The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy
The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy

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All healers are "energetic" healers, whether they know it or not. Because every health issue has a physical and an energetic component, even a simple physical treatment like bandaging a cut also impacts the body's spiritual, mental, and emotional welfare. The Subtle Body is a comprehensive encyclopedia devoted to the critical world of our invisible anatomy, where so much of healing actually occurs. Compiled by intuitive healer and scholar Cyndi Dale, this 500-page full color illustrated reference book covers: * What is the "subtle body"? New scientific understanding of our quantum-state existence and the unseen fields that determine our physical condition * True integrative care: how combining Eastern energetic modalities with Western scientific rigor yields optimum results * The meridians, fields, and chakras: detailed information and diagrams about the role of these energetic structures in our overall health * Energy-based therapy principles from the world's healing traditions--including Ayurveda, Qigong, Reiki, Quabalah, and many more. For professionals who want to make the leap from being good healers to great ones, one thing is clear: we need to care for every facet of our well-being. With The Subtle Body, practitioners and patients alike now have an unprecedented resource for understanding the physical, energetic, and spiritual elements of human health--for an informed, complete approach to healing.

Customer Reviews:

  • Education, education, education
    Simple, the SUBTLE BODY encyclopedia by DALE is the best value, and most comprehensive reference book describing the phenomenon of subtle energies I've ever seen. If 6 star ratings were available, I would award my first one. And I'm not even a healer.

    Having invested in conventional pharmaceuticals, diet changes, and then acupuncture, hypnotherapy, homeothapy, and infra-red saunas in desperation to alleviate ongoing psoriasis problems, there's always been a little bit of doubt in my mind about this energy 'stuff'. I personally don't know enough about the plethora of energy practices now out there in the marketplace to self diagnose and select the practitioner that's going to give me the cheapest and quickest remedy. And while it might be obvious to see why SUBTLE BODY would greatly benefit practitioners, I consider its appeal to be broader, as a way to empower me as a consumer.

    The complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) field is long overdue for some simple, practical and meaningful comparative standard setting across the different modalities. This is important as these practices become more popular and latest quantum science experiments point towards holistic and spiritual connections to our bodies. And any high quality reference text such as the SUBTLE BODY which allows consumers to at least have a place to refer to about these practices, if they have doubts about the treatment they are receiving, is well worth the investment.

    I at least now, through perusing SUBTLE BODY, can understand a little about the advice to massage just below my ankle, where it can get quite tender - a legacy of being damaged through a rugby tackle at college, because that's where point GB-40 is on the gall bladder meridian. The GB meridian is where my psoriasis first occurred. I also understand now the wisdom of concocting beetroot, celery, apple and ginger juices, not only do they taste great, it also cleanses the gall bladder and liver organs, strengthening the wood element in me (five-elements Chinese discipline). All of this has helped me where drugs do not.

    On an intellectual level, the works and focus areas of the likes of: Lynne McTaggart, Barbara Ann Brennan, Dr. Valerie Hunt, Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields, laws of thermodynamics, Reiki, Thai Massage, sacred geometry, epigenetics, and mantra, PLUS MORE are contained in SUBTLE BODY. Talk about a subtle energy thematic orgy!

    The illustrations by Richard Wehrman are simply fantastic; high quality, relevant, and superbly placed. I'll be buying at least two more copies as gifts.

    SUBTLE BODY is up to date, relevant, factual, visual, comprehensive, inspiring, and who knows, just may pave the way for some professional, organized integrity to be applied to the CAM industry. I hope it can be readily accessible by patients, as well as healers. Waiting for self-regulation in the CAM sector is na?ve; empower yourself - if you are a user of CAM, buy this book, and become a more discerning consumer....more info
  • A Thorough and Complete Reference
    Wow, this is a wonderful book that belongs in the library of anyone with an interest in spiritual growth, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, EFT, or any other discipline related to the subtle energy systems of the human body. This truly is truly an encyclopedic reference of all things related to the subtle body and its operations.

    I've studied a variety of spiritual practices and disciplines over the years where I encountered a variety of schema about the subtle body and subtle energies and it has always been a challenge trying to correlate the different systems. This encyclopedia solves that problem because it organizes all of these approaches into a single, readable text. This is a book I'll keep referring back to again and again.

    Below is a quote from the editorial reviews above and I'm repeating it because it states my views exactly.

    "An extraordinary body of work. The Subtle Body belongs in the library of every truly conscious person on the planet."-- Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
    ...more info
  • A fantastic and essential accumulation of information!
    Dale's has garnered an impressive and comprehensive volume of Eastern holistic and healing modalities with wonderful illustrations. The book explores the Chakras, Energy Meridians, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Energy Fields, as well as every aspect of the Far East healing techniques. The book is a total integrative approach to a vast constellation of Eastern homeopathic and therapeutic approaches to illnesses.
    This book is a must read for healers and holistic practitioners. ...more info
  • The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy
    Excellent book...a must have in your library if you are an energy healer, lightworker or anyone interested in how the energetic body works....more info
  • A comprehensive MUST have for anyone working with subtle energy systems!
    I've been interested in the study of subtle energy systems since I was a young girl. As a result I have accumulated a lot of books on these subjects. I have books on the chakras, Shiatsu, Polarity Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Reflexology and many more. The Subtle Body, An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy could replace a whole stack of them!

    They put the word "encyclopedia" in the title for a reason; at 487 pages this book covers all the major energy systems I have been exposed to, plus a few I knew nothing about (you can take a peak at the table of contents here.)

    The book is well organized and filled with clear and detailed color illustrations and extremely useful reference charts. Author, Cyndi Dale does a great job not only outlining complicated subjects that range from modern physics concepts, to acupuncture and the chakras, but also illuminates the deep interconnectedness of these different ways of understanding our "Subtle Universe." As a yoga teacher this is an awesome reference book to keep on-hand in my studio, and I think it would be incredibly useful for anyone studying or working in fields that deal with the subtle energy systems.

    So, if you've been looking for a few great books on Sacred Geometry, Tibetan and Hindu chakras , Chinese, Ican and Cherokee energy systems, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Kabballah, Auyurveda and color and sound healing, save yourself some money and bookshelf space and pick up this book where you will find all of those subjects and many more.
    ...more info
  • Unmatched Resource for Anyone Interested in Energy Body Theories
    This book is an amazing accomplishment - the author has compiled and detailed energy body teachings from virtually every known energy healing tradition. Among these are Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, native and shamanic traditions from around the world, Hindi, Tibetan and Kabbalah chakra systems, ancient Greek philosophy, Western mystic teachings such as those from the Rosucrucians, and many, many others. She has combined this material with sections on basic human anatomy, and coverage of cutting-edge science that supports the mind/body/spirit connection, including work in physics and research into various alternative healing methods.

    This book is written as a reference manual for healers, and is expertly organized and indexed to facilitate using it in this manner. However, I am not a healer - just an occult 'geek' that practices chakra meditation and loves energy theories of all types - and I LOVE this book. The author does a great job of making the material accessible to anyone.

    Prior reviews have summarized the contents, so I won't repeat that here, but let me just mention a few goodies not mentioned already - sections on Sacred Geometry, mudras, and kundalini meditation were favorites of mine. Also a favorite was the final section, describing what must surely be every energy diagnostic and healing practice in the world - from acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and crystal use to thai massage, numerology, radionics and mudras. Ms. Dale does occasionally compare systems, but doesn't try and reconcile the differences between them, or offer judgment on which are more effective or provable, leaving that, presumably, to the healer and/or reader.

    As I said, this book is expertly organized and indexed, to assure that a reader can return to it over and over looking for guidance on a particular ailment, energy system, or healing practice. The pictures and diagrams are also beautifully done and comprehensive. I would think any healer would want to own this book and keep it close at hand, and anyone interested in energy body theories from a spiritual perspective as well....more info
  • Comprehensive
    This is an extraordinary book, full of esoteric information on the subtle body. It talks about anatomy, energy fields, magnetism, meridians, acupuncture, homeopathy, kundalini, chakra systems, the Chinese way of linking emotions to organs, shiatsu, Kabbalah, color and sound healing (see Jonathan Goldman's CD, Ultimate Om, for a more experiential way to learn about sound healing), reflexology, and intentional healing.

    The illustrations and text are very user-friendly and clear.

    I chose an area I know something about, the chakras, to see what I thought of Ms. Dale's entry. It was comprehensive, and I learned something very interesting:

    "The caduceus, often used as a symbol of medical practice, is modeled after the coiling of the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala nadis." (Subtle energy channels, according to Yogic theory.)

    There are similar gems of arcane information throughout this book, as well as many useful descriptions of energetic anatomy and the systems that work with it.

    Note: As this is an encyclopedia, I plan to refer to it as a reference tool. I read portions of the book for this review, but have not read every single entry....more info
  • Comprehensive reference for reiki, ayurveda and TCM
    If you are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Reiki or ayurvedic medicine, massage, accupuncture and other alternative body sciences, this reference is lavishly illustrated with all kinds of information about body energy and the effects of the body energy meridians on healing. This is probably the biggest and most complete book that includes all or most of the disciplines that I have seen.

    There is also quite a lot of boxed text on various theories (yin-yang, chakhras and such.) Very interesting reading.

    The illustrations are large and colorful, but be warned that they are quite anatomically correct; if you are squeamish about children seeing naked men drawn out fairly accurately, then you will keep this on a high shelf. I have absolutely no issue with drawings of this kind in a medical text (alternative medical or otherwise) but I thought I'd mention this in case you are thinking about taking this to a show-and-tell of preschoolers. ...more info
  • The Subtle Body-A Great Resource Book
    This book is loaded with information; having studied Shiatsu massage which is based on the different meridians in the body several years ago, I've had an interest in this type of thing.
    ...more info
  • An excellent refererence
    First off, this is a gorgeous book, generously illustrated in color and printed on high quality glossy stock. It has the weight of a quality textbook - and I was just amazed at how well put together it was.

    The material is top notch for those who study esoteric anatomy. It's particularly great for those who want to compare the energy systems of different cultures. Coverage include acupuncture points, chakras, subtle bodies, kabala etc.

    While I am not an energy worker per se, I am a martial artist. Coverage of eastern energy systems is useful for me. I can see this reference as an indispensable addition to the libraries of energy healers and esoteric researchers.

    Because of it's breadth of coverage, don't expect a complete resource on any one topic. This is an encyclopedia, after all....more info
  • Fascinating and well done
    I love the comprehensive nature of this book; of course this is partly because it's a subject that interests me greatly. If your eyes start to glaze when you see the word "chakra" then this book is not for you. If various systems of medicine interest you, however, and you'd like to learn more about health and energy systems, this is a great book.

    Note that it's not a how-to book; you won't learn to become a healer or a practitioner of any method. It's a valuable resource, however, for anyone interested in improving his or her own health and having a positive effect on other people. It's amazingly comprehensive in explaining "energetic anatomy."...more info
  • Beautifully Illustrated & Wide Ranging Energy Healing & Holistic Health Encyclopedia
    Once I saw a notice about it I was eager to explore the book Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, by Cyndi Dale. It has lived up to my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone in the holistic healing arts. I find this new book to be an impressive, well-illustrated guide to energy system concepts and energy healing modalities.

    It includes topics such as:
    Chakras, Energy Meridians, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki, Intentional Healing, Distance Healing, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Energy Fields, Auras, Sacred Geometry, Color Healing, Sound Healing, Magnetism, Cymatics, Barbara Brennan Healing, Biofeedback, Zero-Point Field, Scalar Waves, Geopathic Stress, EMFs, Royal Rife, Nikola Tesla, Life Fields, Thought Fields, Torsion Fields, Shamans, Hans Jenny, Peter Garaiaev, Leonard Horowitz, Morphogenetic Fields, Rupert Sheldrake, Etheric Energy, Orgone Energy, Chi, Hyaluronic Acid, Kundalini, Energy Bodies, Nadis, Pranayama Breathing, Tibetan, Mayan, Kabbalistic, Tantric, Native American, Chinese, Taoist, Thai, Buddhist, Incan, Christian, Egyptian, and Indian Energy Systems, Crystals & Gemstones, Elements, EFT, Homeopathy, Massage, Diet & Nutrition, Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Chi Gong, Radiesthesia, Acutonics, Aromatherapy, Biogeometry, Bau-biologie, Chiropractic, Feng Shui, Flower Essences, Family Constellations, Hypnotherapy, Iridology, Johrei, Matrix Energetics, Meditation, Myofascial Release, Naturopathy, NLP, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Rolfing, Spiritual Healing, Tai Chi, Tui Na, Yoga, Yuen Method, and Zero Balancing.

    This book has excellent illustrations related to the chakras and meridian systems and reflexology, and it is more comprehensive than any other book I've seen that explores energetic therapies and complementary healing modalities. Some topics it only mentions briefly while other topics are explored in depth. This book is a great reference work and it is very valuable in bringing to public awareness many lesser known energetic therapies and energy transformation methods. Practitioners may find this useful to expand their awareness of the many different therapies that are around, and health care consumers will get to learn about the many theories and practices that have generated a wealth of options for fostering health and well-being.

    I was very impressed that this book did not avoid sharing about some of the more controversial and suppressed therapies and healing pioneers. Even if you may find a few flaws or errors in how modalities are presented, this book is remarkable for all that it includes - and thereby helps validate. The field of energetic medicine and healing continues to expand so I expect that there will be future editions of this book with more modalities and perhaps more detail in some areas. For now, it is a very well-compiled overview of energy healing and subtle energy systems and theories. There is a lot included in this nearly 500 page volume, and the book is nice to have as a resource....more info
  • Excellent Resource for learning about your energetic anatomy
    This book is a great tool for those who are interested in energy healing. The book is divided into parts. The first part discusses energy and energy healing. Dale gives an in depth discussion about how energy is universal and what it is to be an energy healer. The second part is about the human anatomy. This section is important because in order to completely understand how your body is energy and how to heal it you must first understand the human anatomy. The third part Dale discusses are the energy fields and how they are connected to your anatomy. As noted by Dale, the human body is affected by and creates two types of energy fields. In energy medicine, they are known as veritable, which is energy that can be measured, and putative or subtle, which is energy that cannot be measured. A very basic example Dale gives is how the heart serves as the human body's electrical center. Part four covers the channels of energy, part five energy bodies, and the last part energy practices. The book is nicely laid out with colorful illustrations and useful tables. If you're interested in energy and being an energy healer this is a great book to use as a beginner resource. ...more info
  • Truly as advertised: An encyclolpedia of energetic healing.
    This book is ideal for novices and experts: It touches on all aspects of esoteric healing: Complete enough to stand alone as the the only such book in your collection, offering beginners options to go deeper into specific modalities, & valid as a well-fleshed-out 'table of contents' for the libaries of experienced healers. ...more info
  • An Awesome Achievement
    When I was very young and quarantined for some childhood disease, I actually read the encyclopedia from beginning to end (for lack of anything else to read). That was the last time I read an encyclopedia cover to cover . . . until now.

    That's exactly how I'm reading The Subtle Body . . . cover to cover.

    Like other encyclopedias, this one does not usually go into great depth on any one subject. For more information, you can always find a more focused book on Amazon or dig into the scientific literature. But for a good overview on whatever question you might have about energy fields and other more esoteric studies, this is the most valuable book you could have.

    I am in awe at the expertise of this author. She covers a wealth of subjects in many areas that until recently were regarded as mere New Age woowoo. In addition, she provides current information on physical functions straight from the laboratory and melds the two previously unrelated fields with ease.

    The book itself is superb, printed on heavy stock and beautifully illustrated. It includes a comprehensive index spanning almost 30 pages.

    Highly recommended!

    ...more info
  • Beginners book extraordinaire
    What a remarkable book to have in ones collection. As big and broad as this book is... I would still classify it as a introductory 101 book. Cyndi Dale covers the very basics of the human body from a physical aspect. Then she dives in to the energy aspects to show how energy, the Law of Attraction and quantum physics all tie in together. The detail of the images used in this book are awesome.

    Take this book as your first semester book and then use her bibliography and notes pages as references to get further on in your studies. ...more info
  • Comprehensice Look at Our Energy System
    For those interested in a comprehensive view of the Chakra System and other energitic ways of viewing the human body, Cyndi Dale's newest work is a great find! The book is organized well and includes many wonderful illustrations so that even the most learned of holistic health professionals can gleam some insight from the book. Dale is certainly a scholarly source on the human body--I've used her previous books and CDs to understand the chakras. And while the book is highly detailed, it's never dull. If you're new to this line of study, get this book!...more info
  • Totally wowed by this book!
    "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale, is an absolute MUST for anyone into healing energies! This isn't a book I could read from front to back. It is more of a reference with so much information to make my head spin. I have many books on health references from acupuncture, Chinese medicines, reflexology, Ayurveda and the like, but having to drag each book out for each subject is a pain. No more! This book has it ALL, in one easy to read format. It is well illustrated and gives me so much more than my other books. I even have head reflexology now in addition to foot and hand. Just packed filled with everything you could ever dream of in the energy realm. This should be required reading for energy medicines. I would not part with mine!

    This book also has information on magnetism, auras, Shiatsu, chakras, energy principles of many types from Kabbalah to Reiki and so much more. Human anatomy, like I have never seen, goes into great detail in this book. Many diagrams make explanations easy. It isn't dull or laden down with boring medical speak. Cyndi did an excellent job of laying it all out with information that will take years to absorb. I was just looking at the chakra and gemstone diagram that shows me exactly what gemstone to use with each chakra, but not only that, it goes on showing me the pictures of actual stones and what they do for you. Moreover, it gives me several alternative stones to each chakra. For example, the first chakra, a picture of a bloodstone, still in the first chakra, a picture of smoky quartz, next fire agate, tiger's eye and then Hematite, along with descriptions on what each one will do for you and that is just the first chakra! A book that will take the place of many books, all in one easy to read format. I want to personally thank Cyndi Dale for this magnificent book. I can tell it was done with such detail and meticulous care. It goes far beyond just an ordinary book. This is a book you will have for life!...more info
  • Great Reference!
    This book is an outstanding reference of human energy anatomy. It is divided into the following six parts:

    1. Energy and Energy Healing
    2. Human Anatomy
    3. Energy Fields
    4. Channels of Energy: Channels of Light
    5. Energy Bodies: Chakras and Other "Light Switches"
    6. Energy Practices

    Even though I have a degree in biology, my knowledge in these areas is very limited, so I found this book a great reference and introduction to concepts and ideas that I knew very little about. I was immediately impressed with how "readable" the text is!...more info
  • Fine, very readable encyclopedic book about alternative healing!
    I have been long interested in alternative healing practices and extremely curious about acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, and such. I had no idea how many other healing modalities and information there was until I picked up this book! Reading through the chapters about auras, chakras, yin and yang, and many other terms was a new experience for me, but you have to give credence to healing techniques and knowledge presented simply because of their longevity!

    This is a completely fascinating, easy-to-read, and exhaustive volume about one's body -- the physical body, and the body as it relates to concrete world's "subtle" energies. It is such a large encyclopedia of facts, it will take the open-minded reader much time to study and absorb what is presented, but very much worth the time to do so. ...more info
  • A new Day - A new Way
    This book embodies not only the physical aspects of your body, but the invisible energies of your phyche, spirit and consciouness, that have been proven to affect every aspect of our well being. Created by professionals and lay people alike it provides terms and explanations of our energetic biology and how it relates to our inner well-being. It is loeaded with diagrahms and charts and is meant to be studied and read with an open mind. As an Oncology nurse for 35 years, I have often felt there are other disciplies that play a very active part in heaing. I have witnessed the termanilly walk out of the hospital without a sign or symptom of diease long term and have seen barely sick people die. Who knows what works. This book has great power and ideas and may help those who believe. Recommend for all not just for people who are ill....more info
  • Excellent Diagrams, Descriptions in Textbook Format
    Copyrighted in 2009, this book is both modern and traditional, and is worth having if you plan to study the subtle healing professions, or simply if you're curious about what makes them work.

    Part I makes some very important claims about the subtle nature of reality, which includes the physical realm, ethereal realm, astral realm, and beyond. At first, when I read Part I, I was thinking, how can these claims be supported? But then, reading on, I found that some of the belief systems that I already had had, actually supported the notion of these subtle energies.

    Part II has a lot of entry-level detail about the various anatomies of the body. It does not go into great detail, but just enough for an opening course on the bodies systems. It brushes up on what one already knows, with up-to-date information.

    Part III is about the anatomy of the channels and chackras, and a lot of interdispersed information. It is the most valuable chapter to those seeking general information about one's subtle body.

    Part IV is about topics that are introductory to the subtle healing professions. While it doesn't list any specific cures or treatments, it does go into entry level detail over techniques such as accupuncture, reflexology, and others.

    In general, the artwork is almost worth the price of the book alone (although, like a lot of anatomy books, can be somewhat 'revealing' at times), and the knowledge of the author--which seems more horizontal (trans-disciplinarian) than vertical, at times--is enough to bring on a sort of enlightenment about these subtle energy systems that makes the book even more worth having.

    I give it 5 stars for expanding my consciousness. Written in neither trite, nor too heavy of a style, it answers much about subtle energies that I didn't think I could ever understand.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Resource--Energetic Anatomy
    This 2009 book is a wonderful resource book for those interested in understanding the methodology of healing the energy/light body (which also affects the physical body). There is a treasure chest of information here that you often have to go to multiple books to find. It is explained in simplistic language and in a beautifully illustrated 488 page book, approximately 8" x 10" in size.

    This wonderfully informative book begins with Universal Energy and Energy Healing, and moves to the Human Anatomy (human cell, DNA nebula, electromagnetic field of the heart), then on to Energy Fields (subtle energy fields, global ley lines, magnetic field of the body, sine wave, Fibonacci sequence, merkaba, platonic solids, layers of the auric field, etc.) , then to Channels of Energy and Channels of Light (various meridians, the 5 Chinese Elements, emotions and organs, food and emotions, etc.).

    Next is Energy Bodies: Chakras and Other Light Switches (the charkas in detail, various other charka systems--Cherokee, Tibetan, Incan, Egyptian/African, Kundalini an 12 Chakra System, The Tree of Life: The 10 Sephiroth, The Sephiroth and Chakric Associations, etc.) Following is the section on Energy Practices (Acupuncture, Gemstones, Color Therapy, Shiatsu, Buddhist mudras, latitudinal cross-zones, reflexology, sound and color, etc.)

    Another feature I like about this book is that it names names, so you know what to search on to find more information on the specific subject matter. For example, let's say you were reading about Sound Healing, on page 401. As you go through facts such as how ". . .In the 1970s, researcher Fabion Mamon sounded a tuning fork on a cancer cell. The cell dissolved. . . " and the additional information that follows to help you understand the relationship between sound and healing, you can easily google "Fabion Mamon" if you want additional information on the subject matter. The subchapter also mentions Jonathan Goldman, as a respected sound therapist and author for energetically based sound therapies. If you want to know more, you can search on Jonathan right here on Amazon and pull up some of his CDs. I even found Alberto Villoldo and the Incan Bands of Power and the luminous energy field in here. Although the book does not specifically mention the Munay-ki rites by name, if you check for Alberto Villoldo on Amazon, his books will come up or you can also google him by name. From there you can read more about the 9 rites and search on where to get them (if you are so inclined).

    Although the book can be very useful to anyone, it is even more useful to someone just beginning to learn about energy bodies and healing because it provides so much knowledge up front, in one resource book. Think of it as a good "Energy 101" course. As the Doctor said in his review--how come some people, with the same illnesses, heal and some do not. Even if you already know a lot, this book still provides a one stop resource for a ton of factual information. Excellent product. On a scale of 1 to 5, worth WAY more than a 5. (How much is your health worth to you?) Do yourself a favor. If even a little piece of you can believe, get this book and read it. This book can provide a lot of information on understanding alternative healing, which you can use to supplement your care. First, you must accept the possibility. Second, you must obtain the knowledge of what is out there. Then, you can begin to make a more informed analysis and decision on your health care needs when you talk with your primary care physician. I have been "into" energy/light body healing since about 1999 and I strongly believe in this stuff. Many people do themselves such a huge disservice. The power of your mind, your belief system, your perception is TRULY awesome! YOUR PERCEPTION IS YOUR REALITY. Believe it. But don't take my word for it. Read. Read. Read.

    God bless you in your search for truth and wisdom.
    ...more info
    I am a book lover and my house is full of books. Books come in many sizes, shapes, colors and variety of content. But this book by Cyndi Dale is one of the most beautifully produced books I have ever seen. It is oversized, with a sturdy soft cover and good quality paper inside, with gorgeous typography and numerous incredible full page color illustrations. Not only are the illustrations attractive, they are very helpful in understanding the content.

    Before reviewing a book, it is customary to read the book, but this book is not exactly one you read from cover to cover. And its larger size makes it difficult to take with you to read over your lunch break. The subtitle says it is an "Encyclopedia" and like any encyclopedia, it is best used as a reference. I have skipped around, looking for material that most interested me, and I will keep it on my shelf to consult when I want to refresh my memory about the chakra system or meridians, the Hindu, Inca or other beliefs about the body's energy system, the elements of the Kabbala (beautiful color chart of the sephiroth), reflexology, or various healing practices. It contains a comprehensive explanation of the Chinese healing methodology. The book covers a wide range of related topics around the human body, physical and subtle.

    While the book appears to be meant for actual practitioners (which I am not), it is certainly an amazing repository of information for anyone interested in the subject of the human body's unseen doubles. If you do not believe in the subtle body, this book is probably not for you. It is not a proselytizing polemic, but rather covers the existing concepts, both ancient and modern, of the energy systems surrounding the human body, along with their relationship to wellness and healing.

    If you are familiar with these concepts, then this book will provide loads of information in one beautiful place, ready to be lifted from the shelf and consulted on a myriad of topics. You do not have to endorse every belief and practice explained in the book to find it useful. Certainly, some of the healing practices are controversial, and may depend on the patient's belief in them. The book gives you the chance to learn about all healing arts and make your own conclusions about which might be useful to you or those you are trying to help.

    I often read and review books, then put them in the pile to resell or give away. Not this book. This book is a keeper.
    ...more info
  • Energy flows where attention goes
    I have bought many different energy based books, and used different energy based techniques, with great results.

    Quantum Touch taught me the importance of breath and how to move energy, and the principles of resonance and entrainment. EFT taught me how to release negative emotions within two minutes by tapping on specific energy points. Reiki taught me the importance of healing touch, and using Universal Life Force energy effortlessly.

    Matrix Energetics taught me the importance of intention, and active imagination. I could go on, Qigong, Reiki, Touch of healing, Yoga, Tibetans, Huna..

    Here we have a visually stunning book, with great diagrams throughout. It offers a complete energy system overview, and numerous diagrams, and indeed chapters on anatomy, and the different medical systems. It's important to understand how energy correleates with anatomy, and this book does a great job of that.

    It gives an overview of different practices. I particularly liked reading about shiatsu, which was discovered by a 7 year old Japanese boy who healed his mother of rheumatism, and I loved the explanation and diagrams of Reflexology. In addition, the description of chakras and how they work, and what each one means is displayed in a very easy to assimilate format. Visually compelling.

    You can also learn about Reiki, Qigong, and many others.

    In educating us on many different practices within one volume, we get the big picture, and so it is not a specialist book. For example, you will learn what EFT is but not the tapping routine. If you're like me, there are a couple of places where you might like more detail. If it had a bit more detail such as the tapping routine, I would definitely give it five stars.

    If you wish to explore energy medicine more, I recommend:

    Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden, which shows energy testing being demonstrated, energy zipups and more advanced techniques, including a five minute daily routine to boost your energy.

    Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon.

    Life Energy: Using the hidden power of your emotions to unlock your meridians by John Diamond MD, one of the best books I have read on energy medicine, and a complete manual.

    The touch of healing by Alice Burmeister. It's Jin Shin Jitsu, a complete system, very easy to learn and use.

    EFT is a simple tapping process useful for letting go of troubling emotions. Imagine easily letting go of issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, forgiveness, stress, procrastination, traumas. You can download a free manual at, and buy various books on Amazon.

    I hope you find this review helpful.

    If you were to find this review helpful, please click yes. ...more info
  • Excellent Text
    Having been interested in energy healing techniques for a number of years, I was fortunate to come across this great text. Many of the different healing techniques are discussed and explained in very great detail. I would recommend this text to anyone interested in healing. ...more info
  • Legendary tools passed down by our ancestors.....
    I highly recommend this book for anyone who has a body. With stress and emotional pressure at an all time high, we as a society need to understand how to relieve it by working our energy fields, meridians, healing points, etc. This book is that pathway to study and make use of these techniques.

    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is just one of the topics discussed and I feel that bodies react positively to this method. It is as simple as it is profound and can be done anywhere and any time of day. Basic techniques such as these help enormously to revive the emotional stature... The author also includes a website address for further instruction.

    Meridians are also high on my list of studies and the section here is outstanding. I particularly like the topic of Meridian Dentistry on page 377. It has a diagram/photo of a whole set of teeth with
    meanings of each tooth outlined. It speaks of how each tooth is holistically connected to the other parts of the body through the meridian system. We talk here about Biological Medicine in relation to dentistry. It's fascinating and educational.

    This is a wonderfully presented manual depicting the energy system flow in the body and this knowledge will surely relieve our blocked functions. I hope anyone who is interested in calming stress or becoming a more peaceful person will choose this reference. It is worth its weight in gold. ...more info
  • Must-Have Addition to Your Library

    "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale is a powerful and gentle path into exploring our energy centers. I find myself picking the book up again and again, reveling in the illustrations and eagerly reading and learning. Cyndi has given me a different perspective to my body, one that I feel I must discover further. I see connections between my body's responses and her in depth outline to Energetic Anatomy. Her book is easy to read and understand and a must-have addition to every woman's library.

    Beate Chelette, Author of "Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too," Speaker and Entrepreneur info
  • I love this reference book!!!
    This is another wonderful publication from Sounds True. I love the layout and it includes an overview of so many topics relating to your body both physically and energetically. The illustrations are simple and easy to read.

    It includes detailed sections including Human Anatomy which talks about the cells, DNA, skeletal/muscular/nervous systems, skin, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, excretory, reproduction, and more. Part 3 and 4 get into Energy Fields and Channels of Energy. This book includes overview of everything from light therapy to cupping, to chakras and gemstones. It has just about everything!

    This is a book you can keep in your reference library as a modern-day health practitioner or as I do on my coffee table for daily education and overview into all areas of energy healing. Love it!!!
    ...more info
  • A remarkable compendium of information
    It's hard to convey the sheer breadth of information that Cindi Dale manages to pack into the 400 or so pages that make up this book. She touches on everything from basic principles of physics to elementary genetics to anatomy--and that's before she even begins to tackle the various energy systems and practices.

    I confess that my grounding in science is minimal, so even some of the basic stuff was over my head, but there's no denying the exhaustive research that went into the book, and as a reference work, it's extraordinary. She covers a staggering array of theories, systems and principles. All the usual ones are present--Chinese medicine, meridians and acupuncture, Qigong, shiatsu, reflexology, Ayurveda, Kabbalah, and much more. But in some cases, particularly her discussion of chakras, the depth is also mind-boggling. Who knew, for instance, that chakras permeate countless traditions beyond the Hindu, including the Native American, and that the different cultures approach them in highly diverse ways? She even gets into more obscure areas, like sound and color healing. Colorpuncture, anyone?

    Despite its subtitle, the book doesn't conform to the traditional format of an encyclopedia. And it's not the kind of book you sit down with and read from cover to cover. But it does offer one-stop shopping (like a mall!) for anyone interested in learning more about a broad range of approaches to alternative healing....more info
  • Great book if you ignore the "science"
    As an encyclopedic overview of the theories and practices associated with subtle or putative energy, this book delivers. A little bit of everything is covered in enough detail so that the typical practitioner will know whether the particular item merits more study, and the volume of notes and bibliography is impressive.

    The book does fall into the typical New Age trap of trying to relate metaphysics to theoretical physics using great leaps of analogy, a fair number of false facts (e.g., the bit about the earth's magnetic field dropping from 2 Gauss to 0.8, when the actual change in human times has been -5.8%), and the occasional unfalsifiable assertion. I know how to filter this stuff out, but a significant percentage of this book's target audience would not.

    Fortunately, it doesn't really matter. Subtle energy is still safely in the realm of META-physics for now. Maybe some day, about the time someone figures out an experimental validation for a string theory, the scientific basis for all kinds of paranormality will fall into our laps. In the meantime, if you're studying complementary medicine or something else using subtle energy, this book is worth having.
    ...more info
  • Essential Desk Reference
    This is the most in-depth and thorough book on our energetic nature that I have ever seen. It is an essential desk reference for all energy healers, with clear explanations and diagrams that will prove useful over and over again. For a novice, you will find no more complete and clear information anywhere to begin to understand the energy in and around our bodies, and how it functions.

    Understanding energy is the fundamental key to health of body, mind, and emotions, as well as our relationships and overall success in life. No home should be without "The Subtle Body: En Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy" by Cyndi Dale.
    ...more info
  • A marvelous contribution
    The Subtle Body is a truly outstanding 5 star book, and a masterpiece of publishing and easy readability. In my view, it is an essential book on the subject of subtle energy and health/disease. The book is subtitled An Encyclopedia Of Your Energy Anatomy, however it is that and MUCH MORE. The book is beautifully and clearly written; and subdivided into 6 parts containing 40 chapters each addressing essential fundamental information on energy structures and systems - (the fields, channels, and bodies) -- that underpin our physical bodies and physical reality. Additionally, this book explores means of accessing the tools and techniques used to energetically modify (heal) dis-ease and illness examining techniques used in ancient times as well as today's contemporary theories of subtle energy. The 10 pages of Notes allows for additional detailed reading on any area of special interest. The extensive bibliography alone is worth the price of the book. The many color illustrations are of the highest caliber and clarity; plus the publisher used high quality paper in the book imparting a wonderful feel to the reader.
    On a personal note, I am a practicing physician with over 30 years experience as a specialist treating patients with pharmaceuticals and surgery. However, over the years I begin to wonder why some patients healed, and others with the same diagnosis and treatment did not heal. A quest for greater knowledge sparked a journey that ultimately lead me to discover Cyndi Dale and her work in healing. There are many books now in print on subtle energy, however, this book by Cyndi Dale is by far the most comprehensive, most researched, and best written book I have seen on the subject. In my view it is essential reading for anyone who desires to participate in the next revolution in medicine.
    James E.(Ed) Shotts, MD ...more info
  • Human Energetic Anatomy & Therapies
    Two of my friends are becoming certified in healing (energy) touch (one is a psychologist and the other a nurse). Both are encouraging me to also obtain this certification. Although I've read several books from Chopra's Quantum Energy to other various alternative medicine/energy books, I was attracted to this book due to the vast overview of all the human energy theories and related alternative therapies. This high quality hefty book is comprised of 5 parts containing 40 chapters and part 6 that is one large chapter on Energy Practices. Many of the chapters are short and give a basic overview of the topic presented. Since my profession is nursing, chapters 1-25 were a very quick easy read that did not provide me much new information. Chapter 26 Sacred Geometry was the first chapter I read that contained new information for me. I found it very interesting regarding geometry (voice) and sound, but wished it had more detail. The remaining chapters were also quite informative on Chinese & alternative medicine and some energy therapies I'd never been exposed. The color diagrams are high quality and actually useful. The extensive bibliography is 27 pages long and a great resource for more in depth reading divided to correlate with each of the 6 parts. I really enjoyed this book overall, as it is attractive, well written, easy to understand, and it shows a lot of careful research, planning and care were put into it becoming published. For anyone interested in energy healing or other alternative therapies, this book will definitely whet your appetite and hopefully spur you on to make use of its bibliography for greater knowledge. Enjoy!...more info
  • Amazing!
    I am constantly amazed by the depth of the information in this book. The amount of the information is impressive. It's a book to turn to, over and over. The book is thoroughly researched, mentioning the results of the work done by scientists, traditional healers, and modern energy healers. The Native healers mentioned are from traditions around the world. Every time I open the book and read, I find something new that I didn't read before.
    This book is worth every penny of its price, and it's a great addition to anyone's library of books about healing. Cyndi Dale did a fantastic job....more info
  • Spiritual materialism: understanding energy the better to profit from it.
    Cyndi Dale's title should register with all who have sensed that energy is neither wholly subjective nor objective, psychological nor material, qualitative nor quantitative, concrete nor abstract: its definition derives from both immaterial and material worlds. "Subtle body" is indeed the best description for an atomistic field that is open to measurement, analysis, and categorization. To those who associate energy strictly with "chemistry" (the approach of Western solutions seeking to derive energy from substances that alter the body's chemistry) or those who locate it in "nature" (the approach of Eastern thought systems that seek harmonious alignment, through meditation, of the self with universal, cosmic frequencies), Dale offers a way of seeing energy that distinguishes between these two broad approaches and the subcategories of each. Moreover, this introduction offers a comprehensive picture that, in effect, bridges the gulf between what initially, or superficially, may appear to be conflicting, even opposite, views of energy. Concerning the elusive term "energy," most people simply rely upon empirical evidence ("I know it when I have it, and I'm even more aware of it when I don't have it"). "The Subtle Body" goes far beyond such popular, unhelpful understandings, offering authoritative definitions of energy, identification of its sources, analysis of its various and changing meanings, explanations of the consequences of energy's renewal and depletion on all that we as human beings desire to achieve.

    Considering the complexity of the subject, the author has provided an inviting, reader-friendly approach to a scientific, systematic field that everyone speaks about but few, including those in the medical profession, appear to understand. Ralph Waldo Emerson went so far as to claim "genius" as nothing more than the "possession of abundant energy." But he also recognized that energy, like the rest of the material world, is not inexhaustible. "Entropy" occurs in the macrocosmic world, just as "enervation" occurs at the microscopic, or personal, level. Each human individual possesses an energy "bank," and overtaxing it (a regular phenomenon of the West's Puritanical "work ethic") can lead to a depletion of energy reserves beyond the point of replenishment--which, for some medical practitioners, amounts to an alternative definition of "disease."

    We've had no end of complaining, obsessing, hand-wringing about money, and there appears to be no end in sight of more books about money along with a burgeoning virtual "industry" of financial advisors: professionals who make their living by writing and talking about money. But money is merely a means unto an end: energy, on the other hand, is both a means and an end. (As George Gershwin put it, "Who could ask for anything more?"). To those who value energy above money, this book should require no further recommendation. To those whose priority is wealth over well-being, this book might be considered less a recommendation than a prescription. John Steinbeck was an American author who continually criticized those individuals who saw life and living not as rewards in themselves but as a "means" to some other goal--whether fame, material wealth, or heavenly immortality. It is especially to such types-- to those who rob their personal energy banks and "waste" their potential in ultimately counterproductive pursuits, that Dale's book can be specially recommended--enthusiastically and energetically....more info
  • A great addition for any energy healer!
    From March online magazine:

    The Subtle Body is an in-depth (500 pages) and often technical overview of the body's energetic anatomy. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in healing, particularly for those just beginning to explore the field of energy. Written in textbook form, it offers a comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy, energy fields, energy work and practices, ranging from the chakra's (including the various cultural traditions), to Chinese Medicine, shamanic traditions, Kabbalah, and sacred geometry. Readers are afforded the opportunity to get a wonderful sampling of subtle energy theories, scientific research and healing systems. Thoroughly researched and written with an ease of readability, this book is recommended for all energy and health care practitioners alike. Author Cyndi Dale, a local Minneapolis-St Paul author and practitioner, is the author of numerous books, audio CD's, and video trainings and travels worldwide teaching mainly chakra-based intuitive energy healing. The Subtle Body is the culmination (though hopefully not the conclusion) of Dale's years of expertise in the realm of subtle energy and healing.

    Rose Schneider is an Energy Healer and owner of Rays of Light Healing in St. Paul. For more information, please visit

    A personal review:
    As an energy healer I found that when I started reading the book, I'd really read it, not just scan it, which is common for me with other healing modality or energy anatomy books. There were depth's of information that I couldn't begin to absorb, but the spark of insight kept me going. I'll admit I did skip around a lot, but I'd read about one thing, would relate it to another topic, then would see if she had included information about. 99% of the time, yes, she did include more information. It's depth of study and scientific research are validating for all forms of medicine, whether holistic and energetic or traditional Western medicine. It's exciting to see a new book that breaks an outdated mold of using just one modality of energy healing and shifting to using all of our abilities and traditions in a new way. Dale
    has compiled a valuable tool that I'd encourage anyone to add to their collection.

    Jennifer Salness is editor of Whispers of Spirit and owner of Crystalline Light.
    ...more info


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