Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Drops For Dogs

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Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs OVER 60 pounds

  • Kills fleas and ticks
  • Repels Mosquitoes
  • One month protection
  • May be used on puppies 12 weeks or older

Customer Reviews:

  • Hartz flea drops
    this product is wonderful, all you people who use advantix, frontline, or whatever else you use, aren't you left wondering why your dog still gets fleas, well i was until i found this. My dog gets this drops on his back every month and it works and is very inexpensive!!! ...more info
  • If I didn't have to give it one star it would be zilch
    My dog and probably cat were attacked by hartz products. I have given my dog the 3in1 probably 6 times in her life time. This last time was August of 2007. 24 hours later she was having seizures and I had to take her into the emergency hospital. She was stabilized but it took a month to get her back into some semblance of health. Go to Hartzvictims.org and read all about unsuspecting families inadvertently poisoning their beloved pets. DON'T BUY ANYTHING [...] you'll always be sorry....more info
  • Flea repellant
    This is one of the better flea treatments,I have bought it several times.I like this product,it works.My dog has NEVER had any fleas!...more info
  • Harmful to pets
    My dogs have been using Frontline for the last couple of years but I decided to give Hartz a try since it had been recommended to me. I applied the appropriate dosage to my Pomeranian mix (20lbs), who immediately after began exhibiting odd behavior including vomiting, and rolling her eyes back. I called up the emergency vet who told me the horrors of Hartz flea treatments. I immediately gave my dog a bath, to get the chemicals off her and drove her to the vet. Unfortunately this product can be lethal, luckily my dog recovered just fine, but not all pets are so lucky. I can't recomendmd this product....more info
  • Apply correctly
    I found that when applied correctly and as directed, this product is safe and works well. I have always applied it between my dog's shoulder blades, away from where he could ingest it, and it has kept fleas away to my satisfaction....more info
  • This not works
    This not works on any of my two dogs.
    I have a #1 Chihuahua and a new-born Fox-Terrier.
    I use on them and next day i have to teake the thicks by myself. I lost my money....more info
  • Short term fix
    Prior to applying the product we decided to give our dog the best shot for being without fleas. We bathed him, got a flea collar, and then applied the Hartz product. For a few days after application we saw a reduction in fleas. Then around four days later we started seeing one or two fleas. Assuming they had jumped on from outside and would be killed by the Hartz we shrugged it off. However, after a few more days the number of fleas was going back up. We continued to use the Hartz for another month before finally giving up.

    The product does not last nearly as long as it states. I am beginning to wonder if the bath prior to the first application had more benefit than the Hartz.

    We are now using Frontline and are seeing great results....more info
  • OK
    I have 4 dogs and they stay covered with ticks.The matriarch of thebunch is a short haired light brown lab spayed and very protective of our property.Which means she runs the property multiple times a day through long grass and woods.
    I don't think it would matter what you used.Her and the puppies will always have ticks regardless of what you used,but I have to say that it has helped some for the most part.It would probably Help to check them all out a couple times a week....more info
  • Pros and Cons
    I have used this product for years on my dog. It kept her clear of fleas.
    I could not use the cat formula, my cat proved to be alergic to it. The cat got loose and brought a crop of fleas in doors. The dog got them, with having just been treated. It was no good at getting rid of fleas. I had to take both of them to the vet and am now using the vet's recomended brand, which got rid of them in a hurry!!
    Williamsburg, Va....more info
    as a petcare professional, i strongly urge no one to buy any type of OTC (over the counter) version of flea & tick control. as stated in the first review, it can kill or make your pet seriously ill. my Russian Blue almost died a few years ago when i stupidly tried to save money & i KNEW better! 300 bucks later & a few bags of IV fluids, my Jake started to recover but he may have residual kidney damage.


    even if its worked well in the past, w/ new formulas & products, you are putting your pets' life in danger w/ every product such as this you put on them. besides, they don't work as well, last as long or kill a variety of stages like the rx. so you really aren't saving money in the long run.

    hope this helps.


    ps....at least Hartz pd my vet bill! ...more info
  • No way it lasts for a month
    Great price, but don't be fooled. If you need real flea control, you've got to shell out the bucks for Advantage or Frontline. We have a 14 year-old American Eskimo with a very thick coat. Advantage and Frontline do work for her, but I been much happier with our latest scheme: we wash her and her bedding once a week, religiously. Granted, we do use a flea shampoo and she doesn't go outside without a leash, so there's no real time for her to wade through waist-high weeds and roll in dead stuff like she'd love to. She's outside for one to two hours a day. But I'm telling you, washing her once a week and using a "rake" style comb (try the "Furminator") to tame her undercoat have meant that we don't use ANY flea medicine on her. Previously, I was vacuuming all the time, spraying the carpets, upholstery and floor boards. . .I hated using that many chemicals in the house!

    Finally, you don't want this Hartz stuff because it lasts about one week, leaves an oily residue on the dog, and smells like you've dipped your canine friend in gallons of baby powder. Nasty stuff. ...more info
  • Great on Farm Dogs
    I have used this product on my dogs and it keeps them flea and tick free at a price I can afford. They have not had any negative reactions. In fact they line up to get the treatment and return to their normal activities immediately. I have used more expensive treatments in the past and have found that this product works as well at keeping the pest problem under control....more info
  • Dangerous to Your Pet
    This product is extremely dangerous to pets. Thousands of injuries and deaths have been reported to the EPA, the regulatory agency that has oversight over these topical spot-on pesticide products. The EPA issued a Cancellation Order in 2005 on their cat and kitten products, which contained precisely the same ingredients in exactly the same volumes as their current dog/puppy products. We lost a healthy dog because of this product and it was a terrible, tortuous and tragic death. The EPA has not yet taken the same action on Hartz's dog products but, again, thousands of incidents have been reported. Please use safer alternatives. They are available. Speak with your vet. He or she can give you much safer recommendations. If you cannot afford the products the vets sell, I have learned that most veterinarians will help with the price if you will avoid using Hartz and other neurotoxin, pesticide products. Please be careful. ...more info
  • wasted money and hope
    I tried this product first as it was cheaper than Frontline.

    I was very disappointed as it left my poor pets constantly scratching.

    It doesn't do what it claims, and I'd never use it again.
    Sorry...more info
    I used the ONE MADE FOR CATS on my cats last year and they both had a severe poisonous reaction to it! The larger cat seemed to come out of it okay after a couple hours, but the smaller one had to go to the emergency clinic, where the vet basically reprimanded me for being so stupid as to use a Hartz product!!! I was shocked that they're allowed to sell this stuff! The vet said he sees this all the time, most times it's FATAL......more info


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