The Three Stooges Collection, Vol. 5: 1946-1948

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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 03/17/2009 Run time: 432 minutes

Fans of the Three Stooges tend to fall into two camps--those that love Shemp Howard, and those that, quite simply, do not, but one might believe that the pristine presentation of the 25 postwar shorts gathered in The Three Stooges Collection Volume 5 will sway even the most ardent anti-Shemp viewer to reversing his position. Shemp’s involvement with the Stooges goes back to their days in vaudeville with Ted Healy, whose questionable business practices forced him to leave the act and seek stardom on his own, which he achieved in one-reelers and features throughout the a??30s and a??40s. He returned to the fold after brother Curly suffered a series of strokes, which forced him to bow out of all shorts after 1947’s "Half-Wits Holiday" (on Disc One). Shemp became a full-time Stooge again in the trio’s 98th short, "Fright Night," and almost immediately established his persona in the group--a blend of Curly’s volcanic man-child and an easily amused goof whose skewed sense of humor drew the wrath of Moe. Whether his performance will win new converts remains to be seen, but some of his best work with the Stooges are compiled on this two-disc set, including "Brideless Groom" (Shemp must get married in 24 hours or lose his inheritance; Stooge supporting player Emil Sitka’s oft-quoted line, "Hold hands, you lovebirds!" from this short is overheard in Pulp Fiction); "Sing a Song of Six Pants" (the boys attempt to corral a fugitive bank robber for the reward money); "Shivering Sherlocks" and "Hot Scots" (two of their best haunted house scenarios, with the hunchback Angel in "Sherlocks" a bizarre highlight); and "Hold That Lion," which features the final screen appearance of Curly Howard in a surprise cameo. As with all previous Three Stooges Collection DVDs, Volume 5 includes a number of shorts that have never been released to disc, including "Lion," "All Gummed Up" and "Pardon My Clutch." --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • Please Release On DVD All The Three Stooges Films
    I enjoy the later short films of the stooges, too, made & released into the 50's and shown on TV. The actor who replaced Shemp wasn't quite as slapstick as the others, but he was okay in his own right and the films are still fun to watch. Also, it's enjoyable to see actors alive today (or recently deceased) playing bit parts in some of the later Three Stooges films....more info
  • Great News!! Vol 5 Is Almost Here!!
    I just want to thank Sony for giving true stooges fans the ability to own such a wonderful collection. I'm 35 years old and it was my mother who was first to introduce me to stooges. We've had many laughs through the years. She is no longer with us but now not only can I revisit all those precious memories, and I can begin new ones with my two sons. Thanks Sony and Amazon, keep the The Three Stooges Collection coming.

    ...more info
  • Finally......The "Shemp's"
    Finally the Shemp short's are being released. Let's keep them coming Sony. If nobody has said this yet, THANK YOU Sony, for putting the Stooges out on DVD the "right" way....more info
  • Keep them coming !!!
    As a lifelong Stooges fan, this is the greatest thing to come down the pike! I tried taping them, but it was difficult when I wanted to find a certain episode. I would have to constantly rewind and/or fast-forward. Now to have ALL the episodes in chronological order is great. I look up a certain episode and pop it in the DVD player whenever I want.
    Curly's health is in definite decline in Vol. 5(Vol 1-4 are better Curly episodes)but to have all the episodes with Curly in them (yes he's in "Hold that Lion", one of Shemps first episodes in 1947) IS WHAT EVERY STOOGES FAN WOULD WANT.
    Although my favorite is Curly (all of them are classics) there are some Shemp episodes that are great (Sing A Song of Six Pants comes to mind).
    This Three Stooges Collection is what every Stooge fan should have.
    Please keep them coming !!!!
    ...more info
  • The only volume that will contain BOTH Curly and Shemp!
    This review is for the CONTENT included on this volume, rather than the production. I have all the shorts included here on VHS and I can only applaud Sony Pictures for releasing these shorts uncut, unedited, and remastered for the first time on DVD (Bravo Sony, Bravo). As other reviewers have mentioned, even though Curly's health was declining toward the end of his career, I still enjoy watching any Stooge short with Curly or Shemp. Personally, I would've liked to have seen the pic with Moe, Larry, and Shemp looking at the train passenger (played by a retired Curly with hair!) in 'Hold that Lion' as the main cover pic, but at least they included it in one of the smaller pics off to the right hand side. If the production quality of this volume is as good as the others, I very much look forward to watching. Keep'em coming Sony!...more info
  • Great set!!! - more to come!!!
    Other people have given their opinions...I agree with most of them. Great set! Here's a little info:
    I'm sharing the message which was posted in the Usenet Stooges newsgroup: VideoETA lists Volume 6 1949-1951 for release on June16!!! 113928
    Keep in mind this should be considered tentative information, until Sony makes an official announcement.
    I really, really hope all 190 shorts are released. Such good transfers! A must for any fan! Come on Sony. Keep 'em coming!...more info
  • Finally...Shemp!
    Just because Curly is gone by 1946/47 doesn't mean that one should not buy this Volume 5. Shemp is in some of my favorite shorts! I was a little worried that once the DVDs were released with all the Curly shorts, that Columbia would quit. Thanks Columbia for continuing with the series and I hope you release EVERY last one of the Stooges shorts - all the way thru after Shemp left too!...more info
  • The story continues.............
    The Stooges get 5 stars just for still being very active today and getting all this press. They were just flat out funny and in my opinion equally as funny when Shemp was in there. After the Shemp era I would say they declined dramatically. How long could they do this stuff?

    How many shows from the 1930's and 1940's are still on "every" week? Sony has done a great thing by releasing these classics. ...more info
  • The fifth volume of `THE THREE STOOGES COLLECTION' would feature the final episodes featuring Curly Howard and a return of Shemp
    Classic slapstick comedy at its best. The Three Stooges will always be remembered and never forgotten!

    I grew up watching "THE THREE STOOGES", during a time when classic B&W shorts were shown on television and I could remember coming home every lunch time to visit my grandparents during high school and catching the series on television and just enjoying the zany adventures of Moe, Curly and Larry plus Shemp who would highlight "THE THREE STOOGES" during the Columbia Pictures years (1934-1959).

    There were a total of 190 shorts created for Columbia Pictures and in this fifth volume of "THE THREE STOOGES COLLECTION", the following episodes are featured:


    1. Beer Barrel Polecats
    2. A Bird in the Head
    3. Uncivil Warbirds
    4. Three Troubledoers
    5. Monkey Businessmen
    6. Three Loan Wolves
    7. G.I. Wanna Home
    8. Rhythm and Weep
    9. Three Little Pirates


    1. Ball-Wits Holiday
    2. Fright Night
    3. Out West
    4. Hold that Lion
    5. Bridless Groom
    6. Sing a Song of Six PAnts
    7. All Gummed Up


    1. Shivering Sherlocks
    2. Pardon My Clutch
    3. Squareheads of the Round Table
    4. Fiddlers Three
    5. The Hot Scots
    6. Heavenly Daze
    7. I'm a Monkey's Uncle
    8. Mummy's Dummies
    9. Crime on Their Hands

    Within these three years, there are some definite classics that I was pleased to see in this collection.

    A few of my favorites from this fifth volume include "Beer Barrel Polecats". Moe, Curly and Larry decide to make beer during prohibition and in the process get in trouble and end up in jail. What ensues is a hilarious episode with each men trying to find ways out of jail and each time they try to escape, they get caught and more and more years are tacked to their sentence.

    In "A Bird in the Head", a mad scientist wants to transplant his gorilla's brain into Curly's head. And thus a cat and mouse chase as the mad scientist and a gorilla go after the Stooges.

    "Monkey Businessman" features Moe, Curly and Larry who meet a doctor who is scamming their patients by making up illnesses or injuries thus making the patient pay more and more money. But with Moe, Curly and Larry visiting the doctor, the three prove to be more than the doctor can handle.

    In 1947's "Half-Wits Holiday", the episode was one of the most hilarious episodes as two doctors bet if one of them can take three morons and prepare him for upper society. To see the three try to behave classy in front of everyone but yet making major mistakes. As hilarious as this short film was, unfortunately this episode became the final episode to star Curly who suffered a stroke while filming.

    With Curly needing to get better after his stroke, Moe asked his brother Shemp to come back to the series for the next episode titled "Fright Night". The episode would mark the return of Shemp (who was an original member of the trio when the Stooges were a Vaudeville act back in the 1920's). Shemp already had a successful film career and was reluctant to join the group but knowing that his brother's depended on "THE THREE STOOGES" for their career, he took the job with the assumption that he would leave when Curly got better.

    The return of Shemp would feature episodes that were just as hilarious as before. Although, Curly was a hard act to replace, Shemp was just as hilarious and in "Fright Night", the guys help train a fighter for a boxing match while Shemp was more or less a body bag for the fighter. But in the episode, with the mafia expecting the Stooges to make their fighter lose, this sets up a hilarious fight between the stooges and gangsters.

    In the episode "Hold that Lion", this episode would mark the first episode to feature Moe, Larry, Shemp and Curly. Although, Curly made a cameo in that short, Curly would never return to the "THREE STOOGES" as his health continued to deteriorate and would pass away less than five years later.

    In "Heavenly Daze", Shemp who has departed returns back to Earth as an invisible angel and his job is to reform Lary and Moe. This episode was interesting as it utilized fire effects.

    And another favorite is "I'm a Monkey's Uncle" which features Moe getting a date with a beautiful cavewoman and sets up his brothers to date her sisters. A wild and hilarious episode as the ex-boyfriends want their women back and thus a battle ensues between the ex-boyfriends and the new boyfriends for who will become the boyfriends of the women.


    The re-releases of "THE THREE STOOGES COLLECTION" features all episodes digitally remastered and in their original release order. In essence, the video quality is black and white and but because of it's age, it still holds up very well. Some episodes feature mild lighting fluctuations and grain since it was on film but overall, the video quality holds up. Video is presented in 1:33:1 full screen.

    As for audio, the audio is featured in Dolby Digital Mono in English with closed captions for subtitles.


    Unfortunately there are no special features included in this volume.


    "THE THREE STOOGES COLLECTION" vol. 5 continues the classic slapstick comedy that the men were known for. The accidental hits to the faces, accidental eye poking, knocks on the head and slaps with their own audio effects plus each character's mannerisms definitely made "THE THREE STOOGES" quite a hilarious and fun classic.

    Each episodes are short at nearly around 18 minutes long and you get 25 digitally remastered, hilarious shorts from 1946-1948 but most of all, this volume features the final ten episodes of Curly, the re-appearance of Shemp who would go on to do over 70 more shorts (15 in this volume) and of course the one and only episode featuring all four men together in the 1947 episode of "Hold that Lion".

    For those of us who grew up within the decades that these episodes were shown on television, we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy these classics but unfortunately, unless you are looking hard for them, a lot of these classic shorts are not as easy to find (ie. "Our Gang/Little Rascals", "The Three Stooges", etc.).

    I remember watching these episodes as a child through my teenager years and while watching this volume, I was watching it with my six-year-old son who was also laughing and fascinated by these "crazy" guys. So, it goes to show that even though these episodes are over 60-years-old, they are still timeless and hilarious now as it was then.

    Also, during these years, production for the "THREE STOOGES" featured the guys in various locations, various set designs and obviously had a really good budget. This changes however in 1952, in which Columbia downsized their shorts division and thus started to reuse past footage to make episodes. So, fortunately for this volume, you still get the quality of each episode with better stage settings and locations.

    If you are a big fan of "THE THREE STOOGES", the fifth collection is worth owning for the final Curly episodes, the return of Shemp and that rare episode to see all four together. Definitely a DVD volume that should definitely be in the collections of Stooges fans!...more info
  • Shemp: The Greatest Stooge
    I'm certain there are others who agree Shemp was the best Stooge.

    Far more subtle than Curly, Shemp was a master at underplaying in these genreally broad comedy gems. While Curly was very physical and in-your-face, the more intellectual Shemp was a master of facial expression and tonal nonsense. Thus more appealing.

    "Fuelin' Around" is a fave. In it, Shemp names the secret fuel sideways; and it always elicits a huge laugh from me.

    Perhaps it was his great disdain for and disbelief in Stoogic violence that caused him to hang back. However, in other roles his acting was nuanced as well. He reminds me of WC Fields.

    Thank you Sony for (seemingly) releasing all the shorts. Not much of a risk for you though. They're selling like hotcakes.

    Now, about Larry . . . ...more info
  • Laughter is good medicine.
    There are actually shows I've never seen in this collection. Brings back memories for me and creates new ones for my grandkids....more info
  • Curly's sad exit, and Shemp returns to the team
    At long last, Vol. 5 is being released, bridging the gap between two great comics. These final handful of Curly shorts are sometimes painful to watch, as Curly's health continued to deteriorate. Some were just not up to the same level of the earlier ones, and it's obvious when Columbia tries to "cover up" Curly's illness with clips from past shorts or "Curly" body doubles. It was a sad fate for such a gifted comedic talent. As Moe once said of his younger brother: "He was a talented comic; a genius in his field". Well put, Moe!
    The good news: Shemp returns! While he's no Curly--he never tried to be!--Shemp is terribly underrated. Even when the material is slight, he's a very good comic who can hold his own.
    This stage was an important transition for the team. And this particular volume should be interesting to watch. ...more info
  • Done Right
    I've bought all the volume's Sony has produced so far. They are a prime example of how these things can be done right with a little thought and effort.

    Most importantly, the picture and sound are top notch.

    Second, you have the ability to play all or a selected episode.

    Finally,there are no frilly little extras that you watch once (or not at all).

    All in all, in my opinion a great job well worth the money if you're a Stooges fan....more info
  • Interesting
    It was sad to see Curly's energy fade. The collection was interesting historically, and gives Shemp his just praise....more info
  • Poor Shemp! He just gets NO respect!
    Shemp-- the Rodney Dangerfield [who?] of comedy-- had most
    of his FUNNY stuff (what an adlibber!) cut out of the films
    he appeared "second-banana." He held his own, quite
    well, in several full-length Abbbott&Costello; W.C.Fields;
    Charlie Chan;etc.,etc. films, and his own short-subjects as
    well. Shemp-- in real life-- had many phobias that scared
    the be-jesus outta him. People loved hangin' out with him--
    except cigar-haters. The man could make The Devil laugh!
    Speakin' o' haters. The transfers of these films look as if
    they were filmed yesterday-- NOT 65 or 75 years ago. Don't
    hate the comedy team because of ONE member. Everybody has a
    PREFERENCE... a WEAKNESS... a STRENGTH. Listen, The Stooges...
    like Abbott& Costello... Reagan... the Clintons... are an acquired
    taste. You love them, or you hate them. Stinky; Mike the cop;
    Nancy; and Chelsey are JUST secondary-characters. But, they ARE
    all FAMILY! It's a package-deal! If you, in fact, DON'T like Shemp,
    I guess you'll turn BLUE when Joe Besser, and, Curly-Joe, pop up in
    the '50s! Take a chill-pill and allow Columbia/Sony to continue with
    these pieces of film history! Comedy treasures, all 190 short films!
    The feature films weren't TOO bad. The B-E-S-T thing is that in the
    past, these shorts were on 47-- count 'em!-- forty-seven VHS video-
    cassette-tapes, maybe it was 50... well, anyway, been giving THOSE
    away as these are released. Several feet of shelf-space replaced by
    less than ONE... even when all NINE collections are done.... at a
    T-R-E-M-E-N-D-O-U-S-L-Y C-H-E-A-P-E-R price!...more info
  • Love Them All
    I now own all, 1,2,3,4,5. What can I say about vol, #5 just as great as the rest. These are excellent. If you love the Stooges as I do theses are a must....more info
    There was only one Curly, of course - but the vastly underrated Shemp Howard was surely the next best thing, and a class act all the way. Not many fans know that Shemp took a 50% salary cut from his successful solo career to help out his kid brother, Moe. He'd been earning twice as much for years as a busy freelance character actor, in memorable cameo bits supporting W.C. Fields, Abbott & Costello, Olsen & Johnson - and just about everyone else in Hollywood. (And, frankly, having a much easier go of it. Unfortunately for posterity, the 52 year-old Shemp was already past his prime as a knockabout comic by the time he gamely returned to the team in 1947.)

    But game he was, luckily for us. Shemp was blessed with an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime face that was a gift from the comedy gods. Displaying the seasoned comic instincts of a veteran clown, Shemp came equipped with a wonderful natural delivery, perfect ensemble timing, and a hilarious arsenal of quirky sounds, twitches and classic pratfalls. Out of altruism and family loyalty, he made the devil's choice - and three generations of comedy fans can be grateful for a noble and selfless gesture.

    More Shemp facts: Shemp had virtually created the Stooges' trademark style of comedy with Ted Healy in vaudeville, before Moe, Larry Fine or Curly ever even joined the act. Simply put (for the benefit of some uninformed reviewers), without the vitally important Shemp there never would have been any Three Stooges in the first place - which makes undermining his legacy all the more pointless and absurd. He was also an uncredited gag writer on some early Curly shorts, such as "Pardon My Scotch," and in 1944 he took over for an ailing Curly during the Stooges' many live performance appearances.

    Ah, but was he FUNNY? Well, the proof is in the pudding, (or custard pie, as the case may be.) Even his HAIR was funny - and who else could get his head "ironed" in an industrial pants press in quite the same way? Sixty years later, and the world is still laughing.

    "Heeb-eep-eep-eep-eep!" Shemp fever....CATCH IT!...more info
  • To Big Mac
    Just a quick note to Big Mac to inform him that there were no shorts with Curly Joe. I give this 5 stars before seeing this just because it's the Stooges. Those first four volumes were killer. I just wish Sony would go ahead and push the release dates up for the remainder of the shorts. Hell, I would buy the rest right now on one huge box set. Stooges rule....more info
  • Stop the madness
    All you Curly lovin shemp haters need to stop your madness...
    Shemp was no Curly, but Curly was no Shemp. They were both equally amusing in their own right, and both had their plusses and minuses. The one thing that can be said for Shemp, is that the Stooges never made a short with him that wasn't funny. The same cannot be said for Curly's era....I point to the ever pointless and grossly unamusing, "Calling All Curs"....what a waste of slapping, no real stooge level violence or banter...and if you really think about it, Woman Haters wasn't all that. Every time Shemp was on a short, you knew you were gonna enough with all the Shemp doesn't compare to Curly crap...cause it's just that....more info
  • Shemp is great too!
    I loved this collection just as much as the first four. It's sad to see Curly's health slowly going downhill but some of his final shorts are still funny. I don't know why some people don't like Shemp because I think he's hilarious in his own unique way. I was hoping that my favorite Shemp episode, "Who Done It?", was on to this set but I see it will be on volume 6. I highly recommend vol. 5! Five stars!...more info
  • moving on to weaker material
    There is no way to give this 5 stars. That rating belongs to the stooges at their peak. Here we see Curly's decline (as even the five star reviewers admit). So how can this be rated five stars like the fist four volumes deserve?
    And then we move on to Shemp. Shemp is not bad, but he is no Curly. Theaters and even television stations have shown marathons of their material, and a common gimmick is to show "All Curly" episodes...because Curly is the best.
    So in summary this volume is not five stars but maybe 3 1/2. Still a worthwhile purchase as there are some gems mixed in....but not the consistent excellence of the previous volumes....more info
  • The Three Stooges Volume Five- Curly's Last and Shemp's Return
    Finally, after many months of waiting, we get volume five DVD set of the Three Stooges. As usual we get more great episodes of the stooges. It is sad that this set contains Curly's last ten episodes, but he is replaced by the great Shemp Howard.

    1946-1947 With Curly

    88. Beer Barrel Polecats
    89. A Bird in the Head
    90. Uncivil War Birds
    91. The Three Troubledoers
    92. Monkey Businessmen
    93. Three Loan Wolves
    94. G.I. Wanna Go Home
    95. Rhythm and Weep
    96. Three Little Pirates (Curly at his finest)
    97. Half-Wits Holiday

    1947- 1948 With Shemp

    98. Fright Night (One of my personal favorites)
    99. Out West
    100. Hold That Lion! (Curly has a cameo in this episode!)
    101. Brideless Groom
    102. Sing a Song of Six Pants
    103. All Gummed Up
    104. Shivering Sherlocks
    105. Pardon My Clutch
    106. SquareHeads of the Round Table
    107. Fiddlers Three
    108. The Hot Scots
    109. Heavenly Daze
    110. I'm a Monkey's Uncle
    111. Mummy's Dummies
    112. Crime on Their Hands

    All of these episodes are great and I would highly recommend buying this great DVD set. It's a great gift for fans and non-fans alike and its comes at a decent price of $16.99. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now and enjoy this great set!...more info
  • Curly's legacy is born
    While the final shorts aren't vintage Curly, there are so many classic comedic moments that make them unforgettable. One of my clear favourites is 'Rhythm and Weep'. What a unique story. Three men tired of being failures attempt to kill themselves, meet three girls with the same motive, hook up with a millionaire with show ambitions only to discover the so called millionaire is a demented soul. The ending where the three stooges are yelling in breakdown frustration is both chilling and hilarious. the concept of the story is chaotic.Never has such a story been filmed and kudos to the person who wrote it.
    The stooges are often seen as the poor man neighbour to the marx brothers or abbott and costello, but their legacy is far more stronger than the others. thier appeal is timeless....more info
    So far the only thing not included in these newly remastered "Three Stooges" DVD sets is bonus material of any kind. As a "Three Stooges" fan I really hope that bonus material or some form of extras will be included in the final installments. Fortunately fans won't have to wait long for the next installment because Volume 6 from 1949-1951 From Sony Pictures is scheduled for release on June 16/2009.

    "Three Stooges" fans can breathe easier because Sony Pictures has released the fifth "Three Stooges Collection" volume five from 1946-1948 with the same amazing video and sound quality as found in the first four volumes. Once again fans will be happy to find that the 25 shorts in this outstanding two-disc set are in chronological order as they mark the end of Curly and the return of Shemp. In my opinion there isn't a bad short in this collection and whether you like him or not "Shemp" was hilarious in his own way.

    With the untimely departure of Curly because of his failing health the "Three Stooges" had to reinvent themselves to keep their brand of slapstick comedy going and this set is proof that they were definitely up to the challenge and Moe's brother Shemp was the only choice to take over for Curly. The quality of these shorts is a testament that bigger and better things were still to come from the "Three Stooges" and further proof that the boys wouldn't let their fans down.

    Once again Sony Pictures has done an incredible job with the video and sound remastering and they should be commended for their ongoing efforts. The digitally remastered video transfers are simply amazing; no longer do these shorts look like they were made over 60 years ago and the completely restored soundtrack is the best I've ever heard these shorts sound. Missing from these newly remastered shorts is the debris, grain, dirt and sound hissing that used to plague these wonderful shorts when they aired on television. This incredible set contains 25 shorts on two single sided discs packaged in slim cases. Once again the disc artwork and disc packaging is fantastic to say the least; making this set even more attractive and highly collectible for fans to own.

    In the past Sony Studios has been famous for releasing products with inferior quality and sometimes canceling future installments for no reason leaving fans with incomplete collections. So far this has not been the case and Stooge fans will be pleased that these newly remastered shorts are being presented complete and uncut, politically incorrect and in all they're Black & White glory for fans new & old to enjoy over and over again. Hip Hip Hooray!

    DVD Shorts Include:

    Disc #1
    Beer Barrel Polecats
    A Bird in the Head
    Uncivil Warbirds
    The Three Troubledoers
    Monkey Buisnessmen
    Three Loan Wolves
    G.I. Wanna Home
    Rhythm and Weep
    Three Little Pirates
    Half-Wits Holiday
    Fright Night
    Out West
    Hold That Lion

    Disc #2
    Brideless Groom
    Sing a Song of Six Pants
    All Gummed Up
    Shivering Sherlocks
    Pardon My Clutch
    Squareheads of the Round Table
    Fiddlers Three
    Hot Scots
    Heavenly Daze
    I'm a Monkey's Uncle
    Mummy's Dummies
    Crime on Their Hands...more info
  • Lots of changes taking place but the quality remains high
    This is a bit more of an uneven collection than the previous four. And, it's not because of the appearance of the vastly underrated Shemp Howard - it's Curly. As much of a genius as Curly Howard unquestionably was, it is difficult to watch him in his final shorts. His illness negatively colors the films and fouls up the greatest Stooge dynamic. Curly is robbed of his manic energy, cannot stand up to Moe, and comes off as pathetic. Seeing Moe clobber a stroke victim is not funny, it's sad. Luckily, due to the circumstances, the comedic emphasis was placed on Moe & Larry, the latter especially proving himself as a great laugh getter now that he was given more to do. Things pick up enormously when Shemp rejoins the Stooges. The changes he brings are all for the good but the basic three-way dynamic does change. First off, all three are more or less on par with each other (as opposed to some classic Curly shorts where Larry is pushed far into the background). Second, Shemp's character is more diffident than Curly's, so there is less opposition to Moe. However, Shemp's character is far more of a sardonic wiseacre than Curly's, so the whole act slides more into a Brooklyn wise-guy area than before. With the surrealism Curly bought to the table gone, the tone of the act comes more down to Earth. Some will forever miss the bizarre lunacy of the Curly years, but these Shemp efforts are consistently hilarious. Due to shrinking budgets, the films are smaller in scope but no less funny. However, after 1950 and the loss of some their best producers and directors (Ed Bernds & Hugh McCollum), the series does begin to suffer with remakes becoming more and more frequent. However, the Shemp episodes featured in this collection are the best of the best! All in all, despite it's ups and downs, a fine volume. Did I mention that Shemp is piss-your-pants funny?...more info
  • Goodbye Curly,Hello Shemp
    During this era,signs of deterioration began to show in Jerome Lester "Curly Howard" Horwitz. His habitual boozing led to waning health and eventually a series of strokes. Viewers could see a differently behaving Curly in the first 10 shorts in this set(his last). His high-pitched squeals had been converted to hoarse croaks and his nyuk-nyuk's became knock-knocks. BEER BARREL POLECATS features Curly,his brother Moe Howard and Larry Fine concocting their own beer and end up in jail after an unsuccessful attempt to sell it to an undercover cop! This short contains stock footage from 1941's SO LONG MR. CHUMPS and IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE. A scientist recruits Curly's brain,since it would fit perfectly,to be transplanted into a gorilla's skull in A BIRD IN THE HEAD. The boys are living Civil War life in UNCIVIL WARBIRDS. DIXIE is the opening theme instead of the traditional THREE BLIND MICE but TBM plays over the end title card. In THREE TROUBLEDOERS,Curly is appointed sheriff and Moe and Larry are his deputies. In MONKEY BUSINESSMEN,after they lose their jobs as electricians,the boys check in at Mallard's Home & Clinic to forget their cares and learn that the joint is operated by gangsters. In THREE LOAN WOLVES,Larry babysits a woman's infant nephew(the nephew,now a grade-school boy,hears a story told by Moe). In G.I. WANNA HOME,the boys are discharged from the army and marry their girlfriends. But first,the boys create a home of their own via a fenced backyard! In RHYTHM & WEEP,after multiple evictions from various theatres,actors Moe,Larry and Curly meet three beautiful actresses in the same sad predicament. They all plan to jump off the Empire State Building. In THREE LITTLE PIRATES,the boys with a beautiful girl do all they can to take themselves off an island. In HALF-WITS HOLIDAY,Curly's last film as a Stooge,the boys are transformed into sophisticated gentlemen and are promised $1,000 if they behave themselves,which they don't,of course. The typical gooey pie fight at a party. Curly had suffered a stroke before filming ended and was forced to retire. Exit Curly,enter his and Moe's brother Shemp as one of the Three Stooges. Columbia Pictures initially vetoed Shemp's inauguration into the team since he and Moe looked so much alike. Moe demanded to the studio's president,"Either Shemp joins or the Three Stooges are no more!" So in came Shemp and the Stooges continued making shorts for 11 1/2 more years. In FRIGHT NIGHT,despite no connections whatsoever with Halloween,the Stooges are fight managers and are ordered by gangsters that their boxer friend's opponent gets defeated(a bet was on). In OUT WEST,the boys travel west for the sake of Shemp's unhealthy leg. In HOLD THAT LION,the boys are on a train where one of their fellow passengers is a crook who stole their uncle's will and another passenger is a sleeping("Woob,woob,woob") Curly(in a cameo with a full head of hair)! In BRIDELESS GROOM,Shemp tries to meet or beat a deadline for his uncle's inheritance by marrying. He succeeds after marrying one of his female voice students,a homely spinster named Dinklemeyer(first name unknown). The Pip Boys,Larry,Moe and Shemp capture a wanted criminal and use the reward money to pay back dues to save their drycleaning business in SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS. In ALL GUMMED UP,the boys as drugstore operators concoct a formula to reverse the aging process which works beautifully on their landlord's wife(she loses 50 years from her life) but works on the landlord as well except he retains his gray-white hair and beard(he promised ownership of the building to the boys if the formula met his expectations). 1948 saw two English-themed shorts,FIDDLERS THREE and SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE. In FT,the boys all hold possession of violins but only Larry plays since he is a violinist himself by hobby(inspired by a childhood accident). The boys are about to lose their girlfriends. They have permission from the King to marry them but not before his daughter marries. In SOTRT,the boys do everything they can to keep Cedric the Blacksmith from being killed by the Black Prince,who wants Cedric's fiancee Elaine and to kill Elaine's King father as well. The boys are restaurateurs at the Elite Cafe and their boss Gladys Harmon is kidnapped by wanted gangsters in SHIVERING SHERLOCKS. In PARDON MY CLUTCH,Shemp is ill and by recommendation goes on a camping trip. The boys travel to Glenheather Castle in Scotland to guard objects of value in HOT SCOTS. In HEAVENLY DAZE,Shemp is dead and his ghost visits Earth to haunt Moe and Larry. In the end,Shemp is alive and well,but sleeping with his mattress and derriere on fire! The boys are cavemen in I'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE. Moe's girlfriend is Aggie and Larry and Shemp hook up with Aggie's two sisters Maggie and Baggie. In MUMMY'S DUMMIES,the boys swindle the Chief of the Palace Guards by selling him a raggedy chariot which breaks down upon the Chief's exit. The boys' lives are saved when they recover stolen tax money. The King's spinster daughter finds her husband-to-be,Shemp. In CRIME ON THEIR HANDS,the janitorial Stooges try their luck as newspaper reporters after tidying a manager/editor's office. After learning of the theft of the Punjab Diamond,the fourth largest diamond in the world,Shemp,with help from a kidnapped gorilla,knocks out the crooks and recovers the stone....more info
  • Curly's Great History Comes to a Saddened End in this Final Volume Representing Him
    This is going to be the great collection that showcases the end of our beloved and most favorited Stooges... Curly.

    Even though Shemp was by far a great replacement and filled with tons of humor and joy, he could never be or ever replace the humor that Curly brought to the Stooges.

    I will forever miss the Stooges and their great talents but I will always enjoy the work they did and the memories they shared with the fans....more info


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