Doc Johnson Jelly Bunny Vibrator
Doc Johnson Jelly Bunny Vibrator

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  • bunny fun
    The product is just what I expected based on the reviews.Just the right size and shape.It does have a slight odor but not overpowering. a good buy....more info
  • I like it!
    I like this little guy. The shape and size is just perfect. It is quiet and not difficult to maneuver. The bunny ears on the end are a nice treat if you use it externally with light pressure. ...more info
  • Multi-Use Vibrator, Fantastic Value, Universal Appeal!
    Watch Video Here: *****
    This Doc Johnson Stefani's Apricot Jelly Bunny Vibrator is flexible, and can do many things. It is my favorite vibrator out of the ones I bought, and a great value for the price as well. I've made this 2:42 video so that you can actually see the vibrator and decide if it is right for you. It is tastefully done and shows just the it's a PG-rated review! I hope it helps you to make a buying decision.

    Note that the packaging says that it takes two AA batteries---NOT---it takes two AAA batteries!! Make sure you have those on hand or you'll be disappointed!
    *****...more info
  • Nice
    I love this little guy! Not only is he cute but he is powerful!

    -Strong vibrations
    -Easy twist bottom
    -Small-good for travel!

    -The ears do not move and are not as flexiable as I like
    -Not waterproof
    -Plastic smell

    It's a nice, strong vibrator... good for someone who is not sure about buying one or not... this one is great for beginners or first timers!3 stars because the ears did not move as much as I expected....more info
  • The GREAT bunny friend!!
    This little guy is absolutley amazing! I am one of those hard to please woman.... i need the real deal... nothing to hard, to small or to big... this little toy here was PERFECT!! as i mentioned i am very very very hard to please ... this toy did the trick (over and over and over again!) within minutes. Also this toy is pretty quite well actually very quite. the only down fall is the smell it is NOT god aweful ... but there is a slight SLIGHT odor. Once you use this toy the odor will never concern you... thats what your shower and saop is for correct! HIGHLY RECCOMEND! ;)...more info
  • More like 4.5 stars. Nice little toy.
    My honey did the research for this one, I just went along with it; and I'm glad I did.

    The jelly material isn't too soft, nor too firm- it has a flesh-like feeling to it. I've had to fumble with batteries a few times, but nothing too major to talk about. A couple times it's turned itself on (no pun intended) when I simply placed it down, but again no big deal.

    A nice range of vibration and the transition between levels is smooth thanks to the dial. The little bunny ears are wonderful ;o)...more info
  • Bombed Out Shower Gift
    Gave it as a lark at a bridal shower. It worked for maybe 4 seconds before dying out. Even changing the batteries didn't help. It did provide plenty of laughs about what a dude it was....more info
  • Erotic Excellence
    She loved every second. Yeeeeow. First time user and should have done it long long ago....more info
  • faulty cap
    My wife loved this product, but unfortunately, we only used it twice. The cap, when tightened lightly would not work. When tightened slightly more, it broke. I purchased another one, and the same thing happened. This time, we didn't even get to use it before it broke.
    My wife was so dissapointed!! This was her favorite of all the products we have tried.
    Great product, if it would last long enough to enjoy it....more info
  • Girlfriend loves it
    I got this for my girlfriend for her birthday as she has never had one before and she loves this one. She was initially scared to use it, but after trying it has become an enjoyable part of our sex life. I highly recommend the product...more info
  • Letdown
    This bunny is a wimp. Not enough power to get you where you want to be. I would not recommend this product....more info
  • Good supplemental fun
    I recommend purchasing the combination of the Apricot Jelly Bunny Vibrator and the Lucid Dream Squirmy Vibrator, The apricot vibrator gives the best pre-stimulation you could possibly want, and the purple vibrator helps you finish your session in a very satisfying way. A great supplement to the real thing. These were my first such purchases and I'm very glad I made them. They are both comfortable to use too. I was also glad I ordered through Amazon as it seemed less embarrassing that way....more info
  • nice replacement for a Rabbit
    This is a great replacement for a rabbit that died on you like my $100 one did. Although it does not have the penetration you find with typical rabbits, if you are looking for clit stimulation only this is the one. It was very inexpensive and works great.

    It is a little noisy but not too bad, as far as smell some reviews say it smells, yes it smells LIKE PLASTIC SHOULD!!!! DUH what do these other people expect it to smell like???? IT is soft and made of plastic but it is not an annoying smell. This is worth the low price I am happy with my new purchase...more info
  • anything that helps
    I used this with my wife and she likes it.
    better than nothing,helps improve the climax time.
    get it,she'll love you for it!...more info
  • horrible

    It's very slippery so if you find a 'good spot', don't expect to keep it before the ears slip away. Also, this might be relevant but it's not very strong either. ...more info
  • Spam-tastic
    In the eight years since creating the email account I use with, I've had very little junk mail. After ordering one time from Healthy & Active through, my inbox became inundated with sexually explicit junk mail. I've opened some of the messages and found unsubscribe links that are fake - they don't go anywhere or accomplish anything. I definitely won't be ordering from Healthy & Active again, and I'm disappointed to see that Amazon's normally legitimate marketplace has been corrupted by this farce of a merchant....more info
  • Awww man!
    I was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately when I got it yesterday, I popped in the batteries, turned it on, and was underwhelmed. The ears are stuck together so they don't really hug anything, and the smell of the jelly is a bit much. The bullet inside looks like a decent size, but the vibrations are very fast and shallow. If you like deeper vibrations, this likely won't be enough. But, if you're into lighter vibrations, this is priced to try. Back to the old drawing board for me....more info
  • Happy little bunny
    Never ever did I think I would write a review for a vibrator, let alone admit to anyone but my best friends that I even owned any or used them.
    This one is quite the little gem. Very quiet and discrete and easy to maneuver. Nice for those moments when you don't have a lot of time or energy to invest in some personal time.

    It is a nice size, not too big or cumbersome to use.... I like it (grin)
    Get this one, you won't regret it...more info
  • Very NIce!!!
    This little bunny is a wonderful little critter. It did the job with not much strenuous activity on your behave. The rubber does have an odd smell, but overall I think it was worth it. ...more info
  • WOW
    Wasn't too sure about funny shape, but OMG....have never felt a better clitoral vibe!! And unique shape makes many different uses possible, alone or with partner. Absolutely love it, great value too....more info


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