Kim Kardashian: Fit In Your Jeans by Friday: Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt

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  • Fun Workout, NIce Change
    It help to have the personal trainer on hand during this workout. It is a little challenging for beginner to immediate. I thought it was fun and nice to have a change from intense workout. I did not know who Kim Kardashian was but the workout is great. If you want a change get all 3 of the dvds. ...more info
  • What the....?
    Who works out with a face full of make-up and dressed like an 80's hooker? Now I am a fan of workouts like ENVY Girls, where they are sexy, but they're definitely working out hard--it's not some sort of fashion show.

    This video is an embarrassment to all women who actually want to get fit because they desire to be healthy. Just another thing for Kim to exploit for attention!...more info
  • Challenging and Entertaining
    This DVD, surprisingly is very interactive and fun. My girl friend is a big Kim Kardashian fan, so I bought her this DVD. It's really a great workout, challenging and very involving. She loves it, and the trainers in the DVD actually give you tips, to have the right form when you work out. Good purchase, definitely recommended it. ...more info
  • Kim K. Work It, Work It, Work It!
    I am a Kim Kardashian fan; so naturally I was going to buy her new workout DVDs. I can't really get into my other DVDs - they just sit on my shelf. But generally speaking, the Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt is really a great workout. I am SORE! I really like it as an addition to my routine when I am too lazy to go to the gym....more info
  • Not for beginners.
    Overall this is a good video. I don't think Kim could have carried this video herself. Thank god she had jennifer Galardi there to make sure we have a good example of form. Its a lot of your basic squats, plies, lunges etc...more info
  • Tough and Fun!
    I am a huge fan of Kim but honestly I was a little doubtful when i first heard she was coming out with a fitness DVD. However, they definitely proved me wrong and I'm so impressed! I ordered the upper body and ab workout one and i loved it! It's fun, tough and totally effective! I
    was never bored and was sore the next day so i know it did some good. I'd totally recomend it to anyone who wants to tone up and get in shape. The workout lasted about an hour, so it makes it a great DVD to pop in when your at home and dreading the gym....more info
  • Great Workout. Great Entertainment!!!
    I got this for my wife and she loves it. As a trainer of 15 years I can tell you that Kims workouts (designed by her trainer in the video) are fun and effective. Its also very entertaining. The real test is that my wife loves the program and thinks that it's the perfect fit for the real woman trying to get in shape.

    - Andrew
    ...more info
  • Kim Kardashian Butt Body Sculpt
    Kim Kardashian: Fit In Your Jeans by Friday: Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt

    Kim has a great workout for the behind. Her 15 minute workout really helps and you can do that for awhile before going to the 20 minute workout. I really enjoyed doing it. I am built somewhat like Kim and appreciate her having a real woman's figure and flauting it....more info
  • Want a tight, fit booty? This workout is for you!
    Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt is an amazing workout for the lower body. Jennifer Galardi sets a nice, slow, steady pace for each of the moves. With these moves I felt quality was more important than quantity. None of the exercises are overly difficult, but not a single one of them is "easy." They all work your various muscles and you really will feel the burn... but in a good way! I love how Jennifer & Kim discuss each time which muscle is being worked. I find it helps me keep doing the exercise if I know exactly what I'm working for.

    The setting and music is lovely. Not overbearing at all. The production quality is top-notch. Also, Kim and Jennifer have a great rapport and are fun to watch and make the workout fun for anyone doing it at home.

    You really will feel the muscles in your legs and booty firming up. I believe that doing this routine a few times a week will definitely firm and tighten any problem areas in the lower body. Overall, I give this workout an A+ for its level of intensity and for its fun factor!...more info
  • Trainer in a box
    My cousin is getting married in 2 months, so I needed something to get me in decent shape quick. I just bought the DVD like a week ago and I boy do I feel results, I was sore the next day. Good tips on stuff like holding your core and breathing that I never knew about. The trainer in the DVD has an AMAZING body and I loved all her tricks. I wish she was my trainer - but this is just as good!...more info
  • Pretty intense!
    Okay, I am not really a fan of Kim, that aside, I have to say that she ha an awesome body.
    I felt really good about this DVD and Kim behind it since its her job to stay looking fit.
    About the workout: I was going in to it thinking it would be a breeze and nothing more kind of expecting to be dissapointed, but WHOA it was pretty tough stuff. I may have to do it a couple more times to get it well. I do say, I felt the burn. Kim is really cute in this video and I was surprised that I found her so charming. So if you really want a good workout that helps you define curves, I would recommend this. All your feelings about Kim set aside, and get ready for some working out. ...more info
  • Great workout!
    I am a big fan of Kim, so when she lanced those dvds I knew that I could not resist of giving it a try, so I bought them!

    I am a pretty thin figure and not a big fan of exercising but with the summer coming up I thought that I should toned and sculpt my lower body ( and maybe get those very sexy curves like Kim)!

    This workout kicked my ... it is very hard!! Very intense! And I can feel the burn... but I loved it! I think that the workout time is perfect, not to long, not to short and the exercises are fun! Kim is cute as usual and motivates you when you are about to give up like I did after the first 5 minutes, lol!

    You need to buy a step! I got mine at Walmart for $30 and it is perfect! The work out with the step are the hardest ones, but so much fun, you will love it! Also, you have to have a good pair of tennis shoes!...more info


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