Zen And the Art of Happiness
Zen And the Art of Happiness

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Cutting-edge science and spirituality tell us that what we believe, think, and feel actually determine the makeup of our body at the cellular level. In Zen and the Art of Happiness, you will learn how to think and feel so that what you think and feel creates happiness and vibrancy in your life rather than gloominess or depression. You ll learn how to adapt to life s inevitable changes, how to deal with stress in a healthy way, and how to nurture a mindful happiness in your daily life. Most importantly, the gentle wisdom of Zen and the Art of Happiness will show you how to invite magnificent experiences into your life and create a personal philosophy that will sustain you through anything. A timeless work about the art of happiness, the way of happiness, the inner game of happiness.

Customer Reviews:

  • lots of wonderful information in a small book
    this a wonderful book for all ages and backgrounds. a great reminder for those already on the path and a gentle teaching for those just starting. after reading it myself i bought it for my 20 year old and highly recommend it to everyone. it is an enjoyable read, full of helpful information and insights. worth re-reading over and over again as a gentle reminder as to how to enjoy life fully....more info
  • Gave me a new perspective on things
    This book is pretty short and you can probably read it in one long sitting if you wanted to. However, some of the ideas you really need to let sink in so I wouldn't recommend reading it in one day.

    The whole book can be broken down into one idea. This idea is that everything that happens to you is for your benefit. The things that seemingly would be negative are only negative because we react negatively to them. If you lose a job, you think it's terrible and it causes stress and anxiety. But what if after you lose your job, in a month you find a better job that pays more? Then you shouldn't have worried at all in the first place.

    This book might not change your life, but it will help you to think more positively. It's a very good, easy read. ...more info
  • Brilliant and simple, a rare gem!
    I have a large library of spiritual books, which I have scoured the world for and which I treasure. But recently, when I was trying to deal with a particularly difficult problem in my life (one I couldn't seem to "chant away", meditate beyond, or free myself from) I found this small book and it's teachings were phrased just the right way to finally give me some peace. ...more info
  • The Most Powerful Little Book On How To Achieve Happiness...
    I've read many, many books on Zen and the way of happiness...but this one is the best I've ever read. And the beauty of it is that it makes it very simple, straight to the point, and tells you the way to achieve real happiness in life. I've recommended it to many people and still re-read it every few months. The simplicity of it is very powerful and it has the potential to really change one's own life. ...more info
  • A Must Read Book !!!!
    This book is a must read for everyone... learning how to live the best way possible is within our reach and not hard to do. It's the process that we choose that could destroy us....more info
  • This book changed my life
    I bought this book on impulse the night before a long trip. I read it through, then went back and re-read many sections. It dramatically changed my perspective on life and helped me become a more peaceful person....more info
  • Not really Zen, but still worth it.
    I agree with the reviewers who gave this only one star, it has almost nothing to do with Zen, but it does have a little to do with Buddhism. It is more of a self help book than anything else, but it does have a great message and some nice examples. If you are already studying Buddhism and Zen then this won't do you much good at all, but if you are just scratching the surface of it all, this won't hurt. Plus it's short.

    I gave it four starts because it did open my eyes to ways to change my life and my attitude. It also introduced me to Buddhism....more info
  • Enthusiastically recommended and 'user friendly' reading
    "Zen And The Art Of Happiness" by Chris Prentiss (cofounder and co-director of Passages Substance Abuse Treatment Center) is a pocket-sized and highly portable 160-page book presenting practical, spiritual, applicable wisdom from the Eastern philosophy of Zen Buddhism designed to provide the reader with a positive, uplifting message that we can affect and influence the very makeup of our body at a cellular level through what we believe, think, and feel. That when we create happiness and vibrancy within our lives we are better able to adapt to life's inevitable stresses and changes. By learning to deal with stress and change in healthy ways, we create, nuture, and perpetuate 'mindful happiness' in our daily lives. "Zen And The Art Of Happiness" is enthusiastically recommended and 'user friendly' reading for anyone seeking to enhance their spirituality, learn to deal with life's stresses, and improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being....more info
  • Zen of happiness can be yours
    "Happiness can be a fickle thing. It can be a snug, magnetic garment, attracting more and more of the same, or it can be an ill-fitting gossamer veil flitting here and there. It all depends on one's psychology, karma, and attitude. This wonderful little book shows that we can overcome the obstacles to happiness. It's for those who want and need change--in expectations, habits, and outlook. Chris Prentiss writes with a joie de vivre that obviously comes from experience. Use his practical wisdom to get in the habit of being happy--every day. Put this book by your bedside and the Zen of happiness can be yours." William House --[..]...more info
  • Too personal
    I liked the overall concept of the book. But Pax's issues/problems are a constant theme in the book. I understand the needs for examples, but at some point (at least to me) it became a self-fulling book that allowed the author to achieve happiness via his son's trails and tribulations. HOw does one make sense out of tragic death? I may have missed this part since after awhile I had to skim the book. I do wish you, your family well and I think that you are doing great work with passages, but please make it not about your issues. And truly understand the really meaning of Zen and now it just applies to you...more info
  • Zen and the Art of Happiness
    Cutting-edge science and spirituality tell us that what we feel, think and believe actually determine the make up of our body at the cellular level. This book teaches you how to feel and think so that what you feel and think creates happiness and vibrancy in your life, rather than depression or gloominess. This book reflects a long-standing esoteric maxim: "We create our own reality". What makes this book different is the insight, knowledge and personal energy with which the author communicates. This wonderful little book shows that we can overcome obstacles to happiness. It is for those who want and need change - in habits, outlook and expectations. Zen is simply that state of centredness, which is the here and now. The Zen of doing anything is doing it with a particular concentration of mind, calmness and simplicity of mind, that brings the experience of enlightenment and, through that experience, happiness. As Chuang Tzu put it: "The true man sees what the eyes see and hear what the ears hear. There is no hidden meaning". Your mind is indeed the guiding rein. The highest nobility lies in taming your own mind. The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. Stress comes from the way you relate to events or situations. You are only as strong as your area of greatest weakness. Everything that happens to me happens so that I benefit to the maximum amount possible. Digest this book and you will experience mindful happiness....more info
  • The Best Thing That Ever happened To You
    You will not believe how amazing the premise of this book is. The premise is the simple truth that everything that happens to you is for your complete benefit. It means no matter how bad things happen to you, you will benefit COMPLETELY from it all!

    I bought the book (read it in the library first) because of one single sentence in the book: The Universe doesn't make mistakes.

    Think about it. Just imagine. The Universe doesn't make mistakes! All the bad absolutely will turn into good. It's a clear, undeniable simple truth. No mistakes from the Universe. That means you will benefit completely from anything negative. It's all for your benefit! Good AND bad. The negative is actually a very BIG benefit for you.

    This book must be a part of your life. I don't know how I EVER got through life (age 57) without it. You have NEVER heard anything like this....more info
  • Can change anyone
    When I first purchased this book, I wasn't into more than a chapter when a co-worker asked if he could read it. So I lent him it, never to see it again. ( he is Ethiopian/Oromo and quit his job soon after, then met his future wife. He is also Muslim, but was open to reading Zen Buddhist philosophy )

    The next copy I purchased, another immigrant co-worker inquired about the book. He paid me cash that moment so I would order him one! I ordered several, and each individual who I have given a copy to is exceedingly grateful!

    This is a powerful book that can change your life. I have no doubts that it contains powerful Dharma ( truth ).

    ...more info
  • Good Things Come In Small Packages
    Chris Prentiss has written a simple but profound gem. For more than 30 years, I have been a psychologist and a Zen student with an interest in the art and science of happiness. 'Zen And the Art of Happiness' is to the point with its wisdom and parsimony. You'll read this book again and again....more info
  • I am now a more centered person.
    This book was suggested to me by a friend when I was going through a rough time. I have read this book many times over, and I am better for it. The best gifts come in small packages. This book was truly a gift when I needed it most....more info
    I reccomend this book for anyone who wants to stop the insanity in their life and be happy. I wish I would have found this book long ago. I am also most grateful for the Author and would personaly thank him if ever given that chance. Please read this book... you are worth it! I have already read it once and am currently reading it again. It offers me everything I have been looking for in the way of peace of mind and happiness. My Doctor is the one who suggested this book for me as I have struggled with anger for so long that it is all I know. I am so happy to see I can now be free of this anger and go on with my precious life. Thank you....more info
  • Introduction to Zen for the Lay Person
    This is the perfect book for someone that has little or no understanding of Zen teachings. It's written in (mostly) layman's terms. The analogies go a long way in helping to grasp the concepts. The author does have a couple of self-serving mentions about his addictions programs, but I felt that was okay. After all, "it ain't bragging if you really done it". I'd highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to take that first step into Zen thought. It's just the right size and it explains things in a manner that can be understood by most. My personal opinion is it will inspire you to dig deeper, both in yourself and in the universe, for enlightenment....more info
  • it could be written in 1 page
    the philosophy is good, but the stories are little too spiritual. I think a good book is that one that makes me fold it every other page and think. this one did it only once. there are much better books out there...more info
  • pocketfull of happiness
    Another superb book by Chris Prentiss! In a world that asks us to "overcome" on a daily basis, this little pocket-sized book can go along for the ride, giving strength to endure when needed. A real power boost for achieving a positive attitude!...more info
  • This book is LIFE CHANGING!
    I read this zen book and it changed my life! A truly intense (and yet simple to read) book about how we can all find happiness. I am buying 100 copies and giving it to all my friends. If you liked "The Secret," this book will go even further into your quest for truth in the universe. Chris, you have drastically changed my perception of life, god and the universe we live in. You are amazing! Thanks for being such a positive force in a sea full of (seeming) chaos. -- Anne Marie
    ...more info
  • An excellent recipe for happiness
    Chris Prentiss has distilled the wisdom of Buddhism [Zen] and the Hindu philosophy and had given a practical approach to happiness.I liked the anecdotes given,as also his personal life & addiction problem of his son,a s pointers.The quotes from great masters are pointed and relevant.
    There is no hesitation in recommending this book as a forceful,prctical introduction to Zen and for attaining personal happiness through personal philosophy he writes about.
    This book is far above the quality of many books of this kind....more info
  • An illuminating book
    I read the book, Zen And the Art of Happiness and it truly moved me. It is an illuminating book; reading it was an uplifting experience for me.
    Prentiss has written about a difficult subject - understanding the meaning of life, including its inherent suffering - from an enlightened perspective. I have finished the book, but I still carry it with me and I plan to continue to do so as a reminder of the momentous power and significance it contains. ...more info


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