C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Oral Hygiene Chews (with Chlorhexidine) for Large Dogs (26-50 Pounds)

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Product Description

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs with Chlorhexidine

  • Easy-to-digest Oral Hygiene chews treated with dual-enzyme system to help maintain oral health
  • Give as a daily treat
  • Great tasting
  • Combines the mechanical action of rawhide the renowned antimicrobial power of chlorhexidine
  • Helps keep breath fresh and teeth clean

Customer Reviews:

  • Healthy chew for dogs
    HEXtra Chews C.E.T. Petite 30 Count

    These are the best chews you can give your dogs because they love them and they actually help clear the plak off of their teeth....more info
  • Greyhounds love these
    I will be purchasing more of these. My hounds LOVE them. These are not messy like the rawhide....more info
  • C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Oral Hygiene Chews - Great For Dogs!
    These are great... they not only help clean your dogs teeth but they also give them fresher breath and apparently they taste good because my dog loves them!...more info
  • my dogs loves them
    my dogs loves the taste but i am worried to the fact that its a hawhide...more info
  • great product
    my dogs love these, they seem to be keeping their teeth clean.
    shipped fast, great price....more info
  • CET HEXtra PremiuChews
    These chews are great! Our dog just loves them as a noon-time treat every day. They really do the job of keeping his teeth clean. I tell every dog owner I know about these chews, especially the ones who are still brushing their dog's teeth....more info
  • Great Chews for Teeth and Health!
    My Beagles are very picky about their chews. I'm very picky about what chews I give them. No pig's ears for MY girls! I was looking for a happy compromise-a chew they would love, but one that would have some beneficial properties for their teeth & gums, as they seem to need to get their teeth cleaned often.
    These chews have made a viable difference-their gums are much less red, and their teeth seem to stay tartar free longer.They last longer than other chews as well. What more can you ask for?...more info
  • Freshens dogs breath
    This product really does freshen my dogs breath. It is a noticeable improvement when she eats these. They are costly, but do the job....more info
  • My dogs go crazy for these
    I've never liked giving my dogs rawhide chews, but a friend who is a vet tech recommended this product for cleaning their teeth. My dogs love these chews, and they have no problems with digestion like the do with other treats....more info
  • Best chew strips for your dog
    The CET HEXra Premium Chews were recommended by our vet. Our dogs really enjoy these and their teeth are much cleaner because of chewing on them....more info
  • My dog loves it!
    I have a 14 year old terrier that can't chew the really thick rawhide strips anymore. Also, he's always had pretty bad breath. I find that he's able to chew most of these pretty easily and they do help with his breath. The only drawback is that the Chlorhexidine coating on the strips tends to stain the carpet so you have to watch that. Also, the price on Amazon was about 1/3 what they charge at my vet so that's a big plus also....more info
  • great
    This is the second time I've purchased from you and I'm very satisfied. Thank you for the great service at a reasonable price....more info
  • Works well, and tastes great.
    This is an excellent product for cleaning dogs teeth. In addition, they love the taste, which keeps them gnawing on it and removing tartar from their teeth....more info
  • C.E.T. Hextra Oral Hygiene Chews - Great Product!
    This is one of the best products on the market. It promotes healthy gums and white teeth on my dog. She loves these things and I am happy that she likes them so much, because it keeps her happy and her teeth sparkling!...more info
  • CET HEXtra Chews
    Both our Golden Retrievers love these chews and they certainly help us keep their teeth and gums healthy....more info
  • Dog goes NUTS for these!!
    Our dog absolutely loves these things...Not sure what they're made of, but the way he grabs it and proceeds to run around the house, tossing it up in the air and catching it before sitting down to gnaw contentedly for 20 minutes or so makes me think it might be illegal. The only thing he likes to eat more appears to be flies. He's a strange dog...but we love him.

    HEXtra is great stuff that keeps your dogs occupied, and their breath smelling nice and fresh. And, Amazon prices are about half what it is at the Vet's office for twice as much. ...more info
    I buy these for my 75lb boxer/pit bull mix. She goes through treats very quickly most of the time. But with these Hextra chews, they keep her busy for a little while which I think satisfies her even more. I find the large size to be perfect for her as the extra large are a tad too big. They are a great product and she just loves them. My vet recommends them to maintain her dental health as well....more info


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