Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that Rule
Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that Rule

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"Vegan cupcakes will take over the world. Better to give in sooner than later and make this a smooth transition. After all, they're so delicious, easy to make, adorable and portable, these little cuppers are sure to be the beginning of a dairy-free baking revolution. In this sweet and sassy guide, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of the smash-hit cookbook Vegan with a Vengeance,and Terry Hope Romero serve up a batch of everyone's favorite dessert. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World unleashes more than 75 recipes for cupcakes and frostings--some innovative, some classics--with beautiful color photographs. Every single recipe has been tested to perfection, so sneak these 'cakes into any party and watch them win over the crowd. Indulge in: * Brooklyn Brownie Cupcakes * Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cupcakes * S'mores Cupcakes * Lemon Macadamia Cupcakes * Mucho Margarita Cupcakes * Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes * Cappuccino Cupcakes filled with Espresso Cr?me You'll also learn Isa and Terry's secrets of no-fail baking, inspired decorating, piping like a pro, and shopping for vegan ingredients, plus true cupcake anecdotes from the trenches. When Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World , no dessert lover can resist! "

Customer Reviews:

    This book is full of wonderful vegan cupcakes. Great recipes, and a detailed education on baking them in the beginning....more info
  • Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that Rule
    This book is amazing! I have made only 5 different recipes so far and all of them were fabulous!!!! Everyone Vegan and nonvegan loved them! The Lemon frosting is my favorite so far but I am excited for the coconut! WOOO GIVE ME MOREEEEE!!!! These recipes are to die for! Cupcakes are the best because you don't have to commit to a hole piece of cake.. especially mini cupcakes! The recipes are very easy to follow with ingredients that are very easy to find. Most, I am sure you will have in your average kitchen. Try this book I know you will love it!...more info
  • How can you go wrong with cupcakes?
    This book is wonderful, even if you get it just to look at the pictures. I'm new to the world of vegan baking, and I bought this along with Isa's 2 other cookbooks. I like that they give you useful information along with the recipes. I've made 2 cupcakes so far, I wasnt blown away by either one, but I plan to try some of the more interesting ones in here. You do need a lot of ingredients that the average baker doesnt normally have on hand, but I'm slowly stocking up so I can take over the world with my cupcakes!...more info
  • Vegans need indulgence, too.
    As a vegan minority, most of my baking is done for omnivores. I don't think I have ever had a single complaint with any recipe I've gotten from this book--in fact, all my friends claim that if all vegan cupcakes tasted like this, they'd be vegan too. Regardless, this book has cemented my reputation as a fantastic baker, and all the recipes are simply phenomenal. From simple vanilla and chocolate to more elaborate carrot cake or crazy mucho margarita cupcakes, this book has something for everyone. If you don't own it and are a vegan baker, you are missing out....more info
  • best of the bunch so far...
    If you look on Amazon, this cupcake book has more reviews and more positive reviews than any other book. Plus it's vegan to boot! That's saying alot, methinks. Got me to buy it, anyway.

    I'm loving it, and other cupcake books I get (or research) seem to not deliver with actual TASTE. (Is it just about marketing then? Nice pics and decorations, but please don't bake? Maybe, maybe. Seems a little shameful, anything for the money.)

    This book is the real McCoy and everyone seems to like how they come out. I am not vegan and am starting to substitute butter and milk sometimes with even better tasting results. I am now an officially obsessed cupcake maker, thanks to this book. I consider it my therapy: I cook a bunch, taste one, and then pass the rest out - family, relatives, neighbors, work, school...who doesn't want a free homemade cupcake that blows your skirt up?

    I am on a Quest to find the perfect tasting yellow (vanilla) cupcake with a nice "crumb" and moist. While this books delivers, the basic vanilla cupcake is just "ok" (the chocolate basic is much better). My Quest continues...if anyone knows of one, let me know. :)...more info
  • Great cookbook
    I must confess that I have not made a single cupcake yet from this cookbook, but have enjoyed just reading the book! The style of writing is engaging and very informative especially if you are new to vegan baking. The pictures make the cupcakes look delicious and hard to believe they are vegan! Can't wait to start baking!...more info
  • Yum Yum YUM!
    I am a relatively new vegan and haven't done much baking. I was really skeptical about how the first batch of vegan cupcakes would turn out -- I was cooking for my (non-vegan) sister's birthday party, and was so doubtful that I sent my husband to the store to buy some traditional cupcakes as backups.

    Not only did the vegan cupcakes turn out fabulous, they were so good that my sister opted for the vegan ones over the traditional chocolate ones! They are simple, delicious, and quick to make. I'll be working my way through this book!...more info
  • Everyone loves these cupcakes!
    Have been making cupcakes from this cookbook for over a year and have always had rave reviews. Have served to vegans, vegetarians, lactose-intolerants, and omnivores and all have loved them! There's no need to qualify these treats by saying "they're vegan," because they're just plain good. You can pipe the icing and make them pretty enough to serve at baby showers, birthday parties, etc. The basic vanilla and basic chocolate are always good, but the carrot cake cupcakes are divine. Other favorites: S'mores and Cookies 'N' Cream cupcakes....more info
  • Impress the Non-Vegans!
    I've had this book for a couple of years and it is, without a doubt, my favorite cookbook of all time! I've probably made 100 batches of cupcakes, and they have all been AMAZING. I mostly feed them to non-vegan people, and every single time I've given them to someone new, they have commented, "This is the best cupcake I have ever eaten." Not just the best *vegan* cupcake, mind you.... the best cupcake period!

    I highly suggest the chocolate cupcakes filled with the peanut butter icing... it will change your life!

    Since I got this book, I've become a Cupcake Superstar, and my reputation as a Master Cupcake Baker is known far and wide. :-) Thanks, Isa!!!...more info
  • looks great
    This book looks full of great delicious looking cupcake recipes and also offers useful tips throughout the book. The author's experience is obvious in the helpful tips. It offers ganauche, basic icing recipes that you can vary throughout the book: it's simple, organized, and straightforward. However, non-hydrogenated shortening and non-hydrogenated margerine are staples in the icing which is brilliant but I don't know where to find non-hydrogenated shortening. Otherwise there are no really specialty items to buy. It looks really good.. i haven't tried it yet. But there are just enough pictures... not on every single page like some other overpriced modern-looking cookbooks... but just enough to show the important stuff. I want to buy Veganomicon now....more info
  • Amazing Yummy Easy Recipes!
    I love this book! Have so far made peanut butter cupcakes, black forest cupcakes and oreo cookie cupcakes and all of them have been winners ! My husband ate 8 cakes in one night so they must be good. A batch of cakes never lasts longer than a day in my house. Great book, great cakes and no yucky animal fats anywhere in sight......divine! Grab the book as fast as you can and watch people fall over to be your friend! ...more info
  • Hands Down the Best Ever Cupcakes
    This collection of recipes is absolutely fantastic! Even our non-vegan friends adore these. There are also delicious gluten free recipes, and so many fun variations of each cupcake you will love creating them. If you love cupcakes, whether you are vegan or not, you must buy this book, you will thoroughly enjoy it!...more info
  • Perfect Vegan Cupcakes!
    Many of my coworkers are vegan, so I got this book to make birthdays a little more delicious, and every recipe is a gem. They are so tasty, and offer so many unusual options, and I've never made better icing. This is truly an "I can't believe it's vegan" cookbook. ...more info
  • Not only the world but over me, too.
    Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World is one of the best recipe books I've ever read. Not only is it amazingly detailed and clear but it is also funny -I found myself laughing at many of the commentaries and advises Isa and Terry give.
    I recently became a vegetarian and I hope I can make the conversion to a vegan lifestyle in the future as I am not yet ready to make that change.
    I identify myself as a vegetarian, however, if I can make food or buy a product that supports vegan lifestyle, I will buy it or make it. I hope it is not seen from vegan's and vegetarian's point of view as a hypocrite thing to do. I feel like whatever I can do to help out both lifestyles, I will do.
    This is an amazing book. The cupcakes I've made have become pretty popular between my friends and people at my University. I've also had the chance to spread the word about vegetarianism and veganism (there's people here who didn't even know what it was). I am very happy and look forward to buying more of Isa's and Terry's books.

    Andrea...more info
    I bought this book having never baked a cupcake in my life. My cupcakes were delicious the first time out and now I'm addicted to cupcake baking! The book is easy to understand and is an all-out great read! One suggestion to readers: if the authors give you advice (like buying an oven thermometer)- TAKE IT. They're the cupcake experts and will guide you to awesome cupcakes all the way!...more info
  • The recipes may taste good but cutting down the suger could benefit the health
    I borrowed the book from library trying to take a look at the recipes before deciding to buy one. Looked at most of the recipes, one thing caught my eyes -- most of the recipes call for 3/4 or a full cup of suger! It's true that they don't contain dairy but such a mount of suger is not healthy even in baking.

    If you already have a baking recipe book, learn to substitute unwanted ingredients (like using rice milk for milk) and cut down the overdozed ingredients like suger or fat. For example, my daughter (11 years old) recently pulled out a muffin recipe from the Betty Crocker cook book - substituted any fat or butter with olive oil, milk with rice milk, suger with honey or apple sauce, white flour with oat flour, and cut down the suggested suger (substituted with honey) amount by more than half. The result was the best muffin we have ever had - delicious and healthy!

    So I won't buy this book....more info
  • Kick A** Vegan Cupcakes
    Okay, I'm gonna add my two cents to other 211 people who have given this little gem of a book a 5-star review. Let me first start by saying that I am somewhat obsessed with cupcakes and love to bake. I am not a vegan but my husband is and thus I generally make everything vegan. Over the years, I found myself buying all the trendy "it" baking books, Magnolia, etc.... only to be repeatedly disappointed in my attempts to "veganize" a non-vegan recipe. I could generally succeed at making a chocolate recipe, but forget vanilla. As all we vegan bakers know, the egg replacer would help bind the recipe, but the rising was ALWAYS an issue. I'd have to fill the whole damn cup with batter because it would never rise. No egg, no rise......until.....NOW! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the chemistry of how these little gems can be made without egg replacer, but they can!!! Follow the directions and you'll end up with perfect little cupcakes every time.

    Please also read the foreword to the book. There are many helpful little nuggets in there regarding the whys and hows of ingredients, bake temperatures, peeking while baking and troubleshooting.

    I am so completely impressed with this book I can't begin to tell you. Yes, you can make delicious tasting and way cool looking cupcakes that are vegan that will delight your taste buds and impress just about everyone around. I challenge anyone to discover these little yummy things are vegan....they're that good....more info
  • happy veganess
    Unlike others i went straight for a hard recipe. Well, for me at least :) Orange creamsicle cupcakes! After my bf helped me figure out I would have to turn up the heat a little to make the orange pudding, (evil electric stove) it was smooth sailing. They came out fantastic and noone at the party had any idea they were vegan until we told them. The orange buttercream frosting is to die for btw.
    I also made the mexican cocoa cupcakes that day. They tasted great but i had a little spill over and the tops kept popping off. I think that was me, not the recipe!...more info
  • A great way to introduce veganism to family
    I've had this book for awhile, but I feel it's time to finally review it. This cookbook is truly the perfect way to show family and friends that being vegan isn't a big deal--no really. I'm the only vegan in my family, but I can't wait to knock everyone's socks off at Christmas with these delicious recipes (I'm thinking blueberry lemon creme cake for the adults, and 'decorate-it-yourself' banana split cupcakes for the younguns). Please buy this book. I love exotic vegan cooking as much as the next person, but I don't have to funds to acquire the really weird ingredients. This book has those exotic ingredients, but also simple recipes with common ingredients. I'm hoping this book will propel me to official baker of the extended family, making each gathering a little less cruel! ...more info
  • Pure Genius
    I have become a cupcake fanatic since getting this book! Every recipe I've made (about 8 so far) has been delicious! I have absolutely no criticism to offer and the only thing else I can say is that if you don't have this book, stop reading reviews and buy it already!...more info
  • It's a cupcake cookbook!
    Buy this cookbook if you want to make some GREAT, beautiful, delicious vegan cupcakes. Buy it now! Do not buy this cookbook if you are looking for diet recipes; a vegan diet does not mean lo-cal, it is no animal products (which means no cholesterol). A lot a people have criticized the cookbook because the recipes are not "healthy." It's cupcakes! If you want "healthy," cupcakes are not in your future....more info
  • egg free for my daughter & DELICIOUS!!
    We bought this book because our daughter has an egg allergy. The chocolate cupcakes are perfect (I did use whole milk instead of soy but I'm sure soy would be great too). Everyone who has tried them can't believe that they are egg-less and it actually tastes just as good as my Mom's chocolate cake (with dairy) that has been a family favorite forever. I do eat dairy but I would choose to make the chocolate cupcakes over regular chocolate cake recipes any day. Can't wait to try more!...more info
  • Excellent Cupcakes!!
    This book is amazing! Full of humor and great tips, not to mention wonderful recipes that turn out perfect every time. I am buying a copy for many of my friends and family for Christmas this year....more info
  • don't waste time reading this--just buy the book
    This is a wonderful book. I've made the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and the apricot almond cupcakes so far, and these recipes are indeed perfect. ...more info
  • delicious!
    The only word I have for this book is delicious! Each cupcake I've made so far has been delicious, and I have to convince people that they're vegan!
    The basic cupcakes are also really easy to make, which is a bonus....more info
  • Vegan Cupcakes Have Taken Over My World!
    These recipes are great! I have only done the basics so far. Chocolate and vanilla, then I tried them with variation and made the cookies N cream and the lemon versions. There are many recipes in this book, then at the end of each recipe they give you variations. So fun! The frostings are great too! Closest to the "real" thing then any others I have tried. I made a batch of V & C for easter and they were a hit! Everyone was so impressed that they are better for you than traditional cupcakes and they taste amazing. I reccomend this book for all people. Vegan or not!...more info
  • I heart this book!
    I LOVE this cupcake cookbook! I've baked from it 2 times already, served it to non-vegans and vegans alike, and they were the hit of the office! This is a wonderful book with easy to follow recipes and hints on baking vegan style. I'm not a fancy schmancy cook or chef and this is plain friggin great. Just buy it, bake some and eat them until your in a sugar coma. ...more info
  • Not a vegan, but I bake like one...
    I was a strict vegan for many years, now an omnivore. But I still prefer to bake like a vegan--not so much for health reasons, but I find it easier, challenging and fun at the same time. I borrowed the book from the library to try it, and will definitely be purchasing it for myself.

    So far we've made the Vanilla Cupcakes with Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream, and the Cookies and Cream Cupcakes...both way better than any non-vegan cupcake I've made in my life!

    The buttercream frosting recipe alone is worth the price of the book. It's the first time i've made perfect, spreadable, delicious buttercream frosting. And the chocolate cupcake recipe is divine, and as the authors suggested, I'll be making those without frosting for quick little chocolate cakes.

    The authors' troubleshooting suggestions are helpful too; it had been a long time since i'd attempted cupcakes, but I felt confident when following their advice. A well-done, fun, cute book, with fantastic recipes.

    ...more info
  • not just for vegans!
    I bought this book because I was looking for interesting cupcake recipes on the internet. I saw a picture of pistachio rosewater cupcakes and found out that the recipe came from this book. I am not nor have ever been remotely vegan, but I bought it anyway. Every single recipe that I've tried so far has been wonderful and delicious - oreo, peanut butter, maple, low-fat vanilla, red velvet, and pistachio rosewater - all so yummy! And if I don't have the right soy products in my house, then I substitute with dairy and they still turn out great.

    I agree with one of the other reviews that was disappointed with the unhealthiness of the cupcakes, but they ARE cupcakes, I guess I wasn't expecting them to be super healthy.

    This book has gotten me into the kitchen, which was a rarity before. I love it and recommend it to everyone I know....more info
  • My New Addiction
    I bought this book on an excited recommendation of a friend of mine and, I must say, I'm now just as overjoyed as she is. I just got the book last week and have already made the Gingerbread cupcakes w/ Lemon Buttercream frosting and Coconut Lime cupcakes with Lime Buttercream frosting. Both batches were gone within a day they're so unbelievably good. I seriously cannot.stop.eating them. ...more info
  • A great little book for anyone who loves deliciousness!
    Even if you aren't vegan, do yourself a favor and give this cookbook a try! Wonderfully innovative and delicious recipies, easy to follow instructions and great ingredient suggestions make this gem of a book suitable for anyone on any budget. I made the mocha version of the chocolate cupcake and it was so freaking great I just had to rush to the computer and write a review. Seriously. Even if you have never baked anything in your life, the authors offer trouble shooting tips and explanations of ingredients for those who need a little extra help.
    You won't have buyer's remorse, but you may feel a little guilty after eating a way too many cupcakes......more info
  • These Cupcakes Will Take Over Your Life!
    I was never much of a baker until I bought this book. I was, however, always a sugar-holic. These two chefs are so totally amazing. I have tried just about every cupcake recipe in this book! My personal favorites are the green tea cupcakes and the pistachio rosewater cupcakes. People always ask, "what do you eat?" when they learn that I am vegan. I tell them "I make the best cupcakes" and to make it even better, I take cupcakes with me to just about every event I go to. I even won over a cattle rancher once with the green tea cupcakes! These are just amazing. Don't be intimidated by some of the fancy cupcake terminology (i.e. fancy frosting and decorating) it will all make sense in time. These lovely vegan chefs give you even the most basic cupcake recipes to start with then you will become a cupcake maniac like me! Next stop ... weight watchers :-)...more info
  • Now I can finally bake!
    Granted, I've only made one recipe so far: the chai latte cupcakes. However, they really did taste like chai tea and my non-vegan coworkers loved them! I usually wait until I try several recipes before I rate a cookbook, but the introductory pages are enough to rouse me to review. Some more experienced bakers might say the tips at the beginning (such as "buy an oven thermometer") are "common sense," but that part of the book is very helpful for a baker novice like me with limited baking supplies. Speaking of oven thermometers, now I found out why my baked goods often burned: my oven was off by 50 degrees. I never would have thought to get one of those :-P. Until I buy more things like Wilton tips and a double boiler, I feel like I have enough to get started. There are even tips for DIY sifters and double boilers, for instance. My baked goods are usually disastrous the first time I make them, but these cupcakes were perfect on the first shot. Thank you Isa and Terry! Now I feel like I can be a baker too, even if it's "just" cupcakes....more info
  • Vega-lious
    I made the S-more cupcakes for a group of meat eaters young and old, and everyone loved them! The kids took seconds and the adults asked for the receipe! ...more info
  • ahsome!!!
    My brother's girlfriend brought the Cookies n Cream cupcakes over for his birthday, and they were heavenly!!! So far I made the Pineapple right-side up cupcakes, and they were amazing! My grandpa ate one not knowing it was vegan and he loved it. The next recipe I plan to make is the green tea cupcakes. Yumm!...more info
  • moist, wonderful, tasty, bites of heaven!
    Unbelievable! I've only tried the green tea, red velvet, lemon and ginger ones so far, but they're amazingly moist and oh so tasty! Highly recommend this to any person with a huge sweet-tooth and a love to bake :)...more info
  • Cupcake Recipes that Rock!
    I've had this cookbook for a couple of years now and have easily tried out half the recipes, all with excellent results! The recipes are easy to follow, even the more complicated ones, and produce great treats every time ranging from the simple to the decadent.

    I get repeated requests for the gingerbread, chocolate chip pumpkin, and almond cupcakes (which I make without the apricot filling and with almond buttercream frosting). The green tea, chocolate stout, and banana split cupcakes are all delightful as well. In addition to the recipes the authors include hints, tips and tricks to answer baking questions and give additional options.

    All this and vegan too!...more info
  • Best cupcakes ever
    I adore this cookbook. The pictures are gorgeous and all my cupcakes have turned out wonderful. The advice at the front for the inexperienced baker is thoughtful and concise, and even though I'd done a fair amount of baking I still learned a couple of cool things. The frostings are too sweet for me and some of the people who have tasted the cupcakes, so I just cut down on the sugar a bit. Other than that, my whole life has been perfect ever since I bought this book, and I encourage everyone to buy it too : )...more info
  • Delicious
    I've made the basic chocolate cupcake with the oreo cookie (Newmans Own) modification twice now, and it turned out excellent both times. Even the non vegans love it. I topped mine with the basic buttercream icing with mashed oreos mixed in. Very sweet but delicious. ...more info
  • Yummy in my tummy!!!!
    This book rocks!!! I've never been into baking and I believe that this book is turning me into a little vegan cupcake chef! The pictures are beautiful and the introduction is very informative. The batches do not yield a million cupcakes like some cupcake recipes, which I appreciate because it prevents waste ( a stale cupcake is a sad thing). Did I mention that people FREAK out over the cupcakes I have made via this book? Well, they do....more info
  • Yummilicious
    Every cupcake I have made from this book has been a big success. Well done......more info
  • Best cupcakes in the world!
    Ok, seriously, this book is ridiculous! The cupcakes would fool any non-vegan! I made some of the Golden vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting and brought them to a 4 year olds birthday party, since I was the only vegan attending and wanted to eat something sweet with everyone. Well, the cupcakes went faster than the kid's birthday cake!Great book- a MUST HAVE!!...more info
  • Superb!
    I have been baking my way through Ms. Moskowitz' book and have made the best cupcakes I've made in years! My family has been enjoying the treats and any problems have been due to my error, not due to any problems with the recipes themselves. No one needs to spend money on "Sprinkles" cupcakes when they have this wonderful book at their fingertips!!...more info
  • Cupcakes take the cake (har)
    This was one of two cookbooks I bought when I first went vegan, and it was my introduction to vegan baking! I'd never been good at baking before, and never enjoyed it, but I do now. Isa and Terry have a range of recipes from super easy to pretty fancy (but still manageable) and it took me from baking disaster to my office's "baking fairy!"

    Favorite recipes: basic vanilla, chai, chocolate stout, coconut-lime, mexican hot chocolate, s'mores (so good!!), cookies n' cream, and carrot cake, and the chocolate ganache, german chocolate cake topping, and the cream cheese frosting are to die for.

    Lots of full color photos, CUTE layout!...more info
  • Delicious Cupcakes for Vegans and Meat-Eaters Alike!
    It was a chilly Sunday morning in March when my parents announced they were going to become vegans. In their hazy, half-asleep state, the morning radio show to which their alarm was set had been replaced with a talk show. That morning's guest was a doctor and very vocal vegan who insisted easy weight loss was within one's grasp if one simply went vegan. After a week of listening to my pensioner parents insist that they needed to become vegans, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up every vegan cookbook I could find: Vegan with a Vengeance and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World being the two books our small local store kept in stock.

    Five weeks later and several pounds lighter, my parents gave up veganism after I had to, once again, stop them from ordering a cheese and bean burrito or honey-mustard salad dressing because they didn't actually understand what vegan meant. However, I kept the cookbooks, and have referred to them ever since whenever a work potluck or party required me to bring cupcakes.

    My office is filled with people who have a variety of dietary restrictions -- many women self-diagnosed with IBS, one with so many digestive problems almost everything you can name will kill her, and one with celiac's disease. Yet, inevitably, I can find a recipe that will satisfy those with sensitive tummies and still be satisfying to those who can eat almost anything.

    The Mucho Margarita cupcakes were a hit, and my concoction based on the Vanilla and Agave Nectar cupcakes with peanut buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache are ridiculously popular at home.

    But it's not just the amazing results that make these light, fluffy, and oh-so-delicious recipes a hit. It's also the ease of the directions, which I don't need a culinary degree to decipher and the simple ingredients. Yes, agave nectar was hard to come by until a Wegman's opened in my area, and I still have trouble finding green tea powder, but so much of this is so simple, I was able to whip up a dozen last night within an hour, and without going to the store to buy any special ingredients. So their quick, easy, and delicious!

    The best part, though, is that unless you let your secret slip, most people do not know that they are vegan!

    And did I mention the taste? The texture? The perfection of these little cakes that are like gateway drugs into veganism in general? The book should come with a warning that you will experiment with more vegan cookbooks after you bite into one of these sweet treats if your only aversion in the past has been the bad texture or flavor of vegan food.

    God, that's good....more info


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