The Skinny: On Losing Weight without Being Hungry-the Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success

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Tried diet after diet and still can’t lose weight? It’s time to call the expert. In The Skinny, Dr. Louis Aronne, America’s top weight-loss specialist, shares the plan that has worked so well for his many patients. Through his friendly guidance, you’ll finally learn how to:

stop the weight-loss, weight-gain cycle
learn the strategy for feeling full with fewer calories
teach your brain to stop craving food
learn to put down your fork and automatically push away from the table—without counting a single calorie
learn what common medications and medical conditions can make you gain weight
lose the weight—even if nothing else has worked

Dr. Louis Aronne is the expert whom doctors refer their toughest cases to. For more than twenty years he’s worked on the front lines of obesity research and treatment. The founder and director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York–Presbyterian Hospital /Weill Cornell Medical Center, he has helped thousands of people achieve lasting weight loss.

In The Skinny, Dr. Aronne shows you how to fix your internal biology by adjusting your eating and activity one step at a time. Including comprehensive menus, restaurant options for every type of food, a do-it-at-home strength plan and exercise plans, more than fifty low-calorie, high-satisfaction recipes, and extensive advice that helps you put the plan into practice, this is the only book you’ll need to learn how to defeat your hunger and cravings, and make the changes to your biochemistry that will keep the weight off for good.

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Tired of the pain and discomfort of being overweight? Do you finally want to feel good about the body you’re in? Is long-term weight loss as important to you as initial short-term loss? Then you’re ready to commit to The Skinny.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very insightful!
    This book contains very helpful information for us "struggling" with our weight. It speaks to subjects that have been confusing me for years. I now feel that maybe I will break through this weight issue that has plagued me my entire life! THanks Doc...more info
  • Not formatted for Kindle
    I have a Kindle I, and this book is impossible to read on it. Lots of the text is in some color that does not render properly. Worse, the charts that are critical to the book, cannot be seen at all. I returned the Kindle version and bought the paper version instead....more info
  • Do NOT buy the Kindle Edition - It is Unreadable!
    The light print and microscopic tables are impossible to read.

    And the response from the Amazon Help Desk has been terrible. I spoke to several people at Amazon and they seem incapable of any sort of empathy or inquisitiveness as to why so many people are complaining about the light typeface and teeny weeny letters in the table(s).

    Amazon must either fix this problem or withdraw the Kindle book. I have asked for them to do so or refund my money and have gotten a deaf ear. Yikes!

    And Amazon would do well to crack the book open to check for obvious problems.

    This book is giving Amazon and Kindle a black eye that will be hard for them to recover from.

    Update: The most recent email from Amazon states that they will refund my money and look into the problems with "The Skinny". That's more like it Amazon!

    Hopefully they will fix the problems so we can read the Kindle edition in the near future....more info
  • Can'[t Read on on iPod Touch
    This may not be a problem on a Kindle but I am reading the book on an iPod Touch and because the book has two font sizes and two font colors, it's impossible to read some critical information. For instance, I can read all the background information about the reasons I have a tough time losing weight, but the list of foods that you can and cannot eat are in very small font and in the color orange -- simply not readable on the iPod Touch. So at this point,until I can get a Kindle--which I definitely am lusting after-- I can't read the list of foods I am supposed to eat and of course that makes reading this on an iPod Touch kind of silly....more info
  • The Skinny
    Just like all other diet books, nothing I didn't already know. Expert in field makes it more sellable since author is a cardiologists....more info
  • the happy loss
    Excellent, keen perceptives,wonderful insights and told in a warm humerous manner. Thoughtful. Be the biggest loser and buy this book....more info
  • Don't waste your money and time.
    This book is impossible to read on a Kindle because much of it is written in a color that doesn't show up on a Kindle screen. My first Kindle disappointment. Amazon should give fair warning to Kindle customers....more info
  • Thanks to all reviewers of the kindle version.
    I was a second away from clicking BUY NOW and then I scrolled to the reviews. Everyone seems to be in agreement that the Kindle version of this book is not formatted correctly and is unreadable in parts so I'll be passing on this book until the problem is corrected. Thanks again....more info
  • Simply Skinny
    Other reviewers have said there is nothing new in this book, that it is just South Beach revisited. Perhaps we are all looking for the magic cure, which is why we spend literally millions of dollars on diet supplements and programs. While this book may not offer the magic cure, it does offer an excellent analysis of why some people overeat, and yet feel constantly hungry. Understanding our dilemma is the first step in curing it, much as an alcoholic first has to admit he is an alcoholic before he can be "cured" of his addiction. Dr. Aronne offers excellent suggestions, and the science to back them up. Those who have the interest and desire to change will succeed with this book. The fact is there is no magic cure . . . only the unwavering desire to eat better will give us the results we want.

    Lynette Fleming, Coauthor of Lunch Buddies: Buddy Up for a Better Diet

    ...more info
  • Weight Loss book
    Good advice but I am a non-cook and the recipes require a sophisticated cook. So I just took the parts that I could use. Still a good advice book in general.
    I addressed my weight loss problem by going to a nutritionist who gave me some guidelines I can follow based on my food habits....more info
  • A Satisfying Well Written Diet Reform
    I actually do read a lot on nutrition and diet, and study fitness....and am pretty good at it, being in excellent shape for a 49 year old. However, approaching the age of 50, the lbs began creeping on, mercilessly. The old rules of even a year ago, including most always complex carbs, were not working any more. I happened to pick up this book, and it offered a way to tweak the system. I read the entire book, and the methods and the recipes appealed to me. I've just done it for a couple of days, but am giving it 5 stars because I can tell it will be the ticket. Why? Because I've greatly reduced carbs, including his suggestion at breakfast, and have improved my diet further by adding tons of veggies and even fruit, and the last 2 days have not in the least been hungry - essential for success. This diet just FEELS good to my body, appeals to my taste, and puts together in simple fashion information I've already read. Diets, more properly referred to as lifestyle changes, cannot work if the eating plan is inconvenient or not interesting. Some compare it to the South Beach Diet. I disagree. That book did not hold my interest, nor did I have much luck with the recipes there. It was too wordy and too contrived, and I never did read the entire book. This book is refreshingly simple, with plenty of lists and references to make it easy to do. a sea of diet books out there, I think this is sound and has something to contribute for people dealing with stubborn weight loss problems and carb sensitivity. Most importantly, it is clear that this is a healthy diet. If you can deal with more carbs, he says, go for it - AFTER you've eaten your veggies and protein. Also good tip - if you drink a glass of beer or wine, drink it not before dinner, but with the main course. I plan to try this, too, to mitigate the effects of a carb/sugar rush into my system....more info
  • how to be skinny and full
    Great book, teaches you the right way to eat and simple. If David Lettermans hand man lost 27 pounds in two to three weeks and he thinks it is easy. That is the key...more info
  • Marginally useful
    Is Dr. Aronne really a cardiologist? In this book, it seems like he's an obesity specialist. And this book is really geared toward obese people much more than those who just want to lose a few pounds or improve their health. (By the way, I don't think David Letterman was ever overweight at all. I believe it was the heart surgeons who saved his life.)

    Like many others said, it's pretty much a low carb, low fat plan again. The sections on the science behind why people crave and gain were fairly interesting, and the ideas about eating in a certain order (vegetables first, protein next, carbs only if you must) were novel and perhaps they work (or not).

    But I think the taboos on most carbs, including whole grains, are too severe for long-term maintenance, as are the restrictions to mostly chicken and fish for protein, no egg yolks, etc. There are plenty of other books with data to support eating red meat, chicken with skin, butter, whole eggs, whole grains--guess you can pick who you want to believe.

    And there is nothing in this book addressing vegetarians or vegans--maybe they're never obese? (In that case, you should be reading the Engine 2 Diet or The China Study or one of the Skinny Bitch/Bastard books instead of this one.)

    Also thought it was weird that there was a whole section about why artificial sweeteners backfire, and then the recipes call for artificial sweeteners--I suspect the good doctor didn't supervise that chapter.

    It seems like lately all diet books are including sections on exercise (usually dull same-old exercises very reminiscent of high school gym class)and recipes that tend to be so bad I'm not sure I'll even try any of these (esp. since I think the doctor farmed out these chapters). Guess they have to pad it enough to be a book instead of just an article.

    On the positive side, this seems a way more reasonable, practical plan than most diets, which range from the vegan extreme to the all protein and fat (no carbs) extreme. So if you've never read any low-fat, low-carb diet books, or are curious to see the slight new wrinkles here, go for it; otherwise, take a pass. ...more info
  • Great approach
    This is a wonderful approach to loosing weight without being hungry. I learned how to eat my dinners in the proper sequence to avoid over eating...more info
  • This is the real skinny!
    I got the book several weeks ago. I was tired of being overweight. So my wife and I followed the plan to the letter. I have already lost 20 pounds and my spouse 10 pounds. The ideas in this book work and we have yet to be hungry. Thanks Doctor!...more info
  • Great Resource
    After watching technician George's weight loss on David Letterman using Dr. Aronne's Diet Plan, I'm glad I added this book to my shelf. Now I need to actually try it myself!...more info
  • All You Need To Get Going
    This is the real deal. A doctor who knows what he is doing and practices day in and out helping real people, including this reviewer. A great doctor who has written a great book. Highly recommended as a tool to gain insight and help dealing with weight using a realistic and productive, long term strategy. Thank you Dr. Lou....more info
  • Waste
    Give me a break. This is basically the South Beach Diet re-written. Nothing new hear is right. I was very disappointed. Waste of money, waste of time....more info
  • The Skinny: On Losing Weight
    save your money. You can't read the important parts of this book on a Kindle!...more info
  • Weight Loss Hope From An International Expert
    Author & Book Views On A Healthy Life!

    A FirstLook Review
    The Skinny: On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry--the Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success (Broadway/ Mar 2009) by Louis J. Aronne, M.D. with Alisa Bowman

    The Skinny provides the reader (weight loss wannabe) with a lifestyle makeover that gets the metabolism running and puts hormone issues into perspective.

    The skinny on the author though deserves some eye-popping attention. Dr. Aronne has directed the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York--Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center since 1986. He is the former President of the Obesity Society, has been named a top doctor by Castle Connolly, and is the founder of the Cardiometabolic Support Network. In 2000 Dr. Aronne diagnosed David Letterman's heart problem.

    Aronne believes that people with weight problems have a disease that can be treated. He writes, "It's about biology," and not about a person's lack of will power. He has performed more than 25 weight loss studies searching for what really works for lasting weight loss. The result being that the most difficult weight loss patients are regularly referred to Dr. Aronne from around the world.

    Initially, many of these patients lose 15-20%, equivalent to weight loss from lap band surgery.

    Aronne identifies the "lack of fullness" as a culprit, preventing many from losing. He adds that this condition affects roughly two-thirds of the adult population. What you may not know is that this problem may have begun after following a certain type of diet or from taking specific types of medication.

    The Skinny's purpose is to help the reader understand dieting--it's difficult, and provide sound solutions to losing really stubborn weight. The dieting is divided between Phase 1 (3 or more months) and Phase 2 (for life).

    The Skinny also gives an explanation of the physical and psychological aspects of yo-yo dieting, the medications and surgeries sometimes used for weight loss, and eating out advice.

    A Resources section points to recommended foods with attention paid to the glycemic load.

    Skinny recipes for meal and snack makeovers are more than 50 are basic, but high in flavor and low in calories. Vegetables and lean protein make the grade.

    Ones to try:

    * "Noodleless" Spaghetti Pomodoro
    * Asparagus Omelet
    * Honey Mustard Chicken


    * Be prepared for withdrawal symptoms
    * Eat more protein with breakfast
    * Keep a food log
    * Add more exercise
    * Add more vegetables to the diet
    * Get a checkup and make sure there are no underlying health issues
    * Eat starch and dessert last
    * Keep protein lean

    The Skinny backs up Aronne's positions on weight loss with a 15 page bibliography.

    The Skinny is an informative book for those still searching and hoping for a weight loss option.

    5 Stars...more info
  • the skinny on losing weight
    taught me that what I thought I knew, I didn't ,and had alot of great information in it about weight loss and how to do it correctly. ...more info
  • Nothing new here
    Wow, I was so disappointed with this book. I saw the author/doctor on Letterman, and was very excited to pre-order the book. I waited for weeks for it to arrive and it finally came today. I read through it in about an hour. A large part of the book explains why some people have a greater difficulty losing weight than others. It was all very technical and detailed with names and functions of the various chemicals and hormones at work in our body that make us fat and skinny. However, I didn't care about that stuff and skipped ahead to HOW to lose the weight. Well, here it lots of lean protein, not so much carbs. Steer clear of refined sugars, starch. Eat plenty of veg, drink lots of water. Oh, and exercise. Is there anything new here? Isn't this the South Beach diet? It is a Low Glycemic diet. Sorry Doctor, this book didn't need to be written. This is all old news. Maybe I just bought it because you saved Dave's life. ...more info
  • IF You Can Follow This Advice, YOU WILL Lose Weight
    Some people (see previous review) think they can lose weight merely by reading every diet book on the market. Unfortunately, if you really want to lose weight, you have to follow the advice, which usually involves some sacrifice on the part of said "fatso"....This book is promoting a way to lose weight without feeling hungry. Maybe none of this information is new, but it brings a lot of useful information together in one book....The brave volunteer from David Letterman's staff has lost 10 pounds by following this diet for two weeks. Those are the results of someone who is following the sound recommendations of this book. If you are incapable of following good advice that will improve your health and quality of life, then reading this book will not help you lose weight....I'd recommend buying this book and highlighting everything that you find useful in achieving your goal of losing weight. Keep the book handy and return to those passages whenever necessary for motivation and inspiration. This book is a tool for losing weight--not a miracle cure that will require no effort on the reader's part. But you will find that it lives up to its promise of losing weight without feeling hungry. ...more info
  • My Skinny on The Skinny
    Once again this is a diet that eliminates carbs. Being a carboholic and one who gets shaky if I don't eat a piece of bread, this won't work for me. I would have liked to have known this before I put out the money. It is very informative about our bodies and how food works, but my body will have to stay plump again....more info
  • Unreadable Font Color
    I have a Kindle 2 and I am having the same problem. There are times when the font color is almost white. It is so hard to see. I have increased the size of the font in the areas where it will let me. The information in the charts is the almost white color and the font cannot be changed. I tried using the text to speech option to read these areas and it skips right over them. I am going to ask for a refund on this book since I am not able to get the pertinent information and $9.99 is too much for only half of the information. ...more info


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