AeroGrow AeroGarden Classic 7-Pod with Herb 'n Serve and Herb Chef Seed Kit, Silver
AeroGrow AeroGarden Classic 7-Pod with Herb 'n Serve and Herb Chef Seed Kit, Silver

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  • Kit includes silver AeroGarden Classic, Quick Start Guide, and Tending and Harvesting Guides
  • Get started with the included Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, Herb Chef Pack Seed Kit, set of 2 compact fluorescent grow bulbs, Herb 'n Serve Dressing and Marinade Maker
  • All natural with no pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals
  • Grow anything, anywhere, anytime
  • No dirt, no weeds, no mess

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Investment I've Made in 10 Years!!!
    I purchased 2 of the 7-pod Classics mid December '08. Cancer patient restricted to the house because of no immune system, so grocery shopping in a public place was out of the question. I started herbs and chef salad bar greens and began harvesting the salad greens within 10 days: they are both still going strong. I enjoy Mesclun Mix, Salad Greens, Romaine, Baby Greens and Arugula (and have 7 remaining pods for replacement when these have lived their life). The second one began providing herbs to use within 16 days: Parsley, Italian Basil, Purple Basil, Thyme, Mint, Dill and Chives. The only disappointment was Chives (they failed miserably). The Purple Basil didn't last longer than 3 months before it 'died', but the others are still going strong 5 months later.

    I had been following the prices on these units and just couldn't afford them until they went on sale. I could not be happier with my purchase of 2 units, the quality of the product, ease of use, and resulting herbs/produce. I have made a 'drying' screen for the herbs that grow faster than I can use them and once dried, I simply place in an old 'spice jar' from long-ago used up store-bought spices/herbs.

    Units advise when to add water and nutrients (included with each seed pod set) via small flashing lights, although I check every few days to keep water levels high. I add luke-warm water vs cold right from tap in an attempt to not shock the plants when adding more water. The taste of the produce is fresh, clean, no sand or grit, not a critter in sight. I find myself picking mint, parsley and lettuce from the units as I walk by to munch on while doing chores. They have saved me tons in money as we eat lots of salad combos and I love cooking with fresh herbs and spices.

    The lights on these are bright: very bright, so keep that in mind when figuring on a location for them. The plants require 16 hours of 'sunlight' and 8 hrs dark for best results but the units have built-in timers to make life simple. Once set up, they will turn on/off as programmed (easy as pie to program) and will even remember the programming in the event of a power outage.

    Light bulbs are recommended to be changed every 6 months for best results, but mine appear to be going strong even at 5 months. The units make a bit of gurgling noise when first starting up, but that soon disappears.

    I have just ordered my 3rd unit as I am anxious to continue with the lettuces, herbs and I want to try my hand at salsa pepper/tomato combo and cherry tomatoes next.

    Warranty can be submitted via Internet or US Postal Service with the promise of $50 in coupons for future Aerogarden supplies purchases. Once you get this unit running and it begins producing, you will be hooked.

    I think this would be a tremendous gift. The 7-pod unit has a footprint of approx. 16" long x 7" wide and when the light hood is raised to the highest position, maybe 18" high. The lightbulbs are simple to install and are protected underneath the canopy. If the need arises to move the unit while it is filled, it is also easy. Simply lift the unit out of the base. Instructions are precise, complete and easy to follow. Tips and guides included as well as troubleshooting info and photos of healthy/unhealthy plants to keep one on track.

    Can't wait for my third unit to arrive. These are wonderful. ...more info
  • Pretty cool
    I got this for Mothers day, sons know I love fresh herbs. Basil is doing great, every other herb is very meager. Good thing I love brushetta....more info
  • Gardening for Dummies!
    I received the black unit as a Christmas gift and have been enjoying fresh herbs ever since. The thyme and oregano didn't make it so (with tweasers) I stuck replacement seeds that I bought for 20-cents at WalMart in the existing pods and now have three pods of chives and three varieties of basil -- those with the thriving mint and parsley, I am all set with my herb staples. I use the herbs in everything I cook (except cereal!)and am constantly munching on the mint as I pluck it to put in my hot and iced tea. The bonus is the wonderful fragrance that remains in the kitchen from the aromatic herbs...especially the basil. This unit is a joy to all of my senses: I love the way it looks, the way it smells, and definitely the way it tastes (not the unit, the herbs!). It is wonderfully satisfying to harvest such freshness every matter what the weather conditions are outside. ...more info
  • not bad
    The plants grow fast and taste good. There is a good variety on the website for the seeds. Only concern is that it takes at least 50 watts or more and it runs almost all day long....more info
  • Makes a Great Gift
    My daughter-in-law cooks everything from scratch using the freshest and most naturally grown or organic ingredients she can find. When I saw this in the Gold Box, I immediately thought of her and sent it as a gift.

    She was thrilled to receive it 3 days ago and told me today that some of the herbs have already sprouted!

    I'll update this later if she finds any issues with it, but for now, she gives it 5 Stars....more info
  • Disappointed
    Bought this same AeroGarden as a gift for my son for the holidays. One of the two bulbs burned out in a week and then the water pump died, causing the plants to dry up and die. AeroGarden customer service was impossible to deal with, reporting a two hour wait for service, due to high volume of callers. The concept seemed great, but it did not work out at all for us. Fortunately Amazon was great about accepting a return and giving a full refund....more info
  • Good deal
    I got this as a Gold Box special and it's a great deal. I have two of these Aerogardens and love having fresh herbs and lettuce. Just be sure to buy them on sale......more info
  • awesome garden!
    I love love love this garden! I am not that good @ gardening and am trying to learn, but having this in my kitchen with live growing plants is fabulous for my gardening self esteem!...more info
  • hydroponics 101
    very cool. It's only been 3 weeks and they are ready for the first trim. Aerogrow has pods you can buy to grow any seeds you want. This kit came with 2 seasons worth of herbs, with others available from the web site. The grow lights are on a timer that you can control as to what time of day you want the lights on. I haven't gotten to use any of the herbs yet, but so far I am very pleased with the way they are progressing....more info
  • Herbs within weeks
    As advertised! Plants sprouted in a few days and ready to begin harvesting in a few weeks. I'd recommend this product. ...more info


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