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The Secret to Life Transformation takes the law of attraction theory and brings it home, exploring in both a spiritual and life-affirming way why only a few individuals reach the pinnacle of personal success while others never fully realize their most basic dreams and ambitions. Author Julie Chrystyn interviewed more than 100 highly successful people and selected an eclectic dozen of them, representing the most controversial, most diverse, most successful individuals in the group. They are Americans who have all developed a vision for their lives and made that vision a reality—regardless of their life experiences, circumstances, or environment. The Secret to Life Transformation uses their stories not only to guide readers through their own self-imposed roadblocks to clear the road to success, but to inspire, empower and uplift them as well.

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect Timing
    Look... these type of books either have fans or have skeptics who say "big deal: tell me something I don't know."

    I personally like motivational and life transformation type stories and anecdotes - especially if they are about people who we are familiar with.

    I would recommend this book to keep up your spirits in this difficult time....more info
  • Keep this one on your bedstand!
    The Secret to Life Transformation is a book of testimonials from people who have obtained success through hard work, hope, forgiveness, perseverance and faith. Contributors include Justice Clarence Thomas, Jacqueline Jakes, Patch Adams, Paul Anka, as well as others. If you're looking for a book to motivate you to get going when times get tough, this is the book to read. It's motivational and inspirational.

    I love the quote in the chapter on perseverance, "The solution to being a buggy whip manufacturer in a world of cars is not to make a better buggy whip. The solution is to figure out what these darned automobiles are about . . . yes, maybe it was too late to become Henry Ford by then, but wasn't there room for other good ideas?"

    This is great reading for those who have hit a road block in their lives or careers. It will motivate you to forget the past and focus on the present and future. I like books like this!...more info
  • Engrossing Read!
    In her book The Secret To Life Transformation: How to Claim Your Destiny Now, Julie Chrystyn uses biographical sketches as examples to reinforce her point. Her topic is success. Although people's idea of success differ dramatically, Julie points out that they have some common characteristics. They have the ability to adapt to adverse situations, try again and learn from their mistakes.

    Like Jonah Lehrer's book Proust was a Neuroscientist where he provides biographies of people in history with great artistic and literary skill to explain how their way of thinking has made them famous over time, Chrystyn uses the same approach. In his two books, Why Courage Matters and Character is Destiny, John McCain uses these biographical portraits to introduce people with extraordinary courage and character throughout history.

    Like Lehrer and McCain, Julie Chrystyn is a talented writer who gets her message across in an engrossing and delightful manner while providing a bonus of incidental learning. The Secret To Life Transformation shows how ordinary people obtained extraordinary success throughout history through correct thinking and hard work.

    Like the other books that I mention above, this 223-page book is so interesting that it is hard to put down. I read it at one sitting.
    ...more info
  • Self-Help/Inspirational Collection w/Biblical references
    This book covers a lot of self-help, positive thinking, law of attraction associated material. It includes a compilation of biographical stories from a range of contributors - people ranging from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to Musicians Paul Anka and David Foster. The core of the philosophy in this book is what you think is what you will attract into your life, as well as a philosophy of becoming an independent thinker and pursuing your dreams fearlessly. Some of the sections in the book are very thoughtful and empowering. For me, the frequent Biblical references are a drawback, as the Bible is filled with stories that can and have been interpreted in various ways for various agendas. It's not wise to imply that The Bible is the ideal source of wisdom and guidance even though there are a number of valuable quotes and stories there - quotes from other spiritual traditions or philosophers could have been included to make this message more universal and inclusive. Another thing about this book is that it's not that cohesive... the biographical sections often go in tangents that don't seem to have much to do with the main teachings presented by the author. So while this book has some good material for readers I found its content inconsistent and not as good as some other spiritual self-help books that are available....more info
  • Inspirational and a fun read
    I have been reading many books these days in the attempt to give my life more meaning for myself and to lose the pointless and negative parts of life that seem to be everywhere.
    In my readings I have seen a lot of talking about "The Secret" which has been around forever but has recently reentered the public's interest in a pop culture sort of way and that seems like a positive thing.
    This book is a very fun and interesting read,with an good cross section of celebs (Robert Evans is so cool!) and I found it hard to put this book down. This is a very different take on that whole "Secret" thing and well worth your time.

    ...more info
  • Inspirational Self Help Guide
    Review of Julie Chrystyn's "The Secret To Life Transformation: How To Claim Your Destiny Now!"

    Chrystyn's book is a compilation of auto-biographical stories, insights, and advice from some of the most successful men and women in this country; from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, & Jacqueline Jakes to Paul Anka & Bernie Brillstein.

    I found the motivational readings from all of the personalities to be informative, inspiring, and worthy of reflection. There was not one "dud" in the batch.

    If you are seeking words of wisdom and advice on how to take the necessary steps in furtherance of positive growth & change in your life, then this book is for you.

    I read through it in one sitting (about three hours) and left with many "pearls" for me to ponder. I loved it.

    Five stars.

    JP ...more info
  • 12 Success Stories Plus Author's Tips
    Julie Chrystyn is a ghost writer turned inspirational writer. For The Secret to Life Transformation, she interviewed over 300 people and presents 12 of their stories in this book. In between the 12 stories are her inspirational tips.

    Chrystyn writes about the self-made person. You are what you think, she claims. "Realizing that you live in a vast, infinite universe of energy will become the turning point in your life."

    She believes we become what we think; if we believe we can achieve our goals, we will--if we don't, we won't.

    Chrysten quotes the bible throughout the book, and encourages the reader to study the bible. A bit heavy on the bible quotes for me. She also writes about the hypocrisy of religion and how Catholics have presented poverty for the masses as a noble thing. She dismisses this, declaring that we all have the right to riches.

    She believes that religion is the great oppressor of people and to cut out the middlemen and study and learn for yourself.

    Chrystyn encourages the reader to become an independent thinker,a non-conformist. But is that realistic? Can people be transformed from a conformist to a leader by virtue of simply reading a book?

    This book is motivating but not life transforming. It reminds me of The Chicken For the Soul Series. The 12 people who tell their stories fill the reader with hope that they, too, can succeed in their lives.


    ...more info
    Julie Chrystyn's THE SECRET OF LIFE TRANSFORMATION reads like the next generation of THE SECRET and, perhaps even more significantly, it feels like a convincing counter-argument to THE OUTLIERS. Whereas Gladwell asserts that if you're not born at the right place and time and under optimal conditions, you're out of fortune's favor, Chrystyn's elegant argument states that an individual can become a success regardless of environment and circumstances if that individual knows how to create a vision for life and how make that vision a reality. It's spiritual stuff, but I mean that in the best sense. The book is visionary and it asks the reader to think beyond traditional modes of logic. I've been haunted by this book for days. Highly recommended....more info
  • Not What it Promises
    A handful of biopics and some standard "feel good" advice does not a worthy self-help book make. I can get the same amount of enjoyment out of a couple old issues of Reader's Digest and then take in a couple of installments of Oprah.

    This book's description is stunning in it's over-reaching claims. Sure, some of the advice is good advice, but it's nothing new and nothing you haven't heard before. The rest is basic "what I believe and why" bios from various people. It's a bit heavy-handed in its judao-christian leanings and therefore will not be much help to anyone who is Islamic or any other religion.

    I read the book. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough, but I still have yet to be transformed....more info
  • Very Powerful- and yes, life-changing
    I have been through a very difficult time the last 10 years. And have read countless numbers of books that were supposed to help, and they did not speak to me at all or give me the tools to help myself, (in fact they left me more cynical). This book though was truly transformational to me by the half-way point. It was like a miracle in fact. I suddenly thought of what I truly wanted to do, something I have been trying so very hard to figure out for the last decade and with no luck before. And I suddenly had the energy, drive, and enthusiam to start to do it...

    Really, if your life has been a struggle, you owe it to yourself to read this. It is really a gem. It spoke to my heart and soul like no other book has. The stories are powerful....more info
  • Picks up where Secret left off
    What good is a Secret if you don't know how to use it? This book's impact is in the personal stories of success using the Law of Attraction that truly show how anyone can use the Secret to make their lives better. Whether it be money, career or love or health, claiming one's destiny comes from finding the mechanisms to make what you learn work for you in daily life. The author provides so much inspiration, especially again in the form of personal stories from people who worked the Law, and everything you need to transform your own life and live your vision is in this book.

    If you have read the Secret and other Law of Attraction books, Chrystyn's book makes a great addition to your library. By reading about how a leading minister, or Supreme Court justice, or billionaire used the information provided in this book, anyone can follow their own North Star to a better, more successful life. From learning the power of love, to the profound nature of forgiveness, to the necessity of self-correction and finding inner wisdom, this book is a fantastic text for using the Law to attract the best of everything to you. Others have done it. Why not you?...more info
  • Highly Inspirational
    Julie Chrystyn has compiled a few wonderful examples of people who have surpassed theirs and others expectations. These twelve individuals have provided snippets into their lives and what they believe has made them successful. If you really listen to what Julie and the others are saying, you will begin to understand how people can overcome insurmountable odds to prosper and be happy. Achieving one's dream does not necessarily mean achieving prosperity; it means being happy with where you are in your life and being the person you want to be by overcoming words and actions that obstruct your path.

    For instance, Julie is the first person that actually agrees with me on the word "can't." I absolutely hate that word and feel it is overused. When you use the word, you are limiting yourself and what you can do. There are so many examples in this text that will open your eyes. I feel this book offers a lot of inspiration if you pay attention to those details. Although I found the religious-based excerpts annoying, I do believe in faith in oneself or faith in anything that you want to believe in as long as it helps you. Therefore, even if you ignore the "God / Jesus quotes" (which I did), this book is a true inspiration.

    I'll leave you with some thought-provoking quotes you can find in this book:

    - "Emotions known to cause the most physical and mental harm include vengefulness, resentment, anger, hostility, rage, depression, worry, anxiety, frustration, fear, guilt, and grief. .... Remember - you can bury your emotions, but you will be burying something alive that will eventually start digging its way out."

    - "The ideas and ideals that you develop over a lifetime are not pegged to the Dow Jones index."

    - "I can tell you that no matter how difficult your circumstances, no matter how dire the situation you find yourself in, others have it worse. People recover from unbelievable hardships, from brutal lives forced on them through no fault of their own."

    - "When everyone writes you off, that's when you know it's time to get going."

    - "Pessimism is the weak answer to adversity."

    - "You need to work hard to be successful. But you also need much more. You have to constantly focus and visualize where you are going and what you need to do each and every day. In your mind, you can visualize your goals. But, with your eyes, you must look down and watch every step. You are really your own competition."
    ...more info
  • No new insights
    In my opinion, The Secret to Life Transformation does not fulfill its promise of delivering the secret to life transformation. For that matter I do not believe it offers any real new insights into life transformation.

    The book is actually a collection of essays by 12 very diverse but somewhat famous people. Most of the authors were well known in their field but certainly not household names.

    Because the book is a collection of writings by different authors, it does not have a consistent voice. The lessons presented in each essay do not drive toward a common method for transformation. The theme is very loosely connected. While each attempts to tell how they transformed their lives, there is no system or step by step process for others to follow. There are some nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the book.

    Some of the essays are fairly interesting. It is always interesting to learn how a person rose to the top against some steep odds. But what I was looking more for guiding principles rather than the widely varied stories.

    A high percentage of the stories have a significant religious foundation. Some people may object to the strong religious leanings.

    Judge Sol Wachter takes a bit of a detour discussing the criminal justice system's handing of mentally disturbed inmates. While there is no denying the huge social problem and the fact that it is inadequately handled, I felt this veered off course. It created a distraction rather than giving additional insight into how to transform one's life.

    If you are interested in reading 12 loosely connected stories of how some people rose from very difficult conditions to transform their lives, then this would be a good book. On the other hand, if you are looking for a how-to guide to transforming your own live, this will probably be a bit of a disappointment.
    ...more info
  • Change your thoughts and transform your life.
    Julie Chrystyn has compiled the stories of very successful people to tell her readers how each of us can change our lives by transforming our thoughts and behaviors. Be an independent thinker, reject limits, do not let the world tell you no to your vision. You are currently living the life you have created. "What you continue to think about will determine who you will become tomorrow, next month, next year, and for the rest of your life"."Whatever thoughts pass through your mind become the blueprint for your future"."Shouldn't we look at our thinking as the cause of our problems"?
    Love is the essence of happiness. This is our primary objective in life. Always operating out of love should be the way we strive to live. This should be the foundation of our life. We should always practice forgiveness to set ourselves free from harmful emotions. That does not mean that people to not receive consequences for their actions, just that we do not carry their actions emotional baggage on ourselves.
    One theme that ran through all the personal stories in this book was that they all persevered. The common trait of all successful people is that they never quit, they self correct and keep going until they are successful in their endeavor. They bring the vision they see in their mind out into the physical world. This book will be a great read for anyone seeking to transform their lives through clearly defined principles. (Get out a highlighter). Your destiny is not out there some where it is within you. Let Julie help you find it.
    ...more info
  • "Julie Chrystyn teaches us to Fish"
    Julie Chrystyn unlocks the door to global new thought. "with crisis there is also opportunity." Her compelling approach demonstrates how to live your life on purpose with unwavering focus. She exemplifies how ordinary individuals activated the power of independent thinking and took unprescedented steps to create a vision for their lives.Their unwavering focus ignited them to reach beyond their true human potential. As a result, you will discover how their personal journeys elevated them to become some of the most extraordinary individuals of our time. Julie takes her turn and "gets down" with an in-depth first-look view through her lens and reveals the ultimate secrets to shape and activate our true human potential. Chrystyn's deep heartfelt content from the 12 interviews feels deep and rich in a very Barbara Walters-esque way...This book will become "viral" and I stay tuned......more info
  • Powerful Well Written Book
    This book was a very enjoyable read and I was so glued to it that I read most of it in one sitting. The book contains short chapters written by well known people who have overcome adversity in their lives and went on to become successful. The chapters are alternated by "tip" chapters written by the author to help one improve their life....more info
  • Not as expected
    I got through the first 60 pages and decided that the book was too confusing. No real point or direction. Book jumps around too much and is difficult to follow. Does not have any real dialog. ...more info
  • Learning from others how to change your life.
    Reading how other people who are successful obtained their success is always motivating and inspiring to me. Julie Chrystyn shares stories with us that help us to change our lives, if we want to. This collection of stories from names you will recognize and people who are admired serves to help us to understand that everyone is anyone they want to be, it is up to you and you alone to make the changes to transform your life. No one else can do it for you. A great book that you will enjoy and read over again....more info
  • So that's how she does it
    This is a quick, easy, feel good read of 223 pages. The forward is provided by Larry King who lauds the author for being a successful ghostwriter for many celebrities' autobiographies and for her philanthropy. I wondered how one of her older books was going to be associated w/ Princess Diane, so now I understand. Each of the 12 short chapters is a story given by a well-known person, although I confess they were not all known to me. Hence I learned a bit about them and their struggles and successes, which was interesting. The point was clear that many overnight successes took years to accomplish. The chapters' stories are:

    The Power of a Transformed Mind: "An unthinkable Journey" by Justice Clarence Thomas (Obama could have written this too :-)

    You-The Independent Thinker (I bet you were thinking of Dr. Oz's "YOU" books-I did) "I reject Limits-Period" by David Foster

    The Law of Thought and Supply: "Success Unshared is Failure" by John Paul De Joria

    All Things Are Yours: "I Shouldn't Be Here" by Robert Evans

    Words That Build Your World: "Treasures of Darkness" by Jacqueline Jakes

    The Power of Love: "How to Change the World" by Patch Adams, MD

    The Liberating Power of Forgiveness: "The Eternal Hope for Redemption" by Judge Sol Wachtler

    The Journey of the Wise: "Lost and Found" by Paula White

    Perseverance: The Self-Correction Principle "Original by Design" by Jose` Eber

    How To Make Hope Possible: "The Depths of Determination" by Steven M. Hoefflin, MD

    The Gift of Vision: "We are Endlessly Possible" by Paul Anka

    "I Really Conducted Warfare Wonderfully" by Bernie Brillstein

    All of the stories are nicely done and somewhat inspirational, but if you've already read stories or other inspirational books, I do not think you will find anything new here. Some of the authors make biblical references, others more along the Protestant work ethic or the power of positive thinking. All abound with the thought of persistence pays. One of my favorite daily calendar phrases about adversity being a friend is "it is the wind against the sails that causes the boat's speed." I may revisit certain stories when I need a little pick me up such as the one by Judge Wachtler. Not giving complete forgiveness for old wounds is an issue that reappears more frequently as I deal more with aging parents who are fast approaching the end of their journey. Enjoy this kind and soothing book.
    ...more info
  • Inspirational Stories...Not Sure About "Transforming"
    I have read a lot of personal development books, and I did find this book to be inspirational, as I think most people would. I was interested in the stories of others, and I found their insight to be worthy of praise. There are numerous messages throughout the book that readers would do well to remember. However, I don't think the book went far enough to be able to say it is "The Secret To Life Transformation". Don't get me wrong, the information is valuable, but the book simply does not go very far into what YOU must do to TRANSFORM your LIFE. I think she should have added a few more chapters that were devoted to breaking down the factors involved in the stories, the best way you might learn from the experiences shared, and how to implement the life strategies you have read about. I think that would have gone a long way to making the book fit the title. It's well worth a read, and it is inspirational, it just will not be life transforming to most readers in my opinion....more info
  • Was expecting more techniques than were given
    When I selected this book, I thought that it would contain actual techniques for improving various aspects of your life. Instead, it contains twelve essays written by such interesting -- and eclectic -- figures as Paul Anka, Patch Adams, Clarence Thomas, and Jose Eber.

    While the stories themselves were interesting to read, I found, like some other reviewers, that the book lacked cohesiveness; it was very jumpy in both theme and tone, and there seemed little overarching connection among the topics discussed. Also, while I enjoy books like this, I prefer them to be non-denominational, and this one quotes heavily from the Bible.

    There are some good nuggets in this book, but the fact that it really does not offer much advice on how to "claim your destiny" (as the subtitle states) keeps me from giving it a higher rating....more info
  • Inspirational Book To Lift The Spirit
    I liked this book. It is full of positive stories and tips to get you flying into victory down the journey called life. If the economy is gloomy to you and you need a lift, this book will do it. Julie Chrystyn shares the stories of people such as John Paul De Joria, David Foster, Patch Adams, Paul Anka and several others. If you read many positive life changing books like me, you probably won't find a any more knowledge, but the positive energy this book gives, will give you a boost nonetheless.
    If you haven't read many books on this subject, I encourage you to read this book. It will help you stay positive.

    A note: This book does have several references on the Christian perspective, so anyone offended by that might not want to venture further. It isn't a Christian book though, as there are many stories that are not in that vein. I did want to mention that so anyone who doesn't want anything in the Christian realm can decide, and at least I informed you.

    I would give this book five stars except I have read most everything concerning this topic and I didn't learn anything new. The inspiration and positive energy this book gives though lets me give it a full four stars....more info


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