Eat Out, Eat Right: The Guide to Healthier Restaurant Eating
Eat Out, Eat Right: The Guide to Healthier Restaurant Eating

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The realistic, informative guidelines in Eat Out, Eat Right enable diners to make healthy menu choices from a wide variety of foods and cuisines, including Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, fast food, and many others. This new edition reflects the latest trends in dining out, with expanded information on “fast casual” restaurants like Applebee’s and Chili’s; Subway and other sandwich shops; and the myriad of coffee and juice drinks now available. Sample menus, nutritional facts and figures, and diabetic exchanges provide additional information.

Customer Reviews:

  • Highly Recommended for Eating Out
    Eat Out, Eat Right is a wonderful resource for anyone who is looking for healthier choices when eating out. Offers lots of help with best choices, worst choices and many tips on ordering. I especially like the suggestions listed under Special Requests for different specialty restaurants. These are perfect to refer to when asking for changes and these help you to be in control of your choices. Highly recommended. Brenda J. Ponichtera, RD, author of the Quick & Healthy cookbooks...more info
  • L. Aisenbrey, "Registered Dietitian"
    Eat Out, Eat Right is a great blend of nutritional information for healthy eating on the go. Each chapter breaks down different situations--from fast food to fine dining, Mexican and Italian to Japanese and Indian foods, and even a chapter on healthy eating out with children. I love that examples are made for both low and moderate calorie levels for each cuisine type, and I also found the specific examples of how to interpret and understand the nutrition information to be quite useful (rather than just listing facts for consumers to interpret themselves). Overall, this is a great resource!...more info
  • Sectioned into Food Categories
    At first I was a little taken back by this book. From the postings I thought it would include a complete listing of restaurants and their nutrition charts. To my surprise it was "chunked" into different sections - Chinese, Thai, Italian, etc. From here, it went on to explain what's good to eat in each food category along with words to avoid (fried, alfredo, etc). It was helpful since pasta dishes use very different words to describe their food options than Chinese dishes.
    Another tip I was provided in a seminar was to review the menu before you visit the restaurant. This allows extra time to review the nutritional value of the dishes you are interested in. This has helped me save a lot of calories!
    ...more info
  • Up-to-date, accurate and easy to read!
    I thought Hope Warshaw's previous edition was superb, then this one came along to do even better. It is an excellent summary of restaurant info and healthy eating tips for the average person. I especially appreciated her down to earth explanations of lingo for various ethnic cuisines. Because Hope Warshaw is a Registered Dietitian, we can trust that her information is accurate and balanced. On top of all of that, the book is physically perfect...the right size to fit in a purse or book bag, the right feel to make you want to hold it, and the right font to make it appealing to the eye! If you have this healthy dining book, you really need no other!...more info
  • Eat Out, Eat Right: The Guide to Healthier Restaurant Eating (Paperback
    If you eat out, and want to get/stay healthy, you need to have this book. I eat out often, and Hopes book is like a menu decoder. We all need one, or restaurants should have a copy to loan to patrons....more info
  • Nancy Pudwill, Registered Dietitian
    This is a great book to help everyone eat out in a healthy way. The size of the book is easy to carry with you, keep in your car or your breifcase. With this book the challenge of eating out is much easier. Each chapter covers a different cuisine - so makes it useful for a variety of people. I recommend it to my clients as a good reference book.
    ...more info
  • Good info, bu boring layout
    I got this book along with "Eat This Not That". From the excellent reviews, I was expecting something that was a little more organized and informative without digging to find information. While there is some good information such as "red flag" and "green flag" words, the layout is boring... it looks more like a manual than a food guide. All of the print is black and white on white paper, so nothing really jumps out at you. You would have to read this cover to cover to get the info you're looking for. ...more info
  • A must-buy for everyone!
    "Eat Out, Eat Right" is a must-have for every person and family on the go. Hope Warshaw, Registered Dietitian, offers sound, practical advice that is easy to understand. This book covers everything you need to know about eating out, from Smoothies to Sushi. As more people dine out more often, it is nice to know that a true nutrition expert has spelled out how to eat out in a healthy way. The "Nutrition Snapshot" meal comparisons and "Special Requests" tips for modifying your food choices are what my clients find most helpful.

    "Eat Out, Eat Right" is a great resource to keep using each time you eat on the go. It is small enough to fit most anywhere, yet packed with valuable tips and hints. I recommend it to all of my clients, because we all eat on the go. It is worth every penny of its very reasonable price!
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  • Keep this book in your purse or backpack!
    This book is filled with information that will help you navigate menus and food preparation techniques when you are eating away from home while achieving both great health and great tasting food. Those two goals are not mutually exclusive, and Hope gives you the keys to achieving both outcomes.

    I found the specific requests and questions she lists in order to help you pleasantly and assertively communicate your food desires to the servers to be especially helpful. No one wants "to make a scene" while ordering food, so Hope's background as a registered dietitian and educator plus being a professionally trained chef gives one confidence that her recommendations are easy for you to say, easy for the waiter to understand, and easy for the kitchen to execute.

    The book's small size is a plus for keeping this wealth of information handy in your purse or book bag. However, the small size does mean that those of us over age 40 will need to have our reading glasses handy, too.

    ...more info
  • Must have for anyone who eats out
    This is a handy book for anyone who eats out. My favorite part is the suggested meals to order for each type of restaurant (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Pizza, etc.). The author's tips are practical and straightforward. I like that she makes it possible to eat well when eating out by choosing the right foods, instead of discouraging eating out altogether.

    My husband loves Mexican food and so that chapter was especially helpful to me in finding healthier foods to order. It was also a good reminder to avoid the chips!

    I like the Healthy Eating Guidelines at the beginning of the book that can be put into use at home as well as eating out. She includes tips for choosing healthy options for kids as well. With the increase of children eating out on a regular basis, this section is especially helpful. It's a great book full of useful information that I highly recommend to anyone!
    ...more info


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