Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing

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Quite possibly every female over the age of 12 will find this huge book enlightening, pain saving, and perhaps even lifesaving. Think of it as a much more empowering and holistic Our Bodies, Ourselves. Northrup is a gynecologist who acknowledges the power of natural therapies and herbs, but also maintains that allopathic treatments, including surgery, are sometimes best. In Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, she covers the treatment of many physical concerns--among them PMS, menstrual cramps, breast cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, depression, childbirth, abortion, cystitis, and menopause--explaining how many of these physical problems have roots in emotional upsets. For example, a woman who is unhappy with her marriage may be infertile because deep down, she knows that her husband is not the right man to have children with; a teenager who has cramps may be having problems accepting society's expectations of her as a woman.

Some readers may be put off at first by Northrup's obviously unconventional ways of thinking. Her medical approach is decidedly feminist, blaming our "addictive" and patriarchal society for many of the health problems plaguing women. She clearly illustrates her ideas, however, by drawing upon two decades of experience from her medical practice and citing dozens of her patients' remarkable personal stories. Northrup also delineates the best way to go about tuning in to one's body and mind in order to start the healing process, a self-induced therapy of sorts. She also includes in the book a copy of the eye-opening health inventory she gives her clients. It includes unusual questions such as "Are you bored with your life?" and "Do you have enough friends or neighbors?"

This book will be of special benefit to women who are pregnant or entering menopause. Northrup is an unequivocal believer in natural births and her dialogue on the birthing process will remove the fears of even the most petrified mother-to-be. She criticizes episiotomies (she should know; she's given birth without one) and supports midwifery. She also warns against the harmfulness of cesarean births and includes illustrations of acupressure points that help turn around a breech baby.

For women in perimenopause or menopause, Northrup will help turn this life phase into one of peace and personal growth instead of one of suffering. She was one of the first doctors to use natural progesterone to treat menopausal symptoms, and this revised edition includes a clear primer on the latest in hormone replacement therapy and how to determine if it's right for you. Northrup also expounds upon the benefits of acupuncture and herbalism--as well as emotional self-analysis--for alleviating hot flashes and mood swings. --Erica Jorgensen

A holistic perspective on women's health informs a practical guide that demonstrates the synergy of physical and spiritual healing through the use of herbal medicine, visualization practice, dietary changes, and other alternative methods that complement a doctor's care.

Customer Reviews:

  • Women's Bodies, Freudian Wisdom
    This woman is Freud with a shwancy haircut (did Freud have hair?) Every problem, every itch, every bump is because of a repressed emotion. According to Dr. Northrup,a womsn can fall sick because of:
    1) She dyed her hair green by accident, and didnt take the time off to grieve about it.
    2) She forgot to tell her husbands how much she hated him.
    3) She fears the unknown and hence get constipated, and hence experienced hairloss, and hence developed breastcancer, and hence...

    Okay, you get the picture...more info
  • Worthwhile Reading for Women
    This is a very valuable book for women of all ages. I had seen the author on Oprah and decided I wanted to read her book. I also ordered
    it for my daughters. Chock-full of good information!...more info
  • Good but take some of it in stride.
    Christiane's book contains helpful information, but some of it may leave you feeling like you brought on your illness yourself, and that you can control your healing. While we do play a big role in our health, there are certain things that we can't take full responsibility for (like our DNA). We are not God. However, this book is very educational and can be used in combining a holistic with a traditional medical approach to healing. Mary Singer Wick, author of "My Heart's Desire: A Journey Toward Finding Extravagant Love". ...more info
  • I keep buying copies, then giving them away, even to my Dr.
    This book is powerful information for any woman who wants to really take care of herself...and humorously tells you why and how to do just that. I have given copies to my daughters, one just weeks before she delivered her first baby. She was really scared of the birth process, and read the chapters on pregnancy and childbirth as I asked. After the delivery, she told me how she drew on the information Dr. Northrop wrote from personal experience....and was thrilled at how much it made sense and really worked. I then gave my next copy to my own internist, pregnant with her first child who wasn't taking the time to "be pregnant". She wrote a thank you note to say how much she had gotten out of the book, and had given herself permission to be a little less of a doctor to all of her patients and more of a mother to this unborn child. Give yourself a great present; buy this book and the book "Understanding: Train of Thought" and READ THEM from front to back. ...more info
  • Just started reading it
    I just started reading this more into the other book about menopause..I'm thinking once I get into it, it will be helpful....more info
  • Good resource but very opinionated
    I got this book because it was recommended to me by a therapist. There is a lot of information here, frankly too much at times yet too little for other questions. For example while there is a great deal on weight and ways to figure out why you are overweight, there is not information on why a woman might have sudden substantial weight gain and what to do about that. Likewise while the medical possibilities are addressed in the book, none of these are given the same detailed coverage as ideas about dietary and mental changes. Over and over the message seems to be that the woman got herself into this mess (whatever that is) and she must return to a "normal feminineness" to be cured. I know that Northrup isn't promoting a sexist view but it could easily be interpreted that way I fear. I think there is too much emphasis on some some ideals of health and too little focus on individual health and needs -- sorry most doctors you'll visit won't get you there and I had hoped this book would have advice on finding better health care advisors....more info
  • Oprah's Guest On her Show!
    After having a hysterectomy, my body went through a lot of changes.At times my husband wanted me go back to my doctor and ask him to put everything back in.And after reading "Women's Bodies,Women's Wisdom:Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing" gave me a perceptive of what changes your bodies goes through after having children, PMS, a hysterectomy, or even menopause.This book tells it all and it helps you overcome any obstacles you will endure in your lifetime.Its a must-read for all women....more info
  • Female: bodies, psyche and in society
    Women's Body, Women's Wisdom definitely is a must in your library. I personally think every woman and her partner should read this book. Save yourself years of trying to understand the female body, female psyche and the female in society. Extremely well-written, direct and immeasurably invaluable!...more info
  • A Treasure!
    This book is a great resource for all women. It has so much information and wisdom within its pages. I liked it so much that I just bought 3 more copies to give as gifts. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for answers about their health, life and place as a woman in this modern world....more info
  • Muy sabio
    Christiane Northrup es una mujer muy especial y lo demuestra en este libro. La manera como presenta y explica absolutamente todo es muy claro. Para aquellos que deseen una interpretaci¨®n y/o explicaci¨®n de todo lo referente a la mujer m¨¢s all¨¢ de 'lo standard'

    Ella es ginec¨®logo pero ha aprendido a desarrollar su parte espiritual y lo combina y lo aplica en este libro.

    Este libro es adecuado para mujeres de cualquier edad.

    Lo recomiendo ampliamente!...more info
  • Vive les differences!
    This book provides a great holistic perspective on women's health issues (and is quite the eye-opener). It was recommended to me by my holistic health counselor.

    This book gives women the knowledge and faith in themselves to care for themselves and to make informed decisions about their options. We're not slightly shorter, curvier men, and Dr. Northrup takes that into account and celebrates it!
    ...more info
  • Original Cover
    I absolutly love this book. The one thing I have to say against it though is the new cover. I think they should replush another version of it with the original cover. I would make it less clincal feeling...more info
  • Her "Nutrition" Advice Made Me Furious and Physically Sick
    Alright, first of all, I have read dozens of books on nutrition and weight, etc., many of which were inspiring and very helpful. I highly doubt that many women in 2006 lack general nutrition knowledge, but if they do, it can be found easily online or in the library. Dr. Northrup's advice was ludicrous. 30 grams of carbs per day? I was encouraged when she began by citing Geneen Roth, but things deteriorated from there until I wanted to throw the book out the window. If anyone is looking for a mind-body approach to food, please, PLEASE do not read Dr. Northrup's chapter on "nutrition." Instead, I would recommend Fed Up by Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, Eating Mindfully by Dr. Susan Albers, any book by Geneen Roth, or even How Much Does Your Soul weigh, by Dr. Dorie McCubbrey. These books adress eating mindfully, allowing yourself to enjoy the foods you love while paying attention to your body's responses. Dr. Northrup's "nutrition" chapter is just another externally driven, trendy, but ultimately ineffective attempt to control weight and promote health (She calls herself a "sugar addict" and if you want information about that, read something like sugar busters (until you figure out that ALL diets will never work long-term). Anyway, I think she's a nut, and I wish that consumers were more perceptive and less desperate and likely to grasp at straws like Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. ...more info
  • worth every penny
    This book was worth every penny of its cost, for me. I was suffering from severe, debilitating irritable bowel syndrome. I noted one sentence in this book, that food allergies can be the cause of this painful condition. I mentioned the fact to my allergist, I was tested for a wheat allergy, and the IBS was subsequently reduced to rare and negligible occurences. It changed my life!...more info
  • Look beyond the physical
    This is a fascinating book, that makes so much sense. the power of our thoughts and emotions on the body has been known for a long time by the masters of yoga. This book, takes it even further and looks at the female reproductive system and its functioning from a holistic perspective and that is exciting...more info
  • Every Woman's Bible
    I wish I had this book long ago, but better late than not! I have recommended it to every woman I know & anyone with daughters....more info
  • Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
    I highly recommend this book to every woman. It is a treasure trove of information. Dr. Northrup has left nothing out. I have read things in this book that I have never read anywhere else. You will gain valuable information and new insights that will enable you to take the best care of your body. I have given this book to all my sisters, daughters, and now I am giving it to my nieces. Don't pass this book by, put it on your wish list and buy it as soon as you can....more info
  • This is insulting and outrageous.
    "For example, a woman who is unhappy with her marriage may be infertile because deep down, she knows that her husband is not the right man to have children with"

    That is the most misguided and ridiculous statement I ever read about infertility. Women who are infertile may have congenital problems such as mishaped uterus (well before she met her husband), blocked tubes (again well before she met her husband), hormonal imbalances, (same) etc. This is basically blaming her medical problems on herself, saying it's her fault and all in her head. I can't believe anyone would take a single word by this author seriously....more info

  • new perspective on health in this book opened up new doors for me
    This book is the most valuable one I have purchased in years. I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and traditional western medicine said they could do nothing for me. My open-minded OBGYN recommended this book to help me see the mind-body connection of health, and give me other healing options. After reading this book, I feel a new hope. I realized that the sexual abuse of my past was having an adverse affect on my health in more ways than one, and no doctor had ever thought to ask me before. My disease is now in remission, I am pursuing acupuncture for other health issues, and I feel a renewed sense of pride in my female body. This is a must-read for every woman!...more info
  • Every woman should read this!
    Five years ago, I picked up "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" at the library as a book on tape. I was astounded by Dr. Northrup's intuitive insight into a women's mind and I connected to her work very much. She explained some things that I had always wondered about and exposed me to some new concepts which now, some 5 years later, I more truly understand as they reflect changes in my own health, body, and mind. Since reading this book, I have done much more research on women's health, especially menopause, and this is hands-down the best book on the subject. ...more info
  • Every woman should read this.
    A beautiful and clear account of how illnesses that affect women contain messages which when understood can lead to personal transformation. There are many accounts of women who have rediscovered their vibrancy and vitality. There is a section which very practically and sensibly guides you through the process. It allows you to believe in being truly healed and not just patched up. It makes you feel alive, not just live. As a woman and a doctor,I was touched and inspired....more info
  • Self-Help That Makes You Miserable
    Christiane Northrop embraces the idea that sickness has its roots in emotional causes: cysts, tumors, cancer, PMS, etc. according to her, may be the manifestations of anger, ambivalence, lonliness, etc. The problem with this sort of ideaology, is that it negates a whole body of scientific data which would suggest otherwise, and puts the onus of illness and recovery SOLELY on the patient.
    Our environment is polluted beyond anything our ancestors could have imagined. THIS is causing illness. Our modern lifestyles, sitting in traffic, taxes, etc. cause STRESS. Our hospitals are loaded with children battling cancer. Cancer rates in children are up 500-percent since the 1960's. What is her explanation for that - are these children subconsciously creating their own miseries? What an appalling thought.
    Obviously, we need to eat well and exercise and have joy in our lives. But this will not prevent us from dying! We all die from something - it's the inevitable consequence of being a living creature on this planet. It might be cancer, it might be a heart attack, it might be a drunk driver, who knows?

    Most annoying is her assertion that PMS is basically unfulfillment and anger that surfaces once a month. Women are supposed to root out the "real" cause of their suffering. At the same time, she acknowleges that a woman's progesterone plummets just before her period - which many doctors, including the pioneer of PMS (Dalton) have identified as the leading cause of premenstrual depression and irritability.
    I could go on and on. This book made me feel very disheartened and anxious. Too much naval-gazing is a bad thing: maybe we have too much time on our hands. While millions starve to death, we're supposed to make friends with our mitochondrial DNA. It's enough to make you pass out. ...more info
  • great book for all women
    my sister gave me a copy as a gift and I then bought a copy for each of my daughters. Every woman should read this book--actually every man who lives with a woman or girl should read this book....more info
    NO matter who you are - professional or not professional - you should read this book by Dr. Northrup! You should use the wisdom and knowledge gained from this book to, not only help yourself be healthy, but to raise your children in a healthy lifestyle!
    ...more info
  • Junk for the firewood basket
    A few years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS after a long struggle to figure out what seems to cause several unrelated symptoms. I read a lot of books on PCOS, and used this books as a reference. While there are great medical explanations in here on some issues....the section of PCOS was insulting at best.
    There is very little devoted to a topic that affects SOO SOO SOO many women. And without seeming to know much about it herself Northrup seems to cousel women on it being a mental disorder, likely caused by insecurities deep within the mind. What a dangerous message to women....that seems to imply you must have been a victim of abuse, or deep rooted insecurity- when PCOS has nothing to do with that at all. If you don't know what you are talking about you just should not write about it- PERIOD! While she may cover many other topics -I stopped reading there. I was severly disappointed, and frankly could not stomach anymore psycho-babble that sums up a true medical issue into nothing other than insecure feelings....What a QUACK!!!...more info
  • Wisdom achieved!
    Probably the best book around about women's health! Very highly recommended. First, I received it as a gift, and I have since bought this book as a gift for my sister and sister-in-law! The book includes ample information regarding conventional medicince, but it also explores alternative medicine as well as nutrition. Discusses psychological and physiological issues that affect the body. A must-buy guide to receiving the true wisdom that the body deserves!...more info
  • Northrup, Move Over!
    Because there are REAL women's literary health guides out there. I personally suggest Our Bodies, Ourselves from the Boston Women's Health Collective. Instead of shoving unfounded, bias, and conservative information down your throat like Northrup does, it clearly explains issues pertaining to any woman of any age or background. I have extreme remorse for any woman turning to this book for tolerance and understanding concerning our bodies, minds or choices (especially the choice to have an abortion). I feel like work does nothing but spread harmful, untrue information instead of the facts. Northrup's "wisdom" is best kept inside her head. ...more info
  • A blessing to women who wish to heal
    >> In Brief <<
    Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (WBWW) is, in my experience, a truly revolutionary book for women of all ages. It's also a great read for men that have an authentic interest in the well-being of women.
    I've been recommending this book to women I care about for some years now, and the feedback is always massively positive.

    >> More detail <<
    I first found an old copy of this book at a house I stayed at in England. I flicked through it and read a few parts in detail. My impression in that short time? "Gosh... What an amazing book... every women with a genuine interest in their well-being has to read this!
    When I returned home (New Zealand) I bought WBWW and read it more thoroughly. In my experience, Dr Northrup brings forth a beautiful and deeply valuable blend of modern medical knowledge as an experienced Doctor, and very insightful knowledge of how human health is a product of our internal (mental/emotional) relationship to life. She obviously has a lot of experience in the field of health and healing from both traditional and alternative perspectives. For me, this has given the subject matter of WBWW a very grounded, pragmatic, and useful place to work from. It's not a book of theory on "new age health". Rather I can see that Northrup has distilled this knowledge through real-life experience with patients and also with her own journey into true health and healing.

    >> What will it do for you? <<
    For me (as a male, a healer, and a health consultant that has worked with women's health issues for many years) I can see that this book will give to those women who read it with an open-mind a very empowering perspective on their health, their body, their innate feminine wisdom, and their capacity to be beautiful, empowered, healthy women. It's the sort of book that has the potential to restore a significant perspective that our society of men and women have lost. A perspective and a quality of knowing and self-connection that is so essential to experiencing true health and happiness.

    I know that those female friends of mine who have read this book have found it to be an incredibly empowering experience. I feel that regaining your power as a person (and in this case as a women) is vital to having a healthy, creative, life-giving experience of who and what you are. Dr Northrup has obviously spent many years helping women do just that.

    To women I meet in person who are interested in their health, and those utilising my health programmes, I always say this book is a must read. Hence I must make the same recommendation here in this review.

    >> Not for everyone <<
    It's apparent from a number of the reviews here on Amazon that some women found this book quite shocking and hard to handle.
    I had actually never considered that WBWW would evoke such a strong negative reaction. Yet I can certainly appreciate where they are coming from.

    So I wish to add to this review that those who are currently closed to the more subtle and less "main-stream" elements of health and healing may find this book challenging and a bit much to accept. I do not recommend you buy and read this book if you are not at least open to the possibility that we each (men and women) create our health from within. You don't have to understand HOW that takes place (reading this book will help you with that), but at least being open to it is probably important if you wish to receive the many gems and insights in the pages of WBWW. If you strongly adhere to the Newtonian model of the body as a machine then this book is NOT FOR YOU.

    If, on the other hand, you intuitively feel and know that there must be more to health and healing (and woman's wisdom) than what society (with it's entirely "disease management" based approach to health) has tried to feed you all your life, then please let the information in the subject matter of WBWW gently sink into your heart and mind... I know you will not regret it.

    This book is NOT the be-all-and-end-of of books on health. What book would be? But in the context of what the author has set out to achieve, namely helping women with "Creating physical and emotional health and healing" WBWW is a beautiful journey to be explored in one form or another by all women seeking health.

    I wish you all the best of health,

    Jonathan Evatt...more info
  • a woman first
    Dr. Northrup is amazingly wise, open, honest and intelligent. I am very grateful to have found her....more info
  • Very informative
    I would recommend that every woman read this book. In the past I do not think women have received enough education or communication to fully understand the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of our bodies. This book gives good basic explainations but then goes on to talk about care and prevention and helps a woman come from a place of power and knowledge....more info
  • A Woman's Bible
    I highly recommend Dr. Northrup's book "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" - it is a wealth of knowledge for women who want to take charge of their lives in mind, body, and spirit. I can sum it up in three words - A Woman's Bible - a must have!...more info
  • Bias Was Off-Putting
    Dr. Northrup provides women with practical information about their bodies, stages of life and medical procedures. However, I was appalled by her bias against Western cultural heritage and Christianity. Her views on those topics were extremely unbalanced, with no acknowledgement of their positive contributions to culture and women. As a Catholic whose best teachers were strong-minded, compassionate religious sisters, I felt offended by her slur against nuns. I am aware that not everyone feels the same way about their religious upbringing, but I would expect an academic to strive for some balance in their research. ...more info
  • In reply to "missbossy's" review this book is amazing!
    I disagree that this book is not a purely medical reference book. It is divided by chapter in reference to parts of the body and does not include anything but medical information in it. There is extensive medical and technical descriptions of physiology, hormone interaction, etc. as well as less exact things such as chakras and emotions. The problem for some readers is that it is not all WESTERN medical information. -- but that is the gem about it! The point the author is trying to make is that Western medicine does not traditionally encompass the emotional which IS medical. And there you have it. Just think of the old adage of your complaint or your fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our mindset can direct us.

    The anecdote about the woman who does not become pregnant because she decided on a sub-consious level that her mate was not the right candidate was not accurately represented by Missbossy's review in my opinion. I believe the intent of the author is to show the deep wisdom of women's bodies and how for this particular woman, she just had not (yet) connected with her inner wisdom. Northrup gives several recommendations for bridging this gap (such as therapy and "deep thinking" or meditation also in conjunction with heat pads and caster oil on the lower abdomen, among many other approaches).

    Also what Missbossy forgets is that Northrup continually makes the point that medical/biological manisfestations in bodies that trouble us are warning signs of a deeper dynamic our body detects, and that if we listen soon enough, these warning signs may be healed. Northrup hypothesizes that when the deeper underlying emotional problem is resolved these symptoms have for some women disappeared. A person who reads that the infertile women is to blame, or that every infertile woman is just with the wrong partner, is unfortunately simply projecting her narrow view. Northrup even talks at length about women and their propensity to carry the emotions, stress, and expectations of others, and how this must be mediated. We may continue to be loving supporters to others but to do so to the extreme is destructive, and to the extreme is exactly what a person who has the consistent inclination to feel guilty does. "Blame" is a word the critics have introduced and unfortunately grossly understates -- to its detriment -- the content of this wonderful, enlightening book.

    I understand that Northrup interprets that the body of the infertile woman has detected something deeply wrong with her relationship to draw the consiousness to it. However, Northrup constantly repeats that these things can often be resolved if we listen to our bodies. The overall message is to examine what the body is trying to tell us and work it out. The solution for this woman may in fact be to change partners, or that she needs to resolve deeply-seeded feelings of insecurity with the partner before proceeding to have a baby. The big point is that it is for that particular woman to figure out what's right for her.

    You must also remember that few things in medical science are ever 100% certain. Northrup gives the reader the tools to help sort through all the possibilities. She gives a splendidly thorough description of the body and its structure and where and how affliction may arise. She prepares the reader to become her own doctor to a certain extent, while still offering the support and explanations of Western medicine. This is a refreshing perspective for a book that is not about alternative medicine. Rarely do we see a Western health book empowering the female reader to use her own knowledge to aid in her diagnosis and maintenace of health. I think this book is a must read for every woman!...more info
  • Life-changing information
    This book has taught me so much! Dr. Northrup has a wonderful way of thoroughly presenting information regarding women's health issues. The stories of her patients are very inspiring. Now that I've read the book completely, I often open it up randomly and start reading sections again - I learn something every time....more info
  • Offensive, 'blame the victim' tripe
    So ... I now learn that the infertility problems I had for many years, which I always thought were due to polycystic ovaries and failure to ovulate were ACTUALLY due to the fact that I hate my husband, didn't want to have children with him or was simply ambivilent about motherhood.
    And my rather lengthy (but normal) labor was also due soley to my ambivilence about motherhood.
    And, presumably, any peronality quirks my daughter might have are due to some oddity about my labor and her birth, as Dr. Northrup's daughter's problems are mostly attributable to a 'too fast' second stage because she had pitocin.

    There is some good stuff here, and it's certainly good for a woman to educate herself about her body, so she can avoid AVOIDABLE problems and understand what is normal, and find medical caregivers that fit her needs ... but so much of the book is based on the idea that almost anything that goes wrong is due to 'wrong thinking' (and conversely, if you just think (and behave ... mostly through an all natural, mostly vegetarian, dairy-free, caffeine-free, alcohol-free, and sugarfree diet) properly, nothing will ever go wrong. ...more info
  • A Woman's Guide: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Metaphysical.
    You Can Heal Your Life, The Movie, Expanded Version: 90-minute DVD, plus 4 hours of additional interviews and an Interactive Affirmations Tool!

    I discovered Christiane Northrup, M.D. on the DVD and book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louis Hay. Dr. Northrup both inspired me in the movie and in the bonus material. She has the credentials to speak authoritively. She is a Board Certified obstetrician and gynecologist with more than 25 years of clinical and medical teaching experience. She writes in this book of the Whole Woman: the physical, spiritual and metaphysical. She is in great company with Louis Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer and other great spiritual teachers and pioneers. This massive volune of over 900 pages covers all the concerns of women and includes special areas as "The Female Energy System" including the "Matter/energy continuum", "Earth Energy" and the "Chakras". She makes the connection with each of the 7 chakras to the corresponding organ systems in the female body. This is straight talk about womanhood in all the stages of life. Some may want to read straight through but is also great as a woman's reference. Alturnative healing ideas abound. Read it together with your husband and the both of you will find a new appreciation of that divine woman within.
    ...more info
  • A blessing both intellectually and emotionally....
    This book is a masterful combination of skilled, scientific knoweledge of the physical body and the holistic approach to health. Many of the topics were things I'd read about or heard of before and tossed aside as a little too far-fetched, but Northtrup's articulate explanations and solid research helped me to understand them in a thorough way, so that I could get an intellectual grasp on them (I have two master's degrees and am a Geminii, so if I can't get an intellectual grasp on an idea, it just doesn't fly with me.)

    Those who think Northrup blames all physical illness on our emotions or personal histories are clearly missing her point, which is that we must look at health in a holistic (whole-body) way, and that illness often has a COMPONENT of emotionality or a RELATIONSHIP to past life experiences. As many organs of our physical bodies have the capacity to create emotions (which is why you may get very sad when you have a stomach ache... your stomach is "making" you sad by creating the same chemical compounds your brain makes when something sad happens to you), it only makes sense that there must be a relationship between physical and emotional health.

    This book truly changed the way I looked at health, the medical establishment, and my own body. I heartily, heartily recommend it!...more info
  • Helpful, insightful book
    I am really enjoying this book. It's been great in terms of helping me to re-think the way I feel about my body as a woman and it offers some wonderful advice on how I might be able to help my daughter do the same. If you're experiencing hormonal issues, mood swings, and other things you like to make peace with and/or gain more control over, this book offers some very helpful advice....more info
  • Informative, Sensitive, and Well-Written
    This book is a wealth of information on the subject every woman (and, if applicable, her partner) should care a lot about - it not only focuses on a woman's responsibility to her physical body, but also on the way a woman's spirit (or lack thereof) affects her health. Read this, and you'll understand how to gain control over your body's symptoms, instead of relegating that control to your doctor. Dr. Northrup does a fantastic job of coaxing the reader out from underneath an "addictive system" (i.e., the current state of medical science) into true enlightenment, asking her to take responsibility for her own body and what happens within it....more info
  • Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
    Dr Northrup has given all women a gift of knowledge. This book is something EVERY young woman should read. It explains our bodies, our cycles, our wisdom in a way that will change your life. It is a MUST HAVE ON YOUR SHELF kind of book for attaining knowledge and referring back to time and time again....more info
  • My go-to book for women's health
    I love this book and recommend it to every woman friend I know. Through experience both in her OB/GYN practice and in her own life, Dr. Northrup details every aspect of women's health you can think of, from ovarian cysts to breast pain to birth and labor to menopause. When I first read the book, I found myself a little amused and even surprised by her unconventional approach to the mind-body connection (e.g. she almost always sees a link between ovarian problems and lack of creativity in her patients' lives). Over time, though, I found myself amazed by her insights and wisdom, and I learned a great deal about my own body, how my past affects my present health, and how to work towards overall total health. I found this book empowering and refer to it so often that it's sitting in a stack of bedside books. If you like Toni Weschler and Randine Lewis, this book is for you....more info
  • Really pleased with the service,
    I havent read the book because I ordered it as a gift. But I can tell you that the service involved in getting it was excellent . The book was in very good condition and the time in getting it was great.. I really appreciate the e mails that follow up every order procedure as it happens....more info
  • Couldn't they afford an editor? 905 pages?????
    I'm sorry if this has been mentioned in other reviews. I don't have time to read them all.

    But this book is too big to hold and read! It's just unwieldy. And it's very cheap stock, almost like newsprint. Even upon the first light reading, the inner binding gave way. Disappointing!

    I'll keep it on the shelf, for reference, but I won't read it through.

    I have enjoyed Northrup's books in the past -- and her newsletters as well -- but I feel like she's overstepping her bounds. I'm all for the study of chakras, metaphysics, etc.--sticking to straight allopathic medicine will kill you, IMHO -- and she used to give the whole smorgasbord. But now, when she doesn't have all the medical facts, she throws in a psychological/patriarchal explanation. As I mentioned in a comment to Adelie's review, the result is blaming the the victim and not offering real tools for healing. Dangerous.

    Gina Pera...more info
  • not great
    I wish I bought the book. For all the talking on the CD's there are only a few bits that are helpful. It's different parts of different lectures, it's not the reading of the book....more info
  • Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
    Dr. Northrup's book is very informative and helpful. I am dealing with menopause and found information in her book that really was supportive and positive. She is such a spiritual person. I bought this book for my sister and it will be on my gift list for many of my other women friends....more info


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