Stop Prediabetes Now: The Ultimate Plan to Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes

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Prediabetes is now an epidemic affecting close to 100 million Americans. In its early stages, prediabetes lowers a person's energy and mental clarity. Untreated, it turns into type 2 diabetes, which can be deadly. Along the way, prediabetes increases the risk of persistent weight problems, sleep disorders, inflammation, and mood swings. Ultimately, it predisposes people to heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Stop Prediabetes Now offers a practical step-by-step program for improving eating habits and using nutritional supplements to reverse prediabetes and related weight problems. This unique book also includes shopping instructions, meal plans, and easy-to-prepare recipes.

Jack Challem, known as the Nutrition Reporter, is the lead author of the bestselling Syndrome X (0-471-39858-6) and author of The Inflammation Syndrome (0-471-47881-4), Feed Your Genes Right (0-471-77867-2) and The Food-Mood Solution (0-471-75610-5). Ronald Hunninghake, MD (Wichita, KS) is Medical Director of the Center for Human Improvement, the largest nonprofit nutritional medical center in the United States.

Customer Reviews:

  • Stop Prediabetes Now: The Ultimate Pan to Lose Weight and Prevent Disease
    This book is an excellent read! Immediately after I finished the book, I bought 3 additional copies for gifts for loved ones. The book explains why diabetes is accelerating out of control in our society today and it gives great advice on how to take preventative measures to avoid becoming a victim. Jack's story on how he reversed his own pre-diabetic situation is compelling and he offers great nutritional advice, hope and encouragement to those who want to "Stop Prediabetes Now.... The book is truthful, easy to read and medically sound. I enjoyed it cover to cover and will continue to enjoy it for years to come. Its on my favorite bookshelf for easy reference to the many healthy recipe suggestions. This book will be a positive life changing experience for every reader....more info
  • Just What I Was Looking For
    I was recently diagnosed with high blood sugar by my doctor and this book has all the information I needed regarding foods to eat, foods to avoid and suggestions on diet, good recipes, supplements and gives breakdowns on good and bad fruits and carbohydrates. It is organized well and has lots of information. I got exactly what I needed and would highly recommend it to anyone with questions on what they should eat and do with prediabetes....more info
  • A Brilliant Duo
    Ron Hunninghake is a fantastic doctor at the front line of natural medecine. I've read some of his previous research and am very excited to see how he applies his expertice to this piece. I'm already a little ways into the text and find it very fascinating. Chellam and Hunninghake make a brilliant duo....more info
  • The one book you should read on this topic
    I am a health editor for a diabetes information company and this book and its authors are essentially the gold standard for information on this topic. You will not find a better source of information, advice, and explanation on this epidemic that threatens the health of what is fast becoming the majority of people in our country. I highly recommend reading this book, no matter your size, shape, or heredity....more info
  • If you have prediabetes or diabetes read this book
    This is an excellent book. I recommend it and his earlier book called Syndrome X to anyone with prediabetes or diabetes.

    I was diagnosed as prediabetic with blood sugar at 112, triglycerides at 170, and cholesterol at 195. After following the recommendations concerning diet and exercise in this book for three months my blood sugar dropped to 101, my triglycerides to 65, my cholesterol to 176, and I lost 30 pounds going from 203 to 173 (I'm 5 foot 7 inches). I still have a ways to go to get my blood sugar down to an ideal level in the low 80s, but I am impressed with this book, its recommendations, and the results!

    The only recommendations I have not followed yet are the supplement recommendations and that is because I live on a remote island in the South Pacific, but I will be ordering the supplements soon and I expect further drops in my blood sugar. My doctor (who told me that I would be diabetic in two to three years if I didn't do something about it) was very impressed with the results and said "whatever you are doing keep doing it." It's really an eye-opening book and I recommend it to anyone who has problems with (pre)diabetes. ...more info
  • Does what it says.
    I'm pretty impressed. Within a month of following the principles in this book, I have lost 13 pounds and got my blood sugar down from 116 to 85.

    It's easy to read, it makes sense, and it has some very good starter recipes for this new lifestyle.

    I'm pretty pleased. ...more info
  • Well written, easy to integrate
    There are several good books for diabetics, and several more for people interested in a more natural diet. This is one of the few books, perhaps the only current book, specifically focused on prediabetes. That's important for people like me who found themselves to be prediabetic with no idea of what that word meant, and no outward signs that diabetes was a real threat. The book is smoothly written, clearly organized, and educational without being pedantic or academic. It's also very easy to integrate with diets like South Beach, the Abs Diet, and the slow-and-natural approach Michael Pollan advocates in In Defense of Food. If you're already trying to live a healthier lifestyle, this book will help you easily modify your life to accommodate your concerns about prediabetes. If you're just starting to learn about prediabetes and healthier options, this book is the place to begin. The authors claim that within just a couple of days of implementing changes you'll feel significantly better. I found that to be absolutely true and three months later it remains true. I would have paid $10,000 or more for that just three months ago, so the book has been a steal.
    ...more info
  • A must read!
    The probability of Prediabetes was a fact I had to face. I was overweight, I did not exercise regularly and just didn't take care of myself. Once a family member was diagnosed with Prediabetes, I saw the light go on over my head. It's time to take care of myself.

    Jack Challem's book "Stop Prediabetes Now" was spot on explaining the issues I was experiencing. Jack Challem provided me with a clear, simple yet comprehensive program to follow. It isn't just about losing weight. He expresses the dynamics of the disease and it's long term affects. He gave me the reasons to make the changes in my life long commitments, exercise and the need for vitamins/supplements I was lacking.

    Following his advise, I am eating better, exercising on a regular basis. I feel better than I have for a long time. I have started to lose weight. I am more focused and I have more energy.

    I can hardly wait to see the look on my Doctor's face at my next appointment. ...more info
  • Pre diabetes
    I have read most of Jack Challem's books, and this latest on how to avoid diabetes is by far his best effort. It should really be treated as a manual, as the book provides lessons on getting and maintaining normal blood sugar and avoiding diabetes. However, the ease of reading and understanding the profound, yet simple to follow guidelines, reads more like a great book. My family has an extensive history of diabetics, and three of my siblings have it. My mother passed away in my arms, before she would have needed to leave this earth, due to diabetes..She had several surgeries on her feet, removing toes, and part of her feet, and she was blind at the end. I do not want to have to die this way...Thanks to the information in this awesome book, I have already lowered my fasting blood sugars from 94, to a normal range of 81 within a couple of weeks. I monitor my blood sugar follow simple eating and exercise habits outlined in easy to follow guidelines and have never felt better....more info
  • Another must-read from Jack Challem
    Jack Challem has once again demonstrated his expertise at presenting a wealth of health information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow book. This book could be a life-saver to those readers who follow his program and avoid the harsh realities of diabetes....more info
  • Stop Prediabetes Now
    The first couple of frightening chapters motivated me to want to take positive action. The rest of the book allows you to do just that. Clearly written and well documented--I heartily recommend this book to anyone concerned about this dreadful, but reversible, disease.

    Rob La Follette
    Austin, Texas...more info
  • Stop Prediabetes Now
    This is an excellent book!!! Very Informative even if you don't have this diagnosis worry. The information is sound nutritional advise for every person. I learned so much about carbohydrates effect our bodies. This is food information everygody shoul know ...more info
  • Great Information and it is working for me!
    The book has great information and it is working for me. I have been reading it and changing what I eat. I feel better. It is too soon to tell about the weight, but I feel better and that says a great deal. The book is easy to read and has wonderful non-prescription information packed inside. It has information that I have read in other places, but being more up to date with vitamin issues helped me to learn more. My morning fasting blood sugar levels are down from 112-115 to 100-108 in just a week....more info
  • Finally, realistic advice resulting in better health
    Stop Prediabetes Now clearly describes the problem of prediabetes in an engaging, easy-to-read style, but more importantly it lays out a realistic plan for what actions to take. You won't find fad diets here, but instead solid information from trusted and respected health professionals about a real way to get your health back on track for life. ...more info