The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan: How to Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Get Immediate Results

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The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan, and the included downloadable forms, has proven itself to be a valuable resource for new leaders in any organization, with about 20,000 copies sold to date. This revision includes 40% new material and updates -- including new and updated downloadable forms -- with new chapters on:
* A new chapter on POSITIONING yourself for a leadership role
* A new chapter on what to do AFTER THE FIRST 100 DAYS
* A new chapter on getting PROMOTED FROM WITHIN and what to do then

Customer Reviews:

  • Good for all levels
    very informative action plan to help with transitions to new company as we as within same one....more info
  • The ideal gift for everyone that is graduating and beginning their job search
    This is the perfect gift for all college graduates and post graduates. There is lots of good info to follow and direct. It offers focused guidance and every bit of it is valuable to creating a credible and confident interviewee!! And a successfull new hire!...more info
  • Buy the first 90 days
    I bought both this book and "the first 90 days". The second book is definately better, unless you like baseball analogies...
    ...more info
  • The only complete book for starting a new job as a leader from A-Z
    We bought this book along with the "The First 90 Days" and read them side by side.

    -Delves into what questions to ask before the interview through the first several months... I found no other book that is this complete from beginning to end
    -Promotes using the time opportunity BEFORE you start a job and in my experience is a major differentiator that I've been able to surprise and delight. Set up pre-meetings, arranging for email/phone and a place to sit, etc. as a chance to listen and learn without the pressure to perform and to begin forming alliances.
    -Serves as a handy reference... excellent chapter summaries and a strong executive summary with a timeline and a meaty chapter outline are helpful both now and in the future
    -Checklists are excellent and abundant, boiling thoughts down to the most essential elements in a more memorable (less verbose) way
    -Checklists include not only job-related tips, but also cover moving-related items as well... handy!
    -There are many good tips interspersed throughout the book that are good reminders of the basics you need to adhere to in order to be successful
    -Breaks the "sink or swim mindset" often associated with starting a new position
    -Excellent use of forms for introspective Q&A; creatively offers forms that can even be downloaded from the internet, a clever and fairly unique offering

    -I think that assessments of what environment you'll be stepping into are underdeveloped and/or understated. You need to know if the team is under performing, just too new, etc.

    Bottom line: Highly recommended as a must have text for the aspiring business professional. This book effectively serves as warning, motivation, and how to get results in your new role....more info
  • Very valuable!
    I read about this book in Men's Health magazine on a flight home from an interview: bought it the next day. It definitely helped me in the 2nd and 3rd interviews, and I feel it was instrumental in the negotiating stage, and eventually in landing the job. I bought the book for my daughter, who coincidentally(?) was offered a great marketing job after reading the first few chapters.
    I just ordered it as a gift for my friend, who will start in his new postion next week. Highly recommended....more info
  • Think Productive Condensed Wisdom
    This is an amazing book! Actually, it's a distillation and synthesis of the most relevant content of many books, combined with lots of unique and very valuable insight from the authors, and arranged in a highly useful order.

    Key eye-openers are:
    *The importance of starting before Day One and how to do it
    *The critical success factors of Day One
    *The sequence, timelines and guidelines for the critical events in the first 100 days - and how much time you haven't got

    Even on established concepts (e.g. establishing shared purpose, building the right team, conducting milestone meetings), this book adds valuable perspective and many effective practices to improve your probability of success.

    While the book focuses on the essential steps to succeed in a new job in a new company, it's equally useful for consultants taking on a new assignment or leaders taking on new responsibilities in their current company.

    The only downside is the "Ouches" you'll feel when you realize what you did wrong, and what you should have done, in prior experiences that could have gone better.
    ...more info
  • Making Landings Stick
    George Bradt and his colleagues at PrimeGenesis have explained in a clear, well organized manner how to successfully "on-board" as an executive in a new role. Statistically speaking, if you're stepping into a new leadership position, you have just a 60% chance of lasting more than 18 months. "The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan" improves those odds by walking you through a process, which begins before you accept the position, that systematically puts you in charge, builds your team, and gets results. This book is a productive read whether you are the new leader, reporting to a new leader, or sitting next to a new leader....more info
  • A great guide - but be sure to read it BEFORE you start!
    This is a fantastic book - a very good guide for a manager/executive starting at a new company. Be sure to read it BEFORE you start since some of the actions must be done ahead of your first 100 days. The book includes links to a website with downloadable forms - a nice bonus. Highly recommended and a quick read....more info
  • Great step by step direction for new leaders.
    This book is a great way to get a step by step instruction on what a leader should do in a new environment. It has been very helpful to me and I expect to refer it to others....more info
  • Basic career-building and team-building guide
    This basic book drills readers with a fundamental message: Good leaders follow specific plans and put their subordinates first. The authors furnish specific tactics you can use to become a disciplined leader, ready and able to produce a top team. George Bradt, Jayme A. Check and Jorge Pedraza split their material evenly among tips on being a good leader, case studies and printed planning sheets to use to set up your first 100 days on the job. The information is easy to skim; but the authors make some important points, including why you should start meeting key people in the company before you begin working in your new position. We recommend this basic career-building and team-building guide for every new manager's orientation kit. It's a small price to pay to survive and thrive in your new job. ...more info
  • Timely Updates
    This is the second edition, it adds from the first as the author's have taken what they have learned from their clients and synthesized it into this enhanced version. Chapter 2, Sell Yourself, remains a "job search in a box" extra, tight and well done. Grab the overview at info
  • Excellent new job onboarding book
    The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan is a great resource of advice and perspective for anyone assuming a new job in a corporate setting. It's very insightful, easy to read, and provides a roadmap for wrapping your arms around a new position right out of the gate, when it's so easy to lose sight. As an executive recruiter, my job is to find the right hire. George's book helps to make them successful....more info
  • Why the New Leaders 100-Day action Plan is Important
    As a retained search consultant, I believe it is important for both the client and the candidate that new hires have the most effective start possible. The momentum they pick up here will go a long way to establish their overall effectiveness in their new role. The New Leaders 100-Day Action Plan is a step-by-step tool to assist in this process. As part of our recruiting process, I traditionally present this book to those senior executives that have been hired. This book is practicial, "how to" and easy to read. Those who follow it quickly have a positive impact on the new organization....more info
  • Read this BEFORE you start your new job
    Incredibly helpful & timely for anyone about to start a new job or new position within current company. Best if read as you are nearing the end of your search and BEFORE you start the new job. One of the most interesting and useful pieces of advice is what you can do to get ahead before you even start your job. It completely changed my point of reference....more info
  • All Performance, Not Hype
    You won't find this book touted in any web 2.0 blogs, business 2.0 magazines, or pundit 2.0 panel discussions at Demo. It lacks snarky, pithy and/or bloviating commentary. This is an un-hip book that focuses hedgehog-like on your being successful in your new job.

    The New Leaders 100-Day Action Plan gives us an insight into an area of our business lives that has not been given enough attention, namely what the authors call, the 'executive on-boarding' experience. Many, many new executives fail in new roles, not because they are incompetent but because they are set up for failure before their arrival.

    The invaluable lessons within this book include: 1) your first day begins well before your first day, 2) negotiate after your offer and before your acceptance, 3) know your stakeholders before you start -- get all of these issues ironed out before you accept the job; and many others.

    I won't do the standard "Amazon book report review" here, but if you're in a position to transition into a new role, this is a book you really need to read, quickly.

    I joined a company many years ago -- hot brand name, great technology, high riding stock price -- only to find out upon arrival that 1) the job I was promised wasn't agreed upon by other stakeholders, 2) that there were others in the company who also had 'my job', and 3) my boss was about to get fired. I left after seven months. Had I spent 15 minutes with this book, I could have unlocked a few of these secrets ahead of time. You live and learn, but you don't always have to learn the hard way.

    Save yourself from having to learn the hard way. Highly recommended, quick read. ...more info


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