THE ALCOHOLISM AND ADDICTION CURE: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery

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The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure contains the incredible three-step program to total recovery that is the basis of the miraculous success of the Passages Addiction Cure Center in Malibu, California, the world¡¯s most successful substance abuse treatment center. While traditional treatments have a relapse rate as high as 80% or 90%, the world-famous Passages has a cure rate of 84.4%. This revolutionary book shows how you or a loved one can follow the same successful program used at Passages with the help of health professionals right where you live. You¡¯ll learn the three steps to permanent sobriety, the four causes of dependency, and how to create your own personalized treatment program¡ªone that gets to the real, underlying causes of dependency. The book also shows how your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are key factors in your recovery and how you can stimulate your body¡¯s self-healing potential to be forever free of dependency. The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure will show you how to end relapse, end your craving, and end your suffering.

Customer Reviews:

    Do not expect too much help with your addiction from reading this book. While there were some worthwhile, warmed over insights this book is essentially a lengthy promotion for their in-patient recovery program costing tens of thousands of dollars. There is nothing in the book that helps you get unhooked from your addiction without their clinic and/or a myriad of experts trained in their methodology. If you visit their web site they have quite an array of goods for sale to "assist" in your recovery. This is a product mill, for sure. Lot's of promise, no delivery. ...more info
  • There is Hope
    Very well written and encouraging. Gives us HOPE - Hope for the addict, hope for the family members. I finally feel there is a light shining at the end of the tunnel. We have implemented two of the recommendations for two weeks now, and I see improvement - baby steps nevertheless, but improvement. Wish we could afford "Passages" but we can't, so we are trying Chris Prentiss' theory to get to the "why" issues. I couldn't put the book down. It arrived on Friday and I stayed up til 2 am reading....more info
  • Marketing at its best, Research at its worst
    I am a Licensed Psychologist with expertise in Substance Abuse and Mental Illness. I am not bias in any way for or against the book. However, it is not very scientific and sound. The author makes very contradictory statements. He allows his son, Pax, to write about when he was in the throes of his addiction. Pax's 10 years of active addiction underscores that it is a disease and that you are powerless without intervention. The author goes on to say that addiction is not a "brain" disease. But, his son's behavior said otherwise. In addition, the author acknowledges that one cannot drink or drug again, once "cured." How does this differ from addiction being a disease? Semantics? The author doesn't believe in the saying," once an addict, always an addict." However, the notion that once you've been addicted, you cannot use the drug or substance again, implies the same thing.

    I agree that underlying issues maintain addictions. I am a proponent of Dual Diagnosis. However, that does not negate the fact that once the individual has crossed over to addiction, the brain has been altered (for most, permanently). The recovery process should consist of symptom reduction as well as exploration of underlying issues.

    I did not find this book to be research based or helpful. Maybe for a layman, unfamiliar with the field of substance abuse or mental health, this book could be found innovative and useful. The most interesting chapter was Pax's chapter as he underscored the "disease of addiction."
    ...more info
  • Helped me stop drinking!!
    This book was great for me. period. I have been battling with drug/alcohol abuse for the past 10 years until one day I decided I had to stop. That's when I ordered this book that really helped me understand the underlying cause of why I was drinking. It was then that I was able to stop. The book does go into depth about different holistic/medical doctors that can help you..but ultimately it's up to YOU to make the decision to quit. This book is for those who are ready to get's a great first step. And if you're strong like me you can quit the drinking easily. I didn't see a doctor, I just read this book and made a commitment to myself that I wouldn't wreck my mind,body,and soul with alcohol and drugs anymore. I know not all people will be able to do what I did, but you'll never know until you get this book! Thank you Chris and Pax for sharing your story and helping me to understand why I was abusing alcohol/drugs in the 1st place, and then helping me to face up to that "why". Thank you!...more info
    Anyone who does or has ever known the trials of dealing with addiction -- either with themselves or a loved one -- needs to know there is hope for a healthy life without the pain of whatever the underlying cause of the addiction. Freedom from any substance is possible when you truly can believe and understand the truth about WHY addiction happens. Just as with human health in general, there is true healing when we realize that any and all illness and disease can be completely healed by learning how our bodies will heal themselves. When we understand that pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, and anything other than natural healing are only "bandaids" -- never a CURE -- then and only then will we find true health and happiness. This book helps to reveal those truths, and point you in the direction of positive change and knowledge that is about finding the way to the truth about ridding lives of addiction to any substance. Buy one for yourself and everyone you know, it can change lives!!! Thank you!!!...more info
  • The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure
    Anyone suffering from an addiction would do well to read this book. It treats addictions as cureable rather than an incurable disease. It certainly is "food for thought," and not to be dismissed out of hand because of the word "cure" in the title....more info
  • Read the First Six Chapters
    Read the first six chapters. Then, throw the book away. I guess hope does spring eternal. I am sure that a lot of troubled people really hoped that there would be an answer in the book. While there is no "answer", it does provide a glimmer of hope for those poor souls who have been brain-washed into thinking that their situation is hopeless unless they walk around all day saying that "I'm an alcoholic", or "I'm an addict".

    Also, the re-emphasis that there is an underlying cause for their dependency may be useful to some. ...more info
  • Alcoholism and Addiction Cure
    I really enjoyed the author. Chris Prentiss has been there, so his view is real. This book gives hope to a close friend of mine who is dependant on alcohol. The fact that you are in charge of your life,you, not alcohol,is a fresh look at your future. ...more info
  • Very interesting
    This book was well worth the time to read, no matter where you are at in your life. It makes a strong point that addictions can be cured instead of lived with like a disease forever. I did not agree with their approach on spirituality and some of the Chinese healing philosophy, but I still learned a great deal that helped me and I think would definitely help others. I highly recommend reading this book, especially if you have a friend or loved one who struggles with any addiction. Certainly, the same would be true if one personally suffers from the same. If the success statistics from the approach used in this book are true, anyone with any addiction should read this. It is much cheaper to buy this book from Amazon, brand new. It sells in many places for over twice as much as I paid for it on Amazon....more info
  • Wondering
    An alcoholic for 15 years, the 12-steps don't work for me because I don't want to turn my life over to a religious cult. I sobered up using Rational Recovery, but it was difficult to say the least.
    I saw an info-mercial for this book, and found some of it helped me even after sobriety.
    It was great to finally read someone de-bunk the ridiculous "disease" idea!
    It wasn't a disease that put the beer to my mouth, it was my hand....more info
  • Lifechanging book
    this book speaks to the issues of addictions / addictive behaviors in a way I've never read / heard before. A must read for anyone struggling not only with addiction, but the conventional view of and treatment of said addiction....more info
  • not worth it
    this book was unimpressive to me. just a waste of money as very little in it is of much use....more info
  • An Essential book for the whole of Western Society
    This book is greatly needed in our Society where addiction is rife, acceptable at low levels and devastating at other levels. Pax's story is incredible and moving and as a person who works closely with addicted people who have found themselves lock behind bars or in a personal prison of addition at home, its a revelation. Lets embrace change, move into a healthy future and help ourselves overcome our slavery to drugs and alcohol....more info
  • What's the real issue?
    There's a sour apple review that I just don't understand. The holistic healer (Hymen rupture is his name. Would you go to a wholistic healer with that internet name?) is obviously jealous. He completely misses the point. It's not about money and the fees charged at the author's clinic, Passages. The book is the author's attempt to bring what he has learned to the public so they don't have to spend lots of money. Don't attack the messenger for your lack of wholeness. After reading the book, I felt the author, Chris Prentiss and his son have only one agenda. It's to help people in need and they're good at it. The naysayers will never be in their league as long as they play the blame game and think it's about money. Hopefully Mr. Rupture will figure it out one day. It's about compassion, service, understanding and walking the middle way. By the way, I wrote a longer more in depth review at my site: [...]William House...more info
  • Book Review
    This is a fantastic book for addicts as well as people whose lives are affected by living around/with an addict. I believe this is the answer. If someone really wants to quit, this is the way to do it....more info
  • The best book on the subject! Could not put it down
    I bought this book for a family member and was expecting another dull book an addiction, but to my surprise, it was so well written and the stories (like Pax's) were so exciting and read like a fiction thriller. I just could not put it down! (Hence it delayed me sending out the book).

    What captivated me the most was Prentiss' novel outlook on the cure for addictions. He seems to have nailed it on the head - look to the root cause of the problem - which is often multi-faceted and he addresses each one of the possible treatment aspects in a holistic way. Most other treatment programs blame alcoholism on genes and call it an incurable disease. That approach does not seem to help people.

    Prentiss' research and wisdom is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand how to cure addiction - either their own or someone else's....more info
  • Right on the spot
    The first half of the book was great, it provided insight and a terrific analysis of addiction and the potential for cure, the second half was a little redundent but overall the book was great...more info
  • Author is on the right track but misses a BIG piece of the puzzle
    I give the author credit for being outspoken about the topic. But he just isn't knowledgeable enough to take an authoritative approach to the subject although he comes off as though he is on the ads. His premise is correct that an addiction is the body and minds way of getting something that it needs. But he leaves out too many cures and doesn't discuss some of the worst addictions at all - like eating disorders, gambling. There are much better books in my view that explain chemical dependence and treatments....more info
  • Extremely wistful yet basic
    I think this book is extremely wistful. It elaborates on the obvious which is that alcohol or drugs are not the is the feeling that makes one want to use them. The discovery of the issues and then learning some new tools as to how to manage them will erradicate the need for alcohol or drugs. Also, the book discusses how one must be very careful as to how we define ourselves as that can affect our self esteem and future choices (for example saying I am Julie and I am an alcoholic). This book describes a program in which the "user" is not being punished but rather becomes enlightened so that there really can be a cure rather than a "white knuckling" through life on life's terms....more info
  • Mixed--Useful and Costly. No Discussion of PRO-ADDICTION TICK INFECTIONS
    I would add that infections that most labs miss like Atypical Bartonella,untreated Lyme disease and Babesia can increase inflammation, discomfort, agitation, and brain chemistry trouble and add to the biology. Most addictionologists have no idea what these infections are, and that the dummied down national labs do not even test for most human species usefully. But none of these are rare.
    ...more info
  • A unique approach to recovering from addiction
    Having a family member dependent on alcohol, I became interested in Chris Prentiss book "The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure". With the help of his son Pax,an ex-addict, the author gives us an extraordinary insight into the life of addicts, their pain and struggle, and the real dangers they face. Chris instinctively knew that there was an "underlying cause" behind his son's addiction - and indeed behind every person's addiction. Dealing with the cause helped him cure his son, and together they started their rehabilitation centre in Malibu using that unique approach to cure their clients. Chris goes on to explain, with real-life examples, the role each of the ten or so therapist plays in his Centre. It all makes so much sense! No wonder Passages has such a high success rate......more info
  • Enlightening and entertaining

    During the past few weeks, I read a book given to me. The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure - A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery by Chris Prentiss is one of the most enlightening books that I have ever read - not because of his views of alcohol and drug dependency and their causes, but because the book informed me that these views are relatively new to the world of addiction therapy.

    Chris believes that drug and alcohol dependent people don't have an incurable disease. Dependency is 100% curable. Alcoholics and drug addicts are simply trying to cope with the world in which they live. Their coping mechanisms just happen to be alcohol and drugs. And alcohol and drugs work very well - regardless of whether or not they will eventually kill you. I always thought it was obvious. Apparently not. So, I will help Chris spread the word, and promote his book as well.

    The book itself is great. It is easy to read and full of warmth, very chatty. It is a wealth of information both for dependent people and for their therapists. This book makes a great reference source. The third chapter is written by Chris's son, Pax. Pax was addicted to heroine, cocaine and alcohol for ten years. Chris got him clean forty times. This chapter is Pax's story and it is as heartening and illuminating as it is appalling.

    Once Pax discovered the reason for his dependency and he and Chris were able to cure it, they opened a rehabilitation centre for dependency treatment in Malibu called Passages. It has the highest success rate of any dependency treatment center in the world.

    ...more info
  • Now that's an intelligent approach to addictions...
    Truth when understood cannot be denied...this therapeutic approach is comprehensive & effective in that it addresses the heart of addictive issues as opposed to a cure for the symptom(s). Anyone of us who are not living life to the fullest might check the closet for unaddressed addictive behavior (I've a few of my own.) Ahhhhhhh that this love cure could be bottled and prescribed. Addiction is a route we choose for various reasons in order to cope.... yet are oft unaware of why we made this (these) choice(s), nor of the ultimate price of these choices.

    To acknowledge the choice(s), sincerely repent , identify the root and discover higher ground in the process is nothing less than love in motion. The painful road of this path less chosen is cushioned with gems of equal or greater opportunity. Gratefully, the path for Pax and the choices he made were well seasoned with an intrinsic love and purpose. May others discover the love that resides in each Spirit and brings us to our true purpose.

    I've a niece, not yet 16, who has walked this rocky road for years. The financial well is tapped and the symptoms persist. I've sent this material to her mother and am hoping that the message might somehow unveil a light that shines, the true beauty of this young woman. ...more info
  • Addiction cure
    I do believe in a holistic approach to recover from addictions, but the author seems to think we all have enough money to get together a team of doctors to help us. Not so in my case....more info
  • Could not put this down- Amazing!
    A little about me, then why I love this book:

    39, M Drinking since 18. Pot at 22. Lots of Alcohol, cocaine and X at 26. Some would consider me straight, some consider me gay and some consider me bisexual. I consider myself 'Ron', I am me.
    I do not label myself.
    Why? That limits me.
    This is perhaps the reason I found drugs and alcohol to be my 'God'. Took away all the confusion.

    After I was introduced to cocaine at age 26, my alcohol consumption tripled. I do not need to go into details on what happens when you start using cocaine on top of alcohol, most of you reading this will know.
    For 6 years I ran my life consumed by drugs and alcohol and even starting selling cocaine to support my habit. Long story short a 'friend' left my house with a buy and was pulled over...hours later I was busted by 13 policemen. This was the beginning of the end.
    Needless to say I was busted, plead guilty and did some time.
    Prison was not an issue with me, I really made the best of it and took the rehab program while I was on the inside.
    What was upsetting? Having to see my Mother and Father through a piece of glass and giving her a 'hug' like I was E.T., touching fingers.
    Something was just not right.
    For the first time since I was an early teen I was completely drug and alcohol free for 6 months. I felt great, had my head clear and was ready for release.
    I was released on good behavior and parole. Wow was it a whole new world.
    Walking the streets of my town upon my arrival I was bombarded by people asking me 'are you holding' , meaning did I have any cocaine.
    I told them no, I just got out of jail. I ran back home shaking, only to realize this is how it would be for a while.
    Days went on and everyone realized now that I was reborn. Rumors were flying that I was just released from jail, found Jesus and turned straight. 2 out of 3 aint bad!

    While I was on the inside I did attend 12 step meetings, and continued those for 5 years after release. My life was going great. Still though something just wasn't sitting right. I was still empty. I would go to these meetings thinking why are these people so angry? I would go to meetings and be worse after. I realized I was missing God and just wasn't connecting with the people in the rooms. I was never and never will be into 'clicks', I am my own person.

    Late one night I was flipping through the channels and saw Joel Osteen.
    Through his help and inspiration, I have grown from a person that was missing Faith, to someone filled with Faith.
    That man has helped me change my life. I really recommend him to anyone.

    Still attending meetings I started thinking about what Joel teaches, about negativity.
    His encouragement and insight really doesn't mix well with AA/NA meetings in my opinion.
    Meetings, in my opinion are all about negativity. Labeling ourselves as addicts and alcoholics. Telling us if you don't do to meetings you're going to drink.
    Telling us only meeting makers make it! Excuse me? I will make it regardless! I drank because of fear and abandonment, now these meetings are pumping fear back at me?
    I also had an incurable disease that will be inside of me forever, with no hope?
    WOW. If you tell something like that to an addict or alcoholic, what will they want to do? DRINK AND DO DRUGS! This just doesn't add up.
    So many contradictions in those meetings. Too much anger and poor mees for me to stick around. Needless to say I stopped going about a year ago and have felt so much better. No therapy, just Joel and a lot of self help. Even friends noticed the difference in me not attending meetings anymore.

    Let me say this before I get attacked that meetings did help me in the beginning and I am not saying don't go. They can help and they did. However, meetings didn't stop me from drinking I STOPPED MYSELF! Stop with the crutch! In my opinion those meetings do more damage than good. Times have changed.

    Now to this book:
    Simply amazing. If I found this in my early days of abstinence I believe this would have helped me more and faster than the meetings. Even though I've been alcohol and drug free for almost 7 years, I still find this very helpful. The author tells us how we have to deal with the underlying issues that causes us to drink and use.
    We are not diseased!
    Wow, what a relief!

    I was in the gym one day with this book taking a break when a woman grabbed it and looked at the cover. She continued to hold it in her hand and read the back. I was over by the free weights watching her through the mirror, thinking about how to approach her. I walked over and told her that it was an amazing book. We continued to talk and she had told me she was a few months sober and was having a hard time at meetings. I showed her the paragraph that tells us alcoholism is not a disease, she started to tremble. I asked her if she was okay. She got more out of that reading than any meeting she had been to.
    "THAT GIVES ME HOPE", as tears ran down her face.
    I gave her the book, I had to. I made a new friends and just ordered another.

    She loves the book and is telling friends about it.

    If 12 step meetings aren't helping, get this book!
    If you do go to meetings, still get this book. It may help broaden your knowledge and help those that just don't connect with meetings.
    If you are in the depths of addiction, there is hope. Life does get better.
    Thank you Chris and Pax!

    Blessings to all,
    Ron, MA

    ...more info
  • The Alcohol and Addiction Cure
    This is an amazing story that will forever be a part of my life. I read with interest the story of an addict who now helps others, and gives us the opportunity to fully be cured from this lifestyle.

    The only negative part of the deal is that Amazon shipped it the slowest way possible, and it took even longer than their estimate. It is worth paying more in a bookstore to not have to wait 4 weeks for a book....more info
  • The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure book review
    I am completely satisfied because I received the book quickly and in good condition. The supplier was a pleasure to order from, and I would order from them again. ...more info
  • Saved a Friend's Life!!
    This book literally saved my friend's life. Changed his whole perspective and responses to environmental stimuli....more info
  • Great Recovery Story, But Who Can Afford Their Plan?
    The story that the son, Pax, wrote about his addiction and recovery was great. It rang brutally true. I was into the book and ready to see how they could translate their $50,000/month Malibu treatment plan to the masses. The answer? They can't. They recommend hiring a western medical doctor, a clinical pyschologist, a massage therapist, a nutrionist, an acupuncturist, a hypnotist, and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine as the minimum "holistic treatment team". They recommend going to clinical pyschologist at least 3 times/week. During a question/answer part of the book, it was asked "What if I can't afford all of this?" The answer? Ask to be treated for free. Tell them that they'd be part of a "Passages model team".


    My HMO pays for 10 counseling sessions per year with a social worker. And the copay for that is $40 per visit. Somehow I don't think I'm going to be able to assemble this psychological dream team without a load of cash and a lot of free time.

    Oh, and what should you do if your dream team doesn't live in your small town? MOVE to a big city (just for a month).

    I'm not a big fan of AA and their dogmatic religiosity, but at least they're free and close by!...more info
  • The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure
    By far the most logical, intelligent, and practical analysis of this subject I've ever seen on this subject and I've seen a lot! Thank you Chris Prentiss. I'm immediately ordering additional copies of your book for interested and intelligent friends and family. By the way, I noticed WITH GREAT INTEREST a previous "ONE STAR" review of your book submitted in late March that went on and on broadcasting the reviewer's pride in his own atheistic views along with his damning of AA with faint praise. I'd give that review FIVE STARS FOR POMPOSITY! Reminds me of my experience in grad school at one of the most liberal, if not THE most liberal university in the United States. That review of your book drives home the primary reason why your book, a very effective debunking of current mainstream thinking re treatment rationale is so very, very important and unique. Thank you again Chris Prentiss for your work and insight. ...more info
  • Book Review
    Great Book! A lot of really good information to help understand addictions, which in turn helps understand how to plot a course to overcome addictions. A lot of resources suggestions included....more info
    This book was purchased for a friend, after seeing it advertised on TV. It is an excellent resource - a helpful book! Sincerely, Shirley and Clark Lind...more info
  • Weird and illogical
    I suspect that this book will resonate for some people and not others. If it resonates for someone, then I think that's great. One takes help where one finds it.

    For me, though, this book reads like new-agey warmed over 12 step, plus vitamins, acupuncture and massage. I don't see any basis for Passage's claims of being the most successful treatment program in the US; it looks to me as if they do the same thing that 12 step rehabs do--they measure their success by counting only the clients who are successful. You can come up with a great number when you say "it works for all the people it works for." What I want to know is if a person walks in the front door, how likely is it that person is sober a couple of years later? But they never tell you THAT number!

    I also have to say that I was not terribly moved by all the angst-riddled material about Pax Prentiss's addiction. It's not that I don't think his situation was horrible, it's just that it's not unique. Every one of us who has been addicted or has had an addicted family member knows the drill, knows how bad it gets and how frustrating it is, and it gets old. If I wanted to hear a drunkalog I could go to an AA meeting and hear one any day of the week...C'mon. ...more info
  • People are putting a price on life here.
    I have noticed that some posters are upset about the price of being "cured." I am not an addict, but my best friend was, and I would have sold my house out from underneath me if it could have cured him.

    I knew that he had a real problem when he was fourteen years old, and knew where he was heading from my experiences in college -- people I knew. He was given an unnecessary tonsillectomy, and the well-meaning surgeon prescribed (Acetaminophen) #4 (with codeine). This was in 1971.

    I have taken the same drug, without problems, usually for dental pain. I have never taken it for more than two days.

    Well, my best friend was introduced to the same feelings that I get when I do something exceedingly well, only his performance dropped off to near zero. Later, he met a junky nurse, and I knew that it was game-set-match. I intervened and ran her off.

    I knew I had no control over his addictions, but I did everything I could do to buy time. He finally went to a detox center and became a sponsor at Narcotics Anonymous. By this time he was married, and my wife learned that they were beginning to use again (she went through detox with him), and I had a decision to make. Something told me that he would not survive the year.

    He had learned that narcotics lead to institution, jail, and death. Well, he was arrested for "uttering a forged instrument," which is to say, forging a prescription. Back to detox.

    By this time, he was, in my opinion, too old for me to treat him as a child, and I made it clearly known to him that I would be there to intervene only if he asked. I had pulled him out of desperate straights before, but against his (temporary) will.

    His junky wife found him dead one Christmas morning, about ten years ago. He had accidentally overdosed. I had an intervention plan set up for the 26th, and missed it by one day.

    One of the lines of a poem I wrote to him before his first detox included, "May you find peace in Oaklawn's Gardens, and Sleep the Never-Ending Sleep you Seek. I have seen it all before, but this was my best friend Keith." I hope, somehow, that he did find that peace. He was a gifted person, and my best friend. I frightened him with that poem, and in his last days, he somehow knew what was going to occur. He reported "lucid dreams, where he was with (a friend who had died of drug abuse). I was supportive, and only this one poem was pessimistic.

    A copy of that poem is in his casket. It should not be forgotten that people do manage to become addicted to drugs and return to a normal life. These drugs were designed for pain, not getting high. He slipped away one day before I was going to intervene with his recovered addicts alongside me.

    If you have an addicted friend, their life is in your hands. Please do not forget that. The price of the regimen in this book is the price of life. Find a way to do whatever it takes, or lose your friend or loved one.I know this post is too long, but it, like and along with the book, will save lives.
    ...more info
    After seeing the advertisement and reading a few reviews I was excited to purchase this book so that my family and I could gain insight into helping our loved one who struggles with drug addiction. I think that anyone who has faced the demon of drug addiction is always searching for that magic potion that would make it all go away. That's what I thought and hoped this book would be. It was not. This book does contain some very key insights into the problem of drug addicts and their way of thinking. But more than half of the book told the story of the drug addiction of the author's son and the actions brought forth because of his addiction. Anyone who has ever been involved with a drug addicted loved one has enough war stories of their own without reading about someone else's. We all know they will lie, cheat and steal for the next one, so that was a little bothersome to me because his son's road to recovery may not be the next man's road and to spend over half of the book recalling his journey through addiction was basically old news to me. If you have unlimited financial resources then this book is for you because it basically is the program for the famous rehab center in Malibu, CA which I don't know anyone who can afford that. In the end, I believe that information is power and we need all the power we can get to fight to save our loved ones from the depths of hell that is drug addiction. Not a complete waste of money but not a "CURE" either....more info
  • The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure by Chris Prentiss
    This book was loaned to me by a friend in recovery. My friend needed to send his copy to his mom which prompted me to buy my own copy.

    This book's explaination of dependency and healing is addressed on all levels. Cellular, emotional, spiritual and more is explored. I found many, many answers to help me in further strengthening my new life in recovery.

    The importance of nutrition, health, rest, prayer, and happiness were made more understandable to me while enjoying the education this book provided me.

    Ultimately, my belief in universal harmony is my greatest ally. *****...more info
  • alcohol and addiction cure
    This book/audio CD is great for anyone who wants to quit drinking and/or using drugs. I have been to other Rehab centers and AA but neither has worked. After many stints in rehab and AA ,I felt comletely hopeless and I decided to give soberity one last shot and I'm glad I did. This book has given me what no other program has been able to give, and that is HOPE. This common sense approch to soberity is the way all rehab centers should be.This is a truely wonderful program that has saved my life. ...more info
  • Amazing approach to treating addiction.
    In his "Alcohol & Addiction Cure," Chris Prentiss has discovered a system involving an amost Freudian technique to finding the reason we become addicted to alcohol and drugs. Without denegrating (too much)the traditional solutions of AA and similar programs, he claims that the root of the problem is not an ingrained penchant for self-destruction through substance abuse, but the need to self-medicate ourselves against real or perceived emotional pain, guilt or trauma. Tradional methods of treating addiction immerse the addict in a life-long state of a past/present condition; Prentiss' "cure" purportedly frees the addict of that stigma and places him/her back in the realm of "normalcy." Although traditional rehabilitation treatments admit a 95% failure rate, Prentiss claims a 95% success rate: impressive.
    Although I do not agree with his final premis that "all tragedies in our lives happen for some good," the concept of his unique approach to treating addiction certainly has more than enough merit to invite further exploration. ...more info
  • True Addiction Cure
    Pax and Chris Prentiss offer a 'can't fail' system of getting past addictions by addressing the fundamental source of the problems that cause addiction. Their approach is neither accusatory nor stigmatizing and deals with core issues of the mental health problems that are the basis of ANY kind of addiction by helping to resolve the mental health issues that are the root cause of addictive behaviour. This book is for EVERYONE who has even the slightest inclination towards addictive behaviour, NOT just alcohol or drug based. If there were a 10 star rating, I would double even that. Thank you Pax and Chris....more info
  • What a crock!
    How can you "cure" what is NOT a disease?!? I tried holistic, psychological, religious and "behavior mod" attempts to get sober for 8 years!!! They nearly killed me! Until I accepted that I could not accurately and consistently predict the outcome of any "drinking episode" (ie I am powerless...) I continued to attempt to control my drinking. Accepting my condition enabled me to begin to deal with it effectively. I have 22 years sober! This is a fancy book to sell a $50,000.00 a month TREATMENT program that is NOT based on the latest research! Do not be fooled by good marketing, hype and drummed up controversy!...more info
  • A must read for everyone affected by an "alcoholism"
    This book has valuable information for you and your family. It has helped us tremendously. Thank you for reading....more info


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