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  • Nothing but amazing!
    Long before this show was airing, I was beyond excited about it.
    To have a new Joss Whedon show, which also had Eliza Dushku AND Amy Acker was just absolutely mind blowing! It could be nothing but amazing.
    And when the day came - I was not disappointed!
    It is true though, as I see others have already said, that it was kind of a slow start - but never in the way of "why am I watching this show" slow.
    The pace picked up, and they followed through all the way!
    Dollhouse left me glued to the screen, always wanting more, and though this last episode answered much, there's new questions and still more stories to tell.
    I hope FOX will renew for another season, and I am definitely getting the season 1 DVD - and I hope you will do the same! Well worth it!
    ...more info
  • amazing new series from joss
    I love Joss, but I wasn't sure I'd like Dollhouse. The first few eps were only okay. But by the 5th ep I was hooked. This show is amazing. I have learned my lesson and will never doubt Joss again. The premise of the show is interesting and complex, the acting is brilliant, the dialogue is wonderful. If you haven't seen Dollhouse yet, order the DVD set. This show is a thrill ride, and I, for one, hope we get to ride through Season 2 and more....more info
  • Best show this year
    When this first came out I was a little worried. I kept thinking "Is this really the best that our lord and master Joss Whedon could think of?" I mean, I bow down before his mighty artistic prowess, but the first couple episodes left me disappointed.

    That said, the season kept getting better as it went on. Lots of new characters, plot twists that were actually unexpected, and characters who aren't black and white. Really, who are the bad guys? The people running the Dollhouse? The clients? Ballard? Alpha?

    There are too many shows right now that try to tell you "the moral of the story" by clearly showing who the good guys are, who the bad guys are, and why. Dollhouse won't do that. Now go out and watch it already....more info
  • One of the most inventive, challenging shows on television
    Over the past fifteen years, no one has made more interesting television than Joss Whedon. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER helped revolutionize television, not only making the empowered female hero a staple of television, but popularizing the long story arc and introducing the concept of the body count. ANGEL did little innovation in its own right, but still managed to roll out several seasons of excellent and consistently fascinating television. And FIREFLY not only brought new ground by blending the Western and Sci-fi, but brought a grittiness to the genre that later BATTLESTAR GALACTICA took to new heights. DOLLHOUSE, however, is both a far more challenging and adventurous series than any of these. Is it as consistently successful as these? Absolutely not. Does it represent Joss Whedon's best work? Here the answer gets dicey. Speaking strictly on the basis of what has been shown so far the answer would be "No," but a more honest and accurate answer would be, "Potentially."

    It is no secrete that DOLLHOUSE is considered a long shot to be renewed. The fault largely has to be laid at the feet of the executives of FOX. This show, unlike virtually every other show that FOX has ever done, is cutting edge and adventurous, taking risks unlike anything else you'll find on commercial TV. Had the show been placed on any night of the week other than Friday it unquestionably would have attracted a healthy viewership. After all, there is no question that a large number of people are actually watching it. Between live viewers on the "death night" of Friday, the large number of people who DVR the show, the huge number of people who download it via Torrents, and those who buy it on iTunes or Amazon's Unbox, a whole lot of people watch this show. But FOX shoved the show into the least promising time slot of the entire week, Friday nights. And what was the result? What anyone would imagine it would be: no one watched it live. DVR? Yes. Download? Yes. But live? No. The problem with Friday nights is that everyone in the 18-49 age group that advertisers desire is that they are all out doing stuff. The shows that have good ratings that night, like GHOST WHISPERER, attracts primarily viewers over the age of 49. FOX is responsible for the low ratings of DOLLHOUSE by not putting it on a better night. But despite that it has a show that plenty of people are watching, only not live.

    DOLLHOUSE is built around an extremely difficult concept: people voluntarily (though not uncoerced) agreeing to become more or less indentured servants (which also involves nothing short of prostitution). Imprinted with the personalities who anyone needed for their jobs, the "Actives" who populate the Dollhouse can undertake virtually any job imaginable, for a fee. The first several episodes were somewhat slow and dragged a bit, a series of standalone episodes strongly encouraged by FOX. But once the show moved away from the "assignment of the week" it became the most bracing and exciting hour on television. The second half of the season featured one absolutely breathtaking episode after another, culminating in the final two, where the mysterious "Alpha" finally put in an appearance (played by the wonderful Alan Tudyk) makes his appearance. The show featured one startling twist and shock after another, some that could be anticipated (like many, I had guessed something crucial about Amy Acker's character)) and others that could not. It became a show that was the least predictable on TV.

    The question now is whether FOX will allow us to find out what happens next. Due to their terrible decision to put the show on Friday nights the ratings bombed (the original plan was to put the show on Mondays just before 24), which is unfortunately still the only came in town for the networks and advertisers, despite the otherwise large number of people who watch the series. I do have one hope for the continuance of DOLLHOUSE as we know it. Kevin Reilly, the head of FOX since the summer of 2007, has not been out-of-control in canceling shows. Unlike the FOX of the past, the Kevin Reilly FOX has been far more sober in canceling shows (though he has inexplicably renewed what is arguably the most hated show on TV, `TIL DEATH, which has the lowest viewer rating of any active show on TV). While head of NBC, Reilly made a habit of renewing critically acclaimed but low-rated series, like 30 ROCK, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, and THE OFFICE. Two of those three later became hits. My hope with DOLLHOUSE is that Reilly will remember that great shows have a potential of growing an audience, if you put them on the right night.

    DOLLHOUSE is one of many shows of recent years that focuses extensively or even primarily on the question of what makes a person. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, for instance, dealt at length about who could be said to be a person. In the first three seasons of that show Sharon Agathon (who was, interestingly, involved with Karl Agathon, who was played by Tahmoh Penikett, who plays FBI agent Paul Ballard on DOLLHOUSE) is at the center of whether or not she is a person, despite being a cybernetic machine. Living in a world where our self-identities are often the construct of the things that we identify with and purchase, products of the consumer society in which we live. Questions of authenticity are at the heart of our society. If you know many of the thinkers and writers with whom Joss Whedon is familiar there is no question that he is familiar with these kinds of issues. Many are not comfortable with this. Whedon made his mark as one of the great feminists on television (and interestingly DOLLHOUSE stars Eliza Dushku, whose mother, like Whedon's, is a well known feminist). He has taken a lot of flak for the prostitution that the "Dolls" on the show engage in. The women are very much victims and there are few images of empowered women, completely unlike BUFFY with Buffy and Willow, ANGEL with Fred and Cordelia, and FIREFLY with River and Zoe. But the world is messy and complex and heavily nuanced. This show interacts and dialogues with that complexity. We are having a crisis of identity. We allow too many influences in society dictate who we are. How can we be authentic human beings when we do not have control over our own personhood? These questions transcend issues of feminism and penetrate to the question of what it means to be a person.

    Although there may not be a Season Two of DOLLHOUSE, Joss Whedon has produced a wonderfully self-contained series even if it doesn't continue. Unliked the vast majority of TV creators and writers, Whedon has always felt that each season of a series should end in a way so that if it is the last episode, fans aren't left unnecessarily suffering. The final episode of ever season of every show he has done has not ended on a cliffhanger unless the show had already been renewed before production on the finale had begun. Seasons One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven of BUFFY as well as Seasons One, Two, Four, and Five of ANGEL could all serve as series ends. They already knew that ANGEL had been renewed when the finale of Season Three was filming. FIREFLY was cancelled right in the middle of filming, so it never had the opportunity of any kind of ending.

    The DVDs will feature an episode that FOX currently has no plan on broadcasting. It guest stars Felicia Day (one of the Potentials from Season Seven of BUFFY and the love female lead in DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG) and purportedly does some exceptionally over-the-top things. Kristin of Eonline has reported that if FOX does not renew DOLLHOUSE, Joss Whedon is interested in developing a new show out of that final though unbroadcast episode of DOLLHOUSE. Hopefully, this time he will try to do something on one of the cable networks. Instead of FOX, I would like to see him on the Sci Fi channel (or as it is soon to be known, SyFy) or HBO or Showtime or even AMC. Because we haven't seen this episode yet, we have no idea what direction a new Joss Whedon series based on this would look like. But if it is even a fraction as interesting as DOLLHOUSE, I am game. The truth is, this show should never have been on FOX to begin with. That it did was a result of Eliza Dushku having a contract with FOX to develop a new show. She immediately asked Joss Whedon to create that show. I think she has done a great job as Echo in the series, but I hope that we'll continue to see her either on FOX in this show or on a cable channel in the same role on a new show.

    Will this be the end of DOLLHOUSE? I hope not. I had grown to have almost no interest in FOX and hadn't been watching any FOX shows in several seasons, but first with TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and then with DOLLHOUSE and FRINGE, I thought it was finally becoming a network that was interested in exciting and complex programming. And maybe it will be. Time will tell. But here is what confuses me. There is no shortage of great series on TV. But so many of those shows are lightly watched. Some are on cable and as a result are sheltered by lowered expectations. MAD MEN, BREAKING BAD, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and TRUE BLOOD are all interesting or even great shows that get very few viewers, far less than even failing shows on CBS or NBC or ABC. Then there are more heavily watched shows like PUSHING DAISIES, ELI STONE, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, CHUCK, and DOLLHOUSE that either get cancelled or are in danger of cancellation because they are on one of the broadcast networks. There is no question that the television industry is broken. Viewership is in decline for all the networks for all evenings. There is little to indicate that this is going to reverse. But the networks have not managed to come up with any kind of functional model to deal with lessened viewership. FOX can't figure out what to do with shows like TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and DOLLHOUSE that are heavily watched but have few live viewers. If FOX cancels them, in their place will go two other shows with perhaps even fewer viewers and far less critical buzz.

    Whatever happens, we at least got one splendid season of the always-fascinating Joss Whedon. Hopefully we'll get more seasons of DOLLHOUSE. If not, more seasons of some new Joss Whedon series.

    May 15, 2009 -- Awesome news!!!! Against hope FOX has renewed DOLLHOUSE for a second season! The Hollywood Reporter broke the story but it has since been confirmed by some writers on the show. It has been renewed for only 13 episodes, which is similar to what has happened to CHUCK and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. But unless one wants to quibble with the number of episodes, this is great news. The one fly in the ointment is that FOX is apparently keeping the show on Friday night. It seems that they have decided to keep a show going that a core group of people care passionately about rather than a show that might get slightly more viewers, but who don't care that much one way or another. ...more info
  • It is not your typical sci-fi show....
    After watching the season finale tonight, I am already anticipating next season. I think the reason the show hasn't picked up as well as it should is because of the first five episodes. People were expecting to join a highly complex action packed mystery from the pilot episode and then on. While the pilot did an excellent job of introducing the intricate web that is the Dollhouse, the next few episodes delivered little on the story surrounding the Dollhouse and instead took its time developing the characters and showing the viewers the a typical day in the life of a doll. While the remaining episodes further develop the story arch, watching the series from start to finish is essential. The Dollhouse = 3 parts psychological thriller + 1.5 parts comedy + 2 parts sci-fi + 0.5 parts dystopian futuristic viewpoint. The best part of this show is the dialogue. Every episode there is laugh-out-loud humor delivered extremely well by the actors.

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  • As usual, Fox should be ashamed
    To have hidden another Joss Whedon show away in the graveyard of prime time programming. I would have thought they would have learned after Firefly.

    ...more info
  • Smart, Funny and Beutiful - the writing and the acting
    Every so often in television, it all comes together.

    The Dollhouse is one of those shows. It takes a wonderfully refreshing concept and brings it to life with outstanding craft. The writing, the acting, the production... all are 10 out of 10.

    I watch with my son and his friends. It is the only show we watch live. The DVD is a must for those of us who missed a couple of episodes.

    We love this show. You will too....more info
  • I will save this show or die trying!
    In a world (and on a network) where reality television is a power house, destroying ratings records (and our intellects), Joss Whedon's newest little invention "Dollhouse" comes along. It challenges our perceptions of free will, the soul, and feminism; telling an amazingly dramatic and action-filled story along the way. Anyone who is a fan of J. Whedon's other works (Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Dr. Horrible) will find this show quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, it is in danger of being cancelled by FOX after only one short season. Dollhouse needs our help. Write e-mails to, blog, tweet to @foxbroadcasting, and pre-order Dollhouse season 1. Order several! Makes a great gift for any occasion. ...more info
  • Smart, Sexy and Dangerous!
    Dollhouse is an awesome new show which dares to go places other shows won't, with it's short but sweet first season I am already addicted. The first 5 episodes are great but aren't really connected much to the overall story, but after those first 5 it really picks up and goes from great to amazing, Dollhouse is a show with endless possibilities, it can't end now we need a season 2,3,4 and 5, So I just pray Fox don't let this masterpiece slip between their fingers....more info
  • Gotta Have More!
    Joss' latest has proven to have a few mediocre shows, a bad one, a couple of good ones, and one absolutely outstanding one, as epi 12 shows. I Hope Fox gives him the time next year to continue to show us why he is followed by so many people, on his name alone. Thanks, Joss. ...more info
  • Save Dollhouse!
    Much like other notable pieces by Joss Whedon, Dollhouse struggled at first to find its footing. After an underwhelming pilot and a few stand alone episodes that were either uninteresting or slightly campy, the show managed to get back on track in episode 6, "Man on the Street."

    As in the first season of Buffy, the network should learn that focusing on the overarching plot arc (i.e. what exactly is The Dollhouse) is much more vital than single plot episodes. From episode 6 on, Whedon once again finds his voice and the themes reach greater and greater heights. We feel for the characters and strive to learn more about their origins along with their development. Olivia DeWitt, Sierra and Dr Saunders are my faves. Hands down.

    Furthermore, FOX has formulated Dollhouse around Eliza Dushku, and while she is important as the moral compass, other characters capture my interest considerably more. This slew of morally gray Dollhouse employees as well as Agent Ballard are fantastic and NEED MORE TIME TO GROW. The show would find much better success if it followed a more character and family driven direction, much like Buffy, Angel and Firefly.

    In a final comment, let us not forget that both Buffy and Angel did not achieve their critically acclaimed statuses until season 2! So give Dollhouse another season Fox!

    So do us a favor, watch Dollhouse, buy the DVD, twitter your little hearts out, but most of all, give this show a chance. It's from the genius mind of Joss Whedon, so you know it has great potential. ...more info
  • Philosophically Intriguing
    You know coming into a Joss Whedon show that it's gonna be something special, and "Dollhouse" is no exception. I really love this show, it's fun and strange and thoroughly interesting. The premise deals with the Dollhouse, an organization that recruits young, beautiful people to be "Dolls", wiping their minds and implanting personalities and abilities on blank minds. Through this sci-fi conceit, the show gets to ask all sorts of thorny metaphysical and politicized questions. Like, who owns a woman's body when her mind is on vacation? Is there such a thing as the human soul, separate and distinct from one's personality, identity, memories? Can love exist when one cannot even remember one's name?

    Which makes the show sound dry as dust, but it's not. It's really, really not: there are twists and plot turns, quips, fantastic character development, action, adventure, sexy girls and sexy guys, clandestine kisses, and more. And best yet, since it's been renewed for a second season, there will be more next fall on Fox! ...more info
  • Bumbest show on TV
    I mean really! You've got a bunch of people being mind controlled, they is no central core story, and all the dolls do is sleep around, with the occasional fight here or there. Brainless junk!! Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles is by far a more substantial show....more info
  • How can I get in touch with this place?
    "Dollhouse" is the latest work of genre entertainment by man-god Joss Whedon to grace our television screens. Should I spend yet another first review paragraph heaping borderline-homosexual praise upon him? I shall not. Okay maybe a little. An awesome feature film, multiple acclaimed works of television genius, all-time great comic books, one internet sensation, and a general well-earned reputation for supplying nerdgasms to the masses is just another day for the guy. The Whedon series we all hoped to see starring superfox Eliza Dushku never came to be, but her former character has her hands full in comicbookland and she has now stood before us for an entire season of her second starring vehicle. So how did it work out? A second season is not expected. Thank you FOX's Friday night death slot, you've potentially killed yet another solid sci-fi series before it lived up to it's potential. "Dollhouse" may have been underwhelming compared to Buffy Angel or Firefly, but it's still an outstanding and intelligent science fiction show that was better then 90% of what's on your television. Make that 99.9% if you count the endless stream of vapid, banal reality shows.

    The story revolves around Dushku's character, Caroline (renamed Echo), who signs her life away (for 5 years, anyway) to a mysterious organization known (appropriately) as The Dollhouse. They are able to wipe a person's mind and then imprint them with the personality and consciousness of another person. They then rent these "actives" -as they are called- out to those who can afford it to use however they like. Whether you want a night with the perfect lover or just need the world's best assassin, The Dollhouse is there for you. The place officially doesn't exist and is considered a laughable urban legend by the society at large, but one detective finds himself obsessing over it and determined to uncover the secret and expose it to the world. After all, there are certain moral quandaries to be discussed about whether so dangerous a technology should be used even with consent and indeed whether it should even be allowed to exist. This is what makes "Dollhouse" work. Those who are able to see past Echo's "personality of the week" and all the sexy, sexy people in form-fitting clothing will find a fascinating work of modern science fiction just waiting to unfold. Unfortunately, it may never get to bloom to it's full potential. The first season takes a while to get going and ends just when it is really starting to cook. leaving many questions unanswered. The original pilot and final episode remain unaired so we will have to wait for the upcoming DVD to see all there is to see.

    Dushku is, of course, the sexiest thing on television and putting her in a tank top most of the time isn't going to harm that reputation. But it's the supporting cast that steals the show in the end. Fran Kanz is the comic relief playing the requisite lovable nerd character. He gets most of the show's best lines, plus he downloaded an active with the personality of a video-game geek goddess just for fun. That is awesome. Harry Lennix as Echo's "handler" has that kinda gruff-but-cool Denzel Washington thing going for him. Dichen Lachman occasionally overshadows the star active with her outstanding performance as Sierra, who is quite popular within the Dollhouse, I must say. Olivia Williams as the stern British woman in control is just wonderful. Miracle Laurie just has a unique quality I cannot put my finger on, but she was probably the most endearing character on the show to me. Dushku has some competition in my heart all of the sudden. Oh, and then there's the rest of the Whedon regulars: Alan Tudyk, Amy Acker, and Felicia Day -who only appeared in the unaired finale. This cast is packed with talent.

    The character development is very good as one would expect and there are definitely some standout episodes and cool twists, but at the end of the day "Dollhouse" fell well short of my expectations. It certainly deserves another season, but I have to say that the very first salvo of "Caprica" did a hell of a lot more in my opinion then this entire season of "Dollhouse". It never quite found the comfortable flow of Whedon's previous works and it also lacked the episodic easy-to-follow nature of Dushku's excellent previous show Tru Calling. This puts the show in a precarious position at best where newcomers may find it hard to get into and other viewers may just lose interest. Also, the theme music is seriously lame.

    Chalk me up as somebody who wishes to see this show continue. A lot of great shows have had rocky starts and this one has insane potential. The concepts introduced in this first season alone could fuel several seasons worth of great stories revolving around various issues that have arisen and could arise; Actives subliminally storing traits of past imprints and the supposed secret objectives of The Dollhouse itself, for starters. Then there's the potential immortality of having your personality grafted onto another person's body, which was explored in an amazing episode where a woman gets to solve her own murder. The inevitable abuses of the staff is also an ugly and realistic aspect that was touched upon. Also, can you say "sleeper"? I loved the idea of Alpha -a murderous Active that escaped with multiple imprints- even though his showing turned out less awesome then expected. But again: serious potential there. If you haven't seen "Dollhouse" yet, please do so because I imagine the future of yet another cool sci-fi show with awful ratings depends on mucho support in the offseason. Check out the DVD, tell your friends if you dig it, and threaten FOX with terrorist actions if necessary. Actually, don't do that last one. I get a little carried away sometimes.

    3 1/2 stars, rounded up up for mad Dushku/Whedon love....more info
  • I can't wait
    Not only am I eager to own Dollhouse on DVD, but the two bonus episodes - pilot and a 13th episode - are SO worth the money. Can't wait until July 28!...more info
  • Great concept, hit-or-miss execution.
    First, I am definitely a Joss Whedon fan in general although I don't blindly love everything he does. That being said, I think Dollhouse is a fine addition to his stable of shows. The basic concept of imprinting new personalities onto once willing subjects is quite provocative, although the ramifications of what that means aren't fully explored until the end of the season. Like many other reviewers have said, the show takes some time until it begins to hit its stride, but the later episodes are generally quite good. Episode 9, "A Spy In The House Of Love," is easily my favorite as the plot structure of multiple parallel storylines is quite interesting, and all of the various storylines were well-done and end in a satisfying fashion.

    If you want to watch a show which has very high production values and will probably pique your interest if you can wade through the mostly terrible early episodes, then Dollhouse is highly recommended. If you are easily frustrated by shows which show promise but miss the mark, then it is probably not for you....more info
  • good start, great finish!
    I am a Joss fan so I was very excited about a new show but I have to admit it started out slow but got better with each episode I can't wait for season 2! I hope they give Joss a little more free rein and remember most people didn't like Firefly till they watched it a second time. Love the show !...more info
  • A Haunting and Thought-Provoking Experience
    "Dollhouse" is not Joss Whedon's best work. It didn't start off on the strongest foot and it had a hard time finding a strong central voice within the first few episodes. However, once it found that voice, "Dollhouse" took off with a vengeance that left viewers and critics more and more enthralled with each new installment. Although it didn't have the strongest ratings at airing, "Dollhouse" recieved an enormously faithful fanbase over its first season and gained in leaps and bounds when considering next-day viewing with DVR, Hulu, and iTunes.

    The greatest strength and also the greatest weakness of "Dollhouse" is its content matter. Put (somewhat) simply, "Dollhouse" raises the disturbing question of: can technology wipe away a soul? "Dollhouse" is centered around a shady underground organization that houses a stable of Actives (vernacularly called "Dolls"), a group of people who have essentially no personality until one is imprinted on them by the Dollhouse for the needs of a specific client.

    "Dollhouse," when done correctly, was enthralling and disturbing to the extreme. Comparable both to an involuntary whoring operation and illegal servitude, the true personalities in "Dollhouse" were the owners of the establishment and the Dolls' handlers. These are not true villains, however; Whedon and Co. display each of these characters strengths and weaknesses in such a way that you almost understand the motivations of each character. This was masterful storytelling that was almost a misstep; in a world such as "Dollhouse" a viewer practically needs someone to hate.

    Luckily, Eliza Dushku readily stepped up to the plate as a character to root for. Echo is the Dollhouse's most popular Active -- beautiful and a natural to the science of the Dollhouse, Echo assumes roles and personalities and adapts within those roles easier than any other Doll in the House. Echo, however, is beginning to become self-aware, raising the question: can anybody truly lose their personality, to become, as Adelle DeWitt (the Dollhouse's leader, played by the remarkably talented Olivia Williams) deems it, a blank slate? When we first meet Caroline (the woman "Echo" was before she became a Doll), she insists not: "Have you ever tried to wipe a slate clean?" she demands. "You can always see what's been there before."

    There are also threats to go alongside the interesting engagements the Dollhouse dispatches its Actives on; on the one hand we have the very interesting character of FBI Agent Paul Ballard (played by Battlestar Galactica's Tahmoh Penickett), a man on the verge of a complete obsession with taking down the Dollhouse, even though his colleagues refuse to believe it exists. On the other, we have Alpha, an Active who suffered a "composite event" and went both rogue and insane, slicing his way to freedom on a murderous rampage. Both Ballard and Alpha have an unhealthy fascination with Echo, which goes from simmering to boiling excitement when the show takes off.

    But when is that, exactly? The first five episodes are, aside from one or two shining examples, fairly lackluster. These episodes were approached in an "engagement of the week" way, and each one was considered something of a standalone. Although watching Echo's increasing self-awareness and gaining interesting glimpses of Ballard's hunt for Caroline was interesting, it was hard to follow the show when it was clear from the beginning that you could miss an episode or two and not miss a large amount of information. Also, with the focus almost entirely on Echo, the large and highly talented supporting cast was almost wasted -- Amy Adams makes a return to television as the haunted Dr. Claire Saunders, and newcomers Dichen Lachmen and Enver Gjokaj positively shine and at times outdo Eliza Dushku as her fellow dolls.

    This was thankfully explosively fixed with the much-hyped sixth episode "Man on the Street," where Whedon's love of the ensemble cast finally shown through, breaking "Dollhouse" free of the standalone mold and developing a strange mythology that rose more questions than it answered. Now that the show has been renewed for a second season, the obvious direction to go in that season is from "Man on the Street": there are more than twenty Dollhouses, each with major social and political ties.

    Gaining strength with each episode, making use of its strong ensemble cast, and developing its mythology more and more with each episode, "Dollhouse" gave a spectacular penultimate episode with "Briar Rose" that was followed by a somewhat anticlimactic, yet deeply thought-provoking, finale ("Omega"). Although "Dollhouse" is not the best or the most exciting of Whedon's rich history, it is possibly his most important, carrying the weighty themes as it does of soul, personality, and the true strength of man's humanity over machinery. Billed as a sci-fi, "Dollhouse" is also something of a philosophical adventure.

    Filled with enough exciting action sequences and bank heists -- even featuring an "Alias"-esque adventure through the NSA in the highly exciting episode "A Spy in the House of Love" as well as an old-fashioned knock down drag out brawl in a Chinese restaurant's kitchen -- to suit action fans, "Dollhouse" is also full of social and political metaphors, sleek science fiction, and even some elements of horror. "Dollhouse" is not easy to pin down or categorize.

    The bottom line: Although "Dollhouse" started off on shaky legs (and the third episode featuring the back-up singer storyline was just as truly awful as it looked), once it found its voice it sucked you in until the final minutes, filled with enough thought-provoking twists and turns to ensure fans' eager return next season. As one Active states: "There are more than twenty Dollhouses, each with ties to the most powerful social and political systems in the world...The Dollhouse deals with fantasy but that is not its purpose. You must find that purpose."

    I, for one, am most certainly looking forward to discovering that purpose. "Dollhouse" Season 1: 4 out of 5 stars....more info
  • Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy have done it again!!!
    Dollhouse: Season One

    I have been a HUGE fan of Joss Whedon and his team at Mutant Enemy since the incarnation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (best show ever to hit TV) Angel, Firefly, comics and even his movie all bring the same thing, original characters, writing and ideas. They have done it yet again, this series is everything they always deliver. Intelligent, funny, sexy, suspenseful, gripping and full of twists at nearly every turn. The thing about every show they have dealt with and this one is no different, is their ability to surprise the audience. Just when you think you know what could happen next, the show makes me sit up and say, didn't see that one coming. They rarely use cliches and if they do they almost always find a way to use them to their advantage.

    The concept the behind the show is anything but simple, the idea may seem familiar, but it really isn't. The Dollhouse is a organization that uses "Actives" or "Dolls" to give those that can pay their high price whatever they desire. Sometimes that may be full-filling a fantasy or the need for a specialist in a certain field of expertise. The actives have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas, including memory, muscle memory, skills, and language, for different assignments. On missions, Actives are monitored internally (and remotely) by Handlers. In between tasks, they are mind-wiped into a child-like state and live in a futuristic dormitory/laboratory, a hidden facility nicknamed "The Dollhouse".

    This season started off strong with the first episode, "Ghost" and kept everything pumping till the season finale, "Omega". Each episode weaves a story that will keep you watching them over and over again. I record these episodes and do just that, in hopes of maybe catching small nuances that i might of missed the last time, but mostly because the show is just that intriguing. I cant help but come back for more, even if I already saw it.

    I feel I should mention the strongest and most compelling part of this show, the cast. As always Joss Whedon has assembled a group of actors that all bring their A-game. Their isn't a single person that doesn't step on screen who doesn't just sizzle. The true standout is the shows focus character, Echo, played by the always charismatic and sexy, Elisha Dushku. I have been a big fan of hers too since she was introduced as a small character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Familiars with these shows know her as Faith, the dark and tortured Vampire Slayer. Even with such a small role on that series, Faith stood out and went on to reappear over the next few seasons and its spin-off show Angel. Elisha helms this series and commands each character with ease and attention that makes you simply adore her. I say each character because every week she is practically someone new, the concept of the series sees to that. She is everything the show is, smart, sexy, and funny, which is probably how she earned herself a producers credit. Elisha Dusku is this series.

    I didn't know what to expect from this show and I can't wait to see what they do with a second season. They always deliver and i'm sure when it returns it will be no different. Mutant Enemy always has a firm plan for the future of their series, so i am deeply excited to see where they go from here.

    So if you are a fan of any of Joss Whedons previous work, you should be watching this show. If you adore Elisha, as I do, you should be watching this show. Hell, if you are a fan of everything I have mentioned above, you should be watching this show.

    In fact, everyone should be watching this show. ...more info
  • Incredible
    The most amazing thing that came in our screens for some time now.
    It may be Whedon's work but it's not comparable to Buffy or Firefly, it's more mature, darker, much more morally ambiguous.
    The direction is brilliant, actors completely fool us in every episode as they take a new personality, and while trying to understand some surface elements, we realize we've already sunk

    A true brilliant mind experience...more info
  • WOW 5 stars by everyone hahahaha
    this is a ok show i liked alan tudyk the last couple episode but it is clearly being over rated on here some episodes were very boring and confusing...more info
  • Even the apples were monitored
    If Whedon & Co. didn't earn your good faith after Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible, then please don't bother watching Dollhouse. I LOVE this show. I'm not gonna talk about the rough edges that got ironed-out over the first few episodes, because they were minor and typical of almost any new network television series, especially where FOX is concerned.

    Joss Whedon, Sara Fain & Elizabeth Craft, Tim Minear, and Jane Freakin' Espensen...if these names mean anything to you, then you should already know you won't be wasting your time.

    The cast is brilliant. Eliza is SO talented; gorgeous, nuanced, and fearless; her personal spirit of adventure and courage imbues Echo/Caroline/Omega/Ect. with an unexpected depth, gravitas even. Dichen Lachman is just amazing; something about her reminds me of Alyson Hannigan; she projects such strength and vulnerability. Tahmoh Penikett brings his Battlestar-intensity to Paul Ballard, with an obsessive twist. Enver Gjokaj carves his own niche in what could have otherwise been The Xander Doll/Active; he's got a certain solidity. Harry Lennix kicks a$$! And Olivia Williams is SO delectable as Adelle. At first I though Fran Kranz's Topher was obnoxious, forced--but now I see that he's just misunderstood. The interactions between he and Adelle when they got drugged were SO great; I laughed my head off!

    I've had enough great shows canceled to not get too upset about it, but this one is gonna hurt, like Firefly-bad. The show evolved with every episode, twisting in unexpected ways, striking unexpected chords, posing unexpected questions: What makes a person? and Can one be copied, erased? Every time I started to think the "programmable people" conceit might get tired, they found a fascinating new way to explore the idea; to pose new questions.

    I can't wait to see Epitaph: Part One, which is apparently exclusively available on the DVD set. I just hope Joss & Eliza get residuals.

    So, don't watch this show if you aren't prepared to be knocked-out, because that means you just aren't worthy.

    ...more info
  • Such a disappointment!
    I stayed with this series from the beginning and at first, I saw Joss Whedon's touch of genius. The plot was complex enough to be interesting and he has a way of balancing on the edge of good/evil. Then something went just seemed like he hated the dollhouse. I wont be a spoiler, but bringing issues like slavery and "now, we have a black president" killed this series for me. Very disappointing ending and then they brought the character I hated during the series right up to the front! There is little future for this series because it seems to hate itself. But I am still enough of a Joss Whedon fan to watch and all the actors deserve to work for a long time. They are all very talented, cant blame them......more info
  • Great show
    Dollhouse is something you need to stick to. Yes, it has a rocky start in the first five episodes and takes time to really pick up. But it's worth it. After all, Buffy didn't have the greatest beginning to, right?

    The story itself it rather intriguing and there are two main things that keep me going: the mythology of the Dollhouse and the supporting cast. The story behind the actual organization is intriguing; you want to know more about it. More questions, questions are answered and more questions. Let me get this straight: Eliza Dushku is not a versatile actress, not to say she is a bad actress. She's limited to what she can bring. The supporting cast makes up for it. We have many unknowns as well as a few familiar faces. Notably Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj. Lachman looks gorgeous on screen and is interesting to look (with her half TIbetan genes) and has more versatility that Dushku can. Enver Gjokaj is a gem of the show. He can literally pull off everything and he has surprised me time and time again on this show. If you seen Angel or Alia, you will no doubt recognize the face of Fred Burkles and Kelly Peyton, or in other words Amy Acker. She is only recurring for now, but toward the end of the series, she pulls off a powerful performance.

    Characters are more layered than you think. The most fascinating aspect of this show is at a certain point, you don't know who to root for. Everyone has stepped into the gray area. The Dollhouse isn't exactly a good guy but it shows its not necessarily a bad guy either. Whedon has also been good at developing relationships between characters (and I don't mean just romantic). While season 1 filled in some blanks, it didn't fill all of them which will hopefully be shown if there is a season 2.

    Like I said before, you have to be willing to stick to it. Once you hit episode 6, you'll realize that it's all worth it....more info
    IT IS THE BEST show ever. Funny, smart, great plot, story, drama, sadness, and more.. I hope to see everything especially the Epitah One episode that was supposed to be on air..
    YOU WONT REGRET IT>> GIVE IT A CHANCE@@ NO OTHER SHOWS will give the same as this SHOW DOES!!
    it may start out slow... but take your time, patience, IT WILL PAY OFF,, also always look out for details..
    ANYWAY ENJOY AGAIN@!@...more info
  • Best show ever!!!
    I like every second of the show, after every chapter I wanted to discover more about what is going to happened next, about every character, because is interesting how you identify yourself with the characters at first you saw them. The real thing about Dollhouse is that unbelievably it keeps me home on Friday night. And I want more of it!!!!!!...more info
  • It's Awesome, So Buy It!
    Awesome show that is only going to get better. Do yourself a favor and check it out. We need a season 2! The groundwork has already been laid for dozens of mysteries to be brought to light and unlocked, classic Joss style. Let's not let this be the next Firefly, that everyone agrees is amazing and buys the DVD when it's already TOO LATE!...more info
  • Great premises are even better with great writing and acting!
    This is a top notch show with a rich concept: "Dolls" which can be purchased to be anyone you want them to be, who are programmed to truly feel the emotions you want them to have, truly remember the memories you want them to remember, etc.

    Though this idea lends itself to many interesting possibilities, it would be easy to turn such a concept into a series of lame "new-persona-of-the-week" episodes. Dollhouse deftly avoids this with a clever story arc and incredible performances which draw viewers into ever deeper and emotionally captivating revelations. More than one person I've known has reacted to later episodes with tears and gasps!

    You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse
    This TV series was a personal favorite. The first few episodes were weak, and really had my wife and I teetering about tuning in. But there were interesting glimmers, and the concept was intriguing enough, so we stuck it out.

    And boy are we glad we did. No other show this season has held our interest quite like this one. In fact, a few favorites lost out on our attention, and have since been deleted from our DVR rotation.

    But Dollhouse was a clear winner with it's steady building of characters and plot. The twists and turns of this finale blew the competition away. The slow climax definitely added more power to the punches that were thrown in the last two or three episodes.

    It would be AMAZING to see another four or five seasons come out of this show. The finale answered some questions, but created many others. Too many. We demand another season!

    Please?...more info
  • Potentially Joss Whedon's Best Work
    Alright first off when I heard Eliza had lured Whedon back to television over a year ago...well lets just say I was delighted to the extreme, then the premiere rolled around and I was disapointed, however if it had been written by anyone other than Whedon I would say it was an awesome pilot

    However I stopped to think about Angel and Buffy's first years, and while they were great, they were subpar to the rest of their respective series. And then I heard that FOX had meddled in the show's first five episodes and thus they more standaloneish, so I watched the first five episodes my favorite of which was Stage Fright, although most other fans don't particularly like that one, and even with FOX's Meddlesome ways they were still quality tv

    Starting with episode six "Man on the Street" the show saw a huge uptick in quality and you started to care about the dolls, actives, whatever you want to call them, and you started to see the true geniousness of Joss in the show, the subtle humor, the storyarc,the sublte hints & reveals, the villainous villains, and this show deals with more gray area than Buffy,Angel, or Firefly,

    All in all this has the potential to best the best thing Joss Whedon has ever done, I'm just glad that FOX has decided to give this show a second chance to gain ratings, I look forward to getting this DVD...more info
  • Became something great
    Though it certainly had a slow start, this has become a great piece of television. After moving away from "Echo mission of the week" episodes and instead began to focus both on the ensemble cast and more seasonal story arcs, I became hooked.

    This show made me care about their characters, despite their amoral tendencies.

    Hope there's another season....more info
  • Go Dollhouse!
    It's a little slow the first 3 episodes, but then it is PURE WIN! More awesome stuff from Whedon!...more info
  • Best show all year! I hope Fox keeps it!
    Dollhouse is a fantastic show and it would be a shame if Fox let this go. The cast is great and the story is addictive. Let's hope we get to see season 2!...more info
  • Another hit from Joss, That FOX is blind to...
    I have to say that I looked forward to this show ever since I saw the screener episode online last year.. This show is well written & well cast.. The addition of Alan Tudyk in the last few episodes were the icing on the cake..

    I have a great idea, instead of FOX canceling another good show (firefly, wonderfalls, tru-calling, drive, futurama, dark angel, fastlane, north shore, john doe, et al) Why doesn't someone cancel the VP who mindlessly cancels these shows..

    No bailout or sev package..

    Just a carton to pack up his/her stuff and no season 2 for you VP.. Ahh that would be nice..

    Anyway support the DVD and hopefully they will do the above and Dollhouse gets a season 2..

    Enjoy The Show !

    Cobaltqube...more info
  • Boring!
    Television 101 in how to make a show about sex slavery boring. Yes, thats right this show is about sex slaves who have their memories erased so they won't remember the terrible things their handlers make them do. Oh but wait they do get to wear cute clothes.

    The finale 'eye-roll' factor was off the charts due to the horrific dialogue delivered by what appeared to be a first time actor's class. The dialogue between Alpha and Echo in the episode was some of the worst I've ever heard.

    I loved Firefly but this show is/was a true disappointment. Avoid at all costs.

    For great television I recommend season's 1 and 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles....more info
  • Dollhouse... Must See DVD
    This is truly intelligent writing and must see tv. It gets better with each episode and beats the hell out of any reality tv show. It's nice to have something to watch other than stupid reality stuff over and over....more info
  • Dollhouse the best new show on television
    When I have extra money I will buy this on dvd as I deeply hope that fox will give this show a second chance. This is a wonderful show that has a wonderful new concept that has not been done before. I ask for any fan to speak up even if you don't have money to support the show by going to to make your voices heard. If we want this show to return we need to make our voices heard. Let's save the dollhouse, whose with me?

    ...more info


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