Fight For Your Money: How to Stop Getting Ripped Off and Save a Fortune

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A war for your money is raging and it is time to fight back!

In a book that will forever change how you spend your hard earned money, America’s favorite financial coach, David Bach, shows you how to save thousands of dollars every year by taking on the “corporate machines.” In these times when every dollar counts, big businesses are using dishonest tricks to rip you off, making themselves billions while they keep you living paycheck to paycheck. David Bach knows that until you learn to fight for your money, you will overpay for almost everything you buy. In Fight for Your Money, he gives you the tools to FIGHT BACK and WIN.

Bach shows you how every dollar you spend is really a battle between you and the businesses—and the government—who want to take it as profit. When you know how the system is rigged –the extra points, the hidden fees, the late charges, the unused tax breaks, the escalating rates—you can fight back against the pickpockets and save literally thousands every year—money in your pocket that can help you live your dreams.

Fight for Your Money shows how you are being taken on your cell phone contract, cable bill, car purchase, credit card, life insurance, healthcare, 401(k) plan, airfare, hotel bills, and much more. Bach gives you all the tools you need to fight back, with websites, phone numbers, sample letters and real-life stories of ordinary people who have fought for their money and won.

You’ll learn how to:

Beat the credit card companies at the games they play that cost you thousands annually in interest and fees
Make your bank accounts work for you with higher yields and lower fees
Save thousands by pre-paying college tuition at TODAY’s prices
Raise your credit score and pay thousands less in mortgage interest
Cut your life insurance premiums in half by making one call
Save hundreds on air travel, hotels, and car rentals—just by being an informed consumer
Avoid huge rip-offs like bank-issued gift cards, medical credit cards, 401(k) debit cards, and sneaky renewals of your cell-phone plan.

David Bach knows that when you are being taken financially, you work harder than you have to, for longer than you need to. This book helps you fight for your money, so you can live your life doing what you really want to do.

Customer Reviews:

  • Take back control of your finances!
    The Losing Game: Why You Can't Beat Wall Street

    I wish I had known more about David Bach when I was writing "The Losing game: Why You Can't Beat Wall Street." Our last chapter talks about alternatives to Wall Street, but doesn't include checking out the work of David Bach.

    Big business, like Wall Street, has learned that we have short attention spans, and if they add minor costs here and there, and then confuse you with "legalese" when you try to cut costs, they will force you to stay with them, fearing you have no alternatives.

    Back describes in great details the ways in which you can cut costs and get big business to work for you, not vice-versa. It's a lesson we all need to learn in these economic times....more info
  • Fight for Your Money
    In plain language Bach covers in an encyclopedia-like format automobiles; banking; credit; family matters; health; home; retirement; shopping; taxes; tv and phone; and travel. The reader can read the book from front to back or by subject. Since each section is full of information, Bach includes action step checklists for the reader's convenience. He also includes sample complaint letters and a list of additional resources.

    This book is perfect for a young graduate. While most adults will have already learned the lessons through life experience, the book is condensed enough to be a quick-reference refresher....more info
  • Davisd Bach saves YOU money
    If you are not familiar with David Bach it is time to get to know him. He is truely fighting against the system that is designed to take our money from us legally. After reading his latest book this is what happened:

    I just hung up with my cable and phone providers and because of your book:
    --I am now saving $25 per month on home phone,
    --changed plans on cellular and saved at least $30 per month just on the monthly portion, also got unlimited texting in the plan which I was paying about $20 a month for text over usage.
    --The cable company cut my rate by 50% at $49 a month for six months then $20 a month cheaper after that without cutting service at all. We do like our HBO.
    Total yearly savings are at least $1320

    While I am very glad to be saving I feel like an idiot for allowing it to go own in the past. THe good with the bad you know.

    The book also helped me update our wills, verify social security earnings, spend all of our gift cards, roll over an old employer's 401k to my fidelity account, and validated my buying my car that is two years old, lease trade in for 50% off the new car price (Cadillac DTS for $27,000) (this was a few years ago and I have preaching the practice to everyone)

    All from reading your book the last couple of days. I would read it and then go to the computer, read some then to the computer. My wife thought I was nuts until I showed her the work I was doing. She still thinks it but not due to this behavior.

    This really explains people dislike "the system". Banks, credit cards and just big business in general are all inherently bad and need to be regulated. As a small business owner I was more of the less regulation the better in the past but....

    This book will help anyone who takes the time to read it.
    Welcome to the Finish Rich World of David Bach

    Thanks for reading,
    Tom and Wanda Kennedy ...more info
  • A LOT of missing INFO
    After reading this book I learned that most of the info in it is basic knowledge that most could come up with on their own. Bach does miss the boat on the investment side by not taking into consideration tax implications and erosion of value from the whole long term investment approach. It seems to me he did very little research about the life insurance segment and how it could benefit people if properly managed.

    I would take this book and the info in it with a grain of salt....more info
  • Bach is Back! Awesome Resources
    I have read every one of Bach's books and am very impressed by his no-nonsense down-to-earth writing style. This book is no exception. There are plenty of known and unknown resources and tips that will help consumers fight for their money. There are plenty of web and physical addresses for more information, case studies, and just common sense strategies for building wealth. I highly recommend this book. It's well organized and well researched broken into categories that make sense. Knowledge is power!!!
    ...more info
  • Showing Kevin Trudeau what he should've written
    Many thousands have been ripped off by Kevin Trudeau's book, Debt Cure$. Thankfully, David Bach's book is very different. Debt Cure$ tells you little to nothing and Fight for Your Money tells you a lot.

    Fight for Your Money tackles the big money pits in our lives: cars, banking, credit, health, taxes, shopping, home, travel and more. In each category, David Bach tells you how to tackle it from a cost savings perspective. Many of the suggestions are common sense (if we ever stopped to think about them), but he reminds us to look at them.

    I loved the simple formula he provides for credit ratings. Finally, I understand how they're calculating it and it didn't take 20 pages of a book to explain it. With this little tidbit of knowledge, i would think anyone could increase his credit score by 50-100 points within a couple of years (assuming it is currently between 550 and 650 or lower).

    The great thing about this book is that it is a book for life. It doesn't just focus on taking care of your debt (understood: getting rid of it), which is important, but it goes into all of the important areas of life. If you're not looking for a get rich quick book, but a practical book on how to live your life financially sound - this is the place to start....more info
  • Practical advice.
    A lot of this is common sense, but the few new things that I did learn made the purchase more than worth it....more info
  • Great for a novice.
    I was really disappointed in this book. If this is the first time you are picking up a book about personal finance it is a fine choice, but if you have read anything from David, Jean, Suze or even Peter Greenberg do not waste your time. I feel like these are recycled ideas and almost a "Best of"financial book, but for the most part, you have probably scene and heard all of these ideas before....more info
    I have read most of David Bach's books and believe Fight for Your Money is one of the most useful and insightful books he has written. Fight for your Money is a must read for everyone!!! David went above and beyond in providing fantastic and insightful advice on saving money for everything we pay for. He provides simple actions and explains exactly how to go about saving money on everything from cell phone plans, to credit cards rates, banking and everything in between. After reading his book I made a list of companies to call and in the first call to my cell phone carrier I took his advice and saved $30 a month on my bill and ended up getting a much better plan. That is a savings of at least $360.00 a year not including all the extra fees I would have paid in extra minutes. Considering it took me about five minutes to make the call I was overwhelmed with how easy his strategies were to execute.

    By using David's strategies to get a better deal at hotels, I was rewarded with a much better room at an incredible rate. I simply asked at the front desk for a better rate than what they quoted me on the phone and if I could get an upgrade since I was a loyal customer. Again his strategies worked.They accommodated me with a beautiful suite with two bathrooms and and an Oceanview. All for a lower price than what I was quoted on the phone for a regular room. All this with relatively little haggling and because I ASKED to get a better deal. The reality is and David points it out again and again, these companies do not want us to get a better deal, but a better deal that can save you money is out there. By reading Fight for Your Money he gives you the advice and guidance to SAVE YOU MONEY and in many instances A LOT of MONEY . If anyone knows what they are doing in regards to helping you save money and live a better life it is without a doubt David Bach. This book is a must read....more info
  • Great Info!
    This book is very informative and I was very impressed with the 30 day money back guarantee! This is great for anyone wanting to fight back - currently I am re-negotiating my car loan - Kudos to David Bach for an awesome book....more info
  • David Bach Does it AGAIN!
    This book is incredible. David gives a wealth of information on every topic you can think of, in great detail. If you are familiar with his other books, this one is really nothing like them. It is more of a great is what the title says it is, a way to save money in many areas of your life, especially when it comes to purchasing a car, health insurance, and a home. He provides many websites, and places to go for more information all over the book. Everyone should own this book!
    Here are the different chapters..since there is no LOOK INSIDE:
    Automobiles ( Buying a new car, buying a used car, car leasing, car repairs, car rentals)
    Banking (bank accounts, debit cards)
    Credit (credit cards, credit scores, payday loans, identity theft)
    Family Matters (divorce, life insurance, estate planning, saving for college)
    Health (health insurance, hospital bills, health club memberships)
    Home (buying a home, building and remodeling, home mortgages, home-based business opportunities)
    Retirement (401k plans, IRA's, pension plans, social security, annuities)
    Shopping (online shopping and auctions, appliance protection plans/extended warranties, gift cards, rebates)
    Taxes (tax preparation, refund anticipation loans, charitable giving)
    Tv and Phone (cable and satellite tv, cell phone plans, residential phone service, bundled service plans)
    Travel (air travel, hotels, travel packages)

    In response the the previous reviewer, I don't think David wrote too much on mortgages because he has a separate book on home buying. But in any case the information in that chapter is entirely useful....more info
  • Everyone Should Own a Copy
    I read all of David Bach's books. I'm a true fan. I've belonged to his newsletter for years and I find his advice really helpful.

    I just received the new book in the mail on Saturday and the first thing I read about was tax preparation and how to not get ripped off. (I'm having my taxes done next week so this particular topic jumped out at me.) Taxes always cause me a lot of stress but this section was really informative and helpful. Best piece of advice: do not be tricked into taking a refund anticipation loan! I never realized how costly they actually are.

    Next, I read through Buying a Car and Leasing since my lease is up in 2 months. These sections are really great too. Each chapter describes all the pit falls to watch out for...sort of like a "must read" before you make a major financial decision. I have a lot more chapters to go but I'm skipping around and reading what's timely for me.

    I saw David on CNN and he was saying that this book will help you create your own personal economic stimulus plan and I totally agree. The back cover states "David Bach's battle plan will help you fight for your money now, when you need it most." I definitely recommend this book....more info


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