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BODY AND SOUL in English and Spanish From the Musical Comedy 'Three's a Crowd' Words by Edward Heyman, Robert sour and Frank Eyton Spanish version by Johnnie Camacho Music by Johnny Green Vocal Solo, in C. Music on pages 2-5. Back page has ad for Spanish and Latin American compositions. Published by Harms Inc., NY. Copyright 1930 by Chappell Co. Ltd. Copyright 1947 by Harms Inc. Six pages. Front - back fold is separated 5-1/2 inches from bottom. Top corner of all pages has a moisture stain, not over music. There are a few pencil notes. Owner's name written in ink on front.

Customer Reviews:

  • Interesting and informative magazine
    Actually, I'd give it a 3.5. Love the magazine articles, but wish there were a few less ads (there's scarcely a page without at least one). If you aren't careful, many of the ads look like articles. I'm unfamiliar with some of the products advertised and find many of them informative - but the sheer volume affects the price I'm willing to pay for this magazine....more info
  • Such a huge letdown
    This is not the health magazine you'd expect from Martha Stewart -- it's extremely heavy on advertisements (45% at my rough count), and really cluttered, and just not "good". The recipes are interesting, if you can find them among the aromatherapy and skin-hydration ads....more info
  • Finally a magazine without all the fluff!
    I ordered a subscription from my babysitter for this magazine and I'm sure glad I did! I'm trying to live a more healthy life, and this is the magazine to help you do it. I've only received three issues, but they are all chock full of great articles on everything holistic. How to develop intuition, great recipes, bath spa recipes, new ideas for meditation, interviews with doctors about what herbs to take and much, much more! Usually I toss a magazine after I read it, but I will be saving all of these!...more info
  • This magazine is very good.
    This magazine discusses topics such as health, spirituality, stress and lifestyles. I would recommend it to anyone. It makes life a little easier for the struggling....more info
  • Body and soul.....
    This magazine has a nice look but I found it to be lacking in a whole lot of knowledge that I could use. I am not sure what the soul part represents. There is alot of new age ideas and organic articles but to be honest I am a little disappointed with this magazine....more info
  • Good articles with a slight new age flair
    I have been extremely pleased with these magazines. They cover many different topics, eating right, treating your body better, relaxation techniques and many other similar topics. Unlike other similar magazines, this one has more text and advertisements. Their articles go in depth, and inspire you to learn more. This is one of the magazines you like to keep around so you can refer back to.
    Wanting to make some changes in your lifestyle? Are you positive towards non-western ideas about health, diet, stress, and more; this magazine would be a great fit for you....more info
  • Wonderful Magazine
    I think this is the best comprehensive health magazine right now. Always up to date with information, beautiful pics and great articles. 5 stars!!!...more info
  • Perfect Gifts
    This magazine has proven to be an excellent source for tips on balanced and healthy living. I have provided subscriptions to multiple friends who all declare it is their "staple" read as they are very inspired to live better and healthier. Enjoy!...more info
  • May be good for initiates to alternative care, for me it lacks depth
    I first came across this magazine in my acupuncturist's waiting room, and was pleased to read interesting articles about breathing, some healthy recipes and info on teas (which is why I give it 2 stars). After a few separate 5 to 10 minute browsings, I _thought_ this would be a good magazine to get. Not so. By the time my 3rd one arrived at home I was pretty disappointed in its light, fluffy and overly simple articles about things that can and should be explored in depth. It might be a sweet (as in saccharine) and gentle introduction to alternative medicine, food, health etc for women (yes, it's very woman-oriented) that are new to these, but I find it practically useless now. Many many ads, many for products of questionable plausibility....more info
  • Great Simple Magazine
    I really like this magazine. It's not overly focused on any one way you should "be". It is conscientious, though, and filled with thoughtful recipes and ideas on how to be kind to the planet, spend wisely, and live a calm and happy life.
    I love reading this right before bedtime. It puts me in a positive mood with it's uncluttered delivery and I really like that!...more info
  • Body + Soul is the perfect title
    Great reading material ~ especially while doing cardio! :-) ...more info
  • THE BEST!!
    Well, This magazine is simply the best for me, because I could fine articles and things related to the spiritual life, meditation, whatsoever.

    You wont regret to suscribe to this magazine, do it right now!!...more info
  • Good magazine
    I was sceptical at first. But after getting a few of the magazines I really got into the way they looked at the Whole Body health and didn't JUST focus on "body" exercises like most magazines....more info
  • Nice holistic heath and wellness magazine geared mainly towards women
    I've been a subscriber to Body + Soul magazine for about a year now, and I look forward to each new issue. The magazine focuses on many areas of interest to me, including healthy eating, holistic health, fitness, and personal growth. The articles frequently feature practical things like recipes, buying guides, yoga or other fitness instructions, and emotional exercises (the latter of which I find particularly helpful in my work as a psychologist). My only complaints about this magazine is that there is a bit too much of a focus on spiritual/meditation type issues, which are less relevant to me, and that the magazine is on the short side with a high number of advertisements. Otherwise, I definitely enjoy Body + Soul and do plan to renew my subscription. ...more info
  • Very different than most of what's out there.
    Body + Soul has a good mix of articles, ideas on food, and thoughts about spirituality. I enjoy each issue and find the articles to be refreshing. This is not a magazine for the fashion-conscious, nor does it tout much other pop-culture, rather it encourages readers to value themselves, and treasure their bodies, and think about what they eat/practice/etc. I would say Body + Soul is generally geared toward women, and I've never seen an article about mens-specific health. The layout of the magazine is clean and fresh, and nicely organized, so it's a pleasure to look at. All of the pictures are gorgeous, and illustrations are imaginative. The issues tend to be season-specific, such as the winter issues having articles about natural cold and flu fighters, and many of the recipes also seem to include what's in-season. The articles are interesting and go beyond the "how to cure ___" solution; they are more evolved to explain what causes a certain illness, various options for treatment or care, and outcomes. It's a restorative genre of magazine, with fresh and intriguing ways to live a little better. Give it a try!...more info
  • Wonderful magazine
    My husband and I started with a free subscription to this magazine and fell in love with it. We both read it from cover to cover....more info
  • 4 Stars for the magazine 2 stars for the service.
    The magazine itself I quite enjoy, though I won't be ordering again as the articles get a bit redundant. Yes, Omega 3 is good for you as is meditation but do we have to have an article about them every month?

    I also notice that the magazine hits the newsstands well before it hits my mailbox. Grrrrr...

    I do not recommend ordering this magazine thru Amazon...My subscription ended up starting with a July issue when August had already been on the stands for a month. Then B and S forgot to send me October and after complaining, I have yet to receive it.

    ...more info
  • Improving Your Mental Health
    Whole Living Body & Soul is a magazine about improving one's mental and physical health through various means including nutrition, massage, meditation, and various self- improvements. This publication is similar to other health magazines with its nutritional aspects but different than others with its emphasis on mental health and awareness.

    Body & Soul divides its space between articles that emphasize the importance of good eating habits and articles that emphasize mental health. One article might talk about herbs and their usefulness to the body while an article that follows might talk about different yoga positions for people with back problems. This magazine strives to find the right balance between what you eat and what you do each day; that is, the right balance that will lead you to a happy, satisfied life where you look and feel great.

    One thing that is different with this magazine is the fact that it doesn't talk much about physical fitness, like most health and well- being magazines. The editors of Body & Soul certainly realize the importance of physical fitness but they instead dedicate this magazine to mental health. Massage, meditation, clearing the mind of negative thoughts, and other similar techniques are beneficial to all and Body & Soul emphasizes the use of these and other methods to full development of a happy, healthy person. It is also one of the few health magazines I know of that includes articles on subjects like personal finance, community involvement, giving to charity, etc. Basically, if an activity can possibly improve stress levels and create a sense of well- being, it has a chance for discussion in this magazine.

    Body & Soul offers many photos on its pages but they are different from most magazines. Rather than display flashy pictures with lots of color and action, Body & Soul instead relies on simplicity to convey its message. It's the appropriate thing to do because the magazine is, after all, supposed to be about finding inner peace and this would be difficult to accomplish if the pages were covered with chaotic scenes. Instead, the simplest images command most of the spaces of the magazine. It's like looking at the items in a contemporary art museum. One page might have nothing on it but a bowl filled with crushed basil. Another page might show nothing but a pitcher of green tea against a plain, single color background. It might seem boring at first, but the intent is to get the reader in a peaceful state of mind where stress is almost non- existent.

    Body & Soul offers some good reading material but I have found that it can often get quite redundant. Even within the same issue, it is common to read similar articles and it can get a little repetitive. Another criticism that has been leveled toward this magazine is the fact that it sometimes includes controversial articles about herbal healing and other topics that haven't been scientifically proven. Body & Soul keeps these types of endorsements to a minimum, so I don't think it matters. Still, there are many who work in the health field who will not appreciate these types of articles.

    Overall, Whole Living Body & Soul is a good magazine that offers some interesting recipes, solid advice on nutrition, and techniques to reduce stress, improve mental awareness, and enhance overall health. I don't necessarily like everything I read in this magazine and I'm pretty sure I won't be applying all of its advice to my daily life. But this is still a good magazine and it's one that nutrition advocates and proponents of alternative health methodology will find very readable and informative.
    ...more info
  • Excellent publication!
    Body and Soul is a great publication that addresses both our physical and spiritual issues. It isn't so "woo-woo" that the average reader is turned off, but offers good, sound advice to surviving our stressful day to day life....more info
  • to much body, little soul
    it`s not really a very spirituality newspaper, but it`s ecologist and interesting, has a lot for natural healing....more info


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