C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Petite/Small Dogs under 11 Pounds, 30 Chews
C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Petite/Small Dogs under 11 Pounds, 30 Chews

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Product Description

Enzymatically treated chews are long-lasting & made from real beefhide. Keeps dogs breath fresh & teeth clean. Oral hygiene chews are easier to chew and digest. Provides the abrasive benefits of beef hide and the CET Forte dual-enzyme system.

  • Easy-to-digest Oral Hygiene chews treated with dual-enzyme system to help maintain oral health
  • Give as a daily treat
  • Great tasting
  • Features exclusive Dual-Enzyme System to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria
  • Helps keep breath fresh and teeth clean

Customer Reviews:

  • great dental product for dogs
    The dogs love them and they do a good job of cleaning the dogs' teeth when used regularly....more info
  • Doggies Best Teeth Cleaner
    These are the best dog chews on the market. They clean you pups teeth and the pups just love them. A perfect treat from a very good brand. ...more info
  • My dog has clean teeth!
    This product was recommended to me 2 years ago by my vet. My dog has a tendency to collect tartar on her teeth even though I feed only kibble, and that was her second major cleaning in 2 years.
    I have used this product every day since then and have no problems with her teeth and gums. She is now 10 years old and looks forward to her chewy treat daily....more info
  • Our Yorkies love these
    Our 7 lb and 3 lb Yorkies love these chews!
    They each eat one a day....more info
  • Great dental chews!
    This is the exact brand of dental chew my vet recommended for my dogs. I purchased them for half price here! This is great! Thanks....more info
  • Dog Chew Tasty!
    My 2 Westies LOVE these chews! One is not enough. The price I pay at my local Vet is about twice what I pay (including S&H) from this vendor....more info
  • great!
    These are the best!! My dogs love them and they make their teeth super white!! Thanks...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I have previously bought these dog chews at the vet's office. He said that our dog had plaque buildup and should try to use them to help clean her teeth.
    I paid quite a bit more for them from the vet and am happy with this product....more info
  • Great chews!
    Virbac are the only chew products my vet recommends. My two dogs LOVE these small chew sticks and I do believe it works because they have beautiful white teeth! They each get one everyday after breakfast....more info
  • preventing dental problems
    The 'chewies' have been a great hit with our pomeranian, Toby, for several years. They are part of his dental hygiene program and he loves them! The price is unbeatable and a package of 30 is handier than the packages of 15 offered at his vet's. I am very glad I decided to order from this site and will do so again due to the convenience and wonderful savings....more info
  • My Dog's Absolute Favorite
    My dog won't go a day without a "chew stick". If we've forgotten to give it to her, she reminds us at the pantry door. She LOVES them. I think they have made a significant contribution to her cleaner teeth and breath. These will not replace brushing, but they are apparently delicious helpers in the overall effort....more info
    I have searched high and low for this product and could never find it for under $5.50 per bag of 30 chews. Finally, a reasonable price for a pet chew! Thank you for being reasonable during this difficult economic time. Your expeditious shipping and careful handling was greatly appreciated also. Most sincerely, Kathy...A will be returning customer!...more info
  • Excellent source
    Excellent source at a good price. We have not been able to find the petite chews in the stores and the larger chews are huge and impossible to cut down....more info
  • really works
    Will it remove tartar? I'm not sure.
    Does it slow down tartar formation. Definitely.
    And my dog loves this stuff! (better than most treats.)
    ...more info
  • PooChin loves it!
    My 7 1/2 months PooChin love this thing, He also loves the toothpaste, it's his treat. ...more info
  • best dog chews
    these are the best dog chews in the world; I have two rescue dogs one of whichy can be quite picky about her food, but these chews are both their favorite treats which keep them busy every time we leave the house....more info
  • blah
    My dog loves them just fine, but they don't seem to be doing anything from what I can see. I don't think i'd buy these again. nothing special.they work great as regular treats though!...more info
  • My dogs love these!
    My dogs love these chews, and I feel like I am doing something to help them with their dental health.

    I will say that I no longer buy the petites because they are just too eas to chew up, even for my six pound Chihuahua.

    I now buy the bigger ones and cut them in half, and my only issue with the larger sizes is the inconsistency of thickness in the pieces within a bag. Some of them are so thick even my 30 pound dog gives up on them. ...more info
  • Wonderful product!
    These chew strips are a welcomed treat for my dog. She has no idea that they are helping her teeth stay healthy. Although she is twelve years old now, her teeth are in great shape. Her vet suggested their use about five years ago, and since then she has been getting two chew strips a day. I truly think it does make a difference in the overall cleanliness of her teeth. The only improvement I would like to "smell" in them would be a breath freshener! ...more info
  • a great treat
    The CETs are great and our fur kids love them. Ordering through Amazon and Entirely Pets is fantastic!

    Order in the morning and they arrive the next day by California Overnight! WOW!...more info


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