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Prevention magazine gives you healthy solutions you can really live with. Every issue delivers the latest news and trends on health, food and nutrition, family, fitness, and more!

Customer Reviews:

  • Staying Healthy the Easy Way
    As a long-time subscriber to Prevention magazine I whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone. It offers new treatments for a variety of medical problems, new products for working out, age-fighting ideas, healthy food tips and even make-up suggestions. And, with it's convenient smaller size, it fits easily in your handbag or briefcase so it's always there when you have time to kill (like when you're waiting in line or eating lunch alone). These are just a few reasons this magazine is one of my favorites. Order it today! ...more info
  • Excellent Price
    I was glad to find this offer on Amazon. It was an excellent price and i will be sure to renew when the time comes.

    Thanks Amazon!!!...more info
  • Great to take away new of info
    I enjoy this magazine. I don't have much time to read the few that I receive so I always have a large stack waiting to be read. I usually reach for this one first. Sometimes I stash it in my diaper bag in case I have a minute to read when I'm out and about. This is not for serious, in depth informative articles. But I love the quickie blurbs about certain herbs, foods, etc that are good or bad for what and why. I like the fitness part, I think they're very attainable reasonable suggestions. The recipes are nice too.

    The CONS: I'm all for having bits on keeping your skin or hair healthy, but I always skip through make-up/beauty section. Seriously, there's a million other mags if that's your thing. Not applicable for Prevention I think. I wish they'd not run so many drug ads...counter to the lifestyle they are in PREVENTION! But, easy enough to skip over them.
    ...more info
  • Not Just For Prevention
    Get a subscription to this handy little magazine (its just slightly taller than a Reader's Digest) if you not only want to prevent illness and disease, but learn what you can do about health problems you already might have (such as diabetes, heart disease, or obesity). Some of its regular departments include:

    -Health (latest health news and trends, Q and A from the experts)
    -Real Life (inspirational and motivational health success stories)
    -Beauty (tips to look your best)
    -Fitness (exercises, motivational tips)
    -Nutrition (food tips and up-to-date nutritional advice)
    -Mind (info to keep your mind sharp)

    As you can see, its a pretty well-rounded health magazine that is perfect for health-minded individuals. Also recommend The 5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution if you have plantar fasciitis that interferes with your exercise routine....more info
  • Great Magazine
    I subscribe to Prevention and my daughter-in-law read the magazine at my house. She loved it and put in a "wish list" request for Christmas.
    Santa delivered!

    ...more info
  • Prevention is great
    Didn't know you could order magazines on Amazon. First 2 issues came within a month. Love this magazine. It has great tips and research for your health! ...more info
  • Everyone should read Prevention...
    Every month, I find incredibly important health info in this magazine. The info on the latest nutrition studies make this a must read....more info
    Why spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on workouts at health clubs when you can get more great workouts at home using many of the routines in here? Why buy tons of other magazines about beauty, diet, and other women's health concerns when you can get it all in one compact magazine?
    It is all in here and I've tested many of the tips in the publication (the ones both men and women can use) and you know what? They worked, at least for me. what I really like about the magazine is that its clean. It's not filled with tons of sex articles, it's filled with info that could very well save your life, and at the very least could make your health a lot better.
    ...more info
  • Ads GALORE, not enough content
    I realize every publication has to depend on advertising as well as subscribers to suceed, but Prevention Magazine just has too much advertising. I buy a magazine to read the content, not to get ads stuffed down my throat.

    I feel like others that the magazine has changed since I used to read my moms' subscription.

    The Jan. 2009 issue has the following: a 24 pg. insert trying to SELL a book, ads for Welches - 2 pg spread, Fruit of the Loom - 1 pg, Chevy - 1 pg, GNC - 1 pg, Robitussin - 1 pg, Alli - 1 pg, (I'm up to only pg. 8), Nature's Path - 1 pg, NyQuil - 1 pg, Spot Shot - a 2 pg spread, Zetia - 4 pg spread, One Touch - 2 pg spread, Splenda - 1 pg, Walmart - 1 pg, Mucinex - 1 pg, Restasis - 2 pg spread, Vicks - 1 pg, Nature's Bounty- 1 pg, truvia - 1 pg, Weight Watchers - spread over 3 pages, Imodium - 1 pg, Spiriva - 4 pg spread, Campbell's - 1 pg, Lipton - 1 pg, Morningstar - 1 pg, another Campbell's -1 pg., Healthy Ones - 1 pg, pg. 78 has 6 ads on one page, AARP - 1 pg, Blue Diamond - 1 pg, Enablex - 4 pg spread.....must I go on only at pg.102 our of 165 pg. magazine? I think you get the idea. If I counted correctly, 45 of the first 102 pages are ads leaving just 57 pages to read. I didn't include the 24 page insert nor the FULL page Prevention ads. If I included their own ads, the ratio would come closer to 50% advertising!

    I gave this a 3 month chance and cancelled today!...more info
  • Very Good!!
    This is a very good magazine, where you can find
    all kinds of good information about heath and
    delicious recipes that you will enjoy!!...more info
  • Monthly motivation for living healthy life
    Upbeat magazine that provides motivation and advice on how to eat well, exercise, and live a full, healthy life. The articles are very brief. Photos for the exercises and recipes are bright and helpful. Geared toward women. The compact size makes it easy to through in a purse or coat pocket to take along whenever you might have a few minutes to read and get re-energized. Great bonus is that it is well organized for finding articles on the topics you want....more info
  • best general purpose health magazine
    Prevention Magazine

    I think that Prevention Magazine is the best general purpose health magazine out there for the public at large.

    Gunner January, 2008

    ...more info
  • Prevention Magazine is very informative and useful
    I thoroughly enjoy this magazine. It has so many articles pertaining to health issues and healthier living. Articles about daily living, and stories about people who have had lifestyle changes. All aspects of health are covered in this magazine. It discusses medications, vitamins, sleep issues, diet and exercise. Plus, it is a handy size to slip into my purse, so I take it with me and can read it when I am waiting for an appointment or just have a few minutes. ...more info
    Readers. Be aware of subscribing to Prevention Magazine unless you want to get your credit ruined by North Shore Collection Agency. I have been trying to cancel the magazine continously and they don't acknowlege it at all. Prevention Magazine (Rodale) will decept you into renewing and if you try to cancel over and over, they will send you a letter from Collection Agency saying that you own them money.

    The choice is yours. There are lots of previous subscribers having the same situation. I thought I was the only one. Check "Complaints for Prevention Magazine" on Google.......

    [...]...more info
  • Good information
    I recently received my first 2 magazines. They arrived pretty soon after I ordered. I enjoyed the articles and recipes that help you learn about living a healthier lifestyle. When I'm finished, I pass the issues on to my mom and sister....more info
  • Prevention Magazine
    Purchased this from AMAZON.COM on sale for 5 bucks for 1 yr. I enjoy this magazine because it reads sort of like Readers Digest example: short Concise articles and it is the same compact size as readers digest. I will renew this subscription again....more info
  • Ad Overboard
    I received a free yearly subscription after enjoying Stonyfield Farms yogurt. I found absolutely no content worthy of reading. 75% of the tiny magazine was ads for medications, which I live a much more natural lifestyle than that. This magazine was not for me. I'll stick to my Women's Health Magazine!...more info
  • Delivering to the wrong person
    The magazine is being delivered to me instead of the person I ordered it for....more info
  • Wonderful health magazine
    I have been a subscriber to Prevention Magazine for years. I find the articles informative and it gives me tips on how to improve my health....more info
  • Delivery issues
    I love Prevention Magazine which is why I ordered a 2-year subscription. I ordered in March. By May had received nothing, wrote a complaint, got a July issue, then got June, August and September at extension of my 2-year order date, and nothing else to date. I am awaiting a response as it has been about 3 months since I received that last set of magazines. Would I recommend this to someone else? NO. Why 2 stars? Because the actual content of the magazine is good but the service is NOT....more info
  • Magazine
    Prevention is a must read for me each and every month. I have had medical training but still enjoy the many numerous articles.
    I also love the tips on diet, excercise and many subjects it offers.
    It has so many subjects in it, and not just an ordinary magazine that takes five minutes to read...
    Your interest will be soley on finishing the reading......more info
  • Content OK, Service HORRIBLE
    I find the actual articles to be okay but there ARE a ton of ads!!! A first-time subscriber and it took over 2 months to get the first issue then I am continuously having to complain about not getting my subscriptions. They say they have no control of the delivery once it is in the mail. They will send copies. Why am I paying to get old copies sent to me? I think their department that deals with subscriptions need some SERIOUS help. My sister orders from Rodale (another magazine though)and she also has the same problem....maybe they should run an article on dealing with stress as that is all I am getting.....of course, I may have to wait a few months before I actually get that article, come to think of it. :)...more info


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