Eating for IBS: 175 Delicious, Nutritious, Low-Fat, Low-Residue Recipes to Stabilize the Touchiest Tummy

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If you are one of the millions of people suffering from IBS, immediate help is finally at hand. Contrary to what many believe, eating for IBS does not mean deprivation, never going to restaurants, boring food, or a limited and therefore unhealthy diet. It does mean learning to eat safely by realizing how different foods physically affect the GI tract, and how these foods can prevent or trigger IBS. For example:

* There are two kinds of soothes the colon but the other can cause severe attacks

* Dairy is a common trigger...even in people who are not lactose intolerant

* Peppermint, chamomile, and fennel can prevent attacks better than some prescription drugs

* Bland foods are not automatically safe foods

In Eating for IBS, Heather Van Vorous, who has suffered from IBS for over 20 years and gradually learned to control her symptoms through dietary modifications, offers sympathetic suggestions tailored specifically to the needs of IBS sufferers that are based on first-hand experience as well as nutritional research. She provides a comprehensive overview of IBS, explicit eating and cooking strategies, travel and restaurant advice, daily menus, supermarket ideas, and 175 gourmet recipes. IBS sufferers will be thrilled to discover that they can enjoy traditional homestyle cooking, ethnic foods, rich desserts, snacks, and party foods?and don?t have to cook unusual or special meals for themselves while their families follow a "normal" diet. Eating for IBS will forever revolutionize the way people with IBS eat?and live.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Book
    This book as well as the other books written by this author is excellent. I have made some of these recipes and they taste pretty good. Everyone should read this one. Very well written to understand IBS and how to help you feel better in the future....more info
  • Excellent Book
    This book is very informative and has terrific recipes inside of it. I have had IBS for 6 years or so. I use digestive advantage and this book is a asset to my diet needs....more info
  • excellent book and recipes
    I've battled IBS since I was a kid and feel safe eating the foods recommended in this book. The recipes are good, the author provides good explanations and suggested changes, and they are easy to make. I've passed along several of the recipes to friends without IBS because the meals are so good! ...more info
  • Life Saving!
    I thank God (literally) for Heather Van Vorous and her books and website! I have been suffering with IBS for more than 15 years and my list of "can't eat" foods was getting longer and longer and my pain and suffering was becoming more and more unbearable. Just when I was at my wits' end, crying every day because I was afraid to eat, I found this book. Within one week of following the basics of this diet, I felt normal and pain free for the first time in years.

    Thank you, Heather!!! You have saved me from misery!

    By the way, I was a self-proclaimed "dairy queen" before this diet. Milk and cheese were major staples of my diet and I LOVED my dairy foods. It wasn't easy to let go of all my comfort foods, but my gut is so thankful that I did. If you are new to giving up dairy and red meat, take heart -- your cravings for the foods you can't eat decreases with time. It isn't easy, but it's SO worth it for how much better you will feel.

    Yay, I'm not afraid of food anymore! And, as an added bonus, I lost the 15 pounds which I needed to lose.

    If you've been suffering for years and the doctors' recommendations of "eat more fiber" haven't helped you, help yourself to this book....more info
  • Educational and good food!
    This is the first book I bought after I learned I had IBS. It doesn't try to be the end-all, be-all guide, but it does give some great guidelines on how to change your diet. (One of her rules that struck a chord with me: Never eat garlic and onions on an empty stomach!) On the food side, not all the recipes are simple. She also includes a lot of recipes for Asian dishes -- which some people, including my husband, aren't the biggest fans of. But two of the three recipes I tried turned out fantastic. I'd buy this for anyone with IBS....more info
  • This book is a lifesaver - Get it and read it now!
    I want to thank you so much for your wonderful work and your terrific books. I spent 2 years doubled over in pain for hours each day. I finally went to a GI doc, who was useless except for giving me a name for my ailment.

    I found you on the web, ordered your books, and within ONE DAY of following your simple but valuable advice, I was out of pain and returning to a wonderful and normal pain-free life.

    Not only do I not have any more pain, but I've lost twelve pounds, and gained back my stamina, my smile, and my love of eating. Your recipes are delicious, and your program is truly a lifesaver.

    Thank you sooooooooo much.

    Most Sincerely,

    Steve Wolf
    Stunt & Special Effects Coordinator
    Toll Free (877) STUNT-FX info

  • not the best approach
    Sadly, this book assumes that most folks will have similar reactions to similar foods. That just isn't the case and if you are also saddled with a gluten or lactose intolerance, this book is even less helpful. Better to experiment with what foods do and do not work for you personally, and then take a look at different approaches to reducing stress and anxiety, which seem to affect almost all sufferers. ...more info
  • Eating for IBS
    The most practical thing I've read about this problem. Just by implementing the 4 foods to avoid section, my mother-in-law's problems subsided overnight. Lots of interesting recipes, but I haven't tried too many of them at this point. Recommended reading for anyone with a "touchy tummy"....more info
  • A Wonderful Book --Delicious Recipes!!!
    Thank You Heather from the bottom of my heart!! I have suffered for 50 years not knowing what was wrong with me. Now thanks to Heather, her wonderful cookbook and her website ( know I am not alone and I am feeling better everyday plus I have lost 30lbs without even trying. If only the Medical Community would wake up and listen to their patients so many would not have to suffer anymore!...more info
  • Thank God for this Book
    Thank You Heather for your lifesaving book on IBS.
    After two years of tests, surgery and five trips to Emergency Room for severe abdominal spasms I finally found information that helped me understand what was happening to my body.
    With the information I found in this book I can finally take charge of my life again.
    This may be the most important book that you will ever read in your entire life....more info
  • Eating for IBS- A Review
    EATING FOR IBS is an excellent source of useful information for persons diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The author (an IBS sufferer herself) writes clearly and with the compassion and understanding of a person who had lived with the symptoms of IBS for years before a correct diagnosis was made. However, she was not provided with information about managing the symptoms on a daily basis. On her own she devised a regimen of safe foods, herbal teas and a natural soluble fiber supplement that (from my personal experience) works to effectively manage IBS symptoms. She identifies certain foods that can cause problems and should be avoided or eaten very carefully,for instance with soluble fiber. The discussion of the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber and their effect on the digestive system and IBS is the most informative and thorough of anything I have read.
    There are many pages of recipes Ms.Van Vorous has included ranging from appetizers to main dishes to desserts for the sensitvie stomach.
    I gladly recommend this book for those who need help in managing and living with IBS or otherwise have sensitive stomachs....more info
  • You Need This Book
    This book has literally saved my life. I have had IBS since 12 years of age. It steadily grew worse and worse to the point where I was having very severe IBS attacks nearly every day. The symptoms included everything from abdominal pains to gas to many an hour in the bathroom. Very painful and long lasting. In what was getting to be a desperate search for help that no doctor had been able to give me, I found this book. I started the diet immediately and had instant results. I have lost unneeded weight and so far this year, have had only one, yes just one, IBS attack. If you have any IBS symptoms or even just a "touchy tummy", you need this book. It saved me, it can save you....more info
  • Just what the doctor ordered
    I was looking for a book that would explain this stomach ailment more in terms the regular person could understand. I wanted a book that would say yes this food is good and no don't eat that one. This book does all of that, I was so pleased with it that I read half of it when I sat down and started to read, it was just that GOOD! If you want to buy a book that you can read and understand that will actually help your life to be more peaceful internally, this is the one! ...more info
  • Delicious!
    I discovered this cookbook at a group meeting for IBS sufferers. The leader had checked it out of the local library and brought it to show along with other books and materials so we could learn to manage our health better. I actually have Crohn's disease, not IBS, but the symptoms are very similar. I checked this out of the library, tried some of the recipes, and after I had to return the book, bought my own. I keep trying new recipes from this book and my husband and I are loving them. So far, every recipe but one we have loved and now has been a regular on our plates. (The one we didn't care for was the smoky squash soup with either butternut or pumpkin or something like that.) The gingerbread is fabulous and I love the garlic skillet potatoes. I can tolerate dairy, so I often use 2% milk instead of the soy, but these recipes are really delicious. This purchase was for my sister-in-law who has recently been diagnosed with IBS. ...more info
  • Tasty Recipes
    I like this book. While going through it the recipes are appealing and make you want to prepare them. It is hard being on a low fat diet and this makes it easier......more info
  • Road Map to Health
    This book and the website changed my life. Heather's sound advice and delicious recipes in this book have made me well again. My doctor told me what not to eat, but she didn't tell me what TO eat. This book was my road map to feeling well again....more info
  • Easier Recipes Needed
    Hello-I really enjoyed reading this book. Heather's personal story and advice for IBS suffers is useful (at least for me). Although she does lay out the basic nutritional information on fiber and other trigger foods. Her recipes are far too complicated, I'm a graduate student with very little time for cooking. So the recipes are just too time consuming. I need easier and faster recipes. Some of the breakfast ideas fit into my lifestyle, but the dinners are complicated, although they sound delicious. Perhaps someday I will have time to try them. If Heather (the author) is reading this, please write a recipe book with easier and faster IBS safe recipes. I'd definately buy it! Thanks!...more info
  • Very good resource for all IBS sufferers
    I own both books by this author and recommend both. I have suffered from IBS-A (but mostly C) for about 5 years. At the time, doctors had no clue about IBS or how to treat me so I took it upon myself to do some research. Immediately after reading the first few chapters of this book I literally broke down in tears. Finally, someone actually understood the emotional and physical pain I had been silently struggling with for years! The social anxiety and depression being worse sometimes than the physical pain itself! I've maintained a vegan version of the Eating for IBS diet the past 2 years and I rarely have major flare ups. If I do, peppermint tea and peppermint capsules (I use Pepogest) as the author suggests really does the trick! This book is more for those with IBS-D, but very useful to all IBS sufferers regardless. Though some of the recipes didn't work for my particular type of IBS - I can't do meat or dairy, I still feel very comfortable giving this book 5 stars. My Kaiser Permanente actually teaches straight out of this book in their IBS classes....more info
  • Free advice
    Hi - When you see a health related topic that has spawned an entire industry you can be sure of two things: A lot of people are suffering and there is little or nothing, beyond the obvious, that can be done about it. (Diet books are a perfect example).

    So, to minimize ABS, simply avoid the following: Coffee, bacon, fried food, greasy food, vinegar, pepper, orange juice, grapefruit juice, red wine, all Thai food, all Vietnamese food, all Korean food, all spicy Chinese food, all acidic Italian food and Mexican food. Japanese seems to be a toss up because wasabi--a sort of horseradish--does not smolder the way chili pepper does.

    Of course everybody's different but much of this is a no-brainer, since stuff like greasy spice burgers are tough on everybody--not to mention, unhealthy. And be aware that "mild" in a Thai restaurant translates to "incendiary...but less so than our other entries".

    Some will say this is a long list but you know the alternative....and loading up with white rice and bread may or may not help--while giving way too many carbohydrates and possible constipation.

    I realize that some things cut both ways (no pun intended) like alchohol or mint or fiber. Just depends on which book you read. But do you really need a book to tell you to avoid pickles and pepperoni?

    Reaseach suggesting IBS sufferers are worriers, agitated, "high strung" or whatever is encouraging. But short of a brain transplant I wouldn't count on being able to calm your digestive system to a point where you can eat anything you want....more info

  • Valuable information, she's been there
    I loved the first 30 pages of this book, it gave so much insight and valuable information about what to stay away from, what foods triggered attacks, and what you can eat.
    You can tell she's been through it all. Her descriptions of IBS, I feel like she's talking about me.

    A lot of the recipes are a little bit hard, especially the soups and main dishes. I can't find catfish anywhere her, or harissa. There are a lot of odd and hard to find ingredients. I suppose I could substitute, but then with IBS, that detracts from the main point of finding out what your body can handle and not handle.

    Using her information on eating only egg whites, french bread, and watching soluble and insolube fat intake. I have thankfully not suffered an attack in a week.

    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone with IBS, just for the first 30 pages alone....more info
  • Heather's books have saved my life!
    For years doctors had been telling me that I had IBS, but that was it.
    > I was never given any information on how to handle IBS. I was given
    > pills for the pain. But, the pills did not fix the problem. Then I
    > was hospitalized a number of times due to excrutiating pain that
    > rendered me unable to walk or talk. Again I was told the same thing -
    > "take these pills - you have IBS".
    > The last time I became that ill was in November of 2002. I refused to
    > go to the hospital and be put on demerol for days. After I recovered
    > I went on line and found your book. I ordered it right away. I felt
    > as if you'd been following me around in order to write this book! You
    > described my pain and medical experiences perfectly! Since November I
    > have not been hospitalized even once and have taken very few Donnatals
    > (it use to be a daily thing). I feel like a new woman! I have my
    > life back! I am happy. I can eat!!! In fact, now I'd like to lose
    > about 10 pounds! I think I've eaten too many graham crackers and
    > pretzels! I didn't know I could drink Citrucel daily - I thought it
    > was a laxative! I learned so much from your book. My family has even
    > gotten use to how I eat now and they have quit proding me to eat the things I know I
    > shouldn't eat.
    > In fact, I feel so good that I sometimes forget what I shouldn't eat.
    > A couple of times my husband stopped me from biting into something
    > that I shouldn't eat - usually something with nuts! I have felt so
    > good that one day I ate two pieces of pecan pie before it dawned on me
    > that nuts that are not chopped up itty bitty could be a trigger. Sure
    > enough, the pain began - but it never escalated to the intensity that has
    > debilitated me in the past. I've found that on occasion I can eat a
    > small amount of cut up beef or other trigger foods and be ok. I would
    > never eat an entire steak, but small pieces in a stir fry are ok now
    > and then.
    > So, Heather, thank you again. I so appreciate your easy to understand
    > explanation of what this IBS is and how to live with it. Thank you,
    > thank you, thank you.
    > Debbie Wynne...more info
  • Eating for IBS
    An exceptional and very very helpful book. I badly needed to locate correct information about the type of diet I would now have to be eating. I ordered two other books, on the same subject and was very disappointed with them.

    "Eating for IBS" seemed to be written especially for me. The author knew exactly what she was writing about. She cited her own experiences, and some were identical to what I have and am experiencing. I felt hope and relief, that someone wrote such an outstanding book to help people who have and are suffering with IBS. The recipes are well written, and the author provided information about eating and out, which can be difficult for IBS suffers....more info

  • This book has dramatically improved my life!
    I have suffered with IBS for around 28 years. When I was first
    > > diagnosed with the condition, I was told to take Metamucil twice a
    > > day. At that time there were no medicines that treated IBS and
    > > basically I had to live with it. Over the years, the symptoms
    > > increased and at one point, I was having to take off work for 1 day
    > > every month or two because of the severe abdominal pains.
    > >
    > > In 1995, I decided to seek out an alternative treatment since I did
    > > not trust Western medicine to effectively treat the condition. I went
    > > to an excellent Chinese doctor, in Arlington, VA who was
    > > also trained in Western medicine. He recommended 6 acupuncture treatments, 30 minutes
    > > "brisk walking" every day, Yoga, and "chi flow" breathing. (This is
    > > a type of deep breathing that he taught me over time.) After 4
    > > acupuncture treatments, I had improved tremendously and after 6
    > > treatments, I felt great! However, the one missing component was the
    > > diet.
    > >
    > > I have been searching for reliable information about what I can and
    > > cannot eat for 28 years and your book is the first and only effective
    > > book I have every seen!
    > >
    > > Over the years, through trial and error, I have given up a lot of the
    > > foods this books recommends--fried foods, chocolate candy, alcohol, coffee,
    > > etc. But I did not know that the high fiber cereals I was eating
    > > every morning and the diet coke I was drinking each afternoon were
    > > contributing to my problem. I bought this book and
    > > immediately followed every one of your suggestions--I feel better
    > > than I have in many years!!! I AM THANKFUL THAT THIS BOOK HAS GIVEN ME A PAIN FREE
    > > EXISTENCE!!!
    > >
    > > This is literally the first time in many years that I do not have a
    > > "queasy feeling" most of the time in my gut.

    I highly recommend this book for anyone who has IBS.

    > >...more info

  • Very Helpful
    I found this book to be helpful to me. It made me feel as if I'm not alone in this battle against IBS. It also helped me to understand that doctors do not have all the answers. I've had IBS for over 20 years - and it changes all the time. Some things I can only eat every once in awhile, others not more than two times in a row. I still make mistakes on my eating habits - it is a changing process and it can be depressing. I try and eat only those things that agree with me and my bowels. :)...more info
  • This book is a lifesaver -
    I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful work and your terrific books. I had spent 2 years doubled over in pain for several hours each day. I finally went to a GI doc, who was useless except for giving me a name for my ailment.

    I found you on the web, ordered your books, and within ONE DAY of following your simple but valuable advice, I was out of pain and returning to a wonderful and normal pain-free life.

    Not only do I not have any more pain, but I've lost twelve pounds, and gained back my stamina, my smile, and my love of eating. Your recipes are delicious, and your program is truly a lifesaver.

    Thank you sooooooooo much.

    Most Sincerely,

    Steve Wolf
    Stunt & Special Effects Coordinator
    Toll Free (877) STUNT-FX info

  • Good Advise
    I read and re-read this book. Good advise - helped me through a very difficult time with IBS. Could not have eaten as much as I did without the advise and recipes here!!...more info
  • Eating for IBS
    Fantastic. I have been suffering with IBS for a long time. With this book, I have learned a lot. Many diets that I have been on, has not helped with having IBS. This book however, explains a lot of unanswered questions of how to regain my life back. As soon as I received the book, I started to read it. The receipes in the back are a bonus. One can even take this book on holiday with them to consult....more info
  • This book literally saved my life.
    I am in tears and actually doing the happy dance at the same time as I write this. My IBS was so bad before finding Eating for IBS that I was up all night with cramps and throughout the day. I begged my doctor for some relief because the spasm medication no longer worked. He had no advice but to live with it and take more meds. What? No way! I searched the internet again. Then I found Eating for IBS and ordered it right away hoping it wasn't just another thing that wouldn't work but the price was very easy on my pocketbook and I thought it worth giving a try. The very first day I got relief and by the second day I had no symptoms at all. I can not say enough about this book. Everything I say seems pale to the results it gave me. The diet is so easy and fun to follow and the recipes are delicious! This is a diet? Not for me. For me it is a miracle and I stay free of symptoms and enjoy every bite of delicious food from the recipes that are so full of flavor you actually ENJOY eating instead of dreading it for obvious reasons. I can not thank Heather Van Vorous enough for writing this book, giving us a choice of great recipes and making it available for us. Don't let the oportunity to get well pass you by. There really is a cure

    Don't be fooled by potions and pills that claim a cure for IBS. Believe me, I've tried them all and "Eating for IBS" is the only cure. Yes, I said cure!!! Not relief but a cure for all who suffer from IBS....more info

  • Heather the life saver
    Having stayed with this diet for IBS these past 5 months has made my life a constant joy! I have had many compliments from people saying " you've lost weight and you look wonderful". Now this 85 year old woman can only say, thanks to Heather!
    Ellen Faull...more info
  • acupuncture gave me short term relief
    Yes, many suggestions in this book works as prevention. But when IBS hits me, I finally found quick relief - via Acupuncture. Mayo Clinic's Dr. Sood listed Acupuncture as his top ten alternative medicine. Here is his write up: "In this treatment from traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncturists insert thin needles into strategic, energy-balancing points on the body. Acupuncture can prevent and treat nausea and vomiting and help relieve many types of pain, including that from osteoarthritis, low back pain, neck pain, headaches and postsurgical pain. Patients who receive acupuncture typically receive up to 12 treatments, usually given once or twice a week. " One word of advise - most acupuncturists are not good. Ours teach at a Eastern Medicine University in Sunnyvale, CA and he is honest and excellent.
    ...more info
  • Extremely helpful
    My IBS usually acts up from stress but I decided to adhere to the guidelines in her book to see if that would help me. It's amazing, my stomach has been great for the past 3 weeks, even with me having a tremendous amount of stress. I can't tell you what a difference the diet has made. I have been having flare-ups for 11 years
    and have never known what foods aggravate the IBS. I was always told to increase my fiber but nobody ever explained the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber, and there is a BIG difference. Thanks Heather!...more info
  • Fight IBS
    If you battle IBS, then this book will change your life with its understandable information and appealing recipes....more info
  • Cantidad de recetas inimaginable
    Compre este libro ya que habla de los alimentos en relacion con el ibs.

    De momento, aun lo estoy ojeando, pero tiene muy buena pinta por la gran cantidad de recetas que se encuentran aqui, ya que no hay muchos libros como este.

    Mas hacia delante, cuando las lleve a cabo comentare de nuevo.

    Sorry for my language, but I'm Spanish.

    ...more info
  • Suffering grad student
    When I started law school my IBS became severe. My already small list of edible foods became a lot smaller. This book was very helpful. The only caveat is that the food can be expensive and time-consuming to make, but some of the recipes are really easy and everything is delicious. There was only one recipe that I made that didn't taste fantastic (it was just ok). I made this food for friends of mine that don't have IBS and they loved the food, it is really good, seriously. I highly recommend it for anyone having trouble with IBS....more info
  • This book changed my life!!
    I just received this book a few weeks ago and it has changed my life for the better! (also, IBS- The First Year) I finally have a grip on this thing for the first time! The recipes are wonderful!! This book is a must have for anyone with IBS!!...more info
  • Not for plain eaters or for IBD sufferers
    I purchased this book because I have recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and this book claims to be good for IBD as well as IBS sufferers. I found originally found out about this book from this website

    This book is full of gourmet-style recipes. The recipes call for ingredients that are no longer exotic, since they can be found in larger grocery stores (even in places like Alaska), but are still fairly expensive.

    Also, while this book claims to cater to IBD as well as IBS sufferers, don't be fooled. The recipes in this book contain far too much fat, spices and insoluable fiber to be appropriate for IBD sufferers.

    Still, these recipes are lower in fat compared to traditional recipes. While many are gourmet-style recipes that look like they will take every bowl and pot in your kitchen to create, they do look tasty. So, if you have IBS, and are looking for variety without aggravating your condition... and you really like your kitchen, I have no reservations recommending this book.

    But, if you have IBD, be cautious about this book. You will most likely find that there are unacceptable ingredients and preparation methods in the recipes, unless you have a very mild form of the disease or are in remission....more info

  • Bless You Heather!
    Heather, you have changed my life! (and that's a GOOD thing!)

    I have been living(?) with Crohn's for several years.
    My colon resection was done in 1995.
    I have been on a number of different medicines for symptoms which required additional medicines to ease the side effects brought on by the first medicines.

    To make a long story short, I've thrown away all of the medication, I no longer have to sleep with a heating pad, and don't need the Tylenol 3 to put in a full day's work.
    I'm telling everyone I know about your book.

    Bless you!
    Mike W.
    Tucson, AZ...more info

  • New lease on life!!
    The information in this book has restored my health!! Not only do I feel better I have lost 13 lbs. in 5 weeks. This food program, plus the peppermint oil gel caps, allows my food intake to stay with me and I am benefiting nutritionally. I am so thankful that Heather Van Vorous shared this information. I haven't felt this well in three years!!...more info
  • The little book that makes it work
    This book is the miracle we were looking for. WE had read many articles and searched the internet. Even the doctor wasn't much help. Then I happened on this book. My husband has suffered from IBS for a long time. This book provided a simple guide and understanding of the condition, its symptoms, what to eat and not eat and best of all the recipes and diet he needed to turn his IBS around. Its easy reading and recipes are easy to use and taste wonderful. My husband's IBS no longer controls our lives, we control the IBS. Would recommend this book to anyone who suffers this condition....more info
  • Maybe for IBS, NOT for Chrohn's
    Good read, interesting. I have Crohn's Disease, and this is decidedly NOT a book for the type of Crohn's I have. Many of the recipes are not low residue, which is helpful for me. A word of caution--my doctor keeps insisting that I have to figure out what I can and can't eat, and in what quantities. Everyone's digestive disorder is different--at least no one in my CCFA group can eat some things I can, and I can eat some things they can't. I found the low residue information online much more helpful than this book, and IMHO I do not recommend it for anyone with a Crohn's stricture.
    ...more info
  • Very Helpful
    This is a great book. The author has enough medical information to steer you to a doctor. I was diagnosed with IBS after about eight years of suffering. The simple act of adding a fiber supplement in the morning has made a huge difference for me. The recipes are also good, and inspire other recipes. The informational part of the book in in an understandable chatty tone. After reading the book, I realize I already make a lot of "good" recipes, but I was combining them with irritating sides. One think that has also helped is following the recommendation to start a meal with a carb, like sourdough or rice. That's not something that I would have thought of in the midst of the low carb world, but it really helps. I lent my book out, and may repurchase if I don't get it back soon. I am also considering purchasing the book for a friend who had a colonoscopy because the book provides great advise about irritating foods. ...more info
  • Amazing
    I can't believe I didn't read this book sooner. It is an eye-opener. The recipes are easy, practical, nutritious, delicious, and, best of all, free of things that will upset my stomach! It's a relief to read that other people have felt the way I feel and gone through the stomach upsets I have had. All of the advice in the book is quite reasonable, and the author documents everything with reliable sources. I feel better already....more info
  • Eating for IBS
    This book can give hope to people suffering from IBS. It is full of useful tips and guidance for a pain-free life. The recipes are fantastic and it certainly helps that the author herself suffers from IBS. Since I've read it and have been following the strict diet, I have been a lot healthier and happier. It is better to follow a strict diet and be healthy than to think you're eating "whatever you want" and being sick all the time. Even though the IBS diet is strict, this book has converted many fabulous recipes with safe alternative ingredients-- the meals are safe and taste great too!...more info
  • Good guide, but the recipes are too time consuming
    I bought this book after reading the guidelines on the author's website. I'm a college student who was just recently diagnosed, so I was looking for recipes I could make for my new lifestyle. From what I tried, and from reading through the rest of the recipes, it's all very time consuming. Her suggestions aren't very practical for the average American.

    For example, I made Will's Lemony Rice Pudding... it took me a few hours to make, and required my constant attention. She suggests to make a double batch to eat through out the entire week, and hyped the recipe up to being this delicious pudding. I found it bland, couldn't even figure out how to improve it, and I didn't even eat it all.

    If you're looking for a diet to relieve your ibs symptoms, just follow what's on her site. Don't bother to buy the book, there's plenty of pre-existing recipes that already follow the guidelines, or ones you can change slightly. Just get the basics down, and you're good to go.

    If anything, request the book from your local library system for the more detailed guidelines and a few recipes. ...more info
  • great book
    i have been having digestive issues for years and have tried everything. the low fat, dairy-free, with soluble fiber has been the ticket! the only down side is there are a lot of meat recipes and dessert recipes. all in all, a great find for me!...more info
  • very helpful book
    This book was very helpful and had great ideas, some of the recipes are a little hard to make when you're in an area that doesn't have some of the ingredients but overall it gives you great ideas and really healthy recipes. ...more info
  • You don't need to suffer!
    I have recently been diagnosed with IBS and lactose intolerance. I have only been suffering with it for a few months but it has kept me housebound for most of that time. I was afraid to go out for fear of getting caught too far from the bathroom. I am still having a few attacks but they aren't as frequent since I started following your advice. I spoke to my doctor about your advice and he thinks it's all fabulous! I am taking an anti-spasmodic which is helping but I was still suffering till I found your web site. Several of my relatives have IBS or Crohns and I have been passing your information on to them as well. I recently found a friend at our church who also has IBS. We had been reluctant to tell our church friends why I was sick but when we did we found this other couple who are also dealing with it. I feel so much better just knowing someone else my own age and situation also suffering. I plan on buying your book (right now I am using the library's) and just love the sounds of your recipes.
    I am in Canada so a lot of the foods mentioned are difficult to find but I am doing my best to substitute them. And peppermint tea! I love that stuff. I plan on buying lots of it.
    I have two little kids (4 and 18 months) so I don't have a lot of time for myself but my mom and my husband are very supportive and will take on the kids themselves so I can get some extra rest. My son has been diagnosed with asthma. He's often up several times at night and his medicine has to be given 4 times a day so he's quite a handful at the moment. My main hope lies in getting his asthma under control to reduce my own stress level.
    My biggest fear at the moment is our upcoming camping trip and that I will have an attack then. I hope to get myself under control by then so that I have a stress free holiday. Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice. It's quite a relief to know that I am not alone and that there are ways to control this. I look forward to more recipes and advice. Thank you again for helping me to learn to control my IBS and take back my life!...more info


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