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  • Done better in '81'
    1 star for the special effects gore and opening first 15, 20 minutes, everything else a big fat 0 as the movie gets dull.Other problems I had with this movie is the killer who did a poor job in making me think that he could pull it off,and other then the gore it was a bore and void of any'good'humour.I like a remake when they can add something new to the movie,but this remake adds nothing new besides the special effects.The orginal had a certain charm and mood to it that this remake hardly musters up.If you feel the need to see this,I would suggest that you FF between the death scenes.I would also suggest that you see the orginal that was from the golden age of slasher horror movies....more info
  • extra-ordinary experience
    watching 3-D movie on bluray and on projector is totally different experience. Some of the scenes are worth watching and can't be missed . I saw this movie in Leeds in cinema and liked the special effects. On BLU-RAY there is no compromise with qulaity of effects as well as 7.1 DTS sound. ...more info
  • Not Meant for 2-D
    Full disclosure: Since I did not see the 1981 original, the only reason why I was even remotely interested in the remake was Jensen Ackles. I am firmly biased in favor of him, and thought that he did the best he could with what he was given; for my money he was indeed the best thing about this movie. That said...

    Watching this in 2-D is just a bad idea; it was blatantly obvious that the stunts were shot for the full-on 3-D effect, and the standard version suffered for it. Jumping if a pickax comes flying out of the screen at you is one thing, but without that extra element the gore was just gore. There were, perhaps, one or two moments that made me startle, but for a horror movie? I expected more than that. My only other nitpick was that some of the effects were abysmally fake; I don't want to notice that kind of thing and snicker, not when that wasn't the intent, as I'm betting it wasn't meant to be.

    As for the story, the underpinnings were interesting enough that it could have been compelling. I don't want to spoil any of the twists, but suffice to say, if the final revelations had been more fully realized the story would have had greater depth. And since I don't believe that horror and depth are mutually exclusive, I'll leave it at that. Ackles aside, the acting was...sufficient.

    For what it's worth, I did kind of enjoy My Bloody Valentine. If I had watched it in 3-D as it was meant to be seen, I might have even enjoyed it more. Honestly, I'm not a hardcore horror fan, more like a casual watcher, and like I said the sole draw for me was Ackles, so please do to take everything I've said with a grain of salt. And watch it in 3-D if you can.
    ...more info
  • New 3d glasses?
    it says it comes with 4 3d glasses, is this going to be the new REALD glasses or the lame red and blue glasses? cuz if its the new glasses im def gettn this...more info
  • Not bad but not good
    Around here we don't have the facilities for a 3D release. So most of us are stuck with an anaglyph DVD release. This one was subpar to say the least. This DVD uses the same glasses that Journey to the Center of the Earth used which amazingly worked well with that film. With this one, not so good. Some of the film works perfectly but other parts, normaly the ones with distance shots just failed badly. Not sure what went wrong in the transfer. Also, bought the special 2-disc release but it was not worth it. The extras were very slim and only advertise other films.
    Really, I expected better viewing of the 3D since they did use lighter lenses but the depth was totaly ruined in several scenes.
    Now the good parts. The out of screen effects totally worked. I know that's a big contrast to what I'm saying but they really worked well. Other than that the depth concern still weighs heavy. Expect to see thing being thrown in your face but don't expect to be able to look into the picture like most 3D movies.
    Lastly, the story was honestly pretty good and kept you guessing but the effect of the 3D really ruined it in several parts. Watch it in 2D and think about what it could have been. ...more info
  • 2D/3D flip home DVD version: fun and unpredictable!
    I have not seen the original, so I didn't know what this was about. My boyfriend and I love to watch horror movies, from really good, well done ones all the way to the cheesy. We planned a movie night and sat down with the 3-D glasses(red and green paper ones that came with it) to give this a go on our 42 inch screen.

    As for 3-D at home, not amazing, but did have its moments. It seemed to fluctuate between clear with great 3-D to downright blurry for some scenes. There were a couple of times that I was jumping out of the way of a pick-axe or flying body parts and others were I was straining to figure out what exactly was on the screen. Being this DVD is double sided, it doesn't hurt to give it a try just for fun, but it's good to have the regular 2-D version for normal viewing at home.

    We both love Jensen Ackles, which was why we watched this movie. We find him to be pure entertainment and really funny(supernatural is one the shows we never miss)...he did not disappointed. For once I actually had predicted a completely different killer, and that is surprising being 95%of the time I can tell you the ending within the first 20 minutes.

    Unfortunately, no good special features on this one. But otherwise, the movie was gory, inventive kill scenes, amusing and suspenseful. Definitely worth a watch!
    ...more info
  • Forget the machete or razor glove, the pickaxe will f**k you up
    This horror fan had a blast with the remake of 1981's My Bloody Valentine. Go check out the new uncut version of the original. Talk about added "lost" footage making a decent slasher flick really, really good. Back to the 2009 MBV. The cast is pretty good (lots of people you might recognize, but no big names), the dialogue is a little better than your average slasher and most of all the kills are very creative, with the gore taken to the extreme at times. The miner is an intimidating killer and looks scary, but sadly the movie really isn't (just some minor suspense moments). Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there are a few hot chicks and one of them runs around buck naked for nearly 5 minutes in 3-D. This flick is just sounding better and better right?

    The digital 3-D presentation is a must for horror fans. The picture is crystal clear and it gives the film so much depth you really feel like you are part of the story. If buckets of blood, body parts and one mean pickaxe flying at you sounds like a good time, then go see this one before it leaves theaters. Now the regular 2-D version might be a different story.

    Just to let some of you know, the DVD and Blu-ray version won't be digital 3-D like in theaters (can't wait until they perfect that), so you will get four multi-colored glasses for regular 3-D. You will also have the option of just watching it in 2-D....more info
  • Bloody Fun
    If you are looking to get scared then this isn't for you. If you're looking for a fun time with friends then look no farther. This film is great with or without the 3D, but of course is best with the 3D. It has some great gruesome kills, a good jump every now and then, and a nice twist(though it's a tad predictable). Best horror remake I've seen. Even better that TCM which i enjoyed very much. This is gonna be a great one to add to the blu-ray movies i own. I can't wait to have some friends over and show this fantastic movie off....I hope there are enough 3D glasses....more info
  • A more than decent remake
    With all due respect, the Amazon review is pretty much a whole lot of nuttin'. My apologies to the author. It's overly simplistic and dismissive and not in a fair way. Not that this movie deserves the psychological dissection one would offer Bergman's "Persona" but it merits more than a begrudging, rueful wink. Sure, the gore is evident; it's a horror film, but it's not, in any way, of the sadistic variety, like Hostel's or Saw's, two film franchises whose sole raison d'etre is find the most heinous forms of inflicting pain while simultaneously ratcheting zero on the mood and terror scale. It's first rate sadism without any of the residual pleasure. Just kidding. Yep, the nude scene is pretty remarkable (and equally gratuitous) if for no other than its duration, but it's indicative of the director's take on the source material. Tongue is firmly planted on cheek throughout, but not so much so that it borders on satire. It's horror alright but just like the classic slasher films of the 70's and 80's it's steadily winking at its audience with the occasional jab at the ribs. It's meant to be fun and it is. It doesn't stray far from the original, but there are enough changes to make it feel contemporary but thankfully avoids the pitfalls that most modern horror films fall into and that is too much of everything except what matters - atmosphere, dread, panic, fear and sly humor; all essential components of the genre. I enjoyed this movie a great deal more than I thought I would because I am a big of the original. Great fun, jump scares and genuine edge of seat scenes, MBV, doesn't disappoint. The 3D gimmick works well but the movie would be just as much fun and effective without it. ...more info
  • Decent, not as good as the original.
    Horror remakes are usually frowned upon and rightfully so, they are usually pretty bad. There are a few gems out their that actually improve upon the original but that is far and few between. This is certainly not one of those films. However this remake did not fall in line with most horror remakes as being complete rubbish. Allot of people are thinking remakes are this new thing when actually Hollywood has been doing it for years and years. What has been fairly new and hip, is the remake of some 80's classic slasher films.

    This remake is of the classic 1981 original that still stands the test of time as being a damn fine slasher film and easily being one of the better slashers done in that day. The reason the original was so good was the realism in the film. The cast was not filmed entirely of good looking model type people and the film felt real for that reason alone. The cast was filmed with people that look like us today (With the exception of the haircuts). The remake went down a different path and cast the entire cast with extremely attractive people. That lends a little disbelief to the film. Sure, nearly every girl was quite easy on the eye's especially Betsy Rue who does almost her entire role completely naked, but that does bring some disbelief into the film.

    The remake follows plot points of the original while telling a completely different story than the original. The back story of Harry Warden is the same and the character names remain fairly similar to the original. I don't quite know how to feel about the story being different as I am so partial to the original and I would have had even more misgivings if the film was a carbon copy of the original. While the movie played several homages to the original, like I said before the story was quite different.

    This film brings the INCREDIBLE Tom Atkins back to the big screen in a big way and man, did we miss him! The story moves quickly and has plenty of gore which looks quite good. The film offers a little bit of suspense and a ton of cheap/fun scares and I guarantee you'll jump a time or two! The new story line is not bad but not as good as the original and the payoff to who the killer is not as big as the original in my opinion. The producers really wanted to something quite different in this film in which they succeeded, but alas does not live up to the original.

    The DVD sets are available in 2D and the theatrically released 3D, which is decent in home viewing but not as elaborate as the REAL-D offered in theaters. There is a one disc set and a two disc set. For the person just buying the film because they liked it, the one disc set is plenty! It has both versions of the film(2D & 3D)and a semi informative commentary on it well. The 2 disc set contains a bonus disc of a few featurettes which are nothing to write home about. The first is a 7 minute feature with quick interviews with the director, writer and the cast. It was very bland and run of the mill. The second and last feature looks at the makeup F/X and was pretty informative. The disc is rounded out with deleted scenes and an alternate ending that is not very alternate at all. The 2 disc set is not worth the extra dollars they charge for it and I am bit surprised by Lionsgate for packaging it this way as the film was quite successful at the box office and there was no need to split the sets like this to try and recoup monies not made from the theatrical run. The 2 disc set are for die hard fans of the film only!

    All in all, a good remake and I would recommend it to any horror fans but would advise to get the original as well which was much more superior to this remake. The original is available in a "Special Edition" with the cut gore the MPAA made the producers cut from the film so long ago, and that is the one to get! Decent remake but the original was better....more info
  • This is NOT the movie you saw in theaters!!
    To all potential buyers, beware! This is NOT the 3-D version you saw in the theater. The disc has a re-done old style green and red 3-D treatment. It comes with Green/Red 3-d glasses. Compared to the True 3-d version seen in theaters, this looks like absolute crap. I could not watch it for more than 3 minutes without getting a headache, and the 3-d effects do not work nearly as well. The ONLY good thing about this release is that they give you the 2-d version on the flipside of the disc. No where on the product does it say you are getting a stripped down 3-d version. FAIL. ...more info
  • a fun time made better by 3-d
    For those of you wondering how the DVD would carry over from the theater, dont fear...obviously the technology doesn't exist to make the crystal clear 3d image that you saw in theaters, but for the most part I felt that the 3-d in the DVD was fairly solid...I will say that I do have a LCD flat screen HDTV so that obviously helps...not sure how it would look on standard tube sets...the branch scene, the pick axe and the bullet scene were the most notable jump scenes from the movie...overall not a bad movie in its own right, fairly solid for a scary movie, and a pretty good ending...I do think that the 3-d did ultimately save this movie though...more info
  • good movie 3D sucks on dvd
    loved the movie in theaters hate it on DVD. you have to wear the stupid pink and green tented glasses ...more info
  • Terrifying!
    This movie was so so scary when I saw it in 3D. There were a couple times when i actually thought a pick axe was gonna hit me. SCARY! If it weren't for the 3D I really don't think I would have liked this movie as much. I really hope this movie gets released on DVD in 3D!

    3D - 4 1/2 stars.
    2D - 3 1/2 stars. ...more info
  • Excellent 3D Horror Movie.
    I really enjoyed this 3D Horror movie it was good from start to finish you actually have to use the 3D glasses or the movie will be blurry and won't look good without the glasses this is actually the first time that I've ever seen a 3D horror movie and I've got to say it was a good movie and I'd recommend it to anybody that's a fan of horror movies I enjoyed this horror flick from start to finish and you won't believe who it is that is doing all of this until the end I'm not going to tell anybody who it is because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen the movie yet. ...more info
  • Enjoyed it in and out of theaters
    I bought the Blu-ray version and enjoyed it. Yes it is not the same as in theaters but they are making progress and hopefully soon we will be watching it at home like that. I wish that people would review the correct version. The blu-ray had the 3d glasses nicely wrapped and stuck in the side of the box so it was secure. The box also had two dvds and was not double sided which made me worried after reading a few reviews here before I opened it but I could not be happier.... go for BLU-RAY its better. ...more info
  • Can't Wait to Own!
    This was a cool movie. It had one purpose - to show the story of a serial killer 3-D. And it did this and nothing else, to its credit. The story did not attempt to become an elaborate story of anything other than a visually engaging slasher experience in 3-D. Had it tried to offer meaningful character development, or introduce plot threads that did more than confuse the audience as to who the actual killer is...I probably would have hated the movie. But it did not none of this. It had one mission, and executed very well.

    The message - one's ability to enjoy a movie is directly dependent on one's expectations entering the movie. If you expect a richly detailed story with palpable characters, look elsewhere. If you expect a slasher film in the glory styles of the 80's with the benefits of modern special effects thrown in, then happy times are here to come. (yes, thank you Borat). ...more info
  • A blast!
    Any remake of a classic slasher film (as much as one can be called "classic") can go one way or another: the current filmmakers will either simply rehash the old one, or they may take the high road and add original touches. Either way, fans of the first one will talk about the differences, while those unaware that there was another one will get to take the movie on its own terms. I'm happy to report that My Bloody Valentine 3-D (a 2009 remake of 1981's My Bloody Valentine) is one of the good ones.

    Of course, "good" in this case is a relative term. The dialogue is trite and laughable in most of the early scenes but screenwriters Todd Farmer (Jason X) and Zane Smith have taken the story from the original in new directions, making the characters older and adding more mature plot elements while director Patrick Lussier updates the whole thing to the current "tense, suspenseful, and very bloody" style of recent films like Hostel and Saw.

    Harry Warden was the only survivor of a mine explosion in the small town of Harmony. After recovering from his coma, he went on a murder spree that included the killing of a bunch of teenagers who thought partying in the old mine was a good idea. Ten years later, the killings start again, just as a prodigal son returns, putting him at the forefront. Is he responsible? Or has Harry Warden simply come back from the dead?

    Protagonists Kerr Smith and Jaime King are surprisingly believable as Axel and Sarah Palmer, world-weary working-class parents, she the owner of the local grocery store, he the town sheriff having an affair with her stock clerk Megan (Megan Boone). Jensen Ackles is less effective in his large, important role as Tom Hanniger, the reluctant owner of the mine and the current prime suspect for the murders. He seems to have only two expressions: hangdog and menacing.

    Though the ending is telegraphed from the opening scene, My Bloody Valentine 3-D does a fairly good job of keeping the viewer in doubt about the identity of the killer. And the special effects are stellar, with a variety of gruesome set pieces that exceed anything I've seen recently. The movie really earns its R rating, with heavy doses of sex and violence.

    Interestingly, though the lengthy scene of full nudity featuring actress Betsy Rue may seem exploitative to some, it actually gives the actress quite a showcase as she dominates the screen for that entire amount of time, resulting in one of the film's few truly memorable (and most talked about) scenes. It will likely give her the exposure (pun intended) needed to further her career -- so who's exploiting who? (Incidentally, the trucker who instigates this scene is played by co-screenwriter Todd Farmer.) Similarly, the role of the motel owner did not have to go to 3'10" actress Selene Luna, so I have to applaud the filmmakers for their creative casting in what could have been a role display of the same old faces.

    Even in a 2-D theater, the 3-D aspects of My Bloody Valentine 3-D were a lot of fun, like the rest of the movie. (This is important since only a third of theaters are actually showing it in 3-D.) The visual effects team really earned their money on this one. A couple of scenes (one in particular involving a jawbone) elicited actual guttural sounds from my companion and me, neither of whom have seen a horror movie in a theater since Halloween: H20 in 1998. Coincidentally, that film was edited by this film's director, Patrick Lussier, an experienced editor of other horror films like the Scream trilogy -- he also co-edited this one -- so it's obvious he knows how to literally assemble a slasher enterprise by putting all the pieces in the right order. ...more info
  • Will NOT be the same on home video until we have TRUE 3-D HD
    The gimmick alone was enough to draw me to this remake of a somewhat average slasher from my youth. I love 3-D on the big screen, no matter the genre, and this latest wave of films has by far the best technology behind it, a technology that looks set to stick around for awhile, too, unlike it's many predecessors. Sadly, this DVD edition is in anaglyphic red-green style 3-D, which will give you headaches. And the extended nude scene won't have a FRACTION of the impact it had in theatres. Thus, while I'd give the FILM a 4-star rating, I have to give this DVD an automatic 3-star for the lack of proper 3-D.

    Still, even without the added depth of field, this would be a darned good retro-style horror flick just on its own terms, but probably no more a classic than the original. What surprised me most was the total lack of "hipster ironic" characters that have come to pollute the slasher genre in the last decade or so. There's a straightforward sincerity to the writing here (and thus the characters) that makes this one of the few legitimate descendants of the heralded, groundbreaking "holiday" slashers of the 70's and 80's. The characters here haven't been raised on a diet of horror movies. I like 'em like that.

    Also refreshing is the lack of protracted scenes of suffering and torture that have also plagued the last few years of horror in general. There's gore galore here, and several tense pursuits, but the actual killings are quick, gruesome, and they make people giggle a bit afterwards, which is always fun, and not surprisingly they're preceded by (and punctuated with) as many tried-and-true "easy shock" tactics as the filmmakers can utilize from the genre playbook (shadowy whooshes, music stings, fake-out hand grabs, you name it).

    Though the actors playing them don't always look it, the principal characters are late-20's/early 30's small town working stiffs (a trait this shares with the original, as I recall), a nice contrast to the reckless partying teenagers who've often inhabited these kinds of films in recent years. Another plus is the screen time afforded the even-more-senior characters actors on hand; most notably Kevin Tighe, genre stalwart Tom Atkins, and a handful of old coots playing the veteran miners who fear for their little town's livelihood when the mine-owner's son (Jensen Ackles) returns home after nearly a decade away to ostensibly close down the operation, until he decides to stay and rekindle an old flame (Jamie King) who's now married to his former rival (Kerr Smith), who's now the town sheriff and a philanderer to boot. No great drama here, but it's enough glue to hold your interest together between kills.

    The writers try their best to whip up a convoluted keep-'em-guessing game with the identity of the vengeful killer, who may or may not be Harry Warden, the miner who awoke from an mine-accident-induced coma to go on a squishy rampage ten years earlier (in a way, the entire first film plays out in the first few minutes of this one). I guessed his identity before the end, but it was entirely dumb luck, as I'm sure most of us are fully accustomed after a lifetime of absorbing horror tropes to whittling down possible outcomes almost from the very first frame of movies like these. You're bound to be right once in a while, even when the filmmakers pull a couple of BIG fast ones to throw you off the scent.

    Anyways, whoever he may be, the carnage the miner wreaks on his victims makes excellent use of the 3-D frame. Pickaxes, tree branches, breasts, shaved vulva, eyeballs, jawbones and squirts of blood fly out with an assured technical proficiency and giddy abandon, while plenty of craterous wounds are lingered on for all their worth; the filmmakers keep the technology in lively play between kills so they don't seem like grandstand moments in an otherwise "flat" picture.

    This is definitely hard-R territory, by the way, most impressively illustrated by the lovely Betsy Rue, a TV bit player whose extended, fully naked, and, for the most part, full frontal run-in with the killer must set some kind of precedent for mainstream genre horror, past and present. While her respectable TV resume might never have gotten her any awards, she definitely deserves some kind of recognition for her very revealing (and rather amusing) work here. Go girl!

    Hope to see a few more like this before the seedier fare starts to make use of the technology....more info
  • Solid Nostalgic Remake
    To clarify my experience, I watched the 2D version on DVD and was not as let down as I thought I might be, missing the all-important 3rd "D". In fact, the first act is absolutely brilliant: fast paced, fun, and bloody. I was feeling all kinds of 80's nostalgic as I watched with an ever growing grin across my face. Unfortunately, 2nd act character development was rife with unimaginative dialogue which slowed the pacing significantly. Things picked up again as the third act approached, and I was feeling 4 star love coming on. Then it happened: one of those moments where after going along, forgiving the little bumps and potholes of lazy writing and enjoying the thrill ride, one of the main players says something so moronic, that any mystery or suspense built up to that point gets sucked right out of the room. Instead of focusing on the action, I couldn't get past the fact that the writers allowed something so lazy and lame to play a major role in the storytelling. I can't elucidate without spoiling the film. It's just unfortunate that my suspension bridge of disbelief was demolished at that point.

    Even in 2D format, My Bloody Valentine is mildly recommended, especially for fans of 80's horror. Although diminishing returns set in after a stellar first act, there are some bloody good kills, skilled direction throughout, and enough thrills to keep the viewer interested. If not for some unimaginative dialogue and character issues, I would have awarded MBV 4 stars, but have to take away one star for my issues with the lazy writing. ...more info
  • Quickie for all the Amazoners out there with limited time
    Restoring my faith in the 'remake' is this little pleasant surprise - My Bloody Valentine (2009)

    As a fan of the cult favorite from 1981, I was not the least bit disappointed

    *The plot had enough substance to keep your attention from the opening explosion to the final blow
    *The characters were dynamic enough to build care for their fate
    *The faceless killer was so detached from humanity and was an effective, believable, and down right scary adversary
    *The kills were as unique and memorable as they were gory
    *There was a healthy portion of full nudity

    All in all, this was a carefully crafted, entertaining, and true to tradition modern take on the slasher film that's sure to please even the most critical genre fans out there



    E. Romero

    P.S. I have the Blu-ray and I preferred the 2D version. It looked just as 3D as the 3D version with the green/pink glasses, only without the headache. ...more info
  • Just OK Movie
    This was just an ok movie. it wasnt as scary as I expected( never saw original). Some of the 3-D was cool though. One thing I really hate anymore is seems like every movie thats rated R or unrated always has to have a naked woman in it. Give it a rest already....more info
  • My Bloody Blu-ray
    In the current glut of rotten remakes, this one is different. It is pretty good! I saw it in the theatre in 3D and am happy to say that although the 3D version included on this blu-ray disc suffers somewhat compared to the theatrical, it still flys off the screen fairly well. The disc includes four pairs of magenta/green 3D glasses (the same improved anaglyphic process used for JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH) and in spite of a few ghosting and bluring problems, the 3D effect is quite good. The weird color scheme adds a surreal element to the film that certainly isn't there in the theatrical version or 2D version. I liked it. The glasses are actually pretty tacky and have an advertisement for SAW VI printed on them./ The 2D transfer (viewed on a 52 inch Sharp LCD screen) looked perfect to my eyes, one of the best blu-ray transfers I've seen yet. I didn't notice any grain or artifacting, colors were spot on and flesh tones accurate. The sound is about as good as you can get, boasting a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack that will give your speakers a real workout.

    The disc seems to be stuffed full of bonus features but this is a deception. The second disc is merely a digital copy in 2D standard def. Why anyone would ever want to view this film on an iphone or ipod or laptop is a mystery to me. The code for the disc expires after one year. I'll be using mine for a coaster.

    Bonus materials are actually rather lame. It may take you longer to read the descriptions of them on the back of the case than actually watch them. There is a SHORT (7 minutes) documentary (in HD) called DEEP INSIDE MY BLOODY VALENTINE that offers no insight into the making of the film and is little more than a commercial. Slightly better (but still only 5 minutes) (also in HD) is a piece on the making of the gore effects. / There are several short and uninteresting deleted scenes, a two minute gag real and an alternate ending that isn't much different from the theatrical ending. All of these are presented in gutterboxed standard definition and they look dismal. / There is a writer/director commentary that simply describes what is going on on screen. Not especially entertaining or informative. / This disc has the BDLive features that take you to a Lionsgate website where you will be prompted to download ringtones and enjoy Lionsgate advertisments and bask in their wonderful "special offers". For a disc that appears to offer so much in the way of bonus features, there are really surprisingly few here and none of genuine interest. I was quite anxious to learn about the 3D film process and what had to be done to transfer the film to the home video format. Nothing about 3D is even mentioned in this material. /The theatrical trailer (in HD) is included. Not included with the Blu-ray is the cool holographic slipcase that comes with the DVD version.

    Summing up the good stuff: Contains two excellent transfers of a decent remake.

    Summing up the bad stuff: All the spectacular bonus features the disc appears to contain are mostly garbage (and very brief garbage at that)....more info
  • Horrible acting, horrible taste, horrible, horrible
    This movie was such a let down being all the high praise it received(from fans only though). I'm not a fan of hack and slash horror, more of a psychological horror buff myself. Occasionally though my interested gears towards a movie like this just because it may have some scare factor to it. This was beyond cheesy we're talking even more so than the original Friday the 13th, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There is nothing original here except that there was an incident in a coal mines where people were killed by a crazed x miner with a pick axe, and now the boy that comes back after so many years is accused of killing all these people. Thats it, thats all, yay how unique. The 3d part however may be interesting though i'm not that interested in things jumping out at me from my television, i like to keep it simple. I also think they tried to see how long they could show a naked woman in an unrated film before it became offensive to many people, which it may have. I found it humorous that the woman just stays naked, gets under a bed, waits for the guy to come in and look for her, then tries to use the old bed frame to protect herself from a PICK AXE LOL. COME ON!! Anyway this movie is just cheese nothing more nothing less. No frills here, just run of the mill chase you down and chop you up like a wall of coal. Blah....more info
  • Quickie for all the Amazoners out there with limited time
    Restoring my faith in the 'remake' is this little pleasant surprise - My Bloody Valentine (2009)

    As a fan of the cult favorite from 1981, I was not the least bit disappointed

    *The plot had enough substance to keep your attention from the opening explosion to the final blow
    *The characters were dynamic enough to build care for their fate
    *The faceless killer was so detached from humanity and was an effective, believable, and down right scary adversary
    *The kills were as unique and memorable as they were gory
    *There was a healthy portion of full nudity

    All in all, this was a carefully crafted, entertaining, and true to tradition modern take on the slasher film that's sure to please even the most critical genre fans out there



    E. Romero

    P.S. I have the Blu-ray and I preferred the 2D version. It looked just as 3D as the 3D version with the green/pink glasses, only without the headache. ...more info
  • Awesome
    Whoever didn't like this needs their head examined.It was an awesome remake!I have two words to say.....Jensen Ackles come on one of the hottest and talented actors of today.It was gory,well written and creepy so i say **** *** to those opposed! ...more info
  • Surprisingly good
    I initially was hesitant upon learning of a remake of My Bloody Valentine, a slasher film that was more famous for what was left on the cutting room floor than what made it to the screen. Luckily, Patrick Lussier's (Dracula 2000) remake manages to retain the spirit of the original and pays homage to it, while wonderfully utilizing 3-D technology to make the most out of My Bloody Valentine. Supernatural's Jensen Ackles stars as Tom, who returns to his mining town ten years after an accident he was responsible for led to Harry Warden's murderous rampage. His former girlfriend Sarah (Jamie King) is now married to his rival and town sheriff Axel (Kerr Smith), and before you know it, the body count starts to rise, and it appears that Harry Warden is back from the dead. Maybe. For those who are familiar with the original film, there manages to be a delicious twist inserted here that will surprise you, which in itself is refreshing enough, but the film's 3-D gimmick is definitely what makes this new age slasher worth checking out. All in all, My Bloody Valentine 3-D knows what it is, and it revels in it, and if you're a horror fan of any sort, you'll definitely enjoy what this 3-D remake has to offer....more info
  • Not what I expected!!
    First of all, this movie was very unoriginal and predictable. I do understand that's it's a remake, but if you ignore that little tidbit for what it is and judge this movie by it's own merits you'll see that there wasn't anything extra special about this movie. You have the typical over the top graphic blood and gore scenes that are usually expected from movies of this genre and day and age. Let's be honest, assuming you never saw the original film anyway was there really a person watching this movie who didn't already see who the killer was a mile away. I, for one, wasn't surprised at all. I think that's what this film was missing the element of surprise, and everything else was like lukewarm water. Don't get me wrong, the movie was decent, but nothing to jump up and down about by any means. Trust, I'm really trying my hardest not to give too much away spoiling it for people who haven't seen it yet. I guess the only piece of advice I can give you at this point is not to expect too much from this movie because you'll be disappointed....more info
  • Cheesy but who cares?
    You got your typical slasher type movie. Masacres, nudity and sex, hmmm maybe the boyfried or friend is the killer?(a la scream) It's cheesy,and predictable but that's why these movies are so good. Who cares if it's not oscar material as long as it entertains and makes me jump a few times. Also the 3d aspect brings out another plus....more info
  • Horror Fans Rejoice!
    As a horror fan, I can say that I have not been thrilled with a lot of people re-making some of the classic slashers. Some I have liked, but some should of never been touched. To many, the original 1981 My Bloody Valentine is a cult classic that shouldn't of been tampered with. I'm glad it was. I love the original film, and I think it is definitley the best of the slashers to come out of the Halloween/Friday The 13th/early 80's slasher boom. It wasn't a hit here in the states, and became an underground cult film, one lovingly embraced by the fans, but probably not well known by a good margin of mainstream audiences. I didn't see the original having needed much improving, but the re-make was great to freshen up a great idea, re-introduce the story and premise to more people, as well as a new generation, and maybe bring the original film more acknowledgement and recognition. And in 3-D!. So, let's get on with it....

    The movie takes place in the little mining town of Harmony, Pennsylvania. There was a horrible accident in the mines many years ago that left one man, Harry Warden, bonkers. He did the unthinkable to stay alive and he went crazy. A year later, Harry goes insane and commits horrible murders, 22 in all. And now, years later, the quiet, peaceful community finds themselves being stalked by a madman in a miner's mask and carrying a mighty pickax. Is this Harry Warden, back to continue his brutal massacre?. Is it someone else?. Throw in a love triangle between the returning Tom Hanniger(Supernatural's Jensen Ackles), Sheriff Axel Palmer(Dawson Creek's Kerr Smith), and Sarah(Jamie King), and you have one bloody valentine filled with red herrings, suspense, and a mystery of who is really behind that mask.

    My Bloody Valentine 3D is a film that definitley pleased this horror film fan. Director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Todd Farmer have created a classic horror/slasher film that any horror fan who grew up on and loves old school 80's horror should appreciate. The duo have re-created a film that seems so much like it belonged in a time gone by, and that's part of the beauty and overall nostalgic fun the movie delivers. The 3-D element will bring to mind 1983's "Friday The 13th 3-3D" and other films of the time, and that part of it will add to the overall fun, retro feel of the movie. The story and premise may not be treading new ground, but the movie is so fun and unabashedly celebrates what it is. The look, tone and feel of the film is great too. Filming at real locations, and a real mine, certainly adds to the wonderful look of the film and brings a reality to it all. No sets or soundstages here. There is also a real dread feeling here that I remember from my favorite 80's slashers. It may not be over the top scary, but the film does manage some great set pieces that are truly effective and creepy. The movie also basks in what lovers come to expect of these types of things. Blood and nudity. There is lots of blood here, lots of violence and, if you haven't heard by now, one soon to be classic nude/horror scene that is almost unbelieveable. Actress Betsy Rue is one brave actress, and screenwriter Todd Farmer is one smart man to write a cameo for himself in that scene!.

    The cast has some familiar faces, and some you may not know. Our three main leads, Ackles, Smith, and King, all handle their roles well. There is no real breakout performance here, nothing that many other actors couldn't of done, but they handle themselves accordingly. Elsewhere, another big cause for celebration(and another reason this feels like a classic 80's film)is the appearance of Tom Atkins. Atkins is an icon to many, and appeared in many 80's films like "The Fog", "Halloween III", "Night Of The Creeps", "Escape From New York", "Creepshow", and the first "Lethal Weapon". Atkins is cool, and his presence is most welcomed, delighting horror fans from all over. Kevin Tighe, who people may remember from TV's "Emergency", and films like "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", also appears. It's a fun and competent cast.

    The big gimmick of the movie was the 3-D. Unfortunatley, I was not one of the lucky ones to have seen the movie in the theater, which is where you really should of seen the 3-D version. On DVD, it does not quite work as well, although there are moments where you really see the 3-D work, but those moments are few and far between. This is the case with all DVD's I have seen that have 3-D. It must be seen in the theater to get the fullest use out of it. Luckily, this disc comes with a regular 2-D version. The 3-D may be the big, cool gimmick of the film, but the great thing about the movie is that it works just as well without it, and stands on it's own just fine.

    MBV-3D is a fun and entertaining romp, especially for those that grew up on movies like this, particulary in the 80's. The script, while not entirely breaking the mold, is well written, and has a more adult feel than the typical teenage shenanigans you'd find in a movie such as this. The miner himself is an iconic image to me, and he never got the attention many thought he deserved. Maybe now he will....with his pickax. Speaking of which, some have complained about the pickax and the murders in the movie, but I have no complaint. Just like Freddy's glove or Jason's machete or Michael's butcher knife, the pickax is the iconic weapon of choice, and it's used in some incredible, and messy ways. No problem in that department. I also liked the mystery of it all. Is it really Harry Warden?. Is it one of the guys?. We always know it's Michael or Jason, but the 'who is it?' aspect of this film, and others like it, are a lot of fun. I think it brings the viewer more into the picture as they try to pick up on clues and find out who is doing it and exactly why. The DVD special features are quite underwhelming. That's the only negative I have to say about the whole package. It gets a 2 disc treatment for extra material, but the material itself is so short, it could of been all on one disc. The features are all under 10 minutes as well. The deleted/extended scenes are interesting, as is the alternate ending, but the behind the scenes stuff left a lot to be desired.

    In the end, there is a lot of fun to be had with this movie. I grew up on the 80's slasher craze, and this movie really satisifed me in that regard. It may not be everyone's taste, but director Patrick Lussier has directed one of the best slasher films I have seen in years.

    ...more info
  • My Bloody Valentine 3d is terrifically scarry by Ray Sipe
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • MUST SEE for any horror fan!!!
    All I have to say is this is EXACTLY what a horror flick is supposed to be. Just like it was in the 80s/90s and not the crap they have been releasing lately. MUST SEE if you are a scary movie fanatic!!!...more info
  • Awsome Horror!! Great Gore...All in All A+
    First I would like to start off by saying this movie was really good. Even better since I saw it in the theatres in digital 3D. Wow oh Wow to that!

    I am sick and tired of people always leaving bad reviews for horror movies only because they are remakes and they believe it is horrible. That is the only reason why people allow themselves to hate good horror because most horror movies anymore are remakes. STOP IDIOTS!!!

    This movie to me was full of good acting and not predictable to me, because let me say sorry, I haven't seen the original. So that didn't ruin it for me! I love the Saw movie like surprise ending to it. The many ways people died in the movie...I will admit they happened before in other horror movies, but the way it happened was just totally great!

    Like many people say..."oh this wasn't scary". It always depends on how jumpy you are and how your nerves are and how easily you get scared at things. So if you are not scared easily, you may think the movie reaks of horrible movie flick. If you scare will jump alot to this movie, like I did.

    Possible mini type spoilers below...They don't really give anything away go right ahead!!!

    Like every horror movie though...You will feel sad for one person...glad another died...they stay sterotypical and only allow two people to live...and....Make sure you watch the whole entire that I mean there is a surprise after the credits....more info
  • 3D Horror Film
    i really like this movie espically the 3d all the strong violence
    its a good horror movie to watch

    people who like the 3d movies would like this one...more info
  • Not worth the 3-D without an LCD tv
    The movie was great, but don't bother watching the 3-D version unless you have an LCD tv. I tried it on 2 different tv's and the 3-D technology sucked. It was blurry and all red and green. I watched it on my computer with my LCD monitor and it was almost perfect. I don't know what the deal with that is, but they might want to fix that in the future if they want to release movies in 3-D....more info
  • A better than usual horror remake
    In a RealD theater, this film rocks. Unfortunately, that will be irrelevant when this hits DVD since RealD cannot be displayed on TVs yet. Unlike a lot of other reviewers who say this is excellent with the 3D, but average otherwise, I have to give it 4 stars. This is one of the better horror remakes to come out. It is not a tiresome shot for shot study, and it is respectful of the original. The differences add to the story rather than taking away. This could have been better if shot in a real mine, but it looks good nonetheless. I would Imagine that the huge RealD cameras prevented shooting on location like the original. Aside from the modern looks and 3D, I felt like I was watching a late seventies, early eighties, non-meddling MPAA horror flick. It is just good gory fun and I think most slasher fans will like it.

    Addendum: 3/2/09 The DVD and Bluray releases for MBV have been announced and both will have both the 2D and 3D versions, so apparently it is possible to do the RealD stuff at home....more info
  • Competent classic slasher homage
    ...and you really might want to dispose of the glasses and watch the 2D flipside, so you don't have to watch everything in pinkish green. Without the gimmick, this redux is still a lot of fun. How many ways can you wreck a head with a pickaxe? Find out here. Highlights: a shovel bisecting a head horizontally as the rest of the body and head slides to the ground, a dwarf takes a pickaxe through the chin, heck, everyone gets a pickaxe through the head in a different way each time. Creative stuff. And no classic slasher is complete without a little T&A-this flick surprisingly pushes the envelope in that department with a sustained full frontal scene that lasts about five minutes, no kidding-the most exposure I've seen in any cineplex product. I'm not sure how the producers got this rated without having to cut this near-softcore porn.

    In sum, it passes the geek test for a good tongue-in-cheek gorefest. Joe Bob would approve heartily.
    ...more info
  • Discs come badly pre-scratched!
    This is a warning to potential buyers. Lionsgate really dropped the ball with this release. It looks good at first as they included both the 2D and the 3D versions and included 4 pairs of 3D glasses. The problem however is that they used a double sided disc and just thew the glasses into the DVD case. The glasses package bounces around scratching the hell out of the top of the disc (which contains the 2D version).

    The first one I bought was scratched so badly that it affected playback. I returned it. The second one was better but still very badly scratched. Since the clerk said all the discs were this way I just decided to keep the disc and have it buffed/repaired at a video store. What's funny is the clerk at the video store took one look at the title and said "all ours are also the same way." My brother who is a manager of a Movie/Music retail store says they've been taking a lot of returns on this DVD for the same problem.

    Whoever at Lionsgate designed this case by throwing in the glasses to scratch up the disc should be fired. They didn't even take the time to put the glasses in an envelope and put it under the insert tabs. They just thew the glasses in without care! The next time you go to a store, shake the case and you can here the glasses shaking around. Awful

    Don't even think about getting the 1 Disc version to get around the problem as that edition also uses a double sided disc. Same exact problem.

    Buyer beware....if you decide to purchase than get ready to get a very badly scratched disc....more info
  • Another Day Another Remake
    I would say this movie is more of a *** and 1/2 star pic.

    Yes, all those dirty little, those-who-we-don't-speak-of cheapie slasher films from the late 70's and all throughout the 80's are being remade or revamped or whatever the hell term folks use so they don't have to say, "We're out of fresh ideas" are in full force in the new millenium! Some work out or are mild time wasters. Some fall so flat it's an embarassment to have seen them(The Fog,When A Stranger Calls,Prom Night). Some do the original's justice and bring something fresh to the table. Well, lucky for Hollywood that horror film fans, the most loyal and well versed of all movie goers, are so hungry for horror that they'll sit through any remake, since its all that seems to be made these days, just to go and see a horror film. Now we have the most unnecessary of unnecessary horror remakes, My Bloody Valentine.

    Well, not completely unnecessary. I've always said if you want to remake horror, then why not remake the ones that didn't work, but had good premises. The original film was a slight but fairly entertaining slasher pic from that far off land called 1981. It was a little nastier then the usual slasher fare(Friday The 13th series helped up the grue factor that trendsetters like Black Christmas and Halloween so masterfully avoided)but was well made and an intersting enough murder mystery similar to an Agatha Christie novel by the way of Scooby Doo for movie goers to dig into. It wasn't anything special or great, but it got it's job done effieciently enough. These films cling to the suspense of eventually revealing who the masked slasher is. Like most slashers the identity of the killer is besides the point, and it's more about the ride it takes to get there. Whoever it ends up being is going to be a let down no matter what. This remake does play fair with its red herrings, for the most part.

    The new My Bloody Valentine doesn't rock the boat on the tried and true tropes of the original or the slasher genre, but manages to be a fun ride nonetheless. This is what I call a funhouse horror film. It's not particularly scary or original, but it has the mechanics to make an audience jump or cheer at certain moments. This film won't follow you home and into your nightmares, but it will put a smile on your face while you're vieweing it. The plot is essentially the same as the original, no major surgery was done to the structure or overall plot of the first film.

    The acting is all spot on. Our three main performers, Jamie King, Kerr Smith, and Jensen Ackles, play their parts realistically and garner enough sympathy or interst to give the audience a reason to care who gets axed next. Ah, and this may not matter to anyone but me, but we get a cast made up of GROWN UPS. There are no teens occupying any of the roles in this film. The prologue sets you up for a typical 80's slashathon complete with drinking teens partying at an abandoned mine, but then shifts ten years later and gives us our survivors in their grown up form. No high school meladrama. No immature jokes or occupations. The characters have families, jobs and actual responsibilites. Hell, we even get Tom Atkins and Kevin Tighe to play major characters in the film. I'm a huge Atkins fan. Night Of The Creeps is a personal fav. I had heard about his casting in this film and I thought it would just be a cameo so the filmmakers could prove how hip and down they are with the horror community, but no, he actually has a real character and gives a real performance, AND has a major role in the film's ultimate plot.

    The film was directed by the great film editor Patrick Lussier. He was brought up working with Wes Craven on Wes Craven's New Nightmare, the Scream trilogy, and the ultimately cursed Cursed. He's a good filmmaker who hasn't made that many great films. The only stand out in his directing resume for me is his first sequel to his mediocre directorial debut Dracula 2000. His other films(The Prophecy 3, White Noise 2, Dracula 200, and Dracula 3) all had varying degrees of success without being outright awful(though, The Prophecy 3 came close). He's keeps the pace quick and the energy level high. The story all the way through to its final conclusions stick. The suspense scenes are all very elaborate, much more so then the original or many other recent slashers including the Friday The 13th remake. The gore level is high as well. The gags are along the line of the type of funhouse horror I mentioned earlier. It's all for fun and shock and it works this time.

    Special mention must go to the hotel scene with the Irene character. Thank you, Mr. Lussier for bringing sex back to the cinema, even if it's in the exploitation context. That old horror film addage about how the audience will be more scared if a female is being chased as opposed to a man, and even more scary if that female is scantily clad, is truly exploited to it's fullest potential in this film and in this scene. It starts off titilating and then turns kind of goofy but then switches gears into unrelenting terror and then grue. Good job.

    The problem that enters my happy horror town comes due to the lack of innovation. I'm a slasher fan. I like when the conventions are presented well and then executed even better, which this film does, but I do think after about 30 years worth of slasher films a little more originality could've been thrown into the broth, even if this film is a remake. It's rote but done well. Nothing overly imaginative or original here folks.

    Secondly, the 3-D gimmick was one of the major high points this film acheived theatrically. It was totally fun and added to my point regarding funhouse horror. The 3-D is quite good, but not intrussive and obvious like most the ones from the 80's(Friday part III,Jaws 3). It helped push this film past the fact that it wasn't that original. The gimmick really helped this film alot. On DVD we lose the gimmick almost entirely. I'm afraid the home theatre technology regarding 3-D isn't at a place of innovation or interest. The 3-D side of the two disc set is almost worthless. You get only a vague semblance of the effect from seeing it in theatres. Bummer.

    The DVD itself is okay. The second dis has the usual deleted, alternate and extended scenes. Most are extensions and character beats of already existing scenes. There's more red herrings offered, though in the final film only two of the red herrings actually have any interest and the audience knows who will be the major suspects in the final scene quite early on. The two featurettes are far too short for life. The only thing intersting about the first is that we learn that the mine was an actual mine and not a set. The second is dedicated to the practical gore effects by the great Gary Tunnicliffe(Feast and all the Dimension produced Hellraiser sequels). It's cool to see how the practical effects functioned and how CGI was used as an enhancement as opposed to the final word, but if you've seen one make-up effects featurette, you've seen them all. Together the featurettes run about 14 minutes. The real prize of this DVD, the one special feature offered on the single disc, is the commentary by director Patrick Lussier and co-screenwriter Gary Farmer(Jason X). I have listened to commentaries by both these men on other films and they are truly entertaining, more entertaining then the film itself. It's worth a listen. It's a good place to start your commentary listening career if you've never listened to one, or start with Scream(Kevin Williamson, Wes Craven commentary).

    A blurb on the DVD cover reads, "Best 3-D horror film made ever!" Well, not quite. I would vote this one for a third place spot after Creature From The Black Lagoon and House On Haunted Hill(original, DUH), which I've had the pleasure of seeing both in 3-D theatrical showings. Check it out....more info
  • Solid Nostalgic Remake
    To clarify my experience, I watched the 2D version on DVD and was not as let down as I thought I might be, missing the all-important 3rd "D". In fact, the first act is absolutely brilliant: fast paced, fun, and bloody. I was feeling all kinds of 80's nostalgic as I watched with an ever growing grin across my face. Unfortunately, 2nd act character development was rife with unimaginative dialogue which slowed the pacing significantly. Things picked up again as the third act approached, and I was feeling 4 star love coming on. Then it happened: one of those moments where after going along, forgiving the little bumps and potholes of lazy writing and enjoying the thrill ride, one of the main players says something so moronic, that any mystery or suspense built up to that point gets sucked right out of the room. Instead of focusing on the action, I couldn't get past the fact that the writers allowed something so lazy and lame to play a major role in the storytelling. I can't elucidate without spoiling the film. It's just unfortunate that my suspension bridge of disbelief was demolished at that point.

    Even in 2D format, My Bloody Valentine is mildly recommended, especially for fans of 80's horror. Although diminishing returns set in after a stellar first act, there are some bloody good kills, skilled direction throughout, and enough thrills to keep the viewer interested. If not for some unimaginative dialogue and character issues, I would have awarded MBV 4 stars, but have to take away one star for my issues with the lazy writing. ...more info