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Who Reads SELF?
SELF is a motivating monthly self-help manual that gives its 5 million readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel, look and be their very best. Our readers are women looking to slim down, firm up, feel stronger and more energetic or all of the above. They come to SELF for advice on fitness, healthy eating, beauty, fashion, health, relationships, time management and finances. The magazine attends to the reader's need to look fantastic, but also to live a truly healthy life. SELF's voice is of the reader's smartest, most encouraging friend, urging her to be herself, only better.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
Regular sections of SELF include:

  • 15 Minutes to Your Best Self: Timesaving tips
  • Beauty Update and Fitness Update
  • Body Bonus: Tear-out fitness cards
  • Style it Yourself and Style Solutions
  • Eat-right Update and Eat-right Need-to-Know
  • Health Plate: Recipes
  • Health Update and Health Q&A
  • Health True Story
  • Happiness Update and Sex Update
  • Plus Flash news columns throughout the magazine.
Feature Articles: SELF offers features on beauty, fitness, health, style, happiness and more in every issue, as well as thought-provoking personal essays. A recent issue featured "Walk Your Way Slim," "Green Your Beauty Routine," "Natural Cures that Work," and "The Disorder Next Door," a special report on disordered eating habits.

Past Issues:

SELF relies on a team of diligent reporters and researchers to bring women the latest news on health, fitness, happiness and more. The magazine's regular columnists include nutrition expert Joy Bauer, R.D., women's health columnist Lisa Callahan, M.D., psychiatrist and happiness columnist Catherine Birndorf, M.D. and fitness director Meaghan Buchan, a certified trainer.

Magazine Layout
SELF's design is clean and impactful, its models happy, confident and relaxed. Reading SELF, you will always find visual "aaah" moments, as well as breathtaking, inspirational photos and humorous and thought-provoking images.

Comparisons to Other Magazines
Many magazines focus on health and fitness, but SELF does so in the most authoritative and sophisticated way. SELF is the only magazine with a regular "happiness" column, and that upbeat, encouraging mood permeats the magazine. SELF is the trainer you want to hug at the end of a session--not the boot-camp instructor. It's the magazine that feels like a friend, and the one you want to share with your friends.

SELF carries a wide range of advertising, from beauty to automotive to packaged goods. The ad/edit ratio is 50/50. SELF’s top five ad categories are beauty, food/beverages, travel/transportation (including automotive), health/remedies and retail.

SELF has won dozens of awards for its reporting on health, beauty and psychology topics and has been nominated for a total of 11 National Magazine Awards, the magazine industry's highest honor. The magazine's 2006 Breast Cancer Handbook won the National Magazine Award for Public Service.

More About SELF:
SELF is the founder of the Pink Ribbon for breast cancer awareness and publishes its Women's Cancer Handbook in the October issue. SELF also hosts the SELF Challenge, a remarkably effective three-month fitness and healthy eating program in the magazine and online at More than a million women have used the Challenge to slim down, shape up and feel fantastic.

With Self as your guide, you'll discover the secrets to living and feeling better. At only $1 an issue, it's the investment of a healthy lifetime. Challenge yourSELF, express yourSELF, reward yourSELF and subscribe to SELF! In every monthly issue, Self will help you relieve stress, trim down, tone up, relax your mind, and enhance your body.

Customer Reviews:

  • Favorite Health Magazine!
    I've been reading SELF for years, and it has helped me in so many ways. Unlike other fitness magazines, it encourages you to be proud of your size and work on getting healthy for YOU, not for the standards of models and actresses. The workouts are fun, and the tear-out cards are perfect to take the gym! This magazine is highly optimistic, and their little "Health Flash" and "Happiness Flash" articles every month are perfect to keep by your bedside or at your desk.

    I've read both Shape and SELF, and SELF is by far the better one. Shape is more interested in looking like a glamorous celebrity -- SELF is more interested in looking your personal best and feeling your personal best....more info
  • This is an awesome mag!
    Lots of fitness magazines are always getting off topic! This magazine stays totally on the topic of fitness. However, not only does it talk about fitness, but also health! The pages showing women who have succeeded in weight loss are really encouraging, and I also like all of the healthy tips on foods and exercises. Every time I see a very healthy person on the cover it inspires me! The magazine also has very good clothing pages too! A very good buy as one of my favorite fitness magazines!...more info
  • reasonably attractive, but content-starved
    As another reviewer stated, the content repeats over and over again, making a renewal a waste of money. Yes, Self has nice photography and a pretty layout, but that doesn't make it worth five stars. If you are even remotely into fitness, then Self will merely bore you - it contains such obvious information that it's almost laughable. Still, you might want to try it once, since it's cheap as magazines go, but reading it for true inspiration (other than all the beautiful models in tiny shorts that make you feel guilty) is a waste of your time and money. Reading it for fitness information would be like reading People magazine for political issues. There are better magazines out there, but this'll do if you just want something to leave lying around your house to make a good impression....more info
  • Great!
    I love this magazine. It is great for women's health and self esteem. It has information about health, beauty, and fashion. And it does it without making you feel like you are fat if you are not tall and emaciated!...more info
  • Disappointed
    When i subscribed to this magazine I was not wanting a monthly dose of politics. I already get enough of that. Articles such as "I Gave my Embryos to Science" and "Abortion is Legal" should be saved for a different type of magazine. Instead of renewing my subscription, I am going to opt for a different health and fitness magazine next year....more info
  • i love this magazine
    I look forward to seeing the next issue for this magazine every month. I've been buying this magazine since 2001 and it's really inspirational. Unlike some of the other magazines, the women don't look muscular, look very toned and healthy. I especially love the monthly cut-out section near the end of the magazine. I've collected these over the years, and having a full exercise session saves a lot of time. If I want to look great in jeans, I'll just flip to the section called "look great in jeans" and follow all the exercises. I love that almost all the exercises can be done right in your own home without going to a gym! Amazing. It has such a pleasant design too... I highly recommend....more info
  • love it! :)
    I love this magazine because they have so much information and tips and the articles are excellent! I have started a subscription to this magazine from the website! I can't wait to get it in the mail!...more info
  • Amazing Gift
    I got this subscription as a birthday present and I am in love with it. I just renewed my subscription. I would recommend it to anybody. It's a very well-rounded magazine. There's a beauty section and stuff for "just you" and there's recipes for healthy cooking and exercise moves. I could go on and on. I will always have this subscription. ...more info
  • Okay
    The real life story it has is a little gruesome, (with pics of woman who lost her breast to dieting, bloody and sewed up nipples.... eek!)

    I like something more inspiring. There's a few, (very few) fitness stuff and the fashion pics--can't really wear that in public, looks better on the runway. ...more info
  • Self Magazine subscription from Amazon
    I am please to note that my magazine subscription for Self Magazine began exactly one month from the time I purchased it. Amazon tells you that it may take up to 8 weeks, but I received it the very next month. I am happy with my subscription purchase! Plus, I received a great discount off the cover price!...more info
  • My favorite
    I just recently decided to subscribe to this mag. and that was only based on the low price. But it has really suprised me and I totally enjoy this magazine. It is definately my new favorite. Its got a lot of informative articles, unless other mags of its kind that don't have much reading in them....more info
  • A bit droll
    Honestly, I've read many womens' magazines, but was never enticed by "Self" for some reason. It seems like a magazine that is for women obsessed by workouts and fitness, but at the same time, it also features other mostly below average articles you would expect to find in other womens' magazines, articles that are about budgeting (for single women) and sexy clothing/makeup and stuff of that sort. My question is: why? If you're going to focus so much on fitness, make this a more hardcore magazine for true athletic women and cut-out all the celebrity nonsense and Cosmo-wannabe articles.

    I never really read any of the articles in this magazine. I mean, how much more boring can it get to read about the perfect lunges or push-ups without getting a bit droll? This is the sort of magazine I rush through and can't seem to get rid of fast enough. Maybe it's just me, but who needs to read about the perfect set of ab exercises over and over again? Is everyone out there really that superficial? And like I said before, the magazine seems to be superficial when it comes to fitness too. True fitness should be mind, body, and soul, not just having tight abs and expensive fashion and makeup. Having a nice set of a particular muscle group isn't necessarily healthy or good fitness either....more info
  • Hello SELF confidence!
    I find that Self magazine is the all woman mag. It focuses on health, beauty, fitness and all the things that women and teens focus on. It gave me focus and interest on important and insightful things. Self also made me aware of a lot of topics that I had never been introduced to before. It motivated me to improve me to give me more confidence. Every woman needs SELF awareness and confidence....more info
  • No delivery
    I ordered this and was told I would receive the Feb issue. I have not yet and it is the middle of the month. I received another magazine ordered the same day at the beginning of Feb...more info
  • My favorite magazine
    Reading this makes me feel like I am doing something for my health. Great articles, good information. This is my favorite magazine....more info
  • Experience the Power of SELF
    I first became a SELF reader after its sister magazine, WOMEN'S SPORT AND FITNESS, went out of print. Initially, I was a little uneasy with the switch, but I have come to love this publication.

    I have read many fitness and health magazines, yet this is the one I look forward to every month. There are many different sections, and they are all inspirational yet practical. The beauty handbook offers tips such as how to get a certain look for less money. The health section explains, in plain English, various studies, health information, and recent developments. The fitness section offers easy-to-do, relatively short and simple workouts that are effective. The nutrition part gives readers easy, tasty, and healthy recipes to follow.

    Unlike many magazines, SELF is not depressing to read. I have never felt negatively about my body or image after reading it. I feel energized, motivated, and inspired. Try it -- and experience the power of yourself....more info

  • Re: Great For Any Age!
    I am addicted to this magazine! Its the best! And its great for everyone! I'm a high school student, yet my older sister, mother, and younger friends love it too! It inspires me to exersize, yet i still get the fashion and beauty magazine aspect - its like all the magazines I love - all in one! I don't have anything to say bad about SELF I'm hooked!...more info
  • very useful reading
    I subscribed to SELF after years of reading GLAMOUR. Due to recent editorial changes, GLAMOUR had become a large collection of mostly useless (to me) articles for 16 year olds... SELF contains a lot of useful information on health, fitness, exercise video reviews on occasion, recipes, etc. Also, it has the information I liked in GLAMOUR about beauty, makeup trends, etc. It seems to address the best of many worlds - how to look good, feel good, be healthy, and enjoy life....more info
  • Self Magazine.
    Great articles on women's health issues. Very up-to-date and helpful information. Easy to follow workout programs. Great tips on make-up and fashion. I actually read every magazine from cover-to-cover. I really like the low-fat recipes they have. Every edition of this magazine seems to have an exercise program which is very helpful. Most of the exercises are simple and easy to learn. I have tried several of them (i.e. upper body and abs) and have seen results in a just a few weeks. This magazine is exactly what I've been looking for....more info
  • Good magazine, but long fill time!
    I placed the order for this magazine well before my wife's birthday as a gift, and the first issue didn't arrive until over a month and a half later. Ordering it through may not be the fastest way to get your first issue....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    This magazine seems to spend more time pushing personal politics and little time on any aspect of a woman's health, fitness, or true development of "self". Further, the politiking is poorly done and sensational. Don't waste your money. It is amateur journalism at best....more info
  • one big advertisement and full of nothing
    Self what? The entire magazine now pushes product on every inch of every page. Their product placements went from "convenient and subtle" to obviously pandering to their revenue sources. Plus the stories and tips are so far out of reality that anyone over 25 with half of a brain couldn't relate. I once enjoyed Self and their monthly self-help plans. Their core message has gotten lost in the sea of product pushing....more info
  • My self-help glossy mag of choice!
    While I look to Glamour and Mademoiselle magazines for intelligent topics on women's interests and look to Cosmopolitan for sex and relationship advice and Vogue for the latest fashion trends, I look to Self for self-improvement. This glossy mag features articles on how to stay fit, eat healthy, look and feel great and delves into issues such as breast cancer and different types of painful menstruation as well as articles on what a difference it makes to eat strawberries instead of chocolate for snack and the importance of drinking water. (My skin is looking great for having started drinking more water.) It is the mag I look to to make me feel good! I have learned how to eat healthier snacks and different exercise routines by reading this gem. This is my first year as a subscriber to this magazine and I shall continue to subscribe to it every year!...more info
  • Self subscription
    Received my first issue within a month. Lots of good articles to keep me healthy....more info
  • My thoughts on SELF
    I have subscribed to Self before, and it is a great magazine. The subscriptions are pretty cheap, so it's worth it. Some of the articles tend to be about the same things: losing weight, new beauty tips. they repeat over and over. if you are to buy ONE issue of self, get the October issue because the articles that they have on breast cancer awareness are always really touching. ...more info
  • Self - A Fabulous Beginner's Guide to Shaping Up
    As a college student, finding time apart from "dates" with my Chemistry and Physics books and my 16 hours of coursework to get in-shape is practically impossible. Self magazine offers basic health tips and unique workouts that help me maintain good health habits while away from home. Monthly fixtures of the magazine include beauty and fashion tips, nutritional information (including recipes), sample workouts for getting fit, and health articles. Considering my beginner status on the fitness-frenzy totem pole, I'd recommend Self to anyone who has never truly cared about fitness (until they made their latest New Year's resolutions ;D), college kids with little time and means looking to formulate a fitness plan, or anyone curious for new workouts....more info
  • Love it
    It took about a month and a half to get my first issue. I knew it was going to take a little while to process. It didn't matter to me when I recieved it, as long as I did! It's a great magazine that really relates to women. I love the articles and it's not all about excersing. They give great tips on makeup and clothes. Check it out!...more info
  • Only The Best
    One day at work I was feeling really lousy about myself. A customer had just called me fat and I was tired of being 'fat'. I found this magazine and I have to tell you that it gave me such inspiration, great tips, and it taught me a little bit on how to feel better about myself. Unlike the other fitness magazines that show you nothing but rail thin models, Self shows you people like you who for reasons need to lose a few pounds or have low self-esteem. It has nothing but upbeat "you can do it!" all throughout the magazine. I recommend Self to anyone who wants to know that they matter and that they can do it!...more info
  • The best magazine ever.,
    This is the greatest magazine ever. It's all about fitness, beauty, health, self-confidence (as said before, most fitness magazines don't include this), and your mind + body. It's great for teenage girls and women who want to be healthier and achieve a better body. It's great for women who need motivation; it gives you tips on how to lose weight, how to eat right for life. In my opinion, the best part is the SELF challenge, when you have 3 months and a good planner to help you get ultimately stronger, leaner, and healthier. It's got great articles too and a little fashion and make-up-not so much that's like a teen magazine. In all respect, SELF changed my life....more info
  • Still not received
    I have ordered and paid for this magazine yet still have not seen any subscriptions. I am very disappointed as I also order Glamour the same day and have already received two different months. Not sure where Self is going wrong but they need to model their turnaround time for new orders similar to Glamour....more info
  • Just cancelled my subscription
    I've been a Self subscriber for two years, and I just cancelled subscription. At first, I loved the magazine because it offers lots of nutritional advice, and the Self Challenge, which starts in March, is really helpful for starting an exercise routine.

    However, after two years, I've noticed the following:
    - Content tends to repeat over and over. If you subscribe, you'll really only need one year to get the gist of what they'll say every month.
    - Too much emphasis on statistics. I tried to count the number of studies Self referenced in one issue, and lost count because ther were so many.
    - Too much editorializing on social issues. I don't like being preached at in the name of "women's health," but that's just my personal opinion.
    - Not enough discussion of exercises to do at the gym. If you don't have a gym membership, Self is great at providing exercises you can do at home. But there's almost no discussion of how to effectively use weight lifting machines, or even free and hand weights.

    All in all, a pretty decent magazine. But not good enough for a renewal for a third year!...more info

  • self mag.
    love the magazine. BUT received last months issue and this months issue same day. not too impressed with the circulation dept or who ever sends them out....more info


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