Welcome to Obamaland: I Have Seen Your Future and It Doesn't Work

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  • Not buying it (no pun intended)
    This author is not a prophet and doesn't know what he's talking about. If we are headed to a collapse, got news for you, we are already there thanks to Bush. Though Obama may not do wonders or perform miracles in the WH, he did inherit a mess not entirely his fault.
    Someone here has mentioned Daschle and he is already out as HHS, so it goes to show you can't run paranoid and listen to every thing people tell you as situations are constantly changing and evolving. We have to have a wait and see attitude right now because we are in such dire straits that it will take awhile to correct and their are no magic bullets.
    Obama is not Tony Blair, like comparing apples and oranges. Obama is trying really hard to make things work for us and we should rally behind him. He is only one person and has to contend with Congress. You people need to look at your Congressmen and hold them more responsible because everything goes thru them first.
    Stop running scared. We are not going socialism. Quit being gullible and letting these conspiracy books dictate to you what your life will be like in 2, 3 or even 10 yrs. You may not even be around to experience it all, as tomorrow is not guaranteed to none of us.
    I'm not giving this man a dime for this book. He's not going to get rich off me. Too bad others wasted their money. ...more info
  • your poli-sci romance has been called to task
    Bottom Line: this author is smart. Bottom Line: this author is right to question authority. Bottom Line: socialized medicine is fine if what you consider a doctor visit is being treated like a used car part bound for the scrap heap. Im happy to keep paying my insurance premiums, especially after reading this book.

    If you are an avoidance junkie, who cant tolerate thinking outside of your circumscribed political view that already hardened like dental putty on a hot day, this book will piss you off, because its going to show you where you might be wrong about just about everything.

    If you are moderate or conservative and you want hard hitting news, this book might be a little too humorous for your needs. Nonetheless, this author is funny and charming, which makes the medicine go down easier.

    Dont bother commenting. this review was an attempt to help you decide whether to read this book or not, that is all. i dont want your opinion about my opinion. and i dont want to debate politics with you. if you want to start political debate, by all means do so elsewhere. thank you....more info
  • A Must Read..
    While a fun and easy and breezy read, this book is in truth a firebell in the night.
    A must read, but only if you care about the future of The American Experiment!...more info
  • United Socialist States of America
    People... wake up. You have been sold a bag of mush. With the election of Obama this country has entered a very dark period. Obama is the wrong person for the job. It is interesting that many reviews are either one star OR five stars: the one star people most likely have not read the book and cast a vote because it feels good; the five star people have actually read the book and done the work and thought about things. Liberalism is for the non-thinking, feel-good, and lazy-minded. Think. Open your mind. Turn off the TV, pour some Perrier over ice with a dash of lime, and read this book! Educate yourself. ...more info
  • A Brit neocon - misformed, ill-formed and colossally stupid
    Based on C-SPAN Book Review, Delingpole is absolutely nuts. He starts out attacking the British National Health Services. Well, where is equal time for opposing opinion, for example, in that NHS outsourced the hospitals in recent times only to find that the operators schemed to over charge for maintaining and equipping the facilities. James "Idiot" Delingpole just gives us the same old Bush stuff - that government is the problem, not the solution. OK, it was our Democratic scientists and engineers that got us to the moon! It was our Republican scientists and engineers that constantly expend extra billions on weapon systems that didn't work and that was ultimately cancelled (eg Sergeant York self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon). Yes, I have it on good authority that the Dems were better. That's because liberals are more intelligent. Well, "Idiot" feels free to make his outlandish statements, so let's characterize it by responding using his tactics. Don't read this garbage. Read Paul Krugman for total refutation of this nonsense....more info
  • Love this book.
    As soon as I Started reading just the beginning, I laughed loud, This book along with A Slobbering Love Affair Is A Beautifully Written book. If you don't agree with the subject it's probably because your one of the fanatics,
    The book is well written,Provocative,And Smart.. Very Engaging book And Good Argument with FACTS to back it up....more info
  • The Past Didn't Work Either
    Let me get this straight...after more redistribution of wealth to the highest couple percent of folks in the last eight years, the total bust of the Cheney administration and the economic coma their corporate socialism has brought, and we're going to cast Obama as the catalyst of the coming Despair? And while we're at it, let's make light of the most serious fact of our lifetimes - our very existence is fast becoming unsupportable owing to man-made climate change. Intelligent Design won't allow it to happen, is that it? Great stuff that British comedy. This is how you conservatives go about bravely facing "reality"? Mr. Bean himself never had material this rich....more info
  • Boring from Britain
    Redundant conservative dogma drawing parallels from the downfall of the British economy to Obama's economics. Unfortunately, all too true, but save yourself the money and just realize how bad it is there and how much worse it's going to be here....more info
  • the truth will make you laugh/weep.
    This book is belly-laugh funny.
    This book is also call-to-arms/pitchforks scary.
    Will read anything else this guy writes!

    harry naasz...more info
  • Dark reality can be Hilarious
    A masterful and hilarious look at what we can expect from government in the United States from the present administration. Very politically incorrect but true and very funny. Almost as funny as this book, are the one star reviews....more info
  • Silly and petty
    I consider myself quite politically neutral. I wanted to see Obama win, but where government in this country is going is nowhere good right now.

    That said, I only read 30 pages of this book. So, how can I give it 1/5? Frankly, I'm too smart for it. The author, if he actually believes what he says, is bigger a partisan hack than I have come across ever before--and I spend a good portion of my time each day on a politics & news forum filled with the worst kind of partisan hacks from both spectrums. These people are blinded by their hate of the other side defining themselves by demonizing other views, simply too stupid to understand that the world is not as black and white as they pretend.

    This guy starts off blaming most problems in the world on liberals (his words, not mine). He also--and I thought this was tongue in cheek initially, but now don't believe it was--blames liberals/democrats on the fact he didn't get laid much when he was younger.

    Even my father, who laps these kinds of books up and detests the Obama administration, thought the book was too much fluff. And more than anything else, if he didn't like it, it's tripe....more info
  • Fun read, good overview of the conservative perspective
    I read this in an afternoon, and laughed out loud more than once. This book was clever and fast-paced; enjoyable mind-candy for any conservative the way I imagine Michael Moore books are for the liberals.

    As a twenty-something secular conservative in the US, I'm painfully aware of how the conservative message is failing to reach my generation. As Delingpole notes in his book, everything socially perceived to be "cool" is thoroughly liberal. Even if my generation had any intellectual exposure to conservative ideology, I imagine few of them would be willing to pay the social cost involved in embracing it. And make no mistake; there absolutely is a social cost and I have been experiencing it firsthand these last few years.

    In any event, I also appreciate Delingpole's book because it touched on many of the primary conservative tenets, putting them in contemporary context(Education, Health Care, Immigration/Racism, etc) and doing so in an entertaining way. I doubt I could convince many of my peers to pick up "The Conservative Mind," but something like this is accessible to the 10-second-attention-span generation. They stopped teaching Logic in our schools here in the US decades ago, so its not surprising that so few happen upon a political identity based on logical conclusions. I plan to send this book to a few of my left-leaning friends and family and spare myself the wasted breath; if Delingpole can't convince them, he can at least further outrage them....more info
  • To put it simply. ..
    The United States is not Great Britain, 2008 is not 1997, and Barack Obama is not Tony Blair....more info
  • Written by someone who agrees but still hated the book
    I have no ideological ax to grind here folks. This book should have pleased me, but did not. On virtually every topic, the author and I are in complete agreement. (One major exception being his embarrassing wish to have had more sexual partners, only to have his quest stymied by the phony AIDS paranoia. No one I've known with a torrid sexual past has had their life improved by quantity.) I agree the AIDS scare was political, not medical. I agree global warming is a scam. I agree that socialized medicine will be a disaster. Yet this is a weak book. Every topic in here has been written about more intelligently, more insightfully, and more wittily by Mark Steyn, Roger Kimball, John Derbyshire, Mona Charen, P.J. O'Rourke, Jonah Goldberg, and Peter Wood, among others. There was nothing new in here. Nothing. And its lack of novelty only made its lack of wit all the more irritating. Two pertinent quotes from P.J. will give you more pleasure than this whole book:

    If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free.
    Look at the parts of America where government has had the most power, where government has spent the most money. Look at those housing projects we've got the poor people in. Then say to yourself, "What the government has done for folks in the inner cities, it can do for that for spotted owls.

    If it had been a magazine article, I would have quit, but since I paid my hard earned money for it, I plowed through to the end. But it wasn't worth it. While not devoid of humor, it is lame and obvious, that smarmy condescension he so rightfully derides in the left. And I certainly wish he would distinguish his hyperbole from his facts. Are those stories of NHS fiascos true, or are they the kind of headlines we will see? It matters. While I am no fan of nearly everything coming our way over the next four years, and fully aware of how hard dismantling such albatrosses would be once they are entrenched, this analysis does little to prove anything. Rather, it sounds like a guy who thinks he's pretty clever, who's had a few too many, and won't shut up.

    Save your dough and read the better writers and better thinkers. This is warmed over oatmeal, gooey, tepid, and not very satisfying....more info
  • Is it just funny or is that hysterical laughter we hear?
    Funny, irreverent, and I must admit - a bit depressing. But then, those of us who have read this book, have known it all along anyway. And those who don't realize what America is in for have likely taken hearty gulps of the Kool-Aid already, and are too far gone to comprehend what lies ahead. While Delingpole is not always spot on (I mean, come on - no matter how bad health care is in the UK, please don't hold up the US as a shining example of what works), this is a fun and quick one-sitting read. ...more info
  • Using life in the UK under Blair to warn us about the coming life under Obama in the USA
    In 1921, Lincoln Steffens, the famous muckraker, said upon his return from the Soviet Union, "I have been over to the future, and it works." This is usually quoted as "I have seen the future, and it works" and was used that way by his wife, Ella Winter, on the title page of her "Red Virtue". This is what James Delingpole is lampooning with his subtitle to "Obamaland: I have Seen Your Future and It Doesn't Work". The author shows us how Tony Blair's UK is much like the America Obama has promised us. Since the UK is anything but the "excellence for all" promised by Blair, Delingpole believes that Obama's promises and dreams will ring equally untrue.

    This book is written with rough humor and a certain teenager-like fixation on sex. I found much to like about the book and am quite willing to overlook the author's personal foibles. He takes us through a comparison of the UK before, during, and after Margret Thatcher and shows us what the politicians promised, what they delivered, and the nonsense the public bought utterly from Blair. If you compare the foolishness said by Blair and Obama, the similarity is quite eerie. The public desperation to believe is even creepier.

    Since Obama is pushing his version of nationalized healthcare, the author takes us through his own experiences with the UK National Health Service, comparing the "envy of the world" image with the reality. He shows why the state is not your friend (or mine). I also enjoyed his examination of the motives of the Left in pushing a "classless" society, why the push to restrict hunting in the UK is a harbinger of what Obama and company are working towards in America, the environmental foolishness that is really an excuse to control your life totally - you see it is totalitarian in nature. Dalingpole also exposes the foolishness of modern educational theory, the sources for the anti-UK, anti-American, and anti-West intellectualism that threatens our long-term cultural survival in the face of the Jihadists. Poison is in the does, not the substance. Diversity is not in itself a bad thing, but as urged on us by the Left it is horribly destructive. Dalingpole finishes up by showing why war is a human reality and not something the anti-war folks have a better solution for. He finishes the book by talking about the values that really matter and they aren't those pushed by Blair or being urged on us by Obama. Our Constitution is based on individual rights and the socialists (not matter what they want to call themselves) focus on group rights so they can subjugate each of us to their larger agenda.

    The book is actually funny and irreverent, which I did not capture in this review. For example, I enjoyed his stating the socialism is just communism with shorter queues. Enjoy this little sample, "You think it's an accident that the global Islamist movement has managed to make so much political capital out of Abu Grhaib and Guantanmo? Then consider the al Queda training manual found in Manchester in 2003. Its Rule 18 ordered that their terrorists, if captured, `must insist on proving that torture was inflicted on them' and `complain to the court of mistreatment while in prison.'" There you go.

    In my view, you should read this book and share it with your friends as we try to wake people from the Obama hallucination.

    Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI
    ...more info
  • A Must Read!
    Mr. Delingpole's latest non-fiction, "Welcome to Obamaland", is definitely a must read for all right-minded and centrally-minded individuals in America today; in fact, I will even risk saying that this is the best book for said individuals on the market today. Mr. Delingpole goes beyond the same points that numerous American authors writing on this same topic have been referring to, making the direction of this book a breath of fresh air (in that you are not reading the same thing over and over again). Having lived through the lapse of Britain into a socialistic safehaven, Mr. Delingpole gives very succinct examples throughout this book that all American's should be on alert for (and afriad of) as our country does the same. Those who feel that socialized medicine is a way forward for this country must pay attention to Chapter Three. Other topics covered in this book include multiculturalism, the capablitity of a leftist government to ban such things as hunting, the latest cult of 'greenies', and many more. Click 'Purchase' today!! ...more info


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