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Smokehouse Chicken Breast Tenders are a natural and healthy treat that preserve the true flavor of the finest quality chicken breast. This 100% natural treat is low in fat and high in protein and will surely become a favorite. An exceptional treat that will please both pets and pet lovers alike.

Customer Reviews:

  • My dog loves them, and they are safe.

    This specific product was never on the recall list of products with a known problem.
    I have been giving them to my dog for 4 years+ and he is the healthiest dog my vet has ever seen.
    They are his favorite treat that I give him as a special reward....more info
  • Jerky Chicken
    All of my dogs LOVE this product, however, with the recent recall and problems that have occurred with this product and others just like it (different brand names) I am sorry to say that my dogs started to get sick when they would eat these. I contacted my vet who insisted that
    I stop giving my dogs these treats immediately. She stated that these, and others, were on a recall due to a chemical that was used in China. Yes, these are made in China and I did not know this until I received the product and after the vet brought it to my attention. If you can find this type of product, but NOT made in China, then it should be okay to give to you dog. I am still looking for one that is not made in China, because my dogs truly did love this product to have as a treat. Contact your vet before giving your dog any kind of treat like this. I am now giving my dogs a jerkey duck treat, and so far so good. None of them have gotten sick. I am sadden by all of the problems we are having with our dog food and dog treats coming from China. Now, when I shop, I DO NOT purchase anything made in China, only made in the USA. ...more info
  • These treats are dangerous
    These treats made my dog seriously ill with kidney failure. We had been feeding our dogs these treats for months, then suddenly both our dogs became ill. We almost lost our smaller dog, a Cavalier King Charles. While the FDA is still investigating, these treats continue to be sold. In our small town there were four cases diagnosed within one week, and our newspaper, the Longmont Times Call, ran a front page story on it. Since then I've been contacted by people from across the US who have been affected, and we have created a web site dedicated to this issue: [...]...more info
  • Great product
    Our dogs just love this product. It keeps them from chewing other items like furniture!...more info
  • make dogs sick
    my chihuahua mix has renal failure because of these treats. Here is an FDA warning:
    The Food and Drug Administration is cautioning consumers of a potential association between development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products also described as chicken tenders, strips or treats. FDA has received more than 70 complaints involving more than 95 dogs that experienced illness that their owners associated with consumption of chicken jerky products.


    I don't know if my dog is going to live....more info
  • a good value
    my animals love this product and compared to local store prices it is a good value!...more info
  • Yummy
    My dogs love these and my smallest shar pei is a picky eater; turns her nose up at most treats. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Our dogs love these treats. If I would let them, they would eat the whole bag with no problem....more info
  • wheare are these made?
    My dogs loved these but I stopped getting them because they came from China and the issues related to chicken and dog treats from China. I'd like to get them again. Can someone that has used them recently tell me if they still come form china?...more info
  • good stuff but 1 doesn't last too long.
    I feel bad when leaving my pet so I usually give her a treat b4 I go out for the day. It would be nice if they made treats that lasted atleast an hour each so your pet is happy and so are you. this lasted about 1 minute, almost completely gone before I can even lock the door behind me. But she loves it....more info
    DON'T GET BURNED...2 of the 3 jars seals were broken when shipment arrived...i was so excited when my search for training treats for my new yellow lab came up with these, that i didn't realize they were made in china...i don't think these are returnable items...BEWARE...more info
  • Smokehouse Products, Pig ear strips & chicken breast tenders
    My Italian Greyhounds and fosters love both of these products. The pig ears strips are nice for the smaller dog and is a good treat for the dog you are trying to keep trim because you don't have to feed the entire ear. They love the chicken breast tenders too. The 8 month old puppy foster I took in yesterday worked on one while acclimating to it's new temporary home. Great products, good company. I would prefer it not be made in CHINA. Big yuck there. ...more info
  • ******DEADLY***My dog nearly died***DEADLY*********
    My yorkie almost died! He has eaten ONLY organic food his entire life. I purchase a bag of these (the only store bought food or treat he has ever eaten) and within weeks he became lethargic and refused food of any kind. He was admmitted to the hospital Nov 2007 for 6 days and was administered IV fluids to prevent his death from
    *****************Acute Renal Failure*********************************
    These treat causes kidney failure which can be deadly and there is no medication available to prevent,minimize or repair the damage. The damage is IRREVERSABLE!!!!!! My dog is now damaged for life!!!! If you love your pet DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! The FDA has received over 100 complaints and UC Davis is following over 40 many have dogs have to die before big corporations stop allowing this toxic stuff from China to be sold in their stores AND stop allowing very deceptive labeling practices that trick consumers into thinking the product is safe and made in the USA?????????????? Save yourself the heartache DON"T BUY THIS IT"S DEADLY!...more info
  • Good product, but made in china so there are risks
    As far as I can tell, these chicken jerky strips are a good, natural product. Even so, they do say clearly on the label that these are made in China, making them somewhat risky (because of the quiet jerky-poisoning cases of 2007). Another concern - between Dec. 2008 and Feb. 2009, the costs of these went from about 11.00 to about 16.75 on amazon. At that price, it becomes both safer and more cost effective to just make jerky yourself from USDA grade chicken!...more info


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