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Bon Appetit (1-year automatic renewal)

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Editorial Reviews

Who Reads Bon Appetit?
Bon Appetit readers are passionate, hands-on cooks who love being in the kitchen, entertaining, traveling, and dining out. They are interested in what's new in the food world, as well as up-to-date information on wine, beer, and spirits. Bon Appetit appeals to a wide variety of readers: Experienced cooks will find plenty of articles that improve their skills, while those new to the kitchen will learn the basics and more with the friendly and accessible format. When readers are crunched for time, they turn to Bon Appetit for creative, fresh, and modern dishes that can be made in just a few minutes.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Fast, Easy, Fresh: Quick weeknight recipes that feature seasonal ingredients and interesting twists on favorite dishes.
  • Family Style: A fast, fun dinner that everyone in the family will enjoy, plus ideas for what to do with the leftovers.
  • At the Market: What's in season now and how to make the most of it.
  • Cooking Life: One woman's adventures in the kitchen, with recipes.
  • Health Wise: How to eat healthfully and well.
  • Wine & Spirits: What to drink now.
  • Prep School: Tips and tools from the Bon Appetit test kitchen to help you cook with confidence.
  • Features: In-depth articles on a wide variety of topics. Recent issues have covered a dinner party in the garden; how to make your own corned beef; 30-minute desserts; An eco-vacation on an Italian farm; cooking from the farmers market; inexpensive kitchen makeovers; and more.
Past Issues:

Bon Appetit attracts some of the best food writers and recipe developers around, including Molly Wizenburg of the blog "Orangette," and cookbook writers Jeanne Thiel Kelly, Melissa Clark, Sara Foster, Bruce Aidells, Molly Stevens, and Rozanne Gold.

Magazine Layout:
Bon Appetit's layout is clean, modern, and full of lush color photography. Most recipes are photographed so that readers get an idea of the presentation of the dish. Some stories feature step-by-step illustrations explaining technique.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
In the world of food magazines, Bon Appetit stands out for its accessible approach to fine cooking. Bon Appetit takes an inclusive approach to stories, inviting readers in whatever their skill level and promising a delicious outcome every time.

The editors of Bon Appetit have won many awards, including several James Beard awards for food journalism, an American Society of Magazine Editors award for best special issue, and numerous travel awards. Bon Appetit articles have appeared in The Best American Food Writing and The Best American Travel Writing.

Bon App?tit is America's #1 food and entertaining magazine. You'll enjoy twelve months of great menus, cozy dinners, great advice and much more! Each issue is filled with delicious time-saving recipes, easy and elegant entertaining ideas, world class restaurant dishes made simple, and topped off by wine reviews and recommendations.

Customer Reviews:

  • Classic Favorites
    Many of our family's favorite classic recipes have come from Bon Appetit over the years. We often duplicate the exquisite gourmet menus when entertaining.

    Each section is an interesting read providing insights to great restaurants, cultures, foods and wines around the world. The section on healthy cooking offers some great tasting recipes.

    Bon Appetit makes a valued, year-long gift....more info
  • Was a favorite
    I have taken this magazine for over 30 years and was a great fan of it but it has changed over the last few years and has more advertisements than articles and recipes. I have finally decided it was not worth renewing. If you want a good magazine try "Fine Cooking" or "Italia Cooking" you will really get your money's worth and some wonderful recipes....more info
  • Gives me some good ideas for this amateur cook
    I love to cook. I am not a professional by all means but I do enjoy the concept of preparing food. Other than tv, "Bon Appetit" is one of my main sources I refer to that inspires me to create my next meal. I have been an on and off again subscriber to the magazine for several years now. I have to admit I don't necessary use the recipes in the magazine but they and the ingredients that I read definitely leads me to come up with my own ideas. Some of my favorite issues includes the topics of barbecue (I love some of the ribs recipes they have printed over the years) and Thanksgiving. What I am not so wild about is that a lot of the recipes over the years have become so high end. From my point of view, a lot of these meals are not every day meals you would make. I am blessed to live in a big city where I can find most of the ingredients but if I lived in a smaller city or town, it probably would be difficult to find. These recipes are not geared for single people or families who have mouths to feed. All in all, I still enjoy reading "Bon Appetit" and being inspired by the magazine....more info
  • My favorite cooking magazine
    I've subscribed to Bon Appetit for about 20 years now and out of all the major cooking magazines I like this one the best. Gourmet is nice but focuses more on travel. Food and Wine is OK, but focuses more on wines. I like all the other cooking magazines for different reasons, but I think that Bon Appetit does a great job publishing fantastic recipes the best. The recipes are not usually quick, easy ones, but, then again I enjoy cooking somewhat complicated dishes that take time to prepare. If you love to cook and want to try some good recipes, then I highly recommend Bon Appetit....more info
  • Practical recipes and a fun online community too!
    Each issue of Bon Appetit is filled with recipes that make home cooking interesting. Articles on topics related to food, wine, restaurants, and travel provide some light reading, but the emphasis is on recipes ranging from simple ideas for dishes based on store-bought ingredients to elaborate meals entirely from scratch. Most are geared toward those of us who have some cooking experience but also have a life outside the kitchen, and allow you to achieve surprisingly good results with relatively little effort. The recipes are seasonal and often trendy, but not weird; ingredients can usually be found in well-stocked supermarkets. One of the best features isn't even in the magazine - it's the way all the recipes are available for review on the Epicurious web site. If you like Amazon reader reviews, you will love Epicurious recipe reviews, which let you reap the benefit of a whole community's experience with each recipe. Subscribing to Bon Appetit gives you the best of both worlds - a magazine you can read at your leisure, wherever you like, and a community of cooks with whom to share ideas if you wish....more info
  • Recipe for Good Eating
    Bon Appetit is a wonderful magazine. I've been a fan for years; it never disappoints. Whether you're a new cook or an experienced one, you'll always find something to hang your toque blanche on....more info
  • Recipes the work
    Tis is the first cooking magazine that offers the most exquisite recipes that actually work! The end results are always great....more info
  • bon appetit
    love this magazine and the recipes. they always work the way they are written.
    the monthly section that readers request a certain recipe from a restaurant they visited have given me some of my best keepers....more info
  • I've read better...
    This magazine isn't heavy on recipes or anything in particular for that point. If you want more recipe and menu ideas there are much better options....more info
  • Consistently the Best Recipes
    I have been reading Bon Appetit for nearly 20 years and find it to be the foodie magazine with the best content. There are always at least a few recipes that I end up trying -- from the super simple cookie recipe to how to make the perfect roast to barbecuing for beginners. And, the non-recipe articles are good food for thought for cooking enthusiasts. (e.g. "Garlic Through the Ages"...) Bon Appetit seems to be the foodie magazine most in tune with what busy people who also like to indulge in a day of cooking once in awhile want out of a magazine....more info
  • Magazine interesting but caters to mainstream
    This magazine has vivid pictures and great recipes as well as a question answer section where the subscriber can send in cooking questions in a Dear Abby type format. As I mentioned in my title this magazine caters to the mainstream of the cooking world (repetive information quite a lot)and sometimes can be over the head of a common homemaker. I would suggest ordering Gourmet or Cooking Light magazine rather than this one. If however you are looking to buy or for info on top brands and top resturants in major cities this is your magazine....more info
  • Great Cooking Magazine
    Bon Appetit is such an underrated magazine for people who like to cook.

    I am a longtime subscriber, and I have kept all of the past issues. The magazine is always full of both easy and sophisticated recipes. You will really love the November and December issues, with Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hannukah recipes.

    The photography, the recipes, the product descriptions, the cookbook reviews, this magazine has it all.

    In comparison to its closest rivals, which I perceive to be Gourmet, Cook's Illustrated, and Cooking Light, Bon Appetit is the clear winner. Gourmet is too high end, with a sparse design style. Cook's Illustrated lack the photography that is essential to a cooking magazine. In my view, Cooking Light is both too niche and too low end.

    Bon Appetit sets the perfect tone. Don't let the title scare you away....more info

  • foodie
    Bon Apetit had always satisfied me. I hope this subscription is piggybacked to my previous one. The recipes, trade news, new products and chef's to watch have always been valuable to me as a food journalist. Love the special issues on regional cuisine. They have not abandoned their original format and kept the articles fresh and approachable.
    Thanks, Joan Gordon
    Restaurant reviewer for the Norwich Bulletin
    Norwich, CT...more info
  • Great Recipes
    A friend of mine used to subscribe to Bon Appetit and flipping through the magazine I found so many interesting recipes. ...more info
  • Terrific magazine
    I look forward to Bon Appetit coming each month. It's a really nice magazine with great pictures and articles....more info
  • Simply The Best!
    Beginning, Intermediate, or Expert Chef...this Magazine is simply the best! Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Extremely accessible--covers a wide range
    I have been a fan of Bon Appetit for 12 years. This is the magazine that taught me to cook. I have grown with this magazine, starting out as a complete amateur, which means that it's highly accessible to a wide range of cooking abilities. Bon Appetit has introduced me to a multitude of foods and cooking methods I knew nothing about and which are now fully integrated into my repertoire. It brings fine and quality cooking in an easily accessible manner to the uninitiated. It's loaded with a wide range of entertaining options, from simple to sophisticated. And thanks to Bon Appetit, I am able to play "gourmet cook" on a nightly basis. It's loaded with genuinely simple, accessible recipes that still allow you to practice cooking on busy weeknights and eat quality food in a sophisticated yet simple manner. I look forward to each new issue every month--it's a joy to read, and you certainly can't get to cooking every recipe. But it's fun to dream!

    As a vegetarian, I find many recipes that accommodate my food interests or are easily converted. I believe Bon Appetit recognizes the growing vegetarian market and makes a concerted effort to cater to it without alienating its carnivorous following. Even the annual grilling issue in the summer, which is generally the least accessible to me, still has vegetarian recipes.

    I highly recommend this magazine if you like to experiment and want to learn how to cook. The recipes are explicit, well illustrated, and cover a wide variety of tastes. They're interesting and fun!...more info

  • Lot of style, not too much substance
    Bon Appetit is a beautiful magazine to look at, but that is almost all I really use it for. I have had a subscription for the past year to this magazine and have found only one issue that was really useful. Bon Appetit has some good recipe ideas, but I never seem to have consistent results when trying them. They do have a great feature that lets you write in requesting the recipe for a dish at your favorite restaurant.

    The magazine is chock full of recipes, but the organization seems haphazard and finding the recipe you want is quite difficult. It is much better suited to casual browsing or scanning. As is common to many glossy cooking magazines, it is occasionally difficult to tell the difference between editorial content/recipes and ad content/recipes.

    ... If you just want something that will look pretty on the coffee table or has pictures you can drool over and perhaps one great issue a year, "Bon Appetit" is the magazine for you....more info
  • A Little too High End for Me
    First of all, I have to note that this magazine is beautiful. The articles and food photography are off the charts. But for a college student like me, I felt the magazine left me feeling a bit of an "outsider" ... if you're well off and fancy the finer things in life, then this magazine is right up your ally. But if you're just an everyday, ordinary girl like me who loves food and cooking, fast and easy, and healthy, then Cooking Light may be a better choice....more info
  • Discover the Joys of Bon Appetit
    The cook wanting to elevate home cuisine beyond take-out or stand-by casseroles will find Bon Appetit a fun and exciting journey into "foodie-ism." With its slick, colorful spreads and do-able recipes, it melds gourmet with the everyday. It's easy to become hooked when dinner guests rave over a dish -- an event commonly occurring in our household after our latest issue of Bon Appetit has arrived. Even if you don't love to cook, this magazine is a wonderful "escape" read, with articles on travel, entertainment, wine, and the latest helpful culinary gadgets. We all have our old favorite recipes but there is much to be said for delving into exciting food discoveries. Bon Appetit will take you there!

    The Step Dynamic: A Powerful Strategy for Successfully Growing Your Business...more info
  • Great Buy!
    This subscription came very quickly, the next month after I ordered it. The price was the same as ordering it directly and the service was a lot faster. The biggest reason I ordered it was due to the fact that I wanted to buy a one-year subscription as a gift. If you try to order it directly from Bon Appetit you do not have that option for they will automatically renew it every year and keep your credit card on file. I did not want the burden of having to remember to cancel it in a year or having them keep my credit card number. I didn't even know you could get a magazine subscription from [...] so I was very pleased! Bon Appetit is a great magazine, I saw the first issue that just arrived and it was packed with delicious recipes. ...more info
  • Not for someone like me...
    I received a free subscription to this magazine over the past year. While the recipes look decidant - they are not really something that I would make. I am a working mother of 2 small children, I don't really have time to come home from work and whip up a Gourmet Meal. The ingredients are also uncommon items that would need to be bought in specialty stores. I imagine that I should have guessed by the title that the magazine is not really in my cooking league. However, if you like to cook and use fancy ingredients - this is probably the magazine for you! ...more info
  • Wonderful Magazine for those that like to cook
    I take several cooking magazines and I like this one the best. Gourmet seems to have recipes that are a bit gourmand, that need ingredients that you will need to do a search for, while this isn't entirely bad, sometimes you want to make something that is in your cupboards. I like that these recipes are everyday recipes that have been taken up a level or two. Articles are informative, with discussing a particular food, ingredient, or technique. I love the artistic photography. This strikes me as a balance between Gourmet, and Cooking Illustrated. This beats cooking illustrated for the photography and the depth of the recipes in each issue. I highly recommend this one!...more info
  • Fabulous
    I've recently been trying to de-clutter my house. As part of that project, I've been going through 20 years of Bon Apetit magazines, culling recipes that I remember fondly and recalling a few food disasters. I've also noticed how the magazine has changed over the years.

    Photography is and always has been a strong point for this magazine. I rarely get a new copy without seeing a beautiful picture of something I just have to try making. I've cut out hundreds of dessert recipes - I find pictures of chocolate cakes much more evocative than pictures of steamed vegetables. A large number of the recipes in Bon Apetit come with photos, and I find that helpful in deciding whether I want to try them.

    The recipes usually turn out very well. I've made some wonderful desserts, and my wife was stunned (favorably) by some black bean cakes I made for her birthday. The writing is clear and I'm not often left wondering what exactly is meant by the instructions. A few recipes haven't turned out well, and I'm an experienced enough cook to believe that it wasn't my fault, but over 20 years and out of hundreds of recipes, that isn't at all bad. There have been more than a few recipes that simply didn't sound good, but the magazine staff has generally avoided strange food combinations just for the sake of novelty.

    My complaint is that the ratio of recipes to other stuff has fallen over the years. Bon Apetit has become more of a lifestyle magazine, and the lifestyle isn't mine. It seems aimed at young and fabulous singles, footloose young couples, and retired couples who don't have young children. After reading some of the party, travel, and buying features I come away with the vague sense that my own kitchen and lifestyle would be found wanting by the editorial staff. I find that very annoying. I sometimes wish that the editors showed more recognition of the fact that not all readers are organized and fabulous and possessed of vast amounts of unused storage space. Some of us are harried, insanely busy, and couldn't find the nutmeg grater if the childrens' lives depended on it. How about occasional restaurant, vacation, and purchasing tips for the unfabulous?

    The magazine generally includes several recipes that are easy and fast. My wife and I usually like them a lot; the kids squinch up their faces and act like we're poisoning them. I guess we'll stick to the desserts. I still like this magazine, but I'm afraid I don't like it nearly as much as I used to. We've grown apart, I'm sad to say. I think I've been left behind for people with ovens that can cook wonderful intimate meals for their 50 closest friends and grills that crank out enough BTUs to melt the polar ice caps....more info
  • Great Cooking Magazine
    This is great for folks who like to try out new recipes... also a good gift for someone who likes to cook. I have a friend who asks for a renewal every year for her birthday 'cause she loves it so much....more info
  • Bon Appetit!
    Gave this as a gift to my 14 year old grandson who is a budding gourmet! He loved it....more info
  • Bon Appetit has definitely changed...
    I have been subscribing to Bon Appetit for close to 10 years and I decided to write this review because I feel the magazine has really changed...for the worse...over the last 2 years. I used to love BA because the recipes were fantastic, ideal for entertaining, mostly easy and/or fast, with a few exceptions, and not too "fancy" with hard to find ingredients and things that a lot of people, just don't cook. It seems like the magazine has become much more "high end", more like Gourmet , which I don't like. I love to cook but I don't like to spend hours and hours searching for ingredients and standing over the stove everytime I decide to do so....more info
    I ordered magazine subscriptions from Amazon over 3 months ago as Christmas gifts and they still have not arrived! Furthermore, Amazon never takes the responsability and simply pushes you on to the publishers. Why even provide the service then?...more info
  • A Keeper
    In my opinion, one of the best gauges for the quality of a magazine is the length of time it remains on your shelf after it has been delivered. Old issues of Bon Appetit will stay with you for years. The recipes are that good.

    As others have noted, the pictures and feature writing aren't the best you'll see, but the recipes are both simple and memorable. Each issue will put a couple (at least) of big guns in your culinary arsenal....more info

  • 3rd best at best
    Spent quite a few issues comparing Bon Apetit to Gourmet and Food & Wine and I felt that Bon Apetit was by far the third horse in this field. The writing is mediocre and the pictures show food the way you've seen it a million times. Very little special, what tried to be editorially special read more pretentious to me. I know it's been around for a long time but I didn't find much to give me any interest to buy it again....more info
  • Really good recipes
    When I was going through my old cooking magazines a few years ago before a major move to another state, I found to my surprise that the recipes I most wanted to keep were in Bon Appetit. Although I also enjoyed reading Gourmet, I realized that I had cooked relatively few of the recipes in that magazine. I am ready to make another magazine purge, and I expect the same thing to happen. Gourmet is fun and interesting, but Bon Appetit is a keeper....more info
  • she doesn't like it
    NEW REVIEW! I take back what I said before about my sister liking this magazine. I mean, she likes it OK, but she says the articles are strange and only marginally cooking-related. She doesn't like how there are more ads than actual magazine content, and she was confused about the products being highlighted, as they are things even kitchen-gadget collectors (like my sister) kind of scratch their heads at.

    Wish I could change the star rating to 2 stars....more info
  • I am NOT a foodie.....
    So, I am not a foodie, but I do enjoy this magazine very much. The recipes are doable, and the photography and photo styling is great!
    I have actually used some recipes, and while I am an experienced cook, they are very do-able. I plan to renew this because I enjoy this so much....more info
  • Solid
    The coverage always seems nice and varied -- there are the elaborate, "took me a week to prepare" meals alongside the quick throw-together meals, and helpful side notes about products and ingredients. I also like the tangential coverage for dining out, wine, and travel (to good food places!)...more info
  • Bon Appetit magazine subscription

    Magazine subscription was very easy and it has been sent as gift and already rec'd ...more info
  • Made my Thanksgiving!
    I was given the Thanksgiving issue as a gift and used many of the recipes to make my dinner. In fact, the only non-Bon Appetit menu item was the mashed potatoes. Everything was huge hit. I am going to subscribe now so I can use their recipes more often!...more info
  • Not so inspiring
    I have been reading Bon Appetit off and on for the past five years or so, and I have been comparing them to Gourmet (subscribe) and Food & Wine. I have seen the quality of the content diminish over the past years. The Recipes Request section has frankly begun to offend me- swooping too low.

    However, I keep some of the old issues around- especially, some of the holiday recipes for the day when I actually will have to cook a turkey and I can't reach my parents. But my parent's stuffing recipes are better, anyhow.

    If you want something for everyday, no-hassle cooking, this is probably the best choice. Pretty straightforward. Unlike Gourmet, this mag lacks helpful "the how-to" to supplement their recipes. For example, in the back of Gourmet, if they have a merigue recipe, they include a Julia Child step by step instruction.

    I would also agree with a previous reviewer, who noted that sometimes it is hard to distinguish the articles from the ads. That speaks loudly....more info

  • One of best cooking magazines!
    To whomever is interested in cooking and wanting to learn more about it, this magazine is for you. It is packed with info varying from restaurants across the US to recipes sent in by readers. It also has recipes by chefs such as Bobby Flay and others. It gives a lot of ideas and it is not pretentious like others....more info
  • Too many ads
    I have subscribed to several cooking magazines over the past few years, and have to say that I have been disappointed with Bon Appetit. The magazine is high in advertisements. From my Oct. 2008 mag, about 50 of 150 pages were full page ads. There were approximately 20 pages of recipes. However, I have yet to try any of these. Therefore my review isn't based on the quality of the recipes.

    There are usually several articles related to food travel, which I am not interested in. The food photography is good, but I find some of the recipes to be too extravagant/trendy for my lifestyle..nice to look at, but frankly I will never use these recipes.

    I have most enjoyed Cooks Illustrated and Cook's Country. These are ad-free and rich with recipes that I actually have tried and used over and over again. Bon Appetit is more of a lifestyle mag that doesn't seem to fit my lifestyle. I won't be renewing my subscription....more info
  • Bon Appetit Magazine
    My Son in Law looks forward each time to new recipes. he is a great cook and used it cover to cover...more info
  • Gorgeous Food

    Bon Appetit has been a regular addition to my cooking arsenal since its inception. It is simply a gorgeous magazine, with beautifully laid out photography and excellent features. This is a magazine for the person who loves to cook.

    Unlike other food publications, Bon Appetit offers earthy robust recipes and features that appeal to the everyday cook. I love in particular: Cooking For Two, Cooking Light and the section devoted to bringing recipes from well known restaurants around the country. In this section, readers write in and request a recipe from a restaurant that really impressed them. It's fun, informative and often amazing how really uncomplex some of the dishes are.

    Underneath all the good looking dishes and witty dialogue, lies the heart of Bon Appetit. It's about home and very basic values, which I think accounts for its huge popularity. Through my reading this magazine, I've come to appreciate the homely root vegetables, to keep a well stocked pantry, and to avoid costly mistakes in buying cookware.

    I think it makes a lovely gift for a young bride, who might be nervous about cooking and entertaining. With it's no nonsense approach to cuisine, plus the support of a stellar online, it is a very nice package for anyone who wants to simply cook creatively and well....more info
  • Beautiful Pictures, Precise Recipes a must for Food Experts
    Well I have over 16 Magazine Subscriptions and this was one of the ones that I let drop. Not because it wasn't worth it but because it is almost the carbon copy of Gourmet (which I also have a subscription for)...

    I would recommend this if you like "high-end" menu ideas, or trying to impress that special someone. I also would recommend it as a gift idea for anyone that loves Cooking or is in the Food Industry as a Director of Catering and Sales for a Convention Center my mind (after 10 years) does become stuck on new and innovative menu ideas.... when this happens I can always trust "Bon Appetit" to have some wonderfully looking ideas for me to try. If you decide that you can't afford it (or like in my case) just don't want all of the magazines around, go to their web-site every recipe is listed on Epicurious.

    Happy Cooking...more info

  • Bon Appetit Magazine
    This was a very good price for a very good magazine. I saved $3 - $5 over
    the normal subscription rate!...more info
  • Great recipes! Great pictures.
    I've subscribed to Bon Appetit for years now and I still love it. I collect favorite recipes from each magazine and keep them in a binder for future reference. I'm consistently pleased with the results of the recipes. The RSVP section, with requested recipes from restaurants, is great. ...more info
  • Eh, the pictures are pretty...
    I got this magazine hoping for some new, innovative recipes, but instead, end up flipping through the magazine without saving any recipes at all. None of the recipes look that great, and they call for ingredients that you just can't find anywhere, even in specialty stores. I love the beautiful pictures, but as far as recipes, they just aren't for everyday cooks, adventurous or not....more info
  • I love Bon Appetit . . . chock full of awesome recipes
    Bon Appetit is a magazine devoted to those who want to cook "gourmet" (or at least delicious) meals at home. The recipes are creative, unique and tasty enough that even an expert or professional chef would enjoy them, yet the intermediate at-home cook will have no trouble finding the ingredients or preparing these lovely meals.
    One of my favorite parts of this magazine is the recipes from popular restaurants. It is always exciting when a local eatery is featured in this area, and even if you don't have the option of eating out you can bring a little bit of fine dining into your home!
    Bon Appetit is not full of advertising like some other cooking magazines. Yes, there are sections where cooking tools/pans/various dining items are discussed and reviewed, but for the most part these are actually helpful (as opposed to other magazines that blantantly advertise items the average person couldn't afford anyway!) and I always enjoy looking through them. Also, LOADS of color photos which is a big plus over even expensive cookbooks.
    In short, if you like to cook and want lots and lots of new or seasonal recipes to look at each month, subscribe to Bon Appetit! ...more info
  • Useless Waste of Paper
    This "cooking" magazine is more like a billboard that comes to your mailbox every month. More ads than articles, which is sad saying that the articles are essentially ads. There are very few recipes, and you will be lucky to get 1 recipe you actually want to try a month. They do not talk about cooking method, ingredient selection, or really anything related to actual cooking.

    This is "Food Style" this is not a cooking magazine....more info
  • Not the flashiest food magazine, but consistently delivers.
    Of the three primary cooking magazines (Gourmet, Bon Appetit and Food and Wine), Bon Appetit is the one about how people cook on a daily basis. There is some travel and restaurant coverage, but it is not the focus of the magazine like it is in Gourmet. There are articles on wine and contemporary recipes combining exotic ingredients, but not to the same extent you find in Food and Wine. Here, the food is the star, and it lives up to its top billing. For people who cook more often than on special occassions, this is the magazine for you. The photography displays the food to advantage and the recipes are consistently well-written and produce delicious results. While you will find complex and elaborate recipes that are fun to make when you have the time, there are also plenty of recipes and menus that you can incorporate into your daily cooking. Bon Appetit may not be as flashy as its peers, but if you're looking for a magazine to cook with, this is the one....more info
  • Pretentious and useless
    A friend of mine got me a subscription to this magazine because I like Cooks Illustrated. This magazine is nothing but ads for snazzy expensive foods and restaurants. There are so few recipies in it I wouldn't call it a 'cooking' magazine. What few recipies they do have don't explain why they chose the ingredients used or give much detail at all.

    If you consider yourself a 'foodie' who likes to go to fancy restaurants and likes to know what's hip on the latest gourmet food and wine, then this magazine might be for you. If, however, you like to cook and know what you are doing and why you are doing it, try Cooks Illustrated instead. ...more info
  • Good recipes, but in recent years variety has diminished
    I love Bon Appetit magazine, but I've noticed that in the past couple of years (since editorship changed), the recipes have not had much variety. I'm kind of tired of seeing the same recipes for pot roast over and over. I wish that Bon Appetit would really focus more on ethnic dining like some other magazines out there, such as Cooking Light. Also, the magazine is heavily centered around meat. I realize that America is a meat eating society, but cuisine should include vegetables and I'm not talking about broccoli smothered in a rich cheese sauce, but other delicious ways of preparing it. However, I have to say that whatever recipes I've tried have ALWAYS come out delicious and I know that if I ever try a recipe for the first time, I know that it will come out good.

    Hopefully Bon Appetit starts to realize that there is more to good dining than just prime rib and potatoes. My favorite issue was the Ethnic Restaurant issue back in September 2001 and I do hope they include more of such things.

    It is a good magazine however no matter what and I would recommend it to anyone who likes good food....more info

  • Best cooking magazine
    Bon Appetit is probably the best cooking magazine out there. While I frequently buy others at the store, Bon Appetit is the only one to which I subscribe. First, I love the recipes, and the magazine is always full of them. The recipes for each issue always correspond well to the time of the year, taking advantage of impending holidays as well as the produce that's freshest. The magazine has a variety of articles, including a series of regulars. For example, one column features reader requests for recipes from their favorite local restaurants. They also have a series of recipes that take 30 minutes or less. Of course, the majority of the recipes are upscale and not simple. I don't make many of the recipes on a day-to-day basis, but definitely pull them out when I have guests. I have had many successful dinner parties thanks to Bon Appetit! Best of all, the magazine has a corresponding website that chronicles past recipes and has a bunch of other extras....more info
  • Inconsistant recipe quality, nice photos
    I've been a subscriber to Bon Appetit for several years now, and while I like the magazine I have found the quality of the recipes lack consistency. Some are good. Some quite poor. I'm always a little hesitant to rely on a recipe from this magazine for a dinner unless I've tested it first and seen that it worked well for me. Bon Appetit recipes can be quite complicated and its a disappointment to spend so much time cooking a meal and have it turn out bland.

    Overall, while I will continue to subscribe to Bon Appetit, I suggest using caution on relying on their recipes too much. Also, I feel the adverts, interviews, and other "Filler" material is beginning to lean a bit towards the elitist side of the cooking market and is becoming less accessible to the average non-pro cook....more info
  • From a Gift Giver's Perspective
    I recently ordered 3 subscriptions for 3 different individuals. 2 were new subscriptions while the other was an extension. I personally do not read Bon Appetit cover to cover but the 3 people who do love the magazine. Of course the recipients all enjoy cooking. From what I know, Bon Appetit focuses mostly on recipes while their secondary topics are restaurants and chefs from around the world. My girlfriend constantly shows me recipes from Bon Appetit that she wants to try......more info
  • Not bad...
    ... but not so good I would subscribe to this.

    This magazine is much like Gourmet. Same ads, though not as many, same layout. It's almost like another version of Gourmet.

    However, I enjoyed the articles more as well as the recipes than Gourmet. There were a few that I am intrigued enough to try. The recipes themselves were more fancy than say, Everyday Food.

    Then again, I like Everyday Food more because that's the type of food I eat.

    If you're looking for something a little more elegant without so many ads this isn't a bad one. I do think that Fine Cooking might be more your cup of tea. With fewer ads and more recipes.

    ...more info
  • Consistently Good
    I have received Bon Appetit for years and it has always been good. Whenever I need something new for a dinner party I'm sure to find it here. There are also lots of recipes that one can do during the week that just take up a little more time but make dinner that much more special. The concentration of the magazine is on food, not travel or wine as is the case for some others. I often use the website in conjunction with it and that is very helpful. I enjoy the articles and the pictures are done well. It is not a glitzy magazine but is consistently good....more info


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