The New Food Lover's Companion
The New Food Lover's Companion

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The brand-new fourth edition of this widely praised reference guide has been updated with new information for everyone, including lovers of ethnic foods and health food aficionados. The authors have added many all-new entries on exotic produce and other unusual ingredients. An earlier edition of The New Food Lover-s Companion was hailed by Bon App-tit magazine as -one of the best reference books we-ve seen, a must for every cook-s library.- This new edition has even more to offer! Among the myriad foods and culinary subjects defined and explained are cooking tools and techniques, meat cuts, breads, pastas, international foods, cheeses, eggs and omelets, herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, candies and desserts, wines and cocktails, and literally everything else related to good food and enjoyable dining. Handy and helpful appendices cover a wide range of food-related topics. They include suggestions for substituting recipe ingredients, high-altitude baking adjustments, a microwave oven conversion chart, recommended safe cooking temperatures for various meats and fish, a guide to reading food package labels, seasoning suggestions to enhance favorite dishes, a food additives directory, and much more. The New Food Lover-s Companion is a reference guide-not a cookbook-but it includes hundreds of cooking tips plus an extensive bibliography of recommended cookbooks and other food-related literature. Here in one volume is an invaluable companion for cooks-and for everybody else who loves good food. More than 6,700 entries plus line art that shows retail cuts of lamb, pork, beef, and veal.

Customer Reviews:

  • MUST have for every cook!!!
    This is the most comprehensive food dictionary I have come across!!! I love this book!!!!...more info
  • Spacing is your friend
    On the Kindle version, a blank line is needed to separate the entries. The bold does not help as it barely shows up.

    Some information is not accuate or not complete; however, it is a very good reference but will not purchase for the Kindle like I wanted to. ...more info
  • a chefs companion
    wish i had found this book 20 years ago a lot more information than i paid for , great book...more info
  • This book is a wonderful helpful tool
    Every kitchen should not be without this amazing book. It lists thousands of food items and give you a discription of each one. It is like having a dictionary just for those items in your kitchen. I recommend it to everyone from the earliest beginner to the most experienced....more info
  • Wonderful book!
    I have used this book for many years now. I work at a restaurant and it comes in handy when we need to know the spelling of something or when a customer asks us something we don't know. We actually put a piece of tape over the cover and re-labeled it "(Our Restaurant's name)'s Bible". It is truley a life-saver!...more info
  • Every Food Lover's Bible
    This is a MUST for all Foodies! Anything and EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about food, food preparation, origination, history, etc. I was turned on to the book at a restaurant when I asked our server what an "achiote" pepper was. Our server brought back HIS copy of The Companion and I IMMEDIATELY went to the bookstore and got one! Later, I got five copies for Christmas gifts. If you love'll adore this book!...more info
  • Food Lover's Companion Gets Better and Better
    We have a food service business, and this is completely indispensable! Every edition improves, and this is definitely the latest, greatest!...more info
  • Great product! Fast shipping!
    This is so helpful at my work whenever I have no idea what the Chef is talking about...more info
  • My Food Companion
    This book is a great resource for all foodies. Also it makes a great gift. ...more info
  • Wonderful book!
    I have used this book for many years now. I work at a restaurant and it comes in handy when we need to know the spelling of something or when a customer asks us something we don't know. We actually put a piece of tape over the cover and re-labeled it "(Our Restaurant's name)'s Bible". It is truley a life-saver!...more info
  • Food Lovers Companion
    This book is for my husband who cooks a lot. It is one of the best books out there on cooking. Lots of pictures and advice.

    Easy to understand.

    Jimmie King...more info
  • Must have culinary reference guide
    This is the quintessential food reference guide. It does not explain methods and recipes in detail -- this is not a cook book. This is a quick reference book that is invaluable in a commercial kitchen, hotel, or on the bookshelf of a hardcore culinarian. It provides in depth explanations for some of the most obscure foods and culinary products throughout the world. If you are an adventurous chef or eater that is constantly trying new things and runs across new ingredients, this is the concise lookup for all you will stumble upon....more info
  • Comprehensive food dictionary, but not as up-to-date as it could be.
    This reference has been lauded in many venues, and it truly is a fascinating resource. However, after spending time examining the book (4th ed., 2007), I am noticing several entries that are out-of-date. For example, the entry on brains does not mention mad cow disease. In contrast, the latest _Joy of Cooking_ (2006) not only notes this, it also warns readers to avoid eating brains for that reason. As another example, several entries in the bibliography refer to older editions of books that now have recognized newer editions. Take, for example, the listing of _La Methode_ and _La Technique_, both by Jacques Pepin. These two works have been combined and published as _Jacques Pepin's Complete Techniques_. As a third example, the appendix on food label terms does not list trans fats in the listing of different fats found on food labels. All of these examples make me wonder about things I haven't caught. I hope that all of this information is updated and corrected in a fifth edition....more info
  • Very informative.
    I've worked in a few high-class restaurants and each and every one of them have this book. I've been able to find every single word that I've been curious about. They even give pronunciations. It's pretty much a food dictionary. ...more info
  • A Fabulous Reference
    This is one of the most fascinating reference books I've stumbled upon in a long time. The 6700 plus entries cover everything imaginable used in food preparation. Most are non-English in origin, but a good phonetic translation is provided. The terms are not just European; this book is loaded with Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and regional U.S. terms. The descriptions may run to several paragraphs- much more than a dictionary provides- though many of these words are too obscure to appear in any other source. Furthermore, it's compact enough to be carried in a coat pocket or handbag. If you eat in foreign restaurants even occasionally, this book will pay for itself in a month. (Your waiter will not know how most of these dishes are made.) It is not a recipe book, but it contains every culinary term that has ever seen print. If you are a novice in the kitchen, you may learn what many cookbooks assume you understand. Also, the appendix is loaded with all sorts of useful metrics and categories. The Herbsts' have compiled an indispensible source for anyone curious about what they eat....more info
  • best recource you can get for the home cook.
    food lovers companion is the handiest resource I have in my kitchen, a chef turnred me on to it and I use it at least a couple times a week. If you like to cook you need this book. ...more info
  • Fast delivery
    I ordered this book a week before the recipients birthday, nothing like waiting till the last minute, but, it arrived in 3 days - thank you.......more info
  • The New Food Lover's Companion
    This is a must have for any culinary library. Have you ever wondered what "beurre manie" is or even how to pronounce it for that matter? Then this is the book for you. It is an extremely useful and educational reference book for the beginning culinarian to the master chef. So get out your highlighter and your notepad because this will be a culinary experience that you we enjoy....more info
  • Comprehensive Cooking Compendium
    The perfect gift or 'must have' for anyone who loves to cook, bake or eat. This book answers every question about any and all cooking terms you've heard from your grandmother, mother, read on a restaurant menu or heard on Food TV. The best, most comprehensive list of every cooking and baking terms. Buy them gifts and get one for yourself....more info
  • Foodies Ultimate Reference
    I work in the restuarant business and this book is a highly recommended source for all things food related. Our executive chef recommends it for crossing the chasm between culinary institutional talk and layman's terms that you can share with your customers....more info
  • Greatest Food Book Yet
    I discovered this book at a friend's house and found it to be both fascinating and adictive to poke through. A better companion to breakfast browsing than the newspapers or magazines, and constant fun in quizing eating companions to describe obscure food items and the name-sources for well known food dishes. All that, plus much more.
    Rather than bring a bottle of wine to our dinner hosts, we now bring a copy of this book. We find that it is much more appreciated and lasts forever....more info
  • Food Lovers Companion
    This book will answer most of your questions. Excellent explanations. Really a lot of information....more info
  • A must have for every kitchen
    I was given this book years ago. Essential if you experiment in the kitchen. It's a great addition to the cookbooks in every aspiring chefs kitchen. If you like to experiment with new ingredients or a lot of ethnic foods it's a must. Every time I find a recipe with an ingredient I am unfamiliar with it comes in handy. This makes a nice "host gift" instead of a bottle of wine. A nice conversation piece....more info
  • Food Lover's Companion
    This has always been an excellent book but difficult to get in Europe - Amazon has saved me having to nip over to the US to buy this latest version - which is even better than previous editions.

    For any cook who wants to know real detail, alternative names etc - this is a must!...more info
  • book review
    I purchased this book because I enjoy food and food terminology. While I have done a superficial cover-to-cover read, I discovered that, while informative, I could have easily obtained all the enclosed information via a variety of websites. It makes me realize how reliant I have become on searching the web for information of any sort. In retrospect, I would not buy this book, albeit, fine on its own terms....more info
  • Great reference
    IMO, every food lover out there should get this book. It is a great reference and very useful for just about any food related terms out there. I have purchased this book 4 times (3 of which were previous editions) to give as gifts to my friends and they all loved it!...more info
  • The New Food Lover's Companion
    A great reference tool when cooking with new ingredients. Also a great gift idea for the new cook....more info
  • THE kitchen encyclopedia
    This is a reference book, similar to a dictionary. Each entry is a cooking/food term and the definition/description is generally a pretty thorough explanation. Spanish terms don't get the same coverage as French or Italian, but this must be one of the most complete culinary references.

    I have had the Food Lover's Companion for about a month and have referred to it nearly every time I cook.

    All in all, a wonderful reference book, and a great value.
    ...more info
  • Food Lovers Companion
    I was dissappointed in the condition of this book because it was a gift for my sister. The book was stated to be Used but in Excellent Condition. When it came there were large folds from the top to the bottom of the pages and the back cover, making it look 'tacky' as a gift. The written contents of the book were excellent and, the book is very handy to have as a reference book for cooking....more info
  • Amazingly comprehensive resource for people interested in food and cooking
    I purchased the first edition of this book almost 20 years ago and found it to be an amazing resource that I continued to use to the present day. I recently thought to myself, "I wonder if they have updated it since then?" Well, I checked Amazon, and the authors indeed have updated it (currently 4th edition). This new version is literally twice the size of the original book, which already seemed comprehensive. Of course, there have been new trends, fads, and other developments since the early 1990s and the Herbsts have addressed them.

    Whenever I hear about a fruit or spice or dish that I never heard of before, the first thing I do is check the book! I have moved around to different parts of the US and as I discover regional delicacies, the book is a great resource to learn more about them. I highly recommend it....more info


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