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A lifestyle magazine rooted in health and fitness. Women's Health is filled with actionable and practical advice that you can use today. For women who want to do more, have more, and be more.

Customer Reviews:

  • good info
    I really like this magazine. I was inspired to buy it because my hubbie was reading Men's Health. I really like it, and it gives great information on health, exercise, and how to improve your sex life. I love it. ...more info
  • Great magazine, great price
    I love this magazine but it is too expensive to buy at the store, but here it was a wonderful price...more info
    This magazine is full of good information! And it's not only about health and exercise, either. There's beauty tips, sex tips, and just general good information about life.

    Trying to loose weight or just be healthier? Subscribe! I've been making some lifestyle changes since December. Women's Health has educated me on so many aspects of exercising and eating healthy. I've lost 35 lbs in about three months!

    I received my first issue about 4-5 weeks after placing my order....more info
  • womens health
    Pretty decent magazine, i wish it was less like the mens version, and overall different in structure, but they are really the same except one says women's and one says men's. but decent magazine. ...more info
  • Great women's magazine
    This magazine offers sensible workout info as well as articles geared for all age groups. ...more info
  • Better Than Most
    I've always been dissapointed in women's "health and fitness" magazines like "Self" and "Shape" because they are always full of articles on beauty and how to look slimmer, and flatten your abs in 3 weeks (yeah right!) etc. If I wanted that I'd buy "Glamour" or "Cosmopolitan"! I like "Women's Health" because it has articles on actual HEALTH topics, not just fitness and beauty. I also loved "Men's Health" and was really excited about this magazine, like other's here have said. I think "Men's Health" is superior but "Women's Health" is still the best of the women's magazines....more info
  • Lots of valuable information/tons to read
    One of the best health/fitness/diet/beauty magazines around - each page chock full of important/interesting and helpful tips. It is one of the few magazines around that has something new and worth reading on every page! One of my favorite reads!...more info
  • A woman's fitness magazine
    I am glad to say this is more than just another women's health magazine. I have a subscription to a few magazines about women's health and fitness, but this is by far the best. This magazine is about more than losing weight, it's about getting healthy! It gives a lot of good tips. Women's Health has more articles than other magazines and doesn't waste half of the magazine talking about fashion, beauty, etc. I do enjoy these articles but I don't buy the magazine for them! I buy it for WOMEN'S HEALTH! So if you want a magazine that's main focus is on HEALTH... this is a great option. Don't worry they have a little of the fashion, beauty, and sex for you too!...more info
  • Great Buy
    I bought a couple other magazines as I just really started making a serious effort to be fit and wanted some inspiration as well as some information. I bought Oxygen and Fitness - which I think ended up as me paying to read someone's ads - I had just flipped through the mags before I bought them and wished I had really read a few pages first. There are so many ads there for losing weight that you get lost and confused. I then saw this other magazine Women's Health Training Guide 2007 and picked that up - it was exactly what I wanted. It has articles, recipes, exercises that I can do inbetween going to the gym, and most of all it inspires me to stay active. So all you women out there....throw out your "ad" magazines and pick up the real deal!...more info
  • Same content online for free
    I've purchased this magazine twice, expecting the same level of content as Men's Health. Both times, I have been disappointed. The articles are useless with misleading titles and you can find 99% of the content on the Women's Health Magazine website without paying a penny. Seriously, save your money. ...more info
  • Excellent Reading!!!
    Very good magazine with tips and update articles about health and fitness for women!...more info
  • More of the same
    I'm a charter subscriber of Women's Health, and honestly I think that's the only reason I stayed subscribed for so long. "Oh, but I was one of their first subscribers!"...yeah, who cares? After I really gave it some thought, I sure didn't care. The fact that 6 of the last 8 issues were still wrapped in their plastic wrap further confirmed my lack of interest in this magazine.

    I used to always snatch my boyfriend's copy of Men's Health when it would arrive in the mail and devour it before he got home from class. So when Women's Health invited me to try out their first issue, I jumped at the chance. I was happy that the magazines were very similar, but after awhile it seemed too repetitive. Then Men's Health itself started changing into something boring and bland and my boyfriend chose to end his subscription. Now, it seems like the same pattern is emerging with Women's Health. It went strong for awhile, but now it just feels like they're regurgitating the same information over and over.

    It's not so much that Women's Health is a *bad* magazine. It is informative, it does have decent columns and helpful information. But it's nothing special. It doesn't contain any information that I can't find in other (cheaper) places.

    I gave it 3 stars because I do think it's a decent magazine to subscribe to for 2-3 years, but not necessarily worth a long-term commitment since you'll likely begin to feel a sense of dj vu after a time.

    Needless to say, my subscription is up for renewal and I'm opting out. ...more info
  • Don't order this magazine!
    This magazine is 90% fluff and 10% exercise! If you want a no nonsense exercise and fitness magazine then keep shopping. It you are all about lipstick, make-up, and facial creams then this is the perfect magazine for you....more info
  • Women's Health magazine subscription
    Good = magazine arrived very quickly, faster than promised.

    Bad = two issues arrived together, one from the month before, thus it was an 11 month subscription for me as I already had that issue. I have had trouble getting in contact with amazon to fix the problem using the phone number in my order confirmation. ...more info
  • BI Monthly Publication!
    I was unaware that this was a bimonthly publication and was expecting one every month. It is a good magazine but I just thought other shoppers would want to be aware of this....more info
  • A good read
    I am enjoying the magazine. I liked my subscription to Health magazine a little more than Women's Health. This magazine seems more appropriate for a younger set. My college age daughters enjoy reading the magazine....more info
  • Excellent fitness and health magazine
    This magazine keeps me motivated to workout and eat healthy. Every page is interesting and intelligent information. I read every page! It's nothing like other magazines that I surf through, I actually read this one. I think this is the best Womens magazine out there. Buy one issue, you'll be hooked....more info
  • Really Bad service. Bunch of crooks!
    I applied for a Womens Health offer of 2 free trial magazines and 12 free gifts in June 2008. After numerous emails, I finally received my 2 free trial magazines (Sept and Oct 2008). I paid my yearly subscription. Since then I have received NO magazines. Never got the 12 "free" gifts either. Whenever I email their customer support they reply 2 days later promising to send my magazines and my free gifts. Today is Dec 26th and still havent seen anything. BEWARE! This company takes your money and does not fulfill your subscritpion!!...more info
  • Womens Health
    Received subscription within 4 weeks of purchase. I wish this magazine was published in a larger print, like other magazine I read. Its small font is difficult to read....more info
  • Women's Health Magazine
    I subscribed to the magazine and and very impressed and happy with it as it has tons of information in it like no other magazine....more info
  • Not my kind of Magazine
    I picked this magazine over Fitness and Self based on the reviews I read. This magazine arrived last week and I was very disappointed. First the content is very mature (language and content), and I have young girls in my household. Needless to say this first copy is in the trash already. Second, I was looking for fitness, and healthy lifestyle content, if I wanted to read views on politics I will pick up News Week or the Wall Street journal. I won't be renewing this magazine, and wish I could cancel and get my money back now. ...more info
  • Enjoyable Reading
    This magazine provides good information on health issues and exercises tips. The only drawback is that there are a numerous amount of advertisements....more info
  • Watch out for back issues!
    Price is great, but...Instead of the most current issue arriving first, I received back issues more than 2 months after they hit the news stands. If this counts towards my 12 issues, I will not renew. ...more info
  • mags galore
    This is a great magazine. However when I ordered, I received my first copy in January. It was December's issue. I actually received January's magazine at the same time. That I didn't like. In essence that reduced my subscription by one month. Why did they send me a copy of an old issue. Not cool in my book...more info
  • Wonderful magazine with a major downside
    I subscribe to several magazines, and this is one of my favorites. I spend weeks on it because it has great articles and lots of tips and even some of the fun and frivolous things that are less health oriented, but as a woman, I still love them. The thing about this magazine is that it's really got a perfect recipe. Mostly health oriented with just enough non-health oriented things to feel like my girly side that loves tech toys and makeup and pretty things is not being denied.

    The major downside, however, that I feel obligated to mention is that ever since I subscribed to WH I have been inundated with calls from Rodale, the owner of WH. First it was their telemarketing department to whom I finally told to leave me alone or I would cancel my subscription. Then I received books I didn't order. At first I thought it was some new subscription deal. I put them aside until I got the $49 bill. Now I have to return them, which is another hassle. If you subscribe to WH, buyer beware. They are not above sneaky marketing tactics, which is why I only gave them 4 stars. I'd have given them three, but I really do love the magazine. ...more info
  • My favorite magazine out of many!
    I have been reading Self, Fitness, Shape and Women's Health for years. Out of all of them, Women's Health is by FAR my favorite. It's my favorite out of all my others too.

    Contrary to a lot of these reviews, Women's Health contains substantial articles and very little "fluff." Sure, they have makeup and beauty basics, but that's a big area where men and women differ, so that's understandable. It would be odd if they didn't.

    Anyway, I feel like I always learn something new and very interesting when I read WH each month. I love how they report on new studies and findings, compared with a lot of the other magazines - it's just the same blah, blah, blah lose weight articles every month. The photography is great too, with well-written articles with a lot of research. Overall the direction of the magazine is very satisfactory....more info
  • Cheated out of issues
    I subscribed to Women's Health back in late October 2007. I knew it would take a few weeks for the subscription to begin. That was fine. But when I got my first issue on Dec. 26th, it was the NOVEMBER issue. At that point, I really didn't need any advice on a healthy Thanksgiving dinner. I emailed Women's Health directly at their website the next day, and I haven't heard anything back yet. It's been almost 2 weeks. I asked them to please begin my subscription with the January issue, as that would be the only one that I wouldn't consider late at that point. A couple days later I received the December issue (again, I don't really need fitness gift ideas when it's January!) and then I received the January issue. I am going to call them to see if I can get the subscription start date changed; otherwise, I feel like I was cheated out of two issues of the magazine. The magazine itself is fine...customer service is awful! **I am editing this to add that they did change the end date of my subscription by 2 months, but they never contacted me to notify me that it had been resolved. Again, the magazine itself is fine, but watch out for the customer service!!...more info
  • I love it!
    Let me be upfront--I have not read Men's Health. I am always intrigued by the covers but as it is geared towards men I never felt the need to delve between the covers of that magazine myself. I cannot address whether the comparisons between the two magazines are fair. I HAVE read Women's Health, however, and I love it! Self and Fitness and Shape just seemed geared towards the younger 20s and while I am a young 34, magazines focused on the same subjects I would have related to in high school bore me. I am NOT a fitness buff, rather someone who THINKS alot about getting in shape, lol, but if you are a hard core fitness freak I think you would be happier reading something like Oxygen or Muscle and Fitness Hers. If you want to hear about the latest workout trends and studies, however, and you HATE being talked down to, I think that Women's Health is the way to go. I will definitely renew my subscription....more info
  • Great magazine! Only one minor gripe...
    I highly recommend this magazine...it's got great exercise tips, great recipes and interesting nuggets of info. I've tried several of the recipes and they are tasty. This magazine is a big help for any woman trying to stay fit and healthy. It's inspiring!! Now for my one gripe...the writers/editors assumes their entire readership is made up of straight women. How about a little acknowledgement for women who love women?!...more info
  • Good tips and motivational regimens
    I subscribed to this after seeing a copy, where else but a doctor's waiting room. It was engaging then and when the Amazon offer came I just got it for a year. 1st issue came in timely and I enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to reading the next issue....more info
  • Womens Health
    I love this magazine as it can compete with Shape,Self, and others. This magazine is full of exercise and diet tips that are priceless. I love all the above magazines and read them all....more info
  • Worst of all health magazines!
    I hoped to find good information on health and fitness in this magazine. What a disappointment! This magazine is totally superfical - tons of tiny articles with no real information, seems like a paste and cut job. Additionally, some of the information is plain wrong! If you are serious about fitness and health and want valuable information,I advise you to stay away from this magazine. Try "shape" instead....more info
  • Women's Health
    As a middle-aged working mom I don't have time for a personal trainer. I am interested in being as healthy as I can but lack the time to do significant research on the subject. I wanted a magazine that narrowed down the issues surrounding women in our modern, fast-paced society. I wanted a magazine that would allow me to see some pointed information in a condensed format to utilize my time.

    I believe that this was a very worth while purchase! It has some of the interest type articles that are entertaining in magazines, but it also has articles that are truly informative about current Woman's health issues. I have found new ideas in each issue about controlling my appetite, and there have been informative articles on different work-outs to try on my own. The speed of delivery was much quicker than I had expected, and I am pleased with the product. I would recommend this magazine to other women who want to be more involved with bettering their own health. ...more info
  • Womens Health
    Received subscription within 4 weeks of purchase. I wish this magazine was published in a larger print, like other magazine I read. Its small font is difficult to read....more info
  • WH
    Wife loved the magazine. But keep getting renewal noticies even though it was already paid....more info
    I was, and continue to be pleasantly surprised how much I have enjoyed my first two issues of the above magazine. As of now, I would dare to say that this magazine will be one that I will definately continue to subscribe to.................and I am very picky about what comes in my mailbox on a regular basis. :O) Thank you folks for providing the service to get, what appears to be a high quality magazine.
    ...more info
  • Great Info!
    At last a magazine that addresses health & fitness issues for real women!If you're looking for helpful hints on exercise and new products without all of the cosmo stuff, here it is....more info
  • Not at all like Men's Health
    If you're looking at ordering this magazine because you've been reading your boyfriend's Men's Health, really enjoyed the work-out and health tips, and you said to yourself "Huh - they make a version for women, I should order it." - DON'T! Reading Women's Health is like reading Cosmo, filled with celebrities, causal language and make-up tips (not to mention advice for men - probably gleaned from Men's Health - so that you can surprise your boyfriend?). Don't waste your time on this vapid stuff....more info
  • Don't fool by the Cover!
    This is not what i have thought. This magazine much better two years ago. I just subscribed it a couple weeks ago and looking forward to learn some pictures techniques on fitness but there isn't much any more. I am pretty disappointed. I would try Oxygen or Runner magazines tho....more info
  • Better Than I Expected.
    Unlike many female oriented magazines this one has some fine advice on health, fitness & exercise. You won't find destructive over the top dieting tips that could make you very ill & it is not overloaded with ads like "Oxygen, Shape, & Self." For those of us who want overall fitness, cross training, interesting recipes, & new outdoor activities to try this magazine is the best one out there. Even for all of us middle aged gals trying to get back some of our youthful health & appearance. Also, if you are into weight training, I would try a muscle magazine for that. WH is not that big on that subject. The main negative is some of the departments keep changing their formats & some articles can be as little as one paragraph. But, on the whole it still is better than its competitors....more info
  • Substance over artifice.
    I only recently picked up on this magazine and so I feel behind the times. What is possibly ironic is that for the last couple of years I would pick up the occasional copy of Men's Health because I felt that I was finally getting up to date articles on FDA approved diets, foods, vitamins and other health related OTC drugs, as well as updated fitness routines. Thankfully the same information can be found and how it relates to a woman's system here.

    I've also read the one and two star reviews of the magazine and the reviews that condemn this magazine and touted 'Shape' instead left me scratching my head. I had a subscription for several years to 'Shape' in college and ultimately turned my back on it as I found it to be superficial featuring a famous thin model/celebrity who was never particularly known for their athletic ability as the big selling point. It also bothered me that every other ad was for a magic diet pill/supplement that was eventually done away with after an expose on some news program listing a litany of problems.

    A health magazine should be about health: getting it and keeping it and warn the public against a quick fix. I also like to see exercise and fitness emphasized more heavily than fashion. Which is exactly what I got here. Ultimately I want to be healthy and feel good for a long, long time. I also want to keep up to date on current methods for maintaining this goal. I really believe I get current and effective information and advice here. Other women's health/fitness magazines felt to me more like they were compeating with Cosmo and Glamour type magazines....more info
  • motivational
    Great magazine. No nonsense articles. Very informative and not a lot of advertisement.I like the real people who are fit that give they're advise. Tear out booklets to take to the gym are nice too....more info
  • You're better off with Men's Health!!!!
    My boyfriend ordered subscriptions to Men's and Women's health (for himself and for me, respectively) about six months ago. It didn't take me too long to figure out that women's health could be more aptly titled "men's health lite" - - i.e., a similar magazine with significant alterations (read: reductions) in reading level, scientific basis, and practicality.

    The editors of these magazines seem to think that men seek scientifically-sound, medically proven facts for nutrition and exercise physiology, while women are looking for cheesy motivation and advice about lipstick colors.

    If you want fluff, you might as well save the money and buy one of the less expensive women's 'health' mags (Self, Fitness, etc.); if you want more substantial content, try Men's Health. (Which niche Women's Health fulfills, then, seems unclear.)

    save your money!...more info
  • Worth getting
    I read this magazine more for the health information than the workout information. I subscribe to M&F Hers and Oxygen and use those magazines more for formulating my workouts since I like to lift a lot of weights, but Women's Health is jam packed full of healthy recipes, and what else, but information on women's health. If you're seriously into lifting weights, this may not be the magazine for you. If you're more into eating healthy, overall fitness,cross training, and outdoor activities, this magazine is a great source of information. ...more info
  • Not Worth It!
    I have received 3 months into my 1 year subscription and want to cancel it. I did not get the magazine to be lectured on global warming and I do not care to know how many sexual partners other women have. I did get the magazine for ideas to change up my workout routine and improve specific muscle groups. It also seems like a magazine with "ADD" (bits of information thrown all over). I'm looking for a better magazine....more info
  • lOVE IT
    I love this magazine. not only does it have heath articles, it also has life articles about any topic....more info


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