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  • excellent
    I love taking this everyday. It totally clears brain fog and gives me so much energy.
    ...more info
  • Not the miracle I anticipated
    Sambazon Acai Powerscoop Powder 90g from Sambazon

    As a person with an auto-immune disease, where chronic fatigue is a major obstacle, I have navigated through many nutritional support options to supplement a healthy diet and when I first began to read about the Acai Berry, I was interested in trying it. I have used other anti-oxidant products from very dependable sources, and there is just no dramatic difference I detect with this product. Freeze dried Acai appears to be the most dependable formulation for delivery of the benefits of the berry, but I honestly noticed no change after a month trial. (I actually had to stop taking this product for a few days as for some reason, perhaps attributed to the pH of the supplement, I found the product worsened my gastritis). I give the product three stars, because I do believe that for some people, they may see remarkable results, but I certainly did not. I still believe that this product is worth a try, for all the reasons that the Acai Berry has the potential to yield wonderful changes in overall health. It just did not do it for me. Good luck to those who choose to try this. I would recommend this brand because of the preference of the freeze dried state to hold onto all the nutritional "miracles". Don't get succored into cheaper brands. The nature of a complicated illness may or may not be a factor that determines clinical outcomes. Healthy supplement options are at times only as good as the Company that makes them. I do believe that the Acai Berry is a very important food souce. Besides the wonders of its potential health benefits, it is a product that ensures the preservation of the Amazon Jungles. On the flip-side, the less we eat hearts of palms which comes from the same tree and literally ensures the destruction of the tree to harvest the hearts, the better....more info
  • Bummer
    This product was supposed to increase energy with the possible side effect of weight loss. Neither happened....more info
  • Healthy & Delicious!
    The Acai berry powder is very tasty mixed into apple juice. It tastes a little like grape juice with a little hint of chocolate syrup. (And boy do I love chocolate!) Perhaps you may find it takes a little getting used to at first, especially since the fiber in the powder makes it a little bit grainy. But the flavor is very good, and I love the product. Even better, the health benefits (including vitamins and antioxidants), make it one of the most healthy fruits you can consume. Reports show it is even better than blue berries. I recommend this brand of acai, and will continue buying it to mix and drink in my apple juice. I think it seems to help me stay healthier while working among those with winter colds, etc. ...more info
    I use this in my morning shake---It is a wonderful antioxidant and fruit---I use as part of my daily supplements for health reasons---It has made a significant difference...more info
  • Get ready to change your life for the better....
    I've been on this product line for about 5 days now and tried the powder for the first time yesterday. It tastes great..not strong...tastes like a mild berry flavor. I would recommend you buy Welchs grape juice to mix with it...because when the two are together, you hardly notice the powder or the taste at all. In the last week I have noticed an improvement in my brain chemistry, memory, vision, energy and have even lost a couple of pounds. It seems to suppress your appetite but not in a bad way. There are no side effects to this product at all..I also noticed that I'm sleeping better. This is a great product. I'll be on it forever. ...more info
  • Unbelievable
    I take Acai in conjunction with a few other supplements and have never felt more energy and focus in my life. If you are looking for something to help you out in that area, this is you product....more info
  • love this product
    Im sold on Acai Berry and I love this product. I mix it with my yogart each morning, along with a couple of cups of green tea and my day is off to a great start. I plan to order more products from this company. Acai Berry is great stuff. I feel great, more energy, and I've lost weight. Unlike other products that claim these results, I feel confident that it is safe. I have even offered it to my teenage girls....more info
  • Good product, good value
    Supposedly freeze-dried Acai powder is the best and most potent form of Acai. If you take a scoop a day of this stuff a day it will last you over a month - this is more powder per serving than what's offered in the capsule forms of Acai. When compare the value - the amount of powder in a jar versus how much you pay for it, plus how much powder you get in a scoop... this is hands down the best! I mix mine in milk - to me it tastes like malted milk. I've had a lot more energy since I started taking this stuff and every time I drink my glass of Acai milk it seems to have a balancing effect on my stomach and body.

    Sambazon sounds like a great company too. If you are going to take an antioxidant to help purify your body, then why wouldn't you take organic? Also, they are a member of fair trade and so forth. The company was begun by two environmentally-minded surfers. So there's the added benefit (besides getting the best deal) of knowing that I am supporting a good company....more info
  • Good stuff.
    Good product. Good price. Been adding it to random stuff I eat/drink. Not overpriced like some of the "marketing" acai out there ;)...more info
  • Acai Powder
    It appears this product contains Omega's, but no where on the package does it state it's ORAC value. The ORAC value is what most people are looking for in an Acai product. It doesn't blend too well with liquid. I won't be buying this product again. The shipping was fast and I would recommend the seller, just not the product....more info
  • Acai Powder
    It appears this product contains Omega's, but no where on the package does it state it's ORAC value. The ORAC value is what most people are looking for in an Acai product. It doesn't blend too well with liquid. I won't be buying this product again. The shipping was fast and I would recommend the seller, just not the product....more info
    Good product that achieves most of its claims. However, this delivery system is difficult to blend to a fine consistency. It is a good value but capsules may be more practical....more info
  • Delicious and Nutritious!
    This is a tasty powder, indeed. It reminds me very much of the flavor of tea, which is why I'm able to mix it with plain water and be quite satisfied. It looks a lot like potting soil, but certainly doesn't taste like it. I agree with the others that it is rather grainy, but I hardly notice that at all when I'm enjoying a glass. It gives me a pleasant energy boost without the annoyance of a crash. As for weight loss, I would say that due to the boost in energy and the help of the ingredients, you could definitely make this a part of a healthy weight loss regime. It leaves one feeling a sense of comfortable fullness, calm stomach, and pep in your step! I recommend it to all....more info
  • ACAI Powerscoop
    From what I've read, this product is supposed to be very good for you. I simply add a scoop of this powder to a glass of milk and drink it. ...more info
    This Acia Powder is of the best quality from an amazing company. The stuff just blows me away. You feel like you could eat nails after a couple of days on this stuff. I can think clearer, remember better, perform in everyway better and have a sense of calm about me while doing it. It totally cleans your body of free radicals. Google Acia berry power to find out more. Peace...more info


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