The G.I. Diet: The Easy, Healthy Way to Permanent Weight Loss

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Why was this a #1 bestseller in Canada in 2002? Because it is an easy-to-follow, easy-to-stick-to, truly healthy approach to eating that is based on the Glycemic Index, the original science behind The Zone Diet, but eliminates that diet's complexity and tendency to leave dieters wanting more. If you can understand a traffic light, you can understand this diet--and lose weight permanently without feeling hungry, counting calories, or jeopardizing your health. If a food is in the green column, eat it. If it's in the red column, avoid it. And if it's in the yellow column, proceed with caution. Take bread, for example. White bread, with its high G.I. number, is red-because it's so highly processed the body digests it quickly, resulting in a spike in blood sugar, a release of insulin, potential storage as fat, and a quick return of the hungry feeling. Low-G.I. 100% stone-ground whole-wheat bread is green-the body takes a while to digest it, with no spike in blood sugar and a much longer feeling of satiety. Green, yellow, red: It's all here, with a full explanation of how the diet works, plus ratings for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, eating out or eating in. Includes some recipes, snack ideas, a shopping list, and tips on dining out.

Customer Reviews:

  • The only diet that's ever worked for me!
    I am 43 years old and have tried many diets over the years. This is the first diet that has ever worked for me-It's wonderful! It's easy to follow, healthy and it works! I've been on the GI diet for about 8 weeks and have already lost 20 pounds. It allows you 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day--what more can you ask for?...more info
  • The best diet book out there
    My husband and I have tried the Atkin's diet and low calorie diets before, but we were both not having much success. I would lose some weight on the low calorie but my husband wouldn't because of always feeling hungry. My husband would lose weight on the Atkin's but I wouldn't because I couldn't stand eating that much meat without any fruits. But now, we both have found a diet that really works. We are not hungry all the time and we can eat foods that are good for you and taste good. We would recommend this book to anyone who has had trouble losing weight while trying other diets. You won't feel deprived. ...more info
  • Common Sense Eating
    I really enjoyed reading this book. It is well written, organized and concise. After finishing it, I had a much better grasp on what I should do to eat my way to good health. ...more info
  • Everything works better with this diet
    In addition to allowing me to lose 12 pounds over the last 6 weeks, the GI diet has reduced my chronic back pain, and enabled me to better control the pain. ( I am at BMI 21 - 144lb - age 50)

    I have always noticed that my back pain went away for a while after I ate something, so I wondered if this was something to do with my blood sugar/insulin level. The GI diet's stabilizing effect on insulin levels sounded intriguing when I spotted the Feb.17,2004 front page Women's World "Canadian Miracle Diet" headline, and when I saw how easy it was to follow, I bought "The GI diet" and started in. The recipes are excellent. I had no idea how strongly blood sugar/insulin affects one's appetite, let alone how one feels. The improvement in the way I feel is really amazing. I am quite active and have found my performance in swimming and exercising has improved markedly. My husband is sort of following the diet too (he cheats a bit - one beer a day, plus 30grams of dark chocolate a day, but he exercises with weights every day too) and he has lost 10 pounds, so I am telling all my friends, family, and colleagues about it. (A colleague at work has already lost 11 pounds since she started a month ago)

    This book is a life-line to all of us....more info

  • Honest review
    I never belived in diet books or programs. A friend of mine suggested this book to me. I am vegetarian and was over weight a little, but I was more concern about type II diabetes, since my dad and grandma has it. Though I do not have any problem but just to be proactive and I bought this book just after easter holidays. In 4 weeks I have lst 14 lbs.- 1 size, and after 8-9 weeks now I have kept it off not only that but I do eat things that I like over the weekends and no problem. I did give this book to several friends of mine to read and everyone have received benefits. I did take it to my physician and she also said that she did read it in the past and she totally recommands and loves this book. THIS IS THE BEST MONEY SPENT FOR YOUR HEALTH. Even if you do not have any problem like me please get this book and read it for fun and see what you get out of it, and if you have health problems than it is the blessing for you. Can not thank Rick Gallop enough to share his wealth of knowledge for giving us this priceless book. I would never spent hundreds of dollars for dietitian or nutritionists. I really do not believe so much in different diet and we all know about high protein - high fat and no carb diet and we have read it all this in news paper as well. It does not work and it harms your health more than they do good to you. You know what just read this book and will know what I am talking about....more info
  • If I followed this I would feel deprived
    While I think the basics of the book are good, I don't like how fat-free items are treated as always being the best option. I did much better on the South Beach Diet, where good fats in moderation is emphasized as well as natural foods. Fat is what makes us feel satisfied. After years of trying to diet by limiting fat, it was a revelation to me I could lose weight without feeling hungry and deprived. An omelette made of egg whites and fat-free cheese is not at all satisfying and not necessary. Secondly, many foods are altered in a negative way to make them low-fat. I just noticed this week that Cool Whip lite has high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil as two of it's top ingredients. This can't be better for you than actual cream. I also prefer the book "French Woman Don't Get Fat", which emphasizes enjoying food by eating smaller portions of good, natural food when it's in season. The pleasure of good food makes you stop thinking diet and start thinking about lifestyle. I feel that the G.I Diet is oversimplified and written to appeal to an audience that has never thought about eating right before. I think this book is about the mechanics of healthy eating when the cause of overeating is a lot more complicated. It certainly can help get people on the right track, but I think there are better books available. ...more info
  • The Book That Changed My Life!!
    Hi there my name is Chris and I would like to tell you a little bite about my life and the changes that this book has made in my life.
    It was 6 month's ago that I purchased this book by Rick Gallop. I read the book, only the first phase as the book had told me to do. In the first phase it is all about losing the weight and how to go about it. It seemed to simple to work for me, I was 275 lbs and not at the gym at all. I decided to follow the books advice and give it a fair shot. I did have my doubts, thou I had to try something. It wasn't going to be easy I kept telling myself, which was, to me getting off on the wrong foot. Weeks went by and the weight just kept coming off. I couldn't believe what was happening to me and how easy this all was to do. It made perfect sense and believe me this is not what I consider a diet, but a change in lifestyle. Diets don't work, so a change in the way that you eat is the answer. Rick was right on the money as far as I am concerned, this really did work. I am still keeping to the lifestyle change and will never turn back. No-one can figure out how I did this amazing transformation from 275 lbs of fat guy to a very fit 200 lbs at 13% body fat muscular dude, in only 6 months. Trust me I tell everyone about this book and were they can get it. Those of them that have read the book all come to me and tell me it seems so easy and there going to give it a try. So now I have everyone at my gym getting this book and going for it. What a great feeling to see so many people, so happy about eating so much good food. Everyone used to think, to get fit you had to eat less, but let me tell you, you are what you eat, and eating more is the key, Rick will tell you that in this book. The right food at the right time is the answer, and lots of it. I like to use the term "FEED THE FURNACE". The body needs lots of the right food to get ride of the fat. Your workouts are important, but your eating habits are 75% of the battle. If you can't eat properly than the workouts WILL suffer, with out a doubt. So as an ending to this letter, go out and do yourself a favour and buy this book by Rick Gallop, you will not be sorry, since you are only investing in a very healthy future, for yourself and your family.
    Sincerly and thankfully Chris Pare'...more info
  • Skinny me!
    Dandy book. If I were any thinner, I'd only be one dimension!...more info
  • Essential Reading
    This is a book where the word 'diet' corresponds to the dictionary definition of 'a person's normal way of eating' - rather than simply a way of losing weight (although that is a natural side-effect). This is a book that is so practical that it would sit well as a standard text in every school in the country. Gallop emphatically DOESN'T want you to go out and buy branded products, supplements or strange ingredients. He DOESN'T insist on ridiculous food combinations, exclusions, point-counting, carb-counting, calorie-counting or complicated rules. This is a book for everyone, any age, any condition, who wants to eat more healthily.

    Whereas many diet book authors fall into a rather unfortunate Messianic tone when putting their point across Rick Gallop's approach is more 'enthusiastic tutor'. He clearly explains the established biology behind the diet and how using GI principles will reduce cravings for sugary foods, tackle the problem of over-eating and improve your general health and well-being. His style is friendly and approachable and the content really doesn't claim to be ground-breaking or controversial in the slightest. Some looking for a dietary 'magic wand' might find this absence of smoke and mirrors disappointing - I found it immensely reassuring. Importantly, his recommendations are endorsed by the medical profession and the GI Diet is increasingly being advocated as a useful tool in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, PCOS, Syndrome X and insulin resistance.

    Every home should have a copy....more info
  • 28lbs lost in 2months without fealing hungry
    When My parents bought this book I thought well I could eat a bit healthier so I gave it a read and stated into it. Two months later and I have managed to loose 28lbs and I am continuing now to loose about a 1lbs every 3-4days.

    There are enough suggestions in this book to keep meals from getting boring and since taking on this diet there has never been I time when I was hungry between meals or tempted to cheat on the diet....more info

  • GI Index
    As a diabetic, type 2, I find it very helpful indicating through color circles, red,yellow and green, in determining which foods sre OK, which should be avoided and which fall in between the two...more info
  • Slowly but Surely
    Since I've started this diet I've lost about 14 lbs. at a rate of about 2lbs. per week. I know this sounds slow, but this is the best way to lose weight & keep it off. So far, I love the diet because I get to eat carbs which were a big no-no on Atkins. I don't feel starved for carbs, so I don't have uncontrollable cravings, which in turn make it less likely that I'll have sugar binge sessions. There is a lot of planning involved, though, & as you know, your lifestyle MUST change in order for this diet to work. You need to clean out your fridge & pantry of any naughty foods & start buying plenty of healthy snacks. My recommendation is to start looking at international foods & you'll be surprised at what you can find to substitute many high fat foods. For example, I now use different flavors of Hummus Spread instead of Mayo. The spreads are healthier than full-fat mayo & tastier than fat-free mayo. I also buy roasted edamame, which are 70% lower fat than peanuts & are protein & fiber rich. These are just some examples of what I've found. I've had great results, with this diet so far & so have many others. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to look & eat healthier.One last thing, I purchased this book along with "Living the GI Diet" which has essentially the same information, but more recipes, which came in handy. ...more info
  • Worth the money
    I actually got this book as a continuation of my effort to learn all I could about G.I. living. It does not have the list of G.I. food counts, but rather gives red, light and green ratings. Green meaning GO.
    Still a great book though and a wonderful guide for those not getting as technical as I was trying to be....more info
  • A really great diet!
    This book has helped me lose 14 pounds in 4 weeks, and it really is easy to follow. With a little bit of willpower and encouragement from your entourage, it really is possible to lose weight with this book. I wish I had read it earlier!...more info
  • More ways to cut carbs and lose weight
    The folks at AMZN say I review a lot of diet books. This is true, but one reason I read a lot of them is that each new "this one REALLY works, we promise" bestseller has a gotcha that makes dieting a problem; for example, one diet restricts "normal" amounts of veggies needed to keep your gut and your very soul in top form, another requires a monastic lifestyle, well, you know what I mean.

    At first, I puzzled at the title: G.I.--now, would that involve a routine like "drop and give me 50, run 5 miles first thing in the morning with a 40-lb pack and eat MRE's?" Hmm, that would be impractical, but it SHOULD work. Or G.I., as in gastro-intestinal tract. You choose: take unto yourself a tapeworm parasite or have a doctor tie off most of your stomach; each has its pro's and con's.

    Ah, no, G.I. is GLYCEMIC INDEX or how starchy and sugary is this carb on my fork? The more G.I., the less you lose weight. This is in keeping with the late Dr. Atkins, with South Beach, and most of the other hot diet books promising results. And this really does work to quell appetites that are fueled by sugar and quieted by more protein and by fibrous carbs that are low in sugar (that is, celery is a Yes, carrots are a No.) This is a nice book in that it provides examples that can be incorporated into daily life without the requirement for a personal chef. Not a bad book for the committed, low-carb afficionado....more info

  • GI Diet Makes Weight Loss Easy
    Dr. Gallop's "diet" is an excellent way to lose weight and keep it off without going hungry. I read about the general principles of the GI diet in the Houston Chronicle in April 2004, and lost 5 pounds just by following the suggestions in the article -- egg whites instead of whole eggs; strawberries, oranges or grapes instead of cantaloupe, bananas, pineapple and honeydew. I was breastfeeding (always hungry) at the time, and was still able to fit back into most pre-pregnancy clothes within three weeks! The book is easy to read, and Dr. Gallop's website provides updates. I will be buying Living the GI Diet when it's released. ...more info
  • Another great book!
    This book is great as well for learning about the Glycemic Diet. It has everything color coded so that you know what is good, bad and ok to eat. I gave it 5 stars, but feel that the Idiot's Guide is a little better and more informative across the board. You couldn't go wrong with either one....more info
  • this actually works and it won't kill you
    I've bought at least 20 copies of this book for my friends and myself. I also gave a copy to the dietitian at the my gym, she thought it was teriffic. It's the same advice only made simple. No I'm not a health nut, I'm fat and need to fix it. The trouble with most diets is they're complicated ... and you get hungry. This book goes to extraordinary lengths to keep it the whole process simple, good foods (green) vs bad foods (red) and explains how to avoid getting hungry and blowing your diet. Need to take a break and eat out with friends? Go ahead, do it, just don't make a habit of it. It's a lifestyle change but one you can live with ... literally. My friend recommended this book highly [...]...more info
  • Worth the extra effort
    The book puts foods into three areas: red, yellow, and green lights (with green being the healthiest choices). Bad food is easy in terms of time to prepare and cost. Healthy food is not. We spend more time cooking, but it is well worth it. I wouldn't even call this a diet, rather a lifestyle change. Better food choices plus more exercise equals happier and healthier people. This book is an excellent guide....more info
  • Excellent Book
    I purchased this book in Feb. and I immediately read through it and began the diet, I lost 20+lbs within the first 2 months of trying this diet. The book was easy to follow and was filled with useful information and recipes....more info
  • Brings it all together
    If you are interested in getting fit and staying fit, understanding GI is very important... for certain types of people. Some people are fortunate enough to have genetics which make them less sensitive to the effect of blood sugar spikes caused by high GI foods. So this is a godsend for some but not all.

    This book isn't groundbreaking: all the information here can be found through a proper search of the net. Still, it is nice to have it brought together in one place that is easy to refer to at home. The risk with all these "The ____ Diet" is that they focus on one area of health at the risk of a balanced approached. If you don't want to do the web legwork, buy this book and get educated on the concept of GI but then combine this knowledge with sensible information on exercise, micronutrients (vitamins) and hydration....more info

  • This book changed my life
    2 years ago, a friend was put on this diet by his doctor, he told me about it and how it worked for him, so I did some research and ended up buying this book. I must say this book has changed my life. Like others have said, its really not a diet, it is a lifestyle change, and it shows you how to make these changes in a simple layed-out format. There is no measuring or calorie counting, simply making the right food choices. It has been over 2 years and I've lost over 25 lbs. my energy is up, my cholestrol is down and I have kept off the weight with no problems. I never felt I was on a diet, I never had to eat smaller portions, I don't feel the need to binge snack, because these foods keep you very full and satisfied. Sometimes I still can't believe how easy it was. If you are serious about getting healthy and losing weight this book is for you....more info
  • Easiest and Most Sensible Diet There Is
    This is more than a diet, it is a promotion of the way the human body is meant to consume food for sustaining life. Over the years we have become so caught up as a race in eating junk like processed flours and sugars, along with very thick sauces comprised of primarily bad dairy, that we lost touch with the real reason we need to eat....which is to survive. Now if you are a food lover and actually find food to be a "vice" in your life, this diet will ultimately be hard for you. Yet if you crave increased energy, loss of excessive fat, overall better well being, then buy this book. Gallop simplifies the diet into a very simple "stop light" technique of: Green Light foods = eat as much as you want; Yellow Light foods = be very cautious and only eat once in a while, and Red Light foods = NEVER eat. So with the green light foods you can literally eat as much as you want, regardless of whether or not it is a carb or protein based food, therefore, you never, ever feel hungry on this diet. He promotes 5-6 small meals a day and promotes avoiding anything that is processed. Simply because, by eating processed foods, you are bypassing what the body was meant to do and that is process the fiberous portions of food itself(like the bran that is in whole wheat). By not doing that, the food is digested much faster then it would normally be and thus creates a whole series of chain reactions within the body revolving around insulin productio, that ultimately causes us to gain weight. I LOVE this diet and have adopted it as the way to eat for life. It's that simple, that satisfying, and that good. If you have tried diet after diet and failed, then give this one a try IF you really want to lose weight. Otherwise, treat it like a bad thing and you will fail once again. But absorb it for what it is, a sensible approach to eating for life, and it will work, you'll look and feel great, and it will be the best thing you could possibly do for yourself ever. Bravo to Rick Gallop for providing such a vitally necessary approach to life....more info
  • A great approach to healthy eating
    I have never bought a diet book before and have never tried a specific dieting approach. The book is laid out in a way that is very easy to follow and provides lots of practical choices. I followed the G.I. Diet to bring my cholesterol down - not only did I completely surprise my doctor by bringing my cholesterol to a healthy level by my next checkup but I also lost 12 pounds and have lots of energy. I think one of the best things about this diet is that it is a sensible approach to healthy eating, not just a short term approach that will help you achieve a specific goal....more info
  • A good book, but...
    What I like most about this book is the general principles it espouses about proper eating habits which include whole, natural foods, as well as balancing the relationship between carbohydrates, fats and protiens. The author simplifies alot of jargon and explains scientific terminology in lay persons language. It makes sense to load up on vegetables and fruits, eat the right protiens, and YES, still enjoy our carbohydrates despite the mass frenzy of high protien diets in the marketplace. It's all about making informed choices, sound decisions and eating wholesome, least processed foods. How difficult is that? Furthermore, he takes the math out of counting calories, counting sugar content. All we have to do is follow the Glycemic Index chart to determine what foods are low on the GI scale, i.e. what is low on unprocessed, low fat, and low sugar foods. It's really not that difficult, and if you're already a healthy eater, than this is just a reinforcement of what you probably already know.
    But (and there's always a but), I don't agree with everything he has to say. And while I may be nitpicking (because after all, he does have very sound principles), I found some of the information misinformed at best, or misleading at worst. For example, he talks about avoiding Chinese food if you are on a diet, especially the sugary sauces. To my in-depth knowledge of Chinese cuisine, I would hardly qualify Chinese food as sugary (and I'm not talking about the junk that passes itself off as Chinese you find in mall food courts). He also talks about avoiding Chinese food because of the starchy, glutinous rice dishes are served with. Glutinous rice first of all is not part of everyday Chinese diet. It is served in occasional items, but hardly a staple of each meal. In fact, I would even say Chinese food is one of the healthier types of cuisines available because of its focus on balancing the elements of starches, vegetables and protiens. Protiens such as beef, pork and chicken are served in small morsels to accompany the strong vegetable element along with some long grain rice (which he does recommend in the GI chart).
    Other misleading information also talks about drinking sugar free drinks with aspartame. While he does make mention of the sugar industry lobby who tries to discourage aftificial sweetners, he fails to address concerns of nutritionists and health professionals who talk about how sweeteners such as aspartame are in fact processed in the body the same way as sugar. There is growing evidence artificial sweeteners is stored as fat as well. So I find some information lacking and misleading.
    In the interest of making it a easily digestble book (pardon the pun), some information just seemed to be missing. I get the sense he does not have much knowledge of cooking, which he later admits to in the book, and so alot of food items seem to be missing. On the negative side, it seems to be a bland book geared towards individuals who may not have much variety in their diet. What about couscous?
    While on the one hand he talks about the low incidence of heart disease among Mediterreanean diets (because of their their healthy consumption of mono and poly fats, and fruits and vegetables), it just seemed like their was something missing when we know the French diet consists of pastries and heavy sauces. Yes, its true, they probably do not consume as much of it as North Americans, but still that leaves a question in my mind.

    Furthermore, the few recipes he includes just seems bland, boring and totally devoid of ethnic considerations. It would be interesting to see a book like this include a more comprehensive listing of food varieties.
    He also contradicts himself when he talks about how you will eventually find skim milk tastes just like 2% milk; and then a few chapters later he talks about how 2% milk tastes like cream to him now.
    Then there's the issue of not needing to drink eight cups of water everyday. Instead you may drink juices or artificially sweetened drinks. That just doesn't make sense. Why hasn't he addressed the issue that the more water you consume the more likely your body will actively engage in weight loss. Besides, you will feel fuller too, and would be less likely to eat a "bad" food.
    Having said all that however, the principles in this book are a good guideline to go by, but the infromation by no means definitive. It's a good start. As long as you stick to the principles, you're on the right track....more info

  • Healthy Diet for Life
    Having lost 35 pounds in 8 weeks, I can strongly recommend this book/diet. It's easy to follow without ever feeling hungry. Very realistic for anybody to implement. It does not put your health at risk, like most diets do. And is something you can easily follow for life (where most diets fail).

    It reduces fatigue, stress, and I feel great. Rick Gallop is obviously a health expert and does not put your general health in any type of jeopardy. If you' re serious about losing weight in a healthy way, or simply want to improve your overall health, this is the book....more info

  • G.I. Diet-Winner!
    This book explained why I was always feeling so hungry, even though I was 238 lbs. [5'9"]
    I have lost 50+ lbs. since Easter!
    Get this book and study it!

    Mike Dehner...more info
  • the G.I. diet is where it's at
    I purchased this book for my dad (he's a diabetic) because it focuses on pursuing a low-sugar diet. I've read a lot on nutrition and after finding out how much of an impact refined sugars have on our bodies, in the form of extra fat and also in the form of a lowered immune system, I started reading this book myself, and now its my Bible. Its absolutely amazing, I'm a 19 year old college student, never dieted before, following these easy to decipher green, yellow, and red light precautions for food. Many surprises in this book, for me anyway- some foods that I thought were great for my health really aren't, and vice versa...did you know dark chocolate has a relatively low glycemic index? How cool is that??

    I know many diets that claim, "This is not a diet, but a way of life." The truth is, any diet is a way of life, and restricting certain foods completely from any diet is usually fruitless. This book doesnt do that- it merely gives you indispensable information about what you are putting into your body so as to keep you healthy and vital forever. It even has a GI shopping list inside of it- some of the foods on it are impractical if you don't live near a health food store or want to spend a lot of money, but many of the foods are easy to find and inexpensive. Take a look at some of the good, healthy recipe this book offers as well.

    I'd also recommend a website, called the World's Healthiest Foods...( where you can take a quiz about how much you eat certain foods, and it will tell you what nutritiets may be lacking in your diet and how to supplement them. Happy reading!...more info
  • Great diet book, lose weight without starving
    This is a lifestyle changing book as much as a diet book. It's about eating high fiber and healthy foods. Eating high fiber means that food stays with your longer, helps you stay 'regular', and helps you stay full. I didn't really have to cut back. I just stopped eating the white stuff - white sugar, white flour, white rice. Stop eating so much processed foods.

    It spells it out easily using red, yellow, green light foods. You stop eating the red light foods.

    Course, it isn't easy. We sort of cleaned out the old stuff and started buying the right foods. It takes effort at the grocery and at the table, but it's doable. I dropped 10% of my weight and never really felt like I was dieting....more info
  • This is the only diet book you will ever need
    This is a life style changing book. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the quality of his/her life. I am one of those people who can't diet no matter what and will it whatever I want and when I want. Now, I think twice before having junk food, and in the last 8 months (since reading this book), I had chips maybe twice (and not a whole bag!) and I don't think I've even had a chocolate bar. And I'm a huge chocolate lover. Buy this book, it will help you lose weight and improve your health....more info
  • 26 LBS and 4 Inches Gone in 2 Months
    Another month goes by and so does more weight on this terrific diet. The book is incredibly easy to read and follow. Highly recommended....more info
  • 1st Book of the GI Diet
    This book verifies and clarifies the idea of the insulin and glucose "yo-yo" weight gain. 20 years ago I read another book similar to this idea, "Sugar Blues", but it was considered "fanatical". I recommend this book to anyone who can't understand why they just can't lose weight. ...more info
  • Pretty good and pretty easy to do.
    I was surprised to find this book really let me make some great changes that were easy and adaptable to my hectic lifestyle. This is a great book and the tips are fantastic!

    I liked the simplistic approach this diet has. It isn't so hard and complicated. I'm going to try it for about a month just because the book was really easy to understand, unlike a lot of other diet books.

    [...]...more info
  • Effective, easy to understand and easy to follow
    I teach nutrition and I love this book. I think its focus on the GI is right on track with what people need to learn. Having said this, I think there are a few areas in which the book was a little misleading:

    1. Body Mass Index (BMI). While Gallop criticizes traditional methods of measuring excess fat, he goes on to endorse the Body Mass Index (BMI) approach. The BMI only considers two inputs: weight and height and can therefore be wildly inaccurate in estimating body fat. On page 17, Gallop writes that, "if you are ... overly muscled (and you really have to be a dedicated bodybuilder to qualify), these numbers in all probability do not apply to you." There are many more people than Gallop suggests whose body compositions are not accurately estimated by the BMI. You're better off getting a body composition test done at a respectable health club, or buying a scale that incorporates body composition analysis.

    2. Glycemic Load. I imagine that legitimate concerns about space limitations and simplicity had something to do with Gallop not discussing the Glycemic Load. By considering the density of a carbohydrate, glycemic load or GL (GL = GI (%) x grams of carbohydrates per serving) builds on the GI to provide a measure of total glycemic response to a food. Many of the foods (most notably fruits) that Gallop labels as those that should be avoided have very low carbohydrate density and therefore very little impact on blood sugar or weight gain. They offer excellent sources of micronutrients and antioxidants and should not be discouraged.

    3. Benefits of Exercise. While Gallop acknowledges the long-lasting metabolic benefits of exercise and muscle development late in Chapter 8, most of his calculations related to weight loss from exercise do not take these metabolic benefits into account. It's worth noting that 5 pounds of muscle burns over 11,000 calories each year - that's over 3 pounds of fat.'

    Despite these limitations, I think this is an excellent book that should be undestood by anyone interested in a sustainable and healthy approach to weight loss....more info
  • the GI diet
    I was ordered by my doctor to start eating healthier. This book will help. Thanks...more info
  • THIS Is the only true healthy diet that WORKS!
    I lost a pound a week without even really following the diet very strictly and have now lost 10lbs and still keeping it off even if I do stray more often than not in the last few weeks! The concept is simple and makes complete sense. It explains why all other diets don't work or doesn't help you keep the weight off for good and this diet is good for your heart, health and life!!...more info
  • This is a great book!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought this book for myself and am having such great success that I bought the book for my mother and sister. To date mom and I combined have lost 50 lbs. We have more energy and feel healthier than we have in years. Mom is 63 years old and keeps up with us if not better she says her energy level is just amazing. I have a total of 56 lbs. to lose. I have lost 22 lbs I know with this plan I will make it. This is a way of eating not just a diet but here's the beauty in it you can easily eat this way for the rest of your life. I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to lose weight and get healthy. ...more info
  • Great book.
    A very straight-forward book. Explains the Glycemic Index easily and is a quick read. It could use a few more recipes and suggestions for snacks for people just starting out.

    I'm 37, am 5 '4" and 155 lbs. I've been following the GI Diet about 90% for the last three or four weeks, and seem to have lost about three pounds and almost an inch off my waist. I bought this book because my food choices should have been enough to satisfy me throughout the day calorie- and fiber-wise, but left me feeling starving and reaching for something sweet a few hours after lunch or crackers, string cheese and bread while cooking dinner. I don't miss eating as much bread as I thought I would and I'm slowly beginning to realize that vegetables CAN be a satisfying meal without the addition of some starch. I still crave sweets. I've found that I can have an occasional treat or go off the wagon for a day and still stay on track. It's a lifestyle change I can live with....more info
  • It just makes sense
    I've been somewhat frustrated as of these past couple years as I've been having trouble trying to trim down in the hip/waist area. Reason being that I exercise 5x/week (at least 30 minutes of cardio + weights) and have been pretty good about my what I eat. I'm not an overweight person, but do have problems in the areas as written above.

    So I gave this diet a shot and got results much sooner that I had thought (i.e. w/in the week). My waist is much flatter and pants are starting to fit like they used to. Almost too good in that I'm starting to lose weight in areas that I don't want (i.e. legs).

    In addition to cutting the fat, this diet emphasizes the problem w/ simple sugars and processed, refined foods/grains. These are easy to digest and are dumped into the bloodstream quickly. As a consequence, the body is saturated w/ more sugar than it needs and will place it into storage for later use (i.e. fat cells). Insulin is pretty good about transporting this sugar spike and you will be left hungry shortly --> leading to snacking, overeating.

    This diet is a timed-release diet, if you will. D/t the fiber content of the green light foods, glucose is released at a gradual rate into the bloodstream. This eliminates any cravings for snacks as there's a constant supply of energy/food content in the body for a longer period of time as opposed to simple sugars.

    This diet is almost perfect. The pro's: it's works! It's overall a better way to take care of yourself. It cuts down on cholesterol and likely prevents type II diabetes. Most important, it's a complete diet: I really like how this diet doesn't cut out on nutrients that the body has to have (i.e. Atkins diet).

    The cons: GI diet food can be hard to find when it comes to eating/going out. Following this diet can be hard at times d/t decreased availability. Ex: being of Asian descent, brown rice or whole wheat just doesn't happen when we have family gatherings or eat out. Only options are piling on the extra vegetables if those are even available.
    -Not necessarily a con, but a caution. People on this diet will have to keep their water up. This is important in that less water and lots of fiber can cause constipation or at worst obstuction. Water is important to keep fiber rich foods moving along the GI tract.
    - Also, it doesn't take too much to make the weight come back. A weekend binge can redeposit the fat almost instantaneously.

    But overall, I'm very happy about my results and oh yes, the book itself. Thorough enough, very easy to follow. I highly recommend Mr. Gallop's ideas/way of life!
    ...more info
  • Weigh loss made easy
    I am a member of Weight Watchers since January 1979. I lost weight and kept it off until 1993 when I had my last child. I kept all the weight I gained during this last pregnancy. I was at 200 lbs and am 5'5" tall. This same weight stayed with me until 2003. I was going through menopause so I began HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Being older my metabolism really slowed down, so I added more weight to my body. I got to 223 lbs and I began to panic, since both my sisters are Type 2 diabetics and are morbidly obese. My own BMI is over 30.

    I am on medication for HBP and recently was diagnosed with diabetis too. My regiment is diet and exercise and glucose monitoring once a day.

    Since I am a weight watcher, I began my program to lose my weight again. I kept a food journal and added walking 2 miles 4 days a week to my regiment. I was losing weight the healthy way (1 - 2 lbs a week), but after 4 months, my weight just stayed the same. I would lose 2 lbs and the next week gain them back. This cycle continued for about 6 weeks. I had already purchased the G.I. Diet but never read it. Imagine that... but when I decided to give this book a try, I was impressed so much by Mr. Gallop's writing and how it seemed that he was speaking to me and my way of life. I decided to try it, after all I am a lifetime member of weight watchers what could it hurt.

    After being on this diet for 2 weeks, I lost over 3.5 lbs. My energy level is up and my mind is focused. I cannot believe how clear my mental well being is now that I am following this food plan. I love it and highly recommended this to both my sisters.

    I will update later as I am so excited about these changes in my well being. ...more info
  • The G.I. Diet
    What does this book offer that we don't already know? Low calorie, low fat, low carbs moderate dairy and moderate protien (about a 1/4 of a plate or, say, the size of a deck of cards)will result in weight loss. Who is paying to hear this again?...more info
  • The only thing that has ever worked.
    This is the only thing that has ever worked on me consistantly. It is a life style choice, but truly it isn't that hard to me. After about a week your taste buds begin to be more sensative to sugars and even salt depending on what how much of what u cut back on.
    I was once a no water drinker, a mountain dew chugger and sugar alcoholic....but I have since been redeemed! I drink water by choice now and can actually feel when I need it. I can taste food and put it down cause I imediately know there is something in this I can't eat. I'm pregnant with my third and cut back on both sugar and salt and it has been amazing. I am 20 weeks pregnant and haven't gained a pound and I am not starving at all. The doctors say that it's great since I was already a little overweight to begin with. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies mostly, also by choice though.
    I feel great and my life has improved so much.
    You do have to change what u buy and I put copies of all the green light items on my fridge so I would remember to shop for only those items, but now I know my stuff. I just review the book to keep me encouraged.
    I should mention that I do exercise, but nothing crazy just standard. At least some sort of activity everyday will due for the most part since I'm preggers now anyway. Hope this helps. This book has seriously changed my life!...more info
  • Slow and steady weight loss
    This book is great for learning about the Glycemic diet which will help with slow and steady weight loss without feeling starved....more info
  • Look at Credentials!!!!!
    I don't see an "M.D." behind the presumptive by-line of "'MISTER' Gallop"--unlike the THREE (count 'em!)"M.D.'s" and a layman who gave us "Sugar Busters"!!

    Admittedly, I didn't thoroughly read Gallop's book (like I have with "Sugar Busters"), but after a quick skim-read and making a few comparisons, I quickly decided that I'm gonna stick with the doctors!!! They convinced me that they know what they're talking about--at least more than Mr. Gallop!!

    No offense to Mr. Gallop, but that's just the way I see it!

    Incidentally, I have absolutely no connection to any of these people! I'm just an "ordinary Joe" who tries to pay attention to what's going on!!!

    ...more info
  • The G.I. Diet: the Easy, Healthy Way to Permanent Weight Los
    Everything works better with this diet. In addition to allowing me to lose 12 pounds over the last 6 weeks, the GI diet has reduced my chronic back pain, and enabled me to better control the pain. ( I am at BMI 21 - 144lb - age 50)

    I have always noticed that my back pain went away for a while after I ate something, so I wondered if this was something to do with my blood sugar/insulin level. The GI diet's stabilizing effect on insulin levels sounded intriguing when I spotted the Feb.17,2004 front page Women's World "Canadian Miracle Diet" headline, and when I saw how easy it was to follow, I bought "The GI diet" and "Living the GI diet" and started in. The recipes in both the books are excellent. I had no idea how strongly blood sugar/insulin affects one's appetite, let alone how one feels. The improvement in the way I feel is really amazing. I am quite active and have found my performance in swimming and exercising has improved markedly. My husband is sort of following the diet too (he cheats a bit - one beer a day, plus 30grams of dark chocolate a day, but he exercises with weights every day too) and he has lost 10 pounds, so I am telling all my friends, family, and colleagues about it. (A colleague at work has already lost 11 pounds since she started a month ago)

    These books are a life-line to all of us....more info

  • Best diet book
    I've tried so many diets, even that silly Scarsdale Diet (but I broke it because my mom kept pushing me to eat more, and was actually giving me the cold shoulder cause I was on it.)

    I was on the GI diet before going to Mexico back in November. I can't remember how long I was on it for, but once I went to Mexico I kind of broke it. Since then I have thought about, and actually tried a lot of different diets. Recently I remembered just how NICE the GI diet was.

    It's not a fad diet. You aren't depriving yourself of anything. It's very realistic. The best part is though, is that you don't really crave anything! I found that when I was on it I wasn't really constantly going through the fridge looking for something to eat. (lately I've been doing that... but eating tons of fruits and vegetables.) I've decided to go back on the diet. Sure, I don't lose as fast as some people. (I'm about 120 lbs (I'm 5'4") right now, but feel that I've got a bit of fat to lose.) Every time I break a diet, I'll start pigging out again and I'll peak at 125. The only reason I broke the GI diet is that, at least where I was in Mexico, they seemed to hate feeding you vegetables and wanted you to have a TON of red meat, cheese, and tortillas. Not exactly good for you. I'm not planning on going on another vacation in a very very long time, will start the diet again, and watch the pounds come off again. =)

    I definitely recommend this book! For me, the pounds didn't exactly POUR off, but it took be longer to gain it back than it did for me to lose it. They did come off quickly enough, I know my mom and my sister where losing faster than I was. (though they both weigh more than me.) It's not going to come off super fast, but the results stick, because you just get used to eating that way, it isn't annoying and you aren't going hungry. But like I said, the best part is cravings are pretty much gone. How many diets have you been on where you are at work and your stomach is growling cause you are starving and you start thinking about chocolate and cake (or whatever it is you like?) well, after a little bit on this diet, you don't do that....more info
  • It works
    I have been on this GI Diet for 3 weeks, and have lost almost 10 pounds. I tried every diet there was - and this is very easy to be faithful to. I don't crave anything and I don't even miss anything. ...more info
  • Proof is in the results
    Just by sticking to the foods to avoid, I lost over 25 lbs in 4 months and 2 notches off my belt. This does not include the exercise portion, yet....more info
  • Finally, a diet that works!
    (See update at the end of the review)
    First, I just have to say thank you to all of those who wrote reviews before me. It was reading through all your comments and that helped me decide to give one more diet a try.

    (I got both books, The GI Diet and Living the GI Diet, which has a lot more recipies in it, and some of the ones I mention here are from that edition) Now, regarding the books and the diet: The books are set up in such a way that they are extremely easy to follow. I love the red, yellow, and green light idea for the various foods listed. The only part that is a little confusing at first is the portion size, but once you get used to not having to measure everything you eat, it is great! This book lists portions as how much of the plate it fills: 1/4 for meat, 1/4 for pasta, rice etc, and 1/2 for fruits and veggies. Now how much easier can that be? Sure, there are some things that you have to be more precise with, but not that many. The recipe sections are set up by categories that are very easy to follow. So far I have tried only a few of the recipes. I work very late hours, so there isn't time for serious cooking on work nights. Mom and I do meat and veggie meals, or a little wheat pasta with veggies and cottage cheese usually on those nights. But on my three days off we cook. Most recipes make enough servings that we can have leftovers the next day, or freeze the extra for meals when you need something quick. The recipes we have tried so far are fantastic! They don't even taste like you are on a diet. Three of our favorites are the Lazy Cabbage Rolls, Hunter Chicken, and Meat lasagna. Makes your mouth water just remembering how good it all was.

    So, how is it working, you might wonder? Mom and I have been on the diet for three weeks. So far Mom has lost 8 pounds and I have lost 10. We have both lost over 2 inches from our waist measurements. Sure, we are just beginning, and most people can stick to a diet for that long, but honestly,this is the easiest diet I have ever done, and by far the most effective. I don't feel deprived of anything (with the exception of a nice big Hershey bar ), but I am learning that I don't need one. My energy level is higher and doesn't flucuate through the day like it did before when I had sudden peaks and dips in my blood sugar. Now, it stays level all day, and I don't feel like I am going to fall asleep at my computer at work.

    Anyone who is considering starting a new diet should consider this one. You'll be glad you did!

    (Update) I've been on the diet now since February 1, 2005, and I have lost just under 50 pounds. I admit I wasn't as strict with it over the summer since it gets too hot in our house to do much baking or cooking of things that take very long to prepare, but I didn't gain back a pound over those three months that I was a little lax. We just ate simpler meals, stuck strictly to the whole grain and no sugar rules and I maintained my loss through those hot months. Now that it is moving into cooler weather again, I am anxious to get back in the swing of things. Oh, by the way. I have gone from a size 28 to a size 22. My goal is to reach a size 16, which is small enough for me since I am nearly six feet tall. My mother has gone from a size 22 to a size 16 and is aiming for a size 12. She's maintained her loss through the summer and even managed to drop 3-4 pounds during those hot months. This really is the easiest, and the best, diet I have ever tried and it has become a lifestyle change that I know I can stay with even once I reach my goals.
    ...more info
  • The GI Diet even worked when I was on vacation
    I leafed through this book at a bookstore on my first day of vacation and spent the rest of vacation roughly following the diet (what I could remember, anyway). I came home from vacation 2 weeks later and 4 pounds lighter, and needless to say, I got the book and plan to stick with it. Simple, easy, not gimmicky, just gives you a list of the foods you should eat and foods to avoid.

    Later in the summer I lost the 15 pounds I've been trying to lose for 3 years, ever since my son was born. ...more info
  • Best Phase 1 I've ever encountered!
    Since Atkins and South Beach all referred to the Glycemic Index I thought "Why don't I just go on the G.I. Diet instead." So far I've lost 15 pounds in 1-1/2 months and I'm definately not starving. I do have a problem with the measurement of meat in comparison to a deck of cards but I know that I'll soon cut down to that portion. Red, Yellow and Green is so easy to follow and if you're as tired of diets as I am than this is the easiest diet for you to understand. BUY THE BOOK!!!...more info
  • 12 Pounds/2 Inches Gone in 1 Month
    The GI Diet is easy to read, understand, and apply. In one month, I've lost 12 months and two inches in my waist. While that may sound slow to some, I think in this race, slow and steady will win. The great thing is this is one diet that I feel completely sure that I can continue and progress without feeling hungry. I'm actually eating so healthy I can't help but feel good. The author uses red (special occasions only), yellow (sometimes), and green (always) lights to define which foods you should have and when. It was so easy to print out the listing of green light foods and just run with it until I have reached my goal weight. It's almost like eating like I did in the mid-nineties when eating low fat was all the rage, only this time you don't make the mistake of eating all the bad carbs and sugars and fat free empty calories. It's a great balance of protein, carbs and fats. Like everyone, I've tried Atkins and it worked the first go round, but then became less effective on subsequent tries. This is one diet that I am convinced will continue to give great results and I can feel great knowing I am eating healthier than I ever have....more info
  • Good and simple!
    The truth is that I sort of knew how the GI diet worked but with this book it was all crystal clear. It is VERY easy to understand and it's not hard to follow at all. It was especially useful to me because I am one of those people that crave carbs and now I know why. I recommend this book!...more info
  • A diet you can live with -- it works
    The thing about diets is that any "diet" you adopt for some specific, finite purpose (e.g. "I will eat a low-carb diet until I have lost 20 pounds" or "I will reduce my intake of fat and sugar until my cholesterol levels improve") is that they assume your "diet" is temporary, and at some point (after reaching your goal, presumably), you can "go back" to eating "normally." Well, if eating "normally" resulted in your current physical condition, what do you think will happen when you resume eating that way? Hence the failure of most diets. The only way a diet is going to work for you permanently is if it can become your PERMANENT DIET, i.e., the way you eat for the rest of your life. So, who can follow a low-carb diet or a coconut diet or a no-sugar-or-fat-or-anything-tasty diet or eat supplements and prepackaged meals FOREVER? No one.

    This diet you can follow permanently. Yes, it does mean giving up junk food and greasy, fatty foods or foods made mostly of sugar and starch (or at least, limiting them to the occasional cheat meal, and by OCCASIONAL I mean "every couple of months," not "a couple times a week"!). But if you're not prepared to cut McDonald's and Oreos and Haagen Daaz out of your life, or at least confine them to a RARE treat, then you're not prepared to lose weight permanently, because you'll never accomplish any serious weight loss goals eating that stuff, sorry. The thing is, the G.I. diet doesn't try to exclude entire arbitrary categories of food or tell you you can only eat foods from certain groups. Instead, it lists foods as "red light" (don't eat at all, except for those RARE treats), "yellow light" (indulge occasionally but don't make them a regular part of your meals) and "green light" (eat all you want).

    Now, here's the thing -- While the G.I. diet is based on the "glycemic index," i.e., how fast different foods metabolize into sugar -- there is nothing magical about the "green light" foods. Any book on nutrition will tell you what's healthy to eat (fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lowfat/nonfat dairy, lean meats) and what's not (sugar, fatty meats, full-fat dairy, anything made of "enriched" white flour, which basically turns into sugar almost immediately upon hitting your bloodstream). So you can follow this diet without obsessing over the GI ratings of different foods. The red light/yellow light/green light system is a useful guide, so you know, for example, that bananas, while not "bad" for you, are "yellow light" because they have a much higher starch content, and apples or berries are a better choice. No surprise that bacon is "red light," but there are plenty of meats that are "green light," you just have to be choosy about both your selections and your portion sizes. (If you're a vegetarian or even a vegan, the GI diet will suit you fine too.)

    Mostly what you will learn is the choices you should substitute for less optimal foods. Apples are better than bananas. Sweet potatoes are better than regular potatoes. Brown rice is better than white rice. Old fashioned oatmeal is better than "instant" oatmeal. Skim milk is better than whole milk. Canadian bacon is better than ham or regular bacon. White meat is better than dark meat, and tenderloin is better than flank or round steaks. Again, none of this is a mystery and there are no magical combinations to learn, but you have to be willing to make these kinds of substititions PERMANENTLY.

    I've been following the GI diet for almost a year now, with very good results. I supplemented it with a serious exercise program, but on the other hand, I never followed the stricter "Phase I" portion of the diet (where you are supposed to eat nothing but "green light" foods). I've cut "red light" foods 99% out of my diet (I can't give up cream in my coffee) and "yellow light" foods make up less than 20% of my diet. I do not feel hungry or deprived, and I eat plenty of stuff I like.

    There are several recipes in this book that work very well as meal staples. I use them repeatedly, week after week. "Living the GI Diet," by the same author, is basically a GI Diet cookbook with many more recipes, also worth getting....more info
  • good resource
    for anyone looking to remove refined sugar and carbs from their diet this is a very good book! It breaks down "allowable foods" by red, green, and yellow categories. Very easy to follow. ...more info
  • To the point
    This book is to the point and easy to read. It does not cloud it's intentions with terminology that only doctors and nutrition experts will understand. It is weight loss made easy and simple....more info


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