The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program

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Sugar lurks in foods in more than 85 different forms. Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D., the first person to receive a doctorate in addictive nutrition, says that besides being detrimental to the immune system, the more than 100 pounds of processed sugar consumed annually by each American is responsible for "mood swings, depression, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, PMS, impulsivity ... [and] unpredictable temper." And while overdosing on the sweet stuff is a national pastime, she says her research shows indulging in sugar highs should be treated much more seriously, akin to heroin or alcohol dependency, because sugar causes spikes in the neurotransmitters serotonin and beta-dopamine just like those drugs--and can eventually wreak similar mayhem on one's health, work, and relationships.

The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program is not a quick fix; DesMaisons's plan aims to eliminate sugar cravings, requiring five days of "detox," along with building up the resolve to stick to the recommendations over time--including while out at restaurants, during social gatherings, and while traveling. Fortunately, she offers plenty of tips for those situations, and her prescription is practical and easy to follow, including seven steps as simple as making sure some protein is included with each meal. (That's not to say this is a high-protein, low-carb diet; she criticizes Dr. Robert Atkins and other fad-diet hawkers.) DesMaisons includes more than 50 recipes that cover breakfast through dinner; advice for choosing comfort foods to replace those M&Ms and sodas; and an invitation to join the support group she runs through her Web site. The Recovery Program should be of particular interest to parents and teachers, considering the way sugar-saturated foods are ruthlessly marketed to children--Coke machines are more and more commonplace in elementary schools--and that many of the behaviors DesMaisons links to sugar sensitivity are remarkably similar to those of ADHD. --Erica Jorgensen

Building on the science of nutrition that she outlined in her bestselling book, Potatoes Not Prozac, Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons now presents the first complete, in-depth dietary plan for living with–and healing–sugar sensitivity. She explains exactly how you can free your mind and body from the tyranny of sugar and shake off the exhaustion, mental fogginess, and mood swings that sugar dependence causes. Revealing the various ways sugar addiction affects both men and women, and the unique methods for healing it, Dr. DesMaisons encourages you to custom-tailor her simple program to fit your lifestyle and includes information on

• How to integrate a “slow-carbs not low-carbs” strategy into your diet
• Why regular protein is essential and how to get it with every meal
• What to eat when a sugar craving strikes
• How to get the nutrition you need on the run–even at fast-food restaurants
• How to find an exercise program you’ll enjoy
• Ten breakfasts you can prepare in a flash
• Menus and recipes for every lifestyle and taste

Practical, hands-on, and reader friendly, The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program will transform your life by helping you eat right–starting today!

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Customer Reviews:

  • Thank you Dr. D!!
    I've read been collecting "diet" books for several years. This one really explains, in language that a math teacher can follow, what goes on in my body, why it does the things it does, and what I can do to feel better. I highly recommend it to people like myself, who have spent a month's pay on the latest feel-good solution only to be depressed two months later because the bottom fell out again. This is based on hard science, clinical research, and love. It works, and it is a good thing....more info
  • The Sugar Addicts total Recovery Programme
    When it comes to finding information that is critically needed, it is rare to find it. However, the book "The Sugar Addicts total Recovery Programme" is the very best I have found for solving the sugar cravings that were controlling my life. I found the copy I have in a used book store and purchased it. I have a friend that also suffers with this addiction and so I purchased another copy from Amazon to send to her. I have been so impressed with the information and the RESULTS from applying that information that I also purchased the other two books written by the same author. For anyone who is "hung up" on sugar consumption this is the answer to solving your dilema. I highly recommend it. It only took a few days for me to recognize a big difference in my cravings and that was just the beginning. After a few weeks I weighed myself to find I had lost 13 pounds. I am not doing this programme to lose weight but it is a nice side affect for sure since I am over weight. This book is not for the casual reader it is for someone who really wants to solve the problem. I have more energy and feel better than I have for a long time. The food I eat tastes good and I feel the difference after meals. I no longer have that afternoon "crash" that occurred when I was comsuming sugar like I was. I constantly go back and reread sections to be sure I am still using it to my best advantage. It simply works and I am not completely into the full programme yet. ...more info
  • Finally - The Answer
    This book is the answer I have been looking for all my life. After reading the first chapter, I knew I was home. This is the only way to cure the insanity of sugar addiction....more info
  • Finally the solution to why I overeat
    I've been following Dr. DesMaisons solution since her previous best seller, "Potatoes not Prozac", was released. I've lost weight and I feel better than I have felt in many, many years. This phenominal new book stands on its own providing all the tools you need to learn about and follow the solution to sugar addiction. It is easy to read, conversational, and sends warmth and caring right to you. Don't pass this up if you want to lose weight and feel on top of the world....more info
  • Zero Stars
    This is just [like one] of the Atkin's high protein diet with a twist - adding potatoes. She states in the book that this is not high protein but then she turns around and tells you to consume about 1/2gram of protein per pound of body weight! Neither of these diets concern themselves with the dieter getting proper nutrition. Without consideration for the body's nutritive needs, neither diet works in the long run. Ms DesMaisons claims to a PhD in her self described "first degree ever awarded in addictive nutrition." Both of these titles are from the almost non-existent never-heard of internet Union Institute. The catch phrase alone, "addictive nutrition," is itself an oxymoron. Any serious health practioner (in fact anyone with common sense) will tell you that what's addictive is not nutritious. The terms are incompatible... You'd be wiser to spend your time studing nutrition and learning what your body needs and then following it......more info
  • This is not what I expected, but much better!
    I have been searching for the last few years to find a "diet" that would help me lose weight and feel great. I wanted to find something that would be permanent. I have quite a collection of diet books from I consider them all to be reference material. Dr. DesMaisons' first book Potatoes Not Prozac kept coming up as a suggestion from I ignored it, thinking this was not what I was looking for. Then I got a notice that a new book, The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program, was coming out and based on my previous purchases I might be interested in this book. I hesitated for a few days, but purchased it, along with 3 other books about kicking the sugar habit. I started reading the other 3 books, but once I picked up The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program, I couldn't put it down. This program has made a significant impact in my life. I feel empowered by the simple steps outlined in this book. I am amazed at how supportive the people involved in this program are, including Dr. DesMaisons, herself! This book was not what I expected, it was much better! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Sugar is a killer; I can finally GET A LIFE!!!
    I can't adequately express how grateful I am for Dr. DesMaisson's book. I've been a self-described sugar addict since 1996, when I gave up sucrose, but SARP gives me the information and the tools I need to complete the process and embark on complete recovery.

    I was in denial for a long time about so-called "sugarfree" foods containing sweeteners like maltitol, sorbitol and even fruit juice concentrate. SARP lists all of those "non-sugar" sweeteners and basically says, WAKE UP! IT'S SUGAR! This is something my body has known all along, but SARP finally convinced my brain!

    I'm still in the beginning stages of this program, but thanks to the wonderful online support at, I can read the experiences of many who are a lot further along than I am and who promise great things ahead. I can also share my experiences as I go, which has proven invaluable in the process thus far.

    This program is not for sissies: it DOES involve sacrifice and hard work. The reason I'm so willing to do it is because I've been fighting my sugar addiction for all of my 38 years and regardless of what I have to give up, I want to at long last GET A LIFE!!! This is the first program that doesn't merely promise me a gate through which I can pass to weight loss (Dr. DesMaissons also has a weight loss plan in an online book, but the first step is mastering all seven steps of SARP). This program promises (and testimonials from my new online friends confirm) a WAY OUT of the confusion and emotional havoc which I has always been my life. That's worth any price I have to pay.

    And one final note: I agree with the person who wrote the review "Not for VEGANS!" that livestock animals are treated horribly, but the fact is, many people do eat them and Dr. DesMaisson's book had to take that into consideration, I believe. It is VERY POSSIBLE to do this program as a vegetarian or Vegan, so please don't let anything stand in your way.

    To all my fellow sugar addicts: THERE'S HOPE!!! AT LAST THERE'S HOPE!!!

    Jane Srygley...more info

  • user friendly
    This book was excellent: highly educational. The program seems user friendly, achievable and long-term. Part of the program includes avoiding white bread and rice later on, however, depending on your personal needs, it may not be totally necessary. (don't think I could give up french bread for the rest of my days)....more info
  • A real lifesaver
    Kathleen DesMaison's first book, Potatoes not Prozac, changed my life. I had been depressed and negative for years, and just couldn't change my attitude, no matter what I did. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that those desserts I loved so much were the cause of my problems.

    The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program picks up where Potatoes not Prozac left off, and provides the practical know how to follow the plan outlined in Potatoes not Prozac. (By the way, this book stands by itself, so you don't need to read Potatoes not Prozac first.) It's full of practical tips and techniques. You'll learn how to make a grocery list, and shop for food, how to find a sugar free snack at a convenience store, what to order when you eat out, how to deal with nosy people who try to get you to eat sugar, how to sail through the holidays without sugar, and many other things. The book also features recipes submitted by people who are following the way of eating described in the book.

    Kathleen DesMaisons has a very accessible writing style. You feel as though you are having a conversation with her. A feature I really enjoyed in this book is quotes from people who have been following the program. In case you are having doubts about the ability to have a good life without sugar, just read some of the quotes. It can be done, and here are real people who are doing it, just to prove it to you.

    If you have even the slightest suspicion that you might be sugar sensitive, buy this book. It could totally change your life. In the last two years, since I started this program, I have changed in so many ways, I feel that I am finally becoming the person I was meant to be, instead of just staying stuck in depression and negativity. This book will show you how you too can become the person you were meant to be....more info

  • not just a diet book
    I wanted a diet book intially, one that would be easy to do...but this is so much more. I really do have a problem with sugar...could never say no to a chocolate bar...thought people who gave up candy for lent were nuts. I'm not saying it easy...I'm still on part 2 after a month, but I can already see I feel differently about carbs and sugar. Oh and for those who don't get the point of eating a potatoes at night, all that about the glycemic index stuff...well you eat the potatoe with its fiber is found in the skin makes all the difference.......more info
  • One question...
    I'm sorry, I haven't read the book, but one thing seems so outwardly contradictory to me that I have to say something. Cooked potatoes, which is what this author's diet plan revolves around, have an insanely high glycemic index- in plain terms, eating potatoes will raise your blood sugar faster than even table sugar, causing the insulin spike and so on. How can this author claim to be promoting a sugar-free diet??...more info
  • Finding a solution
    All my life I have struggled with gaining and losing literally hundreds of pounds. Always thought it was because I didn't have emough "will power". I could write a book on all the diets I tried - and eventually failed. I could make no sense out of what was going on for me. I was beginning to accept that I was going to my grave fat. I am a successful woman in every other area of my life, but I could not succeed in losing weight and keeping it off. My life seemed to revolve around getting my sugar fix and never running out of it. I was seriously considering gastric bypass surgery as a way out of my hell.

    Dr Desmaison's book opened my eyes. Questions no one was ever able to answer got answered. I have hope. I have a way out. I learned that I never needed a "diet" but a way to balance my sugar sensitive body. Today I am calmer, more focused and right where I need to be to experience a weight loss that(in time and with healing) will come off and STAY off. No more mood swings either! This is a guide for healing from the inside out. This is without a doubt the absolute BEST book I have ever bought for myself....more info

  • Excellent companion to Potatoes Not Prozac
    Whenever we embark on a trip to a faraway land, it is always useful to hear what worked and did not work from others who have already been there and done that.

    The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program is packed full of what works and what does not work on the journey to radiant recovery from sugar and/or alcohol addiction. Both Dr DesMaison and many other people from all around the world share their practical insights.

    I have found the down to earth wisdom in this book invaluable on my journey to feeling great about myself and my life.

    Thanks to Dr DesMaison and all the other people who made this book a reality....more info
  • The absolute truth.
    The science presented is easily understood, and after reading through the checklists, there is no doubt that I am addicted to sugar and it has caused me a great deal of pain in my life. The program of recovery is detailed in gradual steps, which was hard with my black-and-white thinking to adapt to. But I believe it is the right way to approach this problem. It was inspiring to read the stories of people who have succeeded. A counselor who specializes in addiction told me this was the best book on sugar addiction he had seen. A powerful book for a BIG problem. ...more info
  • Lacking Scientific Method
    The subject matter is well intended but misses the mark. What proof is there that any of this works? What studies can the author show? None.

    I don't argue that giving up sugar is a good thing. It is. I'm afraid that the implications are that SSRI's can be given up after sometime. Perhaps they can but without using the scientific method the author can fill the pages with only anecdotal information. This is treading on thin ice.

    How many will abandon there medication and depend on what food they eat? I hope those people will think twice.

    Robert...more info

  • This book can change your life.
    I've read *all* the books and tried so many "diets," but never found one single program that was able to make a lasting difference in my life and weight. This book builds on the science explained in Dr. Des Maisons's first book, Potatoes Not Prozac, which helped me to understand that weight gain (and depression) WAS NOT MY FAULT, but rather a function of my sugar-sensitive biochemistry. That realization was key to 80 pounds of weightloss (and counting) and the kind of centeredness, confidence and happiness I haven't known since childhood....more info
  • there is hope
    finally, there is hope. all my life i have battled being fat. i was a normal enough baby and a cute chubby toddler, but i never lost that 'baby fat'. it eventually culminated in a 2 year period of depression, low-self esteem, inability to focus on things and a myriad of other health problems due to excess weight.

    then enter dr. desmaisons' first book 'potatoes not prozac'. i read it in one sitting, crying as i read my story. with 'the sugar addict's total recovery program', dr. desmaisons has removed the science and written a road map to getting on the road to sugar sensitivity recovery. i would call it the first in a series of steps to combatting sugar sensitivity and excess weight.

    the book outlines the 7 steps to healing sugar sensitivity in layman's terms. she conveys this program with love and compassion and a great understanding of sugar sensitivity. she has many years experience with the treatment of sugar sensitive indiviuals and has listened to what works best in this healing process.

    besides containing valuable information about sugar sensitivity, there are tips on travelling and sugar sensitive recipes as well.

    this book will change your life....more info

  • I finally found the answer!
    After about 50 years of being on one diet or another, losing a lot of weight quickly and then regaining it all plus some when I attempted maintenance, I found the answer for me! When I read The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program, I saw myself on almost every page. For a long time I have known that if I have any sugar in my body I just crave more and more. Now I found out why and what to do about it.

    Dr. DesMaisons gives a very clear step by step guide to changing your eating habits. I now eat better than I ever have in my life - more balanced meals and my body is slowly coming into balance. As an added benefit, I am losing weight slowly and steadily!

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who even thinks they may be sensitive to sugar. Dr. DesMaisons writing style is personal and easy to understand. This book has changed attitude toward food and I now enjoy my healthy, balanced meals!...more info

  • FINALLY a balanced plan for people who go SCHWING for carbs
    This is the first "how to eat right" author who explains why I feel awful, binge or gain weight on every other mainstream eating plan.

    The premise is that some people are born with "sugar sensitivity." The author explains how this affects blood sugar and insulin and the brain chemicals serotonin and beta-endorphin. The eating plan is designed to heal the whacked-out biochemistry and sidestep this sick-making response to sugars and whites.

    I've been on this way of eating feel better than ever in my whole life. Which makes sense because I'm a baby boomer raised on sugars & whites so have been having the bad reactions all my life, until now.

    The book has chapters on what it means to be sugar sensitive, a step-by-step method for good eating, what to do about social times and includes recipes. The book has been compiled from years of real-world peoples' experience and simply exudes useful practicality.

    If you are a person who feels like sugar and white bread make you "light up," and who has gained on USDA Food Pyramid, starved, gained or bloated on WW-McDougall-Jenny Craig-Susan Powter, gotten depressed, bonked, or binged on Atkins-CAD-Protein Power, this may be the plan for you.

    Don't be put off by the word "addict" in the title. "Sugar sensitivity" is the problem - addiction is just an end result. If you have this exaggerated response to sugars and whites you can avoid it and not get worse and worse over 40 years into full addiction like I did.

    And oh yes, we do have carbs! We learn how to eat the right kinds in the right amounts and at the right times for our individual bods. Imagine - having carbs and good health both! - the best of all possible worlds....more info

  • Adaptable To Crazy Work Schedules
    Like so many others, I was overweight and couldn't seem to find a way to lose the extra pounds and keep them off. On top of that, I was severely depressed for several years. Not until Dr. DesMaisons first book, "Potatoes Not Prozac" did I learn that the way I was eating, and the things I was eating, was all contributing not only to my weight problem, but also my depression. This first book was an eye opener. It teaches the science behind the problem of sugar sensitivity.

    Because of my irregular work hours, I can't eat my meals at "normal" meal times. But this program is adaptable to MY schedule, not someone else's. I just follow the outline for eating at proper intervals, and keep it in the context of my workday. And it works! I have begun to lose weight, and I no longer have to depend on an antidepressant to elevate my moods. I have been out of the depression for over a year, and I have never felt better.

    Dr. DesMaisons' second book, "The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program" is a great follow-up to her first book. It gives us a "roadmap" to follow to recover from sugar addiction, as well as practical information to incorporate this program into everyday use. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better and live life the way it is meant to be lived!...more info

  • At last, someone who understands.....
    Kathleen has done lots of research on the subject of food and addicition. At last, someone has an answer to a problem that has haunted me for years! I'm following her seven steps and the impact is amazing! My thinking is clearer, my cravings for bread, pastas and potatoes are gone. I am, at last, in control of what I eat, and understand my body better. Her food journal is a must to help discover what foods trigger me, and those that help me face each day stronger....more info
  • Life Saving
    I am a long time customer of and this is the first time
    I've written a review because it's that important. This book as well
    as the author's first book (Potatoes Not Prozac) is life-saving and
    life-changing. I am 37 years old and I've finally discovered why my
    whole life has been wrought with mood swings, unpredictable violent
    tempers, depression, body pain, obesity, low self-esteem etc. The
    reason: sugar sensitivity and an unbalanced biochemistry. My whole
    life is changing now for the better since reading the books and
    getting support from the author's community forum. I thank God everyday that I found these
    books and Kathleen DesMaisons.
    ...more info
  • Life Changing
    This book very clearly explained the biochemistry of Sugar Addiction and how to recover from it. I loved the gentle, reassuring voice of the author, Kathleen DesMaisons. I felt like she was holding my hand and walking me through the steps needed to change life-long self defeating patterns.

    I have implemented these changes in my life and my life is turning around. People are telling me how radiant I look! My mind is clear and I am energetic and creative. I am going through the holidays without being tempted by the myriad of "treats" surrounding me.

    For the first time, I really know how to take care of myself with food and, more importantly, I am able to follow through on what I know.

    Kathleen's research and experience are a lifesaver! I highly recommend this book. And make sure to check out her website, which is an abundant resource: info

  • NOT FOR VEGANS! There are other forms of protein than animal
    This book has a lot of good tips, but it is environmentally irresponsible to recommend eating animals as well as nutritionally irresponsible, given the fact that meat, which is the muscle of an animal, is fat and cholesterol.

    The author mentions tofu, but doesn't mention the fact that vegetables have as much protein as animal flesh.

    Animals raised for food suffer more than consumers can imagine. Please stop promoting the meat industry and irresponsible nutrition....more info

  • Makes sense but....
    I guess Desmaisons theory is correct but her suggestions didn't really work for me. I do understand that sugar is detrimental to our health but how to go about eliminating it from your diet can be a struggle. I suggest Kat James 'The Truth About Beauty' or Roberts "The Shangria-La Diet" for help on loosing weight and cutting sugar. ...more info
  • Finally an Answer
    The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program is a great book which has helped me to finally understand all my years of yo-yo dieting and to put an end to it. I have found a way to treat my sugar addiction and in doing so have become so much happier. This book is easy to read, user friendly, practical and so very loving. I am truley amazed with the many changes that have occured in my life from simply 'doing the food.' This book is a must read for anyone struggling with mood swings, sugar or general crankiness....more info
    Understanding our imbalances is the first and only way to begin a remedy. Kathleen DesMaisons offers an unmistakable awareness like no one else in her books. Most of us that have battled depression have had limited awareness provided to us. In Kathleen's books we learn that low serotonin is only a third accountable for, low energy, mood swings, impaired concentration, addiction etc. As a result,an antidepressant alone is like treating only one third of the ailment. Much like setting a broken arm but forgetting to secure it with a cast/splint after. This concept is finally the missing pieces for complete recovery, not just temporary relief. It also provides us with the comprehension of our inherited biochemical characteristics that most likely we pass on to our children. This awareness is so significant in understanding the impact that good nutrition has on our children in this epidemic of chemical disorders that result in learning disabilities,behavior problems and obesity. Most importantly this lifetime remedy is all natural. Thanks Kathleen! P. Lindorff...more info


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