Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Size 1 (8-14 Lbs), 92 Swaddlers

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Product Description

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers - Big Pack Only Pampers Swaddlers, the premium diaper for newborns, has Total Care™ with the Absorb Away Liner? that helps protect baby’s delicate skin by pulling messes away.

  • A premium diaper designed for babies newborn to 6 months old
  • Total Care with mesh Absorb-Away Liner helps keep messes away from baby's skin
  • Quilted blanket-like softness, our softest Swaddlers ever
  • Stretchy sides and soft fasteners that stretch and overlap for a snug fit
  • Fun designs feature Sesame Street characters

Customer Reviews:

  • pampers
    I love pampers diapers. It's the only brand we use but I would never pay $60.00 for only 100 of them. someone is trying to rip us off. I just payed $41.00 for 240 diapers at Walmart....more info
  • great for the new baby
    i used this higher price diapers for my newborn and love it help with keeping his rash from coing back. ...more info
  • Great diaper
    This is the best diaper I have used, it fits my baby perfectly she is comfortable and there are no blow-outs. I will keep buying this brand....more info
  • Best diaper I have used
    This diaper seems to breath better than others seems softer than others and baby has never had a daiper rash using pampers swaddlers. I can't say that about huggies or store brands. A day or two of huggies=a rash for our baby. I will be sad when our baby outgrows the size 2-3 she is in right now. I am experiemnting with other pampers and so far cruisers seem a little scratchy or stiff, we will probably go with baby dry when we have to switch, they do keep her dry longer, but healthy skin is more imortant than being able to avoid changing a daiper longer....more info
  • Wish they made these for bigger babies
    I really like the swaddlers, but now my son has outgrown them. They don't make them in bigger sizes....more info
  • These are the best!
    Swaddlers are the best diapers out there for newborns! They have the softest outside and are the most absorbant. I am very happy with these and will continue to buy them. I highly recommend!!...more info
  • great price.
    I loved the price. Pretty competitive. Wife like the product as they fit comfortably on the baby....more info
  • We love these diapers!
    We've tried all the major brands of disposable diapers on our new grandson and these are the softest diapers of them all! His Mom and Dad love them and we can't help but think our grandbaby does too!...more info
  • Good one for new borns
    This diaper is very soft and fits perfectly for our newborn (6 lbs). Baby feels comfortable in it and does not have any signs of skin rash. Easy to fit without disturbing the baby's umbilical cord area. Only problem we've noticed so far is that if the baby wets twice then it leaks. Our baby cries only in that case. The diaper holds good for the first time and baby is comfortable with it.
    ...more info
  • Bests diapers ever
    pampers is one of the best. tried huggies they leak. recommend everyone get pampers for there newbord...more info
  • The best diaper
    We've used Swaddlers since our daughter's birth and have never been disappointed.
    On occassion, we've run out and had to make do with Huggies until we were able to get to the supermarket that carries the Swaddlers. Every time, the Huggies leak badly and the laundry piles up.

    Our daughter has extremely sensitive skin (thanks to us and our corpse-like paleness) and she never gets diaper rash from these diapers. We also use Pampers aloe wipes for sensitive skin because we trust the Pampers brand. Both products are superior to all others and for around the same price.

    Other people's comments are that they run small - our baby is lean so the waist always fits fine. However, she is now outgrowing the #1 size and I wish there was an in-between size before going to size 2. The 2's are a little too big for her. I notice that there are between sizes for 2-3 Swaddlers. Wonder why they don't have a 1-2 size?...more info
  • Much better than any other brand
    These are better than their competitive brands. No leakage and no marks so far ... I used others too, and they turned out to be really bad.

    So coming back to pampers....more info
  • Pampers
    I love these diapers and love that I was able to buy a mega pack....more info
  • No rash. Keeps baby comfortable.
    I like this product. The baby feels uncomfortable only when the diaper is soiled. I didn't have any problem when my baby has wet diapers.

    I always checked the weight of the diaper to determine if it's wet. It's difficult to determine just by looking at it....more info
  • No diaper rash; VERY useful color-coded wetness indicator
    Unlike Huggies, our newborn had no diaper rash problems with the Pampers. What we particularly liked about the Swaddlers New Baby diapers was the vertical, color-coded wetness indicator strip on the front of the diapers. It was so convenient using the color of the strip (yellow for dry, blue for wet) to tell whether it was time for a changing! Strangely, I was unable to find this feature itemized on the Pampers website, the box that the diapers came in, or This is a great selling point to overlook! We're moving over to the Size 1 Swaddlers and hope they include the color code strip....more info
  • baby items
    I purchased this product togive at a baby shower and the price was incredible compared to he retail stores , perfect place to shop with Amazon ...more info
  • These diapers defy gravity
    Seriously. I was hoping to avoid using disposable diapers due to environmental concerns, but these are so darn good, I can't resist them. I think we have had maybe 2 diaper leaks in almost 4 months of using them. Amazing!!

    I will say that our guy did outgrow the newborn size a bit before he reached 10 lbs, so don't buy too many size N; you'll want to go up to size 1 pretty quickly....more info
  • Disappointing
    I am very disappointed with this product - these NB pampers are so small that even our baby boy, who is on the small side at about 6.5lbs right now, has been miserable in them. He does much better with a size 1 swaddlers pamper, folded down on the top so it doesn't go up to his chest. In the NB size, if you want to prevent leaks you have to tie the pamper so tight that the baby is squeezed to a dangerous extent. I don't see how they can label this as universally usable up to 10 lbs. Save your money and go straight for the size 1. ...more info
  • Great diapers, 3 years running
    I have a 3 year old who still wears papmers at night and a 7 months old who is also in pampers. They have been in papmers since they were born, other than a brief try of huggies and luvs. The luvs worked well when my son moved into size 3, but we started having problems at night in the morning when he got up the lining, soaked with urine would start falling out as he walked. So we quickly moved back to pampers. When we visit my sister-in-law, she uses huggies, we use her diapers. Whenever my kids are in huggies they start developing diaper rash, something I've almost never run into with pampers. Also my sister-in-law put diaper rash cream on her kids with every diaper change because he kids almost always have diaper rash. But she doesn't like papmers because she tried them once with her first and he leaked out. So instead she not only wastes her money on bad diapers but also on diaper rash cream, which she buys in bulk.
    As far as leaking both of my kids have had the occasional leakage, but generally its the kind of poop that it's so much it would leak out of any diaper. I love the swaddlers for newborns, they are extra soft for little ones extra soft and sensitive skin. Also the cruisers are great for when they start moving around a lot. The super elastic openings at the legs really hold up to whatever my little ones do.
    Also as a side note my kids we're delivered at different hospitals, both of which only used pampers diapers! And I know the hospitals all my nieces and nephews were born in across the country also exclusively used pampers... I'm just saying if it's good enough for them, it's definetely good enough for my kids! ...more info
  • Great product, but cheaper elsewhere.
    I give this product 5 stars without regard for the fact that it is overpriced at Amazon. I'm rating the product, not the price. Go to your local store that starts and ends with a "T" and has a round bullseye logo, and you will probably save $1-2 (plus shipping, if you are not a Prime member).

    These Pampers are great. I've been using Swaddlers almost since I brought my daughter home 4 months ago. We started out with Huggies, but switched to Swaddlers because they seemed to fit better. Even for the same size, the Huggies seemed much bigger when we put them on.

    I have no complaints about these diapers. We've never had any issues with leaking, even overnight. Also, the material is soft like fabric versus the "plasticky" feel of other diapers....more info
  • excellent buy
    I bought the same brand same size from Grocery & Drug stores to try out. Once satisfied choose subscribe & save from That saved me about 15% $$$. Subscribe & Save me time and I am worry free now that product getting delivered to my door step without me searching and paying more cost at grocery stores....more info
  • Convenient
    The cost for diapers at our local discount bullseye store is equal to what you can get it for at Amazon. BUT, if you were smart and subscribed to the Prime Shipping plan Amazon offers, then you realize that time is money. You save on sales tax and shipping so technically it is less expensive. and the best part, I saved a trip to the store, finding a parking spot, the chance of them not having it on stock, and crowded lines. It is quite convenient to have it delivered to your door! Some call it lazy, I call it good time management! Plus if you are in the pampers "gifts to grow" program, the stickers are in this box as well. ...more info


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