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  • This movie will transform you
    I find it sad that in our age of pornography, movies such as these are harder to find than a needle in haystack. Deftly construed, this movie engages you at levels that are so deep, you will uncover things about yourself that you didn't even know or were afraid to know. I will treasure this movie like the rare gem it is. ...more info
  • Warm and Hopeful...
    I have to smile, this is just a film that I rented at the local Vid store, I had no particular expectations. The film left me smiling and feeling hopeful. It is not perfect, but fer cripes sake what is?! Film is an artform, subjective and totaly open to individual taste. This one lets us watch as two people struggle through painful issues of trust and come out the other side stronger and wiser. IMHO, it's just what committment is all about! I liked it, I liked it a lot....more info
  • Really enjoyed this.
    Learned a lot from this. It has peaked my interest and educated me in the different realms of love (both physically and spiritually). The movie was beautifully done. The actors did a great job, even though some of the lines/acting were a bit cheesy (but not a lot), and I didn't let that affect my enjoying the movie. Great cinematography. This truly is one of those movies where if you watch it with an open mind, you find that less is more. There was no lengthy dialogue and I liked that. But what was said was concise and on the mark. Simple.

    Thanks to the one reviewer who addressed the "Joseph/Mary/wise man" connection; this was very important to note, as in my opinion their future child would definitely be a product of a great love (hence, a savior, metaphorically speaking). Joseph began showing signs of his "saving" grace with the advice he begins to give to complete strangers/friends. This movie is about sacrifice and how beneficial it can be even when we assume we are suffering for a lost cause.

    Many thanks to the "men" who posted positive remarks on the issues addressed in this movie. I thought the celibacy/"in"jaculation issue was intriguing.
    Note: What you can't control, controls YOU.

    If more couples were truly dedicated to their relationships and interested in seeking out the higher levels of love, like Maria and Joseph were in this movie, the world would be a much better place (bliss) and we could all begin to find a little peace (bliss) in releasing ourselves to the Highest Power. Everything is about education. No matter which path you are on, you can always learn more; there are levels of EVERYTHING, including love. If you are looking for something more, this may set you on that path; if you are not, then this won't. Anyways......., enjoy. ;-)...more info

  • Brilliant work of art
    This film is truly brilliant. I never understood why it didn`t attract viewers some more -- maybe because they expected to see hot scenes and instead they got a serios film that deals with the effects of incest and love. "Bliss" was cut before release to get a miserable "R" rating.
    But the film's impact stays the same, I hope. I recommend this film to everyone mature enough to appreciate a work of art....more info
  • Not blissful in the least!
    After all the hype about Bliss, I had to see it. The reviews told of an erotic tale of a couple with marital problems. I found it quite disturbing. Not because of the abundance of nudity and sexuality. Because the movie centers around the childhood sexual abuse of the wife, for which she is in therapy. I found the movie had nothing to offer me, other than a huge case of depression. I suggest to anyone who has suffered the same trauma as the wife in this film, to not see it, because YOU will most likely end up needing therapy! It is hard to find anything erotic about a film in which the lead character is in a constant state of trauma! I do not reccomend this film. If I could have given it zero stars, I would have....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I don't remember the release to theaters of "Bliss'. The only reason I went for it was the association of Leigh Taylor-Young who I think is a fantastic actress.

    As another person has stated I have only the reservation that the sexual disfunction in the story is related to sexual abuse but in light of how the story is otherwise handled by both actors and the director that winds up being a minor 'nit' for me.

    I found the actors to be totally believable and engrossing. All the sets fit. I forgot to look where it was filmed though. The photography and lighting set the moods very well.

    This isn't a heavy breathing porno it's a very viable story of people with problems that so many seem to have and so few are willing to talk about.

    It should be required viewing at possibly a college level. OK, not required. For some folks the word "Sex" sends them into a tizzie.

    I was ver impressed by this video. But who do I tell?...more info

  • Intellectual
    I found no weakness in this movie. I've seen too many poor, yet popular films lately. What a relief to find a truly realistic, intellctual film about a tough subject filmed so well. I am a physician and was moved by "bliss"...more info
  • a beautiful and sensitive spiritual and sensual movie
    This was an amazingly well written movie that was capable of being erotic and of my favorite movies of all times....more info
  • OTT
    Weak on verismilitude and ignores some critical boundary issues that would in reality lead to a therapist losing his license. Some of the acting is so OTT (Over the Top) that it is hilarious. Nice architecture....more info
  • Sexual Healing
    This movie is a must see for anyone who is dealing with the emotional pain of healing child sexual abuse. It is done in a beautifully sensuous heartful manner and deals with a subject that far too many of us come up against on a daily basis. The scars from the abuse change lives and the healing comes through devotion to living your life in love. This movie portrays in gentle beauty the journey home to self. It was paramount in my own healing....more info
  • Enlightening and moving
    I watched this movie after borrowing it from the local video store. My only incentive to watch it was that it was rated "Two Thumbs Up" by Siskel & Ebert. Expecting nothing, I found the movie to be a truly excellent piece of work. It is definitely a movie to watch alone.

    To fully understand the complexities involved one must have shared a relationship with a person while cohabiting with that person. It made me question my expectations, and being a male in a similar situation, I was able to empathize with the male lead.

    Lastly, I was surprised to see that this movie was not based on a book, but actually written for production....more info

  • Too real to be entertaining for most people!
    A lovely movie with much to say about men and women; sexuality, self awareness, and hope. The story's vehicle, that being sexual dysfunction due to molestation, is tragic; however, this movie speaks in an intelligent and genuine voice about trust, respect and intimacy. On the lighter side -- maybe those looking for a thrill will be educated....more info
  • Great Beer and Popcorn Movie
    I first saw this movie on cable and later was able to pick upaused copy at Blockbuster. Definitely worth the film exploresan area that standard hollywood fare doesn't ---- tantric sex practices. A great beer and popcorn movie that's you'll talk about and, hopefully, act out after the film is over. This is the stuff STING claims keeps him going for 12 hours. As long as the film doesn't take itself too seriously its enjoyable - the sex is pretty good, the acting good enough, and the dialogue almost laughable considering the subject. I do think the sexual abuse side plot revealed at the end was unneccessary but doesn't hurt the overall theme. I guess the author/director couldn't come up with a problem strong enought to cause the female lead to seek out a sexologist so he went with the old reliable theme of sexual abuse. This film is best watched as a pop primer on advanced sexual practices....more info
  • A pleasant surprise!
    I was expecting a typical hollywood botch of this subject, what I got was a very well developed, well acted film about a very difficult subject. Craig Sheffer, Sheryl Lee, and Terence Stamp all deserve a loud standing ovation. Good story, well acted, excellent screen play, well filmed. It may be a little embarrassing for some who are not used to the subject matter and how it is presented here, but watch it anyway .... you will not be disappointed ...more info
  • Biss, healing, growth
    I think that people who bough or want to watch this movie are prone to learn something about themselves, their sexuality, and their intimacy, unless, that is, they do not know anything about the film. But most of us who bought it knew something about the film already. And I believe it is a good bias, relevant nevertheless.
    This film makes you think, it makes you want to go deeper within yourself, it is not purely entertainment, although the acting is good, compassionate and believable. For people who may be looking for a sex-based movie that will put the perfect touch of spice on a date this movie will not work. For those who want to know more about themselves and their relationships this movie presents a very refreshing and important approach.
    I watched this movie in the theatre around 1998, in Barcelona, where I am from (it was titled "El Amor Es Extasis"). I don't remember exactly why it caught my attention, but I do remember that I was facing several challenging issues in intimacy. I guess I read the synopsis and fell drawn to it... I loved it, it really changed the way I thought about sex, as well as intimacy. Ten years later I find myself in a situation very similar to the one in the movie and I did everything I could to find it. I needed to watch it again. I saw it in Spanish and I didn't know any actors, so it was hard to find this movie in its original English title. But I found it!!
    I watched it again and loved it even more, I guess it is more relevant than ever. But don't get me wrong, this is not a movie to help you heal your traumatized partner but to personally expand your horizons about your own sexuality and intimacy and grow as a person, and thus within and with your relationship.
    I am not a movie critic but I find the movie quite low-budget, nothing fancy about the way it's been filmed and whatnot. You are not watching Blue Planet here. The movie is about the message it carries and the wisdom-filled script, and the acting, again, pays tribute to its message.
    I personally started to look more introspectively, learning more about intimacy, about my own issues that are preventing me to be the sexual and intimate being I can fully be, and without even noticing I have changed the way I see women in general. I am even more attracted to them I was before but more meaningfully. Sex is over-marketed and is misleading everyone, both women and men, which is causing (together with ever-changing gender roles in society) intimacy relationship be handicapped. Men see a woman passing by and we can't help to be attracted, which is normal, we are designed for it, but the attraction is translated immediately to sexual desires... And the truth is that women, as well as men, are much more than sexual beings. This movie reminded me that it is through sex and intimacy that we can really get to touch one's core as well as ours, and I guess that at this moment in my life I am ready to not explore my core but expose it and share it with someone who is able to do the same, I am ready for a sexually rich and meaningful intimate relationship.
    It is important to differentiate sex from intimacy. Sex can be good and uncompromising, satisfactory at the least. But intimacy is deeper, has to be opened, and it is where vulnerability finds healing and bliss, completeness, both with yourself and your partner. Until now my sexual relationships have focused too much on orgasm - once you and your partner come mission is accomplished... There's more about intimacy, and sex of course, and this movie is a good introduction to other philosophies that aim for more spiritual and meaningful relationships, personal growth, and intimacy.
    I loved it and I am glad I own it. I am sure I will watch it again, as a good reference to have and reminder of what I want my intimate relationship to be....more info
  • Intellectual Movie Making
    Rented by chance, discovered a very well written, acted, and photographed film. A rare intellectual movie for a change. The music was also nice....more info
  • bliss
    Bliss is literally bliss. When I first saw it, i thought immediately was an awseme movie. No, it is not a first date movie, but defineatly get the jucies flowing for lovers. Not only are sex scenes explicit, but it has an awseme story line and plot. I love it....more info
  • Thought-provoking
    No, this isn't for the faint of heart. It does touch nerves, and it gets close to the bone for those of us who survive. Take seriously what is said; my husband acted very similar in seeking help on his own in addition to our therapy together. I had a friend introduce the subject to her boyfriend via watching this movie. (She thought of no other way that was more appropriate.) It started an open dicussion of what happened. While it doesn't heal, it can be used for a tool to communicate if you can't find anything else, including your therapist....more info
  • Facts & Comments,
    1. Extremely fascinating to watch.

    2. Excellent video throughout.

    3. Offers a look into the psyche of a man learning about himself and own needs as oppose to everyone elses.

    Intense emotional reactions followed by self-realization and drama. This is definitely worth viewing. (saw it on cable television & will buy)....more info

  • One of the best movies I've seen!
    I'm not sure what I expected when I rented this film. I had never heard of it before, and the only reason I had for renting was the praise from Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert on the front of the box. The movie starts off at a chaotic pace, but then begins to develop a rhythm, which I take to be part of its message. It's an amazing movie: One of my all-time favorites. I couldn't believe how utterly absorbing this movie was. It's funny, romantic, exotic, touching, and even tragic when it is learned that one of the characters has suffered from severe sexual abuse. Terence Stamp gives a performance that should've won him an Oscar. He's fantastic, and the two leads, Sheffer and Lee are also terrific. The movie is an experience unlike any I've had before, watching a film. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I hadn't been so into a movie since the first time I saw "American Beauty." This movie isn't for the faint of heart, though, I must warn you. It isn't so much explicit about the topic of sex as it is blunt and straight forward. Amazing......more info
  • a paradox- blissfully disturbing
    my ex-boyfriend saw this movie on cable and was so enthralled by it and its similarity to our relationship that he sent me a copy. sitting on my bed, surrounded by darkness, i was wholly absorbed into young's plot and felt a part of my psyche awaken from a deep slumber. i suffered alongside the main characters, yet found psychological bliss in the realization that my ex-boyfriend was joseph and our reciprocal healing was imminent. this movie has deeply changed me and the way i see love....more info
    Blunt, powerful, thought-provoking film about how little we know women and how much we boast we do. A masterful performance by Stamp, and a great body by Lee! Although I think the child abuse theme was unnecessary and should've been skipped (not all sexual disfunctions are due to it), the movie is a MUST to everyone who truly loves someone else, and it will certainly make you think twice about your sexual -and not-sexual- behavior.

    P.S. Take it from me, first watch it by yourself; don't bring your date!!!...more info

  • A must see to awaken humanity
    A true sleeper of a movie. A movie that needs to sit on oneself to gain the truest sense of its message. Profoundly disturbing, if only to awaken society to the manifestations and devestations of the abused. The musical score is profoundly moving, and quite fitting to the intense emotion of this film. Sidereally refers to an eastern path of seeking the divine and healing within....more info
  • Incredible & Moving!
    I've rented this movie twice and I think it's a wonderful movie. It is also very moving. I was enthralled with the husband's desire to really help his wife through joint (and later individual) therapy and learns to really 'be there' for her, emotionally and sexually. It's awkward at first when they're in the therapist's office. Later, I could relate to the husband's jealousy when he thinks his wife is seeing someone else ... ... - she is, but it's not what he thinks at first. Once he gets over that and decides to trust this other man - they develop an unusual relationship in which the husband (not to mention the couple) benefits beyond his/their beliefs in the end.

    If you're just looking for a flick to inspire your lust with cheap nudity and no real story - you'll be sorely disappointed. If you're looking for a movie that provides insight to a real life problem (a marriage with sexual troubles and the desire to get past them) and the opportunity to learn from what you're viewing, you'll be as taken with it as I....more info

  • The Spiritual/Religious Side of the Movie
    Many of the reviews posted here and elsewhere on the 'net talk about the wonderful cinematography and the open way in which sex and abuse are explored in "Bliss". There are some interesting coincidences that have been completely missed simply because the movie deals so openly with sex - which covers all the religious implications. First, our main characters are Joseph and "Maria" - isn't there another famous couple named Joseph and Mary? Our hero Joseph is a construction manager...a modern day carpenter. Both Joseph and Maria go to see a man named Balthazar...who, together with Melchior and Casper in the bible, make up the three wise men.
    It's a fascinating juxtaposition - the wise man, Balthazar, teaches Joseph, presumably christian, tantric sex, which comes from the Hindu/Indian religious traditions.
    I suspect that Young intended for his audience to see the sexual healing process that a young married couple has to go through. Indeed, that's what most people *will* see. Fewer people will think about the comments he makes on the relationship between Joseph and Mary/Maria. How would a couple like Joseph and Mary be treated in today's society?
    Perhaps another message in this film is that bliss is difficult to achieve within the confines of christianity. Young handles this issue so well that you won't even realize that it's happened until it's all over....more info
  • Video Review
    I think that, in this kind of movies, people, who has problem with their couple, can learn about how important is the real comunication and honesty durig a relationship....more info
  • Profound and surprisingly intelligent
    I found this film deeply moving and intellectually stimulating, not at all what I might have expected of Hollywood. A higher level of psychological insight I have not seen in American film. On the other hand, will someone please put Leonard Maltin out of my misery?...more info
  • This COULD'VE BEEN really good! Instead it's just mediocre.
    I had very mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, the ideas and subject matter were quite interesting and rarely found in the bowels of Hollywood. On the other, the acting and dialogue were horrendously amateurish...I found myself laughing out loud every 5 minutes or so, at just how cheesy and clumsy it often got. Kind of like a video version of the "Celestine Prophecy," only about sex. Like the latter, it can be quite helpful to many people, I'm sure....more info
  • What it means to love a survivor
    This movie was an epiphany for me. Brilliant in its depth, sensitive in its approach to the lifelong aftermath of childhood sexual abuse, it literally hit me where I live. I cannot recommend this film highly enough to both survivors and to their spouses. It is 103 minutes of insight into what it is to be a survivor. . .and to love a survivor. . .right down to the body memory, broken behaviors, and even the family's denial of the abuse and attempt to turn the spouse against the victim. The scenes are lush, Terence Stamp is ethereal, the emotions brutally honest.
    It is also a cinematic testament to the nature of love "for better or worse, in sickness and in health," and learning to grow beyond oneself in order to begin the healing process for both the survivor and their spouse....more info
  • touching and interesting
    It seems that at least some of the critics of this movie are looking at it as a "sexy" film only. Yes, it does have some explicit scenes, though they are tastefully done - but I believe that this is not an exploitationl film. I found it touching that the couple has such a strong emotional connection that it survives the many problems they have. Actually I'm not sure I can specify why this film elicited the reaction it did in me; I cried when the couple met in the park after Maria went through therapy. I never cry at movies so it took me aback....more info


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