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Who Reads House Beautiful?
The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • The Best: The editors' inside-view of today's hottest products.
  • Color: The perfect color every time! Top designers share their colorful secrets for effectively using color.
  • The Makeover: Monthly series following the progress of an ongoing renovation project.
  • Tablescape: Expert advice on setting a luxurious table--or creating a tabletop vignette--in your own home.
  • Ask the Barefoot Contessa: Ina Garten shares simple how-tos, recipes, and entertaining tips.
  • Cookbook: Editors put the latest cookbooks to the test, making recipes and offering real advice on what works--and what doesn't.
  • Features: House Beautiful is the home design magazine that puts the reader and her lifestyle, tastes and dreams first. Recent issues have showcased furniture, accessories for the home, the use of color in your rooms, and how to make the most of a small space.

Magazine Layout:
House Beautiful is a larger-than-average magazine printed on rich, glossy paper that makes the photography inside jump off the pages. It is a highly visual magazine featuring homes that are approachable and eclectic.

Editor-in-chief: Stephen Drucker, since October 2005. Prior to that he was a contributing editor at Architectural Digest and Martha Stewart Living. Editors at large include Mary Emmerling, Senga Mortimer, and Robert Rufino. Other contributing editors include The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, and Frances Schultz.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
House Beautiful has a clean-cut feel that celebrates a healthy indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Because it's all about the reader, House Beautiful does not endorse a particular style, region, or coast. It is an all-inclusive experience.

Honors include: Interior Design Hall of Fame inductee, 1993 Circle of Excellence Award, International Furnishings & Design Association Star of Design Award and the Pacific Design Center Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy Special Interest Award.

Homeowners looking for design ideas will appreciate the wide selection of styles and treatments offered in House Beautiful. From the latest in simplistic style, new takes on Bauhaus-influenced furniture, lighter approaches to Victorian architecture, and a return to the gaudy patterns of 18th-century French room treatments, House Beautiful tends toward no particular school of design. It offers the best of a wide range of ideas, trusting the readers to make decisions of taste on their own. That said, one theme tends to run throughout. People looking for low-cost designs for small homes with simple architecture are more likely to find a sense of direction in these pages than those people of mightier means looking for the full-treatment solutions. --Brian Trinen

Satisfy your passion for stylish living and practical ideas for updating every room in your home. Find great ways to use today's best furnishings and accessories within our pages.

Customer Reviews:

  • One of The Top Three Best American Shelter Magazines
    Informative, current, well-done. One of the very few that you can actually READ and learn something from.
    A variety of interesting features every month. And beautifully photographed.

    I receive probably ten different shelter mahgazines every month - and this is the only one I always keep....more info
  • Wonderful Magazine!
    This is a great magazine! We just moved into a new house and the decorating ideas have been so helpful! I look forward to more issues!
    And when I am finished reading the magazines, I will put them on my coffee table for others to enjoy....more info
  • a terrific value
    House Beautiful has as much quality to offer the reader as many magazines that are at a higher price range; thick glossy pages, superb photography, and for those who need some inspiration for home and garden improvements, a plethora of useful design ideas.
    I just received my September 2003 issue, and some of the contents are:

    The interior: A nice "How to" page, with solutions that will fit your pocketbook, and make your home interesting; "Designer Challenge", a new series where experts tackle "problem areas"; a long article on "The Next Wave", profiling twentyfive up-and-coming designers who are "rising stars from coast to coast"; an in-depth look at 4 gorgeous homes: A sparse but elegant Edwardian house in Dallas, a plantation-style house in Georgia, a classic home in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C., and my favorite, a minimalist, lavishly comfortable duplex in Miami, Florida.

    The exterior: "Art Imitating Nature", a Phoenix Arizona garden that uses native plants in a way that blends into the architecture. Food: "Fruit Under Fire", a luscious collection of recipes for grilled fruit, with close-up illustrations that are enough to stir up the appetite.
    Every issue will spark some ideas on how to enhance your surroundings, how to buy on a budget, how to experiment by mixing styles, and much more. I enjoy every issue, and think House Beautiful is one of the best magazine values on the market....more info

  • Great Quality
    As a potential interior designer, I find that this magazine is both realistic and elegant in the articles it provides for the professional and for the hobbiest. I have a subscription and I find that studying the designers, the styles and the themes I have learned so much about the work of a designer. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys color, fabrics or just pictures of beautifully designed rooms and interiors....more info
  • Useful content, good ideas!
    I got this magazine and "Dwell" after buying a new-to-me house and needing ideas. What a contrast! This magazine has lots of useful ideas: most of the furniture is not outrageously expensive, and for many of the paint jobs they give you the details on the paint so you could walk into the paint store and buy exactly the same paint they used. I actually prefer the aesthetics of "Dwell" (mid-century modern is my heroin) but their ideas are completely unachievable, expensive, and vague. HB is a refreshing contrast. I've already applied some of their ideas to my own home....more info
  • beauty and advertisements
    I just got my first issue. There is great beauty in the designs however there are a lot of advertisements. I do have great hope for this magazine and hope it comes true! I can't wait for more to come....more info
  • Grandma's magazine
    I have recieved 3 issues so far. The only feedback I have is this seems to be a magazine designed for people 70+. The interior design showns very old antiques cluttered with lots of unrelated stuff. The recent issue introduced a bathroom make-up reminded me the houses built in the 60s.

    I perfer to see a bright, clean, and modern view of the houses. Maybe this magazine is not for me, however, I don't know how to unsubscribe it if it is bought through Amazon.
    ...more info
  • Great Pics, Great Ideas, Great Magazine!!
    It has fresh, beautiful and modern ideas to decorate or redecorate your home. I would definitely recommend it!! ...more info
  • Watch out for Hearst magazine scams.
    While I love the publication, please watch out for Hearst Magazine scams. I received a renewal invoice/letter regarding another Hearst publication, Popular Mechanics which I have never read, ordered, or received. [...]

    When I emailed Hearst (there is no phone number for customer service) to let them know that I did not order this publication, they sent the following reply: "We have received your renewal order. When payment of [...] is received, service will continue through 12 issues."

    I'm not sure what part of "I did not order this magazine and do not want this magazine" they did not understand. Terrible company and it is unfortunate that they take advantage of their customers in this way.

    Hearst is the worst.

    ...more info
  • You can find better..
    Better Homes & Gardens

    If you want a magazine that is much much BETTER than Beautiful House, check out Better Homes and Gardens!!!!!!! TRUST ME!...more info
  • Good ideas
    This magazine gives you good ideas and images as far as decorating and improving the value of your house. Nice pictures.

    Peace and Happiness,

    Patrick Leonardi...more info
  • Great for ideas
    I love this magazine, even the ads. I use it as a reference for ideas for decorating my house. You must look at everything in the pictures and dissect it. Then you can think of ways of recreating the look for less, maybe even crafting. I always send them to my Mom after I'm done with my issues and she loves them, but we like house decorating and if you don't then you won't like this magazine....more info
  • magazines came on time
    It did take a month but I got both magazines and the price was RIGHT so I cannot complain. ...more info
  • I enjoy this magazine!!
    Beautiful photos and articles, I was so excited when it arrived. Can't wait until the next one....more info
  • Better than ever
    I faithfully read almost all of the home magazines every month. House Beautiful, an old favorite, is better than ever today. More in tune with current looks without being too trendy --showcasing a broad range of personal styles and locations, in recent months I can hardly wait for the next issue!...more info
  • Quick receipt, enjoyable magazine!
    This is a great magazine tailored to the non-designers among us. The first issue arrived less than 3 weeks after I ordered the subscription! Great service, great price, great transaction!...more info
  • House Beautiful magazine subscription
    HOUSE BEAUTIFUL is replete with a helpful variety of quality pictures of possiblities for room-set up. It also contains relevant and meaninful articles that can directly apply to current decorating needs and issues. ...more info
  • More Ads Than Anything
    I just received my first two issues yesterday. This magazine is page after page of advertisements. The thing that really bugs me about that is - companys run the same advertisements in the same magazines again and again so two issues are virtually the magazine since there are very few articles.

    For some reason even the articles in this magazine get lost because they have the same look as their ads. One article was suppose to be tips from over 125 top designers - what it really was - 125 designers listed with addresses and phone #s and a couple of tips on each page of that section.

    I'm really disappointed. For a GREAT magazine, try Southern Living. For a REALLY GOOD magazine, try Better Homes and Gardens.

    ...more info
  • HB
    Nice pictures of houses you would be comfortable in. Much better than most magazines. Not as good as architectural digest....more info
  • Fresh
    Of the many shelter magazines I subscribe to, this has to be in the top three. This magazine is a huge improvement over what it was even a few years ago. A good mix of freshened up traditional, fun, and not-too-concretey modern interiors. Not as funky as Domino, often more current and fun than Veranda and Southern Accents. More traditional (and liveable) than Dwell, and way less beige than uninspirational Architectural Digest. Less old-world than World of Interiors. House Beautiful features interiors you'd actually want to live in.

    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I just received my first order, and I love it! This magazine covers a broad range of topics and includes designer techniques, current trends, period styles and so much more. It has tons of vibrant pictures to illustrate the articles. I think this magazine would be ideal for someone just starting out in design to gain a basic understanding on a wide range of topics, and also for the experienced designer to keep up with current trends and fill in the gaps with knowledgeable tidbits....more info
  • Mostly ads
    This magazine comes with lots of advertisements - 70% or more. Plus, articles (less than 15 articles in every issue) in the magazines are not very useful. I subscribed the magazine because it is inexpensive and it is rated high by other subscribers. Now I realize I made a mistake. ...more info


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