Quick-Fix Vegetarian: Healthy Home-Cooked Meals in 30 Minutes or Less

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"Many studies have shown that vegetarians seem to have a lower risk of obesity, coronary heart disease (which causes heart attack), high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and some forms of cancer." --The American Heart Association

  • * Featuring 150 delicious recipes, Quick-Fix Vegetarian provides both novice and longtime cooks with practical and robust vegetarian dishes that can be prepared in less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered.
  • * Written by best-selling vegetarian chef Robin Robertson, Quick-Fix Vegetarian is the answer for busy families who are looking for healthy food, fast.

Quick-Fix Vegetarian by Robin Robertson recently was named Best New Cookbook by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The international organization's Proggy Award (short for "progress") recognizes animal-friendly achievement in 21st century culture and commerce. No longer considered a "hippie fad," the vegan lifestyle is becoming going mainstream. In her latest book vegetarian expert Robin Robertson creates recipes such as Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Quesadillas, Chipotle-Kissed Black Bean Soup, Mediterranean Orzo Salad, Beat-the-Clock Lasagna, Five-Minute Slow-Cooker Chili, and No-Bake Oatmeal Almond Cookies for this growing consumer base. In addition, Quick-Fix Vegetarian shows how to use many of the new commercial vegetarian products and includes recipe variations and tips for speedy, stress-free entertaining without sacrificing flavor or mainstream appeal.

Customer Reviews:

  • Really is quick fix
    I am a new vegetarian and just needed some ideas of what I could make quickly and easily. This book has been very helpful. I have made about 5 things out of it so far and they have all been very fast and have tasted good, not great, but most of them have been things I will make again. The curried "egg salad" is delicious! As others have stated this is a vegan cookbook....more info
    I have tried several of the recipes so far and have loved each one of them. They are quick to put together, flavorful and most of the items are staples in your cupboard. Cookbooks don't need to have pictures. Pictures can be very deceiving. Your dish most likely won't look just like the picture b/c they have had artist arrange the food on a platter.
    I highly recomend this book for everyone. ...more info
  • My new old-reliable
    This isn't a cookbook that I obsessively earmarked only to forget about it within weeks. Rather, I scanned all of the recipes to get a gist for the ingredients used, and neatly placed into my "regular-use" stash of books. No, I didn't cook from it right away, but I knew I would return. And return I did ... within a week in fact. It hit on a night (okay, these nights happen to me often) where we hardly had anything left in the fridge, I was void of ideas, and we had already eaten out far too much. I grabbed this cookbook, flipped through, and within seconds I had selected that night's dinner - Chipotle-Kissed Black Bean Soup.

    Though it merely used pantry items, this soup was a fulfilling hit! It used those canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce (I bought a small can almost a year ago without a clue as to what to use them in), which added an extra layer of flavor that we truly enjoyed. The recipe did call for carrots, which my husband is not a fan of, so I used some leftover roasted sweet potatoes for an even heartier, yet equally delicious meal.

    A few days later, it hit again, but this time for a different reason. I had some leftover coconut milk in the fridge and no cravings for a curry. But there it was ... The Dark Chocolate Yum Sauce! My freezer was actually overflowing with dairy-free "ice cream," and what ice cream isn't improved even more by chocolate sauce?! Let's just say, the name of the recipe sums it up nicely ... rich, dark, and yummy.

    In terms of the facts, "quick-fix" means you will spend 30 minutes or less on prep time and cook time together. There are some slow cooker recipes included, which do extend beyond the 30 minutes with the cook time, but the author felt that the incredible ease of throwing crock pot recipes together with no fuss warranted them some spots in this cookbook. A large percentage of the recipes are "from-scratch," but she doesn't hesitate to use shortcuts, including ingredients such as canned beans, jarred roasted red peppers, bottled barbecue sauce, and vegetarian sausage to keep all of the recipes as convenient as possible when "from-scratch" is just too time-consuming.

    This cookbook hasn't been in my rotation for long, yet I expect it will be "well-loved" (read: marked up, spilled on, and wrinkled pages from hurried used) in no time!...more info
  • Great for people that can't cook!
    I really enjoy this cookbook. I am the type of girl that can burn water. Recipes are easy and always a hit! ...more info
  • Ideal Cookbook for New Vegetarians and Vegans
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1M6689G45XUF7 ...more info
  • Good resource for a working mother
    I bought this book to help me to make healthy, quick meals on very busy days while I transition my family into a new style of eating.

    I had not realized when I bought this book that it was Vegan, I wish that had been made more clear in the title. I am not interested in adopting a Vegan diet, I am interested in replacing our traditional meals with healthier, meatless alternatives. Luckily I have found that the recipes offered here are indeed easy to make and good tasting, and thus still useful toward my ends. The kids do like the food (no small thing!) and and I am getting use out of the book, just perhaps not as often as I had hoped as I prefer to include dairy and eggs in my children's diets.

    I recommend the book if you are looking for quick Vegan meals, or for good tasting, healthy dishes to 'fill around the edges' of lacto-ovo or omnivorous diets. ...more info
  • Quick as a flash - dinner is done!
    This is a brilliant book perfect for a family with kids! At the end of a long day these meals are prepped quickly and easily with the added bonus of being tasty as well. So far all the meals in this book have been winners. Quick fix & delicious, is what you want in a recipe book....more info
  • Little work, lots of flavor
    Though this book is all over the map (slow-cooker recipes, casseroles, etc.)--are these recipes that are on the table start to finish in 30 minutes, or is hands-on time 30 minutes? There are some in each category. Still, I give this book 5 stars because everything I've made is truly easy and absolutely delicious. The recipes work as stated; no guesswork or tweaking. Robin is friendly, helpful, and informative as an author and cook, and I look forward to making lots more of these tasty and healthy recipes....more info
  • VEGAN Cookbook - Not What I Wanted But Not Bad At All
    WHAT I WANTED: A quick vegetarian cookbook I could use for our "veggie nights" 3-4 times a week and for veggie entrees on nights we have meat as a side dish.

    WHAT I GOT: A very good but VEGAN cookbook with lots of recipes calling for mock meat.

    PROS: quick-cooking, well-written recipes that come out the way they should.

    CONS: Not clearly labeled vegan, most recipes call for mock meat

    OVERALL: Not for poser not quite vegetarians like myself. My full-vegetarian heading towards vegan sister is loving the cookbook and even convinced my meat and potatoes parents to eat some of the recipes. Four stars just because it really should be clear this is a vegan cookbook....more info
  • Great book, good tips
    I love this book because the author definitely has the time-strapped cook in mind. Although I've found that some of the recipes have taken me a little longer than 30 minutes, I appreciate that she gives lots of tips for how to cut down the prep time even further. As far as the recipes go, the peanut-coconut tempeh sauce is wonderful, but I'd cut down the olive oil by about 1/2 in the basic pesto recipe. Overall, though, I very highly recommend this book. It's actually my #1 favorite cookbook right now. Five stars. ...more info
  • great book for vegetarians
    this book has recipes in all categories of food: salads, soups, even deserts. recipe use a variety of ingredients which is essential for a vegetarian diet. the recipes can indeed be prepared very quickly...more info
  • Not my favorite
    If I had been able to check this out at the library, I wouldn't have bought it. Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet by Nava Atlas is much better (for me) and I've made many more dishes from it. In addition, the Atlas book gives me ideas to take off from hers and experiment since the recipes are simple and make use of some prepared products such as salsa. If you have to buy one or are beginning to explore vegetarian recipes, pick the Atlas book. ...more info
  • Delicious, Healthy and Fast Vegan Food!
    I'm a full time student as well as a full time worker, and after a long day I just don't feel like cooking. The back of this book reads, "vegetarian dishes that can be prepared in less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered," and it is not a lie. I've already made several recipes out of this book, including one for a Quinoa salad that converted me into a Quinoa lover. From Basic Recipes (mushroom gravy, pie crust, etc) to appetizers, entrees and desserts, Robin Robertson makes it easy to never order take-out again....more info
  • Best Cookbook I've ever bought
    I read the 1 and 2 star reviews for this book and I understand why they did not like the cookbook. First of all, there aren't any pictures. Secondly, it is a book for vegans and not for vegetarians. That being said.... quit complaining about superficial things! These meals are so easy to cook and delicious that I find I don't miss the pictures at all. Also, even though this cookbook is for vegans, some of the recipes call for soy cheese. Just use regular cheese. If you're a vegetarian, you should know how to modify dishes. My fiance is a meat eater and I'm able to modify ALL the dishes for him. This is a great cookbook! And none of the recipes take me more than 30 minutes to make....more info
  • Easy, flavorful recipes
    I'm a college student, so I thrive on easy recipes that are easy, fairly cheap, and smell good enough perhaps to tempt my omnivorous roommates. Quick-Fix Vegetarian isn't necessarily life changing, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I also love how she only puts "vegetarian" in the title, but all of the recipes happen to be vegan. I think this simple replacement does a phenomenal job of NOT scaring away ovo-lacto vegetarians. I definitely recommend this cookbook for anyone who doesn't have the time/resources to cook a mind-blowingly complex meal every night, but likes eating home cooked meals. ...more info
  • I'm too busy to cook so this book is perfect for me!
    This book is a dream come true for people who want to prepare healthy meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. The recipes are easy to use and they taste great too. Best of all, they are designed for the way people really cook, making selective use of high-quality convenience products, such as canned beans and tomato products, to speed things along. I especially appreciate that the recipes are cholesterol-free and not all gunked up with cheese. So glad to finally have a recipe book with great veg food that is quick to fix. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Vegan Cook Book
    The name of this book is misleading, these receipes are not "quick-fix" at all. Also, very, very little photos of the finished meals, I want pictures!...more info


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