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  • Sandler Sings For His Supper
    Adam Sandler's film career has had its ups and downs. From the easily forgotten "Billy Madison" to the well-intentioned but slightly miscued "Click," Sandler has played both straight man and buffoon to varying degrees of success. In "The Wedding Singer," Sandler manages to harness his inner goofball and pulls off a wonderful performance in what is probably his best film to date.

    Sandler plays Robbie Hart, an aspiring songwriter who plays weddings for extra cash until his career takes off. He's nice to old ladies, lives in his sister's basement, and is the best wedding singer money can buy. At the opening of the film, Robbie and his bandmates are setting the dancefloor aflame with the 80's classic, "You Spin Me Round" (originally by Dead or Alive). While at this wedding reception, Robbie runs into Julia (played to sweet perfection by Drew Barrymore), a soon-to-be married server with the catering service at the reception. The two hit it off instantly and become good friends. Julia even works at Robbie's wedding and witnesses his being left at the altar by his would-be wife, Linda.

    Robbie falls into a funk, refusing to play any and every wedding reception he's offered, including Julia's. He eventually agrees to help her set up her wedding with her Don Johnson wannabe fiance, Glenn (Matthew Glave). As any good romantic comedy would have happen, Robbie and Julia begin to fall for each other and their respective fiances are proven to be no good and undeserving of their love. Even though, neither Robbie nor Julia can openly reveal their love for one another to anybody. In the end, everything is tied nicely together by a ballad sung by Robbie, and everyone goes home happy.

    The cast in this film is wonderful. Christine Taylor plays Holly, Julia's loose cousin. Frank Sivero is hilarious in a brief role as Robbie's brother-in-law. Steve Buscemi and Jon Lovitz also have bit roles but make the most of them. Sandler's buddy, Allen Covert, plays his best friend, Sammy, a limo driver who wants to be like the Fonz. Alexis Arquette is George, a Boy George lookalike. Also look for Kevin Nealon as a banker who interviews Robbie.

    Of course, the one thing most people seem to focus on in this film is the music and fashion of the 80's. Pop culture abounds in this film with references to Van Halen's breakup, Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson's "strong" marriage, J.R. getting shot on "Dallas," Freddy Krueger, all temperCheer, and the Dunkin' Donuts guy. The musical lineup includes songs by Journey, Flock of Seagulls, Culture Club, David Bowie, and Huey Lewis and the News among others. Heck, Billy Idol even has a scene-stealing cameo on a flight to Las Vegas.

    Obviously, if you grew up in the 80's, you're going to catch onto most of the pop culture references in the film. However, you need not know them in order to enjoy this film. It's a hilarious romantic comedy that showcases the talents of Sandler and Barrymore, and I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • One of the all-time romantic greats
    This is one of the best all-time romantic comedies. You should be well-versed in 1980s pop culture to get the true humor, but a good time by all is basically guaranteed. One of my all-time favs!...more info
  • The Wedding Singer
    I failed to receive the DVD. Amazon credited my account right away and for this I am grateful. I remain confident that if I use a re-seller through Amazon that I will still be protected. Thanks for that....more info
  • See, Billy Idol Gets It
    This movie is just great. It's one of Adam Sandlers Best and most addictive movies. I have seen it so many times I have lost count yet it still remains so funny. I have to say Glenn Goulia is one of the best characters. He is the biggest low life who provides some of the biggest laughs. I think everyone has know a dude like that.

    I would definately recommend The Wedding Singer if you haven't seen it already. That would be hard to believe since they show it on tv like once a week....more info
  • A classic
    If you loved this movie, try 50 First Dates. The surprising chemisty from Drew and Adam continues in that movie. I love the humor and the 80s clothes!! :-)...more info
    After Billy Madison & Happy Gilmore it was nice to see Adam Sandler play a character who was likable. Robbie Heart is a rock cover band singer turned wedding singer and longs to be married and have a family of his own. The film is set in the 80's with hilarious results! The music and hairdos alone are enough to make this film watchable, but the it's the chemistry between the two stars that make this a extremely good romantic comedy! One of Sandlers best if not the best. The DVD transfer is very good....more info
  • LOVE this movie
    I'm a child of the 80's and have watched this film multiple times. I decided to bite the bullet and get the DVD for our personal collection. Then I can see it uncut whenever I desire. Adam Sandler is a goof ball & the rest of the cast did a great job!...more info
  • A Fun Film
    Adam Sandler has done it again! His acting in this is great.

    It is not without it's flaws, "content issues," but it is definately not a bad choice for families looking for some fun and laughs.
    ...more info
  • Awesome movie!!
    I absolutely love this movie. It is one of my faves from Adam Sandler.
    It is romantic and extremely funny if you can appreciate the 80's.
    Drew Barrymore is great in it as well.
    I totally recommend buying this movie....more info
  • Funny and Entertaining
    I'll start off my review with the whole truth,and nothing but the truth:I am a die hard fan of 80's hair metal,and that,along with hard rock,is my second favorite genre of music. I still do like bands like Motley Crue(and luckily and thankfully,a lot of people still do also),Slaughter,Warrant,etc.-and Adam Sandler is my favorite comedian. And by now,the question you're asking me is,is one of Adam Sandler's films of the late '90's,THE WEDDING SINGER,which takes place in the 80's(even though it was released at a time with bands like The Backstreet Boys all over the radio,still proved to be succesful)any good? Read on for my review of this:

    The time:1985.The place:Los Angeles,California.The situation:Robbie Hart(Adam Sandler)is a musician who sings at people's weddings...and a lot of people like him. Not only is Hart good at what he does,but he is also a pretty nice guy. And when it is time for Hart to marry a woman named Linda who he loves and is very happy with him(as well as Robbie is very happy with her)Linda calls off the wedding. Her reason for doing this? Linda claims that after waking up one morning and realizes that she is about to marry a wedding singer,isn't crazy about it(ego,anyone?!)and that after realizing she is in love with the Robbie Hart she met years ago and not the Robbie Hart she knows now,she doesn't want to marry Robbie.

    Then,life goes on--but not neccesarily in a great way.After Linda ends her relationship with Robbie,Robbie is very depressed--and spends half of his time in his sister's basement. Along the way and somewhere in the middle is when Robbie meets a girl named Julia(Drew Barrymore)who is a waitress at where Robbie sings at. Julia is about to marry a man named Glen...except there is a small problem there also. Julia doesn't know whether or not Glen is serious about his relationship with her,and after she and Robbie have met each other,they start doing some thinking and "investigating" about their current,former,and possible future relationships--and what happens next? Well,I could tell you that--but then I'd spoil the movie for you!

    THE WEDDING SINGER is one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies. Sandler is hillarious in this film,and with this film,Sandler is not playing Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore all over again--he is playing a totally new character who has a different personality that Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore had. As a matter of fact,EVERYONE in this film is funny--I especially like the scene that feautures a cameo appearance from Jon Lovitz and the scene that feautures a cameo appearance from Billy Idol. And if you throw in 80's fashion to a movie that was made with great actors and a great and funny story and script,you have an entertaining film--I'm usually not a fan of films that end up in the genre of chick flicks,but even if this film is a chick flick,it is a chick flick that both men and woman should be able to enjoy(actually,it is more of a romantic comedy then it is a chick flick--just in case you were wondering)....more info
  • Great movie,but the Blu Ray could have been better!!!
    This is one of my favorite comedies,and was suprised to see it on Blu Ray for such a great price,it has great PQ and sound but the extras are seriuosly lacking(with only a featurette about the Wedding Singer Musical and the Theatrical Trailer) with this release especially since it's called the "Totally Awesome Edition"! This has the unrated version which is a few minutes longer than the thaetrical cut. Glad I kept my original 1998 DVD because my family enjoyed the Karaoke Tracks that were included and the 80's Trivia and Photo Gallery,If you have the original DVD my advice is keep it beacuse all those great extars are AWOL with this Blu Ray,with all the space on a Blu disc they could have easily put all the goodies on there,but not this time! 5 stars for the great movie,3 for the Blu ray!...more info
  • A classic example of DNR ruining HD video!
    I would love to give this title 4 stars for content since it's definitely one of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore's best comedies so far, but once again the ugly face of Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) has reared its head.

    Though the colorful and vibrant 80's primary palette absolutely pops and is a virtual knockout in HD, and the 24 bit/48 kHz Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track lets the classic pop tunes sound spectacular, while trying to get rid of all traces of grain (which is a natural byproduct of film and contains high frequency detail), some telecine moron also got rid of most or all of the fine detail you would expect from true 1080p video (2 million+ pixels) rendering faces to wax dummy status. Plus, this healthy dose of DNR creates smearing and noise artifacts in moving objects, especially pronounced in close ups.

    This and the Blu-rays of "Patton" and "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" should be used at all telecine transfer schools as examples of what NOT to do when prepping a film or TV program for HD video.

    Don't waste your money like I did! ...more info
  • Never received
    It was funny how when I went through an independent seller I got my other items at the address I have on file and yet when I went through Amazon I never received this item along with all of what I ordered....more info
  • Very Mediocre
    This is a movie that follows the Hollywood formula to the letter. Some minor laughs but nothing too funny. The soundtrack is good but the constant 80s references get slightly annoying. The movie attempts to use these to make up for its rather vapid plot. Still, it has enough charm and sweetness that I just can't bring myself to pan it. If you rent it and watch it once you've seen it enough. ...more info
  • Ladies night!
    I saw this at my tenth birthday party on April 1st 2005, not my real B-day, and I saw it with my friends and we loved it and our favorite part was when a guy was singing ladies night and we were laughing our heads off. Everytime after that they either saw it again or bought it they would tell me and would think it was the coolest thing in the world. It is though too. It was so funny and touching. Everyone will love it, well almost everyone. Drew and Addam are awesome in this!...more info
  • A romantic comedy!
    Adam Sandler at his best, matched up with Drew Barrymore, this dynamic duo makes you want to laugh, cry, and fall in love. The frosting on this wedding cake is when you flash back to the 80's with a great soundtrack of hits from all your favorites.
    The movie takes you back to all fads such as Michael Jackson's white glove, Miami Vice, Billy Idol, Alabama Slammers, all-temper-Cheer, and hairdo's that wil make you laugh.

    The story is simple--boy meets girl, girl meets boy ...they fall in love.
    Only problem is: the girl, Julia, is going to get married to someone, Glenn the rich boyfriend, who she doesn't love.
    The wedding singer, Robbie, gets dumped at his own wedding, and helps Julia plan her wedding; thats when they fall in love.

    This is a fun movie with lots of passion from the actors, and leaves you smiling in the end.

    Author of The Treelanders: Journey to the Giants...more info
  • Great Movie, but...
    I love this movie, but when I received the movie, the disc was shaking around in the case. Some of the teeth were broken off in the middle of the case (which holds the DVD in place), and there was a scratch on it. I was going to return it, but the movie plays ok, so all is good. ...more info
  • For Sideburns Lady and the Mutants at Table 9...
    This is my favorite romantic comedy ever and it's Adam Sandler's best movie aside from 'Punch Drunk Love'. What makes this movie work is the chemistry between Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Without them, this would have just been average. Though I was born in the early eighties, I still remembered much of the pop culture and laughed at all the inside and self-mocking jokes and loved every minute of it.

    Sandler plays Robbie, a wedding singer who's just been dumped by his fiance. He meets Julia (Barrymore), a soon-to-be-wife to a sleazy womanizer, and starts to fall for her. Robbie denies it the whole time and helps Julia plan her wedding since he knows all the tricks to getting her good deals. But what will happen between the two of them? If you've seen any movie at all, you may have an intelligent guess.

    There are many goofy jokes that surprisingly work like the character of George, a cross-dresser that loves to sing "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?", and there are multiple appearances from Sandler's SNL buddies spread throughout. It's the same formula of the romantic comedy genre, but the fun atmosphere, the performances, the chemistry between the two stars, the music, and the jokes make it fresh and entertaining....more info


    ...more info
  • Rockin'!!
    Loved going back to the 80's even if it was only for a Japanese husband loved the 80's music as well....more info
  • Hilarious if you grew up in the 80's
    Atypical Sandler in this one--very little of the "Happy Gilmore" type humor--more intelligent in this movie. Tons of 80's references embedded in the dialog enhance the basic story line. Barrymore (cute as pie!) and Sandler play off each other wonderfully. The rest of the cast rounds out the character field and enhances this romatic comedy--cameo by Billy Idol!

    The "Totally Awesome Edition" tag is a little misleading--only 2 (?) additional scenes, and no Kareoke like in the older version....more info
  • A Comedy Classic
    The Wedding Singer is a classic comedy; especially for those of us that went to high school in the 1980s. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have a great chemistry and are very enjoyable in this movie. This will be the 300th review of this fun film, which shows that it is really entertaining. This is some of Sandler's best work, and it is a joy to watch him sing. A great movie. Four stars!...more info
  • Adam and Julia
    Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have great on screen chemistry together, which is evident for all to see. Throw in a couple of great supporting actors, Allen Covert and Christine Taylor and a couple of scene stealers, Steve Buscemi and Jon Lovitz and you have a very entertaining movie. There are some very funny lines throughout, a great soundtrack, anyone who remembers the 80's will feel like they're on a trip down memory lane. The story is simple but is a classic romantic comedy with a happy ending which will leave you feeling good no matter how many times you watch it. One of Sandlers best, this was huge when it came out at the cinema and is still a popular choice today....more info
  • Before Sandler hit 1 star stardom
    There was a time when Adam Sandler comedies didn't get one star; hard to believe isn't it? This is one of Sandler's best becauase it's actually pretty well written, and the chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore is perfect. That's why they tried to reproduce it in 50 first dates, and almost succeeded, but nothing's quite like the original. It's a great romantic comedy which is truly what Adam Sandler is best at; yeah, he's good at that uncontrollable rage thing too, but at heart he's a romantic. It's a great feel good movie. I remember seeing this and feeling good the whole time; it makes you smile. That's why i watch this movie all the time. Yeah, there are those ridiculous moments, and that's why it doesn't deserve 5; it's not a "Classic," so don't expect it on TCM anytime soon, but it's a movie to watch whenever. That old guy? what's up with him? Anyways great stuff....more info
  • "I vomited in my hair. Does my hair smell bad?"
    That is a classic quote from 'The Wedding Singer' after Julia got sick at the nightclub. Everything from this movie sticks in my mind, whether it be Robbie's strange yet funny friend George, or whether it be Billy Idol asleep on the plane with a bottle of wine in his hand. The bottom line: I love this movie. This is an all-around great movie with wonderful actors, a good storyline, and an awesome soundtrack. If you don't believe me, then go out and rent it for yourself....more info
  • Wonderful Mix of Romance and Comedy without being too Chick Flicky
    The Wedding Singer is the perfect melding of over the top humor and gushy romance, which allows it to be enjoyable for almost everyone
    Adam Sandler is renowned for his crazy humor which can sometimes be over the top. He brings that sense of humor to his throwback to the '80s. Sandler stars as, Robbie Hart, a Wedding Singer, who loses his passion for Weddings when his fiancee leaves him at the alter. Drew Barrymore plays, Julia Sullivan, a waitress at the catering hall that Robbie sings at, who helps Robbie through his loss. The befriend each other and the story takes off from there. Though there are several trite occurances, where both Julia and Robbie misunderstand situations and are led to believe the other doesn't like them. The end finale (starring Billy Idol) gives viewers something to smile about...more info
  • adam sandlers best!
    hilarious movie! not adam sandlers typical roll and i think it is his best....more info
  • Growing old with you.
    The Wedding Singer starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is the cutiest, sweetest, and funniest film of the late '90s. Although this film takes place in 1985, this film is refreshing and relevant. The chemistry between the two stars is dynamite! This is one romantic comedy a guy won't be able to turn down, the music, the fashion, the lingo is screams the '80s. I love, love, love this film and so will you. Enjoy!...more info
  • A nice day for a white wedding...
    This is a typical Adam Sandler movie--full of laughs and entertainment. If you like revisiting the 80s with the music--Boy George, Billy Idol and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, you'll enjoy this. Adam plays a wedding singer that was stood up at the altar. Drew Barrymore play a waitress that is about to marry a "Miami Vice" wannabe. As you may have guessed the two realize they were meant for each other and the rest is pure good entertainment. It was fun to reminisce about those 80s. I'm a wedding photographer and I must say the kind of gigs the wedding singer did and the people he encountered, were so typical and realistic--especially table 9! Anyways, not the most technically perfect movie, but full of good Adam Sandler comedy. I had to watch this movie again. I laugh a lot everytime I see it... ...more info
  • Sandler Peaked With His 3rd Film
    A perfect blend of his insecure charm, silly singing and wacky supporting cast, it's sad that none of Sandler's other films were ever this enjoyable.

    I have been an Adam Sandler fan since Billy Madison (seeing it 3 times in the theater) and Happy Gilmore which continued the trend of comedy excellence, then The Wedding Singer came along and showed us that Sandler was capable of blending real heart within his outrageous humor.

    The key to this film (and the first 2) is that unlike his later efforts, the cast does not consist solely of the "Happy Madison Gang" aka friends of Sandler. Every supporting role (even the extras) is perfectly cast and although a few familiar SNL faces (Lovitz/Nealon) show up, the mostly unknown character actors add a touch of reality to the 80's universe they created.

    The only time Sandler came close to his former glory was after re-teaming with Drew Barrymore for 50 First Dates, but even then his hangers-on buddies and gross-out humor spoil the show.

    This version of the film has an additional scene (a nice surprise) featuring Rosie and Robbie that is very reminiscent of the "Meatball" scene from the theatrical cut, but just as funny.

    The making of the musical mini-doc only manages to make you realize that the broadway folks had no idea why people loved the movie as they discuss their decisions to replace all the beloved hits from the soundtrack with their own compositions and have the lead actors behave nothing like Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore-LAME!

    Finally, the "80's Mix Tape" feature provides minimal trivia on the soundtrack songs and then just skips to the scenes in the movie where the music plays in the background which is pretty pointless b/c the music plays throughout the movie, so you might as well just watch the film itself over again.

    But the reason for the DVD is the great movie and not the extras (at least in this case) so if you don't already own it on DVD pick up this version, for nothing else than a few extra minutes of Sandler in his prime....more info
  • Ok
    It's an ok movie, I thought it would be funnier, but it's not a bad movie, just wish I would not have bought it. ...more info
  • fun and cute
    this is a fun, sweet movie. I love the 80's flashback ;) Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are great together. It always surprises me how well Adam Sandler sings in this movie; i love it. I watch it fairly often, and always find certain parts funny. The first time I was watching it, i was afraid it was going to be another one of those *horrible* movies that have "the wedding" in the title. Besides this movie, all the movies i've ever seen with "the wedding" in it's title were the worst ever (take "the wedding planner" and "the wedding date", for example). Anyway, it's a great movie....more info
  • Don't think just because it's Adam Sandler it's funny.
    I'll make this short...

    This is absolutely the lamest movie I've ever seen in my entire life. I saw this when it came out at the movies (only because the projector running "Dark City" was broken or something), and about 10 minutes before the end of the film, I left and got my money back. This is, by far, the worst movie Adam Sandler has ever done. It's kinda hard to actually describe how bad this movie sucks, but just trust me... IT COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY SUCKS!!...more info
  • Great Movie
    I love Adam Sandler, he's funny and in this movie was not too lude. Drew Barrymore's a funny sweetheart. The movie was not trashy, it was just a good, funny movie. ...more info
  • A Romantic Comedy That Succeeds at Both
    "The Wedding Singer" is one of the few romantic comedies that is simultaneously laugh-out-loud funny and tear-to-the-eye romantic. Adam Sandler plays his most endearing role as Robbie Hart, a wedding singer whose heart was robbed of his parents as a child, then of his bride (at the altar). Drew Barrymore is the same type of warm, funny character that she plays so well.

    The jokes and sight gags relating to the ridiculousness of the 80s really score. Supporting players Christine Taylor as Drew's slutty cousin and Allen Covert as Adam's smooth-talking friend add to the laughs.

    This particular "Totally Awesome" version contains more than five minutes of never-before-seen footage. One of those scenes is an unfunny exchange between Drew's character and her mother. The other is a lengthy scene in which Robbie Hart engages in sex talk with an aged woman taking voice lessons from him. Although the scene's coarseness is likely the reason it was deleted from the theatrical release, it makes an unexpected (though welcome) appearance on this DVD release.

    The other special feature, a backstage look at the Broadway musical "The Wedding Singer" did little to sell me on the play's merits. I'll stick with this totally awesome DVD.

    Leslie Halpern, author of Reel Romance: The Lovers' Guide to the 100 Best Date Movies and Dreams on Film: The Cinematic Struggle Between Art and Science.

    ...more info
  • A cute romantic movie
    This isn't typical Adam Sandler humor, but it is very funny. Based in the 80's, it's a classic. Very adorablely cute and romantic too....more info
  • This is really really Sandler and Barrymore
    I love this movie , and they acted so ( damn ) good ; how we realize that every man so easyly become someone not him , as long as he could attract the girl that he like . Anyway, the music is could , i wish i could find you spin me round from extras , but i get ( again ???? ) do you really want to hurt me . But , the best part of this movies is.....(it's nice ) to grow old with you.....i dedicated that tags to my sons...more info
  • She walks in beauty like the night
    I watched The Wedding Singer in a state of enrapturement. The movie stars Drew Barrymore. There might have been other people in the movie, I don't really know. ...more info
  • Adam Sandler!!!!
    Gotta love Adam Sandler, always funny, always cute!! Really great movie, Very funny. Great ending!!!...more info
  • Second Best movie with Sandler
    A person really got be a moran or just hate Sandler not to like this movie. This movie is great, has really funny parts, defenetly worth every single doller. I don't understand how some people could say "50 First Dates" was a better movie then this, give me a break that movie was lame and boring. Looked like low budged movie bein shoot in 2 same places.
    Lately Adam maked crappy movies, the best ones will always be Happy Gilmore and this one. I consider this movie bein romantic comedy. Most of the time when the companys advertise some movie and they tell you it's a romentic comedy it's usully boring chick flick which isnt even funny or comedy to begin with.
    This is the only movie which delivers both....more info
  • Odd cover.
    Ok the cover of this movie stinks.But the movie itself was really
    good.Its about this guy who sings at weddings and right before he was going to get married his wife sends him A note that says she doesen't want to get married.So he continues singing at weddings and meets this girl and really likes her but then he figures out she's getting married.A lot of this movie is comedy
    but some of it is romance....more info
  • Can I give it 6 Stars?
    An exceptional romantic comedy, The Wedding Singer, brings to the screen the story of a down-on-his-luck wedding singer who following being stood up at the alter believes he will never experience true love. That's all going to change when a girl he works with asks for his help in planning her own wedding...
    Aside from all the humor (and it is endless...), The Wedding Singer is a film about human relations, hope and second chances.
    Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Steve Buscemi, Billy Idol (!), and the rest of the cast have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are outstanding to say the least! All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)! Very well written and very well presented, it allows for a highly entertaining movie that can be watched over and over again! The film is simple enough, but does a great job of describing people's every day lives and the problems they face. It just goes to show that simplicity is often far better than complexity, when trying to present issues of a human nature.
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, the GREAT 80's music (!!!), and the HUMOR (!) are all wonderful!
    In short, The Wedding Singer is a movie definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection! BRING ON THE SEQUEL!
    ...more info
  • A delightful comedy!
    The Wedding Singer is a movie that you will either love or hate. You will know which of these two categories you fall into within 5 seconds of the movie starting. If you start bopping along to the title music, you will love this movie. If you hate the title music, you will hate this movie. By the way, the opening song is You Spin Me Round. Me, I love this movie. It's one of my all-time favourites.

    The story at one level is a basic romantic comedy; boy meets girl, they fall in love, and despite seemingly insurmountable odds, they get together by the end, which is how you want it to be. It rises above the genre, however, both by being very funny, and by being set in 1985, which allows you to laugh at the fashions and the social mores of a period not all that long past.

    The movie opens with the aforementioned song, being sung at a wedding by Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler). Robbie Hart is a Wedding Singer, and a very good one at that, as he quickly demonstrates by salvaging the best man's speech from this wedding. We also learn that Robbie is a very kind, generous and caring kind of guy. We also get to meet Julia (Drew Barrymore), a waitress who has just started work at this particular reception hall. Julia is a wonderful, sweet human being. Robbie and Julia develop an instant rapport, and we learn that Robbie himself is getting married next week and Julia is involved in a long term relationship at the moment which doesn't appear to be progressing towards the altar.
    Robbie's wedding day arrives, but unfortunately, he is left standing at the altar by Linda (Angela Featherstone) whereupon he falls into a deep depression. Robbie's best friend, Sammy (Allen Covert) convinces Robbie to return to work, and an absolutely hysterical sequence follows revolving around the songs Holiday and Love Stinks.

    Robbie gets to meet Glen, Julia's fianc¨¦ (by now he has proposed). Glen (Matthew Glare) is a big-time Don Johnston wannabe. Julia convinces Robbie to help her with her wedding plans. They have a lot of fun together, including another hysterical scene involving Jimmie Moore and his band (Michael Jay in a cameo role). As a result of this, Julia's cousin, Holly (Christine Taylor) takes an interest in Robbie. This leads to a double date with Robbie, Glen, Julia and Holly, where Robbie learns that Glen is a big-time fink, and has no intention of changing even after he marries Julia.

    Robbie and Julia's romance now takes a seriously rocky course, with seemingly endless obstructions to their getting together. However, with a little help from Billy Idol and the entire First Class section of a flight to Las Vegas, Robbie and Julia finally get together. And that's how we really want it to be.
    ...more info
  • one of my favorite movies ever
    My husband and I both love this movie. I am not always an Adam Sandler fan, but this one is fun....more info
  • Super fun
    The wedding singer is a super funny movie. Especially if you are familiar with that time. I am not sure if it is as good for someone who was very little or born after that time. Therefore I could not give it the full 5 stars. But as for me, I thought it was awesome....more info
  • This was outrageous!
    I just need to say that this movie was so funny. Adam Sandler was at his best, showing off how funny he can truly be. In all of Adam Sandler's movies that are comedies, it is usually pretty funny, but this just totally redefined funny. It is about a 35 year-old wedding singer named Robby Hart who has to deal with being left at the alter by his wild, bitchy wife. This new addition adds some really funny new footage to a totally funny movie. I definitely reccomend it....more info
  • Sandler and Barrymore perfect match
    Adam Sandler's best movie with the possible exception of Punch Drunk Love, this romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore mixes the laughs with a set of characters that we actually care about. Barrymore adds just the right touch of warmth to Sandler's sometimes awkward edges, and the two prove to be a perfect mix. Even though the eighties backdrop is played for laughs, it also provided me with some nostalgic thoughts of growing up, and I don't think I was the only one....more info


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