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  • Couldn't ask for a Better Prenatal Vitamin
    These vitamins are great, I love them. I tried two other types which made me sicker than I already was, and the New Chapter Prenatals have not added any nausea, which is reason enough to take them! I am also comfortable knowing these vitamins have everything myself and the baby need, I don't feel guilty if I don't eat as balanced or as healthy as I should sometimes. They really aren't that expensive, either, $25 a month is about the same as the prescriptions... Give them a try, it's totally worth it....more info
  • Gentle on stomach and relatively small pills
    I used these throughout my pregnancy and they never bothered my stomach. I took them both with and without food. The recommended dosage is 3 per day, so if you are looking for a convenient and perhaps less expensive one-a-day, this is not it. However, the more frequent doses means the pills are relatively small and easy to swallow. My doctor also said they were a good brand and had ingredients that the body could absorb....more info
  • Great product
    I tried 4 prenatal vitamins before this, and the Perfect Prenatal is the only one I could tolerate. I think it is an excellent product....more info
  • Easy to take, not enough %
    I took these vitamins to prepare myself for becoming pregnant one day and thought they were very easy on the stomach like others are saying. However, you have to take 3 pills a day, and they don't go down too easily. That being said, most prenatals are like this anyway.

    I went to compare another brand (Nature's Plus Source of Life? Prenatal Tablets) and it seems to have way better % of vitamins/minerals than this brand. I started comparing all the differences. They both have the live cultures for digestion ease and whole foods in them. The Nature's Plus didn't have Vitamin K so I researched and found this: "Vitamin K given to mothers soon before birth is generally not recommended. Regular supplementation with vitamin K during pregnancy (beyond normal dietary intake) may increase the risk of jaundice in the newborn."

    These pills have Vitamin K! However, they do include Selenium and Copper which the Nature's Plus do not. But this brand also has Soy which I'm not too hot about even if it says non-GMO for one of the soys, the other one doesn't say. I eat tofu here and there already so I don't need extra soy. Too much soy is supposedly bad for you! The Vitamin K really pushes me combined with the low percentages of everything to switch and go to the Nature's Plus prenatal. Plus you only have to take 2 of the Nature's Plus prenatal, and the pills are the same size and texture as these.

    Another note, the Vitamin A issue - too much is bad, yes, but that's if it's not in beta carotene form. The 10,000IU in beta carotene form should be just fine (in the Nature's Plus prenatals). There's hardly any good % in this prenatal it seems now after comparing the two!

    Good luck! It's all so very confusing... everyone will have their own opinion of what works best for them. If you already eat a very well rounded diet then I'm sure these will be fine. I just get nervous about the Vitamin K....more info
  • No Queasy Belly!
    What a wonderful prenatal! Absolutely no "queasy belly" with this one. However, since they are organic, they are not coated and do have that "organic smell." I'm not sure how else to describe that. Also you have to take three of them and they are rather large, but I'd much rather do that than feel nauseous!...more info
  • Love this product!
    I LOVE this product so much. Once I started taking it, I immediately noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin. I can't live without this!...more info
  • My wife loves them
    She has been taking Perfect Prenatal since she was about 8 weeks and is now in her second trimester. They don't make her feel nauseous like the doctor-prescribed ones do. Overall, she feels great....more info
  • the best
    I read about these prenatals somewhere and after talking to a few people in our local health food store, I decided to try them. I was skeptical about the price at first but now I know they are worth every penny. I will always recommend these to anyone who is thinking about becoming or is pregnant. They did not make me sick, even on an empty stomach. They supply everything you and your baby need plus probiotic support. Probiotics are recommended with the hormone fluctuations of pregnancy which can cause yeast problems. These vitamins are excellent and if you do your research you will see these are worth the price. I really like the New Chapter company and their approach to "whole food" supplementation. Check out these prenatals and the company to see for yourself!...more info
  • Good vitamins
    My wife has tried 3-4 brands of prenatal vitamin during our first pregnancy and prefers these far above the others. The biggest thing is that, even on an empty stomach, these have never caused any belly aches. Others have, even when taken with a meal. The average consumer cannot judge how much of a nutrient is really in a vitamin or how much is actually absorbed by the body. New Chapter in general lists lower quantities of some nutrients than other brands, at least on the label. But being whole food vitamins, we hope that our bodies absorb more and it is in a more usable form than in other brands. We feel good about these vitamins. We are paying about $45 per 2 month supply, which is not too much more than other brands and seems worth it....more info
  • Wonderful vitamins!!!
    These prenatal vitamins are the easiest to take! Since they are probiotic, they do not make you nauseated at all! You can take them whenever, with or without food. I highly recommend giving them a try!...more info
  • You can take them on an empty stomach!
    Because these are made of real food, you can take them on an empty stomach (which I can not usually do with vitamins). I love the New Chapter brand, and am always happy with their products. For a prenatal that doesn't cause nausea, you can't go wrong!...more info
  • My pregnancy must have
    I love these prenatals, I was never sick with them and they helped me grow a healthy, beautiful and very smart baby. You only have nine months to grow a baby so why not feed them the best possible foods and supplements. We don't live in the same world as our parents so it's even more important to watch what we eat and make sure it's healthy. The only down fall is the price, but Amazon has an amazing price on them so stock up! ...more info
  • Great product!
    Great Vitamins. I have been taking them for three months now and no complains. Easy to take,almost odorless. Very happy with it so far. You can get them a little cheaper at [...] using this code PIC537 to get $[...] off your first purchase. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I do love these vitamins, they are tablets that are not huge so they are fairly easy to swallow. You have to take three a day but thats not bad compared to some other prenatals and they really don't make you feel sick; even if you take them with an empty stomach. I got these at my local health food store b/c the Twinlab ones I usually take were out of stock. I have gone back to the Twinlabs because the price is so much less and that is a good quality product too. I would probably buy these again for my first trimester or when having morning sickness (I only have 3wks left now)....more info
  • Truly a perfect prenatal
    New Chapter vitamins are by far the best vitamins I have found. I have taken the women's one daily for five years with excellent results. When I first became pregnant my doctor prescribed a prenatal, but I felt less energetic and notable stomach/digestion problems. Assuming it was part of the pregnancy I continued to take the prescription vitamins with increased discomfort. Then, I started taking New Chapter Perfect Prenatal vitamins at the end of my first trimester and immediately felt the difference. My energy, mood, and stomach problems improved in just a few days. I would strongly recommend these vitamins to anyone who is pregnant or nursing
    ...more info
  • Wonderful Prenatal Vitamin
    I feel so much better about this vitamin, that is is whole-food derived. Very gentle on the stomach.
    A note to the reviewer about the calcium, I too wondered about the insufficient calcium in (all) prental vitamins. I even asked my ob why and he didn't know?? ... finally found out that calcium blocks iron absorbtion. So you need to take a calcium supplement at a different time than your prenatal. ...more info
  • A must have...
    Worth every red cent. Gentle on the stomach, felt better than I had in years , 10 months after the baby I am still using them because I feel so much better. Add a Calcium supplement to this & wha-la, yer cooking with gas.

    Best of the best... kid you not!!!

    Robin~...more info
  • Great Product!
    made from whole foods, doesn't cause stomach upset, and doesn't smell bad like so many other vitamins. ...more info
  • Unsufficient Calcium
    I wonder if the calcium is so low in these vitamins because they were unable to put probiotic form of calcium into the pill. I have to make a concerted effort to eat more dairy...which can be tedious. Considering the price of these, you hope it would be complete.

    Maybe I would have been worse off during my 1st trimester if I were not taking these, but I still definitely struggled with fatigue, low energy & mood swings. My hair is not improved, but my nails grow at lightning speed (is this more due to pregnancy than the vitamins?) I like that you can take it on an empty stomach, but 3 a day is sometimes hard to remember. They don't smell so bad...which is a relief! I couldn't stand my Womens Ultra Mega GNC pills because they would make me gag.

    Honestly, it was Gwyneth Paltrow's endorsement that sold these to me, and I have taken them faithfully (gone through 3 bottles now) because I have not found a better product on the market. I just trust that they are the quality I expect, and that they are giving me what I need (except calcium)....more info
  • I praise the Lord for this
    Those are fantastic. They do not make me any sicker than I'm already am. For about 1 month I took Michael's prenatal factors. That was a mistake, they may be both wonderful in nutrition but Michaels is huge and would cause me to gag every time. These are definetely smaller and do not add to my already very uncomfortable pregnancy. I recommend them due to their nutrition and size!...more info


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