For Young Women Only: What You Need to Know About How Guys Think

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Unlock the Male Mystery

Guys will be guys. And now girls can know what that means! For Young Women Only dives into the mysterious inner-workings of the teenage male mind so that you can begin to understand why guys say and do what they do. Exploring critical topics including respect, insecurity, appearance, physical affection, and the “tough and tender”-ness of guys, this book is also packed with “ask the expert” sections, quotes, and fun personal stories from guys in all walks of life. Why is he so visually stimulated? You may wish it weren’t so, but that won’t make it so. I don’t want to put on a front for him to like me. Actually, he wants your genuineness, too! This book will help you grasp how God wired the opposite sex so you can enjoy your relationships with them.

Why Are Guys So Weird?

Unravel the mystery. A national scientific survey and in-depth personal interviews give you an unprecedented look inside the teenage male mind. Discover how: He’d be perfectly fine if he was loved by few and hated by many…as long as he was respected by all His ego is the size of Africa (but so are his insecurities) He hides his real feelings under a tough exterior He’s magnetized by pretty girls–but also wants to find a diamond in the rough He actually does want to marry a virgin He just wants you to be yourself

It’s the inside scoop you’ve been waiting for! You’ll come to not only understand him, but also know what he might really be thinking about you.


“This is a phenomenal book that I wish I’d had as a teenager!”

Shannon Ethridge

Bestselling author, Every Young Woman’s Battle

“Girls, this book is a MUST-read!”

Candace Cameron Bure

Actress, speaker

Story Behind the Book

“My teenage daughter really needs to hear this!” Such was the typical reaction from countless men and women who read Shaunti Feldhahn ’s bestselling For Women Only. “If forty-year-old women are surprised by the truth about how men think, we realized the value in helping teenagers discover these realities as well,” says Shaunti. Teaming with her best friend Lisa Rice , a mother of teen girls and the coauthor of For Women Only Discussion Guide, they launched a major national survey of guys fifteen to twenty. Their surprising findings are revealed here to help girls improve their relationships with the opposite sex, now and into the future.

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • For Young Women Only
    My sister discovered this insightful book and bought me a copy. A lot of the facts about guys didn't really suprise me, but I was challenged by the chapters on the way guys are vulnerable and need respect. I have an awful habit of cutting my guy friends down with my humor, and I've been working to change that since I read this. The chapters on remaining pure may have been a bit off-focused. The basic message seemed to be "Be sure to set the boundaries, because he's not going to." Girl's need to have convictions of purity, but if he doesn't have boundaries, too, it's not going to be a healthy relationship....more info
  • Far better than the average book on this topic
    My teenage daughter requested a different book for Christmas, but when I read it, I was deeply concerned about the negative messages for young women. So I did some looking on my own and found For Young Women Only. I gave her both books and explained my concerns about the one she had asked for. She read both and threw the first one away because she didn't want to donate it and have some else read it. She thought that For Young Women Only gave her insights into young men that she didn't have before, but at the same time, it doesn't encourage young women to try to be something other than what they are. She has loaned her copy to her friends and recommended it to others. This book isn't as extreme as others on this topic, doesn't recommend that girls pretend to be things that they aren't and doesn't place all the responsibility for responsible behavior on the girls. It does help girls understand the struggle that their male friends face and should help them make better decisions in terms of clothing, behavior and dating situations. The book gives realistic and modern guidance to young women who want to avoid casual sexual relationships and to better understand their male friends....more info
  • A must-have for teenage girls
    I started with a book for myself called For Women Only and grew so much in my understanding of how God created men so different from women that I wanted my daughter to understand this as well. For young ladies attending public school I think you could introduce this book as early as 10 years old...with the ideal age being 12. For young ladies in private school that may be a bit more secluded from sexual information I would recommend introducing it a bit later. I gave it to my daughter at 14 and we went through it again at 15 1/2. It is good to go through it together to clarify things and keep that communication door open. Don't get caught up in the world views of dating at young ages and sex before marriage becasue of experience - Keep God as the Authority and stand firm in your parenting...God Luck! [...] author...more info
  • Must read!
    This book is so valuable for young women, and even some that aren't so young. The principles taught in this book can really help a woman throughout her dating life. It even has some great tips for women who may be married or already in a committed relationship. I highly suggest picking this one up for yourself, or maybe for the young woman in your life. ...more info
  • An Eye-Opening Look into a Hidden World
    To most teenage girls, guys are a mystery, and confusion haunts most inter-gender relationships. Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa A. Rice do their best to eliminate this confusion with For Young Women Only: What You Need to Know About How Guys Think. The essence of the male mind becomes much clearer to the reader, enabling her to be the kind of friend and sister in Christ that the young men around her need, and preparing her to be a loving, supportive wife. The age-old topic of modesty is covered with new insight, revealing to girls WHY modesty is so important if we care about the men around us. The chapter "Seeing the Inner and Outer Beauty" was perhaps the most important chapter to me, as a teenage reader, because it covers a matter of great sensitivity to young women in a manner that provides comfort and encouragement. I would recommend For Young Women Only to all girls ages 13 and older, as the book does contain some sensitive content. For more on sexual purity and modesty, check out Wait For Me: Rediscovering the Joy of Purity in Romance, a book targeted toward a similar audience with a message equally as important and necessary as that of For Young Women Only....more info
  • Everyone should read these...
    The "For _____ Only" Series are awesome. The authors got everything right, and really speak to each side of the communication gap. Its amazing what people assume others understand, especially the ones their closest to.

    A great read...
    thanks...more info
  • guarding your Brother's purity
    This book is very beneficial if your looking for an upfront, inside look of what guys really think and how they tick. Some subjects touched in FYWO I knew of - because I am blessed that my dad has always been straight and upfront with me on guy issues - but only to a certain degree. Like me some things (being a girl) may shock you but it is how guys are made, and half the time (mostly in our ignorance) we have a responsibility in what occurs. I was especially thankful that the quotes and statistics came from real life guys not just some fixed survey. I totally Recommend this book if you truly want to help guard not only your purity but that of the opposite sex....more info
  • A valuable insight for moral girls/women
    I first heard about this author when my wife was reading, "For Women Only." My wife kept asking me if what she was reading was true. At first I was intimidated by how candid and frank the author was, but I could not disagree that she described the inner landscape of men (at least of me!) with surgical precision.

    Since then I have bought the man's version (about women), and bought this particular book for my two adolescent daughters. In our home we try to teach Christian faith, integrity and morality to our kids. This book fits with our goals and present information in a non-threatening and frank way to our girls. They were both startled and embarrassed by finding out the way boys think about girls, but the author speaks the truth!

    As a male, son, brother and Dad I want my own daughters to have a correct idea about how males see girls and think about them. I believe this helps girls/women have the tools to behave morally and constructively in their relationships to men.

    For example, men are very visually stimulated. To girls this at first seems academic: since bare female bodies (or parts thereof) are in many visual formats (movies, advertisements, magazine covers, posters), girls assume it is passe and "no big deal" to show lots of breast or other parts of their bodies. However, this book helps girls understand what a boys response to seeing female nakedness is like inside a boys mind; something a girl is unlikely to understand on her own.

    Boys do not only think of sex, and emotional landscape of boys is neatly addressed in her as well as other issues too.

    This book enables girls to understand boys better and relate to them in healthy and constructive ways. My 14 year old devoured it and before it hit the bookshelf my 12 year old read it and is sharing the contents with her friends. How can the mind and experience of the opposite sex not be interesting to adolescents? :)

    Have your girls read this book and get the appropriate version for yourself to improve the health and morality of your relationships! The author is respectful but honest; she does a very good job....more info
  • Disappointing... and Heartbreaking
    I would never recommend this book for teenagers, especially teenagers with low self-esteem or a poor self-image. Although this book may be true, the authors need to realize the message they portrayed to teenage girls. "Girls, if you're fat, a man doesn't want you." As a youth minister, I would never recommend this book for a teenage girl. It can be emotionally damaging, and teenage girls have a hard enough time with their image and emotions as it is. ...more info
  • Good basic information
    I liked the book. It was an easy read. Being a little older myself and dating a guy that's younger than me I found it helpful to read how young guys think. It's very basic information and it's all that we know, but never think about (it's almost too easy). I definitely recommend this book to younger girls and I recommend that you girls take it seriously. It's all true. My boyfriend took a peek inside the book and decided to read it after he saw a couple of great sentences. I also bought "What You Need to Know about How Men Think" and "What You Need to Know about How Women Think", for me and my boyfriend. I'm convinced after reading these books we'll have more understanding of each other.
    ...more info
  • A TERRIFIC book!!! I loved it!
    This book was wonderful. I love how it gave so many personal quotes from real guys and what they had to say was amazing. I already knew most of the things that they talked about before I read the book but the book really added a depth of understanding that I hadn't had before. I realized alot of things that I could do and say to even my younger brothers. It made me feel almost sorry for the guy and what he goes through and how we as girls so many of us just ignore or disregard the guys feelings cause we think they are weak when sometimes we are the actual cause of it. I felt alot more self-concious about the way I dress and acted around guys. I was at soccer camp just yesterday when I a girl there had her belly and most of her chest showing in a tight tank top and this guy came up to her and asked her if she had a shirt she could put on, she told him yes and he said good and walked away. Just that made me realized how much temptation we are to guys. That guy was trying to keep his mind out of the gutter. This book also had a great Christian perspective into it which I loved being a christian myself.
    I highly recommend this to ALL teenage girls. ...more info
  • For ALL young women
    I bought this book for my daughters. One daughter read it, thought it was so great she passed it on to a friend, who passed it to another friend...I had to buy another copy for my other daughter to be sure she'd get to read it. Love this book. More importantly, the kids must like it too for it to be shared with so many of their friends....more info
  • something every teen girl nees to read
    my wife tells me this is a great book. we bought one for all the girls in our youth ministry recently....more info
  • tmost
    This book is a good enough resource, but it just isn't all that interesting or "earth shattering". I would prefer to read a book about how to bridge the gap between what men think and what women think. ...more info
  • Not for young women only, it's for mom's too.
    Gave this book to my daughters who are married with daughters to read and then give to their teen daughters. This is a book that needs to be in a teens hands early. Great book, not too long so it keeps them very interested. Great read for times like this....more info


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