NALGENE Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

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Product Description

Nalgene's most popular bottle, available in a variety of colors to help brighten up anybodys gear. The large opening easily accommodates ice cubes, fits most water purifiers and filters, and makes hand washing a breeze. The attached loop-top never gets lost and screws on and off easily. Printed graduations let keep track of your hydration. Dishwasher safe (Please make sure the top does not touch the heating element, or it will melt).

  • Wide mouth accommodates ice cubes and makes hand washing extra easy
  • Printed graduations for easy measuring
  • Loop-top prevents the loss of your cap
  • BPA-free

Customer Reviews:

  • BPA Free
    I bought this for my wife who wanted a pink water bottle. Since we already own quite a few other 1-liter BPA free Nalgene bottles and love them, it was a no-brainer to get another one for her. She thinks it is 'cute,' so it gained me some husband points for having good taste.

    Nalgene knows how to make a water bottle. The lid seals tightly, the plastic is high tough (and BPA free) and the design functional. Plus it's cute.

    Recommended. ...more info
  • works perfect like any Nalgene should
    i've been using Nalgenes for years and finally decided to upgrade to a BPA-free bottle. The bottles are exactly as they appear and the normal high-quality and high-durability of any nalgene. buy yourself a nalgene splash guard to making drinking easier and you'll be good to go....more info
  • The Best BPA Free Bottle
    This is the second Nalgene Tritan wide-mouth water bottle that I have purchased on Amazon. Hands down this is truly the best BPA free water bottle in terms of its holding capacity, ease of use & cleaning. Closes tightly and has never leaked. A great bottle at a great price!...more info
  • Great product!
    I have the old Nalgene bottles that killed me to throw away but BPA free is huge when expecting a little one. The bottle was delivered promptly and is a great water bottle. ...more info
  • Great nalgene bottle
    This nalgene bottle is great. I wanted one that was BPA free. It's everything that the product description was. Durable, easy to clean, does not absorb odors. I use it every day. ...more info
  • the BPA Free Bottle
    It arrived on time and good shape. It was the right product that was BPA Free....more info
  • Great workout bottle
    The Nalgene everyday water bottle is a great product. The Nalgene water bottle holds 32 ounces of water with out the plastic after taste, it is a very good buy. Great for every day use. ...more info
  • Nalgene Water Bottle
    I needed a water bottle with measurements on the side and this was it. Wide Mouth was an added feature.
    Another fine purchase from and it's member dealors....more info
  • Nice Bottle
    Got this due to it being BPA free- Was expensive but I am a big water drinker ( fill up about 5 times a day ), so I like to think I am not hurting my body getting my water in.. Only downfall is how expensive they are, but I am satisfied! ...more info
  • Just as good
    I ordered this because it is BPA free to replace my old one. I bought both the green and blue. They are just as good as the old ones and I have found it just as durable.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    Not terribly much to say here: it's a water bottle. However, it's also a BPA-free Nalgene bottle, which means it stores water all day without taking on any plasticky odors or flavors. This is definitely a "desktop" model - it is stout in build, and when full, quite heavy. Choose a smaller size for portability. This one sits on your desk - use it to refill 3 small pint glasses and stay hydrated!...more info
  • Great water bottle! Buy the insert for the mouth of the opening
    I'm very happy with this water bottle. Buy the insert that goes in the mouth of the opening. I like the fact this is BPA-free.

    If you have smaller hands, buy the Camelback bottle. This bottle is fine though and I use it daily.

    I recommend this bottle to others....more info


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