is totally normal today. My problem was high fat and protein diet without exercise. I picked up a recum bike started exercising and also started a diet of high fiber and low fat as recommended in the book. A month later my fasting glucose levels where consistently below the 126 considered to be normal. The scientific evidence presented and "the back pains I was suffering with the Glucophage" convinced me to make a lifestyle change. I am now medicine free and pain free. I find that I have more energy than the people around me. I lead a more active, enjoyable life thanks to this book. I strongly recommended this book for any person who has been recently diagnosed with non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes....more info
  • Informative but don't misread the carb-focused part
    I found alot of the facts in this book very informative and interesting, especially the part about how the presence of insulin prevents the release of fat mobilizing(weight loss) hormones. I was determined after reading a good part of the book to start eating lots of low glycemic carbs and stop eating a high protein and fat and low carb diet. Well, I soon found myself starving with high blood sugars. (I started out high.) I found my blood sugar didn't take a negative slope unless I restricted my caloric intake to 1300 calories. (For an active 6'2" guy that's starving.) I then read Syndrome X by Burkeson and it balanced and helped me better understand the facts in this book. This book is great for understanding how you became and stayed overweight, and the ins and outs of insulin resistance and diabetes. This is definitely a must read, just balance it with other literature....more info
  • Mostly good advice, some commercialism
    In this book Dr. Julian Whitaker makes recommendations for the diabetic who wants to try to lessen his/her complications and get off or reduce medication. He starts off by explaining what diabetes is and its complications. He then discusses commonly used drugs and why he feels they are less than desirable solutions.

    Instead of drugs Whitaker recommends a diet high in carbs which don't affect blood sugar that much, moderate protein, low in fat (with emphasis on "good" fats), and high in fiber. He also advocates exercise and lots of nutritional supplements.

    I bought this book for my husband's health. He's a newly diagnosed diabetic. I can't say whether or not it works since he already was eating the way the book recommends for the most part, and he already exercised, too. And we haven't started supplements yet. However, I can say that I have read quite a few books lately on nutrition and heart disease, and the most of the literature agrees with Dr. Whitaker. I have also heard that the glycemic index system which is advocated in this book is widely used in Europe for weight control.

    There are a couple of flaws which prevented me from giving the book 5 stars. The first is that Whitaker recommends some therapies which I have heard are controversial. For example, chelation therapy is recommended. I have heard elsewhere that while chelation is good for removing heavy metals from your system, there is no proof that it is good for other medical conditions. The therapies which I considered questionable were a very minor part of the book. The second flaw is that the book is very lightly sprinkled with commercialism trying to get you to go to Whitaker's Wellness Institute, his private clinic/medical resort or use some of his formulated products. Kind of a like an infomercial. Although this happened very little, it just started getting to me.

    If I had to guess I would say that most diabetics would benefit from the diet, supplementation, and exercise guidelines in this book (Check with your doctor first, of course!). Use your common sense, however, and don't give the stamp of approval to everything Whitaker recommends. Research it and decide, fully informed....more info

  • amazon: ripoff extraordinary
    book was quoted to me at one price, billed at a higher price. i cancelled order but amazon shipped it any way.
    i couldn't understand return instructions so i wrote amazon twice. weeks have gone by with no response.
    i got in touch with dhl and they instructed me how to return book. good thing cause amazon couldn't be bothered.
    i returned the unopened package. the box was crushed so badly dhl couldn't scan the shipping label.
    haven't heard a word from amazon until this review solicitation.
    bottom line is don't do business with amazon they are a ripoff and are clueless as how to properly do business.
    thank you for you time...more info
  • Reversing Diabetes Book
    Very good book! Great information. After 2 weeks on this diet, my husband's blood pressure has returned to normal levels and he now controls his diabetes with diet and 3 daily diabetes pills. He will be exercising and losing 30 pounds and hopes he will be able to discontinue the medication altogether. We are working closely with a Endocrinologist and still monitor his sugars and blood pressure closely.
    This book was very helpful!...more info
  • Reversed My Diabetes
    I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in December 2003 with a fasting blood glucose of 220. By following much of the advice in this book, my fasting blood glucose now averages around 80. In April 2004, my lab results showed a fasting blood glucose of 82 and a glycated hemoglobin of 5.8 percent. Exercise is very important. I lift weights and walk on a treadmill. I generally eat a low glycemic diet, and I take lots of supplements. The most important supplements for me are alpha lipoic acid, vanadyl sulfate, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, magnesium citrate, gymnema sylvestre, and the Chromate form of chromium. I recommend this book to everyone who has Type 2 diabetes....more info
  • Helped me to understand diabetes better.
    I was diagnosed a month ago with type 2 diabetes. Although I have a very mild form of it and my doctor is hopeful that it can be reversed I was terrified. I didn't want to go down the road of amputations, blindness, and kidney disease. That's when I found this book. I have a better understanding of diabetes now and a low glycemic diet makes perfectly good sense to me. I've been eating a plant based diet for a month and have lost 21 pounds and my blood sugars are normal.

    There are quite a few reviews that say diabetics need to avoid carbohydrates-that's horse and buggy thinking. It is now known that diabetics need carbohydrates-it is the fuel that our bodies use. What diabetics need to change is the source of those carbohydrates. The less refined food we eat the better blood sugar control we have. As Dr. Whitaker says it's not the quantity of carbohydrates it's the quality. So those people with negative reviews either haven't kept up to date with the latest diabetes information or they didn't read the book. I'm even going to send this to my sister whose diabetes is out of control. Maybe it will help her as it's done for others. ...more info
  • DON'T Buy this Book
    This book is entirely wrong in it's approach to diabetes. This doctor preaches a high This is wrong, wrong, wrong. I've been a diabetic since 1994 and every educational source has taught me that carbohydrates RAISE your blood sugar. Carbohydrates are what we have to avoid!

    If you want to learn about diabetes, buy Richard K. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. It will teach you nutrition and the basic biology of diabetes. It's what every diabetic ought to read....more info

  • Heavy Reading
    The first two thirds of this book contain everything known by Dr. Julian Whitaker (and it is a lot!) about diabetes -- the history, the research, previous attempts at control, effects of medicinal solutions. If you're a "I must know" type, then read, read, read. However, if you want to get to 'the program', skip directly to Chapter 13; "How to Implement the Diet for Reversing Diabetes." A friend who has successfully followed this program says that Dr. Whitaker's cookbook [ASIN:0446691410 Reversing Diabetes Cookbook: More Than 200 Delicious, Healthy Recipes]] is the better way to go. Wish I had started there!...more info
  • Changed my husbands life!
    The author is a doctor, and provides an eye-opening perspective of how the medical profession traditionally treates Type 2 diabetics as well as providing a real alternative to that approach. I ordered this book right after my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes - we were devastated - he was put on micronase and a blood pressure-lowering med. After reading this book, and Elizabeth Hiser's "Other Diabetes", we changed to a very high fiber diet, low in fat, and started a regular exercise program, he also started taking the nutritional supplements recommended - well, 8 months later, he's been officially discharged from the diabetes clinic! (He was off the meds after just one month.) PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!...more info
  • Incredible Eye-Opener !!
    After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my doctor immediatley put me on oral medication, even PRIOR to seeing a diabetic specialist!. Was I given expanations ? NO! was I offered other alternatives? NO! My wife began to dig into this disease and began to notice that by weight control and diet, diabetes can be controlled. It was refreshing to read this book to confirm our beliefs. We now eat well and excercise, my diabetes in getting in control! NO Medication! Yes eating well and excercise are hard work, but I feel my Wife and Children are worth the improved health !!

    Best luck to all !! Don't give up !!...more info

  • GOOD GRIEF!!!!!
    I know the medical association and the dietary associations follow suit, but advocating a "low-fat, high fiber, hi carb" diet is EXACTLY why we have sky-rocketing Diabetes.
    If you really want to find out how to deal with Diabetes, head to the book by a man that is NOW a Dr, with type 1, yes TYPE ONE diabetes, and he keeps it under control, and not this Charlatan that is supported by all our "experts" that ignore WHAT diabetes IS.
    Try Dr. Bernstein instead.
    He will talk reality to you....more info
  • Readers' Results Prove the Value of Contents
    I am surprised to read the negative reviews of this book. My husband weighed over 300 pounds when he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes; his A1C count was 8.7 (about a year ago). Shortly after that, we bought this book and he has followed the plan outlined in it since. He now weighs 211, his A1C is 5.6, he has more energy than he's had in years and feels great. His fasting blood sugar has gone from 131 to 88, cholesterol from 227 to 163, triglycerides from 224 to 103. Anyone following the book's advice can see the effect on their blood sugar by their various test results, and as for the recipes being too much to make for a single person, making the whole recipe and freezing the surplus portions for another day's meals is an easy solution. We have known others with Type II Diabetes who did not follow a program like that outlined in this book and the impact the disease had on their bodies was frightening. This book can truly be a life-saver....more info


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