C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats, Fish Flavored

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C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats

  • Give as a daily treat
  • Great tasting
  • Features exclusive Dual-Enzyme System to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria
  • Helps keep breath fresh and teeth clean
  • Made from freeze-dried fish Provides an abrasive texture for removal of plaque

Customer Reviews:

  • My cat loves them and the seller was great
    I was worried that my cat would not like these and was hesitant to buy this many. I purchased a smaller bag and my cat LOVES them.

    So I purchased this much larger bag at Amazon's much better price via Amazon from Entirely Pets. Again, I was worried about the seller based on other comments. But they were ordered on Sunday, and I got them Tuesday morning - they ship from Fremont, CA. The expiration date on the bag is 16 months from now, about what I would get in any retail store. So I've just not experienced any problems with this seller or this product.

    The manufacturer admits that brushing your cat's teeth is much better, and I do that about every other day. This product ensures that there is at least something done for his teeth every day. And trust me, my cat does not let me forget to give him one of these every night. He'll claw at my legs until I do and his claws are sharp!

    By the way, one tip for cat owners: many of an older cat's problems are due to the propensity of most cats not to drink enough water: kidney and teeth problems are common. I feed my cat only a teaspoon of wet food a day, smothered in about 2 ounces of water. He drinks the wet-food-flavored water and only then gets to eat the wet food. My cat is 19 years old (the average cat lives to be about 12-14 years old) and has had no major health problems. However, the teeth cleanings are getting to be too stressful for him, so I've taken to these treats and brushing his teeth to try to spread out the cleanings....more info
  • not exactly what you would expect
    I gave this a three star, I guess some cats don't like freeze dried anything. I only purchased this because of the excellent reviews.
    my cat only likes fish and refuses other brands of catfood.
    when the package came, I gave one chew to my cat, he chewed a little, spat out the CET chews and walked away with his tail up in the air, so, i tried again Tuesday thinking he might change his mind..., NOT!!, he totally stuck his nose up and tail and sauntered into the other room.
    I had purchased Greenies in the past and in ocean fish flavor. He went nuts, so, i purchased more greenies. well..., I'll stick with what my cat likes.., period.

    ...more info
  • Love these treats!
    My cats love these treats so much they tried to eat right through the bag. They get one a day, and I noticed a definite improvement in their breath within the first week....more info
  • Good idea, but....
    I bought these from my vet, but my cat won't touch them. They might as well be rocks for all the interest he showed in them. He sniffed it a little and walked away, never even putting it in his mouth. I wish I could have gotten a sample before I wasted my money....more info
  • Great cat treats
    CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor

    We originally tried the CET Chews for Cats (fish flavor) when a friend gave us a small bag. Our cats went nuts for these treats. After their last vet checkup we knew that they needed something for their teeth. We mix up their treats giving them the CET Chews every 2 or 3 days. We're on the second 96 count bag and they still love them. We haven't been back to the vet to know if the chews have had an effect on the teeth yet, but as long as they keep loving them we'll keep buying them....more info
  • Healthy treat
    This is a good product for the cat's teeth. You can get a cat interested in them by a) giving them when the cat is hungry and/or b) breaking them into smaller pieces to they can bite them more easily and to release the enticing poultry smell so they know they are not eating a rock. ...more info
  • My Cats go WILD for them
    My cats love these a lot, and I will be interested to see if they are having a good effect on their dental health when we go visit the vet in a few months. ...more info
  • My cats love them!
    My cats love love love these treats. They're decent size, so they keep the boys busy for quite a while. The older cat had some pretty horrible breath before I started giving him one of these once a day. Now I can barely smell it. They're a little on the expensive side, but it's much cheaper and safer than a full cleaning from the vet....more info
  • The price is right
    My vet recommended these treats to help with my cats tartar build up. The treats come in a wrapper which I think is edible but I take it off. One cat LOVES these treats and the other won't touch them. But...the AMZN price is so so much cheaper (about 1/3 the cost) than the vets price. I wouldn't buy them anywhere but AMZN. ...more info
  • pretty good
    probably like most owners when i got the treats my picky cat wouldn't touch them. he seemed somewhat interested but at the same time turned off. i broke the treat up into his food then weened the food away. i still have to break them up because the pieces are to big but, he now eats them greedily. i've also noticed a dramatic improvement of his breath. He's at least 11 years old and has had multible teeth cleanings so i know how bad his breath can be. he recently had a checkup and the vet said he was in great shape for being so old. i gave them 4 stars because i was unable to track or check status on my package. it made me uneasy that my package may have been lost....more info
  • Well priced through Amazon
    I have been purchasing these treats at the recommendation of the vet to help with my cat's tarter build ups. When they are chewed they release enzymes into kitty's mouth to help fight against the tarter.

    What really surprised me is the price difference, I was paying about $12 at the vet for a 30 pack. When I did the math on buying the 90 pack + S&H, it's about the same amount I would pay for two 30 packs -- so I got 30 more, another month's supply!

    Also, Entirely Pets shipped this very promptly. I ordered on Labor Day Weekend and it arrived on the following Thursday. Good Service!...more info
  • Awesome service
    Entirely Pets always delivers this product fresh and very quickly. I've purchased it on the net via other suppliers and had bad experiences. They have a permanent customer....more info
  • Great Cat Chews but horrible seller. Buy from other seller.
    This seller by far is the only terrible seller I have dealt with from Amazon.
    The Cat Chews arrived without any expiration date printed on the bags and most of them have changed to a very yellowy color. My two cats won't touch those with a off color. So, I have contacted the seller and someone over there told me to send them back for an exchange. I did that, and called the seller one month later since nobody contacted me and neither did I receive the exchanged product. After calling many times, I gave up and contacted Amazon.com. Since everytime, the person answered the phone told me that he can't do anything and the manager will call me back and he never did. After 5 of this phone calls, I decided I've wasted too much of my time and it's better to direct the issue to Amazon.com. And Amazon has made it so easy for me. They filed the claim and did the refund. I'll keeping shopping with Amazon, but not with this seller anymore. They are many other sellers carry the same Cat Chews....more info
  • the third and fourth ingredients are sugar!!!
    Ingredients: Freeze-dried fish, antioxidant (containing tocopherols, ascorbic acid, natural flavor, and citric acid), dextrose, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase.

    given the epidemic of feline diabetes and the fact that cats are carnivores and the fact that this is meant to clean teeth, I find that absurd. Does your dentist give your kids candy?...more info
  • My Cat Loves Them- good for teeth!
    Angel Cat has been begging for her daily CET Chew for several years!
    She loves them. Paddy, my other cat will not try them. Guess which cat has
    healthy, clean teeth and breath? Angel. Poor Paddy is scheduled to get
    his teeth cleaned and have two extractions soon. Sure wish he would try
    them. How wonderful to get them for much less than with the Vet who
    prescribed them!...more info
  • For cats who won't brush their fangs
    We have 2 cats. One eats a varied diet that includes a healthy bowl of dry food which is good for her teeth. The other is so finicky, she drives us nuts. She only eats wet food and only certain flavors and certain brands.

    Even at the young age of 2, she was having gum problems and looking at a future of early tooth loss (devastating to the ego of a cat).

    This cat is not a pet-able cat. Don't think about picking her up let alone attempt to brush her teeth, if you value your eyes, your life, etc. This cat is a killer (but we love her anyways and are trying to keep her out of jail).

    A new younger vet arrived. He suggested these chews for cat number 2 to improve her gums and perhaps prevent her from losing teeth at a young age.

    She LOVES them. (The FISH flavor NOT the poultry.) She begs for them on her first bowl of wet (of course) food every morning. She lies to the 3 of us humans: after human 1 gives her a chew, she tells human 2 that she has not had a chew yet today, please give me one. Then she tells human 3 that humans 1 and 2 forgot to give her a chew and she gets chew number 3.

    Or maybe she is not lying because cat number 1 likes them too but the vet did not prescribe them for her. I know she sneaks over to cat number 2s bowl and snatches a chew now and then.

    Not cheap but well worth the price because cat number 2s gums and teeth have improved. Vet has given up (as have we) on trying to get her to eat dry food.

    ...more info


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