Psychic Healing: Using the Tools of a Medium to Cure Whatever Ails You

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Sylvia Browne now brings us an amazing volume on self-healing. Largely made up of actual research trance transcripts from her spirit guides, this book is a must-read for those who suffer from chronic physical problems but can’t seem to find relief from conventional medicine. (However, this work is not meant to replace medical treatment, but rather to augment it.) Sylvia also shares her innovative and proven methods of healing using cell memory and morphic resonance.

Sylvia is one of the few deep-trance mediums in the world today, and the information that comes from her guides not only gives us the tools to cure ourselves and become more spiritual, but also delivers insights into preventive methods that ensure health and happiness so that we can enjoy optimal wellness°™both inside and out!

Customer Reviews:

  • Not What I Expected
    I love Sylvia Brown but this tape was not what I expected. May be I expected something more. But would not recommend...more info
  • Psychic Healing
    This is Sylvia's best book yet. Loved it and bought two more for friends....more info
  • Great Healing Info
    Psychic Healing: Using the Tools of a Medium to Cure Whatever Ails You
    This book is very useful for those who want to learn about healing. The meditations and revealing advice are very helpful. I tried a couple techniques and they worked right away! Sylvia scores with another great book!...more info
  • another winner
    I love Sylvia's books. And I find this book to be both spiritual and very helpful. I believe we have the ability to heal ourselves (unless we charted this as a lesson to be learned or the vehicle of our demise)It is in how to do it,how to visualize what we want and our belief we can do it.A pill is not the answer for everything. Also we can program ourselves to not get sick in the first place...positive thinking and feeling.Just open your mind to the possibilities!...more info
  • Psychic Healing by Sylvia Browne
    I loved this CD, the first part was informative, but the 2nd was so healing, I suggest everyone purchase this CD for whatever ails you.
    T.L.R....more info
  • Sylvia Browne Psychic Healing
    This book is fabulous. Every time I read Sylvia Browne's books I think this is the best book ever. Well this one is the best one I have read so far and I have read most of her books. Sylvia really gives some great advice on how to heal your body and mind of negative crap. I love this woman and all the help her books give to this crazy mixed up world we live in. She really teaches us to step out of our bodies and observe how things really are and how to fight back in a spiritual way. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Awesome CD
    Awesome CD- She's the best physic out there. The only one that knows what will happen when we all die. Can't wait till I get to the other side. I will not be coming back to do another life here in this dreadful world....more info
  • Healing the Physical and Spiritual Self
    This 209 page book is in 2 major parts: In the first part, is Sylvia tells you how you can do some healing on yourself, not discounting Western medicine, but as an enhancement to it. The second part of the book is question and answer with her 2 primary guides: Francine and Raheim. This book is in simple language and is relatively fast-read text, as I have found the other books of Sylvia's that I have. (I only have a couple, though.)

    In simple language and through page 42, Sylvia states her belief that most illness comes from cell memory, mental disharmony, or as part of our charts (something we decided to experience before we came here). She goes into the concept that people have the ability to heal themselves much of the time but that lack of awareness, lack of belief, and lack of the knowledge of how to do it prevent many of them from accomplishment. She claims that each cell in your body knows and remembers how to be healthy, but people must also truly WANT to be healed. (Although hard to believe, some people really want to be sick more than they want to be healthy. There are lots of reasons. Primarily, they could enjoy the attention they get when sick or a behavioral change is just not worth the effort to them.)

    Sylvia delves into how much power the mind can have over your body, the effects of positive thinking vs. negative thinking, self-programming, negative programming, using visualization, using emotion and passion in self-healing, and so much more. Again, she explains these concepts in a way that they are easy to understand.

    Page 45 through the rest of the book covers the Q & As with the guides, where they address questions posed to Sylvia. In a conversational tone, they answer questions about depression, exercise, chemotherapy, cancer, maintaining balance, using our minds to promote health and wellness, genetics, illness, Alzheimer's, cell memory, effects of past lives, etc. etc. etc. Quite a lot of information is included in this section..

    This book talks about many of the things that I truly believe. I have been taught many of these concepts by my own guides through meditation and dreams. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of guides, substitute "angels," "inner self," "the little voice inside," whatever terminology makes you comfortable. There are many beings out there that are ready and willing to teach us when we drop the paradigms and think outside of the box, to quote the trendy business lingo of the 90s and 2000s. Anyway, I have told these things to many people--some believe, some do not. It's their choice. I have also found that it was easiest to connect to Spiritual guidance when you: 1) Rid yourself of as much negativity as possible; and 2) Ask and be open to receiving assistance. It seems that in this realm, it is necessary to BELIEVE first, and then you will begin to see.

    Your mind is a very powerful tool. Most of us seriously UNDERESTIMATE the power of our own minds. Once you believe this, it seems that you can use your mind to tell your body to reject illnesses (like the flu, when everyone around you is sick), warts that you don't want, headaches, and a whole lot more. It seems unbelievable because we have been conditioned to believe otherwise. After all, it is so much easier to just pop an aspirin. BUT, you really need to use your mind in conjunction with traditional doctor's visits to make sure you have been successful. (My opinion of course--any Sylvia seems to believe the same.)

    Awhile ago some co-workers asked me why I was so darned happy. We got into this discussion and I told them that they should generate their own endorphins, but people want pills. They want to be TOLD what to do. They want a quick fix.

    Negative programming is also tremendously powerful, and it is everywhere today. It will tell you everything from the implication that you have to be built like Barbie to be beautiful to the need for a specific medicine to enjoy life again. It will make you afraid to even talk to people if you let it. Negative programming will suck the quality of life right out of you if you let it, while you spend your remaining days depressed and fearful of everything and everybody.

    If you would rather be proactive in your own self-healing than to follow the crowd in queue into the bottomless pit, you may want to consider this book. It provides good base info on using your mind constructively to support a healthier lifestyle. It is NEVER too late to start. Even if you don't believe everything, if you just get the part about how powerful your mind is, that will help you more than your wildest dreams can imagine. If you get this book, I suggest buying a highlighter. I think there are a lot of spots you will want to refer back to.

    Your perception is your reality! You are only a victim if you allow it to be so!

    May the angels guide you on your path to awareness. Namaste'
    ...more info
  • psychic healing
    save your money this women is not a psychic. Have seen her on tv
    none of her predictions come true.
    She read for a group of women who have missing children, when they returned they said nothing she said was right.
    She was not asked back to this major tv show.

    Please just reley on God, his advice is the one you need...more info
  • Another book by Sylvia
    Reading an book by Sylvia is bound to be good. It is a hard book to put down....more info
  • Eh, redundancy, typgraphical errors
    I'm only on page 21 and I've found a few typo's already. On top of that much of the information that I've read so far was written in her other books. In reading her books these days I seem to keep having to sift through the material that has already been published to find something new. Yes, I'm a fan. That means I've read more than a few of her books. I can appreciate the concept of writing for new readers of her material, therefore, I'll overlook the redundancy. Typo's on the other hand I can't excuse, one more check before sending the book to the printers would've been helpful.

    All that said, the information in this book is priceless and it's always handy to have the necessary tools published in one volume. Now if we would all start applying the information that's written, maybe the world would be a drama free zone....more info
  • Amazing
    This book was so helpful to me and was very interesting to read. I couldn't put it down. I began implementing some of the suggested techniques for health problems I have had for years and after only one week they are working!! I've tried so many different things before and nothing has made as much sense as this and worked so well.This is a must read for anyone with health issues....more info


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