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The top-mounted, three-stage system combines simple, elegant styling with superior performance efficiency. All water is filtered through the high-performance Eclipse Rite-Size Filter Cartridge and then directed to the patented Marineland BIO-Wheel. The result: 100% water-to-media contact for excellent water quality, and a healthier environment for plants and fish. Easy to install, easy to operate, the Eclipse System provides unlimited, unhindered access to the entire aquarium. The specially selected fluorescent daylight bulb is ideal for plant growth and ornamental fish color enhancement. And because all filtration media is inside the top mounted unit, it has minimal rear space requirements for against-the-wall placement.

  • Perfect 3-gallon system for freshwater or marine fish
  • Top-mounted filter with easy, quick change cartridge
  • Minimal rear space requirements for against-the-wall placement
  • Has patented BIO-Wheel 3-stage filtration
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little aquarium
    This is a great starter aquarium. Order a book or two about having fish when you order the aquarium too and wait a week before getting fish.

    In years past you'd have all sorts of work with the filters and such. With the bio-wheel that comes with this tank your only work is to occasionally replace the "physical filter" and do a partial water change. That's it! The tank also comes with a beautiful light that'll really make your fish shine.

    You will need some gravel too and some plants and maybe a stone or two for the fish to hide behind. The gravel and such are best picked up at your local pet store. Start out with plastic plants rather than live plants; you'll have plenty to do anyway.

    In my experience things are easier if you have a heater too. The fish likes the water temperature to be constant. I've been using a 150w heater with good success in this tank.

    Let the tank run with the heater for a day or two to get the temperature stable. When you add your first fish, start out with just a few small fish (actually, in a 12 gallon tank you should always only have small fish, little tetras and such -- don't worry, they are beautiful) to get the bio-wheel going. Your books will explain it, but it takes some time for the biological processes to get going in the tank and keep things in balance, so the water can get poisonous quickly for your fish if you add too many. (Get a packet of test strips to test the water quality daily -- it's just when you get started, later the bio-wheel will keep things steady unless you keep too many fish in the tank).

    I can also recommend getting another tank, maybe a 3 gallon tank, to keep new fish in before they go in the main tank. (Of course that only works if you keep small fish, with bigger fish the 12 gallon tank would be your quarantine tank...) :-)

    Good luck!...more info
  • cool
    Very nice looking aquarium - the hood/light looks nice and hides the light and filter nicely...more info
  • wish they came without the biowheel tray!
    I use these tanks quite a bit...both in the 6 and 12 gallon size. However, since I typically use them as species/breeder tanks, I do not want to use the Biowheel which can suck babies into the filtration chamber. So, I end up removing the BioWheel tray and substituting a sponge filter instead. Remember that the acrylic scratches easily, so algae growth and it's removal requires specialized equipment or critters. I watch for sales on info
  • Cute tank, filter doesn't last
    I had the same experience as the previous reviewer. I had this tank for almost a year and then the filter motor stopped working. The filter is made specifically for this shape of tank and they don't sell it seperately.

    I found an alternate filter that works in this tank. So, if you've had the same problem with this tank, do a search for Tetra Whisper 3i In-Tank Filter. ...more info
  • Not as good as you'd expect
    When I was in middle school, I was an avid tropical fish fan. I raised and bred all sorts of fish from easy to take care of goldfish to more challenging angel fish. That was years ago, but my fascination for tropicals has never really left me. I wanted to start up a small tank with a few fish, just for the fun of it, but without much of the hassle. I saw the Eclipse System package and tried one out. Here are my impressions of the kit.

    The whole system is a complete package that contains all the necessary equipment that you'll need to get you started in keeping tropicals as pets. The kit includes the actual tank (which is plexiglass), the pump, filter, hood and light. The gravel and other accessories, you provide. Marineland boasts that the biofilter is able to eliminate much of the toxic buildup that occurs when you keep fish, thus providing a carefree, minimal amount of maintainence. Is it true? Yes and no.

    Regardless of which filtration system you use, it takes about a month or more before beneficial bacterial builds up in the tank. These little critters are what is behind keeping the fish wastes under control. I found that the Eclipse system can do this, but only if you are very careful in keeping only a few fish in the tank. (Don't believe the photo on the box which seems to have 15-20 fish in the tank. In real life, they all would be dead if they were crowded this way.)

    Added to this, the condition of your tank water is very, very volatile because the tank is so small. Overfeed your fish, or having a fish that is dead and hidden will reek havoc on your tank and most likely kill or make all your fish ill. The magnetic impeller motor can overheat and burn out easily if your water level becomes too low. The water moving through the motor also serves as a medium to cool it down. But what this means is your tank water will tend to heat up. During the summer months, this will be a very hard thing to control. The filter uses pre-assembled filter packs that are rather expensive and not very effective in trapping particles and debris.

    The tank is made out of acrylic plastic, so the tank is very easy to scratch and mar. My tank had a hairline crack at the bottom and continued to grow bigger throughout the use of the tank. My fish, while alive, do not seem as healthy as they could be if they were in a larger tank. Although the Eclipse System is convenient, at least for the first few months of operation, the water quality, health of fish, and fragile tank material all outweigh it's positives. If algae starts to take hold of your aquarium, the algae is extremely hard to remove from the sides of the tank, if not impossible.

    If you are truly interested in keeping fish as a hobby, it would be much better to spend it on a conventional glass tank with the filter of your choice. Retailers such as PetSmart sell 10 gallon kits that include everything you need to start an aquarium at a much more reasonable price. Marineland sells a larger version of the Eclipse, which is a twelve gallon model, but considering the price of the kit, it is way overpriced for what you could spend for a comparable standard setup. For my money, I will stick to the standard tank setup. Yes, initially, it is a little more hassle to setup, but in the long run, it will be the better choice in keeping you and your fish happy....more info
  • Godd starter kit
    I have had this aquarium at my office for about 2 weeks. There are two small Pearscale Goldfish in it.
    The filter pump is extremely quiet. The curved front provides an excellent view.
    As other reviews have mentioned, the lid only opens to access the filters. There is a small space that you can drop food in, but if you need to do more than that (use the net, test the water, etc) you have to take off the whole lid.
    The only downside I have found is that since my goldfish tend to like cooler water, I need to leave the lid door open. I think that the light lets off a small amount of heat that gets trapped in the lid....more info
  • Great for refugiums/sumps, mediocre for fish, not a good first tank.
    I've been using the Eclipse 6 and 12's for the last couple of years as a sump placed below customer tanks. Although slightly more expensive than a piecemeal 5-10g, the all-in-one design works perfectly for reef tanks up to 120 gallons. Additionally, we've been slowly replacing our smaller refugium and treatment tanks with the system 12's. In both cases, as there are simple modifications being made to the canopy and filtration, this serves as a good component when setting up a tank but becomes very complicated if adding to an existing reef tank.

    Although I have sold a few of these systems to customers for sumps and refugium's, I do not sell these tanks as fish tanks. Often sold by Petsmart to beginners, these all-in-one solutions are frequently stocked with fish that need 20-30g at a minimum and big-box pet chains tend to put sick fish in the display tanks which are all connected. At least once a week, customers will come into the store with a story about how their fish died within a few days from getting their tank home, setting it up, added tap water plus conditioner, and acclimating the fish. When I test their water samples, ammonia has consistently been extremely high (.3-.4mg/l). The problem is related to two different issues.

    The first issue is that the filtration design depends upon everything functioning but uses a bio-wheel that will stall out if pressure falls, when using a siphon/adding water, or even bumping the tank. When bio-wheels work, they do a fair job at what they're supposed to do but the problem is that they aren't reliable. Filtration problems can be fixed with modifications but that tends to be an activity which falls outside of the target consumer demographic for the Eclipse tanks.

    The second issue is that people often put inappropriate livestock in the tank. I can't recommend enough that people avoid going to chain stores where employees have little to no training and are encouraged to sell rather than pay attention to a chart of livestock requirements. After speaking with Marineland, I learned that this system was designed for up to 10 tetra's or 5 cherry barb's with half an inch of substrate and imitation plants. I haven't tried putting tetra's in one of these tanks but I have a customer that keeps three JD cichlid newborns in a tank until they reach a half inch. That's a difficult fish and her stock is sought after by people who like cichlids, so the tank can keep fish alive...but you must be very careful. Anecdotes aside, I kept four Am. Bullfrog tadpoles (very hardy and cow like before they're froglets)in the Eclipse 12 and while they did fine due to their general nature, I had to add ammochips to absorb ammonia which spiked everytime the sun shined into the window.

    In case it hasn't been clear, I want to make sure that potential entrants into this hobby really understand this. If you want to setup a freshwater tank and are new to the hobby, buy a 20-30 gallon tank in the style that suits your needs and setup appropriate filtration, substrate, etc. This tank will likely cause you a whole lot of grief. If you want to setup a saltwater fish-only/reef tank, this tank will not work out of the box without some modifications. Even though new filters have made marine tanks easier to manage, even the mini-reef cube systems require experience to recognize problems before the tank crashes. A 30-60g tank will allow you to setup a breathtaking reef for just a little more money which buys much more room for error. In both tank types, avoid chain stores and support a local business or even buy directly from online sellers recommended on enthusiast forums because you'll end up with happy and healthy inhabitants.

    ...more info
  • Great system, easy to operate
    Overall a great lid kit. Good bright lights, strong filter pump, and quite operation. Sometimes late at night the filter sounds like it's raining outside, which is nice. After I've stirred up the debris by remodeling my freshwater community 30 gal tank, this filter will clear the water in a very short time...highly effective for removing fine and coarse debris. The intake is broad enough that none of my fish get stuck as they swim The plastic lid is a little flimsy, but if you take care of it, you won't break it.

    I also have to add that a few days or so after I got the tank set up, the light quite working...bad ballast. I was upset at the thought of all the hassle it would probably take to deal with getting it repaired/replaced by the manufacturer, but I was happily surprised that Marineland customer service was very nice, trusted me, didn't ask any questions, and just sent me a whole new component to replace the broken kit, and told me I could just keep the broken one...I got the replacement two days after I called. I'm a Marineland customer forever....more info
  • Nice, but go with the 12 gallon
    Given that -

    a) the aquarium cost is only a part of the overall cost of running a fish tank
    b) the 6 and 12 gallon cost isn't that different - good breakdown at (and you can buy all the other stuff on Amazon too, so you can avoid the five purchases people do to get a good setup together)
    c) it makes a huge difference to the fish themselves

    - go with the 12 gallon version of this same product. I have both (6ga and 12ga), and I wish they were both 12 gallons or larger. Just 4 of many good reasons -

    a) Easier to maintain a larger aquarium. Doesn't get plagued with algae easily, water quality doesnt change quickly.
    b) Mass deaths of fish are less common. Infection spreads faster in smaller tanks.
    c) Less stress for fish. More hiding places, more territory for them. You can drop flakes in different spots which lets more timid fish grab food before a dominating one eats it all. Fish like Tetra also like to speed swim in a straight line, and something small makes it tough for them.
    d) More room for plants and ornaments. You will need them, and don't want them to crowd out the fish themselves.

    My experience says: Good company (Marineland), design and product, but go with the 12 gallon. I have no concerns on the plastic. It's tough, so be reasonably careful (use only water and soft cloth for cleaning) and it'll be virtually scratchfree....more info
  • A well made little tank
    I wrote this in response to someone's comment on this tank, and then decided to make it into a full review, since gosh darn it, I just like this tank!

    Here is a copy of what I wrote before:
    I've had this model in constant use for about six years now. The only change I made to the basic hardware was to add a mini heater. I do make use of a biological primer for the medium when I feel the need to do a complete re-do of the tank. The only problems I have had with mass fish die-offs occurred when I wasn't careful about segregating new fish from the rest of my "school". In addition, I tend not to be all that up on routine maintenance, which means I've had the water get too low, the impeller dry out, biological filter dry, etc. That being said, once I've dumped treated water into the tank to bring the levels up, everything runs as it should. I was even worried about the levels of ammonia and other nastiness that supposedly are rife in tiny tanks such as this. So I made a point of monitoring this for the better part of a year and never had any levels that were really out of range.

    In terms of long term durability, like I said before I've been using this tank for over 6 years. I just moved to a new state (and took the drained tank with me packed full of driftwood and rocks) and I still haven't had any cracks show up.

    I think that if you want to raise fussy or fragile fish, then this tank may not work well for you. But if your interests in aquaria run towards seeing what type of mutant guppy or molly colors you can breed, then this is a nice, and in my experience, virtually indestructible little tank!...more info
  • As close to foolproof as you can get!
    I've had one of these for five years. I've neglected to change water for way too long occasionally, had the power flicker/go out several dozen times, cleaned off the algae from the walls frequently, and had both cats and toddlers try to do their worst. No breaks, leaks, scratches, malfunctions, or any other problems. Not to mention that it was a breeze to set up! I used to have the old-style undergravel filter & bubbler - I'm never going back. Note: Marineland sells hood & filter sets for standard aquariums as well, if you don't like the idea of acrylic or have an old tank sitting around....more info
  • An excellent beginner aquarium.
    This aquarium is an excellent system for the beginner. Filtration and lighting are contained within the hood, filter cartridges are easy to replace, and the motor is completely silent. My only concern (regarding the 3-gallon tank, which I own) is that it is difficult to put food into the tank without lifting up the hood. This is not a significant problem, however, and I would definitely recommend these aquariums to a friend.

    One important fact regarding these aquariums is: the Bio-Wheel biological filtration device NEVER NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. In fact, the wheel becomes more effective with age, as bacteria builds up on it which then help to remove the toxic ammonia contained in fish waste. Over time, the wheel may begin to turn slowly or irregularly, but this is normal and not a problem; the only time the wheel needs maintenance is if it stops turning entirely. If you have hard water, sometimes mineral buildup will form around the axle of the wheel, preventing it from turning; if this happens, simply remove the buildup. ...more info
  • Nice Starter Aquarium
    Has everything you need to get up and running in no time. Nice size to add a few small fish, and decorations. Only problem I see is that the opening has a very small area for you to put the fish food in, with out getting some into the filter. Otherwise, its made nicely, and is very sturdy....more info
  • terrible wouldn't recoment
    This product is terrible the bio filter doesn't even turn. Unfortunately I bought it but didn't set it up for awhile and now its too late to return it. It looks nice but dead fish don't and with out the wheel turning not enough air gets into the water. I've had the fish that are in there for over two years in another tank so its definately the tank thats the problem...more info
  • Great tank for the noob!
    I got one of these about a year ago and have had two of my original 4 fish in it ever since. One died right away, must have been sick from the shop, the other one basically got sick and eventually I had to remove it. The other two are doing great. I think about 4 to 5 fish would work in this tank, including a bottom feeder. NO MORE though, like another reviewer said they will die.

    The tank comes with EVERYTHING you need except gravel. Like the others said (which I did not do, but on hindsight should have) let the tank run for a couple of weeks with everything going, but no fish. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

    I am thinking of getting a salt water tank next, will prolly look at the same company when I purchase....more info
  • Love this tank. Couldn't have been easier. Love it, Love it!
    I got this tank as a gift about 7 or 8 years ago. It has been set up on my desk since I received it. I have had live plants and various fish. Sometimes a betta and a few corys. Right now I have 4 danios and 2 little suckers. I love that it is SILENT and soooo easy to maintain. Just change the filter and part of the water every month or so. Well, and feed the fish. I've never had a heater in it. It has kept a temp of upper 70's. I turn the light on when I'm at work and off when I leave. Must be the motor keeping it warm. Speaking of which... the filter motor died last week, and I had to replace it. I love, love, love this tank!...more info
  • good little tank
    I have used this tank for about two years for my daughter's fish. I'm writing this review mainly to offset the other reviewer who had to return her tanks- I've returned one because it developed a slow leak. I contacted Marineland via email and they shipped out a new tank- I did not have to return the leaking tank to the store or to them. Best of all I was able to effortlessly transition the fish from one tank to the next. Marineland's customer service is great and have certainly inspired me to write this review!...more info
  • Poor value
    Within two months the light ballast broke, which cost $25.00 to replace, than the filter pump broke. That was it - this tank is going into the trash!...more info
  • A Wonderful Aquarium
    I have had this tank for two months and have been nothing short of impressed with its performance. It is whisper quiet, I cannot even hear it unless I'm standing right in front of the aquarium. The light is excellent, making the tank look absolutely beautiful when illuminated - it really enhances my fish. Very easy to clean, I change half the water monthly (with gravel vacuum), and change the filter at the same time. My current filter has lasted for longer than a month since I have small, clean fish. The water is crystal clear at all times (even when it's time to clean after a month) and the bio-wheel is very effective, there is hardly any waste to be found in my rocks. Despite the complaints by others concerning the small feeding gap, I have had no trouble with this whatsoever. I have small hands, but I think the gap should be fine for anyone, just use your fingertips. I can really think of nothing significant to complain about (for once)! This is a wonderful aquarium for anyone who enjoys the fish hobby - I would recommend it to anyone. ...more info
    If Zero Stars had been an option, that would have been my rating.
    I am currently on my THIRD, yes THIRD return of this tank (luckily I got it from a Petstore, otherwise I would not be able to afford the shipping for all of the returns). Thank God I filled out my warranty card! On all 3 tanks, the filter STOPPED WORKING, despite my WEEKLY cleanings of the tank, filter and magnetic spinner (as well as changing the filter cartridge as suggested, if not sooner).

    I will NEVER buy a Marineland Tank again....more info
  • Great tank for a betta
    I've had this tank for a while now and my little betta Shinku just loves it, as do I. The filtration system is very convenient. The tank itself looks very nice decorated and it's a great tank for a single betta and some tetras, though you may want to invest in an air stone if you're planning on getting tetras. I've had no problems with any aspect of the tank and I would highly recommend it to others.

    I must however address the notion of others reviewing this product believing it is suitable for a goldfish, it is NOT.

    Another reviewer stated 3 years to be a long time for a goldfish to live which is ridiculous. With proper care can live well over 20 years. (I believe the record is 43 years) As such, goldfish require a large area upwards of 20-30 gallons in which to grow, at three years they are just tiny babies, eventually reaching a very large size, upwards of 8". Also, due to the fact that the goldfish is a very messy fish, they require a much more powerful filtration system than this tank can provide.

    I cannot stress enough, do not get this tank for a goldfish!...more info
  • Easy and attractive for first-time fishkeeper
    Let me begin by saying I've never been interested in keeping fish. Ever. Aquariums seem like a huge hassle to me. But then our daughter was given a goldfish as a birthday party favor (don't get me started on my annoyance at that episode!) and in the interest of keeping the poor critter alive, we trudged to the pet store to see what we would need. A fishbowl looked like a slow but certain death sentence for Swimmy, so we sprung for this pretty little three-gallon Eclipse tank. Setup was very easy. All we needed to buy was some gravel, fake plants and of course a castle, and water conditioner. We've had Swimmy living in his new home for about a week now, and he seems happy and active. The bright lamp keeps the tank plenty warm, so we have not bothered about finding a heater. All in all, we are pleased with our first aquarium and first pet....more info
  • Nice concept but not built to last
    What's alluring about the "Eclipse System" series of tanks is their all-in-one, compact and clean designs. It makes them perfect for desktops, book shelves, and home decor. However, it seems as if the smaller models are just a bit *too* small and short-lived for the price.

    This tank lasted me a little over 2 years before the light fixture died. Disassembly and close examination of the fixture revealed what looks like burn marks all over the plastic housing, which is a little scary. I have a feeling the compactness of the design does not lend itself to proper ventilation, and the light fixture stays wet due to condensation. Marineland wants $35 w/ shipping to replace the light fixture, which is more than I paid for the entire tank system to begin with. So, it is pretty much a disposable tank in my opinion.

    On the plus side, this tank supported limited numbers of small fish just fine with no "crashes". It looks great and fits in limited spaces. However, I would not purchase this tank again. For small tanks I have one 10-gallon and one 5-gallon conventional glass tank and both have outlasted this tank with no problems. Also, if and when I need replacement parts for these tanks, I know I can get them locally and cheap. Finally, I would not recommend tanks less than 10-20 gallons in size for beginning aquarists. They require more attention than most people are willing to give and will not support the number or size of fish that most people want to have, and they are definitely too small for goldfish (or other high-waste producers).

    ...more info
  • Excellent
    I think everything involving this
    transaction was excellent.
    Thank you very much.

    Malissia Want...more info
  • I love my aquarium!
    I have had my Eclipse for about 3 years, and everyone tells me how good it looks. It runs great, and it has virtually no noise- just the soothing trickle of water running through the filter. The filtration can't get much better. I would recommend this tank to beginners, expert fish keepers, and everything in between. It probably wouldn't be as great for saltwater fish, but I have seen a saltwater kit with this tank advertised before. Honestly, I don't think it would be big enough for most saltwater fish.

    The only downside is that I have noticed a tendency for hairline cracks to form on the seams. Not enough for the tank to even leak a little, not really noticable on casual observation, but can be found on closer inspection. My previous 6 gallon Eclipse had the same problem. My mom's 6 gallon is older than both, but has never had any cracks. Luck of the draw?...more info
  • Dont Bother
    These systems are a piece of CRAP! Save your money and buy an aqueon if you have the space for a 10 gallon. I purchased this system for my daughter for her birthday and had it about 3 months before it just quit. I purchased about $50 dollars worth of replacement parts for it and got it to (sort-of) work but then needed a new motor. So I purchased the hood and then the new bio-wheels (I bought 3 of them) wouldnt work because they changed the design and they dont sit properly. Then the impeller needed replacing. After all of this, still nothing but a broken tank and $50 worth of replacement parts that I COULDNT USE. I finally just gave up and purchased the aqueon 10 gallon kit which is WAY more user friendly. I have had it set up for just over a month now and so far so good!...more info
  • Motor burns out/Parts difficult to find.
    Purchased the system 6 and hex 5 for the grandchildren about 2 years ago,
    Both units are good for a few small fish and the bio system does a good job. The pump motor is starting to actup. Needs a replacement.(hex 5)
    Can't complain at least it ran 2 years. The system 6 I have replaced the pump unit twice in two years. Both time it just stopped and refused to work.(kept the water at the right level). They are a sealed unit so repairs are out. Marineland is of no help. Imported from China? The filters are just as hard to locate.
    If not for the internet and help from online suppliers You would end up tossing them out.
    As one other reviewer stated for the price, you would be better off with a 10-15 gallon conventional setup. Make sure you purchase products that have a good customer service and parts available. I don't recommend marineland.
    ...more info
  • Great Customer Support
    This is my second Eclipse 3 system. I had the other one 8 years. I got the new one installed and after a month I had trouble with the lights. They wouldn't light up. Not sure what caused the problem but I contacted Marineland and they had me FAX a receipt of purchase. They sent me a new light system. No hassle....more info
  • An excellent beginner aquarium.
    This aquarium is an excellent system for the beginner. Filtration and lighting are contained within the hood, filter cartridges are easy to replace, and the motor is completely silent. My only concern (regarding the 3-gallon tank, which I own) is that it is difficult to put food into the tank without lifting up the hood. This is not a significant problem, however, and I would definitely recommend these aquariums to a friend.

    One important fact regarding these aquariums is: the Bio-Wheel biological filtration device NEVER NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. In fact, the wheel becomes more effective with age, as bacteria builds up on it which then help to remove the toxic ammonia contained in fish waste. Over time, the wheel may begin to turn slowly or irregularly, but this is normal and not a problem; the only time the wheel needs maintenance is if it stops turning entirely. If you have hard water, sometimes mineral buildup will form around the axle of the wheel, preventing it from turning; if this happens, simply remove the buildup. ...more info
  • Awesome
    If you don't have much room but want a nice aquarium, I'd totally recommend the Eclipse 3. I'd been wanting to get another aquarium, but was lacking space for a nice 20-30 gallon tank like I'd wanted. I did some research on this one before I bought it and I absolutely love it. It's a beautiful system and stays super clean with Bettas. I'd say this is the perfect tank for those of you with Bettas and want to provide the poor little guys with some room after being stuck in those cramped cups.

    The assembly is easy and I had no issues putting everything together (Though I have had past experience. But still, it's pretty straight forward in the directions and shouldn't be an issue for beginners). It's super quiet, and the hinged lid in the hood makes it great to access the filter and cartridge for cleaning. I don't see why people are complaining about the hood as far as feeding goes. There's a small space between the filter and the edge of the lid opening which works fine for me. I just sprinkle a bit of the food in that space, and it works out fine. The filter just pushes the food out and away, so it's not like the fish won't get to it.

    I'll agree with other reviewers about goldfish in this tank. Unless they're teeeeny goldfish, you'll really want something bigger and with a bigger filter. Even if they're tiny, you'll be cleaning the filter a ton with those guys.

    Absolutely recommended for beginners and perspective Betta owners. Ideal for those who want to have a tank but are short on space and cash....more info
  • Great tank for about THREE fish.
    Tank is well built but the plastic scratches easily. The rule of thumb is 1inch per galon and if you intend to buy a Goldfish with this baby you should not exceed 3. I have 4 Neon tetras and a betta. The betta is bullet proof (can breath air) but one of my neo's isnt looking to great. Im considering moving the Neos into a larger tank and leaving just the Betta in this tank....more info
  • Awkward, poorly designed tank.
    I am getting rid of this tank tonight. After putting up with it for two months, the filter finally broke down for good, and I think I'm glad. This tank has too many flaws for its few virtues to make up for.

    The good: it is very handsome, and fits prettily into a corner. The curve of the front and sides makes viewing super-easy. Bio-wheel filtration really is that good.

    The bad: where to start. The lid opens only on the back half of the tank, to reveal only the filter. There's no way to feed your fish or clean the gravel at all without removing the lid entirely (including the light).

    The filter is far too strong, and does not have any control on strength of suction. Even my seven-dollar picofilter has that! I've had to set up driftwood to protect my cories from the intake. Finally, the filter has stopped working the last three times I've stopped it to clean out the tank. This time it wouldn't restart at all.

    The filter cartridges are outrageously expensive, and have no option to not have activated charcoal in them. Want to medicate? You're out of luck.

    I recommend getting a real glass 10-gallon tank (with a Penguin filter if you just have to have the bio-wheel), with a proper hood you can open to feed your fish and reach in through to clean up a bit....more info
  • Great little 3 gallon aquarium
    This is a great little aquarium to keep a few small fish. It's small (3 gallons), so you can only have small fish and not too many, but it won't take up much space. :-) The Marineland filtering system with the bio-wheel makes it really really easy to maintain.

    It looks pretty stylish and it has a nice little light in the hood that makes the fish look amazing.

    Consider getting a heater to keep the water temperature constant. If you do, make sure to get one that's not too long and fully submergible -- it's a bit easier to deal with in a tiny tank like this one.

    Look up the Eclipse System Twelve to see the review I wrote there too....more info
  • Great tank!
    This tank was purchased for my 5 year old. I have a 10 gallon for myself and she wanted a seperate place for her snails. This tank is awesome. Great price and comes with everything you need but the fish! Take the other readers advice on operation and just enjoy. The only thing is the Bio Wheel can be a bit annoying when the water level is low, but it may not be enough to bother most people. Would buy again!...more info
  • The Easy Aquarium
    I'll start off by saying I own this tank and am happy with it. The filtration system, once established with beneficial bacteria, is very effective. I tend to push the limit a bit with stocking (while making sure the fish have plenty of room) and I never have a problem with my ammonia, nitrate, or nitrite levels being out of whack - I attribute this to the excellent filtration. The tank is spacious for it's size and is attractive as well. My only problem is with the lighting, it's very dull and doesn't illuminate the tank very well (you could try a white substrate which will help the tank look brighter). It is also unsuitable for a planted tank if you want a wide variety of plants. I got around this by using plants that are good in low light as well as adding a Hagen Co2 system....more info
  • NOT FOR SALTWATER!!! At least I learned a valuable lesson...
    When I purchased this, I was new in the world of marine aquaria. If there is one good thing I can say about it, that would be that it taught me exactly what a mini reef tank should not be!!! The lights are ridiculously poor. The bulky lid with attached light is innefficient, as is the filtration. The filtration makes absolutley no sense as the water goes over, not through the filter. This is not a tank that I would recommend. I would skip this entirely and go with a glass aquarium and put my own equipment into it. Read as much as possble. This is not a tnk for anenomes or corals, and seeing as I was hoping to start with this back then, I was extremely disappointed. ...more info
  • What size is this tank?
    OK, the rating is based on the description, not on the product - but how should I know if this is the right product if I can't tell what size it is?...more info
  • Great starter aquarium
    I bought this aquarium for my daughter's room. I have kept many aquriums in the past and consider myself nearly an expert. However, I wanted an easy system to maintain as I am busy and don't want to be spending a lot of time with it. This aquarium has been nearly maintenance free (partial water changes and occasional replacement/cleaning of the filter). I love the filter and the look of the tank. The only reason I don't give it a 5 is the acrylic can scratch easy and kids will find a way to scratch it. Also, if you need to clean off algae or get into the tank, you have to remove the lid and it is a pain for reasons mentioned elsewhere. This is not enough of a bad to outweigh all the good however, and I am planning to buy another for my other daughter's room.

    PS - This tank KEEPS FISH ALIVE! That is most important to me and all of my daughter's friends wonder how all of her fish have been alive for so long as theirs have been dying routinely. We have had several fish for 2 yrs now and no problems....more info
  • Ignore the aquarium snobs
    Some people seem to think that this is the worst tank they've ever used and all the good reviews are merely a product of overhyped propaganda. They're welcome to think that, but don't let that deter you from the Eclipse (and Aqua-Tech) aquarium systems.

    I've been keeping freshwater fish since I was old enough to say "fish." I've used every tank setup with every filtration method. Until seven years ago, I always used the "beloved" standard glass tanks (20+ gallons) with the usual filters that sit on the side or back of the aquarium. When I tried out this aquarium system, I abandoned all other systems and now any new tank I add will be compared to this. So, why do I like this tank system if it's not just overhyped propaganda?

    1. It's QUIET. Power Whisper (and similar type) filters are noisy. They make loud humming sounds and if you're unfortunate enough to have a pump that sits out of the water, will vibrate it's way off anything it's sitting on or just vibrate incessantly against anything it comes into contact with. The Eclipse filter and pump is so quiet that the only time I notice it's on is when I look at it. There is no splashing noise.

    2. Speaking of splashing, unlike the standard power filters, this system does not splash water. Every Whisper-style filter I've had has splashed water out the back or side, no matter what I did. Even if it was only a tiny amount, you can imagine what happened after several months of sitting on top of a bookshelf. The Eclipse system is enclosed. There is no water splashing out. Escape artist fish can't escape. Shrimp can't jump out. Fiddler crabs can't climb up tubing and out of the tank. You can set it pretty much anywhere and not worry about getting things wet.

    3. It keeps the water clear. In standard systems, I had constant problems with cloudy water. I was always changing the water, adding clearing chemicals, everything I could. Nothing worked for very long. It drove me insane. The ONLY time my water got cloudy in this tank was when the temperature reached 90 degrees in the house (AC was out) and the goldfish started stressing. As soon as they had cooled back down, the water cleared and has been clear ever since.

    4. Easy to set up and use. You plug it in and go. No hooking up pumps and filters, no worrying about tubing. I don't know why the other reviewer said you can only feed the fish from the top panel; I've always been able to easily change the filter through there. Just takes a few seconds.

    5. Easy to maintain. All I need is some aquarium salt, bowl buddies, and nitraban and my tank will run for months before I need a full water change. In fact, with regular filter changes (once a month), I only need a 25% water change once a month. And when I do a full water change, the parts come out easily, go back easily, and it's light enough to carry outside or to the bathtub to drain and wash down.

    6. The lighting is bright and illuminates the entire tank clearly. The only downside is the lights tend to heat the tank a bit, but it has no impact on tropical fish. It's only a problem to coldwater fish (like goldfish) when the room temperature reaches 85 or above, but then the room temperature is already the problem.

    Only cons I have are the motor assembly and getting parts. It would be nice if it wasn't sealed together, in case I needed to fix a part and is a pain to clean ONLY IF I'M NOT DOING REGULAR TANK MAINTENANCE. Getting replacement parts is kind of a pain since it's an all-or-nothing thing, but so far, I haven't had one of these break on me (and I have several for the past 7 years).

    Yes, the hood and lid can be annoying to deal with, but no more or less annoying than any other standard tank hood I've worked with.

    Yes, the lights are integrated and the tank goes "dark" when it's removed, but that's why I usually turn the lights on in the dining room when I clean the tank. A magnetic cleaner doesn't even require the hood to be completely removed and I've found it to be the best option for quick algae cleaning.

    Yes, the water isn't going "through" the filter, but the filter is actually working. If it didn't, all that gunk that builds up wouldn't be on the filter and would just go back into the water.

    Yes, the biowheel sometimes stops. However, I've discovered it only stops when I turn the power off or I've neglected to change the filter for months (which happened only once because I was out of town). If you properly maintain your tank, as you should every tank, then the wheel won't stop.

    I absolutely recommend this tank to beginners and anyone who wants an easy tank to maintain. It's simple to set up, easy to maintain, easy to clean, quiet, and can be placed just about anywhere.

    Standard systems may be cheaper if you build it yourself, but I'd rather pay a few extra bucks to pick up a box that has everything I need in it. Aquarium snobs might say I'm not a true "enthusiast," but unlike them, I'd rather spend my time enjoying the fish than maintaining my tank....more info
  • Great salt-water tank!
    This is a spectacular, decent sized aquarium suitable for any location! I have had 2 green chromis and 2 clownfish living happily for a few months now with absolutely no problems. I filled my aquarium with 10 pounds of live sand and about 8 pounds of live rock (though I hope to add more soon). To clean the tank, besides a 1 gallon water change every other week that I perform, a handful of snails, a couple of hermit crabs, small turbos, and a starfish keep the water crystal clear and the acrylic spotless.

    The conversion to salt water was extremely easy with this tank - the filtration system is maintenance free - I just added a small heater to stabilize the water temperature around 79 degrees and keep the tank topped off with purified water if I notice any evaporation. That's it!

    Stop searching and go buy this tank!...more info
  • Nice Tank, but DANGEROUS
    I've had this tank for 8 months now. The tank itself is made nicely. It has little feet to keep it from scratching surfaces you set it on. The filter is not perfect, but sufficient. I've had to restart it multiple times because the motor tends to overheat and stop working. There's room for a heater, a vital object you're going to need to keep your fish alive. In order to feed the fish, you have to take the top off, but that isn't that bad. You can feed them through the top flap if you take care to miss the filter, or just lift the top off at the corner and put food in.

    The dangerous part about this tank is the light fixtures. There is no protection from it. In other words, there is no plastic barrier from the water to the lights. If you let the water level go down just a little bit (I like mine down because the waterfall from the filter oxygenates my plants), the water splashes up at the lights. My lights corrode very quickly. Sometimes, the light won't turn on and you have to scrape the corrosion off the lamp ends. I've had to replace the lamp twice in the past 8 months. If you aren't savvy with fishtanks, most lights only need changing once a year. It's especially dangerous if you are changing the bulb, because it's so damp and covered with water. There's even a warning up there in the canopy that says "Wipe dry before changing." It's very unsafe.

    Overall, this tank isn't bad. But the light fixtures were poorly done. If you are good with making things, try making a plastic barrier to separate the lamp from the water. Otherwise, use caution when taking off the top or changing the light bulb....more info
  • Filter Stopped Working After Only A Few Months
    I bought the Marineland Eclipse 12 aquarium unit a few months ago. I've kept fish for over 30 years, but thought it would be easier to set up a new tank with the hood and filter attached. Unfortunately, I've not been pleased with this tank. I will say that when I check my ammonia levels that they are generally good and so the biowheel and filter must be doing their job. However, working in the tank itself is VERY difficult because the filter apparatus is in the way. Also, my filter suddenly stopped working and so I guess the biowheel won't be doing its job now will it? I've only had this tank for a few months and the filter must not be very good if is stops working. I take good care of my tanks and so there was no reason for it to stop working unless the filter is of poor quality....more info
  • Great Fish Tank
    I bought this tank 3 month ago and love it. I have 2 Cory Cats in it and they are having a ball. Maintenance is a snap and it cycled quickly with no problems. I am so happy with this tank I am considering buying an Eclipse Hex for my Betta, Ghost. Great tank for the money!...more info
  • Fabulous
    I bought this tank for my single male Betta, despite the fact that some people say that the current from the filter is too strong for a Betta. Two months after I moved Squall into his new home, he's doing great and loves the current coming out of the filter. He uses the water flow for exercise by swimming against it, then dives to rest. I fit two plants, two statues and a hollow treasure chest in there to provide some scenery. He likes to sleep in the chest and on the leaves, as well as lay against the statues.

    The Bio-Wheel filter that removes ammonia proved to be more resilient than I thought, as I had to treat a case of fin rot with antibiotics. Afterwards, I was concerned that I had, literally, killed his filter. But, two weeks later, it was showing bacterial growth, proving that it was still working.

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to find a nice home for a single Betta that is relatively low maintenance and plenty of room for both decorations and the fish....more info
  • One year owner
    I've owned the 12 gallon Marineland Acrylic Aquarium for over a year. It comes with the hood, filter system and biowheel in one package. This system works! Its the top of the line in aquariums. I've had other aquariums and this one has provided the easiest maintenance. The biowheel should never be changed, and the filter can be changed every month. The instructions states every two weeks, but its not necessary unless you overpopulate your aquarium. Plants do thrive in this tank too. The fluorescent bulbs in the hood provides sufficient lighting to maintain healthy plant growth. My PH levels and temperatures also maintain constant at 74 degrees. This is a great starter aquarium if you are looking at putting in small community fish that grow less than 3 inches. Negative side: it might be a bit pricey at 60 to 80 dollars, but its a well built tank and it weighs nothing when emptied out. Just take care to buy the right cleaning brushes for the acrylic to avoid scratches and you will have a tank you can enjoy for years.

    I'm currently a two week owner of a 37 Marineland Glass Aquarium. It has a mirror on the back side and its a taller rather than longer model. Its perfect for my angle fish and my Mantano Cichlid fish which grow to about 4 inches. I also have a betta and a variety of other community fish. With any medium size aquarium I do recommend an aquarium heater. Without it the temperature stays at 73 in the day and 71 at night, which is a bit low for the Angel fish. The aquarium heater is now set to 79, keeping the temperature at a constant 79 to 80. BTW the filtration system is great, which provides two water flow outlets that adjust to whatever direction you like. The biowheel generates enough oxygen, but you can always add an additional air supply. The hood provides two large openings in the back to allow up to 20 cords through if you like. No complaints so far, and it cost me about $200 for the tank, hood, biowheel (2x the size of the 12 gallon) and filtration system at Petsmart. I'm very happy with both now, and the fish look great. Plants are also alive and well with the bright lighting system.
    ...more info


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