Redbook (1-year automatic renewal)
Redbook (1-year automatic renewal)

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Redbook is the must-read magazine for today's young, married woman: an individual as passionate about her own needs as she is about those of her family. Each issue offers exciting, provocative features that address the all aspects of her life?everything from stylish fashion and beauty portfolios to scintillating stories on keeping her marriage fresh, to ideas on balancing home and career demands.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fan of Redbook for years
    I have been reading Redbook for several years. Amazon offered a good deal for a 2 year subscription. I think this magazine is good for the young mother/wife. I've outgrown Cosmopolitan, and Redbook offers articles that have more meaning and interest me....more info
  • Redbook Magazine
    Redbook is a great magazine for women. It has interesting articles about health, fashion, people and other current topics. ...more info
  • Very Shallow
    This is a very shallow magazine. The artickes have no depth, the titles and cover proclimations are very misleading (such as a child's "Miracle" recovery which was simply that he got better when the Dr.'s found what was wrong and gave him a bit of medicine, or a "Quirky" post-baby weight loss tip that was breastfeeding). It's full of useless "diets," scare-of-the-month health issues that aren't even real news, and other such drivel. In trying to appeal to everyone it doesn't appeal to me at all!...more info
  • Excellent Practical Magazine
    Love this magazine! Last month Redbook had a wonderful workout and great practical recipes that I am acturally going to attempt. I learn something new in every issue which is totally what I am looking for in a publication....more info
  • Very Disatisfied!!!
    At this point I am VERY disatisfied. I ordered 3 magazine subscriptions and got my first issue of two of the magazines on the same day last week, but the redbook did not come. I have written Hearst 3 times since then and gotten NO responce. If they had made some effort to respond to my inquiries, the delay would not bother me so much. But I have recieved NO responce to my inquiries from them. I'm still waiting on the responce and on the magazine. ...more info
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine
    Really great to get a subscription at such a reduced price. I have read Good Housekeeping for many years...more info
  • Redbook the great
    I get a magazine every month and I have to say Redbook has gripping stories, and amazing deals. I bought my first copy of Redbook in August of this year and lets just say I wasted no time sending off for my subscription. I look forward to recieving my magazine every month and if you haven't signed up already... your missing out!!!...more info
  • little bit of everything
    I love this magazine. It has articles, marriage, sex, women's lives, etc. I don't know why the others didn't enjoy it....more info
  • Read this one for years
    Service started timely and it is what I expected as I have been reading Redbook off and on for years. It has changed a lot over the years and has many ads. I enjoy the ads though as they keep me up to date on the latest....more info
  • Redbook.. is more .... magazine
    I look forward to recieving my magazine every month. I really love this magazine. It has articles, marriage, sex, women's lives, etc. I don't know why the others didn't enjoy it.
    ...more info
  • Too Well-Rounded?
    Just canceled my subscription, after a year-and-a-half. Unfortunately, for my tastes and lifestyle (40s, married, business owner, no children). I think Redbook is trying to be too well-rounded. I used to love this magazine (especially back in HS and college), but now it seems like it trying to appeal to too many audiences at once...a few pages of Cosmo-style sex-related articles, a few pages of Women's World-style life-threatening articles, a few pages of Health- magazine "you too can have abs of steel" articles, and way too pages of Parent's Magazine-style articles. The only thing I found myself enjoying was the "Most Embarrassing Moments" feature. I think that a magazine with an article about "Red Hot Sex Kissing Games" a few pages away from an article about "Kids Get Dry Skin Too" is not focused enough. On top of this (and perhaps because of it), it seemed as though most of their articles only touched the surface of any one topic, -- all headlines and captions, no substance. I think Vanity Fair, Jane, or Marie Claire might be a better choice for those who want a more focused magazine that delves into its topics more thoroughly....more info
  • Terrible Customer Service
    They only get one star because there's no such thing a ZERO stars! I ordered Redbook straight from their website, and after two months of waiting for an issue to arrive, and two emails, my third email was a cancellation and refund request. They have cancelled my subscription and I am still waiting for my money! The worst thing of all is that they won't even write back to you! I have never experienced such horrible service with a company. I don't know about how good the mags are, but I can definitely tell you the company doesn't care about their customers!...more info
  • Redbook
    This is a great magazine for fashion, romance, family, and living your life in a smart way....more info
  • waiting-room shocker
    While waiting for my daughter in an orthodontic office last month (July 2005), I read through what I thought would be the familiar Redbook magazine of the past. Instead, I was shocked to come across a new sexual advice section in which the explicit techniques for giving your man satisfying oral sex without tiring yourself out was described. Another article within this section explained how a taller man can have sex with a shorter female partner while both standing.
    I felt embarrassed and outraged that this magazine was out on the tables in the waiting room for any age group to read. I am age 48, college educated and the mother of 2 teenagers. I would not want my 13 year-old daughter to consider this light reading or helpful advice, nor do I think it appropriate for a magazine such as Redbook.
    Parents please seriously consider whether you want this magazine on the end tables in your homes. IT HAS CHANGED....more info
  • A magazine I enjoy reading every month.
    This is a wonderful magazine. I enjoy reading it every month. It has a variety of articles and a few are sure to fit your life. You can get it for $5.99 on Redbook website. ...more info
  • Excellent Value! Filled with useable info.
    I really like this magazine, even if its a woman's magazine. Often I find these types of magazines filled with advertisements and articles that never seem to fit a real persons every day life. This magazine features a nice cross section of information on fashion, decorating, cooking, and relationships. I always find something interesting to read in here....more info
  • Cheap, Fun and Informative
    I think this is a great magazine. The subscription price is incredibly reasonable. I find that it fits me and my lifestyle well. It definitely seems geared toward 30-40s aged women with families and young children. The topics are interesting...kind of like the next stage of Cosmopolitan. I look forward to it each month....more info
  • Great service!
    This subscription was a gift. The first magazine arrived shortly after placing the order. Thanks!...more info
  • *Unrequested Renewel*, Mostly ads, little substance in articles
    I subscribed for $5 for one year through Amazon, but even as cheap as that is, I'm not happy with this purchase. I feel like I bought junk mail. The magazine goes in the garbage the same day it comes.

    I was quite surprised when the end of my subscription neared and I got a letter from Redbook stating they will AUTOMATICALLY renew the subscription UNLESS I call the 800 number they provide. The letter states that if I cancel the (unrequested) renewal I will still have to pay for any issues I've already received.

    Rather than play the game of calling their solicitation center and paying for something from them I didn't agree to purchase, I plan to regard any unsolicited material from them as a gift. A trash-bound gift, but a gift nonetheless.

    I will no longer buy ANY magazines from this publisher because I don't like the way they do business. From now on, I'll read the magazines I do like in the library....more info
  • Always Has Something I Enjoy
    This magazine always has a few things I enjoy reading. You can't go wrong for the price. The transaction was smooth. My order was processed, and the issues began arriving in a very timely manner. I would recommend subscribing to this magazine through Amazon for a great deal. ...more info
  • Alicia
    I love Redbook every issue brings something new for my marriage, work, fitness, family and friend. What else do you need?...more info
  • Have not received product
    Cannot review the product since I have not yet received the product. Purchased a subscription on 10/31/08 - it is now 12/09/08 and still have not received subscription...more info
  • Super!
    Who doesn't love getting something fun in the mail-Redbook is full of fashion & lifestyle tips-I love it!...more info
  • ddkhouse
    There is not enough hours in a day to sit and waste your time reading this. Maybe in a doctor's office, when you don't want to look at anything else. But not if your a busy person and time is limited....more info
  • Hooked on Redbook
    When I was younger I used to sneak peeks of my mom's copy of Redbook, feeling like I was really getting away with something devious.

    Today, a little older, a little wiser and I still find myself sneaking off with a copy of Redbook and feeling like I'm getting away with something. Only now it's my own copy and I'm usually sneaking off to soak in a bubble bath and relax while reading.

    Not every article interests me, but how often do you really find a magazine that you truly care about every page, cover to cover? They have a goal to reach a large audience of women with a huge variety of interests, so it's nearly impossible to appeal to every woman with every article. However, I think they do a pretty darn good job and I have never finished an issue feeling disappointed....more info
  • Post Irrelevant
    I wish people would post their review as it relates to the product, not to the fact that they double ordered. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product or service....more info
  • Not your mama's Redbook
    Amazon is great for ordering magazines - you get them far faster through Amazon than any other method (including directly from the publisher's website) and the price is better too.
    Redbook is for the ladies reading Self and Glamour but think they're a little vapid (sorry, 15 year olds aren't glamourous and have no business being on the cover a magazine that touts them as such). Geared towards the woman who has someone nagging her about having kids, buying a house, or finding a real job - this magazine is a nice escape. ...more info
  • one of my favorites
    I'm surprised that people have canceled their subscriptions due to the magazine having too much variety. That is what I enjoy most about magazines. When I feel like centering on one subject I read a novel. This magazine in particular rarely has disappointed me. I've been subscribing for two years and have no plans for discontinuing it. There are always interesting, well written articles about people and their experiences - tragedies and triumphs and so on. I like the sections that offer beauty, sex or relationship, or health information. I read this when I'm working out on the treadmill or relaxing in the bathtub. I always look forward to it every month in my mailbox!...more info
  • Well-rounded!
    I really like the fact that the publishers really listen to their readers. Every year (or is it twice a year?) there is a survey included in the magazine for people to give their opinions about articles they enjoy and those they would rather do without.

    I've been reading this for the past 2 years at my local bookstore (and finally subscribed earlier this year). I've seen an improvement not only in the magazine's layout, but in the content as well. I really like how there are "sections" on personal well-being, fashion, motherhood, etc. Since I'm not a parent (yet), I can easily skip over the motherhood section. Because of the layout, it's not hard to flip through and find what I'm looking for....more info


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