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Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel gets your dishes sparkling clean yet is gentle on the Earth. The phosphate-free and chlorine-free formula is designed for the most cleaning power, yet does not contribute to algae blooms in our waterways. We use only natural whole essential oils, not synthetic fragrances like other brands, for a true, fresh citrus scent. Our automatic dishwasher gel is non-toxic, free of dyes, NTA, and EDTA, safe for septic & greywater systems. Seventh Generation does not test any products on animals. About Seventh Generation Seventh Generation offers a complete line of natural household products designed to work as well as their traditional counterparts, but use renewable, non-toxic, phosphate-free, and biodegradable ingredients as often as possible, and are never tested on animals. Seventh Generation products are healthy and safe for the air, the surfaces, the pets, and the people in your home--and for the environment outside of it. Every time you use Seventh Generation products you make a difference by saving natural resources, keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment, and making the world a safer place for this and the next seven generations. Try Seventh Generation?s other dishwashing products: Hand Dish Liquid, Automatic Dishwasher Powder, and Automatic Dish Pacs.

Customer Reviews:

  • Didn't clean well
    I use earth friendly everything in my house. This product didn't clean my dishes well at all. I always rinse the food off my dishes but if I missed a spot of any food it would still be on there when my dishes were finished in the dishwaser. It also left my dishes looking dingy. I love other seventh generation prodcuts just not this one. ...more info
  • A bummer...
    So I have attempted to switch as much as possible to environmentally friendly stuff. I like several Seventh Generation products, but the auto dishwasher gel is pretty bad. It leaves a strange film on my dishes, particularly those that are closest to the reservoir. I've found that if I mix a small dab of Cascade with this stuff, it's ok, but the goal was to get away from using Cascade and the like... and I bought an entire case of it. Darn! I will try the other environmentally friendly dishwasher detergents as soon as I finish this stuff (which will be in 2 years, at this rate). There's got to be a better product out there (or coming). ...more info
  • Left a white film on all my dishes
    I had such high hopes for this product, alas it left my dishes dirtier than before. I went through an entire bottle hoping it would somehow rectify itself, it didn't. All my silverware had a perpetual film on it. I painstakingly buffed each piece out and went back to Cascade for now. Oh well. ...more info
  • Just doesn't clean
    Despite "using less" as recommended by the manufacturer; despite using a rinse-aid; despite underloading the dishwasher -- this gel simply does not get my dishes clean. There is food residue left behind on everything, even non-stick pans. I'm switching back to a low-phosphate commercial brand (Palmolive is under 2% phosphate)....more info
  • Milk drinkers beware of this product.
    I am a pretty big fan of most all the seventh generation products including their laundry detergent so naturally I wanted to try the dishwasher liquid. On first use it seemed to work fine but after 10 loads I have to say I am extremely disappointed in this stuff. Simply put it doesn't do it's job. Specifically protein residues such as milk solids left on glasses, cereal bowels and silverware as well as other dried on foods simply don't come off. And no I am not talking about "spots" like jetdry kind of spots, I'm talking food residue. I'm a dude, I don't give a rip about spots but food residue I do care about. I have a very good dishwasher and the dishwasher packs I was using prior to this worked as advertised and did not leave food residues. And I never "cleaned" my dishes before putting them in the machine (last time I checked thats its job). My guess is that the surfactants in this product are simply not strong enough. I am all about some green products but they have to actually work. Guess I'll keep looking for a green dishwasher detergent that actually works....more info
  • Great for Asthmatic son
    Every time I run my dishwasher with one of the major brands, my son has an asthma attack. First, I tried the Seventh Generation powdered dishwasher detergent. My son didn't have asthma attacks with it, but it etched my plastics badly. Then I tried the Lemon gel. It does not cause my son to have asthma attacks and it doesn't etch my plastics. I am very glad that I am not having to hand wash all of my plastics. I give it a thumbs up! I have recently started using the Seventh Generation Laundry detergent, and I like that, too....more info
  • You Practically Have To Wash The Dishes Before The Wash
    Like others here, I am trying to switch over to Eco-Friendly products as much as possible. I've had pretty good luck so far using brands such as Mrs. Meyers,Method(my favorite) and Earth Friendly, and thougt I'd give this one a try.
    And again like others here, I was very disappointed with this "Seventh Generation Dishwasher Gel".

    My dishwasher is fairly new, about a year old, and it works really well. Usually even for pots and pans, I don't have to scrub them first, and usually I don't even have to use the pots and pans cycle(saving energy that way), so the first time I loaded it up to be used with this gel, I did it as usual. Just a quick rinse of excess food,barely even getting my hands wet.When the load was done, I couldn't believe all the dishes I had to wash over due to food particles, and the pots and pans were really bad.

    I tried it again, this time, giving an extra good rinse and scraping of the pans, and used the pots and pans cycle. No change, there were still dishes that needed a do over. Each time the same thing..ARGHHH!
    Also, I didn't have the film others have mentioned, but there was a powerful bleach like smell that lingered for quite a while and made my eyes tear.

    So what's the use of a dishwasher if you have to wash the dishes first?
    I'm not giving up on eco-friendly products, becasue I have been happy with other products. I am going to try one of the brands recommended by the other reviewers here, and add my low rating to the average for this one.

    I'm glad I didn't sign up for the 'subscribe and save' on this product. It isnt something I would use again or recommend. I'm eating out tonight(let someone else do the dishes for a change)....thanks...Laurie

    Here's some nice products I use and recommend:
    see my reviews for product details of:
    Tom's of Maine - Anticavity Baking Soda Peppermint, 6 oz toothpaste- all natural ingredients

    Cloud Star Buddy Wash Pet Shampoo, Lavender & Mint (19 Ounce) - environmentally friendly to earth and rover!

    Earth Friendly Products Orange Plus Concentrated All Purpose Household Cleaner, 22 Ounces (Pack of 12)

    method Daily Shower Spray, Ylang-Ylang Formula, 28-Ounce Bottles (Case of 8) - natural, safe, biodegradable

    ...more info
  • Awful Dishwasher Gel
    We have been trying to switch over to more eco-friendly cleaning products for our house since we have a new baby (never too early to make an impression on small minds). We found this and the liquid soap from Seventh Generation and decided to give it a try. We did like the way the liquid soap cleans, but the smell sort of turned us off. When we used the dishwasher gel, however, our dishes came out with dingy brownish spots all over them. It was absolutely disgusting, and we had to rewash our dishes by hand to use them.

    We have since switched over to the Method smarty dish tablets-much better. In fact, we switched over the liquid soap to Method as well. I think we'll just stay with that brand....more info
  • Does the job and better for the environment
    I've been pleased with this product so far. It seems to clean just as well as any other detergent I've used but with the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly. I do have to rinse off stuck-on/dried-on foods but I've always had to do that so it's more likely an issue with my dishwasher. Occasionally, there is some visible residue on the water glasses but easily cleared with adding vinegar to the "jet-dry" dispenser. I will happily continue to use this product. ...more info
  • I vote "yes" for this "controversial" product!!
    Wow, I was stunned to read all the negative reviews for this product! We've used it for years now, with great success, in a variety of different machines, as we move often for my job. It has always performed brilliantly, which makes me feel twice as good: I get clean dishes, and support "eco-friendliness" at the same time!

    Many of the negative reviews seem quite thoughtful here, so I don't know what to say. My advice would be to give this product a try, and see how it compares to other detergents you have used. I believe odds are that it will stack up quite well.

    There are lots of worse things you could do in shopping than giving this great company -- Seventh Generation -- 4 bucks for what I believe you will find to be an excellent product. ...more info
  • Won't take out tea
    My tea cups look like they haven't even been washed. I have a brand new high end dishwasher that did a great job with tea in cups and pots using my old detergent but now I'm stuck with a whole bottle of this stuff that leaves my tea things nasty looking and have to be re-washed by hand. Can't wait till it's gone and never again. They are clean enough but don't look it....more info
  • Disappointed.
    This product simply didn't clean our dishes. I was very hopeful before I bought it and very disappointed after I used it. Wish I could say differently since I love its being organic but honesty dictates otherwise. I can't recommend it....more info
  • Great product, reasonble price, better for your family and the planet
    So, what's not to love! We tried one bottle first from our local supermarket. This detergent works better than the Cascade liquid we've been using all these years w/o the caustic smell. Love it!...more info
  • Does Not Clean Dishes
    I bought this product because I wanted a dishwasher detergent without phosphorus, but this product has been worthless. We prewash all of our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and they still come out dirty, especially the silverware. We've used additional rinse aids, but it hasn't helped. We will go back to using Cascade and it will likely be more environmental just because of the water we have wasted using Seventh Generation's dishwashing liquid. ...more info
  • Is it really a good alternative? Probably not.
    I have been trying to make changes, particularly with regards to cleaning products and conservation, in my household that are more responsible for the environment and safer for my family. So, I was really excited when I found this on the shelf of my local grocery. But, what a disappointment it has been!!

    First of all, even though I know it can be wasteful of water, I am a pre-rinser. So, I never expected that I wouldn't have to pre-rinse with this stuff. [Side note: I have always been baffled by those people who put really dirty dishes straight into their dishwashers hoping for a cleaning miracle. First of all, no matter what kind of detergent you use, or how good your washer is, all that stuff isn't going to come off. Secondly, putting really grimey dishes into your washer is like playing russian roulette - one day you're going to lose and you'll either end up with a hefty bill when you break your washer or when you have to call a plumber to unclog your drains.] But, no amount of pre-rinsing, or increasing the amount of detergent you use, is going to make your dishes come out cleaner. For the effort you have to exert, and the amount of water you must use in the pre-rinse, you might as well go all the way and finish washing your dishes by hand.

    I also get a huge amount of soap film on my stuff using this product. I tried varying the amount of detergent, making sure I've not overloaded or underloaded the washer, as well as adding a rinse aid as suggested by Seventh Generation (I find this recommendation for a rinse aid quite ironic -- talk about environmentally UN-friendly stuff). Nothing worked. The scum is still there so I definitely don't agree with the claim on the bottle that says "gets your dishes sparkling clean..."

    Unfortunately, I think this stuff is a just a gimmic aimed at people who want to do their part in helping the environment. I can't figure out what's worse... spending a lot of water pre-rinsing and having to re-wash dishes after they come out of the washer so they resemble "clean" or just using a more reliable detergent that might contain some chlorine and phosphates? I think I'll go back to my old reliable -- Cascade....more info
  • Leaves a residue, no doubt about it.
    I love the idea that they're environmentally conscious, but it does leave a residue. I will look for another environmentally conscious brand....more info
  • It's not supposed to be Cascade
    I've been using this for some time now and agree with the many reviewers who find it frustrating to find dirty spots, stains, residue, etc. on dishes after a complete cycle. Tea and coffee are my main culprits as this detergent will not completely remove these stains from mugs and teapots, especially white ones. Yes, it sucks in that department. After going back and forth between this and Cascade, Electrasol, and all the other conventional brands (all of which removed the stains completely) I've decided to remain faithful to SG because, for the most part, it does work. And it works without chemicals. I like opening my machine after the rinse cycle without getting a steamy bleach facial. I like that I'm doing a small part for the environment without too much effort. I just feel better overall that my dishes are not laden with chemical residue and I feel safe putting food on them.

    With regards to residue, especially on glassware, may I make a recommendation that has worked wonders for me. Buy a gallon jug of cheap white vinegar (no need for name brand here). Fill the rinse aid compartment with it the next time it needs refilling. Before running a cycle, add your detergent as usual, and a generous splash (about a half cup or more, depending on water hardness. Harder water = more vinegar.) to the bottom of the machine. Run on the shortest cycle (usually china/crystal) and open the machine before allowing the heat or air to kick in. This has eliminated the milky film problem completely for me and no, your dishes won't smell like a salad bar. It's a little extra work, true, but it does a wonderful job.

    Also, if you open the machine before it starts the dry cycle, you have the opportunity to give dishes that my not be perfect a quick swipe with a dish towel to remove blatant bits and particles. I only have to do this with a plate or two, and sometimes not at all because the vinegar really, really works.

    In the grand scheme of things, this is a natural product that requires a little extra work on the user's part, as do a lot of natural products simply because the chemicals are nonexistent. Remember, elbow grease is all-natural. :) ...more info
  • A product that gives eco-friendly efforts a bad rep
    This product is unbelievable: it simply does not work. The dishes come out dirty from my Bosch dishwasher.
    Of all the various dishwasher detergents I have tried, I have never seen one that was so ineffective at cleaning.

    This detergent gives eco-friendly products a bad reputation. I hope that Seventh Generation disappears, and this product with it....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I really wanted to like this detergent because I'm trying to lessen the chemical load put out by our household. I am really disappointed, however, because it just does not get the dishes clean. I tried it about a year ago and didn't like it, then decided to give it another chance, but it still doesn't work. When I took the dishes out of the dishwasher, there was a residue on everything; at first I thought it was from the soap, but it is really from the grease and dirt that is distributed from all the stuff that the soap doesn't clean. Does anyone have any suggestions for an environmentally friendly dishwasher soap that DOES work?...more info
  • Perfectly clean
    I am trying to go as green as I can; it can get pricey with some products. I appreciated the reasonable price of this product when compared to the usual "retail" price. I really love the smell and it works wonderfully. Great product for a great program....more info
  • best eco friendly dishwasher soap
    i have tried them all, and this one is the best by far. no residues, and really clean dishes....more info
  • Just as good as the Cascaid we switched from.
    We switched over from cascaid complete for environmental reasons and I have seen no difference in the cleanliness of our dishes. Works well - lasts just as long... We are converts...

    And, even if it wasn't just as good - wouldn't it be worth it for the environment....more info
  • Frustrated with film!
    I love Seventh Generation products. This product is horrible though. It leaves a film on silicone items, e.g. my colander and muffin pans, and sometimes silverware. I have tried everything to no avail. I will not buy this product again. I hope I find a green product that works. I don't want to go back to Cascade.


    I want to revise my rating. I browsed Seventh Generation's FAQ section, and they recommended using less if you have soft water. This is what they wrote:

    QUESTION: Why is there a residue on my dishes after using the Seventh Generation Automatic Dish Detergent? Is this residue safe?

    ANSWER: The residue that periodically is found on clean dishes is caused by the level of hardness in your water and the amount of detergent that is used, accordingly.

    If you have hard water you will need to use a rinse aid. Our product does not have phosphates in it, which can act as a rinse aid. With extremely hard water, the detergent will need the assistance of the rinse aid, which acts as a buffer so that minerals from the water and soils are not redeposited on the clean dishes and glasses.

    If you have soft water you will need to reduce the amount of the detergent that you use per load. If you are using too much detergent, it will be impossible for your dish washer to rinse off the extra detergent and the minerals from the water.

    The residue has no health impacts.

    I gave it a shot. It worked! There's no film when I don't fill the prewash cup and skip that cycle. Since I rinse my dishes before I load them it makes more sense to go through a normal cycle and skip prewash. My overzealous, germaphobic ways got me into trouble. I change my writing to 4.5 stars....more info
  • Not bad
    This detergent works well for cleaning the dishes but leaves a white residue behind. If you have dishes that don't collect water on the top, this product should be fine. If you have cups, glasses, etc that collect water on the top, then you will be disappointed with the white gunk leftover after the dishwasher completes its cycle....more info
  • Gets the job done
    Doing right by the environment is all well and good, but lofty goals fall apart if the product doesn't perform well. I am happy to report that this one works well. I used 7th Gen powder years ago and found it disappointing. This gel, however, deos the trick and my dishes come out clean....more info
  • Recommend
    I am trying very hard to like this product because it is non-toxic, but I find it very frustracting when my dishes still comes out dirty. The only way that this product would work is if you would scrub your dishes prior to loading them into the dish washer. If you have dried up dishes, you can forget about it. Your dishes will come out with 30% of the dried up stuff still on it. This smells way better than that strong odor that you get when you open the dishwasher after you have used Cascade. Cascade cleans better, but it is toxic. So, the choice is clean dishes and toxic OR semi-clean dishes and non-toxic. ...more info
  • Leaves a filmy residue...
    I bought this stuff at a brick-and-mortar store and have been very disappointed with it. It doesn't get all of my dishes clean, and it leaves a film on many items! It leaves a funny smell in my glasses that I can smell when I'm drinking water, which makes me wonder what chemicals I'm also ingesting! Even if they are biodegradable, I don't want to consume them!! I am very disappointed in this product and will be glad when the bottle runs out so I can go back to my normal detergent. It may be less environmentally-friendly, but at least I never thought I could be drinking it!!!...more info
  • Can't be green to wash twice.
    I used to use Cascade or whatever was cheap. I thought I'd try the supposedly green choice. Doesn't remove coffee stains from cups. Leaves film on dishes. I have to soak silverware so it comes clean. I use so much water prewashing the dishes that the Cascade has to be more enviro friendly in the end. I'm switching to something else. Glad I only had 1 bottle....more info
  • Awsome Lemon Dishwasher Gel!
    We absolutely love seventh generation products. THey work great, and are much safer than other brands. I feel good about using them in a house with young children and pets....more info
  • Worst Detergent I've ever used
    I never leave feedback, but I feel so strongly about how bad this product is. I've been using it in my new dishwasher for the past 3 weeks and my dishes are markedly less clean, have much more residue and carry a strong smell from this detergent. ...more info
  • not very good
    I switched from Electrasol to this hoping to be more environmentally friendly.
    This is awful, it doesn't clean nearly as well. There seem to be a film on everything and some food never comes off the plates.
    I'm not helping the environment if I have to run thing more than once, if I have to fill the dishwasher with too much detergent, or if I throw the whole thing away because it's a poor product. I'll grudgingly use this up but will never get again.

    I will try their powder product to see if that is any better but I'll buy a small amount locally and test it as opposed to a case of it at Amazon.
    Another thing I will try is the ecover brand, I hope something works better otherwise I'll go back to mainstream products.


    I just tried ecover brand (also eco-friendly) and that works much much better....more info
  • Don't buy it!
    It was my first time to try eco-friendly dishwasher gel and I picked this one before reading any reviews and I've learned a lesson! My dish washer works properly with any other products such as Palmolive. But when I changed to the 7th Generation one, it was terrible. I saw awful residues on glasses, pots and pans; even though I prewash my dishes and have rinse agent filled doesn't matter, I still have to rewash them!
    I will never buy this product again. ...more info
  • Excellent cleaning and safety
    Love this product. Does not leave a taste or residue on dishes like so many other brands. Cleans thoroughly. There is the added piece of mind if for some reason a little doesn't rinse away that toxins aren't being left behind as well. Great product. ...more info
  • Not as good as expected
    I loved the concept of this eco-friendly detergent but it just doesn't work as well as I had hoped. It leaves a gritty residue on everything. ...more info
  • Not happy with the residue
    I don't like how this leaves a white residue on things. It's gotten to the point where I mix in a little bit of mainstream detergent just for its anti-spotting capabilities....more info
  • Using less works well.
    I haven't had any issue since switching to this more environmentally-friendly option. I've always wiped dishes clean before loading them though never really pre-washed them, per se. We don't have particularly hard water, and using about half the amount of our previous standard detergent works just as well....more info
  • isn't cleaning well!
    Sorry- 4 days of trial, and not impressed.
    I had better luck with Ecover ( but hated their box- powder-the lack of a metal spout was a mess!), and Method grapefruit tabs.
    Will go back to Method....more info
  • Disappointed with this product ...
    I don't have a very good dishwasher so when the dishes had film on them and cups still had coffee stains I wasn't surprised. Even the inside panel of the dishwasher was filthy. Yesterday i picked up another Eco Friendly dishwashing liquid I found at Walmart just to see if it made a difference and boy did it. The minute I opened the dishwasher and the front panel was clean I knew it wasn't the dishwasher causing the problems it was the dishwasher liquid. I examined all the dishes and they are without film the inside of the dishwasher looks brand new it's so clean. I had to jump on the computer right away to cancel my subscription and write up a review. Now I have to figure out what to do with the other 6 bottles I have.

    If you are interested in the other dish washing liquid I tried and love it's Palmolive ECO+....more info
  • Serious flaws
    We have been a fan of Seventh Generation products for several months. We have had great luck with the laundry detergent and glass cleaner... the dishwasher gel is a different story. While we all should do out part to help the environment it is preferred that green products work to an acceptable level. Unfortunately - the Seventh Generation Dishwasher Gel has a serious flaw... it leaves very large and noticeable white streak. Compared to the Cascade Dual Action... there is not much of a comparison.

    While the dishes come out of the dishwasher clean - they certainly are not "Spotless". After about 5 uses we decided it wasn't worth the hassle and we switched back to Cascade. Final verdict.. We will continue to look for a "Green" dishwashing gel....more info
  • Doesn't work
    I've used other Seventh Generation products and been generally satisfied with them. This dishwasher gel simply doesn't work, however. Half of the dishes would still be dirty. My dishes come out clean when using other brands of dishwasher detergent, so it isn't a problem with my dishwasher....more info
  • Highly functional but not as functional as mainstream
    Not as strong as Cascade but we need to buy Seventh Generation so that market forces will generate a ecofriendly AND highly effective cleaner.

    ...more info
  • The only Seventh Generation product I don't like
    Unfortunately, the Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher gel needs to be reformulated and re-released. It's the only product from the company that I don't like and won't buy again until it's "fixed".

    When it comes to environmental friendliness, this company is at the top. I have most of their other products and have been crazy happy about them, but not this one.

    Like many reviewers have mentioned, you almost need to wash your dishes first before putting them in the machine with this gel. My dishes come out feeling greasy, still having spots on them, and often still having basic food items stuck that would have normally been cleaned off by leading dishwasher gels.

    I have tried using prewash with additional gel, as well as going completely overboard and putting 3x the amount I should into the dishwasher. Same results - unclean dishes that have to be washed again with a different type of gel.

    My recommendation is to skip this product and check out the other Seventh Generation items which are much higher quality (toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent), but wait on this one until it gets a complete reformulation....more info


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