Your Last Diet!: The Sugar Addict's Weight-Loss Plan

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From the bestselling author of Potatoes Not Prozac–this is the first diet plan specifically designed for people who are sugar sensitive.

If you’ve tried every diet under the sun only to watch your weight boomerang, take heart. You may have been born with a biochemistry that makes you more vulnerable to becoming addicted to sugar. The first weight-loss program of its kind, Your Last Diet! pinpoints what you can do to heal your sugar sensitivity once and for all–and lose weight permanently in the process.

Inside you’ll discover how to
• Increase seratonin and beta-endorphin levels for appetite and mood control
• Feel more confident, energetic, and clear-minded
• Lose weight steadily–without rebounding
• Adjust eating habits for maximum health

Filled with testimonials from people who have followed the plan, lost weight, and kept it off, Your Last Diet! is a powerful inspiration to all who have struggled with sugar addiction and weight issues. This will truly be your last diet!

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally! Answers that Make Sense
    The insights in the book are awesome! I wondered for years about why my mother and I didn't get along better - what I did to make her hate me so, why she was always so mad at me. Then I beat myself up with guilt for not trying to get closer to her and fix things before she died. I've struggled for years with my own self esteem issues, and I've tried more diet programs than I can count.

    Now I see that my mother was sugar sensitive, and it explains so much about her behavior while I was growing up. What wonderful freedom to have an explanation that makes sense! I've started to see some of her behavior patterns in myself. I understand now that I've inherited the same body chemistry from her, but I don't have to be a prisoner of it. There's hope for me, and for a better relationship with my daughter. I truly expect this to be my last diet, and I believe it's going to change my life for the better!...more info

  • Freedom At Last
    This book is unlike ANYTHING I have ever read. In its pages I find reason to hope and a way to freedom. I have been living in a "fat world" for most of my life - feeling like I was on the inside watching life being lived by others on the outside. I could write a book myself I bet about all my zillions of attempts and eventual failures to get this thing right. I am a professional woman, but for the life of me could not lose my weight AND keep it off. I never realized that it stemmed from a biochemical imbalance. I always thought it was inherently my fault and something was missing in me. I now know why and how this happened for me and how I can change and heal it all. What freedom!

    I have been following Dr. DesMaisons program for over a year now and my life has changed immeasurably. My healing has been slow and steady and ongoing. And it all started with her 7 step process. Her research can literally change the world - one person at a time. I know it has changed mine.

    Laura Rose...more info

  • This is my most valuable book next to my Bible
    Fantastic book. I have all of this author's books and they have been life changing. I now know for sure that 99% of my problems that I went to therapy and read two ton of self help books over is actually body/brain chemistry issues. These are all being corrected with the program outlined in this book. I'm a new person. And the bonus is I no longer crave sugar.

    I urge you GET THIS BOOK TODAY.

    Edith...more info

  • YLD - Your Last Diet
    What a wonderful feeling to know that failing on other diets has nothing to do with willpower. It is all about biochemical imbalance. This is the first program structured to heal the brain chemistry first and then go on to the weight loss part. In other words do the maintenance first, then we will be better equiped to do the weight loss part.

    The science of the program is so interesting and exictig to read about. Dr. DesMaisons explaination of the C57 and DBA mice was fascinating and so understandable....more info

  • Your Last Diet
    "Your Last Diet" (YLD) is the answer I have been searching for in my life for the last 25 years. I have known that sugar and white products have been my addiction and I never knew how to rid them from my body. I understand now it is a biochemical condition I was born with. Kathleen has shown me how to lay the foundation of healing through the seven steps and when my body is ready I will be able to lose the amount weight I choose to loose. YLD is more about loving yourself and your body. Weight loss comes after the foundation of self love....more info
  • A life-changer!
    I've read *all* the books and tried so many "diets," but never found one single program that was able to make a lasting difference in my life and weight. This book builds on the science explained in Dr. Des Maisons's first book, Potatoes Not Prozac, which helped me to understand that weight gain (and depression) WAS NOT MY FAULT, but rather a function of my sugar-sensitive biochemistry. That realization was key to 80 pounds of weightloss (and counting) and the kind of centeredness, confidence and happiness I haven't known since childhood....more info
  • Not written for guys like me, but I still liked it
    While reading this book, I felt that the author was NOT speaking to me - otherwise I'd give it 4 or 5 stars! The author appears to assume the reader is a (a) female, who (b) obsesses about her weight, (c) needs to lose a lot of weight, (d) has tried many different diets already, and (e) has experienced yo-yo gains and losses in weight.

    I'm a (a) man who (b) has never thought much about my weight, (c) is on the upper end of the "healthy range" and desires to lose only 12% of my current weight, (d) has never tried to lose weight before, and (e) has never yo-yo'd but steadily gained as I reached middle age.

    No, the author was definitely speaking to someone else. That being said, I thought the actual advice in the book is spot-on and makes much sense for ANYBODY to follow, not just for someone like me who had childhood experiences with hypoglycemia. The only thing to which I couldn't relate was the personal food journal, but I guess it makes sense. It takes discipline, however.

    The diet advice in this book, combined with the exercises and diet advice in Jorge Cruise's "8 Minutes in the Morning" are a great combination. Follow the diet and lifestyle changes in "Your Last Diet" and where it doesn't conflict, follow the advice in "8 Minutes" such as the flax oil and food cards, and do the exercises (which actually take more more like 17 minutes). You'll feel great....more info

  • DesMaisons sold out
    When I read Potatoes Not Prozac, I thought, "at last, a book on diet that doesn't focus on losing weight!" After all, food acts in the body in a much more complex way than simply making you lose or gain weight. Apparently DesMaisons decided to pick up on the weight-loss market and rewrite PnP for losing weight. I felt her style of explaining how I feel now and how I'm going to feel after doing her plan, little more than the common weight-loss testamonials you see in every second-rate diet advertisement. By the way, I have eliminated sugar from my diet and it has not "changed my life" or solved all my problems. The 4 billion dollar diet industry, which DesMaisons has become a part of with this book, banks on those types of claims. ...more info
  • Dr. DesMaisons has done it again!
    Once more, Dr. DesMaisons has given words to the feelings and experiences those of us with sugar sensitivity (sugar addiction) have been struggling to find. The realization that I'm not alone in this struggle, that there are others out there who are fighting the same battle AND there is a scientific reason for the struggle is, in itself, spirit lifting.

    Dr. DesMaisons follows up on her previous books with new, important, information. Information that she has found in scientific studies and through conversations with thousands of people who have followed the seven steps outlined in her previous books. She continues to clarify the connections between what we eat and how that effects our blood sugar, beta endorphin and serotonin levels.

    The book is about healing - the physical and the emotional self - it's about finding the radiance we all deserve and... it's about losing weight through that healing....more info

  • Be careful
    Initially, I found this book to be a good read. Eliminating sugar and increasing protein seemed to make sense. However, too much protein can cause a host of problems. I have had to start supplementing with HCI hydrochloric acid, because my body could not metabolize all the protein I was eating. I also developed Rosacea because of not having adequate HCI to handle overload of protein. I am now supplementing with amino acids, and only need a normal 55 grams of protein, a day. My mood,and weight are fine. I also get restful sleep like never before. A book that outlines amino acid supplementation is The Mood Cure, or The Diet Cure, by Julia Ross....more info
  • Your Last Diet really is MY last diet!
    Finally the real answer to why I haven't been able to stay on a diet! It's not about willpower, it's about biochemisty. This book gives you the scientific reasoning behind the plan in layman's language, and then follows up with a step by step program that helps you make major health changes in your life in a way that will stick. The real bonus is the online community that is available 24/7 and full of people who follow the program and who are there to support you. You won't lose 30 pounds in 30 days, but you will lose weight, and it will stay off! The maintenance-first approach means that you understand and follow a healthy life style before you tackle the weight loss. You can be healthier and feel terrific BEFORE you lose those pounds!

    This is my last diet - if you are sugar sensitive, it can be yours, too!...more info

    Over the last several years as I have had my babies and gotten older, the weight crept up on me until I found myself carrying around an additional 40 pounds that I NEVER thought I would have to battle! I have searched high and low for "The Answer" ... Weight Watchers, The Zone, Richard Simmons, low carb, low fat, low calorie, personal trainers, videos, machines, thermogenic pills and drinks ... my book shelves hold a selection of books that rival any book store and my cabinets are full of specialty bars, drinks and pills. To be honest, I DID loose some of the weight with these programs. However, even though I was lighter than before, I STILL was preoccupied with food, still battling chocolate urges, still on the merry-go-round of eating too much one day and starving the next. This is the only program that actually explains what is going on and WHY and actually outlines a way to heal this craziness from the inside out. If you are tired of searching and throwing away your money and your self esteem with each new diet plan tried and discarded, then I strongly urge you to read this book and get set for some fantastic REALITY!...more info
  • Same old thing, different book
    Well, while I enjoyed the biochemical explanations for sugar addiction, the 'diet' itself is like so many out there now. Basically, stay away from sugars and white foods (except for that potato).. It also seems to embody some of the glycemic index theories.. All in all, I wasn't impressed.. It's helped so many people though, it might be worth a shot for someone else.. GOOD LUCK!...more info
  • Editorial Review
    I have read this awesome book and am working on step 1, adding protein to my breakfast. From day 1, I've been feeling much better and I actually see a light at the end of the tunnel of depression (and it ain't no train either LOL). I really recommend this book to anybody who wants to stop dieting and who wants to start living again!!!

    I believe that this somewhat negative review would shy away people who love to eat a variety of food. If I didn't know anything about YLD, I probably would look for another book with more positive editorial reviews. However, I read it and I love the concept. And from day 1 I really felt a difference on how I felt in the morning by eating a good, filling breakfast, which carried me well into lunch time. The program focuses on slow and easy steps towards weaning yourself off sugar, unlike the Atkins diet. Therefore it is so much easier to incorporate it into your life. You're doing baby-steps not giant leaps that mess you up and are unsustainable. Also, you are not being told what to eat, you learn how your body reacts as you do the steps.

    However, as I read the editorial for this book (after I had read my copy), I've noticed that the author of the editorial review said that you cannot eat white foods, which includes potatoes. Actually, if this person would have read the book, he/she would've learned that eating potatoes before going to bed plays a major role in stabilizing your chemistry over night. As a matter of fact, a whole section (step 4) is designated to stress the importance of the spud.

    Also,what was that remark about the book consisting of more marketing than science (not the exact words, but same meaning). In my opinion, it includes enough science to explain to people outside the scienctific-profession how the chemical levels in your body can make you react a certain way. To be honest, if Dr. DesMaisons would've added much more scientific facts, the book would've been overwhelming for many readers. I'm more interested in the way her program can help me live again. If you are a science-buff, I'm sure she wouldn't mind giving you more details via e-mail. As a matter of fact, you will see how involved she is with her groups on her website at and you can read the forum or join other online support groups where you can communicate 24/7 with other people on the program at different levels. If someone has a question that's tough to answer or someone posts something that's not correct, she is always willing to answer questions or correct readers.

    Marketing? Marketing is good, if it makes people aware of what they need to know. In this book, Dr. DesMaisons merely points out sources and products that can help us in recovery. Also, she helps sugar-sensitive people to cope with their feelings and teach them how to get well. If this is considered marketing, it's great, isn't it? Again, just go to the website or the online groups and see what veterans or even newbies have to say.

    Great book and great support! I love it!!!...more info

  • Great Book, Great Program
    Dr. DesMaisons's newest book is truly my last diet book as well as my last diet. In this book, as with her other two, she has written my story and probably yours too! When you read this book you will know that she has a clear picture of who we are, what we need and how to go about getting there.

    The program is not a quick fix, fast weight loss plan. It works well, when you follow the seven steps in order and don't rush ahead. We all want to lose weight NOW, but by getting really stable on each step first, you will have a lifetime plan to get healthy, radiant and to lose weight. This book will help you achieve these things.

    I have never stuck to any plan as long as I have this one (almost 2 years) and I can never ever see myself going back. Give the book and the program a chance. You too, will truly find this to be your last diet....more info

  • It's the last one for me because it's the BEST
    After following this program for 1 year 4 months, I found all the claims to be true. I fit the description of "sugar sensitive" and I feel better than ever. Finally able to lose about a pound a week which NOTHING else accomplished. Plus the biochemical improvements - no more gray sadness, uncontrollable binges, mood swings. Oh and blood pressure and lipid profiles are better.

    Just for comparison...

    Better than low-cal - the support and balance of WW without feeling starved and (...) from spending points on whites & sugars. Also the 24x7 support is moderated like an everpresent WW leader, so if misinformation shows up it's quickly corrected.

    Better than lowfat, high carb - all the great stuff from veggies, whole grains, and portion & fat control without the bloating, scary weight gain and dryness/skin problems from lowfat.

    Better than lowcarb - the clarity and focus of lowcarb without the energy bonking and the sudden crave/binge from nowhere. Because you're controlling not only insulin but also the brain chemicals seratonin (impulse control) and beta-endorphin (feel-good schwinnggg!)

    So what's the downside? You don't start losing the first week. You do maintenance first and then when you finally know what it feels like to eat right, you tweak for weight loss. Instead of starting on day 1 with a food plan, you have breakfast with protein. You take the time to construct your own program based on how YOU react to the steps.

    This is the last food plan for me because it's the best I've ever been on, and I'm constantly getting better at it too....more info

  • Easy read.
    This book is a quick summary of the eaerlier book Prozac or Potatoes, which has more details.
    Enjoyable even though full of repetitions....more info
  • No more rollercoaster
    This truly will be my last diet. After more than 30 years of riding the diet roller coaster, Dr. DesMaisons has shown me the way to end that insanity. By teaching us how to heal our special biochemistry first, really learning maintenance first, the gradual weight loss really is permanent. I have been following her program for about a year, have lost weight slowly and consistently, and feel better than ever. Knowing that there was a reason why I was unable to maintain the weight I was able to lose on any other diet program I followed so rigidly is very freeing. Now I am listening to my body and customizing this program just for me while following the outline provided in this book. The results are miraculous. If you believe you are sugar sensitive, you just have to try this to become a believer, too....more info
  • I like it.
    Worth every penny. This isn't a diet book so much as it is a book about how food affects your brain, and what you can do to get the results you want. While the information is fantastic the writting could be better. If you are looking for a "just the facts" presentation of the information, see the website. The book is couched in very friendly, over explained, language, that wanders around to the point rather than just delivering the information in a straightforward manner....more info
  • Follow the steps! Don't jump ahead!!!!!
    I had read DesMaisons first book "Potatoes Not Prozac". But, I didn't get anywhere. So I decided to buy her latest book and I figured out what went wrong. There are 7 steps that Kathleen outlines in all of her books. Me, being the impulsive and impatient sugar-sensitive person I am skipped these steps and immediately went for the detox. Big mistake!!!!!

    I am still working on the 7 steps, but the thing I love about this book, "Your Last Diet" is that it reminds you to follow these steps and it shows you that this is not a quick fix. This is a program that takes time. Patience is the key. You didn't gain the weight in a day, so it's going to take you a while to lose it. And the weight is not the issue. It's the biochemistry and any other emotional issues you have with food.

    The reason why this book stands out for me is it gives better reasons to take it easy. It gives better reasons to follow those 7 steps. This is probably because there's been more feedback and experiences with this program since the first book. Probably the biggest step I ignored was the third step - the journal. I thought I knew what I was eating, so when these wierd cravings came back, I was confused. Kathleen's reasons for this step explained everything to me. Without the journal, you are unclear about how your body feels about the food you eat, therefore when a crave comes up, you have no clue where it came from.

    This book can easily be your last diet. Diet is really not a good word for this program, but I understand that Kathleen had to have a title that was catchy. But, you have to be patience and go through the steps. And I already know from my own experiences that life changes that occur slowly or at a steady pace last a lot longer than those that happen overnight....more info

  • The last diet book I will ever have to buy.
    Four years ago I put on extra weight because of health problems. That is when I started my diet roller coaster. I have a shelf filled with diet cookbooks and diet books. I did the Zone, I ate low-fat, no-fat, high carb, low carb and I swirled into a pit of depression and low self-esteem that I thought I would never get out of.

    I bought Your Last Diet, when it was still an E-book, and read it voraciously. Dr. DesMaison's style manages to convey information while still being informal enough to understand. She's real. Your Last Diet taught me I was a Sugar Addict, and with Your Last Diet I healed my sugar addiction, and I have begun healing my life. In the process I also lost 20 lbs that had been impossible to lose because of Hypothyroidism.

    I will never need another diet book. I haven't eaten sugar in 7 months, and if I slip, DesMaisons has provided the help me to recover from it. Her book is about progress, not perfection. Committment not will power.

    This book will change your life. You will learn to love yourself and your body, and you will find a group of friends who will help you on your way to a radiant you.

    In sort, this program works. If you know you're a sugar addict. Take the plunge towards healing and buy this book.

    Buying this book is a great investment....more info

  • Hope Without The Sugar Coating
    But don't think this book is not sweet. Kathleen Desmaisons dispenses hope in this book in the same manner as she does on her Radiant Recovery website--with compassion and loving reinforcement. She gently provides the scientific data behind the effects sugar and certain foods have upon our body. And then she teaches us to cherish and love our bodies into wellness. No quick fixes, only steady, gentle, healthful living. This isn't a book about diet--it's a book about loving oneself. And along the way, radiance and weight loss happen....more info


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